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tv   Glenn Beck  FOX News  February 19, 2011 2:00am-3:00am EST

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the other story they have faked their own death to avoid it. >> that is your last call. lights are blinking and we're closing down shop. we'll see you again monday. there is an open thread on greta wire. so tell me what you think about what is going on in wisconsin and follow us on twitter. it goes to twitter or something like that. [ applause ] >> glenn: america, hello. some audiences get all the fun. tonight we're talking about abortion. it doesn't get any more poon than that. this is a topic that no one
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wants to address. this is going to be remembered one way or the other as the slavery or slave debate of our time. some point in the future hundred years ago, how did they not finance all abortions for everybody all the time? or how did they miss they were killing children? one of the two. one side or the other is going to be blamed by future generations. the problem with the founders was we look at them with today's eyes on slavery. slavery just was when our founders were growing up. it was new idea to stop slavery. abortion, however, a relatively new idea, and it is not surprisingly a progressive idea.
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tonight you will learn stuff about the progressive history that will shock you. i want to start here. i want to reframe this a little bit. if i told you there were people in afghanistan under the noses of our troops that were assisting mul las that were keeping underaged girls in a slave trade and our transports were not reporting it and they were watching irrelevant going on. they were in fact assisting or advising the pimps, wouldn't you say those troops need to come home and be court-martialed? i think the answer would be yes. if i told you that our dollars in egypt were being used to keep young girls, even if they were
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living in luxury but though were being kept so men could come and rape to them and our money was going to give them medical support, to make sure that they are healthy, to make are they didn't have children, they got abortions from the rapes every night. if i told you that we had video of people, our own people, assisting them, would you say that would be a front page story? it's not a front page story because it's happening here in america, and it's happening at planned parenthood and nobody wants to think about it. that is why i think in time abortion will be recognized as the horror that it is because we haven't changed. technology has changed. if you could see -- i thought
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since i was little kid -- if you could have a womb with a window in it you would never abort a baby because you would recognize it was a baby and you would be amazed at the features and everything that was there. there is no window there, but there now is technology that can show you the child. we can now keep a child alive outside the womb earlier but what has changed? only technology and us. the fact of the child hasn't changed. people don't want to look at the facts or the pictures and they don't want to think about it. that is why not one video or two videos or five videos or ten videos, there are dozens of
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videos showing horrible things happening at planned parenthood where a pimp will come in and say, hey, i've got underaged girls and i got to get them abortions and they say, yes. videos of underage girls or posing as 13-year-old girls going into planned parenthood and saying i've got a 31-year-old boyfriend and i'm pregnant. can you help me out? yeah, of course we can. these videos have been out now for four years and they haven't gotten much attention. i will introduce to some of these videos and some of the braveest people i've ever met. i'm a dad of three daughters. if you are a mom or dad of a daughter, if your daughter ran
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away from home, i don't care what the deal is -- ran away at 14 -- she runs away not realizing how bad the world really is. before she knows it she is on the streets here in new york or los angeles or even your own hometown. she has to have sex with men. she has a pimp to protect her. if she doesn't, she could get killed. pimp wants his money. pimp is going to make sure she is there, telling she is not worth anymore or getting her hooked on drugs so she has to stay. i hope to god that somebody in a medical or clinic sees her and she is pregnant, i hope to god
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they don't just abort the child and fix her up so she can go out and have more sex and help the pimp. i hope to god that somebody saves her life and said, what has happened to you? i have to tell you, i walking down the street in new york one day. this was about two years ago. i saw this girl -- she must have been 13, 14, 15 years old. i don't know. she was walking down the street. she just looked dead inside. she was around times square. i'm not going to walk up to her and say, hey, are you a hooker? but i would bet my life that she was. i saw my daughter and thought how bad does her life have to be
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to even put her in that position and what is it like now. we have cloaked planned parenthood in compassion. that is going change tonight because i believe one thing is true. a bad tree cannot bear good fruit, period. you need to know the roots of this tree. you need to know the roots of planned parenthood and margaret sanger. watch.
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>> all of you at planned parenthood for all the work you are doing. i was proud to get planned parenthood endorsement yesterday. >> i admire margaret sanger enormously. her courage, tenacity, her vision. >> i think biggest thing in the world is to bring children in the world but disease from parents, but all of it when they born that could be a greater sin. ♪ ♪ >> planned parenthood received
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$363 million in taxpayer dollars. in 2008 they performed 324,000 abortions. >> the planned parenthood people have yet to discover i thought a pretty good job. ♪ ♪ >> you are going to see a fight to end taxpayer funding of abortions once and for all. >> what they want to do is essentially make abortions unavailable.
