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tv   America Live  FOX News  May 3, 2011 1:00pm-3:00pm EDT

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live" starts right now. martha: fox news alert on big new developments on the death of usama bin laden. officials in pakistan calling the raid unauthorized, and now telling the united states not to try anything like that again. how about that? welcome to "america live." i'm. >> caller: in for kel he will today. less than 24 hours that we first got the news that usama bin laden had been killed we are getting a closer look at the compound. officials in the united states and pakistan are starting a bit of a shopping match over the raid that killed the terror leaders. pakistani officials asking, why they got no warning in this situation, and american lawmakers asking, can we trust you after usama bin laden happened to live in his home for years without any detection and close to a military facility there. let's go right now live to greg palkot who is streaming live
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from islamabad, pakistan with new insight. >> reporter: there is a full scale blame game happening right now here ao phoupbg pakistani officials, this a short time after the capture and kill raid against usama bin laden, that happening just about 40 miles to the north of where i'm standing right in islamabad, the capitol of pakistan. pakistani president started off this morning says, quote, he was not anywhere where we expected him to be. he was in that compound in that town north of where we are, and it's that compound that is very near a military base, a military academy, and intelligence headquarters. also coming from the president a little bit of distance between pakistan and the united states regarding the mission. it was not a joint operation he said, even though they helped with some information. late tonight the foreign
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ministry in pakistan backing that up with stronger words that pakistan had nothing to do with it and it didn't like anything that was going on with any kind of step into the sovereignty of pakistan. all of this. martha playing to a local audience. cameraman mal james and i went out in the streets of islamabad today and we got a real sense of how there is strong sentiment for the fallen al-qaida leader and the etiology. take a listen to what we were told in islamabad. >> he had a lot of sympathy. >> reporter: do you think there is a lot of sympathy for him here. >> whether it's here or not. i think in the islamic world there was. >> i am sad for him. he was a good muslim. >> reporter: the things they say he did, the terror acts. >> this is what you guys think. >> the people of the whole region, they have a feeling of
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relief. >> reporter: relief? >> yes. >> reporter: the pakistani government is trying to emphasize that last comment, they are trying to say they are cooperating between the united states, and also afghanistan in fighting terrorism. the foreign ministry tonight admitting that they did feed information to the united states about that compound north of here starting in 2009. the problem it is according to e united states usama bin laden could have been there since 2005. martha: greg thank you very much. we are also getting new warnings on growing security concerns across the country here at home. federal agencies have been put on alert in terms of worries that bin laden's death could drive extremists to retaliate. >> we cannot become complacent. the fight is far from over. just yesterday i ordered the department's prosecutors and law enforcement agencies to be find
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full that bin laden's death could result in retalitory attacks in the united states or against our interests overseas. i have instructed department officials as well as our state and local partners to maintain focus on our highly effective counterterrorism efforts. martha: there is a global travel alert. security at airports and plane stations have been beefed up all across the country. >> they were kind of checking everything and making sure, you know, the passports and everything, it took a little longer. >> they patted me down, they checked the inside of my belt loops, checked under my hat. they made sure they are very thorough. >> i'm sure they will try to do something next. i think if we keep doing what we are doing i think we'll be okay. >> i think everybody is kind of on the look out for some terrorist attack. >> i expect there will be some reactions, but i don't expect
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that -- >> when my time comes it comes, and hopefully it's not going to be in the next three weeks. martha: travelers are being urged to use extra caution over the next new months, and all of that is in place as a precaution. so president obama will mark the death of usama bin laden by traveling to new york city on thursday and elvis it ground zero, the site becoming a rallying point over the last day and a half, really in terms of as word came through of the terror leader's demise people began to gather there almost instantaneously. the president compared the sense of unity that many are feeling today to the day of the terrorist attacks. >> i think the unity we felt on 9/11 has frayed a little bit over the years. i have no illusions about the
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difficulties and debates that will have to be engaged in in the weeks and months to come. i also know there have been several moments like this during the course of this year that have brought us together as an american family. martha: all right. so there you have it. so what w should we expect when the president makes his first visit since the campaign to ground zero. chris stirewalt is fox editor. good to have you here today. there have been reports this morning that democrats feel this is a rallying moment for them to take away this issue, the gop has been seen over the course of the years since 9/11 to be stronger on issues of terrorism. that is in question and they feel that is a bit of a jump ball at the moment. >> reporter: certainly for democrats the goal here isn't just to increase the perception of the president being tough on terrorism, but beyond that to get the good news, and the good feelings that the country has right now over the death of this
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man to acreat to the president, that his popularity would go up and he would be seen as stronger. what you're hearing from democrats right now goes to that point, they emphasize strong leadership and this affects president obama's leadership in all of these things and tries to push back against the notion that george w. bush and the republicans are the tough on terrorism party. martha: let's take a look at moment when president bush went to ground zero 48 hours after the attack. let's just look at that, chris for a moment, think about that. >> i can here you, the rest of the world hears you, and the people -- and the people who knocked these people down will hear all of us soon. [applause]
