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tv   Hannity  FOX News  February 19, 2011 12:00am-1:00am EST

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opine. when writing to us, do not be a blooter. it is a scottish word. if you go to scotland, everybody goes i'm not a blooter. here they don't know what it is. again, thanks pore watching i'm bill o'reilly. remember, the spin stops here definitely looking out for you. >> sean: welcome to a very special edition of hannity. tonight we take an in-depth look at the middle east ticking time bomb the islamic republic of iran and the i am innocent threat it poses to america and the rest of the -- and the imminent threat it poses to america and the rest of the world. the regime is condemning the film. the controversial documentary that exposes the alarming truth about the islamic
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republic's nuclear program is now showing in select theaters across the u.s.. joining me the film's producer and middle east expert on terrorism and the author of the coming revolution, struggle for freedom in the middle east also fee ared in the film, walid phares is with us. we are going to show in-depth clips tonight. how dangerous is an iranian armed -- iran armed with nuclear weapons, how dangerous is this? >> planet will move into a different history. this will be the first time a regime that accepts and support suicide bombing, will have a large sized nuclear bomb. the chanting in iran since 1979 until now has been death to america. that along will tell you. >> until now iran has used every means at theirs disposal to attack iran.
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they used whatever vehicle they have. if they have nuclear weapons there is no reason to believe they might not use it. >> sean: let's show the film. >> the threat can be traced back to toon 78. at the time, iran was ruled by the shah. a long time ally of the united states. >> iran is an island of stability. and one of the more troubled areas of the world. >> shah was rapidly modernizing iran. introducing secularism and capitalism to a traditional muslim society. within iran the shah was viewed as an come musing dictator. growing distaste quickly turned into public outrage.
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rightists and leftists, including marxists, communists and religious elements formed a revolution to overthrow the shah. within man emerged as leader of the most. in february 1979, the shah left iran, never to return. two weeks later khomeini triumphantly arrived as a hero. for khomeini, the shah was gone. but the western he promoted was still present across iranian society.
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america would soon become khomeini's next adversary. >> in their perception the leading power of the world of the unbelievers is the united states. and united states is inevitably the main enemy. >> america is the great satan because from their point of view, it is the enemy of god. we are satan whispering into the ears of the muslims trying to tempt them away from islam. >> for years during our school in iran our teachers and the government they told us americans are devils. they are going to kill us, every morning they forced us to chant death to america. >> sean: we know what happened in november of that year. we went 444 days with americans held hostage. here's what is fascinating.
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i back and looked at the time. there were people in our own government saying that ghandhi comparing the ayatollah to ghandhi. "new york times" thought this was a favorable development. like what they are saying about egypt. >> this is the perception is jihad is yo go, done worry about it. they say there is no second coming from islamic fundamentalist. we saw what happened 30 years when the finance mental lists of khomeini said we are just here to get rid of the shah. they destroyed their allies. >> sean: we saw this too in turkey a bit in 2002 they ran on moderation each other progressive year they become more dictatorial andhis becomes more of a thee okay . there's a common thread. >> there is. in the middle east it is liberal western democracy is unfortunately, not to be found. it needs to be developed.
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these institutions of democracy. democracy is not just about elections. sometimes westerners make the mistake to think if we just hold an election the solution has been found. unfortunately, they need to learn about what democracy is. if you have one election is possible radical islam united stateses will be elected as we saw in the palestinian territories. >> sean: they think america is the great satan. israel the little satan. anybody that doesn't believe in islam is an enemy of god. >> ideologically, all jihadists, al-qaeda, muslim brotherhood, everybody the international jihadists believe the world is an apple divided in two. on the one hand where the caliphate is on the other hand the infidels. if we don't see reform, all the iranians, we are still in a confrontation with the jihadists. >> the issue is, this is a religious war. most westerners fail stand
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that's what is at stake. we look eight with western eyes what we have a difficult time -- we look at it with different eyes what we have a difficult time understanding. >> sean: wait a minute, are you talking about a war islam? did you make a distinction between radical islam and those who are just practicing different faiths? >> i make a distinction of radicalism versus islam. i believe it is not important, because there are so many people who are radical -- there's 1.5 billion muslims in the world. >> sean: what per 10 do you think is radicallized? >> i say between 5 and 7% has been impacted by all of them. dozens of millions of people that's a huge pool. that's a pool that al-qaeda and the iranians can recruit from for the next 20 years. >> sean: isn't there a intimidation fact for, a fear
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to speak out? >> the bam inside the muslim is about those who control the mike phone. those who have the satellite tv the petro dollars. the classroom. these are the regimes and organizations. and civil society trying to tree themselves and when they do, how are they treated? you are agent. >> sean: we have to take a break. what iranians did not understand about the ayatollah's threat until it was too late. >> at the time of the revolution most iranians and westerners didn't understand co-machine any's guiding princes and the re-- khomeini's guiding princes and the region he had in store. >> khomeini was establishing the rule of iran and the world as a whole. [ male announcer ] you are a business pro. executor of efficiency. you can spot an amateur from a mile away... while going shoeless and metal-free in seconds.
