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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  December 31, 2010 6:00am-9:00am EST

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when you do that. tonight, times square will host the granddaddy of all new year's eve parties but it's not the first. right now, new zealand is about to welcome 2011. that's a live look at new zealand. they're counting down. "fox & friends" begins right now. >> we're counting down and i believe it's happy new year. >> they're delayed a couple of seconds. >> new zealand! >> is that it? >> the clock has just struck midnight there in auckland, new zealand. people are ringing in the new year there. that's the official first time. >> the millennium, of course. remember in the millennium when you saw them celebrating it first. you got to see it cascading
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across the world so their day ahead of us. i wonder if she'll know they're time traveling, how tomorrow will look for us. >> you think they'll be watching our new year's eve as we watch theirs? >> they might be just waking up. they'll want to go back in time. wouldn't you wanted to relive those days? you can fly here and celebrate again tonight. isn't that too much to handle? >> i don't know what you guys are talking about. >> would you like -- >> i see the sparkly lights. >> all right. >> pretty! >> yes, happy new year to all the kiwis over there. there we go. now we pull out and we see there is actually quite an expressive celebration going on in the north island of new zealand. one of the great countries if you ever have a chance to visit. beautiful -->> spent some time there. >> far better in the south in my opinion. yes, what a wonderful place. terrific people there and lots of sheep. lots of sheep. >> i believe there are more sheep than people. >> really? >> in new zealand.
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i'm not joking. i've been there. >> sheep mania new zealand. >>th new year's eve and it's clayton morris' birthday. your birthday. you don't have to wait to wish him a happy birthday. >> thank you very much. >> howled a old are you? >> i'm going to be 22 this afternoon. no, i'm 34. i'm 34. start to see the decline 367895, that's when the steep decline begins. >> why do you look at me when you say that? >> that's what the future looks like. >> you know about that, juliet, wouldn't you? hey, steve, gretchen and brian are all off celebrating the holidays so welcome in this morning. >> let's do some headlines today for this new year's eve. the f.b.i. confident there will be no trouble at tonight's new year's eve celebration in times square, the big mac daddy of them all. so far, there haven't been any credible threats and the new york police department has secured the area completely as we all know as we try to drive in and getting in the parking lot and couldn't. one million revelers on new year's eve in times square
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expected tonight. haz-mat, swat teams, hostage negotiators, all these folks already on hand to make sure the city is prepared to respond if there is actually any threat. the prime minister of great britain issuing a terror alert this morning. david cameron said the terrorists threat to britain is as serious as it's ever been. he said the arrest this month of nine men accused of plotting christmas bomb attacks is proof they are being targeted. they urged british muslims to help fight extremism. homeland security secretary janet napolitano touching down in kabul, afghanistan overnight where she can spend new year's eve with our troops. peter doocy is in washington with the details on that. good morning. >> good morning, juliet. that's right, homeland security secretary janet napolitano got to kabul a few hours ago at 7:42 afghanistan time. she'll ring in the new year with service men and women serving over there and she explained in a statement that's "it's an honor to meet with our dedicated military men -- military and
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civilian men and women who are helping to bring peace and stability to afghanistan. and i thank them for their continued efforts and sacrifices here to make the american homeland safer and more secure. while she's over there, secretary napolitano is also going to talk to officials from the u.s. and afghanistan to figure out precisely what kind of progress we are making security wise. the department of homeland security has been sending its people to afghanistan for years to help with security and the secretary also said in her statement that in the last year, dhs has expanded its effort in of afghanistan in support of president obama's policy of civilian engagement. after they wrap things up in kabul, they are second stop is cutter. and she's going to meet with her counterar counterparts in each of those places to talk about travel and
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hard to disrupt. >> happy new year. >> happy new year. >> wicked winter storm leaving a mess from california all the way to the northern plains this morning. fierce winds, heavy snow causing this 100 car pile-up. 100 car pile-up! in fargo, north dakota. the chain reaction started when two tractor-trailers jackknife on an icy highway. blizzard wreaking a lot of havoc in the typically mild state of arizona. more than two feet of snow and ice closed major thoroughfares forcing drives to spend the night in churches. >> welcome this in like it was just wonderful that they did, because we would have been sleeping in our vehicles overnight waiting to get this stuff cleared up. >> it caused rock slides once again along this highway in malibu. it was the second blow in a one-two punch for the state that's still recovering from a massive storm that happened like a little over a week ago that left the area flooded and covered in mud and all sorts of things falling down the
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mountains there. the state's acting governor now asking president obama to declare a major disaster in that region. that would require the federal government to pay more than $111 million worth of damage caused by the storms. i was out there visiting my dad. nasty out there. the rare earthquake that shook central indiana caught on tape. brand new video you're watching from surveillance cameras this morning shows what happened when the 3.8, not very big, magnitude quake hit a supermarket in alexandria, indiana. no major damage there. injuries, no major injuries reported in that state. >> look at that. the gum ball machine didn't even move. the skittles are fine. >> i think somebody faked it. >> where can i get the reeces pieces. >> didn't know what was going on. >> first time i ever witnessed an earthquake was in pennsylvania, minor earthquake in 1993, i was at a giant grocery store and everything started to move. i said earthquakes don't happen here in pennsylvania. similar circumstances, 4 point
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something and everyone panicked. >> what about the north ridge earthquake in california? >> that was a different story. >> all year long, we heard obama's critics say why hasn't the president shifted the focus on jobs and heard him tell the american people he's going to focus to getting people back to work and bringing the unemployment rate down. listen. >> i'm proposing a number of sentences th steps that we should take immediately to provide relief for families and communities and help struggling home owners. it's a plan that begins with one word that's on everybody's minds and it's easy to spell. j-o-b-s. jobs. we've got to work on jobs. >> we can't hang back and hope for the best when we've seen the kinds of job losses we've seen over the last year. i am not interested in taking a wait-and-see approach when it
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comes to creating jobs. what i'm interested in is letting them help to create jobs in return. >> we have to pivot and focus on jobs and growth jump-starting the economy so that we actually start making a dent in the unemployment rate and we are equipping ourselves so that we can compete in the 21st century. >> well, that covers the last three years and this morning, i guess, we're finding out why, in fact, the president may not have shifted to jobs akorpccording t new book. >> it's a paperback version of the book "the promise" that's already out. there's a new epilogue being written that features interesting tidbits we're learning about the president's team behind the scenes. why were we hearing the president say all of those things and yet, behind the scenes, it sounds as if this was massive dysfunction taking place within that team. between rahm emanuel, larry summers and others on his economics team trying to get movement on the jobs front. >> which obviously hasn't been happening because the unemployment numbers kept on,
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you know, going down and down and down and down and declining so supposedly, according to this book, rahm emanuel who suspected summers apparently, you know, they had a decent relationship, he started getting a little exacerbated about dealing with summers, every time he'd present something, the quote from the book is week after week, rahm would say let's explore this. how about that? larry would slow walk everything. he basically doesn't believe in the government helping small business. >> it was a very slow approach to it and one other major thing that was dropped, the consumer protection bureau, consumer financial protection bureau was almost dropped from the bill. that was the singular piece that president obama was pushing for to protect consumers from predatory lending and the main reason we got into this mess in the first place. >> you have to consider the source here, this is a liberal author, liberal columnist and senior editor at "newsweek" magazine. this is not a critic from the far right. this is someone plugged into the
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inner circle. one other revelation in this new part of the promise. >> this could have been a whole book in and of itself. >> it could have been. >> regard to president clinton and president clinton apparently has constantly felt disrespected by the obama administration. >> yeah. so much so that when he flew to north korea, of course, to help negotiate the release of the two individuals who had come across the border into north korea, they asked president clinton to take a separate flight back so he wouldn't upstage the two ladies as they got off the aircraft and the stories go on from there. >> when he was paraded in front of the white house press corps, he got some respect. kind of made up for that. >> although they say in the book he feels like being used like a prop. question is a few weeks ago when we saw him at the white house, did he appear once again to be a prop? >> i think he probably would have looked like a prop if the president hadn't moved away and let him do the whole show. >> it appears there's a little
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tension between president clinton and rahm emanuel because rahm apparently said at one point, well, the former president bill clinton should feel lucky he's even on president obama's schedule after president clinton was annoyed at the fact that he wasn't getting more time, more attention from the administration. so it appears there is a little tension there. >> he was also upset about samantha power, you may remember, we reported it here on the show, of course, who was a member of obama's campaign team who then was later appointed -- i'm sorry, he insulted hillary clinton, you recall, during the campaign and then president obama later appointed her as an ambassador, i'm sorry, emissary to bosnia in july. apparently, president clinton was upset that president obama made that appointment. >> back on the whole job employment issue, apparently former president clinton worked like a nerd, akorpccording to t book on suggestions of how to deal with job creation. it was a 30-page memo. i guess you wouldn't call it a
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memo. 30 pages, that's a lot of work. looked like a nerd. >> to bring big banks together and then being pushed aside. >> kind of off for a couple of months. nobody paid attention to it. >> this is president clinton. >> juicy revelations on new year's eve. >> one more thing, i wanted to add this. i thought this was stunning in the book. b.p., the president is so atuned to what's going on in the press and the media, he's constantly reading the newspaper reports and what happened with b.p., the oil spill, suddenly "the new york times" was praising b.p. for the cleanup efforts and the president said he got mad and said wait a second, i'm getting pounded for not pushing b.p. hard enough and they say b.p. did an acceptable job in terms of obama. he's so in tune with what the press is saying about it. >> you don't read your press. i know that. i know it. >> we're trying to put the blinders on. coming up next, what's reportedly been happening in the white house but what's coming in the new year? a look into president obama's crystal ball with the political
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my son has autism. announcer: autism is getting closer to home. today, 1 in 110 children is diagnosed with autism-- that's a 600% increase in the last 20 years. learn the signs at >> well, the house g.o.p. is set to take over the house next week, potential battle of political will begins in 2011. so can the president get a fresh start? >> looking into his political crystal ball is the director of the center for politics at the university of virginia, larry sabido, great to see you this morning. happy almost new year. >> good morning and happy new year to you all, too. >> thank you very much. the party is over, you say,
6:16 am
explain. >> well, the party is over because we're about to have as big a change you can have in american politics. the president's -- the president had a successful lame duck term but you got to remember that was the old congress. that was the heavily democratic congress. he's about to get a heavily republican house and a senate that is much more republican so it's going to be much tougher for him to get anything passed. >> he apparently said in this new book "the promise" all he wants for christmas is someone he can negotiate with. in the senate, he has olympia snow, susan collins, scott brown, lisa murkowski, the list goes on. will we have those in the house or will they all be united in opposition? >> well, the republicans have much too big a margin. look, you need 218 to control the house. they have 242 seats. you don't have more than a handful of moderates on the republican side and the house. there's nobody for obama to negotiate with other than leadership. that's what's new for obama.
6:17 am
he's going to have to negotiate with a conservative republican leadership or he's not going to get anything passed. >> well, you said, you know, in your talking points with our producers, you were talking about triangulating like bill clinton did. what do you think he's going to do? how do you think he'll tackle this? >> i think on different issues, he'll do different things. he's going to fight to the death on health care reform. he's going to insist on what he sees as his legacy in 20 years or 50 years, of course, the republicans have a mandate from their voters to trim that back and they can't repeal it with the democratic senate and democratic president but they have to trim it back. you'll have great conflict there. on other things, you might have some negotiations like spending, debts, deficits, those are things where at least in an ideal world, the two parties might be able to come together and reach some kind of reasonable solution. >> the economy is obviously everything for the president in this coming year. look into that crystal ball, what do you see happening?
