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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  December 15, 2010 8:00pm-9:00pm EST

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this wednesday, december the 15th, 2010. i'm shepard smith. thanks for having us in your place tonight. ifyesterday i spilled stuff and ended up stealing a tie off o'reilly's desk it was unlocked and i didn't tell him. the plan was to retn it today but last night at dinner, can you see this? the soup seemed to like it. and it's not really cleanable. so if i'm not here tomorrow, somebody check with o'reilly. >> bill: "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight. >> i am absolutely convinced that this tax cut plan, while not perfect, will help grow our economy and create jobs in the private sector. >> bill: quite a turn around for president obama who opposed tax cuts for the affluent right up until a few days ago. dick morris will explain what's really going on behind the scenes. >> making sure that these kids
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have a shot at the american dream. like i did. >> bill: the new speaker of the house is an emotional guy. but is that a good thing? we'll analyze john boehner's demeanor. >> it's important. >> please don't. please don't. please. [gunshot] >> i'm going to kill -- >> bill: terrible crime caught on tape. should the media be showing this to the country? >> bill: caution. you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. a glimmer of hope for the economy. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. by a vote of 81-19, the senate today passed the obama tax compromise. federal tax rates will stay the same. there will be a small cut in the social security tax. the goal is to put more money in
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the hands of consumers and business people. president obama opposed doing that but now says a tax compromise should be good for the economy. did the president have an epiphany or is he playing politics? dick morris will analyze in a few moments. but for we the people this is good news even though so rabid conservatives and liberals oppose the measure. senator jim demint will not vote for any expenditure that isn't paid for and the unemployment benefits fits that category. russ feingold definitely wants the rich to pay more in taxes, period, he doesn't care. that's what he wants. but 81-19 are because there is no choice. the obama administration spent trillions trying to stimulate the economy. it didn't work. they can save they saved jobs. who the heck knows? that's speculation. back to the private sector and talking points says thank god. at least there is a chance the economy might improve now. liberals are never going to understand that you can't socially engineer a country of 300 million people. you cannot provide cradle to
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grave entitlements. ireland has 5 million people and it's bankrupt because of all the entitlement spending there. no government can provide for all. soviet union found that out, cuba knows it, there has never been a successful socialistic economy, ever. china comes closest but capitalistic enterprise drives their economic machine, not the totalitarian government. now, last night talking points put forth that the far left is dead in america right now. policies have failed. president obama is running for cover and they simply have no solutions. you can't sustain a 14 trillion-dollar debt. but people like bernie sanders, michael moore, george soros, they are never going to admit that it doesn't really matter though. the writing son the wall. and most americans can read. and that's the memo. now for the top story tonight. the aforementioned dick morris purveyor o dick joins us now. you glee. you don't think the far left is dead. >> you are on a losing streak.
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i don't agree with you the last three shows. >> bill: i'm on the losing streak? who owes me 18 dinners? go ahead. >> when the left wins power, it loses momentum. when the left loses power, it gains momentum. the left survives from losing. they elect bush, the war on terror, he gets eelected. and suddenly they are empowered because everybody is mad at bush over the war in iraq. >> bill: what you are saying is when there is a reason to protest like in the vietnam war. the war in iraq. then the left rises. but i submit that their standard bearer, barack obama, who gave them a lot of wind in the sales now has abandoned them basically. >> yeah. but that's great for them. as soon as obama got elected the left went into decline because obama was doing what they wanted and the left is a protest movement. that's its nature. >> bill: they attacked fox news. >> targets but the wind went out of their sales.
