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tv   Hannity  FOX News  December 14, 2010 9:00pm-10:00pm EST

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for some reason that escapes me. check out the fox news factor website different from we would like you to spout off from anywhere in the world. vladimir we are waiting to hear from you. name a town if you wish to 0 . here's the word today, no gasconading. remember the spin stops right here because we are looking out for you. >> sean: any moment we are expecting harry reid to announce that a final vote on president obama's tax cut compromise will be held wednesday. tonight the wheels are in motion. the senate is still in session. meanwhile, house speaker nancy pelosi and her allies met behind closed doors to discuss making changes to the
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framework. what are those potential changes? some on the left looking to jack up the estate tax provision. a move like that could derail the chances of the bill reaching the president's desk. to say this process has been a rollercoaster for the an innoed one and his administration, that would be an unstatement. what was once thought to be a slam-dunk has been greeted by opposition from the left and right. if you are outraged how washington is spending your time, a new piece of legislation completely unrelated to the tax bill was unveiled. it is a massive 1.1 trillion dollar omnibus spending bill and contained within the nearly 2,000 page document are said to be at least 20,000 earmarks. 20,000 pet projects. and 20,000 pieces of pork. i guess the november midterms weren't enough to clue in these elected representatives, because they don't get it.
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today president obama has yet to make good on his promise to chang how washington works. he was asked about that failed pledge yesterday. >> is there the sense that you have been successful? >> the president: no. i think people feel washington still is dis al. there are a bunch of things we've done. i think people still feel overall, washington is about a lot of politics. a lot of special interests. big money. but that ordinary people's voices aren't represented. >> sean: here with reaction the host of varney & company stuart varney and dana perino. you supported the original deal. i was very suspicious, because of the spend -- >> if you are talking about the tax compromise deal, yes i support it. i still support it. it is a lousy deal from a republican standpoint but better than no deal. you do not want to see
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everybody's attacks go up january 1st. >> sean: if it goes up, january 5th, we have a new congress, bigger majority in the senate. mike pence and jim demint are saying straight up or done vote on whether obama gets to raise taxes. they can do that. if you guarantee that will happen, i'm with you. but you can't. you don't know how long the higher taxes will stay in place. the wheels of government move slowly. >> sean: who gets the blame for the middle class having a tax increase? that would be democrats. >> i'm thinking american prosperity if anybody's attacks go up our prosperity goes done. >> sean: 200 plus billion more in spending? >> i would rather go for a lousy deal than no deal. because i do not know when you fix it. >> sean: dana? >> i agree with him. it is like one two.
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i think it is a game of communications chicken. who going to get the blame if the tax rates go up? you will have a ran congress, at least a republican house. you still have a democratic president and senate. i think it is likely that president obama can say boys i've said i wanted to have tax cuts for the middle class, are you with me or not? after we have this upheaval stuart is talking about. >> sean: maybe i don't know the sophisticated ways of washington. why not a straight up or down vote on the capital gains tax, death tax and every other tax and extending unemployment? let all phefrb sures stand on their own? >> why is it this compromise is loaded up -- loaded up like a tree? you've got this omnibus spending bill which is possibly the worst piece of legislation since health care reform loaded up with thousands of earmarks?
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we've only got three days to read it and pass it. that's a disgrace. >> omnibus bill is like the ghost of christmas past. health care bill was 3,000 pages they gave people 48 hours to read it and jammed it done the throats. it is amazing they haven't gotten the message from the 2010 elections. after that they had a vote on not having earmarks. some of the earmarks are ridiculous. >> this is the worst congress the 111. harry reid has made a mess -- >> sean: this is the worst president in our lifetime. leadership starts at the top. all pomises broken gitmo, unemployment being below 8%, earmarks, transparency. he was going to stand firm and not let the bush tax cuts being examine ended. >> he's certainly running carter a close second. >> sean: as of right now. what happens politically dana?