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>> usa. usa. martha: that usa chant was picked up the other day when the news started to get out that bin laden indeed had been killed. how do you think that will go for the president as he heads down there. he has not been there for the different memorials of september 11th that we've had every year. he has not been there for that. and he got caught up in some controversy over a lot of the ways that the terrorists who carried out the acts were dealt with over the years. it has not been a very favorable topic for him. will it become one with this visit on thursday? >> reporter: boy, it's going to be tricky. as the president goes there as you say this has not been his previous strong suit, but he needs to own this. and he needs to make it part of his identity as a president, because the bounce that he's going to get from this. the bump in the polls is fleeting. it will go away. people will say, this is great, i'm glad we did this, now back to the $5 gas, back to the economy and the concerns that i have in my life. what the president has got to
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try to do is grab a hold of this thing and provide a book end, a democratic counts point to president bush's bullhorn point there on the smoking rubble but do it in a way that doesn't seem over blown or excessive. he's really got to thread the needle. martha: everyone will be watching his temperament as he deals with the people down there and the families who he's going to speak with who in the past have been critical on some of these takes on 9/11 issues. it will be interesting to watch as it plays out on thursday. we are hearing that intelligence agencies are now tearing through the treasure trove as it's been described of material that they grabbed. they had thumb drives, computers, a lot of technology that they pulled out of that house. we are waiting for any information on what they may have found there. a lot of stuff coming out, a lot of discussion about what will be released in the coming hours. all of that was collected from inside the compound in abbottabad. we are going to talk to a former
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cia operations officer about what he thinks may be in there. we are expecting new details from the white house briefing less than half an hour from now both about bin laden's computers and perhaps the white house decision to release the photos of bin laden's body. we will try to get answers on whether or not they are going to do that. the burial at sea is also being discussed at the white house. that may be a part of what we'll hear in about 20 minutes arrest so as well. let's switch gears for a moment. we have a brand-new video coming in from tuscaloosa that shows the unbelievable scale of the damage there, one week after the tornadoes wiped out huge parts of that town. fox news flying over the devastation today, po power continues to be out there. hundreds of people lost their lives, many more still missing. john roberts is covering this story for us, continues to from tuscaloosa. john, a week has gone by and the
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images are no easier to look at. >> reporter: as you can see behind me, martha, six days after the tornado hit last wed things look pretty much the same way they did the day after the tornado with a small exception, they've strung up power lines along new power poles trying to get the infrastructure back in place. even now we are hearing incredible stories of survival from this storm which has now been measured preliminarily as an ef4 with koeupbdz of 190 miles an hour. i met lea cobb. they were in the living room when the winds of 190 miles slammed into them. she is a very, very religious woman. she and her children were praying that the storm would spare them. her 17-year-old son rose to his knees and got sucked out of the house just then. listen to how she described it
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for me. >> he said you can have my you y family, in the name of jesus you have to go. that gave the opportunity for it to suck him out. i heard off in the distance. he said, oh my back. i got hysterical because he wouldn't answer me. >> reporter: so you can imagine what she was going through, not knowing where they are 17-year-old son was. we did get up in a helicopter with the mayor of tuscaloosa, to see the devastation from the air is incredible. 5.9 miles here in tuscaloosa, the national weather service measured the entire trail of destruction from this storm is # 0 miles long. martha: it'90 miles long. martha: thank you for your
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martha: we are waiting for the white house briefing which was incredibly interesting yesterday as john brennan took to the podium. we are looking for more information on the cia in terms of what they are finding as they dig through what has been called a mother load of terror data that was found at bin laden
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house. the blood on the floor in the room where he was taken down, it's just extraordinary to look at these images, absolutely incredible. navy seals seizing hard drives, dvd's and other materials during the raid. there is more video. look at that. you can just imagine what it was like when this was going down in that room. there again the blood on the floor that we have seen in those extraordinary photos and video of that event. the authorities have seized the hard drive, thumb drives and a lot of technology from the professed 9/11 mastermind of this. usama bin laden and when they got the came kind of information from khalid sheikh mohammad they got details about plotters. the planes they were on, the background information of the pilots. they got spread speeds that described pay rates for al-qaida members. information on operational and training procedures. peter brooks joins me now, a senior fellow at the heritage
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foundation, and former senior operations officer himself. peter, this is an extraordinary time as they start going through all of this information. given what we know about what bin laden's role was in the operation at this point, what do you think they might find. >> i certainly hope they find a lot that is actionable, martha. actionable means it's information that can be acted on really quickly. perhaps finding out the location of ayman al-zawahiri or other operatives. it's something also that could be perishable. it could be used for a short period of time and then not any good to us. hopefully they have a large number of people sifting through the information, pulling out the nuggets that can be actioned upon by our million tear row to try to take down al-qaida. they have been very careful in the past in erpls of operational security. as somebody who worked in the
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intelligence field for many years i've been pretty impressed about their operational security practices in the past, how careful they are. i hope they are right, i hope there is not just a lot of information but a lot of treasure trove with nuggets that we can act upon to go after other high value targets or foil plots that might be underway. it's not clear right now and we're not sure we'll actually know most of this in the future as the intelligence people keep it close and use it to their best advantage. martha: great points. my man does to anwar al-awlaki and ayman al-zawahiri, the people we've seen over the last couple of years and whether there would be courier or links as to these people on this data. >> reporter: we are going to pull as many strings as possible to get at these people. anwar al-awlaki is a distance from where usama bin laden was in pakistan but in the same part of the world.