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those that have weren't constitutions they say something about islam being the religion of a state or sharia being part of a system of law. in iran it goes much beyond that.7dt >> the revolution success
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sealed in bringing radical islamic fund machine tallism throughout the muss -- fundamentalism throughout the muslim world. >> khomeini regime was already building what became the national alliance of the 21st century. iran has reached the mediterranean, syria, hezbollah. hamas inside the palestinian community. today we look at eastern arabia. northern yemen and southern saudi arabia. >> the iranians have been accused of providing support and using them in a proxy war against yemen's sunni muslim majority. >> the way events are moving in this country indicates that iran wants to export the shiite mentality by force. >> we look into west africa, latin america from caracas,
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venezuela to argentina. >> iran has made a conscious decision to infiltrate the western hemisphere in latin america. >> it is clear they looked at other countries in central and south america trying to line-up a group of like-minded people who have as their prime party goal sticking it into the united states' eye and working our interests, wherever they are. >> sean: was a look at new film, "iranium" about the dangers of iran's nuclear program backs with us are the film's producer, rafael shore and terrorism expert, also featured in the film, walid phares. they want to infiltrate, latin america, central america, south america and they are making inroads in many cases, as we see. i said what percentage of the world think is radicallized in the muslim world?
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you wanted to say something else, and you said during the break. you think it is higher than people think. >> it is how you fine radical. how many people are ready to strap a suicide bomb on their belt and blow themselves . certainly the per testimonies are lower. when you talk about the educating, the belief system of the people in many of these countries it is shocking. for example, in egypt, where we believe now thaors a pro-democracy movement it is not so simple they are revolting for the sake of democracy. a pew poll in john of 2010 showed a huge majority had radical views. they asked how many would like to see reforms either for liberal democracy versus islamic reforms? 67% wanted to see islamic reforms. only 20% wanted to see liberal reforms. >> sean: there's the people in egypt. 20% support al-qaeda in another poll.
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the poll i think you are referring to, says 85% support the death penalty for an tates. -- for apostates in egypt today. like they were telling us in '78 and '79, iran is going to be fine. you see the similarities, egypt is going to be . do you suspect as i do the muslim brotherhood will take over? >> unfortunately, the only strong on circumstance force in egypt is the muslim brotherhood. >> sean: organized? >> yes. they've been building up their power base for a long time. if egypt, with these views, 80% want to kill people who leave islam, those kind of views means if an election happens soon they will probably elect the muslim brotherhood. >> sean: let's go back to iran anahuac through what their stated goal is. they want -- they want an islamic caliphate, sharia law to govern not just iran but
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the entire middle east, the united states and dominate the world. they feel just as -- your film points out during the iraq-iran war, children were sent in before soldiers to see if there were any mines planted. and died. but that for them is martyr dom the single best way you can die. >> if you want to summarize what the iranian leadership wants, it is simple, they want to bring done 21 arab governments -- bring down 201 arab governments. establish an iranian model caliphate. it won stop there. first, they will reduce the rights of minorities. they will re the rights of women. they don't give enough to the youth. after that they are going to opinion trait africa. they are already in africa in sudan and west africa and latin america and ultimately
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the soviet union our homeland security. >> sean: this is as big a threat as communism and the spread of communism? >> with one little difference. soviets were deterred by mule destruction ideologically. these guys are jihadists, real life begins afterwards. they won't be deterred by our nukes. that's why it is crucial -- >> sean: mutually assured destruction is not going to work -- we'll talk about what it is like to live sharia we we get back. utilizing terrorism as a tool to carry out iran's radical islamic objective. >> for over 30 years the regime has used international terror. >> when you look at iranian government terrorism, from the beginning of this regime in
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january of 1979, they considered terrorism, as a tool of policy. >> not only does the constitution say its mission is jihad it quotes the qur'an in verse 8:60 which says strike terror into the parts of the enemy. i was driving in northern california. my son was asleep. i really didn't see it coming. i didn't realize i was drifting into the other lane. [ kim ] i was literally falling asleep at the wheel. it goty attention, telling me that i wasn't paying attention. i had no idea the guy in front of me had stopped short. but my car did. -my car did. -thankfully, my mercedes did. [ male announcer ] a world you can't predict... demands a car you can trust. the e-class. see your authorized mercedes-benz dealer for exceptional offers through mercedes-benz financial services.
