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tv   FOX Report  FOX News  February 13, 2011 7:00pm-8:00pm EST

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place. and children's inn has built another house to handle more families with children with less acute illnesses but still need regular treatment. that is it for today. have a greater week. we'll see you next fox news sunday. >> on this eve of the president's new budget to keep our government running, details coming out and how will it all affect your vault? we'll take a look. and the mystery tonight at the playboy mansion. dozens of people suddenly ill. and an investigation there. i'm harris falkner, we're live as fox reports tonight. taking apart decades of government, piece by piece. egypt's military leaders meetings, held by the protesters they now govern. tonight we're live in kcairo, wh
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new developments. and what we've learned about the scenes at the white house when the crisis began. a critical tool to health care in the u.s., is it doing more harm than good. tonight, americans are exposed to more medical radiation than anyone else on the planet. we find out why. plus, a man dangling ten stories above the street below. the camera rolling and the ending you'll see here. and what you depend on, in danger of being cut. president obama planning to release a spending plan on education, research, the proposal setting the stage for a showdown between the obama administration and house republicans. budget committee chairman paul ryan appearing this morning on fox news sunday saying the
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g.o.p. will not be stepping down. >> congress right now wants to bring spending down below where president obama wants to take it and we're going to have to negotiate. >> all of this as republicans are fighting to cut 100 billion dollars out of the current budget. our steve centanni is live in washington, steve. >> harris, jumping on the budget cutting band wagon president obama unveiled a 2012 budget that aims to reduce the budget 1.1 trillion dollars over a decade. now, in spite of a wide range of cuts, some republicans worry about the president's plan for new spending on education, infrastructure, and high technology. >> if he's talking about coming and having new spending, the so-called investment that's not where we're going. the great debate in congress, which is refreshing, debating how much to decrease spending,
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not increase spending. >> and president's budget director defended the spending blueprint this way. >> our budget will get us the next several years at a point where we can look at the american people in the eye and say we're not adding to the debt anymore. >> congress gets a look at the president's new budget and it's also debating what to do about cuts for this year's budget. house speaker john boehner wants white house help in making new cuts and he wrote the president today saying we need to quote, liberate our economy from the shackles of what he calls out of control spending and as republicans battle one another over who could make the deepest cut to the current year budget. a speculation of the government shut down remains and at least one g.o.p. house member and in south carolina, nothing is off the table at this point, harris. >> steve thank you very much. how much it could mean for your bottom line.
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adam shapiro from the fox business network will be here at the bottom of the hour. a new era in egypt. playing out a transition to democratic elections and a major move shaking the political foundation to its core and today, the military dissolved parliament, suspended the constitution and announced a six month military rule until elections can be held. the day also rich in symbolism. pictures of former president hosni mubarak were once common throughout three daimler-chrysler kadz of power, and now pictures are coming down. a report from an egyptian state paper saying that mubarak's two sons nearly came to blows as their dad's regime was coming apart. the younger brother blaming gamal for undermining their father's authority. david, tell us how it's looking at tahrir square this evening? >> harris, this is a
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remarkable night in tahrir square, listen, what do you hear. >> nothing. >> in the stance, you hear absolutely nothing. for the first time in 19 days, it is quiet in liberation square, tahrir square in arabic. there is little car activity. no pedestrians here and the demonstrators have packed up and they have left. earlier though, massive celebrations were held here in the square, the second time we've seen celebrations in two days, celebrating the decision by the military council to suspend the constitution and dissolve parliament and demonstrators pleased a couple of their demands have now been-- and there's still, harris, a significant, at least according to the demonstrators, a significant to-do list. things that this caretaker government must accomplish. for example, they want the emergency laws to be lifted and political prisoners to be released and they want the referendum held as soon as possible and the constitutional amendments and they want the military council
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to honor its pledge of holding civilian elections within six months time and to hold the military council feet to the fire. a counsel has been is the up, they call themselves the council of trustees and harris, they're going to be looking over the shoulders of the military to make sure that things continue to move forward, harris. >> you know, david, we saw the pictures of mubarak coming down and now maybe a new face in this interim time. the egypt higher military council is in control, what can you tell us about him? >> that's right. we herred a great deal about the military counsel in control of the government. for the past 30 years, really to some extent, you can call it the personality here with president mubarak. no there's no single person identified as the leader of the country and select one individual in charge of this council, it's the field marshal a long time supporting
