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tv   FOX Report  FOX News  February 12, 2011 7:00pm-8:00pm EST

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>> is the vote is in, we'll tell you who won the presidential stru poll in the gathering at our nation's capitol and we're knowing latest developments on the medical condition of hollywood icon, elizabeth taylor, i'm harris faulkener, we are live with fox report are live with fox report tonight. captioning by, closed captioning services, inc. >> egypt's first day in 30 years without hosni mubarak in power and now the people who sparked regime change have a new dilemma. >> we want to show we want things met and we will wait, and
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see what we were promised. >> how demonstrators intend to guarantee their victory after they leave tahrir square and plus... uncle sam says our southern border is more secure but people who live there say no way, tonight, going to one of the most dangerous sex secticti the u.s.-mexico border to see what is working and what is not and, they capture incredible video, now, police cruisers are popping up in private cars and is it better protection or invasion of privacy? we report, you decide. >> republicans one step closer to choosing who they want to send to the white house in 2012. the three-day cpac, the largest annual conference for conservatives ending with a straw poll on the top contenders and the number one pick, ron paul of texas. he won last year, too and the
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gathering, somewhat of a road test for potential candidates, a platform to test out their messages, and one possible candidate, mississippi governor haley barbour. >> the main thing is electing a republican president next year. [applause]. >> we can't put america on the right track until we elect a republican president in 2012. and i republican senate to join the republican house in enacting those crucial policies. >> formal announcements are expected in a matter of weeks or months, our molly henneberg is live in washington, and, molly, what should we take away from ron paul's victory today? >> reporter: harris, he has a lot of enthusiastic, dedicated supporters who turn out for the event and they fill out the ballot and turn it in and listen to what the crowd is a reaction
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was when ron paul was announced the winner for the second year in a row. here's more. [cheers and applause]. >> reporter: a lot of cheers and chants of "ron paul" drowning out the book, and let's look at the top four, ron paul, got 30%, a congressman from texas, mitt romney 23 romney%, 1-2 last year as well, same results as far that's first and second place and a deep drop off to the third place, two people tied, gary johnson and chris christie, the new jersey governor, tied 6% and there's a lot of young people who voted in the straw poll, 49% of those who voted were between the ages of 18 and 25. that likely would help ron paul who does well among college students and one other note. two of the most important issues, among the people who voted in the straw poll, two most important issues, reducing
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the size of the federal government and reducing government spending. harris? >> molly, the names were coming into the newsroom and we noticed there were a couple of big names that were near the bottom. what does that say? >> reporter: right, let's look at the more prominent names at the bottom of the straw poll, sarah palin, g.o.p. vice presidential nominee in 2008, had 3% and mike huckabee, former arkansas governor, 2% and those are a couple names you hear a lot in connection with the 2012 presidential election. they did not speak here at this event and were not here and nor was governor christie and he tied for third place they would say, it doesn't mean much, the second year ron paul won it and not likely to be the g.o.p. nominee in 2012 and they would likely write that off and say it's not important and cp amount -- cpac officials would point to mitt romney and it could portend something in the future for
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republicans. >> molly, interesting, thank you very much and good to see you. republicans test the waters with conservatives at cpac and our own fox news poll asking likely voters, an important group, who they favor on the g.o.p. ticket in 2012, a couple differences with our poll, among the big names on the fox list, that did not make the ballot at cpac, former there governor jeb bush and real estate mogul donald trump. julie bandaras has results now live from our new york newsroom. >> julie: from former governors to donald trump the field remains wide open according to the latest fox news poll. and, with the results of cpac's straw poll we'll see if republicans get a bump the next few weeks and it is too early in the election cycle and name recognition plays' large part in the support the candidates receive and may boost the donald over lesser-known contenders and mike huckabee and mitt romney lead the pack with 55 and 54%. next up, are former house speaker, newt gingrich, at 43%,
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and, former alaska governor sarah palin at 40%. former florida governor jeb bush, brother of former president george bush, came in with 39%, and, while new jersey governor chris cristsy says he's not even running, he garnered 29% of the vote which even trumps trump at 23%. trump, who, by the way was one of several possible 2012 candidates spoke at cpac on thursday and would announce his presidential plans in june, stay tuned for that. former minnesota governor tim pawlenty has 21% supports among republicans and followed by michelle bachmann, 16% and mississippi governor haley barbour, 16%, and former pennsylvania senators, rick santorum at 15%, and, as for the hypothetical head-to-head match-ups for 2012, voters still prefer president obama over every republican tested. romney comes closest to obama, trailing by 7 points, and 48 to