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the tea party had all the momentum. now that obama is no longer leading them, they are going to be attacking them. >> bill: who is they know? >> media matters, soros. the far left. >> bill: there is no face to it though. >> no face to the tea party either. >> bill: sarah palin is a face. >> no face to the antiwar movement, cindy whatever her name was, but not really. michael moore kind of. there will be a few faces like that. >> bill: there are a few celebrities. >> the point is they will now spend full time attacking barack obama from moving to the center. >> bill: so they do that and i'm not convinced that that's going to happen. i don't know if the huffington post and media matters is going to attack barack obama. i don't think they are going to. i think you are wrong there. but say they do. that gets them, what? it's a small circle. >> gets them money, manpower. momentum. >> bill: still a minute part. >> 24% of america is liberal. >> bill: 20 to 24. but far left i put it 8 to 10. >> sure. but the more obama appears weak, appears squishy, appears wishy
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washy, which he is going to appear as he moves to the center. the more that he appears that he is not a real battler for their programs, the more a primary fight for the left will gain mow momentum. the more they will begin to get traction in the polls. >> bill: can't see them getting more than 6 or 7%. >> i said you are on a losing streak. is he going to do well. what's going to happen is that obama will have to move to the center because the republicans will win those confrontations. as he does, he will fuel a left wing primary. and then when kucinich and feingold or whoever gets up to 25 and 30%. >> bill: i don't think they will. >> then you will see the possibility of hillary come in and obama. >> bill: the hillary thing you and i pretty much agree on. i think you are dead on this. the democratic party is going to rally to barack obama because of the minority coalition they put together there and the zealots, the real far left zealots as you see on nbc news and these places
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are very few. your web site did a review of my book "pinheads and patriots," which is all about barack obama -- not all about. but analyzing who he is and what he is doing and how what it means to the folks. had you a couple of quibbles? >> i did. like i said, yeah, i liked your book lot. i read all of it, unlike most people that review books. >> bill: good, i'm glad. >> i thought it was very good. i thought it begged the question which is you go through all of the policy failures you have tolled up about barack obama. all the things he has done wrong. >> bill: a lot of big things. >> you are right and you lay it out very well. it's a good read for that then you come to the bottom line. is he stupid or is he bad? >> bill: we know he is not stupid. >> so i say just that. >> bill: you say he is bad? >> well, is he stupid or a socialist? is he a left wing idealogue? >> bill: do you say is he a socialist? >> yes. >> bill: you do. you believe in his heart that he wants to seize private property. >> yes. >> bill: seize it. >> the way do you it now is you don't seize it, you control it.
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you have a state controlled operation that dominates the private sector. >> bill: but he would never admit -- i don't even think to himself that is he a socialist. >> oh, i think he would. >> bill: really? >> i absolutely think he would. >> bill: you and i disagree on this. i think he sees himself as a liberal guy but not. >> bill, if there is a guy who thinks he is going to stimulate the economy by spending all this money, thinks it's going to be good for people to redistribute income, thinks by raising taxes on the rich he can stimulate spending, is he either stupid or a socialist. >> bill: or he is diluting himself. >> that's stupid. that's a variety of stupid. >> stupid just doesn't understand. >> i think he has connected his own dots, bill. >> bill: was there ever a president of the united states who was a socialist? fdr? anybody like that? >> no. >> this is the first time that you have seen. you think is he a hard core true believer, big s word. >> socialist, absolutely. not in the communist sense but in the sense of french
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socialist, british labor party, norwegian scanned nafn socialist, yes. >> check it out on dick why are media operations sympathizing with the wikileaks guy? >> we really owe a debt to mr. assange and to wikileaks. >> those accusations against assange in some cases are unfair. >> bill: all right. we'll be back with that report. host: could switching to geico really save you fifteen percent