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we'll want to see if there is connection there. there is al-qaida, there is al shabab in somalia. this could lead to a lot of take downs of al-qaida all around the world. the more likely that the organization is going to fail, i mean what everybody is thinking about today is what is the future of al-qaida, is it dead now that usama bin laden is gone, or are we going to have a new leader, someone like anwar al-awlaki, younger, more vibrant that hrao lead al-qaida into the future? are we going to see attacks. the more we can take them at their moment of weakness, the more advantage we can take at their moment of weakness the better off we're going to be. they will want to prove that they can operate as an organization and pull off attacks and that line, that's why we cannot become complacent at this moment. martha: that's a frightening scenario. thank you very much.
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good to have you with us as always. a troop of boy scouts disappeared on wednesday near where a half a dozen people were killing by flooding last year. in three minutes we're going you a rescue that meant a happy ending to this story this time. questions about pakistan. the demands for answers on how the country could have possibly missed the fact that usama bin laden was hiding in their own background. >> i think we have to know whether the pakistanis knew. if they didn't know, why didn't they know, why didn't they pay more attention to it. was this just benign indifference or was it indifference with a motive? are you receiving a payout from a legal settlement
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martha: this just coming in, fox news has just confirmed that there are at least two sets of photos of usama bin laden's body. one set of these pictures was done at a hangar in afghanistan, likely not too long after he was killed. the other pictures were taken a board the aircraft carrier vincent. that was in the north arabian sea where they put hi body, ea eased it into the saw. the photos at the hangar are the most recognizable, they say, but they are in many ways the leaves pleasant to look at. i don't think anybody cares about how pleasant they are to look at. you remember the sons of saddam
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hussein, not pleasant to look at, but it confirmed that they were killed. we may get more information. here is mike emanuel as we get ready for the press conference. clearly they will be pressed. jay carney will be pressed on the issue of the photos and when we may take a look at them. we'll take you there whether it gets underway. we are getting new details on the dramatic rescue of a group of louisiana bow scouts. they were found, thank goodness, today after be stranded in the arkansas national forest. their parents were frantic. trace gallagher is live with details on how this came to an end. >> reporter: imagine, martha, being one of these parents you send your kids out, six boy kouts, two adults. there is no cellphone service so you don't hear from them. on sunday they are supposed to
1:27 pm
come back and they don't show up. in the meantime you have heavy rains and flash flooding. the rescue teams were scrambling because in the very aim area last june flash floods came and swept away 20 campers to their death. this time the rescuers new the little missouri river that flows through there was three times the flow rate. they sent a helicopter sunday but it had to turn back because of bad weather. it wasn't until late last night they finally spotted a campfire and early this morning they went in and plucked the six boy scouts and two guides out of the area, brought them home to their parents who were pacing back and forth all night, in front of this church the same church by the way that people were waiting for their relatives who got swept away last year. they are all fine. the reason they continue get out is because the water levels rose so high, martha they simply could not cross the river and get back out of that recreation
1:28 pm
area. martha: there is probably a good beige for that, trace. >> reporter: somewhere. martha: you know who else should get a badge is the parents for being able to withstand that long weekend. we are happy they are reunited. thank you very much for that. >> reporter: okay. martha: we have new two sets of polls coming out on what has happened to the president's approval rating. very interesting numbers coming out on how americans feel about president obama after this raid. plus press secretary jay carney about to take questions on the bin laden photos. there are two sets of them. one shortly after the raid, one shortly before the burial. we'll take you right back to the white house as soon as that gets underway. we'll be right back.