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of president mubarak in charge of this military council 75 years old, a rich military history and a masters in the science and minister of dwebs since 1991 and interestingly, cables leaked by wikileaks describe him as charming, courtly and change resistent. it will be interesting to see how someone in their 70's is able to meet the challenges of a revolution that's really being led by the youth here in this country. harris. >> mohammed santawi, a name we need to get to know. six months until they can anticipate handing over control, good to see you, thank you very much. we're learning much more about how the white house was monitoring developments in egypt. in just a moment, a look behind the scenes at what was
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going on inside the beltway as the crisis was unfolding. first some insight into what the obama administration is doing right now. we're getting word, secretary of state hillary clinton is roochg out to allies. and state department spokesman pj crowley on his twitter page, secretary clinton is making calls to regional and local leaders, recent developments and the way forward. mrs. clinton speaking with leaders of the united arab emirates and briefed about the revolution. as the leaders are looking ahead, a clearer picture of the days that actually led up to president mubarak's resignation and what the u.s. knew before it happened. it includes the announcement the night before that took everybody by surprise. julie banderas with the story. >> will he stay or will he go, that's the question that everyone including the white house want today know, that mubarak stepped down before he he flip flopped and would have
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said he would hand over authority and stay in office. a senior administration official the plot what the white house was thinking and hearing after mubarak signaled he would go and stay and went. confirming in a statement that reads in part, and i quote, depending who you talk to in the government you could get a slightly different take on what people anticipated. whether he was more definitive in trance perfecting power. they thought he would do something definitive. mubarak did not do that. they repeatedly, throughout this period, tried to do things to nullify the protesters and make them go away, each time they dramatically undershot, what was going to be satisfactory to the protesters each time the protesters only grew. and they grew by the hundreds of thousands, thousands of thousands of protesters across egypt waited and watched mubarak to step down and his defiant stance only emboldened them and then after 30 years of power, and 18 days of pro
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it ises, over 350 people killed and one confusing speech, president mubarak fled cairo and resigned as president of egypt, giving the people of egypt and president obama what he they wanted. in fact, in a fox news poll when asked about the obama administration, how they handled the situation of egypt, almost half of american voters 48%, while they approved, a third disapproved 32%, but voter sentiment is mixed where the relationship between egypt and the united states currently stands. 42% think egypt truly a friend and about the same number, 43% say it is not. harris. >> a lot of people waiting to see exactly what happens next politicalically. thank you very much. new details about a bank robbery in north carolina. we know the suspect had hostages and told he had a gun and now police are saying something he very different. and concern growing for american businesses on the border, a look how mexico's
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>> police in north carolina revealing a teenager shot dead during a hostage drama was not armed. the latest facts were disclosed during a news conference a short time ago, saying that 19-year-old devon mitchell told captives inside a bank that he had a gun and made that claim to a hostage negotiator. officers shot him when he came out holding a red object to the head of a hostage, that object, a hat. in mexico, more deadly violence this time in the town not far from mexico city. police there telling us at least seven people including a woman have been killed in a street shootout. one other person was hurt. no conversation on what ignited the massacre. investigators are looking into the possibility of had a rival drug gang, a shooting last
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month left eight people dead. we've seen this before, the disturbing images, pictures, deadly brutal violence south of the nation's border. and the crime wave is sweeping north toward us and threatening businesses in the u.s. steve harrigan joining us from near the border in san diego and steve, you have the story of one renowned man who has become the victim of bloodshed. >> reporter: that's right, we've driven the entire border, 2000 miles from here in in san diego and along the way the entrepreneurs, including a boot maker, the perception of violence in the area is hurting their business. >> most trying to making this sell to stores and we elected a long time ago just to stay small and make a custom boot for certain people. there are certain people that
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want a special thing. tried to get it just right. well, of course, the border changed a lot over the years. we do notice less people coming down from the northern states, last year or two than had been coming down and a lot of bad publicity in our papers all the way, about mexico and they don't know how bad it is, because here he we don't see it. of course, the ranchers, when he they invade their land, they cross their land and a lot of good people and some people apparently not so good. and very respected-- a few hundred here, here are some nice stuff getting ready to go and stable boots and-- a lot of them boots there. a color and design, and the