6:18 am
will he get that unemployment number down below nine to get him re-elected? >> well, i don't think that governments control the unemployment rate so i don't think it's a question of president obama getting the unemployment rate down. unemployment rate probably will go down gradually because the american economy always recovers. that's one thing we know from prior recessions. what's going to be interesting is watching obama clash with that republican house. they want to reduce spending that means less stimulus for the economy. president obama, of course, wants maximum stimulus. that's where you're going to get some conflicting moments. >> the start treaty was ratified during this lame duck congress and recently the don't ask don't tell was overturned, how do all these things being passed favoring the democrats' agenda, how do you think that's going to affect his negotiating skills with the republicans in
6:19 am
the next few months where, you know, the feelings might still be a little bit raw there? >> yeah, i think, there is some raw feeling and, again, with republicans taking over the house and having much more influence in the senate, that's going to matter. of course, these are politicians. most of them don't hold grudges for very long. they do what is in their interest on any given subject so again, there might be some common ground on things like spending and deficits. i think the country can hope so. >> larry from the university of virginia. we know you also feel afghanistan will be a major issue with his liberal base. happy new year to you, sir. thanks for being with us. >> have a good one. >> you can put your crystal ball away now until the next time. all right. one city so broke, it's completely scrapping pensions to make ends meet. is this where the u.s. is headed? the story is coming up next. >> then take a look at this call. a football player penalized for that little salute. to the crowd after a touchdown. it may have cost his team a bowl
6:20 am
game. does the punishment fit the crime? we report, you decide. >> come on. >> happy new year, auckland. that's still going on? ok. video of auckland, new zealand where they were first to ring in the new year. chevy gave more this year but we can't give you more time. so hurry in now because the great holiday offers on most chevy models absolutely end january 3rd. that's 0% financing... plus1500 holidayallowance plus no monthly payments for 4 month so get to your chevy dealer now before this deal like the holidays is over. hurry in and get no monthly payments till spring plus 0% apr financing and fifteen- hundred holiday allowance on this silverad see yourlocal chevy dealer now.
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>> welcome back, everybody. here's some quick headlines. the mississippi river ice in moline, illinois, not thick enough for ice skating. two firefighters had to pull a 26-year-old woman out of the frigid river after she fell through the ice. no word on her condition yet. lisa murkowski was finally named the official winner of alaska's u.s. senate race. she's going to be sworn on in on wednesday with her colleagues. >> thank you, juliet. the small city of pritchard, alabama was warned for years if they did nothing to change the huge pension promises that it made to its retirees, it would go broke. it has. no one can be paid and even now the basic city services are suffering. >> we aren't getting no help.
6:24 am
we can't call nobody. we can't get nothing. i don't care who you call, the mayor, the chief of police, who it is, you can't get no help. >> so is this a sneak peek at what lays ahead for other u.s. cities? our scott williams is the attorney for city of pritchard, alabama, and joins us this morning. thanks for being with us, sir. let's start with how the city got there. it's declared bankruptcy twice, why? >> the city declared bankruptcy about 10 years ago because of long-term bond problems that they're having problems paying. the city is a city that 40 years ago, 50 years ago was a city of over 40,000 people that has dramatically shrunk and seen its tax base decline and at one time, people made assumptions about what size pensions and what people would be able to do and because the city has shrunk
6:25 am
and things have changed, circumstances have changed, it's just not feasible to make the same pension payments that they made 40 years ago. >> it sounds like you're saying the city was the victim of circumstance. the way "the new york times" lays it out is this way. they say the struggling city was warned for years that if it did nothing, its pension funds would dry up and it would go bankrupt. so it seems like there are things that could have been done. were there? >> there were some things that could have been done. and -- but most of those things happened years and years ago. pension funds are things that have to get built up over time. there has to be reserves. what happened was coming out of the last bankruptcy, there were promises made to the pensioners and the creditors to be able to make payments over time but the reality came around in probably
6:26 am
three to four years ago that this city needed to potentially put a lot more money into the pension funds but there was no money to be had. so the city is a relatively poor city that simply doesn't have a tax base. >> so now, we've got 150 retired workers, many of whom are suing. they are not being paid the pensions they say they're owed. what's the lesson here? whether it be the situation that's facing new jersey, facing california, or various -- we can name any dozens of cities and towns across the country. what's the lesson? what's the take away? >> i think the lesson is city officials and government officials can't simply ignore the problem. pensions are an ongoing obligation that have to be provided for them. money has to be set aside today to pay for tomorrow. pritchard on the forefront of that because it had other financial problems due to its first bankruptcy that be it
6:27 am
very, very financially weak and not able to make its current obligations to its pensioners. >> all right. it seems like it's a harbinger of things to come. we're getting words this morning of problems in chicago and as dave mentioned, any number of cities across the country are -- i'm sorry -- >> scott williams. >> our scott williams, thanks for joining us this morning. happy new year. keep us up to date with what's going on in your city. >> perhaps even the federal government can take a lesson in what's happening there. >> right, you have to have money in the bank to be able to make those payments later. imagine that. the u.s. handing russia nuclear material used to make bombs. shocking report and it's been confirmed by the white house. that story and the deal next. >> then this guy takes -- this is a stickup to a whole new level. using a giant stick. but he wasn't ready for the clerk who had a slightly smaller stick. >> happy birthday to donna summers, the queen of disco is
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>> we're about to say good-bye to another year. crews are working hard preparing for the famous ball drop in times square. who hired this hack? my little bro is joining us live from times square. >> hey! >> good morning. the crossroads of the world, juliet. good morning to you guys. we are out here. let me tell you something, first and foremost, you guys know we've been dealing with the cleanup from the blizzard this past week and the crews have really cleaned up times square. i think we're standing in what's left of the snow here. still digging out, they're good to go here in times square where an estimated million revelers covering e. they're going to be out here six ton waterford crystal ball drops or starts its 70 foot descent exactly at 11:59. this year, we're talking snow and extra security even more so because of the failed bombing attempt in times square last
6:32 am
may. you guys probably remember that. so this year along with the bomb sniffing dogs, radiation equipment, also, there's going to be snipers on the roofs and certainly extra personnel including concrete barriers, extra equipment and also the manhole covers are going to be sealed here in times square. in terms of the numbers, times only about they're not allowed of them have to find, tough to even relieve themselves, juliet. i don't think you had that problem when you were out here. they make things good for the news crews. >> she knows you. that? >> i did just say that. let me step out of the way, though, and give you the scene. . it's very quiet. much quieter than it will be in see while the media rise there in the distance and above that,
6:33 am
it's hard to make out but the ball is up there. they haven't raised it just yet. mayor bloomberg, by the way, this. snooki will not be here. the little ball of love will not be dropping. >> that's it. >> i know. >> ball of love. >> but the backstreet boys will be performing, juliet, and i know you're a big fan. "i want it that way." i know you love it. >> i love that song. john -- >> this is like a relationship here. >> this is like watching what was going on in bedrooms in your house growing up. >> thanks, john. >> thanks, john! >> don't want to know. >> on your wall. >> no, they were little -- they were a little after my time. >> you have a lot of information. >> thanks for the relief. >> or lack thereof.
6:34 am
>> you see that massive storm in the middle part of the country? hoping that doesn't hit here in new york city once again. janice dean is in the weather center for a look at the crazy weather. good morning. >> happy birthday, clayton! >> thank you. thank you very much. >> now because your birthday is so close to christmas, does that mean you get gypped? >> yep. every year. >> no. it's great. thank you. >> you have the best present, a new baby boy. >> that's right. he didn't get me anything! >> come on. get a job! >> not just yet. >> ok, you're right. let's -- we have some severe weather we got to talk about. can you believe this? on new year's eve, we could see tornadoes. tornadoes and blizzard conditions so yes, i'm going to be here for quite sometime throughout the day today and into the evening. tornado watch in effect for several hours this morning. then they're probably going to extend this because we expect severe weather to hit across the mississippi river valley so springfield, you're under the gun here for potential of large
6:35 am
hail damage. no tornado warnings but a severe thunderstorm warning north of fort smith. behind this, cold, cold air, blizzard conditions. i'm going to show you those in a second. but the severe threat where we could see the threat for tornadoes yet around the midnight hour as people are trying to celebrate the incoming new year, we're going to see the potential for really severe weather. people are urged to stay indoors and pay close attention to your noaa weather radios. winter storm advisories across the northern plains, upper midwest, blizzard conditions, blizzard warnings where you see the red there anywhere from wyoming to nebraska. the dakotas, in through minnesota. very heavy snow, upwards of a foot and blowing snow conditions. that was going to be very, very treacherous. can't urge enough to stay indoors if you can. future radar, let's see where the storm goes. there is the midnight where we're seeing that storm as kro the mississippi river valley and then into sunday, that's when we'll see it exit.
6:36 am
the good news is new york city, great weather for the ball drop. 38 degrees. very warm across the south. that's where we're going to see the potential for severe weather as the cold front moves through. behind it, really cold air and blizzard conditions so a lot of folks, unfortunately, will be dealing with a lot of nasty weather this new year's eve and we'll keep you posted throughout the day on the watches and warnings and the blizzard conditions as well. you know it snowed in phoenix, arizona, yesterday, guys. so wacky -- >> they deserve it for all their 97 degree temperatures the rest of the year. thanks, janice. >> thank you, janice. 38 degrees in times square tonight. >> that's perfect. >> that's great. >> that will work. >> let's get to the rest of the headlines. >> thank you very much for doing that. all right, the ukraine has just sent to russia enough uranium to build two atomic bombs and get this, the united states helped make it happen. we have new photos that show more than 110 pounds of highly enriched uranium were removed from research facilities across
6:37 am
ukraine this week. the bombmaking material sent to russia to be blended down so it can no longer be used as weapons. however, critics say it should not have been sent to russia because back in august, russia announced it would begin helping iran get nuclear fuel for its power plants. iran is under u.n. sanctions, of course, because it's trying to build a nuclear weapons program. a 12-year-old girl says the taliban and pakistan are trading suicide bombers. she was questioned in january. but she wasn't taking seriously until a woman blew herself up on saturday in pakistan killing 42 others at a center. she said she and her sisters were expected to kill themselves. she was terrified, she escaped. new video shows how icy the roads were after yesterday's blizzard much the extreme weather also affecting air travel, of course, several flights out of denver international airport were grounded yesterday. more delays are expected today.
6:38 am
the same goes for chicago's o'hare airport once again where severe fog grounded nearly 300 flights yesterday and i mean, they had to deal with all the snow before that, the cancellations adding insult to injury for airlines that were already backlogged following this week's blizzard. a passenger aboard delta's flight caught the evacuation of the plane on tape. flight diverted to colorado springs when the plane started having engine troubles. two passengers were injured during that evacuation and taken to the hospital. delta was able to get those passengers on a replacement flight to phoenix later last night. the next story gives a whole new meaning to the term stickup. surveillance video capturing a man robbing a convenience store with a giant stick and that's all he had. it happened outside of washington, d.c. you can see the clerk uses a hammer to defend himself. this is like something out of the early 1800's but it doesn't work. the guy with the stick eventually escapes and he got -- >> what? >> he had a stick and the guy
6:39 am
had a hammer. >> stick is hanging there. just grab the stick. he gets it around the may pole. >> look at this stand-off. it really is like alexander hamilton. got a little ugly there. >> duel to the death. >> got away. all right. >> and the last time -- oh, well, this is you. >> this is me, girl. >> i like sports. i was about to read it. >> stick with the stick story. >> sorry. >> i'll do the sports. last time the uconn women's basketball team lost, it was 2008. who did they lose to? stanford. the uconn women playing stanfordment at home against the cardinals. number 8 team outplayed uconn all night. uconn never led. condaleeza rice taking in the game. the streak is over at 90 straight wins. but what a streak it was by the club. they won by an average of 33 points a game during that streak.
6:40 am
unbelievable time to recognize that accomplishment. the nfl, meanwhile, fining the jets $100,000 for violating league rules. remember this? trip gate? assistant coach tripped the dolphins, actually ordered his players to form a wall along the sideline. they tripped the dolphins player there. and it was revealed later that players said this guy you see here who was suspended indefinitely for this effort, they said that he told them to plan this. so $100,000 fine for the jets. after the blizzard of the century, the new york yankees stadium played host to its first ever bowl game and it was outstanding! kansas state and syracuse in the pinstripe bowl. and it was just such a great game. flea-flicker action there. he had 172 yards and three scores but that salute right there to the fans cost kansas state the game. excessive celebration was called
6:41 am
after a touchdown that could have tied the game if they got the two point conversion. well, they had to go back to the 18-yard line for that two point conversion and you can see it here, incomplete, 36-34. again, now, syracuse played a heck of a game and they may have in fact won anyway but you cannot decide a game based on that. >> that's ridiculous. >> i think they're clamping down so much on these celebrations. you see in the nfl, i don't want to see a guy dancing there for five minutes but just a salute to the fans, we just scored a touchdown. >> yeah. >> stadium in the freezing cold. i think they deserve a salute. >> let us know what you think about that. >> friends at >> we've already made our decision on the couch. >> it's final! >> what do you think? >> coming up on the show, is this what it's come to? people lighting fires in the streets because they're angry over gas prices? >> and this dog saved a soldier's life and now that his pup has passed on, the soldier is repaying the favor. he shares his heartwarming story coming up after the break.