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>> bill: impact segment tonight. jaj remains in custody while british extradite him on rape charges. the wikileaks situation is being debated. people like michael moore and ron paul political opposites who think the secret u.s. documents should be made available to the public. also, there are media people who outright sympathize with assange. >> our job is to publish and be damned, howard, that's what we have done. those accusations against assange in some cases are unfair. >> we really owe a debt to mr. assange and wikileaks for turning on a big spotlight on those people who brought about first of all this war that we have been in for the better part of this decade. >> he is the mysterious hacker at the heart of an international storm. before the scandal exploded
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assange was also a single man looking for love online. >> bill: good grief. that nbc report made assange out to be richie cunningham. joining us now from denver, the civil rights attorney who represented ward churchill among others, david lane. do you understand my main point about this whole thing that national security is compromised when informants are afraid to tell our u.s. intelligence agencies who is going to kill us because they think their names might pop up on the internet and therefore their lives are in danger. do you get that point? >> absolutely. i get that point but what the point actually is is glossed over in the definition of national security there is national security and then there is national security. there is a difference between leaking the notion that you don't like the ambassador to bahrain's wife's shoes as opposed to how to make a nuclear weapon. okay? and so when you talk about
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national security, just because the u.s. government slaps a classified stamp on a piece of paper doesn't mean national security is implicated. >> bill: this guy is not an american so he would probably agree with you. if he were and the guy who leaked it, manning, even if you represent him, he is never going to see the light of day. is he going to go away for, you know, the rest of his life in hard labor in a military prison let's get back to assange. is he basically making it very hard for any intelligence agency in the world to get human intelligence because everybody afraid now that somebody will leak it, get on the internet and get a bullet in the head. and that is not in dispute. that's happening. and i think you would want to be protected, wouldn't you? >> absolutely. i want my family protected. i want you protected. bill, the entire bill of rights is designed to do one thing and one thing only.
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that is to make our government's job more difficult because -- >> the internet world here. look, there is an apparatus freedom of information act foi a to get information from the government. we use it all the time here. i don't want the government to be secret about everything. this guy is a bad and you don't think so. >> the stuff that got leaked makes it more difficult for u.s. intelligence to do its job. i understand that. >> german intelligence, and french intelligence, and everybody else stches true but if we are going to live in a free society. the way the law is structured right now the "new york times" could be punished for publishing what assange got you could be prosecuted. >> bill: i can't be prosecuted for anything. >> fox news distributed the assange leaks. >> bill: it doesn't matter. that's not the issue much the issue is not the distribution after it becomes public the
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issue is assange himself going around the world trying to put everybody in jeopardy. that's what he is trying to do create chaos. this helps al qaeda and the other terrorists. you know it and i know it. and this guy should be compelled to stop. i will give you the last word. >> i disagree. i think, yes, national security information truly implicates national security, this government has an interest in protecting that things like the overclassification of these documents is absurd. it may make it more inconvenient but it doesn't jeopardize or endanger your life. >> bill: a catholic woman may be executed in pakistan for blasphemy. wait until you hear this. later, a viewer warning, a horrific shootout in florida caught on videotape. very intense. we're going to ask your opinion on whether we should show it upcoming.
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>> bill: factor follow up segment tonight, after "the view" fiasco we have been reporting stories about muslims all over the world voluming controversial situations. as you may know i believe there is a muslim problem in the world because some who practice islam, some are so intense they are ignoring civilized behavior. the latest is the blasphemy law in pakistan. 45-year-old b b a relief worker got into a discussion with muslim people. during that discussion ms. bibi stuck up for christianity and also questioned what the prophet mohammed had done for his people. she is now under arrest charged with blasphemy and could be executed in pakistan. also in that country, a man who threw away a business card with the very common name of mohammed on it has been arrested and charged with blasphemy. just threw away the business card. joining us now from phoenix