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martha: a lot of new information popping on this story right now. fox is now confirming that there is indeed a video of the bin laden raid but that we're understanding will not be released. we know that in the situation room they watched all of this play out. there is also a video of the burial at sea. intelligence agencies are telling us that there was indeed -- just to backtrack on that for a second. we don't know whether or not they are going to release the video of the burial at sea. there are still photos we understand as well. that will be the main discussion in the briefing room. you've heard about the treasure trove of material that they found. according to jennifer griffin at the pentagon reporting this she
1:33 pm
says there actually was more intel, more data than you might expect from a man who was very worried about his security. he has had quite a bit of information. that has gone to language lee and is being analyzed as all of that comes in. there are reports that bin laden's wife and children are in pakistani custody. we are hearing more about that as well. you might have wondered. what happened to all of the family members there. wouldn't they want to question them. they are in pakistani custody. given the complex relationship that we have with them we'll see how that goes. let's go down to the white house press briefing room, mike emanuel is standing by there. he'll have to sit down any minute. mike, tell us, what do we expect we are going to get today. >> reporter: we expect there will be plenty of questions about the still photos that were taken of bin laden's body after he was killed. we understand there were two
1:34 pm
sets one taken in a hang tpwar that most resembles him. any time someone gets shot in the head the photos are not pretty. the question is will they release photographic evidence showing he is indeed dead. the second set of photos were taken from the uss carl vincent. but do not represent him as closely as the initial photos did. the question for the white house has been, what's the risk there? if you release the photos is there a violent reaction around the world somewhere? and so among the many issues they are weighing as to whether they should release photos, but we can tell you they've been getting bombarded with questions about the photos off camera, we expect that to continue on camera also more questions about whether pakistan is truly a friend, an enemy or playing both sides as we found out that bin laden lived in that neighborhood as long as six years and yet the pakistanis are saying they didn't know he was there even though it was quite a compound.
1:35 pm
among the questions we expect when jay carney steps to the podium in a matter of minutes. martha. martha: mike, thank you so much. we'll get back to you and we'll watch that briefing as it plays out. we got a lot out of the yesterday and we'll be looking for that today as well. in the meantime less than 24 hours since the killing of usama bin laden, and there is already speculation that this president could be winning big time, in terms of the response to this action. and then that raises questions about what that means for 2012. here is anders fogh rasmussen's. 49% somewhat approve. scott ras must seven i rasmusseo bribing it down for us. >> it's a tremendous moment for the president and the nation. i would have expected the president will get some gains. we are probably going to see
1:36 pm
that in the next couple of days. it's important to note that we'll find an increase in enthusiasm for him. the longer story is the president's job approval ratings have been in the mid to high 40s consistently for about 18 months. it's hard to see anything coming out of this news event is going to change that. what could change it is how the president uses this information and how it affects foreign policy going forward. martha: you know, there is also some pew poll numbers out, they show a much bigger jump than your poll does. they show a 56% approval rating which is a very solid leap. most of his numbers have been in the 47 to 49% range. how do you account for that. >> both polls are a small sample. they were a single night. the pew poll is a month ago. if you compare ours to a month ago, some of it may be from the bin laden effect.
1:37 pm
some may be from the president making a little bit of progress. it looks like the results you would see from a very effective presidential speech. you'd expect there to be a bounce. democrats who have been less than enthusiastic are likely to come around and be more enthusiastic. but it's not going to last for a longtime. martha: i'd like to see the numbers after the president goes to ground zero on thursday, how he interacts with people there, the take away and leadership quality from all of this. scott always good to see you. >> thank you. martha: moving along here we have a lot to get to and we'll be watching the white house briefing as well. i'm joined by brad blakeman former deputy assistant to george w bush. dick harpootlian.
1:38 pm
there was talk from eric holder of prosecuting cia members who had gone after some of these folks. this is a very big moment for president obama in terms of showing decisive leadership and taking a very risky move in carrying out this mission. it's got to be very good for them. >> absolutely. it's good for america as the president properly stated, and he deserves credit. this was a very risky decision for the president to make and he rose to the occasion and the result obviously was something all persons can give him great credit for. having said that, this is a moment in time, and it's light years away politically from the 2012 presidential election. and typically, martha when people go into that voting booth, yes they will give him credit for capture of usama bin laden that won't be the decision-maker. people will ask themselves am i better off today than four years ago and the answer today is no.