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>> iran set up hezbollah early on to have a cut-out. somebody who could independently carry out terrorist attacks with no fingerprints back to tehran. >> khomeini under the guidance of khomeini hezbollah wasted little time before striking american installations. >> the day after this attack on the embassy in beirut the death toll has continue odd to climb. it is believed before the counting is over more than 60 will be found to have died. at least 16 of them americans. >> hezbollah's next attack would prove even more deadly. attacking multi-national peacekeeping forces stationed in beirut.
12:24 am
>> at that point this had been the largest nonnuclear explosion ever recorded. >> we worked for four days trying to find people who were buried. we tenned to work just to find pieces of bodies to put them together. every piece of a body we wanted to bury not just leave the bodies under the rubble. >> their intention in attacking us in a route, was to drive the united states out of lebanon. ultimately out of the middle east. >> despite repeated proclamation that terrorists won't affect u.s. foreign policy, muslim forces in lebanon achieved their goal when reagan with s all 1400 marines to the -- withdraws all 14 muhammad marines. >> when we pulled our troops out we the message, you within. we will respond to terrorism -- you win.
12:25 am
we will respond to terrorism by retreating. it was a terrible message to send. we've been paying the price for that ever since. >> sean: that was more from the documentary "iranium." walid phares is with us who is also featured in the film. i might have one small disagreement on this. certainly what happened in lebanon. before i get to that. hezbollah is a surrogate group funded to commit acts of terror directly by iran that's what it was founded for. >> i was in lebanon when that happened. i saw how hezbollah was formed by the iranian revolutionary islamic guards. they first started -- they moved to the south beirut. i was there when the
12:26 am
explosions occurred it woke me in the morning that was the beginning of the cam pawn of hezbollah on behalf of iran against multi-national forces then israel then the lebanese from there on throughout the world. >> the iranian regime thrives on hiding behind other proxy parties. in general, they want to show one face to the west and not let people understand what is going on in their minds and their ideology. i think that is why they've been speaking out against this film "iranian yum" because we show in their own words their own ideology and they do not like this to be soon. >> sean: they commit acts of terror, they say we had nothing to do with this we know none of that is true. i guess we can analyze reagan's move to pull out the troops. he had many challenges that he was dealing with. an economy he was trying to rebuild an evil empire in
12:27 am
soviet expansionism. how many battles on how many fronts can we fight? >> i think he was badly advised. i was on this other side and then on this side in the archives and i saw what happened. it would have taken president reagan to call on alarmer force. hezbollah was very small at the time. that larger force would have been supported by the lebanese army and lebanon would have been extracted from the influence a long time ago. the price of not doing this is hezbollah taking over lebanon pushing everything to the south and flaring two wars with israel. syria having long range missiles and giving iran all that time to have missiles and possibly the bomb. >> we shouldn't pick only on president reagan, because what we show in this film it has been a succession of presidents of misreading the regime. that's one of the main points we show in this film. american presidents have not
12:28 am
understood the nature what is going on in these countries. >> sean: isn't it deeper? in the 9/11 commission report, i didn't agree with everything in the report. they've been at war with the west for a long time. even going back to the beginning of this regime when they held americans hostage for 444 days. they were declaring war the west. pretty bray act. i think they feared reagan when -- pretty brazen act. i think they feared reagan when he was inaugurated. >> i think the commission was right in that the jihadists have been waging this war not just of terrorism, but ideas. they've been able to deny the american public the understanding we were at war. how can we be confronting them if we didn't know they were against us that was the drama of 9/11. >> sean: we'll take a break. wanted to get to you guys on
12:29 am
how women are treated under sharia. we'll analyze ahmadinejad's radical rest and what it could mean for america's future. >> ahmadinejad's narrative is strange for all of us. he seems from another planet. he talks about a world without america. if you don't like driving in snow. get the 2011 jeep grand cherokee. it has a select terrain snow setting. so it can grip snow covered roads. and if you do like driving in snow... get t 2011 jeep grand cherokee. it has a select terrain snow setting.
