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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  December 15, 2010 1:00am-2:00am EST

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balls again the door saying don't go. he made the right decision. >> sean: this is obama's background, jeremiah wright, father ler, detailee machine and now the rahm bow dead fish machine. i have to serve the country in the time of need -- to say this equates with going and serving your country and putting your life on the line -- >> sean: trippi i'm almost upset that i got mad at you. greta van susteren is next to go on the record. see you tomorrow night. >> greta: this is a fox news alert. gunman opening fire at a florida school board meeting. >> just listen to me for a minute. i don't want anybody to get hurt. i got a feeling that what you want is the cops to come in and kill you, because you are
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mad. why? this isn't worth it. please don't. please don't, please. >> i'm gonna kill you. [ shooting ] >> greta: incredibly none of the hostages was wounded. the gunman was reportedly in the audience before walking to the podium and drawing the weapon on the school board. after the gunman opened fire a security guard entered the room and wounded the gunman. the man apparently shot himself. it is unclear why he targeted the school board. stay with fox news for the latest.ihsxf >> tonight senate majority leader harry reid just announced a vote on the tax compromise will happen tomorrow. your taxes still hang in the balance. we have a report in a few minutes. first, does president obama think he has changed washington? >> i don't think there's a sense i've been successful.
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i think people feel that washington still is dysfunctional. >> greta: he has a rough road away the fight overtax cuts getting rougher every minute. there's health care. yesterday a federal judge in virginia dealt the health care bill a blow. declaring mandate provision unconstitutional. in 36 hours, 20 states march. ed into a court in florida demanding that judge declare the health care law unconstitutional. governor pawlenty joins us live. first the taxes, certainly consuming the nation they are still working over my left shoulder trying to hammer out what they think. >> well, it is like you said, couldn't they have done this a few months ago? why does it come down to the last few days when they expire? as importantly, we can't let taxes go up in the middle of one of the worst recessions since world war ii. this is an important thing to
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accomplish. i wish they wouldn't have put all that spending in there. it detracts from the main purpose of the bill. of course loads it up. not the package i would have negotiated. overall we need to make sure those taxes don't go up. >> greta: you talk about spending they put in. one is extension of the unemployment benefits. the only reason that is interesting to me, because they don't look for waste where they might be able to finance those unemployment benefits. i realize they didn't know they were going to need to extend them. nonetheless, there is no effort in this city ever to look for waste or trying to pick up expenses before spending more. >> that's right. of course, as we speak they announced tonight they've got this massive other spending bill that's got needed things in it. loaded up once again with earmarks and pork. the ted kennedy institute. john murtha center. swine waste management studies
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in north carolina. you've got grape germs or virus studies going on in california and down the list. it is all porked up. all earmarked up again this is why the tea party and the country just has had enough. they are back at it again. there they go again. i can wait to get them out of town and get the republicans in control so we can actually now do what everybody has been talking about. >> greta: you are talking about a 1.1 trillion omnibus spending bill. let me back up a little bit on that bill. i've been critical of the house and the senate, both sides of the aisle for waiting until the last minute to decide this. they knew the deadline was the end of the year. i realize democrats control agenda so they may get all the blame because they set the agenda. 1.1 trillion omnibus spending bill to finance the federal government beginning six weeks ago beginning october 1st, for