1:39 pm
unless there is significant achievement in the economy this president will have a tough time being reelected despite him capturing and killing usama bin laden. martha: dick, democratic presidents there are less than stellar moments in terms of these kind of actions taking place. bill magern wrote this today. he said the killing of usama bin laden was no one spot missile shot on a factory suspected of making missiles. nor was it the failed hostage rescue in iran, it was a potent combination of american force and presidential decisiveness. your reaction to how the president fares in the wake of this move, dick. >> he should fare very well. i think what is important to remember in the 08 campaign if he said it once he said it five, 15, times if george w. bush took
1:40 pm
his eye off afghanistan and usama bin laden and got us into iraq and he was distracted by iraq, one of the things barack obama said was he was going to find and bring osama bin laden to justice. and he's done it in a little over two years which is something george bush couldn't do in seven. that is not to say that this was an easy thing to do. it's to say he kept his eye on the ball, just as he kept his eye on the ball on the economy, healthcare, the big trouble that the republicans have with this. the tropbld trump people are saying they won't even say he's dead until they see a long form certificate. martha: there is no credible republican suggesting what you're alleging. he did keep his high on the ball and made an important decision in catching usama bin laden and
1:41 pm
killing him. he hasn't shown the same resolve in the economy and healthcare. he'that obviously will be the ky question in the 2012 election. let's give the president his due in this very important achievement. in the long push he is deficient for all the important things that will go on during this election. martha: a very big moment for the president as all of this gets reflected upon. brad blakeman and dick hartpootlian thank you for being with us. usama bin laden's death raises security concerns in big cities across the streets. we'll take a look at what is done in our airports, train stations, bus terminals, amid fears that we've been hearing that these terrorists are likely to retaliate.
1:42 pm
we havwe may have information at what is in all the things they collected at the compound. >> so proud of the men and women who have given up so much family, career, whatever to go over there and hunt this man down. i had no doubts they would find him. [ rge ] psst.
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chicken, chicken chicken. there are thousands of ways to prepare it. [ chickens clucking ] you know only two of them. time to mix it up. time for new philly cooking creme. it'll take your chicken to places it's never been before. somewhere creamier, dreamier, with lots of flavor. look at you alchef-like. spread the love around in four fabulous flavors. spoon in a little new philly cooking creme. martha: we have some more details, every second they are continuing to come in now in terms of what the navy seals found in pakistan. the material from bin laden's hard drive we can now tell you has been arriving at language lee since yesterday. sources telling fox that the actual devices themselves are going to be transferred there soon. listen to this.
1:46 pm
this just crossed moments ago, a senior defense official, this is a quote, the u.s. is moving quickly to exploit this information before the cockroaches scatter. that is a direct quote from a senior u.s. defense official. we are waiting for the white house briefing right now. we expect questions on all of this and what happens with those photos that were taken after he was killed, will we ever see those. we'll get new information hopefully coming in from a member of congress moments from now on that as well. in the meantime let's bring in former navy seal, christopher till. it is great to have you with us. >> thank you very much for having me today. martha: you said so many interesting things in some of the notes that you sent over, you said primarily more information than how this was carried out, because i know you want to preserve the secrecy of how it was carried out, it's just a tremendous, you know, focus and efficiency of the way these seals do their work. >> yeah, martha, this situation was carried out with three
1:47 pm
distinct factors. number one element of surprise, number two a tremendous economy of emotion. and third and final, decisive finality. let me talk about the economy of motion. everything from the way the aircraft was loaded to exyou will tracing after a problem was streamlined thus eliminating any risks for potential casualties. martha: we have a graphic that shows 0 probably the way they went in here and it says they cleared each section as they went through. when they clear a section -- we have heard of only five deaths that took place thi place in th. this is changing as we move along. do you assume there were guards along the way that they took out when they talk about clearing the areas on the way in. >> we can assume there were
1:48 pm
guards. as quickly as the story is changing so are the tactics that all our special forces operate at. what we need to do is let the men who are going down range and carrying out these missions be provided with a little bit of a veil of secrecy. let them continue to do great things and we as a nation can celebrate their accomplishments as we have over the last few days. martha: these guys are so incredible, and you talk about how none of them want any kind of recognition for what they are doing. all i keep hearing from folks out there is everybody wants to give them a hug, all the families of these 9/11 victims say that they just wish so much that they could personally thank the people who pulled this off, who are so extraordinary, christopher. >> the heartfelt thanks of the nation is always appreciated from every guy i've spoken to over the last few days. they feel very supported by our
1:49 pm
nation and the thing to remember also is that these are regular guys, martha. you wouldn't know these guys if you were walking down the street in virginia beach. they are fathers, they are sons, they are brothers, just great americans, and i guarantee not a one of them would say that they are extraordinary, they are ordinary men doing extraordinary things for our country. martha: they have to go through so much to even get to that level, physical work, i was reading carrying 40 pounds of gear, running 40 miles, the kind of thins that most of us cannot even imagine physically being able to pull off. the kind of intense training. give us some sense of what that is like, christopher. >> the initial training is considered to be some of the most arduous, tough, military training in the world. here is the important thing to remember about this mission. this isn't just regular seals, these are the best. these are guys that should be held on a pedestria pede stal.