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in 19989 the iranians carried out a test to launch a scud missile from the caspian sea. many believe in is what the iranians would like to, put a missile in a cargo ship going off of our coast and attack
12:34 am
baltimore, attack new york, attack washington, d.c. from 100 miles off our coast we would never see it. another scenario to bring a small man portable nuclear weapon, a backpack nuclear weapon across the mexican border. most americans understand is not very well protected. >> hezbollah has been making linkages with mexican drug cartels. not to compete with them in ins trade but to use their already established channels of entry into the united states up from mexico through the united states and all the way on up into qana. >> when ahmadinejad talks about a world without america being achieve able. he could mean one thing what is known as a strategic electro magnetic pulse attack. >> it is a nuclear weapon that is closed -- clouded in the atmosphere up above. it didn't hit the . it sends out shockwaves.
12:35 am
. >> you have to understand what this pulse is tremendously high energy. every wire will pick up this pulse take the energy and burn out whatever is at the end. >> a small nuclear bomb debt nay i had -- bomb detonateds above the united states would take down the entire power grid. >> the power grid would be out for months every piece of electronics, pacemakers, phones, cars, gasoline pumps, water pumps would all be fried. >> the commission established by congress decided it was achievable way of effecting catastrophic affects on the united states. specifically devastating the electrical grid of this country and all the infrastructures that depend on it, food, water, sewage, commercial, transportation. within a year 9 out of 10 americans would be dead as a
12:36 am
result of exposure, starvation, disease. >> this country would cease to kiss as we know it. >> sean: i'm back with walid phares and the producer of iranium, rafael shore. let's start with electro magnetic pulse attack. would it take down the entire power grid of this country and for months it would basically put america into what position? >> well, the iranian regime has always said, ahmadinejad in particular, we can live without america. a world can live without america. this is a different attitude than al-qaeda. al-qaeda would acquire targets and try to hit them regardless. the iranian regime is preparing for a strategic engagement with the united states when it can. the emp will take out our capacity not just of responding but of acting as a nation. >> sean: they could have a test launch off the coast of
12:37 am
baltimore, d.c. or new york, 100 miles out. there's nothing we could do to stop that? >> it is very difficult. america is very porous if iran has nuclear weapons the possibilities are enormous. emp is one. they could pass on a nuclear bomb to terrorist organizes people infiltrating from the mexican border. >> sean: how would they get that pulse to go over the center of the united states? >> that would be perhaps shot from a barge. that would be exploded over the united states. >> sean: the gulf or? >> a lot of angles. keep in mind, the iranian resume have signed strategic treaty between venezuela and the united states is the same distance these missiles are tested from one point to the other, same distance. >> sean: we hear ahmadinejad talk about wiping israel off the map. netanyahu said they view israel which they want to destroy first as the great
12:38 am
satan -- i'm sorry the little satan and the united states as the big satan. his real goal is to get rid of america. wouldn't he first try and take out israel? >> good question. no question when hate is so intense, they have two enemies that are very in-- very strong, it is not just israel and america as well it is also europe. it is the entire christian world. it is the western world. >> sean: the next logical question, how close are they to the scenarios you are describing in this movie? how close to being able to accomplish this goal knowing they think this is their mission this is what they want? how close are they to achieving this? >> there are two theories in washington. one, we are focusing on the nuclear bomb. i have a different theory they are working on the delivery system on establishing the miss littles. -- missiles. if they have launching pads
12:39 am
out of lebanon, possibly syria, facilities in the red sea in venezuela wbs they would reach the number of missiles they need for a first strike if that is the case they bring their nukes. at the same time -- >> sean: this lunatic -- by the way for people deny that such evil could happen. are we dee the last 100 years of history, killing feels in cambodia, nazism, leading up to 9/11 and the attack on the trade center and pentagon. >> i think human capacity to try to ignore evil is incredible. it is an stone -- it is astonishing that's what makes this film so unbelievable. why done people know about it? it is not like ahmadinejad didn't talk about it. it is not like it is not written in the constitution of iran they want to take over the world with their islamic
12:40 am
regime. it is not a hidden issue. >> sean: we we come back, why when dealing with a country like iran and ahmadinejad negotiations will never work. >> clinton through bush and obama have all believed there was some level of ben nate iran could be offered that would get it to give up its nuclear program. >> this attempt to negotiation i love winter. with my suba forester and its all-wheel dre...
