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tv   Hannity  FOX News  December 2, 2010 9:00pm-10:00pm EST

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here's the word of the day were when writing the factor do not be insolent in writing to us or in normal every day activities. again, thanks for watching the factor tonight. i am bill o'reilly. please always remember that the spin stops right here because we are definitely looking out for you. >> the democrats continue to drag their feet during this lame duck session of congress when it comes to dealing with all of the bush tax cuts. earlier today lawmakers in the house voted to extend only the middle class portion for individuals earning less than $200,000, and for families and businesses making less than $250,000. now, democrats may be trying to pull a fast one on the american people, but republicans, they're not falling for it. prior to the vote, house minority leader john boehner said this was nothing more than a political maneuver and even coined a phrase to describe the democrats' actions. >> trying to catch my breath so
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i don't refer to this -- this maneuver going on today as chicken crap, all right? >but this is nonsense. all right? the election was one month ago. we're 23 months from the next election, and the political games have already started, trying to set up the next election. we had an honest conversation at the white house but the challenges that we face to get out of here and to take care of what the american people expect of us. and to roll this vote out today really is just -- it's what you think i was going to say anyway. >> sean: no mincing words there. today's vote comes on the heels of comments made yesterday by house speaker nancy pelosi at a press conference on unemployment insurance benefits. >> $700 billion in tax cuts to the top 2% in our country, and
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our republican colleagues say they should do that and we should not pay for it. we should add that $700 billion to the deficit, but when it comes to unemployment insurance, the renewal we want to have, costs $18 billion, $700 billion, $18 billion, they're saying that has to be paid for. tax cuts for the rich do not create jobs. they haven't throughout the bush administration. unemployment insurance creates jobs, does not add to the deficit. >> whatn>> what? i'd like to know where she gets those numbers. joining me is wisconsin congresswoman paul ryan. congresswoman, welcome back to "hannity." >> thanks for having me, sean. >> sean: respond to nancy pelosi. tax cuts don't create jobs, but tax increases will inhibit job creation. what does unemployment do? people are on unemployment two years. does that help create a single
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job? >> obviously no. that's no spending. we're not even talking about cutting taxes. we're talking about preventing tax increases. so she talks about the $700 billion in spending. it presumes that that's the government's money, unless it wants to b to give it back. they're preying on people's sense of envy and fear. this is not good economics. it might make good politics, but i don't think it does that. the election spelled the difference. it's the economic doctrine of saying, you're stuck in your station in life, and the government is here to cope you with it. we want everybody to be successful. more importantly we want jobs. raising taxes on job creators does not create jobs. >> sean: we're 29 days away, and everybody's taxes are going up. they didn't have the courage to deal with this before the election, they vote on one
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aspect of expanding the tax cuts or not preventing the tax increase. >> right. >> sean: then they close up shop today, and nancy pelosi gets huge applause for doing so. i think this is an act of cowardess that they won't deal with the issue, have an up and down, straight-up vote on whether or not they want to raise taxes or not. what's the problem in d.c.? >> look, i would just like to see more leadership from the white house assert itself here with their party in the house. stop these job-killing tax increases, because it is getting dangerously close, withholding tables have to be adjusted. businesses have to plan, families want to know what's going on. this is serious economics. it's serious job creation, or destruction, so all this political theatre, which really is what this is, i don't understand it to be candid with you, but this class warfare stuff. look, that's not what america is about. we don't want to have an envy economics system. we want to have a system where we promote opportunity for everybody. we don't want to begrudge people
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of their success, of earning success, enjoying the fruits of their labor. we want people to be more successful. look, i think we settled this in the last election, but apparently not. we're getting more dangerously close to this deadline, and the markets are going to start responding to this. hopefully cooler heads will prevail and hopefully we'll some extension here. >> sean: talk about the markets responding. the headline on the drudge report right now is delaying the tax vote could crash the stock market, and it talks about a u.s. news report that actually suggests that people will start selling off their stocks because of the higher tax rate that they will anticipate's going to take effect. >> that's right. we're seriously starting to worry about that. we're very much worrying about a big sell-off on the market because of the fear of capital gains. we can't keep playing games here politically. we need to get this done. the president should send a signal that we're going to extend all tax relief and that the markets should relax.