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attempts, if you wear colorful garbs, colorful die, but if you wear colorful boot tops and i don't know, it has a little bit of that, and we put the bright colors on top of them and don't have to show them except when they want to. well, as far as the boots, the cowboy lore, i guess you'll say, doesn't seem to wear off. >> harris because of the dedecreased foot traffic, the entrepreneurs rely increasingly on the internet to move their products. harris, back to you. >> harris: beautiful boot work. thank you very much, steve. well, dawninger at the doctor's office, medical tests that diagnose and expose you to high levels of radiation. something you want to avoid. what you need to know next. and a medical mystery at the playboy mansion and dozens of party goers getting stick and what authorities are doing to get answers. ♪
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>> an update now to a tragedy we saw unfolding live on fox news channel exactly ten days ago. authorities using a large crane to remove an suv from the spring river in northeastern oklahoma, the weather was treacherous. the degrees outside 7. the truck plunging more than 60 feet off an icy highway prij into the water below and it happened back on february 3rd. three people died in that, five others were hurt and tonight authorities learned they had to wait until this weekend to pull that truck up because the weather made it too difficult and dangerous to do. and well, getting inside the
7:22 pm
playboy mansion, one of the hottest party tickets around, but not be all paradise. health officials vfg complaints of a respiratory illness, that broke out during a fundraiser, the event drew 700 people from 30 countries and they doesn't think the illness spread beyond or actually at the gathering. new concerns over the average american dose of medical radiation. some people say too much radiation increases cancer risk and now, the use of one medical device with a high radiation output is soaring around the nation. casey stegall is live for us in los angeles and despite the concerns, is this medical piece of equipment necessary in those cases. >> yeah, harris, had a lot of people would argue the idea of x-rays and cat scans and things of that nature, revolutionized medicine and
7:23 pm
changed the way that doctors diagnosed problems. a lot of the experts will tell you that the immediate side effects of of of medical radiation are not that well-known and that's for couple of different reasons, because the amount of radiation given varies, depending on the tests you're getting and on the patient. radiation is measured in millireceivers and according to the college of radiation, an x-ray of your arm, for example, composes you to around .001, and a dental x-ray .005 and a mammogram.4. by far the highest is a ct scan of the abdomen with contrast, up to 30. by the way, 62 million ct scans are done every year across this country. some context and perspective for you. according to multiple studies people who survive the japan atomic bomb were exposed to as little as 50. and the doctors say the likelihood of actually getting cancer from x-rays is
7:24 pm
relatively low. >> for 40 years of expansion and diagnostic radiation, if the cancer hypothesis were really true we should see an increasing rate of cancer, a cancer epidemic, we're not. cancer incidents per captive has been flat for the last ten years. >> however, the food and drug administration looking to make some changes, for example, requiring manufacturers of those devices, for example, to print the dose on each film or image so that patients and doctors can keep track of how much they're receiving over a lifetime. there are also alternatives. >> and call it groon imaging, where we've actually made the investment, for instance, in mr technology and magnetic resonance, it not a radiation component to it.
7:25 pm
>> before we sound panic alarms, doctors say it's important to keep it all in perspective. back in the day before radiation technology was available, the only method that doctors had to pinpoint a problem internally was through exploratory surgery and a lot of people would rather take an x-ray rather than lying on the operating room table. >> harris: more than 60 million of those operations or procedures performed. can you imagine if those were surgeries, exploratory surgery? >> exactly. >> harris: casey, thank you very much. president obama's budget about to be released and what the proposed test could mean for your bottom line, your wallet, your own budget and a murder spree in new york city. leaving four people dead. we're hearing from people who came in contact with the man suspected of going on such a deadly rampage. stay with us. >> passing all lights and everything, there are people that would run out for their lifers and-- everybody this way and--
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>> all right. maybe the groundhog punxsutawney phil did get it right. the cold spots starting to feel like spring. maria molina in the weather center. >> just in time for valentine's day, which is tomorrow, if anybody doesn't remember. the highs in new york city, 69 in dallas and even as we head northward, rapid city is going
7:30 pm