6:42 am
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>> welcome back to "fox & friends." quick look at the headlines now. gas prices here head towards $4 a gallon, check out what's happening in bolivia. riots over high fuel prices have turned violent. they're up 73% from a week ago. prices had been frozen for six years but the government said it can no longer afford to subsidize gas prices. and even stevens, president obama's former car czar, steven ratner agreed to pay $10 million to settle two massive fraud lawsuits against him. ratner who headed the government bailout of general motors and chrysler was accused of paying kickbacks for businesses. juliet? >> thank you very much. after a lieutenant colonel returned home from operation desert storm in iraq, he got a 10-month-old puppy to keep him company. he was looking for man's best
6:45 am
friend. he never expected the dog to be his hero. boomer was the dog's name. he was a 115 pound black lab. he saved colonel stewart's life when he was shot during an armed robbery. now, retired from the army and currently a mayor in georgia, he tells his story in the new book "boomer, one of the unwanted." and he joins us now. great to have you here, sir. >> thank you. >> so your first meeting with boomer, tell us how it went down. >> when they brought him up to me after desert storm, my brother-in-law brought him up and dropped him off, he was so excited that we had a swimming pool. he jumped in the swimming pool and ran around and came out all wet and shaking and he looked at me and said i think i'm going to like it here, dad. we became a running partner. >> he had a thing for water. you'd be scuba diving and he'd be sitting at the boat staring at you. >> boomer didn't like people to go underwater. and when i'm teaching scuba
6:46 am
lessons he would swim around on the top and be biting at the bubbles of all of us down below breathing. he couldn't stand people to be underwater. >> take us back to 1996, you got shot at point blank range. tell us what happened. >> yes, i had just recovered from a parachute accident, operation and i was walking a lady to her car. when we did, i ran into some people trying to steal my neighbor's car and boomer had alerted on them and when he started barking, i checked it out. and next thing i know, a guy -- i get in an altercation with and he pulls out a gun and shoots me and blows me away. and i'm laying on the ground and i thought this is it. i'm 25 feet out my back door and going to be killed again and the guy was trying to reload the gun. and boomer looked at me and could sense that i was afraid and looked up and says no, and he lunged at the guy and made the guy drop the shell. he never bit him. he didn't even use -- i was hoping he'd rip their face off. but he used just enough strength to run them off. he kept barking at them and ran them to the next apartment
6:47 am
complex where they held another guy off and made off with their car and the guy that i'd been fighting with, he kept nipping him on the butt and ran him in the woods. if it hadn't been for him, they would have blown me away. i wouldn't be here today. >> you even have the sweater with black labs on it. tell us what you're doing now. you're involved in something -- you created the warrior family program and tell us a little bit about what you're doing and how boomer is helping this program. >> well, boomer is an old warrior. he was -- he went on to be the heritage foundation mascot of the year and the animal planet dog of the year in 2004 but he's always been around and being involved in community stuff with me. and we started after i came back from iraq in december of 2008, i realized i had been on contract over there on and off for five years as a consultant and so i wanted to start a program for the warrior family program. military does a good job of taking care of the service members but it don't matter if you're a draftee like i was or a guard or reservist or active duty, one day you're going to come home and if the family is
6:48 am
not equipped on how to deal with post-traumatic stress disorder, then that's where the problems happen and we have, you know, there's roughly 35 veterans a day that commit suicide. and that's sad. so our program, our warrior family program is designed to help the family members deal with post traumatic stress disorder. so the proceeds from boomer's book will go towards this program to help us take care of america's finest. >> and sadly, boomer died back in 2006 and i understand and correct me if i'm wrong, you volunteered for another two tours in iraq, explain why. >> well, when he passed away and i lost my best friend from nam in october of 2006, he died in november. and it was just like losing my right arm or leg. then think mother passed away in may of 2007 and my dad in july. it was more than i could bear. i can't be at home with all this around, so i left, called my buddies and said, just send me back to iraq. let me get back with soldiers and i've been an old soldier and i love being around them.
6:49 am
while i was there, turned around and came up to me, i need to write this book and story and tell about boomer and get it out. and i think the good lord has turned around and made it so i can help get the story out to them and tell how boomer has saved my life. >> we're glad we could help you get the story out and we appreciate you joining us today and thank you for your service to our country. there's the book. it's "boomer, one of the unwanted. "book about his beloved dog that saved him. a very sweet story. >> this is him right here in the box. i had him cremated with his photo and he sits on my office every day watching me while i do my work. thank you very much. >> we appreciate you joining us today. >> thank you, good bless you. >> god bless america. >> many illegal immigrants convicted in the courts are demanding a second chance and they actually might just get it. this is an interesting story. because they didn't understand our laws in the first place, you have to hear this one. and weigh in on it, too and it's decision day for billy the kid. you know the government of mexico will be deciding today
6:50 am
whether or not to pardon the infamous outlaw but americans are very divided on this one. should the killer get a reprieve? a fair and balanced debate coming up next. [ male announcer ] let's be honest. no one ever wished for a smaller holiday gift. ♪ it's e lexus december to remember sales event, and for a limitetime, we're celebrating some of our greatest offers of the year. lease the 2011 is 250 for $349 a month for 36 months with $3,399 due at signing. see your lexus dealer.
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6:52 am
>> new mexico governor bill richardson setting off a firestorm with notions that he may issue a pardon to legendary
6:53 am
outlaw billy the kid. the deadline for his decision, midnight tonight ironically. here's what the governor said this week. >> look, billy the kid did kill two police officers. i'm not looking at a blanket pardon and he did kill those two police officers since he was escaping from the lincoln county jail. i just want to make the right decision but you know what? this is fun. this is not -- we're not talking about war. we're not talking about airplane delays everywhere and storms like you have to do. this is american history. this is new mexico history. i'll make the right decision but i'm not quite there yet. >> so is pardoning the infamous criminal a good idea? joining us from tampa is pauline garrett tillinhouse, granddaughter of the famous brad garrett and a historian and 15 decisions that changed the nation. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> it is fun, i was watching
6:54 am
"young gun" clips last night for crying outloud but he killed two deputies and sheriff william brady. it is murder ultimately, isn't it? >> yeah, it is. it's sort of weird to see governor richardson make so light of it. you know, obviously, it's a contentious issue. he did murder two people. i think the argument for pardoning his sentence is he cut a deal prior to murdering those two sheriffs. that actually happened when he broke out of jail but he had a deal to testify in another case and he lived up to his end of the bargain. i guess what governor richardson is looking at is whether or not posthumously he should be pardoned. that's very rare. in order to be pardoned you need to accept that pardon. there's an admission to guilt to it. there's debate as to whether or not you can pardon somebody posthumously. >> how outraged are you by this? by the notion that the governor says this is ultimately about fun. >> first of all, i want to thank the governor for his service to our country. that's very important to say.
6:55 am
the other thing that i want to say about this pardon is that it is really not provable and it's ridiculous to pardon a murderer. he didn't just murder two law enforcement officers, he murdered other people, too. he did many other very serious crimes. now, i understand and governor is a nice man. i very much enjoyed meeting him in his office with my cousins and daughter in august. however, it's not fun. it's certainly not a fun subject for those victims that died or affected at the hands of billy the kid. and hollywood has turned him into some sort of a folk hero which is not something we should be doing in this country in my view. >> certainly have and your grandfather, the legendary sheriff who shot and killed billy the kid doing -- pat garrett, doing his job
6:56 am
ultimately. does this tarnish his legacy? how would he feel about this today? >> i'm quite sure he would be quite upset. i think that it does because if governor and the reason it does, if governor said that the pardon would be constructed very narrowly to pardon billy for the murder of sheriff brady. however, the perception goes a long way. and i think the world perception would be after a blurbs, people read headlines and see blurbs would believe he was pardoned for everything and therefore, pat garrett would become a criminal himself. >> nick, ultimately, we're talking about the 1870's here. how would this change anything and ultimately what's the point? >> i mean, it doesn't change anything. i think the point to be honest, governor richardson, i think, might be trying to drum up some interest, some tourism interest. billy the kid is a tourism attraction for new mexico and i
6:57 am
think governor richardson enjoys the limelight. i'm not surprised he's doing this. at one point, in all due respect, i don't think it impact pat garrett's legacy at all but the pardon would be limited just to the -- >> the one incident. >> exactly. >> we got to leave it there. thank you for being here. also, pauline garrett, thank you very much for being here. we appreciate it. happy new year to you both. >> thank you so much for the opportunity. >> more "fox & friends" in two minutes after the break. naturally colorful vegetables are often a good source of vitamins, fiber, or minerals. and who brings you more natural colors than campbell's condensed soups? campbell's.® it's amazing what soup can do.™
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>> good morning. today is friday, december 31, 2010. i'm juliet huddy in for gretchen. republicans' latest move to defund health care may not come fast enough. new regulations are taking effect in the next 24 hours. we'll tell you what you need to know. >> and the illegal immigrants asking the courts to overturn their convictions because they didn't understand our laws in the first place. guess what? that argument might work. >> and it's new year's eve and times square getting ready for the revelers but are the celebrations just a target for terror? the f.b.i. has a plan to keep more than one million people safe there. but can that really be done? "fox & friends" continues right now. e >> you guys ever been out to times square on new year's eve?
7:01 am
>> come in -- just to work as all the people are filing there, right now it looks dead. this is a live look at times square but in just a few hours, there will be hundreds of thousands of people pouring into the streets of midtown manhattan and the double barrel gates are already going up there right now for the police department putting up those double gates to keep everyone safe. >> yeah. quite a spectacle that happens just a few blocks from our studio. i have never been there, juliet. i don't know that i could handle standing in one spot for five, six, seven, eight hours shoulder to shoulder with other folks. >> and you can't leave! >> i'd lose my mind. >> if you leave, you can't get back in. >> there's no way. you're worse than me. i know you have add, i can't handle staying in one place for more than 20 minutes. >> do you? >> i would go to the bathroom once every hour and if you're crammed against the metal grate like that, i'd rather be sitting on the couch watching it on tv. >> i've worked there and been up on the riseers there, it's amazing to be sitting there when the ball drops and everybody is just so happy. they're probably so grateful
7:02 am
it's finally over so they can go to the bars. >> i would think so. >> back home in dead. >> tune in -- if you can't be there, tune into fox newschannel for that tonight. here's headlines for today. f.b.i. is confident there will be no trouble at tonight's new year's eve celebration in times square. so far, there haven't been any credible threats and the new york police department says they have secured the area completely. one million new year's revelers expected in the city tonight. haz-mat, swat teams, hostage negotiators, all these folks already on hand to make sure the city is prepared to respond to any threats. now, you're looking at video out of auckland, new zealand, where people have already rung in the new year so it's 2011 over in auckland. the clock struck midnight there just about an hour appearing. right now, the countdown is officially on in australia which is just under an hour away from 2011. the prime minister of great britain issuing a terror alert this morning. in his address, david cameron
7:03 am
said the terrorist threat to britain is as serious as it's ever been. he says the arrest this month of nine men accused of plotting christmas bombing attacks in london are proof that britain is being targeted. homeland security secretary janet napolitano touching down in kabul, afghanistan overnight where she's going to spend new year's eve with our troops. peter doocy is in washington and has the details on that. happy new year's, sir. >> happy new year, juliet. you're right. homeland security secretary janet napolitano is going to be ringing in the new year with some service men and women on the front lines and she says she is honored to share the holiday with them. secretary napolitano touched down in kabul a few hours ago at 7:42 afghanistan time. her goal is to talk to officials on the ground and determine exactly what kind of progress we are making there when it comes to security. and she added in a statement "in the last 12 months, dhs has expanded its effort here in support of president obama's policy of civilian engagement.
7:04 am
today i arrived in kabul with six additional border security and customs officers will join our ongoing efforts to advise and assist our afghan count counterparts. department of homeland security has had their people in afghanistan for years. they tried to keep bad guys, drugs and weapons in that kun . country. while she's overseas, she has a few more steps. she'll jet over to cutter on the 2nd, israel for the 3rd, 4th and 5th and belgium for the 5th and 6th and in those places, she'll meet with her counterparts to talk about what everybody needs to do to protect their interests from terrorism. >> live in washington, thank you, peter. >> uh-huh. >> oh, a cold blast of reality hitting the western u.s. residents in this typically mild state of arizona waking up to below freezing temperatures this morning. yesterday, areas like flagstaff were hit with up to two feet of snow.