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a year. they are six weeks behind on that. what have they been doing? trying to shove it down everybody's throat. >> in minnesota i proposed a couple of things that i think would be well for congress. we want performance pay for teachers and bureaucrats. how about performance pay for congress? minimum standard for whether you get your next month's or week's pay is you have to meet the basic deadlines. if you don't, your pay gets docked. while we are at it, why didn't we have each member of congress certify they have to do their own taxes without help of accountant or legal assistant and lawyer if they can't because the tax code is too complicated and of course it is, they can sign a hardship exemption saying it is too ridiculous, i can do it. that would drive people to get the tax code changed. members of congress should be forced to do their own taxes and see how they like this
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9,000 page ridiculous tax >> the tax code according to erskine bowles and senator simpson is so porked up, i don't know how many special interests -- they call them earmarks in the tax code special interests came into town and said i need a deduction for something and if you got enough money you got your lobbyist to get in there and put the deduction. the tax code is so loaded with special interests, to be so unjust to the average american trying to pay his taxes unless you are part of a special interest group. >> there's earmarking on the spending side. then the equivalent of earmarking on the tax code. if you the right lobbyist and enough power you get your special deal in the tax code. that has to be reformed as well. all of this has to be cleaned up. it is a mess. what we've got is big government, we big government,
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big labor and really big business coalescing to the disadvantage of everyday americans. and they get the special break. the poor get a hand-out and everybody else gets their wallet out and we are sick of it. >> greta: it is interesting, you are lucky you are not in the senate or the house, i can blame you for this everybody runs for office says i'm going to get rid of spending and waste and it is terrible how much fraud there is. i'm going to clean it up. then that person comes to washington that's the last we hear of. if you look -- hear of it. if you look in terms of how we do our finances we don't even have any budget right now they have no realistic idea of how much they need because there is no budget now that the federal government is operating under. if they out and cut waste and fraud we would be able to bring that budget down.
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they are working and boo-hoo their vacation is cut short. >> amen sister. >> greta: what are you gonna do about that? how can you help? >> performance pay for politicians. all the republicans let's say both sides have had their hands in this for a lot of decades and the problem has mounted. president obama has made it exponentially worse all these republicans running around the country, my team saying we won't be like the other guys we learned our lesson this time we will do what we say, campaign like we govern, govern like we campaign let's make sure we hold each other accountable. if we don't, they should be thrown out. everybody says they've learned the lesson it is going to be different this time. now they have a chance to walk the walk. >> greta: you have an op-ed piece in which you talk about government employees. you say according to your
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op-ed piece government employees have an income of 120 three,000. you go after the unions. -- 123,000 and you go after the unions. >> i grew up in a meat packing downtown. i my dad was a truck driver. my mom died when i was 16. these unions played a role when workers were being exploited in places like coal mines and meat packing plants and other dangerous circumstances. now you have the biggest growth in unions in government employees. government unions. they are some of the most protected, secure employees in the country. they have pay and benefits that are better in most instances than the taxpayers who are paying the bill. it is unsustainable, unfair, call it a silent coup in some ways. we've done this in minnesota and made good steps.
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we are getting sued in a case that will probably go to the u.s. supreme court. it will take down california, illinois, new york, new jersey, and other states. we have to get people more aware of the scandal that is the public employment pension and benefit ponzi scheme. >> greta: governor, thank you. sorry about your football -- whatever is going on with that roof. it looks weird. >> we will try to get it fixed. thank you for your great humanitarian work in haiti. looked like a great trip and a wonderful cause. >> greta: it is extraordinary. many americans from across the country are working there really hard fighting cholera and trying to help those people. it is an unmitigated mess. governor, thank you. next, is the senate about to do it to you again? take advantage of you big time. wait until you hear this one, stay tuned.