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41%. and, by the way, obama has even wider advantages over sarah palin, newt gingrich and jeb bush and it is too early, though, to see where the numbers will go. >> early but everybody is watching. thank you very much and for fill disclosure now, mike huckabee, newt gingrich, sarah palin and rick santorum are paid fox news contributors. . and it is all badge you can ta in washington, the president giving a preview of his spending plan for 2012 in his weekly address saying he's calling for difficult cuts, to allow necessary spending increases. >> president barack obama: i'm posing we invest in what will do the most to grow the economies in the years to come, job creating investments in road, high speed rail and broadband. means cutting-edge research that holds the promise of creating countless jobs and whole new industries, like clean energy and biotechnology. and, it means improving our schools, and making college more affordable. >> senator orrin hatch of utah delivering the republican
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response and he says something needs to be done, right now, about our country's debt. >> we're a nation working on borrowed time. we have to make some significant changes in order to compete. we need to reform our tax cod, we need to roll back regulations that hinder businesses, large and small. we need begin a debate about reforming social security and medicare. so they will be there for our children to depend on when they retire. >> and, all of this as the president is planning to release his budget plan due out on monday. in egypt now, protesters victorious in connecting out a president, picking up brooms and small tools to clean up and repair what got heavily damaged in the 18-day revolution in a step toward democracy military leaders there announcing they will turn over control of the government as soon as a civilian administration is ready to take their place. no timetable on that from them. and, not everybody is clearing out of the now famous downtown square in cairo.
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some demonstrations still planned, opposition groups saying they'll be back for we'lly protests to keep pressure on the military to make good on implementing democratic reform. dominic de natali is streaming live from cairo, who are the people still planning to protest? >> reporter: they are the core leadership and also people that support them and they feel they need to be down here, to send a message to the military, the -- to stick to its commitment in fulfilling the aspiration of the people and want to stay there and be a reminder, reminder, people power that toppled the regime and the military, if the military tries to pull a fast one the people power will rise again and we are seeing bunch of, well, you talked about the cleanup and that is what we see. people are out there with black bags, filling up trash bags and
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painting the sidewalks and people seem to be -- things are very unusual and they were painting the sidewalk black and white and they said it was a fresh paint for a fresh start for egypted a and, many people doing that and it is something to get out of their system and some people said they were painting away the old regime and getting rid of hosni mubarak and, those holding the black paper bags were getting rid of their rubbish, how they get it out of their system. >> and they that are hanging around, part of the picture as we peek at the square today. tahrir square is still full of people. is the military still in charge? that is what their concern is, they want to hold the military's feet to the fire, on the promise. are they in charge? >> reporter: they most certainly are in charge and are managing the transition and, hold the power at the moment and they hold the political power, and they also hold the power in terms of security, and
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ultimately, are the key to stability here, harris. you know, they have to police the country, where we haven't had stability and want to navigate the country to normality and ask people to go back to work and want them off the streets and out of the way so they can really, seriously, get into the fold of the country and, they haven't been able to control the crowds welt the past two weeks and really need to show they are in charge and can proceed with the transition, and, we'll see whether they can and they aren't sure what they want in terms of demands and, we'll see over the next week how things play out in terms of messaging from the military and at the moment, it is still tense, just as it was a few days ago. and, a relief but they aren't sure which way it could turn here, hopefully for the better and that is why we are still seeing people celebrating tonight. >> the intensity driven by the uncertainty you outlined and you
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were there that's story broke yesterday, and we sometimes struggled to listen as we were on the air with you and a much quieter night and clearly nice still behind you, dominic, thank you very much. he came to the u.s. illegally nearly a decade ago and now, police say he went on a rampage, here, killing two family members and a friend, the story, coming up. and we are at the u.s. border with mexico. how secure is it really? an up-close look you do not want to miss. ♪ [ folk pop ] [ man ] ♪ if you got worries then you're like me ♪ ♪ don't worry now i won't hurt you ♪ ♪ and if you got worries then you're like me ♪ ♪ don't worry now i won't desert you ♪ ♪ [ continues ] [ annocer ] when it comes to the things you care about, leave nothing to chance. travelers. insurance for auto and home. call or click now for an agent or quote.