7:05 am
check out this video from fargo, north dakota, not so funny here. fierce winds and heavy snow caused a 100 car pile-up. the chain reaction started when two tractor-trailers jackknived on an icy highway. the extreme weather affecting air travel again. several flights out of denver international airport were grounded yesterday. more delays are expected today. the same goes for chicago's o'hare airport. a busy airport but severe fog grounded nearly 300 flights yesterday. those cancellations adding insult to injury for airlines that are already backlogged. seriously backlogged from cancellations out of new york following this weekend's blizzard and those are the headlines today. a mess to travel around. >> today is the last day of 2010. tomorrow is a new year. and it's also the start of obama care. a lot of major changes coming to health care. the three big changes you're going to see when you wake up tomorrow on the first day of 2011. one of the biggest changes will be new taxes on drug makers.
7:06 am
drugmakers, pharmaceutical manufacturers will have to pay a hefty price now this year. lower prescription drug costs for seniors so seniors caught in that sort of doughnut area where they're able to get those branded prescriptions and would get a 50% discount on prescription drugs. new preventative health services free for medicare. >> there are 20 preventative health care services including colorectal screenings, mammograms and smoking cessation services all for free for people on medicare. >> these things, no matter what the republicans want to do with defunding the obama care situation, they will have no impact on the changes that go into effect tomorrow because these are not new spending measures, they are just new rules. >> right and taxes could hurt some of the research and development from some of the pharmaceutical companies as they now have to pay about $2 1/2 billion in new drug taxes for this year. and what they're saying is a lot of these pharmaceutical manufacturers are saying hey, that's money we would have spent on research and development to
7:07 am
find new medicines and new ways of helping people and new ways to treat patients. now, we won't be able to do that. we'll have to pay that in taxes. >> we should note, also, the first state to apply for an exemption to obama care, maine, has filed that exemption. they have a problem with one of the key provisions in obama care which is only 20% should go towards profits or administrative costs so one state has applied for that exemption. they say insurers could flee the market. watch, though, as several other states will probably likely join that. >> there's going to be an interesting -- it already is actually an interesting legal fight that's kind of erupted. in virginia right now, there's a -- there's a recent supreme court ruling and basically, what it said is noncitizens in criminal court cases who plead guilty are automatically deported. but they should be -- they should be informed of that and now virginia is fighting that law. >> yeah, because of that supreme
7:08 am
court decision, now, it's -- now a number of cases are coming back and they're saying wait a second, i wouldn't have pleaded guilty. i'm perhaps an illegal immigrant and i was advised to plead guilty. therefore, i might get a lesser sentence or whatever it is. but i didn't realize i was going to be deported. now some of these cases could come back before the supreme court. they could be reopened, relitigated. prosecutors say wait a second, you can't give people a second chance for being uninformed about it. >> but i mean -- >> this is essentially a do over. these are people who are nonu.s. citizens saying i need a do over. i didn't understand the rules, you know, when you're 8 to 10 years old, you can remember saying i want a do over. i didn't write the rules. four cases have been reopened by a virginia judge. one of those cases is 12 years old so you can only imagine what kind of can of worms this opens. how many cases would have to be relitigated. how many people would come out of the woodwork and say i want my do over. >> i can see how people would be upset about this if we're not taublgi
7:09 am
talking about illegal immigrants. >> we are talking some are here legally. it's not just illegals. >> right. >> the issue is, too, it's got to be infuriating. you brought up a 12-year-old case. if there's an illegal immigrant trapped in prison waiting for this to go through the litigation process, who is paying for the meals, the prison cell who is paying for all of that time right now while this thing gets relitigated? taxpayers. american taxpayers are paying for all of this. >> lawyers say some of our clients are here legally and they deserve that second chance because they didn't understand the rules. we'd like to know what you think. should they get that do over? friends at get us on twitter as well. >> all right. there's another nasty storm that will be causing some big trouble for folks all across the united states. we don't need to hear this bad news, do we? what's going to happen in new york most importantly? >> it's all about you. >> it's all about us in new york, yeah. >> we have obviously a huge celebration in new york city and millions upon millions of people are going to be coming to times square and then, of course, a
7:10 am
lot of people are going to be watching fox newschannel, bill and megan will be out there. temperatures 38 degrees. fantastic weather. of course, i can't say that for the rest of the country, especially the central u.s. where we're dealing with not only blizzard conditions but tornado threats. let's take a look at where we're seeing the heavy snow really from northeastern colorado through nebraska and then up towards the upper midwest. over a foot of snow possible and blizzard conditions. tornado watch. can you believe this? actually, we have a tornado warning. this is just popped up just north of the fort smith area. doppler radar indicating some strong rotation on some of these cells moving through the area. very rare by the way to see tornadoes in a tornado watch this time of year through this portion of the country. so as this system moves eastward, a tornado watch in effect for these areas that you see in parts of missouri and oklahoma and arkansas for the next several hours and obviously, we've got some nasty
7:11 am
weather occurring. current temperatures, you can really see that cold front. that's one of the ingredients that we need for severe weather. look at kansas city at 31. dallas at 63. 63 memphis. so a lot of warm, moist, unstable air and then incredibly cold air behind this system. the clash of those two air masses has given us the potential for severe weather and, of course, the blizzard conditions as well just in back of that system. new year's eve forecast looking great along coastal areas. northeast. could see a few showers and/or icy -- kind of an icy mix across the great lakes. severe weather threat across the mississippi valley in towards the northeast. these folks need to stay indoors tonight. across the upper midwest, you need to stay indoors, too. with temperatures around 5 in fargo. minus 2 in rapid city. minus 1 in north platte. 9 in omaha with the really gusty winds are going to feel even colder than that.
7:12 am
across the west. coastal areas looked pretty good although we could see a few stray showers in san francisco. and then, of course, the blizzard conditions across the northern plains and parts of the rockies are going to make things a little treacherous as well. i wish i had good news for everyone. unfortunately, guys, we're going to be dealing with the threat of severe weather throughout the day and those blizzard conditions so that's going to keep me busy. maybe i should just, you know, get a sleeping bag tonight because i'm going to be here tomorrow. >> thanks, janice. >> 31 degrees, though, in vegas. >> that's a little chilly for the strip. tonight, we're not recommending you go out and get hammered, hit the booze but if you happened to be having a few cocktails tonight, we are here to warn you what drinks you should avoid. what the top five drinks are in terms of hangover potential. >> and the possibility of how bad your hangover is going to be is due to the fact that certain drinks have chemical toxins produced during fermentation and aging. >> number five on that list
7:13 am
probably have a lot of conjeaners. rob roy, stay away from the scott. >> that's good. >> rob roy. a gin martini and number 3, a plantar's punch. number two, long island iced tea. >> that has like 7,000 different alcohols in it. >> it has coke. you can see why that would kill you. number one surprised me. one of my favorites is a vodka martini. what about champagne? i thought champagne would have been worse. >> those are the worst ones. stay away from a rob roy. >> stay away from the darker liquors. >> you love the rob roy. >> what is a rob roy? >> i like my scotch. e-mail us your favorite new year's eve drink. we'll see if it made the list. friends at several members of new york city's union claim they were ordered to stop plowing snow as a protest for budget cuts and people died as a result. so can the union bosses be held responsible? our political panel weighs in on that next. >> and then this soldier lost
7:14 am
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>> snow blizzard cleanup because of budget cuts and if this can be proven, should the unions be held legally responsible for all the unintended consequences? we are joined this morning by republican pollster john mclaughlin, democratic political consultant and national policy and outreach chair for the hispanic national bar association and doug shoen, former pollster for president clinton and now a fox news contributor. in the new year, can you shorten your titles and help me out a little bit? happy new year, welcome to "fox & friends" this morning. i'll start with you. should citizens be able to sue
7:17 am
the sanitation department for being slow to this response? >> well, first, we need an investigation with mayor bloomberg and governor paterson are recommending is absolutely right and it's been shown that the proximate cause of death was a deliberate slowdown by sanitation workers, yes, there's the basis for the case. >> we're hearing some horror stories this morning. if you pick up "the new york post" you will see another story of a 3-month-old baby, suffered brain damage as a result of a snow plowed -- wasn't snow plowed street and an ambulance stuck on the street. do citizens have the right to sue the sanitation department for these blunders? >> this is the thing. i mean, if you're suing -- you have to think of the consequences. if you sue the government or you sue the public unions which would in this case, this would be the case, ultimately, the state has to pay. so we end up all paying more taxes because if they have to find the money some place to be able to pay for these penalties. at the end of the day, look, the truth is there's 11,500 less
7:18 am
workers in new york city today than there were in 2008 and the city doesn't have the money or the personnel to do the cleanup. >> criminal investigation, who is to blame here? it sounds like an open and shut case if these guys were deliberately trying to sabotage the cleanup effort in new york and babies are dying. >> this is political posture. this is what happens when they get mandated to spend more on welfare than they do on essential services. you're going to find out when you look into it, they didn't call guys in until after midnight because they were paying double time. years ago when we had the illegal transit strike, a hero fireman was run over when he was taking his bike at 6:00 in the morning and he lived, thank god, but he sued the unions for that illegal strike because he got run over by a bus taking workers down that was hired by some company and i'll tell you what, it was thrown out. if the governor -- >> it was thrown out. >> because he doesn't have standing. if the governor and the mayor are serious, they have to get albany to change about illegal
7:19 am
strikes. they're scapegoating them. they called them in after midnight because they didn't want to play double time. >> is this a harbinger of things to come? >> absolutely. the larger issue here, you can't do more with less unless the unions cooperate. we can't manage our cities and our state governments unless unions give back pension, health care and salary benefits, work harder for less. otherwise, we don't make it. we can't deal with this kind of snow. so we have to as -- it's not that john is a republican and i'm a democrat. it's rational, practical, good government. >> we've got you here for our next segment as well. we'll be talking around some divided government work that is in president obama's favor. can they come together? is bipartisanship actually going to happen in the new year? will there be progress in the next congress? we'll let you discuss that. wait until you hear how 2011 is shaping up when it comes to price jumps at the pump. getting the ccium they need.
7:20 am
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7:22 am
>> all right. time for your 12/31 news by the numbers. first, you thought $3 was bad. experts say the average price of gas in 2011 could be much higher in the new year. experts expect it to increase $4 for each gallon. even one prediction at $5.
7:23 am
second, $500 million, the new total of younger -- of facebook users making the social networking site the most popular site on the internet this week. it's finally dethroned google. it was only a matter of time. 75. that's how many years kodak has produced its film that's going through its final development today. it was the first color of film available to consumers and is being discontinued in 2011 because all the digital cameras. >> oh! >> tragic, isn't it? >> somewhere paul simon is drying right now. when the 112th congress convenes next week, republicans will have their biggest majority in the house since the late 1940's. can the divided government work in president obama's favor? we're back with our political panel this morning. is there going to be the same level of productivity that we saw in the lame duck after the new year? >> i tend to doubt it because you've got 63, i believe, tea party congressmen. six senators and they have clear
7:24 am
principles. they were elected to stop spending and with $858 billion stimulus attached to the tax deal that was passed in the lame duck. pretty good for us democrats, that bill, but i think the republicans are going to say no in the new congress and i'm curious of john's reaction is somebody who advises republicans. >> john, take that because i think it's interesting that republicans ta-- a lot of this hinges on if republicans will give an inch. i'm not seeing that. >> they do have to stand on principles. we did surveys for eric cantor, the new house majority leader. they're going in with a mission and mandate. they're obama's best friends. he was put in this country to decline where they had huge deficits out of control, that has to be stopped by the republicans in congress. majority of americans support that. the question for obama, does he become like bill clinton and understand like doug's old clients you have to moderate or is he going to stick to his principles? >> i think you're going to see moderation, john. >> you're going to see moderation.
7:25 am
take that and triangulation as dick morris once pointed out, stealing some things from the republicans and making them his own pet project and having to convince his liberal base, you know what? these are my ideas. this is where the country is, let's go with it. clinton left office with, what, a 67% approval rating. what do you think? >> look, i think he needs to do a combination of what ronald reagan did. he was very good at convincing the voting populous that his policies were in favor of the people and the opposition party was absolutely not in their best interest with respect to their standing and then he needs to be like ronald reagan who was not afraid and successfully proceeded over a two time tax increase that actually helped the country eventually balance its budget and, you know, very popular. >> it's interesting you say that, though, because -- carmen, because right before the new year, president obama got tough with his liberal base. >> right. >> is he doing sort of what carmen says that ronald reagan had to do which was be tough?