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does this get through democrats are capitulating -- >> i think there's a danger in every hour and everyday this vote is not taken the harder it gets to make a deal. left and right are hardening. for example, take ethanol. for years it was untouchable. all of a sudden, it is. but it will be interesting to see how the republican primary candidates play that. >> sean: i read the ap carl read and i got a note from mcconnell's office saying it is not going to be in there. are there ethanol subsidies to get harkin's vote? >> some of this is ongoing. continued spending. like a new pet project for him. in the omnibus that is not the case. >> sean: that was not part of the original deal that i heard. >> there's a lot in there that a lot of people hadn't heard about. >> ethanol subsidies we are back to buying votes to the cornhusker kick become and louisiana purchase. >> we should be more upset with this omnibus spending
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bill. they are trying to lock in 3 1/2 trillion worth of spending which would be one trillion deficit. they are trying to lock that in when our aaa credit rating may be -- >> sean: do they get this omnibus bill passed? >> i don't think so, no. >> they've got three days. >> i think they get a short term continuing resolution, kick this into the next year. remember for the price of some of these earmarks they are going to give one billion dollars to obama care which many will vote to repeal two weeks later when that is the first vote in the house of representatives. >> help for the trout, mosquito trapping planning. citizenship standing. a couple million for that. >> ridiculous. we do need to understand how you feel. >> beaver management. texas obesity study. >> the texas obesity one we need 500 million dollars to tell us -- >> sean: we need hannity obesity treatment.
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>> swine waste management. >> sean: throw that out. thanks a lot. guys thanks, appreciate it. when it comes to paying taxes, how much is enough? classic hannity shoot-out. liberal congressman anthony weiner is going to be on the program. later south carolina governor elect nikki haley we'll ask her about her run-in with president obama and the health care law. that and more, straight ahead.
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>> sean: as many democrats
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have been forced to brave tax cuts strange thing happening at "new york times" view on tax cuts have changed. in an article the times reported "for many manufacturing companies the proposal now being considered in d.c. may be enough to spur additional spending and hiring." that's what we conservatives have been saying all along. glad they got onboard, finally. straight ahead. of vitamins, fiber, or minerals. and who brings you more natural colors than campbell's condensed soups? campbell's.® it's amazing what soup can do.™ because they have 20% more calcium per chew than viactiv or for the delicious flavors like chocolate truffle and vanilla creme? mmm. -mmm. -mmm. [ female announcer ] hard to say really. new caltrate soft chews, we put the yum in calcium. new caltrate soft chews, boss: just going over how geico helps people save in even more talkways... ...with good driver discounts, multi-car discounts,
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>> sean: president obama has tan a lot of heat for his tax cut compromise. most of the anger coming from members of his own party. one of the most vocal critics new york democratic congressman anthony weiner. last week he said the president was acting more like a negotiator in chief rather than leader of the democratic party. joining me to explain is the man himself congressman weiner of new york. welcome back, thanks for being with us. >> thank you sean. >> sean: you said he's punting on 3rd down. you said it is only going to get worse for the president if he allows himself to be pushed around like this. we have other congressmen using more colorful witch like "f" the president. you are angry about this? >> you love it when we fight on your left? >> sean: i'm really upset i was hoping you put me in the middle of negotiations and i could negotiate a peace. >> i think the president could
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have gotten a better deal for the person people. i recognize compromise is part of the deal here in washington and i'm not saying that's a vice. the question is whether we should have gotten a better deal? i think we should have. i think we gave too much away to people who are doing well and it adds to the deficit more than we can afford. >> sean: when you say the president is allowing himself to be pushed around, punting on 3rd down. you are suggesting that the leader of your party is weak. >> no, i'm suggesting he could have gotten a better deal. i think to a greater degree the president believes his hand wasn't stronger than it was. if he sold this to the american people and said do we need to give millionaires and billionaires a tax cut financed by the chinese by borrowed money from the chinese? i think people would have said no and it would have moved the meter to get more votes. >> sean: you used millionaires and billionaires sounds like a pejorative to me i can think
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of within person in my life that has money that you go up with . most people that i know worked hard, studied, worked 14, 16 hours a day, delivered goods and services to other people. top 10% pay 70% of the federal tax bill. you are from new york. if you have your way, federal tax will be 40%. state tax almost 10%. sales tax high in new york, property tax in new york, and other hid didn't taxes and then when you -- hidden taxes and when you die you are going to tax people again with an estate tax, 55, 60% of people's earned income and you feel you have a right to their money, why? >> it depends who you are standing up for. i'm standing up for the middle class. those people have not done well in recent years. their earnings have been flat. i do want to give them a break.