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>> i admire margaret sanger enormously. i am really in awe of her. >> i don't know how you can be in awe of this woman if you read anything about her or know what she really truly believed in or how planned parenthood came about. you have to remember this was during the progressive era. on the other side of the ocean, they are the fabian socialists and they bear the same fruit. they were george bernard shaw and h.g. wells. remember this is the stained glass window that shows them heating the world up, setting it on fire and pounding it on the anvil shaking the world closer to their heart's desire. they believed there was superior race. it's from fabian socialists and
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progressives that we get get the death camps in germany. margaret sangar was an amazing progressive burr she wasn't the only one that thought this way. supreme court oliver wendall holmes said in 1927, it is better for all the world instead of waiting to execute degenerate off string, society can prevent those that manifestly unfit to continue their kind. three generations of imbeciles are enough. >> since 2924, let's sellerize people. we'll decide who is an imbecile and who is not. let's kill them compassionately. i want to show you a diagram from the progressive era, this
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is a diagram of workers. you have the idiot, mentally three years old, self-preservation is high as they go, menial work, low grade imbecile. median is only six to eight years old. simple manual work. complex manual work can be done by a high grade imbecile, sit ate to ten, and moron is ten to 12 years old and they can do work requiring no reason or judgment. those people should be exterminated. this is that page. let me give a little bit of it. they talk about how we should examine people. if there are any of these, fingerprint them and maybe send them off to an island, but they go on to the say, strong
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opposition often comes from the parents even when the sick or defective child would be a great relief to the family. this is another proof of the need of a campaign to educate parents. >> what they are saying they need to educate parents that your kids are morons. let us take them. let us take them. it will be easier for the family. the fabian socialists right lanely ahead of the american progressives on this one. they had thought about it for a long time and, of course, beloved play write, george bernard shaw, he talked about people too stupid to be kept alive. here is george bernard shaw.
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>> glenn: explain yourself. in front of a panel and explain yourself. justify your life. if you can't, you have no use to us and your life is no use to you, we'll have to kill you. he was first one to come up with death chambers and later the germans used. see, the reason it goes bad is because there is always somebody who somebody else thinks, if we just get rid of these people. this is why you can't judge who is life is worth living and whose life is not worth living. you have to be very clear. all life is worth living. otherwise, somebody as famous as
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alexander graham bell is going to judge, he said kill them. teddy roosevelt, people love teddy roosevelt. this is a letter from teddy roosevelt from the outlook. this is the outlook at new york when he wrote in. one of the doctors who was putting these camps together, charles davinport. he said eugenics is a better way of living. teddy writes, any group of farmers who permitted their best stock not to breed and let all the increase come from the worst stock would be treated as fitted inmates for an asylum but we fail to see it's rationale compared to the conduct --
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>> glenn: he is talking about people. he goes on to say, it encourages that the cold selfishishness or the twisted sent mentality as to which men and women ought to marry or remain celibate or only one or two, some day we are realize the prime duty and ines capable duty of the good citizen of the right type is to leave his or her blood behind in the world. we have no business to perpetuate the citizens of the wrong type. theodore roosevelt. >> it was very popular amongst progressives. joseph p.kennedy and rose kennedy had a child rosemary. she was the reason they started the special olympics. eunice kennedy was the sister.
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dad believed in eugenics, dad was em bearings had by the imbecile so dad sent the family away including rose that he was going to take the imbecile of the family, embarrassment of the family and give her a lobotomy because she was an embarrassment and it would be easier on the family. eunice shriver was horrified by that -- i'm guessing -- but that is why she started special olympics. i think in the end that we are going to be the ones thought of as special needs, not the olympians. this philosophy is no different, it's happening in america. overseas we showed you this about a year, a woman on the bbc the compassionate thing as a
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mother to kill your child. >> if i were the mother of a suffering child a deeply suffering child i would be the first one that would put a pillow over the face. >> you would put the pillow over there. >> if a child that was agony only a good mother would. >> glenn: the one thing people will argue, well are you going to fake care of them? yes, yes. the system is overloaded with parents who want nothing more than to care for an unwanted child. two million parents are currently waiting to adopt. i know what it feels like because my wife and i waited for our child for a long time.
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my child is the product of a teenager in trouble. she did the bravest thing that any young girl could do. she gave birth and then gave our son to us. so the answer is, yes, we will take care of the children.
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[ applause ] >> glenn: i want to drew somebody i met a year ago, about a year ago. i was giving a speech in new jersey. before i got up to speak, this young woman stood up, and i have to tell you, i don't -- despite some of the navy seal friends i have and special forces i have, i can't think of a private citizen that more brave. lionel rose is president of live action. pro-life organization that documents planned parenthood's violations. she started out in california, you were in california.