be to be seeing a high tomorrow at 54 degrees and it's only going to get better here as we head into tuesday for much of the country and especially across the south, we're talking 70's in texas and 61 in rapid city and it will be a little on the cool side, the quick moving cool front across the northeast and that's pretty much the coldest day of the week for the northeast, tuesday and then see that warm-up once again and really because of a huge pattern change that we're seeing the past couple of weeks we've had snowy and cool conditions across the eastern two-thirds and warmer and drier weather, a lot of sunshine across the south, but the flip-flop of that, we're already starting to see the changes, starting this weekend and even as we head into monday and tuesday out west, a massive cold front that will be moving through and that's going to be bringing a lot of rain out west and dipping down as far south as northern parts of california for tuesday, and then los angeles as we head into tuesday night and
7:31 pm
wednesday so we'll see some rin and otherwise the eastern two-thirds of the country looking good and another thing as far as winds go and you'll see gusty winds and excess of 50 miles per hour across the upper midwest and even as the system moves through, harris, we'll see gusty wind across parts of northern california and oregon. >> harris: i know the thawing can bring complications because some areas may see moderate flooding, but i have to say this is the happiest i've seen you in weeks, maria, i mean, seriously. >> funny you noticed. >> harris: good to see you, thank you. >> thank you. >> harris: i'm harris falkner and this is the fox report, it's the bottom of the hour and time now for the top of the news. egypt's military leaders dissolving the parliament and suspending the constitution. pictures of former president hosni mubarak now coming down and the egypt antiquity's
7:32 pm
leader says people got away with items. and the budget tomorrow morning, including eliminating certain tax breaks and other cuts, to allow for increased spending on education, infrastructure and research and republicans intent on cutting tens of billions from the current budgets are sure to fight any spending increases proposed for next year. it's a whole lot of numbers, but really, what does it mean for your bottom line? adam shapiro of the fox business network is here. now, i just mentioned some words there that have people probably skewcurrying for the t. tax cuts going away and tax increases coming in. and who gets hit. >> the itemize your taxes what's you income. the president and administration when they unveil it are going to say only want to raise taxes on people who make $250,000 or more and some of what's proposed, eliminating tax deductions and do i itemize my taxes, mortgage interest, for instance, if that were to go
7:33 pm
away would that hit you. >> harris: that affects so many people and in this particular market where we've seen such a bleeding in the mortgage situation. >> it's going to be fought. >> harris: that's hard. don't you want to reward the people who have homes. >> that's a debate and this will get discussed in congress and we're not even talking about this week, they're going be to be debating. the current fiscal year, the issues, citing 100 billion. i was joking with you during the course. like lady gaga in a meat dress. the president's proposal will get attention, but it will not look the same as a year from now. >> harris: i asked if it would smell as bad. i digress. millions rely on medicare and medicaid. what about those areas, will we see cuts? they're not proposing the big cuts a the lot of economists say have to be discussed with medicare and social security. but the president is talking about 62 billion dollars in what they're calling savings with medicare, and cuts to payments to hospitals, but there are cuts on the table for heating assistance.
7:34 pm
through job training programs, those kinds of things, and then in places like cleveland, ohio and that would hit hard in cleveland, ohio. >> harris: and winter yet to be over. a minor warm-up this week. adam shapiro from the fox business network. an update from a story we first told you about last night on fox report, we're now hearing from people who came face-to-face with this man, maxim gellman, accused of going on a 28-hour deadly stabbing rampage throughout new york city and police are saying he attacked strangers and hijacked vehicles along the way and it all came to an end yesterday on a subway beneath times square where police say he flashed had a man. listen to the guy who was in that subway car. >> next thing you know, he pulls out his knife and flashes and everybody takes off and we all ran to the back. >> he's accused of hacking three people to death in brooklyn and killing an
7:35 pm
elderly pedestrian. he claims he's the victim of a setup. a vigil marking the anniversary after tragic plane crash and a wildfire damaging 20 homes, two stops as we go across america. >> remembering the victims of continental flight 3407. people gathering with the family and friends of those who died that cold february night near buffalo. this vigil marking the two year anniversary of the crash. the plane hit a home, killing all 49 on board and one person on the ground. washington, wildfire chewing up at least 20 homes in white swan. on the back of an indian reservation, flames allegedly starting in one home and spreading as winds whipped up to 40 miles per hour, reports no one who lived here were hurt, but two firefighters were treated for minor injuries. texas, a truck carrying hydrogen gas on fire, first the back of the truck was
7:36 pm
burning, i gniting some of the hydrogen gas. officials had to shut down parts of i-10, and massachusetts a local newspaper in hyannis finding himself in the news, a reporter for tbarn stable patriots arrested for accepting a package at work sucks pounds of marijuana, a street value of $21,000, a postal inspector thought something wasn't right for that package so a drug task force were called in and police charging that reporter with possession and attempt to distribute. he's no long are working for the paper. and that's a-- from the middle east, we're seeing signs of a nation en masse, traffic gridlock, is normal life returning to northern egypt whchlt . when we come back, a high rise rescue operation.