7:26 am
>> i think he's going to be tough with the base when he can be like on things like don't ask, don't tell, the start treaty, he's going to play to his key constituency. it's a delicate balancing act. carmen is exactly right. he's going to go back and forth. it will be interesting to see how much give the republicans have and how strong his spine is. >> let's remember, republicans aren't popular either. so do they have to give an inch to show voters in 2012? >> actually, we're improving. other part is the bottom line is his policies failed. he gets a new health care bill, health care goes up. it doesn't get better and he passes a stimulus package and unemployment goes up. so the thing about the republicans is their policies might succeed. everybody brings up ranonald reagan. his policies succeeded. >> is the wild card here the tea party? we heard this week, of course, tea party a little upset at scott brown for having some moderate positions.
7:27 am
after all, he's a massachusetts senator and a fairly liberal state. is the wild card here the tea party? >> the wild card is the tea party. will the tea party actually stick to the old style american principles and hold both democrats and republicans accountable and act as a real swing vote with respect to implementing their agenda? >> be interesting to see in 2011, here we come and 2012 is right behind that. >> absolutely. >> thanks, guys. >> happy new year. appreciate it. coming up on the show, this just in, governor of new mexico has decided whether or not to pardon billy the kid and justin bieber under fire for taking a stance on a mosque near ground zero. the teen superstar says the media got it all wrong. what's the real story? if you celebrate too much tonight, not much will get done around the house on saturday. some men are making a business out of helping people suffering from hangovers. we're back in two minutes. this new jetta is awesome.
7:28 am
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they can become lanced again. align. great digestion through scienc >> welcome back to "fox & friends" this morning. it was a decision, it only took 129 years to get this decision. this is the longest fox news alert it ever took. we're learning this morning that new mexico governor bill richardson has declined to pardon outlaw billy the kid. >> this happened as we did an
7:31 am
interview, interesting debate with people who -- including somebody who was related to the -- >> granddaughter of pat garrett who shot and killed billy the kid, of course, and yeah, governor richardson, this was the deadline as his term was coming to an end, he decided that the facts in the case did not support a pardon. why was he going to pardon billy the kid? you are right, he killed two deputies and he also killed sheriff william brady but apparently the governor of new mexico, governor wallace back in the 1880's had reportedly decided to give billy the kid a pardon but there was eventually not enough proof to certify that. and ultimately, i think it comes down to this. governor richardson knows as we discussed this morning, it is still murder. he did still kill police officers and that's a fact. >> the governor at the time was a territorial governor of new mexico, it wasn't a state, he said billy the kid might have witnessed other murders and testified on behalf in those cases. that was a shady thing. we weren't sure if he did see
7:32 am
those murders. we have some sound from governor richardson on his decision to not pardon billy the kid. >> yeah, i've decided not to pardon billy the kid because a lack of conclusiveness and also the historical ambiguity as to why governor wallace reneged on his pardon. >> i think a lot of folks understand why he would decide not to pardon him. can we look at that picture again, though, of billy the kid? doesn't this look like it would be a high school picture of martin short. doesn't it? >> interesting. >> three amigos. >> am i the only one that thinks this? >> remember? ultimately, what purpose would this serve if you granted this pardon, why? we're talking about the 1880's, who would serve to benefit from this other than possibly the tourism in the state of new mexico and ultimately, that was probably what this was about. this was about fun and u.s.
7:33 am
history and "young guns", of course. one of the great films. >> there you go. >> we shot that one to death. >> let's take a look at headlines now. ukraine has just sent to russia, get this, you have to pay attention here. enough uranium to build two atomic bombs. the united states made it happen. we have new photos that show more than 110 pounds of highly enriched uranium was removed from facilities across ukraine. it was sent to russia to be blended down so it can no longer be used in weapons. they're trying to keep the uranium from falling into the wrong hands. critics say it shouldn't have been sent back to russia because they announced they would be helping iran to get nuclear fuel for their power plant. iran is under u.n. sanctions because it's been trying to build a nuclear weapons program although it says it's not doing that. we know the truth! all righty, a second bombing in two days in athens, greece. this one apparently was not for cash -- was for cash, excuse me. not cause.
7:34 am
a large explosive went off in front of the boarded up nightclub doing some serious damage to the front of the building. nobody was hurt luckily. police reportedly believe it was the work of an extortion gang, not anarchists thought to set off an explosion set to go off in front of two court buildings. that happened yesterday. a huge surprise for a wounded soldier. check this out, during the halftime of the armed forces bowl in dallas, special ceremony awarded free to hugo chavez. he suffered wounds when his humvee was hit in iraq. listen. >> i didn't see this coming at all. very emotional for me to have this honor in front of my family and in front of the american nation, you know, in a national game like this one. >> so he gets a house. the house was donated by operations finally home created by dallas area home builder in
7:35 am
2005, supplies custom homes at no cost to badly wounded veterans. that's fantastic. ronald reagan presidential library and museum is planning a special tribute to the president in february. they will unveil a renovation on february 5th, the day before what would have been president reagan's 100th birthday. tomorrow, he'll be honored with a float in the rose apaid. the first presidential float to be featured in the parade. the words inspire, freedom, change the world will go under the president's statue of roses. >> i wondered if that was a statue of cheese. i don't know if you remember, we had a giant cheese sculpture of abraham lincoln on "fox & friends." >> yes. you look strangely similar to that giant block of cheese. >> are you saying he's cheesy? nice. in the new year, uconn women's team will have to start a new
7:36 am
streak. the last time they lost was back in 2008 to stanford and last night in stanford again and well, the number 8 cardinals owned this game and led the entire way ending the longest ever streak condaleeza rice and a stanford fan on hand there. 90 straight wins it comes to an end. 71-59. uconn won by 33 points a game during that streak. they'll be back. the club is amazing. after the blizzard of the century, the new yankees stadium played host to its first ever bowl game and it was outstanding. kansas state and syracuse facing off in the pinstripe bowl. back and forth we go. this one to marcus sales who had 172 yards and three touchdowns. kansas state comes back to score that touchdown that could have tied it. but that salute you just saw, flags for excessive celebration. they have to go for two and they have to run that play from the
7:37 am
18-yard line because of the 15-yard penalty, kansas state could not convert the two point conversion and that, my friends, is an awful call. i want to be impartial but don't let that decide the game! we see that stuff all the time. what a game, meanwhile, in the motor city bowl. north carolina and tennessee played some hard nose football to say the least. off the field there, does the tarheel -- we go late in the game. justin bray has been really terrific for tennessee, the freshman quarterback. what happened late? looked like it was over. however, there were too many players on the field and north carolina got another shot at it. yes, tennessee for the second time this year, too many players on the field. so in double, friends, double overtime, your game-winner right there. north carolina beating tennessee -- this is a game between a 7-5 and a 6-6 team.
7:38 am
but it seemed to work. great drama. 11 players on the field. i normally can't stand 35 bowl games but a lot of them are good thus far. 35. >> that's true. >> 35 is a little much. >> tomorrow will be a great day. >> tomorrow, all day. >> let's hope. let's hope the weather holds up for that. severe weather happening right now. janice dean in the weather center with a look at that. >> amazing. we have tornado warnings and have a tornado watch in effect for parts of oklahoma, arkansas, missouri and would you believe tornado warnings right now for areas just south of the watch here for arkansas, southeastern adare county, southwestern washington counties as well as south benson counties so those are tornado warnings meaning we're spotting strong rotation on doppler radar. when you see a watch, it means conditions are favorable for tornadoes and behind this system, cold, frigid air, blowing snow, blizzard conditions but, of course, the
7:39 am
threat we are most concerned with right now is the severe throat across the mississippi river valley. tonight and overnight as people are trying to celebrate, the incoming new year, unfortunately, it's going to be stay indoors for a lot of folks and then again, the cold side of this storm, we're going to see the blizzard conditions for the upper midwest back through the northern plains in red here. that's why we have a blizzard warning meaning that significant snow and blowing snow is going to make travel impossible. so guys, it will be a busy day. keep you posted on all those watches and warnings. back to you. >> thank you very much. tonight is the party, folks, as you know, but tomorrow is the hangover. but you have no fear, you don't have to go it alone. you can call the hangover helpers, at least if you're in boulder, colorado, two college grads that will help you gitd back on the hungover feet. they join us to tell us a little bit more about this. you came one a great idea as many of us, not including myself
7:40 am
in this, know from our college days, you know, you go out. you celebrate. the next day, you don't want to get up and clean. it's a mess. so after you have a party, the next day, you're hired. tell us what you guys do. >> all right. basically what we do is after a big party, we come in, we deliver homemade breakfast burritos to everyone in the house. give them refreshing ice cold gatorade and clean up the whole mess for them. when they wake up, everything is looking perfected. >> gatorade has the electrolytes and you charge $15 per roommate. what else? >> that's correct. flat fee, $15 per roommate. >> how ugly do these houses get? a lot of these folks, as, again, i remember and, of course, clayton created these problems for his roommates. >> don't drag me into it. >> you're already dragged in there, buddy. you know, these houses have to be pretty ugly. pretty awful. >> they can be pretty bad. we had one, it was six guys living in a house so we were
7:41 am
already like pretty bad. >> say no more. >> we came in, all of their couches were up on cinder blocks and had a foot of trash underneath every single couch so we needed a hockey stick to sweep all the trash out, bag it up so we did most of the living room and most of the kitchen. half way through the appointment, they mentioned they had a basement. it was ankle deep in red cups, kool-aid on the wall. unbelievable. >> any house you'll turn down and walk in and say i'm sorry, this goes past anything we can handle? >> i mean, everything has its price. for instance, vomit, we'll clean it. we don't want to clean it. if someone is like i puked. i need that cleaned. we'll do it but we'll have to do it for a certain price, you know? >> so -- >> everything has its price. along with anything else. >> right now, it's just in boulder, colorado, is that right? >> that's correct. >> is there a big problem right there with nightmarish situations after the night of partying? >> i mean, we haven't run into
7:42 am
anything spectacularly horrible yet. but i mean, kids like to party in boulder, it's a college town. so we foresee some interesting appointments. >> will you be expanding this service to the rest of the country? >> absolutely. we've had interest from students in universities all over the country and actually young entrepreneurs all over the country say we want hangover helpers in our town. how do we get this? we love this idea. please, we need you! so i think so. >> i think you'll make a killing. doesn't have to be just college towns, please. >> no, not at all. >> a lot of dave's friends. boy. good luck with your business. i don't think you'll need anymore. >> boulder, colorado, party school capital of the country. dave briggs' alma mater. >> i had a pretty good time there. they need more beverage variety. >> you need a bloody mary the next morning. coming up on the show, they're taking from the children to help pay for the union. city of boston forced to close
7:43 am
schools because they're out of money. beefing up benefits for teachers. that's next. >> should americans ban together and collectively lower their home prices. idea is being fleeted to get houses selling again. take a closer look. >> first, though, the trivia of the day. it's pain relief without the pills. no pills, no pain. how can you get pain relief without taking pills around the clock? try thermacare heatwraps, for all day relief without pills. i was surprised, thermacare worked all day. you feel the heat. and it relaxes and unlocks the muscle. you've got to try it.
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and found a better plan to fit my budget. well, you know what they say. oh! "knowledge is power." whew! [ male announcer ] visit or call 1-800-medicare. >> welcome back to "fox & friends." quick headlines now for you. justin bieber coming under fire because fans thought he supported the ground zero
7:46 am
mosque. turns out comments that he made to tiger beat magazine atriblted to the teen superstar were actually made up by another web site. tiger beat? really? the bogus quotes sparked a massive facebook campaign to boycott bieber. i'm surprised. the tiger beat is not a credible source of journalism. here's something you don't see every day. new video shows rescue crews lifting this 1300 pound pregnant cow. out of a 12 foot well. he reportedly fell into the well after rotted plywood gave way. the cow is doing just fine. dave? >> thanks, clayton. >> boston department of education is so hurting for cash that they are forcedo sh t down 10 schools and consolidate eight more but that's not stopping the union from costing the city millions in extra perks for teachers benefits. president of the boston municipal research bureau, a fiscal watchdog funded by businesses and nonprofits here with the details. good morning to you, sir.
7:47 am
>> good morning. >> no one wants to pick on teachers. the folks that teach our children and we hope do it well. but we were talking about consolidating or closing 18 schools and we're talking about a $63 million budget shortfall. is this the time to maybe start making some of those cuts, make some sacrifices? >> well, actually, i think for public service, both in massachusetts and frankly around the country, it really is a time for recalculation of the value of the benefits that have been negotiated all these years vs. the fiscal stability of municipalities so this is just one example of how there needs to be a reconfiguration of how you value these benefits. i mean, health insurance, for example, i think in early years, they negotiated premium shares, how much the city would pay. how much the employees would pay.