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you went to -- it wasn't u.c. berkeley. >> it was ucla. >> glenn: still california. you start on campus saying, hey, i wanted to talk to you about pro-life issues. that had to be very popular. >> well. definitely there was pushback, but the push back from ucla. >> glenn: no. >> yes. there was a vocal minority that was for abortion but most of the students wanted to hear the truth. a lot of students were so pro-life and were so excited to hear that they could stand up for the livelihood of children. >> glenn: you have no problem having a fair debate on both sides. for instance, before we get into the violations, these will blow your mind -- there is one place that i can't go as a dad and it's just because i can't
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disconnect my heart from my head. as thomas jefferson wrote a letter, it's great. it was a love letter and it was an argument my heart and my head for instance, abuse from -- if you are raped or incest. i know as a child but another child on the other end. i had a really hard time. you don't have a problem with that debate with that, right? >> we need to have that debate. >> glenn: there is no problem with having the debate. the problem comes where nobody is talking about the tulg abuses that are going on because of planned parenthood. explain. >> first of all, let me say planned parenthood had the ultimate abuse the biggest abortion clinic in our country is the victim of the unborn child because they kill more
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unborn children, over 300,000 a year. those are the ultimate victims but beyond that, incest victims and rape victims and beyond that a lot of those victims find their way into parenthood planned planned parenthood's clinics. they find their way into these clinics and they become victims too. >> glenn: these are the same kind of people we saw with acorn you have a pimp and we have under age kids and they did nothing. let me show you the map where there is violations from planned parenthood, people should go to jail. here are the violations. there are 31 different locations. let's pull up the different ones. let's go to new jersey first. tell me a little bit about this video before we play it. >> the video we're about to say
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planned parenthood, second biggest chain, advertising our actors who were posing as human traffickers and tell them how they can get cheaper abortions for the girls to keep them on the streets. that is part of our traffick investigation where we have seven different clinics to aid and abet the traffic of little girls.
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>> glenn: what happened. >> what happened. what you saw and what we saw again and again during on our investigation is planned parenthood workers get a manager they don't care about these young girls. they don't care about these young women. they care about aiding and abetting these abusers and getting them birth control and sending the girls out of the door. >> glenn: that person was fired? >> the pressure built and they were fired. >> glenn: this is bloomington, indiana. this is you. >> this is me undercover. >> glenn: watch.
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>> glenn: what did you think when you saw say 13-year-old, i don't know what the 31 age. >> i remember being this in that clinic acting as a 13-year-old. i saw that again and again. we went to ten different clinics and ultimately the cover-up of abuse and my heart was broken because i heard an adult woman in a healthcare setting basically saying i've been raped telling her, i don't care. don't tell me anything. oh, the conversation, how to pay for it and how much it costs and figuring out for the little girl can get the pregnancy taken care
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of. they fired one. all of the other ones, one resigned and other eight may still be working there. >> glenn: and because of this, they put your picture up like a wanted poster, right? >> yes, that's right. >> glenn: explain that story? >> so they have my photo up because of the investigation as a brunette. since i was 18 they had photo. i'm 22 right now. so for what you just saw, i bleached my hair by going undercover. they put a blonde photo next to the brunette. but the reality i work with young people so we're doing investigative projects. we've revealed so many times they are still covering up abuse. >> glenn: because nobody in the media -- this one has gotten more coverage than any that i have seen. let me ask you a question before we break -- that is this.
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if that was your 13-year-old daughter, is that how you would want another fellow citizen to respond? back in a minute. ♪ fare thee well ♪ farewell ♪ mr. gloom be on your way ♪ ♪ though you haven't any money you can still be bright and sunny ♪ ♪ sing polly wolly doodle all the day ♪
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♪ hah
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shutdown? join me at the top of the hour. now back to glenn. [ applause ] >> glenn: we're back with lyla rose, the president of live action, a pro-life organization that documents planned parenthood violations. she is on wanted possible have you ever walked in and they caught you? >> no, but i have walked in and seen my photo on the wall when i was undercover but they didn't recognize me. so that was startling to see my face on the wall but they went
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ahead and covered up the sex abuse and didn't notice it was me. >> glenn: how many people have gone to like a tea party or something in the last two years or done something that is out of their comfort zone? i've done a lot of stuff. stuff that i never saw myself doing a few years ago. okay, right. most likely it wasn't putting a hidden camera in your bag and dressing up as a 13-year-old girl, and you, sir, would look good as a 13-year-old girl. how did you do that, how do you do that? >> first, glenn, we're talking about research that has been done for years and real cases of girls that have been sexually abused and taken to clinics and
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it's covered up. what i started finding out about it when i was 18. working with the pro-life group, we need visual evidence of this. that is progression of trying to get that visual evidence. at the end of the day, any risk or fear, to do this work is worth it. we are exposing what is happening in these clinics everyday and people need to know about it. >> glenn: did you walk out at the beginning, my gosh, i have it on tape and the world won't believe this? >> definitely the first clinic, i can't believe she said that. then thinking people need to see in. >> glenn: have you been shocked at the silence and the unwillingness of the press to really look at it? >> i think yes or no. i was surprised so few people seem to care. that was traditional media.