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look, a lot of people realize they've got a few weeks left to sell their assets and realize their gains for their pensions, for their 401(k)s, for their kids' college funds, whatever it is they're saving for, or they'll get a big tax increase on those gains just around the corner. we're getting calls to our offices, where people are seriously worried about what their taxes will be in just a few week, and we shouldn't be sending mixed messages out to the economy, to our constituents. we should be telling them the economy is soft, we're not going to raise taxes, even democratic economists for different reasons conclude that we should not be raising these taxes right now. >> sean: all right. let's assume for a minute that they allow the largest tax increase in american history to occur, and that's on small business. what remedies would have you come january to put these tax cuts in place so that it doesn't have a negative impact on the economy overall? in other words, if they're
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successful -- there were 33 democrats that defected earlier in one vote today, 20 in another vote today. it appears in the house they have the votes. do you think it will get stopped in the senate? >> i think it will get stopped in the senate. i don't think they'll continue doing this tomfoolery in the senate. if that happens, bad for the economy very quickly. b, the cbo is telling us we'll lose 1.2 million jobs, but more importantly we will bring a bill right away to retroactively bring that he is tax cuts back. >> sean: what indication did the president give that he understands the severity of the situation and that he understands the need that the -- that markets and small business and large business and large corporations, that they need to know what -- what tax base
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they'll have to pay next year? does he understand it? >> i think so, because from my conversation with john and eric, they had a very cordial meeting that centered around the fact that the economy is really flat right now, and we've got to be careful about the economy. so i think there's an acknowledgment that this would be dangerous to the economy to raise these taxes at this 11th hour. so i do believe the white house is warming to this idea. they've been saying they're against it all long, saying we should spend the money somewhere else, but i think they're coming around to it, and cooler heads will prevail, and i'm hopefully and optimistic this will get done. >> sean: congressman paul ryan, thank you for being with us. we have more on "hannity" straight ahead. >> it's not going to pass this year if i have anything to do about it. >> democrats call it the dream act, but republicans say it's really an amnesty nightmare.
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>> they're talking about tax cuts to the rich, and are holding people like me hostage. >> we expose the left winning bias of the obama mainstream media in this week's media mash. the man behind wikileaks is reportedly hiding out in the uk, reportedly hiding out in the uk, but british intelligence unable to find him, but will theyyou o. arrest him? much more "hannity" straight daily servings of vegetables. that's what i'm talking about! v8. what's your number?
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lord of the carry-on. sovereign of the security line. you never take an upgrade for granted. and you rent from national. because only national lets you choose any car in the aisle. and go. you can even take a full-size or above. and still pay th mid-size price. i deserve this. [ male announcer ] you do, business pro. you do. go national. go like a pro. >> sean: for the first time ever in rasmussen history more people
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are siding with republicans than democrats. 36% of american adults identify themselves as republicans while only 34.7% consider themselves democrats and less than 30% were neither. this also marks the largest number for republicans in nearly six years. 2010 may be known as the year of the tiger in china, but here in america it's truly been the year of the elephant.
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. >> sean: president obama talked
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about audacity, and it seems that prince harry reid is taking him literally. yesterday the prince and his pal senator dick durbin introduced not a first or a second or a third but a fourth version of the dream act on the senate floor. the bill would grant amnesty to children of illegal immigrants who join the military or attend college for at least two years. now the senate has not held a hearing on the dream act in seven years, but that's not stopping the democrats from moving full steam ahead, but the democrats ado daft goes beyond that. in fact,one democrat is using scare tactics to intimdate lawmakers to get this measure and many more signed into law. perhaps most surprisingly he's even than considering breaking with the democratic party to accomplish his goals. congressman gutierrez was
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supposed to join us tonight, but he canceled a short time ago. however joining me with reaction with leading the opposition to these measures, alabama senator jeff sessions. senator, thanks for being with us. >> good to be with you. >> sean: you sent out a press release, urging colleagues to oppose dream act amnesty. why do you act it amnesty? let's go into detail on this. >> because, sean, it puts the applicants who qualify for this standard on a guaranteed path to citizenship. all they have to do is attend college for two years. they do not have to have a degree. only a sliver of those will use the military. 90%-plus would use the college type degree program to gain this amnesty. and it would deal with a million, 2 million individuals, up to age 30. it's just not the right policy.