8:21 pm
dr. jasser, president of the american islamic forum for democracy. and brigitte gabriel. the author of the book "they must be stopped." all right. they, i guess, you define who they is? they must be stopped, who is they ms. gabriel? >> they are the radical islamists rising throughout the world right now bent on attacks the west and spreading their ideology of radical islam throughout the west. >> whoopi goldberg would agree with you. but in pakistan, there is a law on the books blasphemy. all right? so now we have a catholic woman could be executed and a guy that takes a business card from mohammed god knows who says i don't really need a card. tosses it and he is in handcuffs. that's not radical islamist. that's the government of pakistan that is actually sharia law. these laws are put in practice in many islamic countries around the world and especially in the middle east. finally the west is learning,
8:22 pm
bill, about what sharia law is all about. it is not only happening in pakistan it is happening in egypt. looks what's happening to the cops in egypt right now. >> there is a muslim problem in the world. it's beyond. >> yes, i do. >> beyond guys throwing hand grenades. >> yes. >> bill: dr. jasser i did not want you on the program tonight. >> why, bill. >> bill: i wanted cair on the program or one of those groups that lobby that think i'm terrible. i wanted them sitting where you are. oh no, they are not available to talk about. this you know why? because this is fact. this is fact. pakistan is an enormous country. very important to the united states. all right? country that ostensibly is a democracy. they vote. unlike iran which is a theek crazy. i'm telling you this catholic woman all she was sitting around talking about religion with some muslims. all of a sudden she could be executed. you are telling me -- what are
8:23 pm
you telling me? tell me, doctor. >> it's interesting. they don't want to be on because they don't know what to say. >> bill: they don't know what to say? >> it exposes their duality, hypocrisy of not adopting establishment clause. on today bill of rights anniversary we see the antidote to political islam. terrorism, blasphemy laws, the imposition of sharia law, shackles on populations as it's done in the islamic republican of pakistan is the instrument for oppression and supremism of one faith above the others. the only antidote to that is we need to develop from government, from media, from ngo's. not just these two days. four blasphemy laws in pakistan. over 500 arrested. the count goes on and on. you can't just fix this one thing. we need to start to have an offensive strategy against political islam. against sharia and government and not be embarrassed of our values of americans that my muslim family came here to
8:24 pm
cherish. and try to reform. >> bill: we're not going to combines the people -- is there any country ms. gabriel. any muslim country in the world that you can point to, maybe morocco, okay, where the majority of the people in the country say look, we don't want. this we don't feel this is a positive for islam. is there anybody we can point to? >> unfortunately, we can't. morocco still sliding backwards better than other countries. what we are seeing, bill, is basically organized movement worldwide headed by the muslim brotherhood. they wrote a document in 1982, a 100 page document about the rise of radical islam. how to infiltrate and dominate the west and establish islamic government on earth. in the counter terrorism circle this document became known as the project. the muslim brother the heads established in the united states 29 islamic organizations as a front to spread radical islam in
8:25 pm
the united states as well as the world pushing their radical agenda. culturally as well as militarily. >> bill: i don't think they're getting anywhere here. not with the folks. >> we're not going to allow them. >> bill: the left wing community is another story. but the massive people agree with me. doctor, i'm going to give you the last word. >> i agree. >> bill: i know. you wrote the book and i know you disagree with me. i don't think that the muslim brothers are making inroads. other countries, absolutely? europe? all day long not here. >> look what's happening in the school in illinois where the justice department is now threatening to sue. >> bill: that's one guy, holder. that's holder's problem. go ahead, doctor. >> but, bill, yeah, thank you. i think the important thing to real lives is the pew poll recently showed that the political islamist, those that want to put sharia law into place are making headway globally. numbers going from small minorities to pluralities if not a majority. we still don't have a strategy to counter that we're only on the defense. and it's time for us as americans who believe in liberty to take the offense.