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search-engine marketing, and direct mail. yellowbook's got all of that. yellowbook360's got a whole spectrum of tools. tools that are going to spark some real connections. visit and go beyond yellow. >> greta: the fighting in the senate over the tax cut compromise has been fierce. >> it is easy to stan on the sidelines and to criticize this proposal, perhaps politically expedient to stan on the sidelines and -- to
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stand on the sidelines and criticize this proposal. mr. president advocating this tax proposal is to advocate for a tax increase. >> the reality is many of the nation's billionaires are on the war path. they want more, more, more. their greed has no end. and apparently there is very little concern for our country or for the people of this country if it gets in the way of the accumulation of more and more wealth and more and more power. >> greta: joining us live rick klein. i'm curious, you think some of the democrats think we need -- the reason why not to extend it to the wealthy is because they don't like the wealthy or they think we need the money? >> they think we need the money. president obama made a promise about tax cuts for the wealthy. so much of this is about
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pride. they feel democrats feel like president obama behind their back cut this deal with republicans. they were not at the negotiating table. they want concessions out of it. we saw overwhelming majority of senators, democrat and republican support it in that initial vote last night. >> greta: passes the senate tomorrow, back to the house, then what? >> likely to pass. >> greta: any concessions? >> maybe changes in the estate tax. they've added green jobs initiatives. they need to save some face. >> greta: when you are talking about pride and having to save face is that why we sent them to washington? bad enough they are doing this on the eve of the thing expiring on december 31st, they waited until after the election because they are cowards. that's pathetic. >> you are going to have divisions on both sighs.
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i think for a lot of democrats the fact that president obama cut this deal just with republicans after this electoral shellacking which is a bridge too far. ultimately they have to go along. they are not going to block passage in the house. >> greta: what do you think the relationship between the president and the speaker is now? >> certainly strained. speaker pelosi and her caucus have taken every tough vote for president obama. they feel like they cut under the feet of all democrats in the house by saying we are working with you on this deal then they cut the deal with the republicans exclusively. so it is difficult. president obama has er fish to fry than those relationships. he has to get this tack deal done and thinking about what the next two years are like with the republicans in the house. >> greta: governor runs -- government runs out of funding saturday midnight. they've known about this for quite sometime.
1:17 am
beginning october 1st, backwards six weeks. don't agree agree that is pathetic? >> this has become the norm. >> greta: because they didn't do their job in the first place. >> you saw so many time this year the room this lame duck session has so much crammed in all the votes they didn't want to take before the election. they are trying to cram it into this timeframe that's how you end up with huge bills that members don't have a chance to read and end up having goodies in it that we don't find out until it gets passed. >> greta: the american people see what is going on. a lot of them took a hit in the election certainly the democrats took a hit. the idea they hide votes post election cowardly. >> we'll see what the republicans do when they takeover.
1:18 am
>> greta: i'm not saying they are going to be braver. transparency. we don't see the health care bill before it is passed. >> the democrats said it before they took power. republicans said they've learned their lesson. when you face tough votes it is easy to find ways to maneuver around the process. president obama said he learned process matters. >> greta: he learned it two years late. why do you have to already two years into this? >> certainly the lesson that has again out people get fed up with this washington maneuvering. they see these things and get turned off entirely. this omnibus spending bill to a lesser extent this tax bill with sweeteners in it on both sides is the kind of things people say they are sick off. -- sick of. we that message clearly from voters. congress falls back on some of the old ways.
1:19 am
>> greta: they are already back doing it. two more years until they get their next message. >> democrats done have much time left. sometime that means cutting some corners. >> greta: rick, thank you. next president obama and his health care bill a beating in court yesterday. now it is clear whether the supreme court will decide. why is the white house dagging its feet? crafty? stay tuned. >> rush limbaugh has greedy people in his sights, are you [ male announcer ] you know her. oh, my gosh. [ male announcer ] we know diamonds. oh, my gosh. [ male announcer ] together we'll make her holiday. that's why only zales is the diamond store. where you'll pay no interest if paid in full by january 2012.