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ftd has created beautiful hand-crafd arrangements. this valentine's day show her how youeally feel with unforgettable flowers from ftd. flowers say it better. ftd says it best. visit >> a bloody rampage in new york city, an arrest in times square, maxim gelman, stabbed to death and his stepfather, ex-girlfriend and her mom and left the scene and car-jacked another vehicle stabbing the driver of the car and the driver survived, and, then police say that he hit a pedestrian, killing him. and, the violence continued, and
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police say he turned his rage to the new york city subway system, where he stabbed a passenger. and, cops arresting him in a train station in times square. and police investigating a string of shootings just outside of washington, d.c. police say the 37-year-old, an illegal immigrant, shot and killed his ex-girlfriend and her son at their home in manassas, virginia and left the scene and shot a friend a few blocks away and wounding at least three other people along the way as well, and he and his ex-girlfriend were in what one officer called a twisted personal relationship. and he came to the u.s. illegally in 2001 and got deported in '02 and never left the country. tonight he's sitting in a jail on charges of murder and weapons violation. a disturbing scene at a nightclub in mexico, an armed man tossed a grenade at a large group of people in western mexico, guadalajara and a group of men opened fire after inside the club and took off killing at least 6 people.
7:17 pm
injuring 40 others, one of the latest string of violent attacks especially along the border with the u.s. and steve harrigan has now an up-close look at the efforts to fight crime from our side of the border. >> in spite of radar, helicopters, infrared cameras, the fight to protect the u.s. border often comes down to a simple foot race. the agent learned to take away the shoes of those he catches before after more and says the situation on the border has gotten better, citing a drop in apprehensions from 600,000 illegal aliens to 200,000, over the last ten years. that assertion draws laughter in suburban saddlebrook, arizona. >> is the border more secure than ever before? a slide show of rapes and murders committed in the county
7:18 pm
by illegal aliens stokes slowingal anger. >> we had a rancher who couldn't go into his ranch and he and his dog, they shot them, on his own ranch on his own property. and, no one knows who did it and they aren't catching these people. >> reporter: these 11 were captured a short time ago by border patrol agents and no weapons, no drugs, and mainly carrying water and personal items, and, they say they didn't pay anybody anything. for their trip across but border patrol agents say they are lying. one is packed off for processing and another moves on the horizon and agents wait like hunters in a blind. this round 18 of 30 are seized. >> you do what you can. >> reporter: he captures four by himself. even with technology, against overwhelming numbers, there is only so much one man can do.
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in tucson, arizona, steve harrigan, fox news. >> trouble for elizabeth taylor tonight, the oscar-winning actress treated for congestive heart failure and an update on her condition and california now allowing all drivers, not just the police, mind you, everybody, that use dash cameras to capture video behind the wheel, which is supposed to help in court cases and some argue cameras are doing more harm than good. [ kid ] it was the final play. the big guy broke from the sidelines. and just like that, the goal was no longer the end zone... but the coveted blue bag. fumble! [ male announcer ] with so many real chocolate chips you'll never forget the moments that are crammed with joy, chips ahoy! for constipation relief... the moments that are nothing works better than miralax. it's the one. the one recommended by more doctors. only miralax is clinically proven to relieve constipation with no harsh side effects. miralax is the only one.