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we use social media, that is where it's at because a lot of the gate keepers, they won't talk about things that matter sometimes. our generation is fed up with it. we're taking it to internet and blogs and youtube and telling the stories that need to be told. >> glenn: i got to tell you, as a member of the mainstream media -- no, please. even on this network which is the only network that would do an hour on this, i wonder what the ratings will be like. i wonder what the pushback outside the building because nobody wants to talk about it. nobody wants to know. i said to somebody that actually was the designer of the rendition project. i disagree with rendition, if you are going to torture somebody, have them in your
2:41 am
name. people that say, i just don't want to know about it. they are doing it in your name. if you can walk in and stand by somebody performing torture or abortion and you can stand in the room, you might walk out and say that was the worst experience of my life, but thank you for doing that. you've thought of it and it's up to you. that is your choice, but to say i don't even want to think about it. i don't care what they do. that is what leads to mass murder because people don't pay attention. back in just a second. hi, anne. how are you doing? hi, evelyn.
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>> glenn: we're back with lila rose and congress is talking about should we fund abortions and should we fund planned
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parenthood. that the same thing. let me go to brent. what your wife's name? >> nambia. >> yes. nancy skinner had said in an interview we saw online that planned parenthood does not accept federal funding for abortions but only reproductive health how do they differentiate that. >> glenn: let me ask you this. let's say you are against torture. somebody says, i'm not going take your money and pay for torture but i'm going to pay for the room, water and lightning and the heat or refrigeration. are you paying for torture or not? >> absolutely. >> glenn: is there a difference? >> on every dollar we're giving
2:47 am
this organization is funding the employees. >> glenn: how many of she is videos did you have to make. like the first video, how many clinics did you have to go in before you got somebody to do that? >> first time when i was 18 i walked in and said, i'm 23. i'm 15, what should i do with statutory rape, figured out a birthday that works, lie on the paperwork. second clinic similar thing and third clinic, almost every single time. >> glenn: connie, how are you? >> and these rogue employees that did this or the higher ups you mentioned managers, now i'm thinking the higher up would be the government and it doesn't surprise me what they do with our tax dollars. >> glenn: quite honestly that was the excuse of acorn. that is why many times they
2:48 am
threw those employees of acorn right under the bus. that started with the rafke boys all the way from the top. have you ever caught a head person? >> manager and practitioners, top nurse. but beyond that top level executives, stewart shearer saying the behavior on the tape is professional care they are providing all the options to the pimps how they can sell them on the streets. >> glenn: so as doing something for money, yes. back in just a second.
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>> glenn: mel is from montana. he says he a conservative and a constitutionalist but. >> but i'm having a hard issue with the aspect, like a rape case or violence or something like that. as a conservative what other conservatives feel, you know, abortion in that case. >> glenn: you are kind of me but
2:53 am
you get fuzzy, right. most people are like that. how do you answer that. >> first of all, i want to talk about rebecca. she was the victim, product of a rape but is just as much of a human being as you or you are. so that is not the fault, that is the fault of father, criminal that needs to be put behind the bars. but the pain of a rape and incest victim, abortion is something 10 or 15 years later, they are going to take the suffering of their rape. and talk to rape victims the ones that have bravely chosen to go through with the pregnancy and give that chile a chance. they're going say, wow, that best part of the suffering. that is something help you redeem it but abortion adds more
2:54 am
violence. >> glenn: i would say another argument for it would be -- that child got the genes of a rapist. that goes back to eugenics. that goes back to the argument, you got to get get rid of them because they will always be criminals. as oliver wendall holmes, three generations of imbeciles, isn't that enough? does that help at all? let me leave you one more story. we'll do that next. [ male announcer ] you never know when, but thieves can steal your identity... turning your life upside down in a matter of seconds. hi. hi. you know, i can save you 15% today if you open up a charge-card account with us. you just read my mind. [ male announcer ] just one little piece of information, and they can open bogus accounts... stealing your credit, your money
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>> glenn: i told you at the beginning of the program this is a subject we have to talk about. we really have to think hard. here i am a guy that says, i can't imagine my daughter being raped or involved with incest and having to choose and tell her,, no you've got to have the baby. i think of my daughter, but then i think of somebody else -- this guy. my son who was born 14-year-old
2:59 am
girl without getting into the details. she was a brave girl. my son was born a super hero. he doesn't need anybody with a cape. he has the woman who gave birth and then did a brave thing, gave them to us. he is a joy. i told you this story of joseph p.kennedy, his daughter rosemary had a lobotomy because she was an imbecile and people used to be ashamed and people wanted to shut people up. my oldest daughter was born with cerebral palsy. had i not


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