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>> there are now signs tonight that life in egypt is returning to normal in the wake of historic changes. our leland vittert has the the story from cairo. >> reporter: hi, harris, more than 48 hours after president mubarak left office, the party continues. you can hear the chants, hear them up to the 10th floor balcony where tahrir square is packed and we have the fireworks going off behind it and at the same time today, a real effort to try and move this country forward. sunday starts the work week in cairo and nothing says normal like traffic gridlock and the course of car horns. early today, the army cleared a path for traffic to clear through the square and food vendors set up under the avalancheful eyes of soldiers
7:41 pm
and businesses reopened at a local pharmacy, it couldn't come too soon. >> more money for us, a little bit. >> aside from lost business, scars remain from the revolution, a shrine in the middle of the square for those who gave their lives and brings tears to the eyes of visitors. even when construction started back up on the ritz carlton, things aren't back to normal. heavy arm carriers line the streets, a sign that protesters convince things will be different now. >> now there's now protesters on the street and these guys are chanting, if you love egypt go home and for the folks who are still in the square on sunday, the first day of work after the revolution, to get out so egypt can return to normal and they can start rebuilding a new country. the armiless government moves closer to satisfying the protesters demand to
7:42 pm
understand and dismantled the parliament and also suspended the confusion. those were key demands. they said he they were committed to having the civilian government would rule for six months al free and fair elections and the challenge is handling free and fair elections in a country that's never had them. harris. >> harris: that's the challenge. leland, thank you very much. for weeks the world has watched the birth of a new government in the middle east. now we're turning our eyes to another place, iran. could egypt inspire a new generation of iranians to stage a uprising of their own and steve doocy say the seeds may already be planted. >> in iran they get ready to stand up to their government tomorrow. iranian protesters have seen what their neighbors in egypt and tunisia have done and days after the 32nd anniversary of their country's islamic
7:43 pm
revolution which toppled the shah of iran, the shah's exiled son, crowned prince say his people may be ready for a democratic government because regimes come and go beau people are eternal. >> it's a generation, to be heard and willing to take responsibility, that's a big point. such as expecting something to be done for them. they say we had he' rather live by other own mistakes so long as it's our choice and that's what i believe and i think to be successful. >> this week in washington national security advisor tom donlan, in a statement not allowing opposition protestses the iranian government declared illegal for iranian what is noble for egyptians and we call on the government of iran for the iranian people to peacefully demonstrate and communicate that's being exercised in cairo.
7:44 pm
and arizona senator john mccain say he hopes they did better with the reign than in 2009. the biggest mistake, when the obama administration refused to come out in support of the demonstrators two years ago. that was a great opportunity and they missed it. >> and tomorrow's protest in tehran are being promoted online, but we'll have to wait and see if the internet plays as big a role in iran as it did in egypt, harris. >> an interesting point, thank you, peter. >> protests like the ones in egypt escalating on a dramatic rescue caught on tape as we go around the world in 80 seconds. seconds. >> yemen, local police and anti-government protesters slashing. the people demanded reform and calling for the president to resign. the demonstrators tried reaching the central square, but were moved back by authorities. several of the protesters injured, and three detained.
7:45 pm
thailand, a homemade car bomb tearing through city streets, severely wounding two soldiers. the explosives planted in a pickup truck and detonated by remote control, firefighters struggling to contain the fire from the explosion. the local media blaming i think insurgents. >> in china, a man hanging on. workers tried to coax him down and finally you see he him letting go of the railing and heroically-- >> the rescue people grabs him. apparently, he attempted suicide before. iraq, normally something you'd see in western shops there, but hitting a bulls eye in baghdad. locals spreading love and opening their wallets for valentine's day. roses hearts and toys filling the tables of street vendors
7:46 pm
to attract the last minute shoppers. that's a wrap on the fox trip around the world in 80 seconds. >> italy's prime minister knows where his reported parties with the ladies, now, women across europe holding massive protests demanding silvio berlusconi step down and one person's loss is another person's gain. how to cash in on lost luggage. ♪ ♪ j-e-l-l-o ♪ j-e-l-l-o ♪ j-e-l-l-o [ child giggles ] the morning after the big move starts with back pain... and a choice. take advilow... and maybe up to 4 in a day. or, choose eve and 2 pills for a day free of pain.