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it would in fact just be -- be just the opposite of what message we should be sending, which is that we're going to end the lawlessness at the border and create a lawful system of immigration and stop rewarding illegal immigration. >> sean: you said it's filled with loopholes. you go on to say we would be rewarding illegal behavior, and you said it would encourage more illegal immigration in the future. so what did you think of congressman gutierrez's promise? he's promising, number one, to lealeave the democratic party entirely, promised to leave them, and plans to have sit-ins and marches, comparing it to the civil rights movement. >> well, look, this is not the civil rights movement. we simply have to have a lawful system of immigration in america. the american people are demanding it. i think it was crystal-clear there's no chance this -- this
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would have no chance after january, in the new congress. the new members elected are not for this kind of mass amnesty, and i do believe that this administration, along with senator reed and speaker pelosi, are desperately attempting to move this bill through in this lame duck session before the new congress takes office. >> sean: all right. they're claiming this bill would only grant amnesty to children of illegal immigrants who join the military or attend college for two years. you're claiming that this would grant nearly unrestricted amnesty. why is there such a conflicting view of what the bill says? are they misrepresenting the bill? >> no -- well, what version of it? but if fundamentally all you have to do is sign up at a community college, even a correspondence course for two years, and claim you want to attend college basically, want to get a degree, that's all you
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have to do. you do not have to have a degree. very few people will use the military option. probably less than 5%, 3%, 2%. most of them will use this education option to try to gain legal status, and you can do it up to age 30. once a person is then legalized, they're able to legalize their brothers, who may have been the person who brought them here illegally. they can bring in other people from outside the country. and so these bills, there's so many different versions of it, but are just unwise. and also, one terribly dangerous thing is, an individual can just assert, once they're subject to deportation, that they're working on their degree and claim the benefit of the dream act, and really gum up the entire legal system. it would be a major detriment to enforcement. >> sean: congressman, i'd be negligent if i didn't ask you, in 29 days we may have the
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largest tax increase in american history, but all 42 republican senators signed a letter, sent it to harry reid, and said that until we deal with the bush tax cuts that republicans would stay united against any other legislation. are you convinced that even more liberal republicans are going to hold the line and stand firm on not raising taxes in the middle of this economic slow-down? i am. i believe senator mcconnell and the leadership was wise in this degree. we've got to fund the government, and we have got to deal with the tax issues. it's unbelievable that we've left uncertainty on taxes hang out there for so long. the business community does not know what's going to happen. so we need to finish that first, but they want to do the dream act, don't ask, don't tell, a lot of controversial issues first, and what we're saying is do the most important things first. >> sean: and are you confident at the end of the day that
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this -- that the extension will go for everybody? for example, would any republican support bifurcating middle-class versus small business and the so-called wealthy? >> i believe that the republicans will insist on the -- on the -- you know, the full extension of the act as written, and not allow the taxes to increase on anybody, at least for a certain period of time. i believe all the republicans are committed to that, and that will mean that they cannot raise taxes on anyone in this economic recession we're in. >> sean: senator, thanks for being with us. appreciate it. we wish congressman gutierrez would have come on the congressman. he just canceled a short time ago. nothing we can do. there's plenty more "hannity" coming up straight ahead. >> the 2022 world cup is qatar.
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>> snubbed again. the anointed one fails to bring the world cup to the u.s. in 2022. >> could you not see possibly raising taxes a little bit? >> media mash is back. we'll show you how the obama mania media is spinning the bush tax cuts. >> hard to do it again. i'd have to make sure that i got more votes than the other guy. >> and mitt romney talks 2012 on "the tonight show."