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>> greta: the health care war is only just beginning. president obama lost a big battle yesterday a federal judge in virginia ruled all
1:23 am
important mandate rule in the health care law is unconstitutional many >> i think it is important to get a couple of points of perspective. 11 cases challenging the constitutionaly of some portion of the health care bill have been dismissed. two federal courts have actually up health the constitutionality of the very provision that another court ruled differently on yesterday. the practical impact, because the only thing the judge dealt with was one aspect of the legislation to be i am mentioned in 2014 there's no practice cam impact at all as states -- practical impact at all as states move forward in implementing the law that congress passed and the president signed. >> greta: the fight is heating up. virginia is not the only lawsuit. joining us sam youngman, white house correspondent for the hill that. was the most incredible pr job
1:24 am
by someone who hasn't read the cases. i would not be as confident as robert gibbs. >> right now they see it as a scoreboard, 11 cases not taken up by the judge, two cases they won and one they lost. they think they are 13-1 right now. >> greta: they can lose 20 in florida thursday. i don't know what is going to happen there. they could easily lose that the fact that the mandate -- he dismisses the mandate as unimportant. i think that's a lie weigh said or he hasn't read the statute maybe, i don't know. i think like i say -- law is not about keeping score that way it is reading opinions and understanding what is going to the supreme court. >> robert is only too happy to tell us he did not go to law school. >> greta: he made it apparent
1:25 am
there. are they genuinely not worried or is that just the pr? >> you put in this much man hours the crowningoz>iy domestic achievement of the president's first term and could be the crowning domestic achievement of his entire administration. clearly, any time you've got these kinds of challenges, they are concerned. what they used for comfort, history. medicare the challenges that came to medicare. social security. these programs we now don't think about in early of constitutionality that were also challenged. they believe history is on their side. they believe they've got a strong case. i'm sure they are a little worried. for the most part, they are confident -- their their confidence is genuine. >> greta: i've read the opinion, i haven't read the opinion of the judge who ruled the other way. i would never be so foolish or naive to be so confident what is going to be decided by the
1:26 am
supreme court. one of the things it could bypass the appellate procedure and fast tracks the supreme court. white house opposing having the supreme court decide it one way or the other, why? >> two parts. one, gag back to their scoreboard they feel if the process plays out it would be good to them. they feel so far, so good with the federal courts. this is not an obama-friendly court this is john roberts' court. it -- the confidence you talk about would probably evaporate if it were to be fast tracked to the supreme court. hope is give it time let political heat die down and maybe argue on its merits and do better. >> greta: if they are so certain they are right they should feel comfortable going to the supreme court. number two, this is an expensive game they are playing. all states have to make adjustments to accommodate their statute. if it is unconstitutional taxpayer money has been wasted
1:27 am
setting it up. this is not a little finance any game they are playing with the american people. this should be decided, constitutional or not and the white house shouldn't play. >> the most recent decision, the judge did not grant a stay stopping -- i'm not going to get too much into the legal jargon, i know is your area. the judge didn't stop the implementation of the health care law the way the attorney general asked him to. the white house sees this as good news. >> greta: they haven't read the opinion. there's a four-part test. you can't do it unless it is an emergency. the mandate doesn't go into effect until 2014 it would have been wrong to do the injunction. gibbs better talk to white house counsel. he's dead wrong on that. if they think that's the great thing they didn't get the inskwupbgs but they the other, they haven't read it. -- injunction, but they
1:28 am
haven't read it. >> this is ammunition for people who want to repeal the bill. the short term political ramifications are greater than the long term legal. >> greta: i would urge them to read it before they talk. if they are hanging their hat on the fact that it is not an injunction but declaratory they have no clue and they have not read it. quit playing around. let the supreme court decide it, either constitutional or not that's stun to me. another way, sam nice to see you. >> thanks greta. >> greta: senator greg makes mcconnell choke up during his speech. >> rush in his own words, ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] they've been tested, built and driven like no other and now they're being offered like no other.
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[ laughter ] nice. [ male announcer ] don't be left behind. get it first with at&t. the nation's fastest mobile broadband network. period. rethink possible. just don't feel like they used to. are you one of them? remember when you had more energy for 18 holes with your buddies? [ glass shatters ] more passion for the one you love? more fun with your family and friends? it could be a treatable condition called low testosterone, or low t. c'mon, stop living in the shadows. you've got a life to live. [ male announcer ] so don't blame it on aging. talk to your doctor and go to to find out more. >> greta: no shocker here. rush limbaugh is crystal clear about taxes. >> democrats are the people who want to take what they
1:32 am
haven't earned. they want to take from the people who have earned it and use it as their own to spend to their own benefit. now, to whom does the definition of greed more properly apply? it is, as i've always said the real focus of greed in this country is in the government and everybody who works there. elected officials, that's the greed. that's where located. >> greta: earlier we went to the senate where senator judd gregg went on the record about the tax cut compromise. but first his farewell speech today on the senate floor. nice to see you. >> thank you for having me. >> greta: this is a big day your speech on the floor. senator mcconnell got choked up talking about you. >> when he walks out of this chamber for the last time, he will leave an enormous void.