1:50 pm
if you look at numbers, probably the combined years of experience probably is 300. they have completed 3 tow 4,000 missions. every day they were training for this event and i'm just very, very proud that they were able to go over there and get it done for the country. martha: i had read that there were whoops and hollers and they were very happy they were told this elite group that this was their mission because everybody who has been in that arena has wanted to accomplish what these men were able to accomplish. and yet you say that the cheers that we are seeing in the streets of america are not necessarily what you want to see. speak to both of those if you can, christopher. >> yes, for the first point, i would beg to say that there is ever member of the american special forces, whether they get a mission to go after usama bin laden, or whether they are getting any mission to go and do their job that they trained so
1:51 pm
hard for are just as equally excited. any chance they have to go and do the work for our nation they are very, very excited. the second point as far as regarding the celebrations, we have to be careful as a nation. the enemy that we are fighting and continue to fight this day is a smart enemy. those pictures of celebration will be turned into propaganda that will eventually be used against us. martha: it's a fair point. i want to show two pictures brief tphraoefplt we'll go to the white house briefing in a moment. there is an aerial shot that those the military training facility which has been compared to west point and sand hurst in just how far away it was where this mission was carried out at bin laden's home. there is also a picture you'll see in a moment that is general pa tray just shaking hands with some of the young pakistani soldiers at this military academy. it's so stunning to me, christopher, just a mile away, a
1:52 pm
hundred yards away, much less than a mile bin laden was living quite comfortably in this house that was three times the size of anything in the neighborhood. >> there's been a lot of speculation. i think the credit on this one does have to rest with the president for making the tough call to say, no matter where you're at, no matter who knows, the force of the united states military and its intelligence sources will find you and eliminate you. that's huge, martha. martha: indeed it is. and they could have done this with b-2 stealth bombers, that was discussed, but the president really wanted to have the satisfaction of knowing that we got our man in this case. in terms of the video and the photos that were taken and there is so much discussion about whether they should be released christopher, that would be part of the procedure that they were told to accomplish in this. correct? >> yes, correct. i mean documentation on such an
1:53 pm
important hbt is critical to the long term success of our mission. we have to prove that we did it and he's gone forever, and now we have to struggle to be prepared, martha. i guarantee the day after this mission there was some celebrating among the guys that were there, the whole force, but like admiral winters recently said, this war is a long way from being over and we have to be prepared and the american people have to be prepared as well. martha: you know what we can't thank them personally. by extension we will thank you, former navy seal. you know the kind of training these men underwent and it's just an extraordinary, extraordinary story. and we thank you for your service and shedding the light you can on this with us today. thank you so much. >> i'll make sure i tell the guys. martha: thank you. the briefing is set to begin at the white house. we are getting a wealth of brand-new information about a lot of the details here on the death of the world's most wanted
1:54 pm
man. aren't we glad that we have a chance to say that to you at home. there are two sets of photographs that document this that show the body of laud r-r in addition to the fresh details on the covert operation itself and who was arrested. there are a lot of questions about that. it's been called a treasure trove of information. let's get right to it with jennifer griffin who is getting more details on the intelligence and also the wives and children of usama bin laden. what do we know about their whereabouts. let's start there, jennifer. >> reporter: i've just learned there were children in the room at the time when the seals went in and found usama bin laden. he was on the third floor in his bedroom. we knew his wife was there and that she was shot at the time. but we now are learning that there were children also in the room. they were taken into custody. i'm told that his wife and children are in pakistani custody right now from a u.s. official. but that's the first that we had heard that there were children in the room at the time when he
1:55 pm
was shot. we also know that they encountered gunfire as they entered that compound, as they made their way up to the third floor they encountered gunfire. another detail that had not been released, is that there were no guards at the compound. there were no armed guards. that's why you hear when we reported yesterday that all the men at the compound had been killed, that included the two couriers, the son of usama bin laden, and bin laden himself. that is unusual for someone who is as wanted as usama bin laden. we are also learning more details about the information that they found at the compound. it does include as we reported yesterday hard drives and computer hardware. that information has been flowing back to cia headquarters at language lee since yesterday. the information has been downloaded and being transferred since yesterday. more of it is still underway being transferred. it was taken to a hangar in