7:48 am
at a time when health insurance didn't cost that much. but it has grown substantially. it's unsupportable and so now is a time to recalculate and i think the health and welfare fund is an example of that, it needs to be sort of looked at, how you make changes in that. it has to be negotiated but it's too rich now. >> in particular, it's the vision and dental programs that are expensive even beyond the typical city employee in boston. obviously very union heavy there. what really catches your eye in some of these extra benefits? paying for a softball league, paying funeral expenses and paying legal bills related to things like wills and estates. real estate transactions, even misdemeanor criminal charges. should these types of things be covered again when this department, when the schools are so hurting financially? >> no, absolutely not. i mean, this is a situation where the school department and the city is facing a fourth
7:49 am
consecutive year of local aid cuts from the state because of trying to climb out of the recession. these are expenses that are not justified. originally, they weren't. but, you know, they have been negotiated so they're going to have to be negotiated out. but there's no legitimate basis for continuing these kinds of services. >> and here's what the boston teachers union tells us. "the health fund provides eye, hearing and dental care along with wellness programs that rnlt provided by traditional health insurance plans. so as part of a comprehensive managed care system, we believe it saves the city money. part of their paycheck each year to maintain the fund's benefits to departments. did they take these extra benefits in exchange for in effect a lower salary than their peers? >> i think there may have been a situation many years ago where in one year, there was a lower
7:50 am
salary but the value of the health insurance, or particularly, i guess, the dental and optical has grown so much that it far outweighs whatever savings occurred way back many years ago so that's why i say, there really need to be a recalculation of benefits in light of current fiscal situation. and basically because the problem is that the cost of these benefits including health insurance and life insurance are -- are growing at a much faster pace than revenue growth and what happens is that squeezes dollars available for other basic services like schools, libraries, public service. >> sure. >> and so that -- around the country, this is an issue and obviously -- >> absolutely, it is. >> thank you so much for being here. happy new year to you, sir. >> you, too. thank you. >> coming up, should americans band together and collectively slash their home prices to get houses moving again? fox business channel's jerry
7:51 am
lewis weighs in on that next and is president clinton feeling like rodney dangerfield? why the 42nd president is annoyed at the white house for giving him no respect. but first on this date in 1971, melanie had the number one song, "brand new key." everyone has someone to go heart healthy for. who's your someone? campbell's healthy request can help. low cholesterol, zero grams trans fat, and a healthy level of sodium. it's amazing what soup can do.
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7:53 am
7:54 am
>> the answer to the question of the day, bebe neurith. i could not come up with that. >> way to go, jeff. >> congratulations. >> economists say a lasting economy is not possible in the bear market. should they collectively lower the home prices? that's the idea being floated to get houses selling again. >> jerry willis is the host of the willis report on fox business and joins us now to weigh in. when first heard this, i thought this could be a joke. >> i think it's crazy. i don't think people would do it. the problem isn't that people underprice their homes, it's that they overprice their homes! because you know what? they want to get the most they can out of it. it's their biggest investment. >> this comes to us in "the wall
7:55 am
street journal", peter schiff writing this article and floating this idea. i recall even trying to sell my home in florida and we have like a new home in a development from the 1980's so we had a new home built in the 2000's in a development from the 1980's. the houses don't match, right? so if you have the best house on the block, i'm going to call up my neighbor and say, hey, your house has been here for four years. try to even things out a little bit. not gonna fly. >> you see what i'm saying? it's not going to work. no way people are going to do that. however, if you have to sell in this market and not a great market right now, right? what you want to do is find out the price per square foot out there and underprice your home a smidgeon. you want to be attractive. you want realtors to go that's great for people who are in the market. there are actually some people in the market right now. >> when is this market going to improve? please, tell us soon. >> right now, the problem in the market it's not what was going on five years ago. it's not the bubble. it's not mortgages. it's unemployment. we're going to start seeing
7:56 am
improvement to unemployment in second quarter. that's going to help the housing market. i'm not saying it's going to get better today or tomorrow but soon, it will start showing some sorts of improvement. >> i hear conflicting stories. settle this for me. we base the health of the economy on retail sales. fantastic christmas. retail sales. hear other people saying we base the health of the economy on the housing market. which is it? if we're doing so well in retail, we're getting more optimistic and if the housing market is terrible still, is 2011 going to look like 2010? >> i don't think so. i think it's going to be different. one of the things is going to be what happens with interest rates? if interest rates stay moderate and even though they've come up, they're still historically low, that's great for the housing market. look, the thing with retail sales and what people are talking about on wall street is are these retail sales sustainable? can it go on or was this just a one time blip where people said, you know what? i'm tired of not spending. i'm going to spend money at christmas. i think we're going to be in for a better 2011 because you know what? all the prognosticators are so negative and, you know, when
7:57 am
they all line up on the same side, they're usually wrong. >> so watch the willis report and get all the information in detail on the fox business channel. >> thanks for not being a scrooge. we appreciate that. >> coming up on the show, the president always said jobs come first, so why the trouble getting the job done? now we know the reason why. the story at the top of the hour. >> and the clock is about to strike midnight on the opposite side of the globe. we saw auckland. we'll take you to australia as they ring in 2011 at the top of the hour. fibeone chewy bar. how'd you do that? do what? it tastes togood to be fiber. you madet taste like chocolate. it has 35% of your daily value of fiber. do it again. turn it into something tasty. this guy's doing magic. there's chocolate chips in here now. how'd you do that? right! tasty fiber, that's a good one! ok, her mind.
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8:00 am
good morning, everybody. it's friday, december 31. it's the last day of 2010. job, job, jobs, all about the jobs. right? according to a liberal author, it hasn't been the real focus of the obama administration. why couldn't obama get the job done? dave? >> president clinton might be feeling a bit like rodney dangerrerfield. apparently why the 42nd president is reportedly saying they give him no respect. i can't do rodney. >> tonight in times square, the grand daddy of all new year's eve parties, crews just putting the finishing touches on times square, putting up some of the retainer barriers. but the celebration was not the first. right now live in australia is about to welcome 2011. this is sydney, australia live. you're watching as "fox & friends" begins.
8:01 am
>> let's you get a little glimpse. >> you lived in australia for a while? >> that's the bridge across the harbor from the sydney opera house. if the camera were to pan a little bit left from that shot, you would see the opera house. but really, i've never seen anything like the celebration there. i know times square is what we all think of. the fireworks go and the scene with the opera house behind you and the harbor bridge, amazing. >> it should be, though. you're away. you're not in your own country. there is something more to that. by the way, happy new year to all of you almost here in the united states. but happy birthday to our little clayton morris. >> thank you. >> he's a big boy now. >> thank you. >> 34 big years old. >> and thank you, sydney, for spending all of that money on my beautiful fireworks display. i appreciate that.
8:02 am
>> this is a big celebratory day for you. not only is it new year's eve, your birthday. >> i'll be here celebrating and back here, as i share every holiday with dave. and my mom, who woke up in philadelphia when she had me that next morning on new year's day and there was the parade going down in philadelphia. she said, oh, the parade is for my little boy. but it wasn't. they do that every year. >> and it never will be. >> it never will be. thank you. thank you for all of your kind birthday wishes. >> congratulations. we'll take a look at the headlines. the f.b.i. is confident there will be no trouble at tonight's new year's eve celebration in times square. so far there haven't been any credible terrorist threats and the new york city police department has secured the area completely and if you go into the area, you know it's secure. one million people are expected tonight. haz-mat, swat teams, hostage negotiators all on hand already to make sure the city is prepared to respond to any threat that might come about. the prime minister of great
8:03 am
britain issuing a terror alert this morning. david cameron said the terrorist threat to britain is, quote, as serious as it's ever been. he says the arrest this month of nine men accuse of plotting christmas bombing attacks in london are proof that britain is being targeted. cameron is urging british muslims to help fight extremism. bill richardson is not going to pardon billy the kid. his term ends tonight at midnight and he announced there is not enough evidence to pardon the kid for the murder of a sheriff back in 1878. clayton was a young man. back then, new mexico's royal governor promised the kid a pardon. >> i decided not to pardon billy the kid because a lack of conclusiveness and also the historical ambiguity as to why governor wallace reneged on his pardon. >> new mexico's incoming republican governor-elect called
8:04 am
the debate over pardoning the old time western outlaw a waste of time. the second major storm to hit the u.s. in less than a week, massive storms pummeled the western u.s. yesterday, dumped a lot of snow, heavy snow from california all the way to north dakota. icy roads and fierce winds blamed for this 100 car pileup in fargo. the chain reaction started when two tractor trailers jackknifed near blinding conditions. the storm delivering hurricane force winds in new mexico. no joke. guests outside of albuquerque reportedly reaching 75 miles an hour. the extreme weather grounded hundreds of flights out of places like denver, also chicago yesterday, and even more cancellations are expected today, unfortunately. the delays adding insult to injury for airlines that are already seriously back logged from cancellations out of new york following the weekend blizzard here. those are your headline, folk.
8:05 am
>> thank you. let's talk about a new paperback edition of a book, a best sell whenever it came out. "the promise" came out. now it's out again with a new epilogue. but inside workings of the white house as they tried to get jobs at the forefront of the obama administration. it seems as the book claims, there is a bit of dysfunction within the ranks between rahm emanuel, larry summers. this is president obama talking about jobs and see if you can pinpoint and listen to how president obama has to sort of regain the focus of jobs every time we play a new part of this sound bite. take a listen. >> i'm proposing a number of steps that we should take immediately to stabilize our financial system, provide relief to families and communities, and help struggling homeowners. it's a plan that begins with one word that's on everybody's mind, and it's easy to spell, jobs.
8:06 am
jobs. we've got to work on jobs. we can not hang back and hope for the best when we've seen the kinds of job losses we've seen over the last year. i am not interested in taking a wait and see approach when it comes to creating jobs. what i'm interested in is taking action right now to help businesses create jobs, right now in the near term. we now have to pivot and focus on jobs and growth. jump starting the economy so that we actually start making a dent in the unemployment rate and we are equipping ourselves so that we can compete in the 21st century. >> so there seems to be some sort of dysfunction between rahm emanuel, david axelrod and larry summers, the big economic advisor. the three of them couldn't seem to get on the same page and according to one passage in the book, rahm emanuel would come to larry summers and say, look, how about this? how about that? trying to get a job plan in the works and he said summers just wasn't dealing with it.
8:07 am
just wasn't really reacting. >> yeah. apparently this is the problem with our unemployment rate, i guess, if you want to buy that theory. again, this is a liberal author. this is a senior editor at newsweek. so considering the source, this seems like very reliable information. some might say this is a far right critic. this is not. he's a supporter. he also reveals that president clinton apparently has felt a little disrespected by the obama administration over the past couple of years. >> yeah. so much so that there were a number of incidents that rubbed bill clinton the wrong way. >> like what? >> for instance, when he was in north korea negotiating the release of those two young ladies there, the famous photos of him, the white house asked the president to take a separate flight back to the united states because they didn't want him to upstage the two women who had just been released from north korea. also he's felt like he's been used as a prop by this white house, being propped up and put at the podium for certain
8:08 am
circumstances to negotiate things, but then never being called when the going gets tough. >> are you talking about what happened a couple weeks ago? >> i don't know. >> maybe that was respect. >> whatever it was, it sure didn't give president clinton a lot of credit for kind of selling the policies; in this case, the tax cuts. president clinton also didn't like that he wasn't given any credit for helping the spy swap, if you remember, the four russian spies who were doing some work for the c.i.a. who were released. president clinton wanted a little credit for that. apparently some dissent among rahm emanuel, who used to work in the clinton white house, said at one point when clinton was complaining about lack of access to the president, rahm emanuel allegedly said, he's lucky he's on the president's schedule at all. i think that would probably rub bill clinton the wrong way, needless to say. >> authors out there, if you're thinking about writing a new epilogue for your book, that's the way to do it.