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a runaway taxi injuring two dozen people in san diego, 12:00 a.m. in an area known for the nightlife and a pair of security guard from a nightclub detained
7:23 pm
the driver and police don't believe alcohol ways factor and instead think the driver either passed out or fell asleep at the wheel. in the end he had a broken nose and two victims were treated at the scene and everybody else, had to be taken to a nearby hospital. on a california drivers hitting the road with a special weapon, their own personal dashboard cam and the goal to create evidence of collisions for use in court and parents to keep an eye on their young drivers. it seemed like a win-win idea, passing easily in the state astae assembly and going into effect in january and wait, now people are not happy. cases y steegel is live from lo angeles, are these like the ones the police use. >> reporter: almost exactly the same and for years squad cars have had the cameras and cameras rolling, capturing audio and video of officers hard at work and this idea to not only record interactions between members of law en for the and members of the general public, but, also, for departments to be able to
7:24 pm
hold troopers and sheriffs deputies and officers accountable. but, now, the very same technology is allowed inside anyone's vehicle, here in california. a new law allowing consumers to buy their own dash cams and are ready available on and ebay for under $100 and can be used in case the driver is in an accident. and wants proof of what is at fault but are primarily for employers who want to monitor workers driving company vehicles or even parents. listen: >> it kind of gives the new drivers, the brothers and the sisters and the sons and daughters, and allow them, let them know somebody is watching them. i.e. the parents and/or guardians. >> and listen to this: supporters of the new law, say it could actually decrease this number of accidents, because motorists obviously drive more carefully when they know they
7:25 pm
are being recorded. but, some civil rights groups like the aclu worry about privacy concerns and, said stati statement, we do not believe there is sufficient evidence to demonstrate the need to allow the installation of cameras continuously trained on place and drivers. however, despite some of the concerns no official lawsuits have been filed, challenging the law and, again the law only went into effect the beginning of january, and we'll have to wait and see how it all plays out. >> boy, potentially our faces could end up everywhere, cell phone cameras, digital cameras, everywhere. casey, thank you. getting our first look now at the video, spieaking of which a the center of a police abuse probe in seattle, an off-duty officer apparently kicking a suspect in the head and better late than never for a world war ii hero, who is getting recognized for his brave actions in battle and we ask, why did it take so long? congratulations to him, by the way!
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7:30 pm
understand that there is another shoe that has to drop here? >> yes, more out west and the northern plains or the upper midwest and that is the area we have to be concerned with when we get the warm-up, the warm-up, because of the potential for river flooding and then you have all the snow-melt and first, i want to point out the positive. record low temperatures, thursday morning, record lows, oklahoma and, across parts of arkansas and currently, much better out there, the 40s and even 51, currently in rapid city and that is the city that saw temperatures in teens and single digits earlier this week and has to feel a lot nicer for people out there and we mentioned snow melt and we have a lot of snow on the ground in the upper midwest and the rockies and the northeast and i'm concerned, the upper midwest, concerns for flooding and the good news is we don't have any major storms on the horizon and the pattern is that we'll warm up and we will
7:31 pm
stay dry, so, when we see the big problems with flooding you get wet systems dumping all the rain on top of the snow melt, this time around we are looking at gradual melting of the snow during the day time hours and we will see temperatures drop below freezing and will slow down the snow melting and it looks good, right now. >> i'm anxious to get rid of the snow! dirty snow. >> me, too and all the trash on the streets! >> maria, thank you very much. >> i'm harris faulkener and this is the fox report, the bottom of the hour, time for the top of the news, a gathering of conservatives naming the top picks for the white house in 2012, ron paul the winner of the straw poll at the cpac and getting 30% of the vote, followed by mitt romney and egypt now, celebrating the resignation of the long time president, coalition of opposition organizers calling for the daily protests in tahrir
7:32 pm
square ton end and, egypt's military promising to hand over power to an elected civilian government and reinsuring allies, egypt will abide by the piece treaty with israel and president obama promising america will provide the support needed for the egyptian people to transition to democracy, something he says will bring stability to the middle east, doug mcelway has the latest and i understand it has been a busy day at the white house? >> it has been, and they have been closely watching events not only in egypt but elsewhere, in the middle east, and the president spoke to prime minister cameron of the u.k., king abdullah of jordan and, the prime of turkey and, the cia announcing yesterday, they've now set up a team to monitor the potential for upheaval in other arab countries.