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>> sean: me too. >> i do want to make sure their children -- [ talking over each other ] it is just about choices. i believe in addition to it not creating more jobs, i believe that already the very well to do have done very well. i'm not saying they should do less well. i'm saying i don't think they need additional tax cut. >> sean: you are missing my point. you to take away their incentive to create the jobs. they are the job creators. these numbers are astounding. hang on. federal tax you want 40%, 39.6, whatever it is. new york state around 10% sales tax -- i'm sorry income tax. city tax on top of that. then property taxes. then sales taxes. when you die, you want 35 or more percent of what people pay taxes on in their life. i'm asking you congressman, why do you think you have a right to 60% of people's money? >> well, first of all i want everyone to pay no taxes. i want you to pay zero tax.
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>> sean: that's not what you are supporting. >> that's also i assume what areipl not supporting. everyone an goes there has to be some tax. >> sean: i agree. >> only question is how you do that fairly. in my abiding judgment, and the think that i'm -- that i fight to do everyday. i focus not on the rich that you seem to be so concerned about, but the overwhelming middle class struggling to make it who are being pressed harder and harder. we have to make choices. if the choice is whether to provide for well to do millionaires and billionaires, let their tax rates -- >> sean: you are dodging my question. >> no, i'm making it a choice. you seem to believe that it is not. >> sean: i believe that economic -- [ talking over each other ] >> do we need to have taxes? >> sean: excuse me. you are missing my point. let me see if i am explain it another way -- job creator, taxpayer and those that donate
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to charity. 55% of your constituents' income is going to pay taxes and you defend it. i'm asking you at what point, taking their is enough? why do you think you have a right to it? >> i want them to pay zero in tax. do you believe anyone should pay taxes? >> sean: yes. >> it is only a question -- >> sean: give me a number. >> it is only a question -- if i can say, someone who makes a million dollars, you pay a point more fit means people in the middle class >> sean: five points more. . >> i'm trying to answer the question. i choose the side of the middle class. you want to defend the rich, i understand. >> sean: bottom 50% of wage enders only pay 2% of the tax bill. >> you want them to pay more? >> sean: no.
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[ talking over each other ] >> i want you guys to spend less. and the first thing you can do is stop taxing people 55% of their money and take a hammer when they die and take another 45, 35, 55%. you seem to justify empowering our government to steal 55% of people's income. >> stop with the steal. you and i both agree that you need to have taxes to aren't the government. do we not agree on that? >> sean: give me a number. how much is the maximum amount? >> it depends how much your billionaires and millionaires get in tax cuts each year. >> sean: 55% of what people pay in your district in new york, state, local, federal, city taxes. what percentage of people's income, at what point do you say enough is enough? >> as little as possible. given the choice between
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>> sean: now it is 55% you are supporting. >> i would like it to be lower for the middle class and the rates to stay what they were in president ton's time. >> sean: that would mean 55% of their money would go to the government. >> sean this is your show not mine. let me ask you a question, do you believe we should have taxes at all? >> sean: congressman, i answered the question. the answer to your question is yes. >> only disagreement is should the middle class be lower or the wealthy be lower? i think the middle class should be lower. >> sean: you feel justified taking 55% i think that is too high. [ talking over each other ] >> you feel justified in borrowing 40% of that? >> sean: no, you feel justified taking 55% of people's money. >> you want to borrow for rupert murdoch's tax break. >> sean: we pay 55% people in
9:20 pm
your district and you take a hammer -- how dare you! >> we gotta borrow the money to pay rupert murdoch's tax break. >> sean: rupert murdoch is a taxpayer, donates to charity more than you do congressman. >> he's a fine man that. is not the question. the question is you want to give him a tax cut and borrow it from my kids, no deal. >> sean: thank god he created a job for me. congressman, thank you. always a pleasure. and i mean that sincerely. more hand straight ahead. get excited! >> sean: south carolina's governor elect squares off with president obama. nikki haley is here to tell us about it. >> sarah palin touches down in
9:21 pm
haiti. franklin graham was there and he's here with the inside scoop on her travels. >> plus, rahm emanuel takes the stand to prove he's fit to become the mayor of the windy city. much more hannity, straight ahead. ! " # $ / 0 i
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>> sean: she has not even taken office yet and already nikki haley is standing up for south carolina and the principles that her elected. earlier this month in an hour long closed door lunch with president obama, vice president biden, cabinet members and number elected governors from across the country haley went head-to-head with the president challenging him on his administration's crowning achievement health care reform. haley asked the president to