1:33 am
>>s that awfully nice. he's said kind things. i've enjoyed working with mitch. he's been one of our strongest leaders. he understands the role the senate plays. the senate is a unique place the keeper of the flame of the rights of the minority in this country. when the constitution was set up by madison and randolph they wanted checks and balance so the majority would not overrun the minority. that occurs in the senate where it is a 60 vote institution. i was appreciative of his comments. >> greta: was it sad, hard for you to speak the last speech on the floor? >> it was, i was talking to my wife i said i'm more nervous about this speech than as governor. people don't remember these things. for me it was appropriate to capture the ton i thought was important. -- capture the tone i thought
1:34 am
was important. terrorism, deficits, debt, aging population. it is going to be in the senate the crucible of democracy where those issues are going to be involved in a way that protects liberty and the liberties of the american people. >> greta: on a light note we are going to lose the moose. >> yes he's going back to northern new hampshire. he's heading home. >> greta: taxes, you expect the vote will be in favor here in the united states senate of extending taxes for everybody? what happens when it goes to the house? >> i think it will pass. it would be cutting off your nose to spite your face to defeat this. sure i have angst the fact we are not paying for the unemployment insurance part. if you were to raise taxes january 1st, you would produce an economic event which would cause this economy, which is already slow to stagger.
1:35 am
just plain stagger. nobody wants to do that. anybody with common sense knows that wouldn't be fair to working americans and people trying to find jobs. >> greta: when you talk about paying for un benefits where would we have gotten the money? >> all sorts of places. we've paid for the extension of unemployment up until this extension, four kppbgs everyone has -- every one has been paid for. -- >> why not this time? >> that was the agreement that was reached by compromise. governing involves compromise. as a practical party it is time to govern. we've been through the elections. it is time to govern. we felt strongly we should extent the tax rates so we give people in the -- give people the incentive to create jobs. the president didn't feel it was necessary to pay for it. >> greta: you say 59 billion. take it there is some place in
1:36 am
our government we can find 59 build beyond in waste, true or false? >> a lot of places where you could find that. >> greta: it is hard to understand why we don't look for the waste. we hear members of the house and the senate talking about how -- at least weather running, we are going to get that waste. waste, fraud and abuse. now we have something important to the american people, unemployment benefits we have a way to pay and we are not doing it. >> we should that wasn't the decision that was made, because this was a negotiate add dream. one side of the aisle felt that we hud tend unemployment and not cut other programs. reduce other programs, rate of growth in order to pay for it. >> greta: the unfortunate part is waiting until the last put people's feet to the fire to go after that waste. everybody is under the gun to
1:37 am
get this passed. if we've done this six months or a year ago maybe we could have gone out to find the money to pay for this. >> i don't think six months, a have to do this additional extension. people thought the economy would be coming back, the unemployment rate would have fallen. people on unemployment and can't find jobs difficult economy for them. i don't think there's an issue of whether unemployment would be extended in this economy. the issue is whether -- you are right it should have been paid for. had i been in the negotiating room, i would have wanted it to be paid for this is the process of governing where you get a significant benefit by examine end ing the present tax rates in exchange the price was we didn't pay for the unemployment which is a 59 billion dollar item, which is a lot of money. >> greta: this won't be your problem because you will be out of senate. we may have have to do this a
1:38 am
couple months down the road extent unemployment benefits. at least if we went after the waste and fraud now, maybe we didn't anticipate it six months ago if we made some effort. >> what we need to do now is take the financial commission report which cut and reduced deficit by four trillion over the next 10 years, vast majority on the spending side and start to govern from that report. and start doing the things which that called for. much involves reduce you go the cost of government and you force out hopefully a lot of waste and fraud. that proposal was take the president's spending levels back to 2008 levels on the discretionary side. massive rewrite of our tax laws. address some of the issues we have in the entitlement accounts. there has to be an attempt to address the big picture which is the [ inaudible ]