7:33 pm
>> you know, you saw the administration and critics of the administration, advising that you kind of walk a tightrope here, you know, not maybe getting too involved but getting just the right amount of involvement and what does the white house do now with the protesters, moving towards a democratic future if that is in fact theirs? >> i think that the white house is striking a move towards a more democratic outcome in all of these issues in the middle east. i think one could infer that, from the statement the white house issued today, said it welcomed egypt's supreme council of the armed forces' announcement is, committed to a democratic transition and will stand by egypt's obligation and emphasized the convictions democracy will bring more, not less, stability to the region. and one former national security advisor, suggested the democratic change in the middle east may hinge in part on just how much support the u.s. throws behind it. >> we have a lot of things that we can do to help.
7:34 pm
we know how to organize elections. we know how to help them put in part -- place a political party's law and there are groups like the iri and the ndi, for the republican and democratic party that do this work. overseas. >> reporter: and, in yesterday's white house briefing, robert gibbs suggested the administration may be more proactive if anti-government protests erupted in iran again and said the iranian government should allow the iranian people to exercise the same right of peaceful assembly and ability to demonstrate and communicate their desires. harris, back to you. >> doug mcelway, thank you very much and we move from the observers here in the u.s., to actually what is going on on the ground in egypt and egyptian military leaders saying they will honor the international agreements brokered by the mubarak regime which includes the peace treaty with israel. greg burke is live in jerusalem with this part of the story. greg? >> reporter: harris, that's right. you know, israel really has a
7:35 pm
lot at stake here, they've hat peaceful relations, with egypt and when you have a neighbor with 80 million people you do not want that to be a hostile neighbor. prime minister netanyahu saying earlier today that he welcomes the egyptian military's statement that it will honor the peace treaty with israel and met a couple weeks ago with mubarak and appreciated mubarak's ability to keep the peace over the last 30 years and may have been a cold peace but it was peace and important for israel's security and israel risks more than anyone else if things were to change radically across the border and, things are looking relatively good but it could change over time without a stable presence like hosni mubarak next-door and meanwhile, palestinians celebrated in gaza and the best bank aftwest bank stepped down and there could be problems in israel because of changes in egypt and gaza has a border with egypt an israel
7:36 pm
wants to be sure who is in power in cairo is serious about blocking arms from getting smuggled into gaza to be used against israel and, finally, harris, there is some talk about an egypt effect in the palestinian territories. that is in the west bank and gaza for a lot of reasons, that probably will not happen and certainly, the palestinian authority is looking like it is trying to thwart it and they've called for new elections by september. harris? >> all right, that egypt effect, though, may be in other countries as we look ahead. greg burke, thank you. and here's what i mean. a day after egyptian demonstrators pushed president mubarak out of power thousands of algerians defied their government in massive protests and authorities arresting 400 people and organizers estimating the number of riot police out numbered the protesters, 3-1. and the algerian government banned demonstrations like this under a state of emergency declared more than two decades ago and the head of the main opposition group there say they plan to keep up the protests until the regime falls there.
7:37 pm
getting word now, that a pakistani judge has issued an arrest warrant for former president musharaff, pakistani tv reports that he is accused of playing a key role in the 2007 assassination of former prime minister benazir bhutto. her supporters accused him of not doing enough to ensure her safety and the judge who issued the warrant ordered musharaff to appear in court on february 19th. and he moved to london in 20078 after being forced from power in '08. and his attorney is calling the warrant a political vendetta and doesn't expect him to make a court appears. a 6.8 magnitude after-shock. 6.8! in chile, nearly a year after a devastating earthquake. the earthquake shook homes while thousands of people were in a state of panic. fearing another deadly natural disaster was under way,
7:38 pm
electricity and phone service disrupted. but, no injuries. no injuries reported. experts are calling this an earthquake or aftershock almost a year in the making. last february, an 8.8 magnitude quake followed by a tsunami killed more than 500 people and left 200,000 homeless. it really divided over the prime minister. and a woman named ruby. a cross-idea preacher from germany as we go around the world in 80 seconds. italy, the country's leader is in a sex scandal, people taking sides in the drama, in milan, demonstrators showing disdain for the 74-year-old prime minister. and, small crowds and supporters citing his right to privacy in the wake of allegations he paid a minor for sex, a nightclub dancer called ruby. >> russia... hundreds of
7:39 pm
opposition party supporters and local police clashing in moscow, a leftist faction disgusted with rising prices accusing the ruling party of stifling democra democracy. >> india, the ambitious task of counting 1 billion people, nearly 3 million census workers hitting t ing thting the street the nationwide project that began last week, 29-point questionnaire helping pinpoint areas with problems like neglect and poverty. germany. hello, heidi! about to make her do you know on american t.v. she's a cross eyed process som making academy award prediction on the jimmie kimmel show and with a loyal following with more facebook friends than, well, german chancellor angela merkel. and that is a trip around the world in 80 seconds. imagine this, a truck crashes
7:40 pm
through the wall of a house and what was going on with the driver? we'll tell you what police say and forget about heavy backpacks, students in one school ditching textbooks for a high-tech alternative. will other schools turn the page on their print editions, too? we'll take a look. stay close. [ male announcer ] one look can turn the everyday into romantic.