9:26 pm
repeal the bill because her state cannot afford it. her request quickly rejected. according to the sun news haley also asked the president to reconsider his decision to freeze development of nevada's yucca mountain repository to receive nuclear waste from south carolina a plan which cost taxpayers over one billion dollars. again the president said no. now haley is demanding her state's money back. me is the woman determined to get this done and more governor elect nikki haley. thanks for being with us. >> hi sean, always great to be with you. >> sean: i love this story. you are sitting with number elected governors, cabinet members, the vice president, the president and you stand up and ask the president to repeal health care. how did that go over? >> it was -- look, i work for the people of south carolina. i work for the people of this country. i wanted to take the opportunity, i appreciate the fact that he said that we
9:27 pm
could have an open dialogue. i took advantage of that. i told him south carolina could not afford this health care mandate. south carolina businesses could not afford it. and when our budget was so heavily mandated by medicaid, we needed to see him repeal the bill. i just respectfully asked for him to repeal the health care bill. his response was as long as he was president that was not going to happen. that's when i followed up and i said, i think that the job of governors is not just to say no, but to give you solutions. if i give you state solutions on what we will do in our state instead, will you allow us to opt-out? his answer was yes. i would consider you operating out if you take into -- account we needed to create a tate exchange and we needed to deal with preexisting conditions. now i'm going back to my state. i'm going to try and see if i can fan good and marketable on shfpbs for the people of our state that don't require man
9:28 pm
-- options for the people of our state that done require mandates. >> sean: you think you can make that proposal he offered work? >> i think it is my job to try and make it work. i think within i've requested my federal delegation to continue to fight the pan date. i've continued to support the attorney general in south carolina on his fight in the mandate. i also think it is my role as governor to see if i can come up with marketable options and go to the president and say south carolina can handle this better. >> sean: the president's first answer to you is not while i'm president. >> right. >> sean: he has these number elected republican governors in there. get the impression that he seems -- did you get the impression that he seems to understand or got what the election was about? >> he did. you could tell he was defeated. he said he was a proud democrat and wished there were more democrats in the room. he acknowledged that a lot of
9:29 pm
us ran against him. i think he saw the reality of it. again, i respect the fact that he allowed the exchange, that he was open about it. i also believe that governors have to step up, as we are losing faith in congress it is up to our governors to step up and show what good policy looks like. >> sean: what do you make of this tax deal? i want you to look at it through this prism. governor christie doing a good job in new jersey. jindal in louisiana. mcdonnell in virginia. you've been supported by the tea party. you believe in balanced budgets and fiscal responsibility. are the states going to have to show the federal government the way to fiscal austerity? >> absolutely. i refuse to wait on the federal government to handle this this is our time to step up and say, learn to live within our means. this last election meant something. what the voters of this country said was, we don't want increased taxes. we don't want increased
9:30 pm
spending. what we saw in this tax bill was increased taxes and increased spending. the federal government for the first time incentivized people taxes is unconscionable. the fact they are tacking about 200 billion -- they are talking about 200 billion plus in spending is unbelievable there. was a mandate that said stop, government was intended to secure the rights and freedoms of the people. things to all people. if ever there was a time for us to be conservative it is now. >> sean: can i interpret from your remarks about yucca mountain that you didn't like the president's answer and are you planning to sue? >> i said that the federal government made a commitment to the people of south carolina that they would store our nuclear waste. we have paid 1.2 billion plus into that situation and the federal government pulled out. i asked president obama, i said would you consider
9:31 pm
opening that back up and honoring your commitment? he said no i said then give us our money back. >> sean: governor elect haley, thanks for being back. >> thank you. >> sean: next on the road with sarah palin we will ask reverend franklin graham about his trip to haiti with the former governor and the good his organization is doing and much more straight ahead. - sure, cake or pie? - pie. - apple or cherry? - cherry. oil or cream? oil or cream? cream. some use hydrogenated oil. reddi-wip uses real dairy cream. nothing's more real than reddi-wip. but my doctor told me that most calcium supplements... aren't absorbed properly unless taken with food. he recommended citracal. it's different -- it's calcium citrate, so it can be absorbed with or without food. citracal.