8:26 pm
>> bill: i don't think the folks are buying it doctor, ms. gabriel, thanks very much for good debate. horrific shootout in florida caught on videotape. a viewer warning on this one because the violence is real. we would like your advice on the story. but now body language bill and dave. bill and barack and john boehner. we hope you stay tuned to those reports. nt costs you more money. the truth: an allstate agent can save you a bundle, by helping you get all the discounts you deserve. discounts for safe driving, antilock brakes, owning a new car, paying electronically, having more than one policy -- and more. all told, the good hands offer more than 30 different car and home insurance discounts. dollar for dollar, nobody protects you like allstate. ♪
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>> bill: body language segment tonight. three very interesting situations beginning with bill and barack. >> here is what i will say is i have been keeping the first lady waiting for about a half an hour so i'm going to take off. >> i don't want to make her mad. please go. >> you are in good hands. and gibbs will call last question. >> help me. thank you. >> guilty. >> mr. president. >> anything else that can be done in your opinion? >> bill: what did you pick up from that? >> wow, there were so many power plays that barack obama did in
8:30 pm
shah short clip. you never see him with his arms crossed. he leans in and see how bill moves away a little bit? >> bill: they don't want to move shoulders. >> he regains and comes back. >> here is the power play touches one hand and rubs the hand around the back. a little backpack which is once again a sign of dominance. in addition to that now when he is getting ready to exit. he takes bill clinton's hand and he pulls it in towards him. see how he pulls it towards him which is a very dominance. >> bill: is he not letting clinton push him around. he is territorial. clinton doesn't care just having fun. >> is he so cares charismatic even when he has closed body signals he comes across as strong. >> bill: they don't look at each other. >> no eye contact there. >> bill: what does that mean? >> well, you could see that there was a power play. this is where it comes from. >> bill: do you think they knew there was a power play or
8:31 pm
subliminal. >> i think they knew. bill clinton is way too charismatic not to recognize it. >> bill: body language dance there. >> bill was weak in this segment. he grips on to the podium. he leans forward and not only does he cover his mouth. >> bill: president obama was the dominant. >> 100% alpha male. >> bill: talk about alpha guys. o'reilly and letterman, go. >> new poll out today. 52% of americans say they are worse off now than they were when bush left office. >> well. [ applause ] [ laughter ] >> it's the same thing with bleeding -- it's the same thing with bleeding to death. it starts out as a cut. i got a little cut here. i have opened an artery. oh, look, it's just a little cut. come and see me six weeks from now and see how i'm doing. if it's not been bandaged. by god i'm going to bleed to death. you blow hard! [ applause ]
8:32 pm
>> this is so much fun i can't tell you. [ laughter ] >> bill: all right, so. >> so just to start this, to preface it there were more connections between the brain and the hands than any other body part. >> bill: brain in hands. here focus on hands. your hands are clinched together. whereas letterman's hands are collapsed together. if you know the difference, letterman is palm to palm you are interlaced. long-term man tries to -- letterman tries to make everyone feel comfortable. lip% disagrees. your hans stay completely clinched which tells me you had a very negative attitude. >> bill: i don't want to punch him. [ laughter ] >> there was a lot of negativity there. >> bill: did you say he wants everybody to feel comfortable? are you kidding me? >> he tries to make people feel like. >> bill: no he wants to intimidate you.
8:33 pm
sea wise guy and i'm not saying that -- >> -- but not openly. >> bill: i i thought i was pretty relaxed. >> there look how tight your hands. here is the one thing that you can d. which was funny. you kept doing thumb superiority gesture. your hands were collapsed together but thumbs kept on doing antigravity. >> bill: next time on on there i'm going to go i was just indicating laurel and hardy. >> bill: final lie we have john boehner the upcoming speaker of the house. >> there is some things very difficult to talk about. family, kids. i can't go to a school anymore. i used to go to a lot of schools. i used to see all these little kids running around. can't talk about it. >> why?
8:34 pm
>> um, making sure that these kids have a shot at the american dream like i did. >> bill: i don't know the congressman. but he seems to be overly emotional. >> yes. visceral response tightening of the larynx and the throat. >> bill: we can't talk about the kids? >> no. there is not much he can talk about. he cries quite often. >> bill: what is that though? i think it's sincere it? >> is. bubble underneath the bottom lip. is he a very emotional person. sometimes people just can't control their emotions. he tends to be one of them. >> bill: interview situations i don't think he is going to govern that way. >> you hope. >> bill: if he is, it's going to be quite interesting. sincere but can't talk about the kids. >> can't talk about a lot of things. >> bill: i appreciate it. when we come right back, dennis miller also that terrible shootout in florida. viewer warning on this one. tape is graphic. very disturbing.