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americans, europeans are really uncomfortable with the idea of holy wars and mass murder for religious reasons. they can't imagine themselves slaughtering other human beings because the true re john needs to defeat the enemies of god. because they can't imagine that for themselves. they also can't imagine that others behave that way. but this is a fail are of
12:45 am
imagination. -- this is a failure of imagination. >> strongly held religious beliefs, you send people to their deaths, you are doing them a favor. you are giving them a quick free pass to heaven. we saw that during the iraq-iran war they were willing to send hundreds of children to walk into the mine fields and clear them. >> anybody who tells you that
12:46 am
we shouldn't take this seriously is not looking at the individuals who are in power ruling iran today. they believe by creating apocalyptic conditions they will bring the mahdi back. >> what makes that alarming is the question of nuclear weapons. during the cold war, the united states -- [ unintelligible ] they through they wouldn't use them because of what we used to call mutual assured destruction. each side knew if they used nuclear weapons the other would spoken in kind and this would 0 everybody. with these people with their apocalyptic behindset it is an inducement. >> back with us rafael shore and walid phares is with us. we look at what the ayatollah is saying. this movement has to stay alive. and staying alive is dependent
12:47 am
on martyrs. come and plead for us. hitler telegrahed all of his intentions. ahmadinejad wanting to wipe israel and the united states off the map he's telegraphing his intentions. why don't people want to believe it? >> you are right. the iranian regime can be compared to hitler in the 30s and 40s or to mussolini. they are connected to an ideology they've promised their constituents they are going to implement. hitler wanted to create a greater germany,. if they stop doing so they engage in moderation or diplomacy they will lose. they are content to grow or go. >> sean: we saw a clip that said which art is more beautiful, more effort lasting that the -- than the art of martin dom. you would think with all -- martyr dom. you would think that with all that happened on 9/11, caliphate, sharia law people would understand there is a
12:48 am
real clear and present danger. >> i think apathy is the greatest danger we face. perhaps the best way expressed is that the middle east is not the middle west unfortunately people have a great difficulty in understanding a different way of looking at the world. if one looks at the world from an -- radical islamic perspective, they in a 1,500 year war it has ups and downs they are on the ascendancy now. they drove out the russians from afghanistan. they drove out israel from gaza and lebanon. america soon leaving iraq. 9/11, these are all victories. >> sean: why wouldn't people look at life for women under sharia? under the taliban in afghanistan women couldn't go to school. they couldn't work. a woman can't drive in saudi arabia. if she is seen in public, you have this whole morality police, you can't be seen in
12:49 am
public with somebody that you are not related to. if you accuse somebody of rape you need four male eyewitnesss to prove it. they are stoned to death after being buried halfway up to their body. why can't people see that and understand just how barbaric radical islamic theocracies are? >> we are looking at gender apartheid. at least to our feminist movement and the progressive community should have seen this first. in iran -- >> sean: progressives are totally silent. >> this is a scandal they should be the first to defend, as they say the rights of women. in the arab muslim world when the jihadist regimes are perpetrateing their rights i'm surprised to see this community is not reacting. i think the problem is not just in the media it is academia. our students in the class are not served the truth. our international relations --
12:50 am
>> sean: is it because they are afraid to be called islamphobic. afraid to be referred to as bigoted. >> there is a core in our academic elite funded for the last 30 years by petro dollars hundreds of millions inserted in our campuses the donors are not going to want our students to know the truth. >> sean: is there any detering iran's regime? >> i think it is important that iran understand that u.s. military action is a very real option, if we feel threatened. >> i think that's an unattractive option. i think it is more unattractive to contemplate iran with nuclear weapons. >> if all other options had been exhausted, i think the question is not simply what are the risks associated with acting militarily. but what are the risks