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>> sean: michael moore has come out behind julian assange. moore offered to pay 20,000. i support julian who i see as pioneer of free speech. he should be thanks and honored not abused in jail. what a shock, michael moore has it wrong again. franklin graham is 90 -- in 90 seconds.
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[ technician ] are you busy? management just sent over these new technical manuals. they need you to translate them into portuguese. by tomorrow. [ male announcer ] ducati knows it's better for xerox to manage their global publications. so they can focus on building amazing bikes. with xerox, you're ready for real business. >> sean: a year after haiti was rocked with an earthquake the nation is still struggling. since then riots have broken out in the streets stemming from the november presidential elects. now there's a massive cholera outbreak. given all the tragedy the people of haiti need our help more than ever. some of this show's favorite guests have desired -- have decided to pitch in. sarah palin and reverend
9:36 pm
graham traveled to haiti. part of a humanitarian delegation led by reverend graham's charity samaritan's purse. >> haiti has been a country that has suffered in the past and is going to continue to suffer until fundamental changes are being made. >> sean: joining me with reaction from their visit the president of samaritan's purse our good friend reverend franklin graham. it is really bad there. >> it is bad. there's been over 2,000 deaths due to coll the cholera is a new virus to haiti. it was brought in by the u.n.. they were able to trace it back to they think it is a soldier from nepal. the haitian people have never experienced cholera. cholera, if you have a severe case it can kill you within four hours. it is uncontrollable diarrhea, vomiting. if you don't get an i.v. solution into you quickly,
9:37 pm
you high date and die children, older people, young, -- you dehydrate and die, children, older people, young. >> sean: you have a low rate of people dying you are saving lives everyday. >> we are. we have a tremendous staff of nurses and doctors that volunteer and come down for two, three weeks, 10 days to give their time. the cholera wards are tough. it is a lot of vomit. a lot of diarrhea you are dealing with. i just take my hat off to thes did and nurses. >> sean: how many times have you been down there now? >> quite a few this past year. and we'll be back the 8th and 9th of january. >> sean: that's a year from when -- >> the 12th is the anniversary. we are going the week before to have a crusade and prayer
9:38 pm
service at the national soccer stadium. >> sean: how is your dad doing? >> he's doing great. 92 and he wants to preach again. >> sean: you should let him. >> let him? he can do what he wants. trying to help him get his stamina up. >> sean: every year you put together these christmas boxes. >> i don't put them together. >> sean: samaritan's purse. >> no, it is individual families. >> sean: you just beat me up. >> this is put together by children and families who take an empty box. this year i brought you a big one. >> sean: you organize it. >> i give god the credit. god organizes it. >> sean: where is bill clinton when i need him? >> here's a box packed by a family, we collect about eight million. the most important thing that i ask people to do is pray for the child that will get that box. can you imagine eight million
9:39 pm
people praying for eight million children? >> sean: you got games, dolls. you can make it for a boy or girl. >> boy or girl. send it to us, put your name and address. put your picture in here. i want the child that gets the box to see. >> sean: you put in deodorant, toothpaste and things like that. >> every box is different. there's not two boxes alike. what makes it special is a person has packed that and prayed for that child. >> sean: i gave you a donation. i should have packed my own box. i'll give you another donation. >> we a program this year called build a box. you can call in. go to our website. >> sean: >> you can build a box online and we can pack the box and ship it. we need all the boxes we can get before christmas.