1:56 pm
afghanistan, i'm told, just in the same way that bin laden's body was taken to afghanistan after the raid before taken onto the uss carl vincent. those hard drives are being looked at and transferred very quickly back to langley where hundreds of analysts are shifting through the information provided. we understand they are under a great deal of pressure to move kwaoeubg lee on the intelligence, analyze it. see if any of it is actionable. i have a quote from a u.s. official that is quite stunning in terms of how they want to use the information before, quote, the cockroaches scat he shall. you can expect a number of al-qaida types heading back over the border into al-qaida. martha: that is fascinating information especially that there were no guards at that compound. jennifer thank you very much. let's go to jay karen me at the white house as he begins thinkss
1:57 pm
remarks here. let's listen in. >> the president and others watching in the situation room what were they seeing at the moment that photo was taken. >> as john brennan the president's counterterrorism adviser explained yesterday the president and his top national security aids in the situation room had available to them minute by minute updates on the operation. that photograph was taken during the operation. they were looking at and listening to those updates. i can't get more specific than that. this is during the operation and during those tense moments that mr. brennan described yesterday and this morning on television. >> why can't you get more specific with revealing technology or anything? >> i think specifically we don't talk about with any great detail how we get our real time
1:58 pm
information for a variety of reasons. those meetings take place in the situation room nor a reason. those rooms there are for secure communications. so i can't get more specific than that. i think it's been said, so i can say that leon panetta the director of the central intelligence agency was on a screen and communicating with those in the situation room, and the president. so he was present in that room, in that sense as well. again, they were receiving real time minute by minute updates on the -- excuse me, on the operation taking place in pakistan at that moment. but they were receiving a lot of information at once. >> okay, so brennan in his briefing yesterday made a couple of, i guess misstatements or statements that appear to be somewhat incorrect, such as the wife was shielding bin laden and it turns out it wasn't the wife
1:59 pm
and there may not have been a shield and it wasn't clear whether bin laden had a gun. >> what is true is we provided a great deal of information with great haste in order to inform you and through you the american public about the operation and how it transpired and the events that took place there in pakistan. obviously some of the information was -- came in piece by piece, and is being reviewed and updated, and elaborated on. what i can tell you, i have a narrative that i can provide to you on the raid itself, on the bin laden compound in pakistan. on orders of the president a small u.s. team assaulted a secure compound in an affluent suburb of islamabad to capture or kill usama bin laden. the raid was conducted with u.s. military personnel assaulting on
2:00 pm
two helicopters. the team method i can lee cleared the compound moving from room to room in an operation lasting 40 minutes. they were engaged in a firefight throughout the operation and usama bin laden was killed by the assaulting force. in addition to the bin laden family two other families resided in the compound, one family on the first floor of the bin laden building and one family in a second building. one team began the operation on the first floor of the bin laden house and worked their way to the third floor. a second team cleared the separate building. on the first floor of bin laden's building two al-qaida couriers along with a woman killed in crossfire. bin laden and his family were found on the second and third floor of the building. in the room with bin laden, a woman, bin laden's wife rushed the u.s. assaulter and was shot
2:01 pm
in the leg but not killed. bin laden was then shot and killed. he was not armed. following the firefight the noncombatants were moved to a safe location as the damaged helicopter was detonated. the team departed the scene via helicopter to the uss carl vinson in the north a rabe kwropb sea. aboard the uss carl vinson the burial of bin laden was done in conformance with islamic. the body was washed and place ned a weighted back. after the words were complete the body was placed on a prepared flat board tipped up and the deceased body eased into the see. that is the narrative i can provide for you today. i want to make clear this is
2:02 pm
information that is fresh and we will continue to gather and provide to you details as we get them and are able to release them. the resistance was throughout. as i said when the assaulter entered the room where usama bin laden was he was rushed by one individual in the room and the resistance was consistent from the moment they landed until the end of the operation. end of the operation. the information i have, resistance does not require a firearm. but the information i gave you is what i can tell you about it. i'm sure more details will be provide as they become available and we are able to release them. >> did he have any weapon he was not armed is what i understand to be true.