12:51 am
associated with not acting? [ male announcer ] surprisingly priced at $15,995, the all-new 2011 jetta has arrived. discover german engineering and premium style on the jetta s with best-in-class rear legroom, as well as no-charge scheduled carefree maintenance, all standard. that's great for the price of good. during the presidents day event, lease the all-new 2011 jetta s for $179 a month. ♪
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the iranian people with is up a proud and ancient history were hijacked by a bunch of extremists. the fact that the united states keeps giving in to ahmadinejad is a signal to
12:55 am
the iranian people that the american policy is to support ahmadinejad. >> it is not productive given the history of u.s.-iranian relations to be seen as meddling the u.s. president meddling in iranian elections. >> the question is, should we have meddled in how things -- what is u.s. policy across the world? it is to always stand by the underdog. at least, make a stand say a word. >> we should be supporting the anti-regime, those who are fighting for their freedom, dissidents, marching in the streets, yelling obama are you with us or against us? >> it is in the interests of the people of iran as well as all of iran's neighbors and us for us to do everything humanly possible to get this regime to collapse before it gets a nuclear weapon.
12:56 am
>> it is in the interests of international community and the united states to lend all support possible, democratic movement inside iran so this regime will be changed as soon as possible this is a question, democracy inside iran is a question now international security. >> we've allowed them to believe they can get away with murder. now, they are gone that have the weapons of mass murder at their disposal. we should take this very seriously. >> we have to you can seed. that old tired adage, failure is not an option. failure is not an option. >> in the end if the united states will not form this resistance it will be too late, we will have to pay a much higher price. i'm talking about the entire
12:57 am
humanity paying a much higher price to stop the threat. >> sean: failure is not an option when it comes to dealing with the nuclear threat of iran the main message of the new documentary "iranian yum." what you are saying is, we to have to pay a higher price. i listen to this president he said he supports a nuclear iran this president during the campaign said he would negotiate with iran without precondition. yet, since he's been president they keep talking death to america, defying the world in terms of pursuing their nuclear capability. >> history rans after world war ii have said and continue to say we should stop hitler before. millions killed and dead if you don't stop the iranian regime from pen ing africa to
12:58 am
latin america not just an issue in the mideast we may pay the price here at home. when 1.5 million in iran demonstrated in june of 2009, we can't say we can't meddle. this is democracy. >> sean: obama said nothing. they were calling out for just moral support, they got nothing. >> i think it was a terrible mistake not to support the people of iran. i do believe that a great majority of iranians want to return to the civilization and be part of the family of nations. i think we have another opportunity right now. i hop the administration has learned its lesson and will support them. >> sean: i don't see it happening. the question is, bush referred to this axis of evil. reagan tacked about the evil empire. they had a much different peck speculative than barack obama. what is this going to take? if this iranian threat is as real as we've talked about
12:59 am
tonight do we have to strike first and take out their facilities. >> the policy i see developing is to find the moderate wing of hezbollah, the moderate wing of the taliban to maybe engage hamas to engage the iranians while the iranians are arming themselves. >> sean: do we have to take their facilities out? >> i think we've seen from recent events in egypt and what starting in iran there is another way. military option has to be considered, no question. but we see revolution is possible. we see regime change is possible. >> sean: from the democracy movement within and try and bring them down from within first. if that fails you have no choice you have to strike? >> it has to be tan seriously. >> sean: i agree. the question is does the united states stand with israel? i think israel is the first target and the united states is the second, and the we have the entire west. guys


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