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smarmove. ♪
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>> women in major european cities demanding italian prime
7:50 pm
minister berlusconi step down. mostly women in the streets of paris, and united as berl lony reports wild parties and relationships, and ruby at 17 years o allegedly intimate with the prime minister for money and he says no way. dismissing the protests by members of his own government to leave office as well. back on u.s. soil, a world famous plane maker introducing the late s creation. new pictures coming in of a boeing 787 intercontinental. 51 more than the currently version of 747 coming out in front of a crowd of nearly 10,000 boeing employees and guests. 318 million dollars, a bargain. when you travel by plane you dread it, the thought of
7:51 pm
losing your luggage. one family learned one person's lost another's gains. a thriving business, i understand, elizabeth the family business venture turned the tiny town into a tourist gold mine. >> yes, it's been a gold mine more than 40 years. attracting millions of visitors from all over the world, turning the unclaimed baggage center into one of the state's top tourism destinations. >> and that's a sign of a good deal today. >> call it the land of lost luggage. the final stop or orphan suitcases crammed full of stuff that passengers never see again. >> the airlines by law have to spend 90 days to reunite bags with owners and 99.9% of the time they're successful, but the bags that never make it back to their owners have enough to keep unclaimed baggage fully stocked tore 40 years. >> we're 40,000 square fat
7:52 pm
store and never know what is going to come in every day. wet suits to business suits, cameras and kindles and rows of ipods, more than 20,000 lost goods end up here each day. >> i came up with bargains, i would have bought retail would have been expensive. >> it's every shopper's dream come true. >> you can find some amazing brands like today a burberry wallet for an amazing deal. >> might get a designer purse for into nearly nothing or a designer jacket or $11 never know what you're going to get. >> a tourism magnet helping businesses stay afloat during a heart hitting resomethings. >> that he's a wonderful partner, they have over a million business every year. and those visitors are eating at the restaurants and staying at the hotels and they're keeping that area alive in some tough economic times. harris. >> harris: i might want to check in and see if they have a bag of mine from like 1984. >> reporter: i looked, i couldn't find anything of
7:53 pm
mine. >> harris: thanks, elizabeth. good to see you. thanks, harris. >> harris: it's been about ten years since his father passed away at daytona 500, a special day to be on the track at dale earnhardt, jr. and ended in a memorable moment a few hours ago, talking nascar next. to go heart healthy for. who's your someone? campbell's healthy request can help. low cholesterol, zero grams trans fat, and a healthy level of sodium. it's amazing what soup can do. ftd has created beautiful hand-crafd arrangements. this valentine's day show her how youeally feel with unforgettable flowers from ftd. flowers say it better. ftd says it best. visit
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>> the first weekend in a long time without football, but no shortage of major news and like he does every week, peter is here with the headlines. let's start with nascar. dale earnhardt, jr., a special day, i know it's just a qualifying round, but has so much impact and meaning it took my breath away. >> ten years ago, dale earnhardt's father, dale earnhardt, sr. passed away in a tragic car crash, and ten years later his son today won
7:57 pm
the qualifying and poll position next week in daytona 500 and speck tack lore for a the lot of people. and dale, jr. had a bad year last year, and off the beaten path and all week has been dealing with questions about his father's death and it was wonderful to see this and i think that everyone is in tail, jr.'s corner. >> and they'll talk about next weekend. >> pretty cool. and number three was his number. and a moment of silence and a nice touch. and the love, nascar legend dale earnhardt and dale earnhardt, jr. >> harris: if you haven't been to a nascar race you have to go. that hum will be with you for weeks. tiger woods was so close in dubai, and then he played golf like i do. >> he hasn't won since november 2009, obviously before certain things happened
7:58 pm
in tiger's life and during sunday's final round, a shot, went over 10 over, and finished in 20th place and comes back again, just short. tiger woods can't win in the final rounds, another tournament. >> harris: he shot a 75, wow. those are-- >> pretty good odds. >> harris: okay. now look i lived in minnesota the state of hockey and i've seen a lot of breaks fight out in hockey games and the one that broke out on friday was crazy. >> friday night the penguins played the islanders and they're a struggling team and penguins one of the better teams and there was a fight between the two goal tenders and they came out and it was a brawl the entire time. and 400 minutes of penalty minutes were issued on this and crazy, there were 11 objections to the game and today the nhl came down and suspended two islander players and one penguins player and
7:59 pm
nine games, four games and ten games, and the islanders as a team were fined $100,000, which is unique and usually don't see the team as a whole and this is a team, a low budget team based in long island and that might hit their wallets. >> i bet it will. >> and to make matters worse the penguins team bus in new york city, it crashed into a car and the players had to hail a cab to get them to madison square garden, pretty he funny. >> harris: peter, thank you very much. a recap of our top stories. president obama plans to release the budget for 2012 tomorrow morning, planning to make cuts for spending in other areas and education, infrastructure and research. and on this day in 1633, italian astronomer galileo defending a revolutionary idea. advocates that the earth revolved around the sun,


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