8:35 pm
we want you to vote on whether the media should play it miller and that new poll next. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] they've been tested, built and driven like no other and now they're being offered like no other. come to the winter event and get an exceptional offer on the mercedes-benz of your dreams. it our way of showing a little holiday spirit.
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that's the power of positive. that's amway. to learn me, contact an amway independent businesswner. >> bill: thanks for staying with us. i'm bill o'reilly. before we get to the miller time segment tonight, we want your opinion on something. there is a viewer warning because of explicit violence that goes along with this. so, please click off right now if violence disturbs you because it is real. we'll be back in about 60 seconds with miller. in panama city, florida, 56-year-old clay duke stormed a school board meeting firing shots and eventually killing himself. he said he had some kind of employment beef. the episode was captured on tape. >> i have got a feeling that what you want is the cops to come in and kill you because you're mad. because you think you are going to die today. >> i am going to die today. >> but why? this isn't worth it? please don't. please don't. please.
8:39 pm
[gunshot] >> i'm going to kill -- [gunfire] >> bill: he then killed himself. nobody else was killed. they survived. i mean, my god. so we're asking you to vote on bill o' should the media show stuff like that? all right. should we show it or ignore it? because we do have the choice. it's been all over the place today. show it or ignore it? >> remember, i gave you a viewer warning. told you what was coming. but this is very interesting poll. give you the results on monday. now, for the miller time segment. as we reported last night a muslim teachner illinois suing school district with the help of the justin department because she was denied three weeks unpaid leave to visit mecca. joining us now from los angeles the sage of southern california dennis miller. miller, have you ever been to mecca? did you do a date there? a gig there? have you? >> i think i connected there in heartsfield. i don't think i have ever spent any time there. >> bill: against the law for any
8:40 pm
non-muslim to enter the city gate if you are caught in mechanic canchts i'm chomping at the bit to get in there. >> bill: western part of saudi arabia. >> no. i have got to knock off that walking tour in darfur first. >> bill: that isn't really top of your list. >> no. >> here we have the attorney general going to bat for the first time ever in the history of attorney generalship for this woman who wants the unpaid three week leave to do the hajj and you say. >> i say steadman's one goal in life obviously to make chamberlain look like -- as far as the woman goes, one thing i have learned over the last five years, god muslims are whiney people. you come in and say i want to take off from december 1st through the 19th and fly on the 20th. get back here on the 21st to take our regular vacation off for the birth of christ somebody
8:41 pm
says you can't do that and they go into court about it you know, honey, at some point you should pray to your god because for a new job because they should just say you're fired. you can't take december off you are a teacher. by and large it should be a rule in the teacher employment manual that you can't go attend any event where if you took your classroom on a student field trip they would summarily be obliterated. that should be rule number one. >> bill: field trip the christian kids would be executed. that might not be good. but in a second. >> in a second. >> bill: why do you think eric holder aka steadman graham open perhaps boyfriend looks very much the same. why do you think he is taking up the mantel of this teacher? >> he has got no game. that's the only game he has is to look miss particularly. >> bill: me and you are going to rip him up. he knows that. >> billy, he doesn't dine out on guys like us. he dines out on guys where he
8:42 pm
can walk into that sally quinn christmas party and everybody can go you must be wiser than us >> bill: all right. war on christmas, a little muted. my column going to come out tomorrow. we won this last few years there has been causeness in tennessee with the aclu. not so bad this year. >> we rope a doped a little. i know it's better because i erected a manger scene on my front yard this year and i replaced the jack asses with three aclu members. no one in the neighborhood has even protested. they get it. it just reached the tipping point where people were thinking enough of the majority being the agreed minority. it just got crazy. they overplayed their hand. you know something? you could sell a tv show right now about a super team of warriors who air drop into
8:43 pm