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>> all right. after an embarrassing few days of wikileaks, america was dealt another blow this afternoon. hours ago the fifa executive committee announced that the u.s. will not host the 2022 world cup, and you may be surprised to hear who beat us
9:25 pm
let's take a look. >> the winner to organize the 2022 fifa world cup is qatar! >> all right. this announcement is yet another huge disappointment for the obama administration on the world stage. just yesterday the white house dispatched former president bill clinton and attorney general eric hold tear zurich, and they were there to lobby on behalf of the u.s., but clearly their pitch fell on deaf ears. now all of this comes one year after the president failed to bring the 2016 summer olympics to his hometown of chicago. even after flying all the way to copenhagen, so i guess this is what two years of bowing to world leaders and shaking hands with dictators has gotten the u.s., what happens after an american president spends two years traveling the world apologizing for his country, so much for restoring america's standing in the world. joining me now with reaction, fox news contributor monica
9:26 pm
crowley and politica commentato. i thought president obama would change the perception. >> we're not blaming david cameron, prince william, david beckham. we're blaming fifa. >> sean: it's fifa's fault? >> fifa fault. 22 men in zurich made the decision today. it was about geography about television rights. america is on the wrong time zone as far as that goes. >> sean: that's outrageous. >> oh, sure. >> no, it is. and also they picked places that the world cup has never gone before. >> sean: we can air it live, put it on the satellite, be live anywhere -- >> the wrong time zone. it doesn't work financially for them. also this places fifa, never had
9:27 pm
the world cup, never went to russia before, never been to the middle east before. >> i want to focus on the united states attorney general, sean, because you would think that eric holder would be at his desk, buried deep in all of the immediate and thorny legal challenges facing the united states. >> sean: good point. >> say how to prosecute the anti-american anarchist jailion assange, how to manage the fallout of the verdict last week, one conviction this terrorist would have walked scot-free. how to manage khalid shaikh mohammed, how to prosecute him, how to deal with the new suspected terrorist, the guy that tree to blow up, the portland tree possibler, instead what we have is an attorney general who just spent on an expensive huge carbon footprint joyride to europe to try to get a soccer match in the united states that won't happen for another 12 years. >> sean: at some point when the president claims that he's going to bring it here, the world perception of the united states
9:28 pm
is going to change, he goes to copenhagen, he failed. he sends eric holder and president clinton out, they failed. >> right. don't forget about oprah who went with him on the olympic jaunt. >> i'll never anything against oprah. >> sean: why not? >> absolutely not. fundamentally obama's done a lot for america's moral authority abrood, like it or not, bush really didn't, between shake and awe and -- >> sean: you're giving me a political opinion. i disagree. i don't think the world respects the united states. i think they perceive us as weak. i think our enemies see us as weak. i think america had at least george bush sent a message, you knew where he was coming from. if you were an enemy of freedom, you were going to be taking on the united states of america. barack obama, i think, terrorists, i think our enemies feel impunity, because he's weak. >> i disagree. america is the most powerful nation in the world. it was with bush, it is under
9:29 pm
obama. fundamentally obama has done a lot for america's -- >> sean: dictators apologizes for america, saying america is arrogant? >> he's popular outside of america. >> sean: not america. your leaders are upset at his economic policies, which are failing. it's hurting the rest of the world's economy. america needs a recovery, and that will help europe, that will help the entire world. >> well, fundamentally the american economy is doing pretty well. >> sean: fundamentally it's in -- >> it's been up. >> sean: can i give you one copy of the "wall street journal"? i disagree. >> if we stipulate her argument that president obama is popular in europe and elsewhere in the world, the reason that he is popular is he's because perceived as weak and these countries can run circles around him. it comes in different forms, right? it comes in the forms of being dissed for the olympics or the world cup soccer match 12 years
9:30 pm
from now, but comes in more dangerous forms like aggression. weakness begets aggression. >> sean: i agree. >> that's why iran is working 24/7 for a nuclear weapon, unimpeded. north korea is attacking our ally in the south, unimpeded, without retaliation. >> sean: there's no fear. what is it about obama that you think is so strong? you have perception that i don't think is based on reality. >> he's building bridges. it's very important to do that. 25% of the world's population are muslim. he's seen as building bridges. >> sean: did you ever hear the word appeasement? you're from london, right? >> it's absolutely important -- >> sean: isn't he neville chamberlain? i prefer winstonture chill. he understood evil in his time, versus chamberlain that he thought he could get along with hitler. >> the vast majority of muslims are not radical.