8:09 am
>> why wouldn't you just write a new book? >> there you go. e-mail us and let us know your thoughts on this. if you actually read the first edition. >> let's get to janice dean who has a check of our new year's eve weather across the country. >> tornado warnings, if you can believe, blizzard warnings across the northern plains and upper midwest. tornado watch in effect for parts of missouri and arkansas. there is our blizzard across the dakotas, as well as colorado, up toward minnesota. my main concern right now is a threat for tornadoes. tornado watch for parts of missouri and arkansas. there is our latest tornado warning. still seeing some very strong rotation on doppler radar, eastern benton county and northwestern madison county, as well as northeastern washington county in northwestern arkansas. obviously take shelter immediately if you live in these areas just north and east of fort smith, arkansas. real quick look at your future
8:10 am
radar further out in time, let's stop the radar at midnight. the worst of the weather, east of chicago, down through memphis and atlanta, the potential for heavy rain and offshore by sunday, not going to affect our new year's plans here in new york city. temperatures will be really nice around 38 degrees once the ball drops. look at this. 30 in kansas city. 14 in minneapolis. 64 in memphis. the clash of the two air masses giving us the potential for severe weather and blizzard conditions. back to you. >> wow. 64 in memphis. who would have thought on new year's day? >> it's interesting as we look at memphis and other cities across the country, not everyone is tuned in to the big ball drop in new york city. not everyone has a giant waterford crystal ball to be dropping in their city. some cities do unique things. >> like you're talking about the pickle drop? >> the pickle drop. >> in mount olive, north carolina? >> who can forget. >> that's one of my favorite events. >> you've been there? >> it drops at 7:00 o'clock.
8:11 am
no. it's quite a celebration. people have been coming out for 12 years. they do it at 7:00 o'clock. it's mixed with pickle tasting and a pickle polka. who can miss that. i think we ought to send you there live next year. >> no, you need to send me here to wisconsin to the huge cheese wedge drop. you know my addiction to cheese. and if i'm there to catch it, i'll bring some back. >> what about in bethlehem, pennsylvania, for the marshmallow peep drop. >> raleigh, egg corn. giant egg corn. squirrels go nuts this time of year when that thing drops. >> and here is is the acorn. >> pretty serious. >> here is what you were mentioning, it's a massive peep. how big is it? it's 4 1/2 feet high, 45-pound
8:12 am
peep. you know how happy a 45-pound peep is. >> who can -- >> what's amazing about peeps is that they're made out of styrofoam, so they last for hundreds of years. memphis, tennessee, big fan, of course, of music down there, large guitar drop in memphis, tennessee. that's pretty cool. >> we did not get to, but i have to mention the giant red high heeled shoe that drops in key west, florida, complete with the drag queen sushi. i mean, who could miss that? >> juliet goes every year. >> that's right. speaking of that, there is a pirate wench dropped from the historic ship. >> did they replace you this year? >> they did sadly, 'cause i'm going to be working. >> coming up on the show, he hasn't even taking the oath yet, but the governor-elect of
8:13 am
florida rick scott is here next and explaining why he's taking the focus off politics and making inauguration day about the troops. >> and one teenage boy has an idea to deal with the baptist church. >> happy new year, right now they're ringing in 2011 all across australia. that is sydney harbor and what a spectacle it is.
8:14 am
8:15 am
welcome back here to "fox & friends" on this new year's eve. it was an impresssive pledge to create 700,000 jobs over the next seven years. but now that campaign is over. incoming governor rick scott is starting to feel the weight of his promise to create more jobs. can rick scott put florida back
8:16 am
to work? >> rick scott joining us live. good to see you. congratulations. >> good morning. happy birthday to clayton. >> thank you. happy new year. >> thank you. >> governor, how do you plan on doing this? >> well, we're going to run the state like you run a business. watch how we spend all the money. we're going to get rid of regulations killing jobs and every day i'm going to go out there and talk to business people about how i can help them grow their businesses in florida, what problems the state creates, then talk to companies across the country and across the world to get them to come to our great state. we have great weather. we don't have an income tax. we're a right to work state. 1200 miles of beaches. so it's a great place to live. >> one of the big things for governors, facing bankruptcy. a lot of states in dire need of help. what are you doing differently, what do you plan to do differently that some of these other states could learn from? >> we're going to look at every dollar. we're going to watch every dollar we spend and make sure we
8:17 am
don't waste it. we'll make sure we have a pension plan that makes sense. make sure that the people that rely on it know it's going to be there, but make sure it's fair to taxpayers. i represent the taxpayers of the state. i'm going to look at how every dollar is spent. i'm going to make sure we have the best educated work force. with regard to the dollars, i'm gog watch it, it's called accountability budgeting. you go through every agency and look at what works, what doesn't work, get rid of things that don't work and streamline. just like you would have to do in business every day. >> imagine that. >> there is a piece in the "new york times" today and i imagine there are pieces all over the headlines today talking about some of the inaugural balls, inaugural festivities that a lot of incoming governors will be having. you've been criticized, one source calls your festivities a coronation. somebody else said inexcusable. you've been planning big stuff. but you also have -- there is some charity going on behind this. explain what's happening. >> well, we're focused on the
8:18 am
military. we're having a military concert a free concert. we'll have lee greenwood there singing "god bless the usa." it's for veteran, active military. it's free. on top of that, we're raising money for wounded warriors. it's a great project that when military men and women come back wounded, this project takes care of them. we already raised over $200,000. we have i think 40 of those families coming to our inaugural ball. we're going to raise money for wound warriors. but the entire time i'm in office, i'm going to focus on the military because they're defending our freedom every day. >> you think governors across the country, governor-elect, it's a time of the signs? even the new york state of all things, large inaugural balls being pulled back, smaller, classier coronations so they're not spending an exorbitant amount of money when so many
8:19 am
americans are suffering right now? >> i think what we've done is raised all the money privately. and with regard to wounded warrior, you can contribute to them. we've got to watch how we spend our money and celebrate the change. we're going to get our state back to work. we have high unemployment right now. i'm going to come in and get this state back to work. i'm going to be the jobs governor. i'm going to go every day and think about how we grow jobs in the state. we'll be the number one job creator. >> rick scott, governor-elect, congratulations again and have a good time at your inaugural. >> happy new year. >> happy new year. >> bye. enjoy the warm weather while we're suffering through the snow. >> coming up on the show, their actions disgusting. westborough baptist church protests funerals of heros who died in combat. but now high school teen is taking on the group by himself and he joins us next. >> and then this guy takes -- this is a stickup, to a whole new level, using, as you can
8:20 am
see, a stick. but he wasn't ready for the clerk. >> almost like a log. >> it's a very large stick. very large.
8:21 am
8:22 am
welcome back. 22 minute past the hour. the rare earthquake that shook central indiana caught on
8:23 am
camera. breaking new video shows what happened when the, well, 3.89 quake hit a supermarket. no major damage, no injuries reported across the state luckily. 58 days after election day, senator lisa murkowski was finally named the official winner of alaska's u.s. senate race. she will be sworn in with her colleagues on wednesday. dave? >> thanks so much. here is a quote from an e-mail from the westborough baptist church to a high school student. you must be living in a painful spiderman movie if you think that you can change or stop god from killing soldiers or stop his people from standing on a public right of way if you help connect the dots from that wrath of god. your parents utterly failed in their duty to you and god says that's for the simple fact that they hate you. that to a high school senior. that senior joins us now from boston this morning all the way down from maine. he was given a project
8:24 am
assignment from his teachers. zach, good morning to you. that project was take a political or a social issue and act on it. you decided to take up the westborough baptist church. why? >> well, the primary project was to go ahead and create a political issue, like you said, and when i did that, i went on-line and looked and i found out that this was a big one that we don't always hear about in the news and something that probably needs to be dealt with overall. and i decided that this group, i think a law needs to be put in place to stop these guys because under the first amendment, i feel this is an infringing on people's rights for the family in the funeral. >> yeah. protesting at the funerals of our soldiers who have made the ultimate sacrifice, hard to defend that, isn't it? your teachers asked you again to act on this political or social issue, what is it that you hope to do? >> well, on wednesday, january 5, i'm proposing a bill to the public in maine at the
8:25 am
high school during a seminar meeting. i will present the proposed bill to mainors and anybody who would like to attend and get their comments and feedback and then i hope to present that to my senators and representatives at the state of maine level and send that to the national level with them and hopefully we can get something in place. >> yeah. if you can't read -- reach them in the snow, we will help you out. we read a part of the e-mail. from west borrow row baptist church to you, a high school senior, what does it say to you about this group that they wrote such offensive words to you? >> as a baptist myself and my local baptist church, i can tell you they don't have any baptist values. i can tell you they're not reaching out to people the way people should be reaching out to people. >> so that was obviously some feedback from one side. but what has been the majority of the feedback from people once you took up this cause? >> a lot of people have been very supportive. some are kind of questioning, is it infringing on people's
8:26 am
rights? would this law go ahead and infringe on the protester's right to protest. i say no. it would protect everybody and it would go ahead and back up the first amendment. >> you make one heck of a case. what's the message, do you think, whether it be high school students or even college students about instead of sitting around and complaining about something, what is the message here in terms of acting, getting off your butt and doing something? >> i can tell you not to ever underestimate any project you're given. i simply did not expect to be on national news with this. so i can tell you this was a small town project and it turned out to be a national phenomenon. >> it sure has. and we support you in this endeavor. january 5, you will make this presentation. the westborough baptist church says they will be there to protest. please keep us informed as to how this proceeds and if you reach senator collins and snow, let us know. thank you for being here. >> great, thanks, dave.
8:27 am
>> happy new year. coming up, why is the u.s. handing nuclear material used to make bombs over to russia? shocking report and it's been confirmed by the white house. the story behind the deal next. >> how an experienced boy scout saved an entire family from a fire just before a propane tank exploded as he was walking home from his girlfriend's house. and it's new year's eve. so bring on the bubbly. we've got champagne for every budget and a few cocktails you can prepare. >> my new year's resolution to finally work out. again. >> my name is jillian and new year's resolution is try and be nice to my brother and sister.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
crazy night for us tonight. >> yeah, happy new year, everyone. new year's resolution time. got one? >> don't lose my cool. >> well, that's never happened. >> don't lose his cool. >> i need help in that. >> now i can do the dad thing course i'm going to be as good a dad to my kid as dave is to his. that's my goal this year.
8:31 am
>> i don't have any. >> janice dean with a check of the weather. >> my resolution, you know, i don't have one. just to have a great family and lose some weight after this baby. >> that works. >> that's me on the spot. let's look at the weather. i wish my new year's resolution was better weather for the country because we have just seen incredibly crazy weather over the last couple of weeks. so the last one that was in the west is moving into the central u.s. blizzard conditions for the northern plains and the upper midwest. and tornado watches and warnings. this tornado watch just popped up. it's good until 3:00 p.m. local time for parts of missouri as well as arkansas and including st. louis. we're seeing the potential for large hail, damaging winds and tornadoes. couple severe thunderstorm warnings in effect south of the springfield area. but this is a tornado warning.