9:40 pm
>> sean: you can build it online and these kids -- eight million last year? >> about 600,000 more this year than last year. we never have enough boxes this is christmas. i want every child that we give a box to, to know god loves them and god sent his son jesus christ into the world for them. god so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son. i want every child to know that god loves them this is christmas. >> sean: i like to give. and my family hates it because they can't buy me anything, i'm like nice shirt. i'm horrible. i have everything i want. this is awesome. >> go to a goat, a cow and we give that to a family like in a place like haiti. you will get a card coming
9:41 pm
back from samaritan's purse that a goat or chicken has been donated in your name. >> sean: that is awesome. reverend always an honor to see you. you are a great man this is terrific work pleasure to be your friend. >> i appreciate it. >> sean: greta, you take governor palin, did you get an invitation to that? >> greta: i didn't go when the white house said i couldn't take pictures and put them on the blog. >> sean: you got an invitation? >> greta: yes but i boycotted because they wouldn't let me take pictures of the christmas tree. whatever. let me tell but samaritan's purse. i saw with my own eyes, saving lives, infants, adults and changing lives. it is extraordinary what went on in haiti. go to and
9:42 pm
samaritanspurse to see the extraordinary work. governor pawlenty, rick klein, and guess where jennifer griffin or colleague is? you have to stick around and find out. >> sean: i know where she. >> greta: don't tell. >> sean: greta is come -- coming up in 19 short minutes. samaritan's purse. your great american panel, straight ahead.
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john: yea, well, there you go. beth: yea, so what else is new? john: well, i just changed my medicare plan. beth: open enrollment? john: yup. i compared plans and found better coverage for me. beth: of course you noticed the new benefits we get under the new healthcare law. john: what? beth: well, like 50 percent off brand name prescription drugs for people who are in the donut hole. john: really? i didn't know that. beth: you have to keep up. john: come on.
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i'll keep up. anncr: it's open enrollment. time to compare and review plans at or call 1-800-medicare.
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. >> sean: tonight on our great american panel. former chairwoman of the juryian republican party kate obenshain is back. he helped jerry brown in his recent bid for california governor joe trip here.
9:47 pm
he served as deputy assistant to president george w. bush scott stanzel is back. we had anthony weiner on -- why are you laughing? >> it was ridiculous! what he said was ridiculous! >> sean: this is the point. what is it about rich people, people that pay taxes, people that work hard, people that are successful, what is it that politicians think they have a right to 55% of their income? and when you die you get another 55%? how do the democrats defend that? >> i think part of it is the deficit right now. it's clearly a situation where you've got another i think 800 billion dollars -- >> sean: trippi at what point is enough, enough? >> they've been there the whole time and they haven't
9:48 pm
done anything to get the economy going. there's no proof that group -- >> sean: how much of the money do you want? >> let's look at ronald reagan and see tax cuts work. what has happened since obama became president? the deficit has gone through the roof because of health care and ridiculous spending. now the democrats are saying we've got to do something about the deficit. let's cut spending. >> there is an insatiable interest in taking the money from the job producers across the country. not only the federal level but the state level. we just got done in a campaign in washington state the state income tax build as high enders income tax. voters across the board rejected it by 28 points because they are tired of having money taken away and jobs leaving. >> you have to pay for these tax cuts. >> you have to have reasonable spending.