9:31 pm
>> sean: do you think we can negotiate without conditions with iran and a madman like ahmadinejad who has repeatedly threatened to erase israel off the map? is that possible? >> i think it's essential to build bridges. >> sean: answer my question. do you think we can negotiate with a madman like ahmadinejad without precondition? >> it's clearly he's being balanced, what came out from wikileaks interestingly. >> sean: i'll ask one more time. do you think we can negotiate with hitler jr., ahmadinejad, without conditions? >> we're not calling him hitler jr. >> sean: that's what our own state department called him. >> i don't think it's a big mystery. it's incredibly dangerous what's happening with iran, to the world is destabilizing. it's not to be liked, about building bridges, it's about
9:32 pm
being feared and respected. under this president we have neither of those things. >> fear does not work. >> sean: i'm going to work on this politics thing. thanks, both, of you for being with us. coming up, david letterman receives an unexpected shock on air from his own mother. believe it or not, i agree with her. plus, arguing in favor of arguing taxes, attacking sarah palin using explicit words, just another day in the messed-up world of the obama media mania. of the obama mania media next.s. helps us reduce sodium, but not flavor. so do a few lifts. campbell's.® it's amazing what soup can do.™ just shake it. [ rattling ] [ male announcer ] need ink? staples has a low price guarantee on all the ink you need. find a lower price at another store, and we'll match it. that was easy.
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>> sean: a suburban chicago high school just announced its first-ever hall of fame inductee. the his is honoring a handful of distinguished alumni including former secretary of defense donald rumsfeld, ark rainn wilson, playboy executive kristi hefner. here's hoping to next the popularity contest, you know the
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>> sean: and welcome to media mash where we expose the most outrageous examples of mainstream media's liberal bias. back to go with us through this week's better is brent bezell. welcome back. >> thank you, sean. >> sean: we have mutual friends
9:37 pm
in afghanistan and abroad, marines, to i want to sent out a big semper fi, wish them the best, keep up the work they're doing, particularly the marine air support, squadron three, call sign black list. guys, thank you for all you do. >> thank you, sean. >> sean: let's start. we've got the media pleading and pleading and pleading the democrats' case on, yes, raising taxes. could you not see possibly raising taxes just a little bit on the people who make $250,000 a year or if you want to leave those in place perhaps raise taxes a little bit on people who make over a million dollars a year? >> warren buffett has been practically begging the country, begging congress to tax him more. in fact, many of the richest americans, like buffet, bill and melinda gates, and ted turner, say they should pay higher tax. >> please raise taxes? pretty please? i mean, sounds like nancy
9:38 pm
pelosi. >> you know, sean, that's the point. if these media people could just put down their democratic party talking points for a minute and report facts it would be different. if they reported how 1% of taxpayers -- the top 1% pay 40% of all taxes, the top 5% pay more than thess of the 95% campaigned, if they told that story, there wouldn't be a need for democratic talking points. >> sean: that's a good point. every terrorist fighting tactic that george bush used, he was labeled a dictator out of control. now new tactics, people being groped or fondled as they go through the airport, or full-body scan that shows them naked. let's look at the media bias in this case. >> minor inconvenience people have to go through. it's not ideal, we should mix it, but people getting very upset about something that's not that big a deal. >> i hate to see what happens if the government caves in on this and relaxes these procedures,
9:39 pm
and someone manages to get something on board a plane and cause harm. imagine the questions you'll be asked at that point. >> sean: of course. if everybody else is wrong. rather than using profiling, which is what the israelis do, and have interrogations of people that might be suspects. >> i'm going to ask you to imagine one thing sean hannity. imagine the reporters reporting the same story if george bush if instigated this. they went bananas about the invasion of privacy. what would they have done? >> sean: good point. most media personalities vote democratic in presidential election years. here's one example of it. we have an ex-abc news reporter saying this about former governor sarah palin. >> the governor says she's an extraordinary asset to her party. i say she's an extraordinary ass
9:40 pm
frankly. >> are you allowed to say that? >> yes, i'm sorry. i think we can. i think we're all grown-ups. the grown-ups are watching. the kiddies are in school. the bottom line is i pray sarah palin is their opponent for barack obama. the more the woman says, the more trouble she gets into. >> sean: what would happen if i called the president that name? >> exactly. look, this reporter is right where she should be. what a career move. she's the anchor of true tv, whatever the hell that is. that's where she belongs. you know, if you were to say something like about barack obama, you would get the lecture you always get from the same reporters about the need to be civilized and be civil, but if the gloves come off for sarah palin. they hate this woman. just what happened in 2011, sean. watch what's going to happen with the attacks on her. >> sean: we have an interesting case where abc actually disguises a democratic activist as a victim of the mean-spirited gop. watch this. >> democrats say that millions of americans are going to be
9:41 pm