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>> ready or not schools could close the book on, well, the books! one district ditching printed edition and replacing them with e-reader devices. orlando salinas joins us from florida. >> reporter: look at the kindle we are talking about, this contraption has been around for a good couple of years, it has been popular and clearwater high school in clear water, florida, is the only school in the country that offered all the students a chance to switch out all of the textbooks for a kindle. it is, harris, the only school in the country, that is trying
7:44 pm
to make the big switch. these students at clearwater high in clearwater, florida are digital pioneers. >> the way technology is. it will evolve and get better. >> reporter: this school is the first in america, to offer every student a wiz-bang gadget called the kindle. >> >> reporter: a half inch thick and loaded with the student's courses and the teens can kiss the heavy textbooks good-bye. >> you have it in a little device and you want to carry the textbooks and you can have all six of them in one little thing. it is help. >> reporter: the public school bought 2200 kindles, one for every student and a few spares and the principal at clearwater high school says he has gotten all kinds of phone calls, and e-mails, from schools all owned the country, who want to know the good, the bad, and the ugly, about the kindle.
7:45 pm
clearwater wanted to buy laptops but the kindle at $180, made a lot more sense. >> you can do the readings on it and you can look at wickes and blogs and, kids access grades an attendance and you realize this is the direction we are going. >> reporter: okay, harasris, th school district paid $400,000 for the 2200 kindles and, the school is hoping that by next year, next school year they'll have every one of those school courses didn't tegitally loaded students can use them and ditch the textbooks and we understand about 100 of those schoolkids at clearwater high have said, no to the kindle. they still wanted to lug around the big textbooks and there is something about holding a book in your hand those students don't want to get rid of. >> not to mention what will you do with the empty book shelves? hmm... all right, orly, good to see you.
7:46 pm
a truck crashes into a house and and hundreds of smiling after free dental care, two steps as we go across america. ♪ arizona. a man in mesa having quite the accident. slamming his truck into two parked cars and smashing through the wall of the house across the street and leaving homeowners with a huge mess. >> butt end of the car was in the laundry room. >> reporter: the family's washer and dryer in the living room! and luckily, no one was home and the police say he suffered a medical issue during the crash. florida. a military veteran finally getting a well deserved honor. ernie wagner, a private first class during world war ii, recommended for the distinguished service cross for his actions in battle and never received it. and the mayor of panama city giving wagner the long overdue medal and, declaring it ernie wagner day in honor of the 86-year-old vet. florida. also in the sunshine state.