sumaria and mote down capricious lawsuits. we have got guys on our side saying enough of these goofballs out there taking over christmas from us. listen, if you don't like christmas, stay home. drink your meth nothing and leave -- nog and leave the rest of us alone to enjoy it. >> bill: i can't figure out how i got in trouble but i did. media matters took it out of context i said listen, i have a solution for every american who doesn't like christmas. book a trip to japan. they don't have christmas. but they really do. they have the lights and everything like that. but they don't really celebrate christmas in japan or china. so go there, you know, learn a little bit and come back and it's january it's all over. they call me some name for saying that. i forget. >> you have to remember these people who do this stuff are con contrarian. they are like -- they just keep pushing it and grinding and the
8:44 pm
best thing we can do is just say we're not playing anymore. do what you have to, we are not playing anymore. >> bill: it's really bad to bust a football because they cost about 30 bucks and i know that's what you were referring. >> to i meant a basketball. sorry. >> bill: that's about 35. now, larry king, our competitor over at cnn, last week and then he is gone and some british guy is coming in to take his place. >> i thought larry was retiring but i just found out he wants to go to the hajj, too. it's december 1st through 19th. is he splitting because he is evidently a fertility god in that neck of the woods. >> bill: is that right? >> listen, the thing about larry that was his true genius to me is over a 30 year period he has been able to treat the earth shattering and the benal with the same degree of interest. it could be mahmoud ahmadinejad or snooky. he didn't care. it was a talking paycheck. i admire that. >> bill: were you ever on the king program? were you ever on there? >> years ago. i think i actually hosted -- i did host it a couple times.
8:45 pm
he was always nice to me. he has had a great run. listen, i don't know that it -- i haven't watched it in a while. i don't know what it is what it was. but larry has had a great run. i wish him well. i'm not even sure it's larry. i heard a rumor and this is inside baseball stuff, billy. i heard larry left six years ago and that's peter buck done know very much has donovich is in th. >> bill: director of paper moon? [ laughter ] >> merry christmas, billy. >> bill: merry christmas to miller and all the miller people out in california. in a moment, did you see the most popular videos of 2010. we have got two of them for you. i want to see if you guys think these are popular. right back with it. [ female announcer ] will women switch to new caltrate soft chews because they have 20% more calcium per chew than viactiv or for the delicious flavors like chocolate truffle and vanilla creme? mmm. -mmm. -mmm. [ female announcer ] hard to say really. new caltrate soft chews,
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>> bill: back of the book segment tonight, did you see that? every week in the segment we play you videos on the net that millions of people watch all over the world. tonight we decided to bring you two of the most popular videos of the year. here now fox news correspondent lauren green and juliet huddy. we suspected two of these mammothly viewed. one of the criteria that gazillions of people watched it the first one is the bed intruder. go. >> well, obviously we have a rapist in lincoln park. ♪ he's climbing in your windows ♪ he's snatching your people up ♪ trying to rape them ♪ hide your kids ♪ hide your wife ♪ hide your kids ♪ hide your wifes ♪ and hide your husbands because they are raping everybody out here ♪ you don't have to we going to find you ♪ we gonna find you ♪ so you can run and tell that ♪ run and tell that ♪ home boy, home boy, home boy.
8:50 pm
>> bill: that was a real news story where the local station found this character, that guy is a character, and they can pick it up. >> the idea was that you take a local news story and the story was very serious. here you have got an intruder his sister was nearly raped by this intruder. he chases him out. goes on a tirade in front of the local cameras some musicians in brooklyn picked it up. did the auto tune software on it and became this viral hit. it is the number one hit on youtube this year. like what more than 50 million people viewed. >> bill: i think it's driven by this guy. i think he is such a character. >> he really is a character. not only that. youtube has really lowered the bar for how you become a celebrity in the level of standard here. >> bill: i don't know if the bar can be any lower than it is now. >> he looks like chris rock. kind of has a chris rock kind of rhythm. >> bill: do you know what i heard about this? he is going to go camping with sarah palin in alaska. >> i'm not surprised. >> bill: she had what's her name up there the crazy lady.