1:39 am
putting in place substantive, significant policy and the template the memo is sitting there done by the financial commission erskine bowles and al simpson. >> greta: this tax bill, this vote is going to be bipartisan looks like it. this will be the first bipartisan vote we've seen in a long time on an important issue since president obama took office. hypothetically, if there had been bipartisan cooperation back to february '09 when they began the discussion of the stimulus bill, how would things be different? >> dramatically different. what happened was, this administration came in, for the first time since lyndon johnson we had a machinery form of government. super mar majorities in the house and senate, they could pass anything they wanted because they had the 60 votes in the senate that hasn't happened since johnson. they decided to govern for a part son decision they passed the health care bill which i think was a fiscal disaster.
1:40 am
they passed the stimulus package. financial reform package. all of those things i don't think was good policy. if this had been a divided government which is what we are going to get next year, obviously what was being anticipated by the president when he reached compromise on the tax issue, you wouldn't have gotten those policies put in place the way they went in. you would have gotten better governance. >> greta: if you were going to be senator again, would you vote for repeal or fixed health care? >> i would vote to repeal it. you have to be honest about it. the president has the veto pen. there are only going to be 47 republicans in the senate that's 20 votes shore. as a practical matter you have to go and substantively fix it. there are a lot of things you can do to accomplish that. >> greta: senator, thank you. hopefully, i'll talk to you before you leave. we are going to miss all of our interviews here.
1:41 am
i hope we get another one before you leave. >> i appreciate your substance and your depth on these issues. you are one of the folks who gets in the nuts and bolts on how this place works and i appreciate it. >> greta: thank you. >> here's what is coming up on the o'reilly fact for. >> bill: is the far left america dead? justice department suing school district because it wouldn't allow a teacher leave to go to mecca to the handle. coming up. -- to the hajj. >> next we take to you mexico and you the bloody drug war to understand the deadly war you get to go all the way to guatemala. jennifer griffin takes you there next. what is kong with some people. a naked mailman with a special deli
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>> from america's news
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headquarters, i'm ainsley earhardt. wikileaks founder julian assange remaining behind bars in london. a judge granting his bail on tuesday. but he will remain in custody while swedish authorities question the decision. sweden wants to extradite the 39 australian for sexual assault. wall street open hoping for a third big day on wednesday. the nasdaq had its highest close in nearly 3 years. the market powered by word that the fed would not be changing the current interest rates. in asia, the nikkei's down, 10309. hang seng is down at 23265. and dow jones futures is 11398. for more business news, go to the fox business network. i'm ainsley earhardt and we return to "on the record with greta van susteren." thanks for watching the fox newschannel. have a great night. at foxnews.c. >> greta: night after night on
1:46 am
the record reports about the horrific mexican dug war. we've taken you to the frontlines. tonight jennifer geffen takes you to another country where the same drug war is raging. guatemala. >> reporter: in the jungles of northern guatemala the military has carved out a training base. the base is secret, but no secret that the mexican drug cartels are unpressure and want to expand their operates south into guatemala to eliminate the drug families who have long served as middlemen in the lucrative drug trade. >> when you have drug traffickers afraid of other drug traffickers things are getting bad. >> reporter: green beret have the past three years training forces on how to push back the cartels. when several decapitated heads appeared on the steps of parliament authorities suspected the mexican zeta
1:47 am