7:47 pm
hundreds lining up for free dental care in newport richie, part of the annual dentistry from the heart event which provides treatment for the first 500 people in line and, it is popular, since people go without dental insurance. and hawaii. deep blue sea, researchers identifying a centuries old shipwreck, and remnants of a nantucket whaling ship that sank in 1823. and in a remote area of the pacific ocean, and officials say the artifacts discovered from the vessel will go on display in the states and make a final voyage back to massachusetts and that's a fox watch across america. >> we know egypt's president is out. but what about all of his money? we're talking billions of dollars. the hosni mubarak money trail, next. and, they are supposed to protect us but not in this case. the police officer caught on tape allegedly doing the exact opposite of protection. ♪ [ folk pop ]
7:48 pm
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>> newt newly released video showing a police officer accused of stomping on the head of a suspect and investigators say it began with a fight outside a seattle restaurant and the video showing three men arrested for allegedly jumping an off-duty police officer and look at the video. we're told that this is officer, kicking a suspect in the head. and one eyewitness saying the officer had too much to drink inside the restaurants and seattle police conducting a criminal investigation, into the officer's conduct. government officials freezing assets that may belong to hosni mubarak, or his family, suggesting egyptian officials funneled out of the country billions of dollars in illegal
7:52 pm
assets during the past decade and so much is at stake in the future of the holding and they are billion dollar decision, peter doocy has more from washington. >> reporter: former egyptian president hosni mubarak might not have presidential power anymore but, by all indication, he's got a lot of cash lying around. there were reports earlier in the week that he was worth up to $70 billion. if that was true he would be the richest man on earth. but, u.s. intelligence officials have reportedly said his net worth is likely in the range of 1 to $5 billio which is still a lot, and most of that dough, is believed to be in bank accounts scattered around the world and he will not be making any withdrawals from the banks in switzerland if the money is there, because they want, to quote, avoid misaprop racial of -- misappropriation of state an end assets and had $3 billion worth of egyptian
7:53 pm
deposits at the end of 2009, though it's not clear, how much if any belongs to hosni mubarak and the former president likes to live large and the u.s. government gave him 9 gulf stream jets and he has luxury homes in many desirable destinations it appears he paid for with money he got by using his penaltieosition, after all constitution was suspended for 30 years and there was no mechanism to stop him from skimming and taking part of major business deals in his country, for himself. and president hosni mubarak is reportedly continued pla lly co loss of that, from his resort in sharmel sheikh. >> google executive ganim thankithank ing facebook or helping him organize the demonstration, the government shut off the social networking, but at that point it
7:54 pm
was too late and when asked in a tv interview where he thinks the next revolution will take place, he said ask facebook! he said he wants to meet facebook founder mark zucker berg and thank him in person. and there are a lot of options, but only one winner. the republican who emerged victoriously in the straw poll at the conservative political action conference and football season may be over, but road rage allegations for one nfl star in the news tonight, details on this one, next and a hollywood legends, in the hospital tonight, the latest on liz taylor's medical condition and the big name celebrity who stepped into receive an award on her behalf.
7:55 pm
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>> virginia prosecutors filed a formal assault charge against the star line man for the redskins, albert haynesworth and stems from a road rage allegation in fairfax county, virginia and a motorist says a
7:58 pm
man later i said as him tailgated him and attacked him and if convicted he faces up to a year in jail or fine of $2500. and, his attorney says he is innocent and his court date is scheduled for march 31. elizabeth taylor is in the hospital tonight, a spokesperson for her who is 78, says he was admitted in the past couple of days for treatment for congestive heart failure and a condition she announced she had in 2004. and no word yet tonight on how long she'll be at cedar nice medical center in los angeles and she was scheduled to attend a benefit gala this past wednesday in new york, she was supposed to get an award for her dedication to aids research and elton john stepped up to accept the honor on her behalf. here's a look at our top stories, ron paul, the winner of the conservative political action conference straw poll announced hours ago, taking 30% of the vote there and coming in second place, former governor mitt romney of massachusetts and celebrations taking place
7:59 pm
tonight in egypt, now that president mubarak is no longer the president. he's gone. a coalition of the opposition organizers making a list of their demands, now, and making them known. the military promising to hand over power to an elected civilian government, so far, it has not given a timetable for when that might happen. on this day, in 1809 the live of america's 16th president began, in a log cabin, abraham lincoln, born to a poor family in kentucky, despite a limited formal education, he was elected to the illinois state legislature. and, worked as a lawyer before eventually becoming president. his greatest legacy, preserving the union and abolishing slavery and those achievements would cost him his life but the great emancipator, also known as honest abe came into the world 202 years ago, today. and now youw


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