8:51 pm
>> kate plus 8. >> bill: he is up there next. i don't think that's true buy i figured i would bring it to your attention. the second most watched video or popular video whatever you want to say has to do with lady gaga in a round about way. roll it. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> bill: that's just a kid singing a song. >> actually he has a really good voice. i studied music. i know the difference between -- >> bill: why auto would it break out. >> ellen degeneres put him on
8:52 pm
her show. he got a record contract. >> bill: this is the gaga song paparazzi. >> everybody should be having a piano in their household because of the chance of it. >> bill: let me get it straight. the kid goes on. somebody shoots him. he sings the song. you say he has a pretty good voice. >> sure. >> bill: ellen grabs him, throws him on ellen's show. >> yeah. >> bill: now what happens to the kid? he is justin bieber or something. >> is he three years younger than justin bieber. my concern about these kids, prodigies. having studied classical music. 13 years old three years younger than justin bieber. emotional health and maturity pretty much stops when careers take off. that's the problem with kids like that. >> bill: for me that wasn't a problem i was like 45. [ laughter ] >> bill: it had stopped long ago. i'm just amazed. the kid is okay. he is pretty good. >> there are a lot of kids out there. boys choirs across the country and world with kids just like
8:53 pm
that. >> bill: shows you if you have a talented kid, take video, throw it on there and maybe. >> record companies are scouring youtube. >> bill: that's true. lauren green everybody, thanks very much. pinheads and patriots on deck. tonight, santa in big trouble for telling a joke. you're going to make the call. you will hear the joke that santa told and you can vote on whether santa is a pinhead or patriot. all right. is that a fair deal? as the factor continues all across the u.s.a. and all around the world. >> we've got a flood. hits the road, the nose the angels start second guessing where they tread.
8:54 pm
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xw÷ç÷j÷÷hm john: yea, well, there you go. beth: yea, so what else is new? john: well, i just changed my medicare plan. beth: open enrollment? john: yup. i compared plans and found betteroverage for me. beth: of course you noticed the new benefits we get under the new healthcare law. john: what? beth: well, like 50 percent off brand name prescription drugs for people who are in the donut hole. john: really? i didn't know that. beth: you have to keep up. john: come on.
8:56 pm
i'll keep up. anncr: it's open enrollment. time to compare and review plans at or call 1-800-medicare. >> bill: pinheads and patriots in a moment. tonight starring santa. first we would like to show you where some of your money is going when you buy stuff on we support an organization that sends care packages to our troops overseas. because of you shoe box sent 4,000 mp3 players to afghanistan and iraq with other stuff. these are volunteers putting this stuff together. if you would like to help you can go to or you can buy gifts from us in the christmas store. the patriot mats are classy. get 'em while we have 'em. if you become a premium member you get pinheads and patriots
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free of charge. a very good deal, i think. we have the best, greatest, most fantastic $20 gift ever, featuring me and beck. i would not lie to you. now the mail: >> bill: they get around that because the leave would be unpaid. >> bill: i think you've got >> it did. >> bill: right now the tarp program will cost the taxpayer 25 billion when all is said and done.
8:58 pm
>> bill: i appreciate the kind words jessica. >> bill: that's your christmas gift to me julia, what you just did, thank you. finally pinheads and patriots tv edition. it is not easy being santa there's a lot of pressure. you have to watch everything you say. >> i said you know why santa is so happy and jolly all the time? they said no.
8:59 pm
i said, well that's because santa knows where all the naughty girls and boys live. >> bill: santa was criticized by some for telling that joke to adults, not children. is he a pinhead or patriot? please vote on >> last night we showed you a strange occurrence, i reference it. kate gosselin and sarah palin camping together in alaska. and miss gosselin whining about it all over the place, scaring the bears. 91% said she is a pinhead, 9% said she is a patriot. that is what we expected. that is it for us tonight. we would like you to spout off about the factor from anywhere in the world name a town if you wish to 0 . when writing the factor, please do not be


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