8:32 am
our recent one for northern arkansas, northern madison and northern terrell county. tornado warning. people are asked to take shelter immediately in these regions where there is a tornado watch and keep listening to your local fox weather station. keep your weather radios handy because we are in for a very bad day of severe weather, including tornadoes. look at that severe weather, that bull's eye that stretches from new orleans up to jackson and memphis, up toward st. louis. so unfortunately, it's going to be nature's fireworks that are probably going to be making news across the central u.s. on the flip side, the cold side of this storm, blizzard warnings just east of the rockies for parts of colorado, nebraska, up into the upper midwest. over a foot of snow and wind gusts in excess of 40, even 50, hurricane force winds gusts. people are urged to stay indoors and we'll be here throughout the day bringing you the very latest in this crazy, whacky weather of
8:33 am
2010. back to you. >> thank you very much. speak of crazy and whacky, let's go out to times square. some parts of the world already celebrating new year. they'll be celebrating tonight. my brother, john, john huddy is joining us live. >> i'm ready to go, baby! >> don't call me baby, that's creepy. is it getting loud out there? it's really not? >> it's getting a little kookie. that's the best word walking around. i want to show you something, by the way. i have a compass in my hand here. it dates back to 1916. that's nine years after the first ball dropped here at times square. by the way, this six ton waterford crystal ball is just due south of us and, in fact, there you go. in some parts of the world, it's already the new year. so happy new year to all the kiwis in new zealand. here in times square, you're
8:34 am
looking at the staging area. they're expecting about a million people to crowd into roughly a little over a half blocks. on television, an estimated billion people are expected to be watching the six ton ball make its 70-foot descent after the button is pushed by mayor bloomberg. in terms of security, i want to talk about that real quick. the nypd is ten -- stepping up security this year. they're adding extra personnel along with the undercover officers, bomb sniffing dogs. there will be snipers on the roof tops and also on the manholes will be sealed. one of the big issues in new york the last few days has been the weather and the storm clean-up or lack thereof after the blizzard earlier this week. i can tell you, they have really cleared out times square, particularly the staging area. i think we're probably standing in really what's left of the snow right here. but for the most part, everything else is good to go
8:35 am
and that's a good thing there is a lot of people that are expected here. that's the good news. bad news is i mentioned this, snooki will not be joining the festivities. the theme tonight is let there be love, but the little ball of love will not be here. i'm so sorry. >> that's so sad, 'cause we were hoping she would be inside of that crystal as it came down. >> john what, are your plans tonight? what will you be doing? >> we, meaning veronica and i and a friend, will be going to the w in hoboken. >> so all of your stalkers can join you there. >> what are you doing? you got to work tomorrow. >> the three of us will be here and we're happy to be here tomorrow. >> yeah. we can be watching it on television, john. >> i'm sure we will be. >> party on, john. >> happy new year. >> be sure to catch meghan and bill. they do the count down show right here on fox. ainsley and greg gutfeld and
8:36 am
kimberly as well. >> on a crane has sent enough uranium to build two atomic bombs and the united states made it happen. yes, we have new photos that show how more than 110 pounds of highly enriched uranium were removed from research facilities across ukraine this week. the bomb making material sent to russia then to be blended down so it can no longer be used in weapons. but the u.s. is trying to keep uranium from falling into the wrong hands. but critics say it should not have been sent to russia because in august, they announced they would help iran get nuclear power for its nuclear -- fuel for its power plant. iran obviously is under u.n. sanctions because it's been trying to build a nuclear weapons program, although it denies that. a 12-year-old girl says the taliban is training girls in baghdad. she was not taken seriously until a woman blew herself up on
8:37 am
saturday in pakistan, killing 42 others at a food center. the girl comes from the taliban family and she said she and her sisters were expected to kill themselves. the girls said she was terrified and escaped. homeland security secretary janet napolitano touchdown in kabul, afghanistan overnight where she's going town spending new year's eve with our troops. peter doocy is live in washington and has all the details on that. hey, pete. >> hey. that's right. homeland security secretary janet napolitano says that she's honored to ring in the new year in kabul with our brave men and women on the front lines who are fighting terror and bringing stability to the region. dhs, her department, has had people in afghanistan for years working to keep bad guys and drugs and weapons out of the country. and napolitano is over there now to see firsthand what kind of security progress we are making and she added in a statement that, quote, in the last 12 months, dhs has expanded its effort here in support of president obama's policy of civilian engagement.
8:38 am
today i arrived in kabul with six additional border security and customs officers who will join our ongoing efforts to advise and assist our afghan counterparts and she won't just be meeting with her afghan counterpart this is week. when her business is done in kabul, she's going to jet over to qatar on the second israel on the third, fourth and fifth, and belgium and she's expected to talk about ways civilians and their business interests are safe in the air and at home in the new year. juliet. >> peter doocy, thank you very much for that report. we appreciate it. happy new year. >> happy new year. >> eagle scout in florida saves the day on his way home from his girlfriend's house. he noticed smoke coming from a nearby home. the brave young man immediately jumped into action. he runs through to the door and tells the people inside that there was a fire on the roof. >> thought i was playing a joke. they got the kids out of the house just in case and walked around to the side and they said, oh, my god, the house is on fire.
8:39 am
it's probably going to explode. >> luckily they got out because it did explode. everyone was far enough away. the boy called 911. he grabbed a hose to start dousing the fire himself. this next story gives a whole new meaning to the term stick up. surveillance video captures a guy robbing a convenience store with a giant stick. it happened just outside of washington, d.c. and as you can see, the clerk uses a hammer. not as large a a stick to defend himself, but it didn't work. the guy with the stick eventually did escape with a bag full of cash. and a doughnut, looks like. can't celebrate new year's eve without champagne, but you don't have to break the bank to get your bubbly on. plus you can be pretty creative with come tails. >> tyler field from morton's is here, he's the vp of wine and spirits at mortgageon steakhouse. good morning. >> good morning to you. >> a lot of people drinking the bubbly.
8:40 am
but you don't have to spend 50, 60, $100 to get a good bottle. some are very affordable. >> yeah. i brought three here. one thing to really understand is that all champagne is sparkling wine, but all sparkling wine isn't champagne because it's not from champagne and that affects the price. what we have here is a beautiful sparkling wine from italy called proseco. 's from italy and run 8 to $11 and it's very mixible. >> it's sweet, isn't it? >> a little sweet. so they use it there to make spritzes a lot. a great american wine producer called gloria ferrer, it's 100% pinot noir. $125. if you want to splurge, i brought the mac daddy. thedom perignon. new year's eve is about love and celebration. if you're going to splurge, this is what you need.
8:41 am
>> how much is that? >> $200. >> can you tell me the difference between -- what is a brut? >> it's the dry style of champagne. then it goes to extra dry, then it also can go to a demi sec, which is a sweet style champagne. brut is the driest. >> the big difference, really between sparkling wine and champagne, it's just where they're from? >> just where they're from. >> but you do have some champagne. >> on new year's eve, it's all about sparkles and champagne is about love. but you also have people enjoying cocktails. we have three bubbly cocktails. the first one is the mortgageon champagne cocktail. we have a little sugar cube. we put peach bitters on it. >> sugar cube inside? >> inside. peach bitters on it. pomegranate liquer, cinnamon sugar rim you and top that off with some beautiful brut champagne, if i didn't -- >> takes a little bit longer.
8:42 am
and then moving to the next one. >> the red velvet. >> we'll be featuring this on valentine's day. but it includes a beautiful belgian beer, which is favored with raze berries, open fermented. we're going to -- since this is a sweeter style cocktail, we're going to use proseco to mix with this. >> that's a sparkling wine. >> so again, we have a second drink that sparkles. this would be for your beer lover that's coming over 'cause you kind of get both. >> would you ever usedom perignon in a spritzer? >> don't do it. >> yes. if that's what you like, absolutely. >> really? >> that's wrong, my friend. >> i can't tell the difference. >> sparkling dozen metropolitan. >> what we have here is a new product called a twist and sparkle. it's mainly used to make your own sodas and to bubble up your juices and things like that.
8:43 am
but you can also get your cosmopolitan in there. it's been there inn there for a minute. >> you have to give it some pumping, though? >> no. there is the actual pump. you twist it. it takes about a minute and now you have a sparkling cosmopolitan. it's not diluted with water. you don't have to add sodapop. but again, for the holidays, there it is. >> i tell you, tyler field, i never want add commercial break so bad in my life. >> after the show tomorrow, dave. >> happy new year to you. check out mortgageon's for your new year's eve plans. >> if you indulge, we hope you'll be safe. don't drink and drive. you may be surprised at the number of people who admit to driving drunk. is it because the laws aren't tough enough? we'll talk about that coming up next. >> and meet kettleman sam.
8:44 am
he's one of the best salvation army bell ringers out there. how does he get so many people to donate? his secret when he joins us live.
8:45 am
8:46 am
45 minutes past the hour on this new year's eve. a passenger caught the emergency evacuation of the plane on video. the flight to phoenix was diverted to colorado springs when the plane started having engine trouble. two passengers were injured during the evacuation and treated at the hospital. tomorrow president reagan will be honored with the 26-foot tall float in the rose bowl parade. it's the first presidential float ever to be featured in the 120-year-old parade. clayton? >> thank you, dave. well, new year's day is one of the most dangerous days of the year to be driving. new data released by the triple
8:47 am
a foundation for traffic safety found that the average number of deaths from alcohol-related crashes on new year's day is almost 150% higher than the average for the same day of the week during the holiday season. what's even more frightening about that is that this past year one in ten drivers have admitted to driving under the influence. here with us is a national president from mothers against drunk driving, laura dean mooney. nice to see you this morning. happy new year. >> happy new year to you as well. >> perhaps not a happy time of the year, though, for members of mothers against drunk driving who are looking at these statistics and have to be scratching their head. one in ten drivers, according to this new data released, showing that they have driven drunk in the past year. are laws just not strict enough? >> i think laws are strict enough. it's just some of that comes down to personal responsibility. 30 years after everyone know what is a designated driver is, the question is, why do people
8:48 am
continue to drive drunk when they have great options to not make that choice to drive drunk? we believe that they need to be reminded, especially on new year's eve, because as you mentioned, it is such a high risk time of the season to be driving. >> yeah, and new data that i was looking into last night, a person is killed every 15 minutes in the united states on a roadway. even though we've seen improved safety in cars, back up beeping so we know we're protected when backing up. but we're still getting killed on roadways. you've actually compiled safety tips and party tips that we can try to implement. offer nonalcoholic drinks. i guess if there are drinks nonalcoholic, people may pay tar in those if you offer them. right? >> sure. we want everyone to have fun. gosh, it's a great time to celebrate. but if do you have a designated driver, which you should at your party, for instance, make sure you offer them something that's nonalcoholic to drink or for those people who prefer just not to drink anything at all.
8:49 am
>> also you say close the bar 90 minutes before the party ends. what do you mean by that? >> well, if you cut off the service of alcohol, you'll give people time to let that metabolize if they've taken part in that and it gives them some time to have their system absorb the alcohol before they leave your home if you're hosting the party. >> one of the things near to your heart is trying to offer some taxi services or offer your sofa up so people can crash at your house so they're not on the roadways. your husband was tragically killed in a car accident in a head on collision because of a drunk driver. just say, hey, sleep on our couch, i guess. right? >> absolutely. have fun tonight, but if you have someone at your home that absolutely refuses, they won't give up their keys, call a cab for them and more importantly, let them stay on your couch tonight. i believe they may get mad at you tonight, but they're going to thank you tomorrow morning when they wake up on new year's day. they're alive, they haven't hurt themselves or god forbid injured or killed someone else.
8:50 am
it's the life saving thing to do for yourself and your family. >> great tips and important message this morning. we appreciate you joining us this morning from philadelphia. happy new year. >> thank you and happy new year to all of you. >> thank you. coming up here on the show, he's one of the top bell ringers in america. how kettleman sam helped shatter the salvation army's goal. let's check in with gregg jarrett for a look at what's coming up at the top of the hour. happy new year. >> happy new year. at the stroke of midnight, pipe partisan gridlock or kumba, ya. all that at the top of the hour.
8:51 am
8:52 am
8:53 am
one missouri man gets into the christmas spirit by singing carols with his guitar. he does it to raise money for the salvation army. kettleman sam is his name and it's -- he set out to raise $10,000 this year. that was his goal. but with his guitar in hand, he raised much more. joining us now is kettleman sam. good to have you here. >> happy new year. >> thanks. you guys, too. nice to be here this morning.
8:54 am
>> you're out there in st. charles, missouri. beautiful, beautiful place. just outside of st. louis. you worked over 200 hours and how much money did you end up raising? >> my final total i got yesterday was $15,895. >> wow. >> and our core goal for our area was 104. we raised $111,896 on that, plus an additional 4,000 plus from counter kettles at the local stores right now. >> what's your secret? because it's not just ringing a bell. you have a secret. you have something in your arsenal that you pull out during the holidays. it stops people in the middle of the street. what do you do? >> i don't think it's a real secret. i think it's just loving folks and loving the salvation army, loving music. people really are in touch with the christmas spirit. they're in touch with a lot of other good things, too, you
8:55 am
know. just out there having fun, spreading a little cheer and music. the message of the salvation army, what they can do for folks if they'll let them. >> you do a lot for folks and you have some special stories. if you could share with us one or two of those special stories that you've encountered out while playing songs. share with us the one about the young lady who was there with her mom and what transpired. >> that one was a real tear jerker. i almost never got through the song. a lady with her down syndrome afflicted daughter, the daughter was probably 30 or so. and she was enthralled by the guitar and asked if i could play her mother's favorite song "amazing grace." so i did, and on a nice day, folks gathered around and she sang more than half the words with me. it was hard to get through the song. it was so touching. the whole time, that blessing spread to everyone and everybody gathered around and steady
8:56 am
stream of folks coming to the kettle and watching this beautiful young lady sing her mom's favorite song. >> that's great. >> that was a tough one. >> do us a favor, because we'll have you play us to commercial break. give us a little bit of what you play for folks out there when you're trying to raise money for the salvation army. grab that guitar. >> thanks for being here and happy new year to you and play us out to the break. ♪ silent night, holy night ♪ ♪ all is calm, all is bright ♪ round yon virgin, mother and child ♪ ♪ holy infant so tender and mild ♪ ♪ sleep in heavenly peace
8:57 am
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8:59 am
if you're not in times square tonight, the best thing to do is join meghan kelly and bill hemmer starting at 10 p.m they will be live from times square until after the ball drops. >> happy new year, everybody. >> rick springfield and others. >> happy new year. happy birthday to


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