cartel left their calling car. they staged a dramatic prison break allowing one of their most wanted cartel members to escape. special forces want to make sure that doesn't happen again. guatemala's murder rate is nearly double that of mexico. the u.s. embassy has set up new 24 hours courts to process the crimes. assigning public defenders, one-stop shopping designed to improve guatemala's low prosecution rate. the men are accused of kidnapping. to help further crackdown navy seals are training guatemalan naval forces because cartels have employed a new form of transportation, mini submarines. fabricated in the jungles of colombia. almost impossible to defect from the -- detect from the air in march the u.s. coast guard captured this vessel well of the galapagos
1:48 am
islands from colombia filled with cocaine. the hull can hold four pangs and travel 4,000 miles without refueling. onboard a helicopter donated by the state department he's guatemalan pilots show us the ranch of the local drug kingpin. a supplier from mexico's zeta cartel. >> we are tired of organized crime using guatemala. >> reporter: 350 metric tons pass through each year. not all who cross carry drugs but they easily pass on foot, using skiplines and homemade rafts. the border is so porous it only takes two minutes to go from guatemala into mexico. some argue that america's border problems don't end at el paso and brownsville it stars in colombia and guatemala. cartels control nearly all of the border. >> the area is a little
1:49 am
unsecure right now. we have to be careful. >> reporter: yet, there are no sight, one of guatemala's main border crossings. head of customs admits they don't look for illicit drugs they have no protection. you are saying it is not your responsibility to look for drugs is that correct? they want to build a new secure check point. >> there are a lot of shops here that are fronts for sending stuff. they probably don't live off selling tortillas and rice and beans. >> reporter: that's where u.s. trained guatemalan forces need to come in, to block a 17 billion dollar drug trade worth more than all the latin america defense budgets combined. in guatemala, jennifer griffin, fox news. >> greta: next, the best of the rest. special delivery from a mailman who is not shy. this one is really weird. we'll explain. >> you have her the slogan, if
1:50 am
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>> greta: here is the best of the rest. this is definitely a special
1:54 am
delivery. a postal worker in wisconsin has been arrested. accused of delivering mail to an office building totally naked, yes in the buff. the man was trying to cheer up a woman at the office who he thought seemed stressed out. the woman tells a fox affiliate the postal worker yelled "surprise!" as he burst into the office naked. he now admits it was perhaps a bad idea. >> do you want to report suspicious activity to the government? there's an app to that the patriot app. if you see suspicious or criminal activity you can report it to the government through your blackberry, iphone or and died. the app no doubt causing a -- a lot of controversy critics say it is a step towards big brother type surveillance. creator says it is another way technology can help protect people. we rept, you decide. >> to our favorite patient in the country, check out this
1:55 am
baby tiger she lives at the pittsburgh zoo and has just been reunited with her lens after spending several weeks in the zoo's hospital the 14 week old cub had an infection near the base of her skull but is now healthy and has become the most rambunctious in the litter. she weighs 21 pounds will eventually weigh 600. we are glad she is doing better. >> finally, what better accessory is there than a dog? >> do you have any avocados? try this. that works. >> greta: this christmas commercial from the luxury fashion line is going viral, stars like paris hilton have been accessorizeing with dogs for years. apparently harvey nickels is
1:56 am
get going the dog race. admit you might rather wake up with some of these dogs as a gift than an expensive hand bag. there you have the best of the rest. >> did jay leno find video evidence of the president hey, guys. printer's out of ink. just shake it. [ rattling ] [ male announcer ] need ink? staples has a low price guarantee on all the ink you need. find a lower price at another store, and we'll match it. that was easy. oh, my gosh. oh, my gosh. ♪ [ male announcer ] you know her. we know diamonds. together we'll make her holiday. that's why only zales is the diamond store. where you can get up to $1,000 off now through sunday.
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>> greta: flash the studio lights. it's time for last call. you never know what cameras near the white house what they're going to catch. >> white