9:49 pm
>> sean: give me a percentage. i'm tired of this game. at what point is enough? somebody pays state, local and federal taxes, trippi and my question. if they pay 50% state, local and federal taxes that enough or are you going to call them greedy and selfish? >> this was done by republicans -- >> sean: can you answer the question, focus this is not that hard! what percentage? >> whatever the percentage would be -- >> sean: give me your percentage. >> 38. >> federally? >> yeah. >> sean: property tax, sales tax, city tax, 55. you think the government has a right to 55% of people's money. >> no, we should cut the spending. >> i agree with that. [ talking over each other ]
9:50 pm
>> there are all these earmarks, clearly the democrats have not gotten the message. >> look at the earmarks, mcconnell's earmarks. they are all doing the earmarks. >> anybody in favor of the earmarks that's a huge problem. we need to look at how you incentivize job growth. you do it by cutting taxes. we should increase tax cuts. we should unleash the private sector and the businesses. >> sean: bingo. >> there's a new day in washington. everyone in washington needs to wake up that the spending, the flood that has been going on for years has to stop. people are tired of it. >> now! >> what i'm saying is, cut taxes, cut spending. increase taxes, keep spending going and we're --
9:51 pm
>> sean: democrats want to raise taxes on small business and wealthy. >> extending those would increase deficit -- >> no it is not. [ talking over each other ] >> no, joe it is not increase on the supposed wealthy and job creators that adds 800 billion dollars. that's a misstatement. no, no. >> sean: more with our great, great american panel, right after this.
9:52 pm
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>> sean: we continue with our great american panel. rahm emanuel files his
9:56 pm
illinois tax return inch dating he's only a part-time resident of the state that year. after he decides to run for mayor of chicago, he decided to amend his tax return obviously because he had to be a resident for two years. here's dead fish trying to defend this ridiculous, insane, absurd position today. >> i've been born here. raised my kids here. kids went to school here. owned a home here. vote from here. pay property taxes here. the only reason i no longer put my head down in that house is the president of the united states, in the time of crisis asked me to serve as chief of staff and i took the job as chief of staff. >> sean: the president begged me. he files a 2009 return he in his own record words he's a part-time resident. >> no argument from me here. i for a while was working for
9:57 pm
somebody thinking of running against him the chair of cook county who ended up not running. we looked at it and the lawyers that i talked to just thought there wasn't a case here for him to run. that he really was not a resident. >> sean: he said it in his own tax filing. lion his tax form? >> let me do something unusual here for me, which is to defend rahm emanuel. we are not all going to agree. i think he should be able to run for chicago mayor. as somebody who has worked on the hill and worked at the white house those people need to take that experience. they need to leave washington and apply it elsewhere and think of themselves as not part of that establishment in d.c.. >> sean: everybody wants an exception. if you want to chain the law, change the law. but it doesn't go back retroactive. >> he pays taxes, he has a
9:58 pm
tomorrow -- [ talking over each other ] >> you expect him to commute to chicago to sleep in a bed there? >> i'd like to know why he was a part-time resident there. look, he rented his house. he had nowhere to live. he moved his family, they rented their house. the requirement is that you live in chicago for a full year before running and he hasn't done it. >> one exception is service in the armed forces. unless they are gonna say he was there serving the commander in chief, i mean there may be some way -- >> you thought there was no case there. >> i don't think there is. >> you think he's not eligible, based on the law? >> i think local courts he may win. sooner or later this is going all the way up. >> i think people need to leave washington and they shouldn't be inhibited from leaving washington -- >> sean: wait a minute. the laws are now --
9:59 pm
>> to say he's not a chicago want he represented chick being in the house of representatives -- -- i'm not an expert on chicago law. >> sean: he has to have lived in chicago for a full year prior to the election. he doesn't make it. [ talking over each other ] >> sean: he admitted himself he's a part-time resident. when this comes up he amends his tax return. >> does the law say fulltime resident? >> sean: you have to live in the city for a full year. >> every holiday he goes -- >> i was involved in mounting a campaign against him that. law is clear about fulltime resident. the only exemption is armed services. >> sean: why did your guy pull out? >> he had a lot of kids.