affected in the next few weeks, and that not extending those benefits will hurt the economy. republicans say those extended benefits are just too expensive unless they're paid for. >> this woman never thought her very livelihood would depend on a political debate in congress. >> they are talking about tax cuts for the rich, and are holding people like me hostage. >> but she and about 2 million other unemployed americans are caught up in a capitol hill showdown. >> sean: acknowledged she was a participant in nancy pelosi's press conference, and a speaker at the one nation rally back in october. they didn't say that to the audience. >> this is sheer dishonesty. we've caught the media doing this time and again. you see the man on the street, you think it's a poor victim. this is a professionally unemployed people who go from one left wing demonstration to another. let me read what she said, what
9:42 pm
her own profile says about her. it says that she is a tree-hugging, bleeding heart, aclu-carrying, progressive liberal, and damn proud of it. abc didn't tell you that. folks, abc just got caught with their pants down. >> sean: brent bezell, thanks for being with us. greta, what's coming up? >> greta: you just caught me. they caught me early on this tease. tonight, senator jon kyl, and a governor from an unbelievable great state. >> sean: which one? >> greta: i'm not telling. you have to stick around. actually it's governor-elect. >> sean: so frustrating. i'll give you 10 bucks. >> greta: i don't believe you. your credit is no good. >> sean: i pay my bets off. i lost on harry reid. all right, greta van susteren. she's next.
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>> tonight on our great, great american panel, he's a syndicated op-ed analyst. delaying the bush tax cuts could cause the stock market to crash. this is what we're now being told. why you laughing? >> well, because you just said on your radio show yesterday that you were not going to say delaying the bush tax cuts anymore. you were going to talk about the obama tax increases. >> sean: i'm reading the headline "delaying tax vote." you're right, i did say that, because this would be the largest tax increase in american history. >> and may cause the democratic party to crash and burn. i mean, there's no argument for
9:48 pm
what the democrats are doing. if they want to extend the tax cuts permanently, for those under 250, makes sense. do it temporarily for those over $250,000, deal with it in an ordinarily course of business over the next two years, but to say no, play hardball, could turn the party into an extinct entity. >> sean: how can they be this tone-deaf after an election like that this hasn't occurred in 70 years? >> i don't think they're tone-deaf, i think they get, these are fierce i'dio logs, nancy pelosi and barack obama. they'll do what they want to do. >> sean: does barack obama want to be a one-term president? i'm perfectly fine with that. >> the debate is along the wrong lines. the debate ought to be, is government spending the money we give them responsibly? >> sean: no. >> they're like drunken college
9:49 pm
students who spend their allowance and call mom and dad for more dough. >> we've got to get the deficit under control. the commission thatter skins bowls and senator simpson head, 75% spending cuts, 25% revenue increase. sean, you'll be increasing the revenue, but at least we're beginning to take steps with the fiscal reality. the president should embrace it. >> sean: the left and right, nobody likes this commission. >> those of us in the center like it a lot. >> sean: mitt romney was on "the tonight show" with jay leno. this is what he had to say. >> a lot of republican candidates have gone to work for fox news. have they approached you as being a correspondent, something of that nature? >> jay, if you ever see me sign up for a big on fox news, it will be a clear indication i've decided to run for president. >> really? wow. >> yeah. that's no the cards anytime soon. >> let's suppose in some crazy idea you were going to run in 2012, what would you do differently than you did in
9:50 pm
2008? >> i'm not a political consultant and strategist who can lay out you how you do these thing, but if i were to do it genocide to make sure i got more votes than the other guy. >> sean: all right. who's the top contenders in your mine? >> sarah palin for sure. newt gingrich has been out there speaking. one of the things i noticed about this information, romney was asked a couple of key questions. he was asked about don't ask, don't tell, the tsa, and he tried to be funny and liable, which i totally understand, but didn't say how he felt about those issues. i think he's a top contender, but when you have sarah palin writing facebook notes that caused the whole country, our whole media empire to shake, i think he needs to let us know what he stands for. >> sean: who are the top contenders? >> too early to predict. i have personal favorites. i like mike pence a lot. he gave a tremendous speech this week to the detroit economic club, and gave a specie about a
9:51 pm
republican administration ought to be about to hillsdale college a few weeks ago. a real thinker. he resigned his leadership post to think about. hasn't made a decision. >> sean: cotop contenders? >> sarah palin. she could do it. obviously romney could be part of it, part of the mix, will be. newt certainly. there could be a fresh face. pawlenty, chris christie, someone like that. >> sean: more with our great american panel stretched straight ahead. and who brings you more natural colors than campbell's condensed soups? campbell's.® it's amazing what soup can do.™ slow you down. introducing bayer am. its dual-action formula delivers extra strength pain relief, plus it fightsatigue. so get up and get going with new bayer am,
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>> all right. we continue with our great american panel. all right, no one looks at david letterman as an conservative. i mean, i think it's obvious, his political views.
9:56 pm
i find myself agreeing with dave's mom on the issue of global warming. here's how this went down. >> how are you things in indianapolis? >> things are very nice, been unseasonably warm. >> uh-huh. how warm? how warm has it been? like 20 degrees warmer than it should be? >> about, yes. it's very windy. >> well, that's that climate change, the global warming. you know that, mom? do you believe in the climate change and global warming? >> not really. [applause] >> sean: checkmate, mom. >> yeah, absolutely. maybe she followed climategate, which clearly he did not. let me say, this is an important issue for our youth. i cannot tell you how many kids have been brainwashed to buy al gore's hypocrisy. >> sean: it's ridiculous. >> they can't recite the pledge of allegiance, but can tell you all the convenient truths, or as i call them the inconvenient
9:57 pm
truths. >> sean: "the new york times," in defending the publication of the wikileaks information, they forgot what they said about the climategate emails, saying they were never intended for publication, which totally debunked, showing scientists conspiring to show the true data, altering data to convince the people, because this is based on a political agenda. >> what we're losing in our politics is fact-based research and judgment. if you make decisions bade on ideology rather than fact you degrade and devalue our democracy. >> one of the things that interested me in all this debate, you know, during the bush administration there were leading democrats who criticized the president, the cia, for being unable to find osama bin laden. and yet we're not hearing that kind of criticism of president obama for not being able to track down this assange guy. apparently ought to contact "time" magazine. they were able to find him and do an interview with him. >> sean: it's funny, because we've got this wikileaks guy, apparently in the uk, and apparently he's harder to
9:58 pm
find -- as hard to find as bin laden. >> it's unbelievable. this guy has done incalculable damage to our security and our allies. why is he able that he's able to run loose? we don't know. >> this is the third time that this man has leaked material, valuable national security material. why did it take until now for the administration to all of a sudden be outraged? they should be out there talking to our allies from -- >> they have been outraged. secretary clinton made it clear that she remains outraged. i don't think you can blame the administration for this. >> i don't think they've done everything they can. >> the most passing thing is this private first class bradley manning, who has already described how he was able to do, this is unbelievable, no oversight, downloaded all this stuff, leaked it to the world. how does this happen? doesn't give you a lot of confidence for the war on terror. >> or healthcare information when the government gets ahold of that. >> exactly. >> sean: new york giants safety
9:59 pm
antoine rolle says booing nfl players is the same as booing soldiers coming home from iraq. >> i think it's different. with this guy's logic, he needs to quit his job and get a job in the obama administration, because with logic like that he'll rise to the top very quickly "o'reilly factorquickly. >> a self-centered athlete who's mouthing off about things he doesn't know about. >> sean: ouch. >> anybody to get paid more, it's our troops. >> sean: what is it about athletes? we're paying good money, you don't perform, we have the right to boo. that makes it fun. >> that's part of the game. >> it's a game, sean. it's a game. >> sean: there's some liberal out there booing me right now, and i -- >> and a few conservatives maybe. i think i know who they are. >> and a few rhinos. >> sean: thanks a lot, doug.