2:03 pm
>> do you see the capture of bin laden affecting the pace of withdrawing the troops from afghanistan? >> no, i think the president's plan is on track. it is -- you can see the operation that took place sunday within the context of this plan that the president put in place for afghanistan and pakistan. within a context of a broader commitment as candidate and president to refocus our attention on the region which is the home to what they call al qaeda central and until recently was the home to the leader of al qaeda. the president is determined. as i remember when he ran for office and since he came in here to refocus our attention on that region, on al qaeda. as you recall in the carefully deliberated upon plan that the president put forward for afghanistan, that the number one
2:04 pm
objective was to dismantle and eventually defeat al qaeda. getting osama bin laden was have much a part of that plan. about it am not the only part. as john brennan and others have said, the president has said, we are continuing the fight against al qaeda. every day. and the focus of that operation of the u.s. personnel in afghanistan is on al qaeda. the operation continues, the july 2011 transition date remains have much in place. the pace of that drawdown will be determined by conditions on the ground. >> final question. are there plans to release video or images? >> i don't have updates on that accept to echo what john brennan said this morning. we made a great deal available to the public in a remarkable
2:05 pm
period of time. we are talking about the most classified operation this government has undertaken in many years. the information we have provide to you is quite substantial. we'll continue review that and make decisions about the appropriateness about releasing the information as the review continues on. >> the pakistani government said the isi was providing information about the compound since 2009. whereas all we know about in terms of the media is that we have known about the compound. could you explain the discrepancy and also has the isi been providing information about this compound? >> what i will do is points you to the comments john brennan made and others have made which is that the pakistanis have in general, very helpful in many
2:06 pm
ways in the fight against al qaeda. and that help has -- was assistance in general in the gathering of intelligence and information that led to the successful operation sunday. i'm not aware and i believe we have said that we have been quite clear about our knowledge about the existence of this compound and about the communications we did not have with the pakistani intelligence about this operation. >> they also say in a statement that many houses in that region occupied by have high boundary walls as parts of a culture of privacy. so high walls in that region obviously -- is this your cultural understanding of the region that high walls -- >> i think this is a unique property within the region. but he clearly successfully hid
2:07 pm
from sight. at least our sight, for a very long time. he is not the only high-value target who did that by hiding in highly populated areas. obviously there was some speculation for many years that he and other high-value al qaeda targets were hiding in small villages or in caves and living a nomadic existence. what we have seemed to discover is that there is a preference or has been in these cases, a preference for highly populated areas which understandably can sometimes be an easier place to hide. >> lastly. the previous administration did release photographs of high-value targets, the sons of hussein as two examples. what would hold you back from
2:08 pm
doing its. it seemed to go to relatively without a hitch. >> i'll be candid. there are sensitivities here in terms of the appropriateness of releasing photographs of usama bin laden and we are making decision about the need to do that because of the sensitivities involved. we review this information and make the decision with the same calculation which we do with so many things. what we are trying to accomplish and does it serve in any way harm our interests. and that is not just domestic, but globally. >> do you explain sensitivities. because of the gruesome photographs? >> it's fair to say it's a grusome photograph. it's certainly possible that it's an issue that we are taking into consideration is it could
2:09 pm
be inflammatory. i'm not going to get into who and where, who has seen the photographs or where they are. >> you said bin laden was not armed. why was the decision made to kill him as opposed to capturing him. >> as mr. brennan and others made clear, we were prepared to capture him if that was possible. we expected a great deal of resistance. and were met with a great deal of resistance. but there were many other people armed in the compound. there was a firefight' it was a highly volatile firefight. i'll point out department of defense for more details about it. but it was -- he resisted the u.s. personnel on the ground handled themselves with the utmost professionalism. and he was killed in an
2:10 pm
operation because of the resistance that they met. >> everyone here was getting retime information. was the decision to shoot and kill done by that unit or was there consultation. was there information flowing back and forth and it was directed go for the kill. >> the operation was run from the ground, certainly not from the white house. and at the point i think mr. brennan described this yesterday at the briefing or perhaps on television or maybe in both places, at that point the folks in the situation room were observers and listeners to an operation that obviously had been carefully thought out, meticulously prepared for the decision to go was the president's. obviously was a very weighty decision. once it began, however, obviously it was up to those who were taking the action to execute the plan.
2:11 pm
>> the white house put out calls to various world leaders. any additional calls today? and have any of these world leaders expressed concern weather u.s. going into another country unannounced? >> we did provide a readout. i don't have any new calls to read out for you at this time. my understanding is that the calls were all included congratulations to the united states for their successful operation. in capturing and killing osama bin laden. i'm not aware of any concern expressed about the issue you raised. the president of pakistan has an op ed in the post, and they congratulated us on the success. >> at one point you said an
2:12 pm
assaulter was brushed when bin laden was kill. was there just one assaulter in the room with bin land and were both shots fired by one person? >> i don't have a detail on the shots and who fired them. when -- my understanding is they entered a room one at a time, this particular room, but beyond that, i don't know. there was obviously a team in the compound but i don't what to ventura guess. i always find it better to not do that. i would points you to the department of defense for that. >> but you still believe a wife of osama bin laden was shot, but not killed. >> shot in the leg. on the first floor. >> you said it was a gun battle. my understanding is of the 22 or so people in the room and 17 or
2:13 pm
so of them were non-combatants. >> a great number of people were unharmed and safely made the secure when they -- after the operation was complete. and the helicopter had to be detonated. but there was a firefight. >> do you know how many people were firing? >> again, we are providing this information as it's made available for public release. the pentagon is work on this and will insure -- and we'll continue to updates the information as it becomes available. >> there was a report sourced through the isi that the non-combatantsed a their hands tied in preparation for taking them away on the helicopter at which they could not do because one of the helicopters had been damaged. do you know anything about that? >> i don't. and i haven't heard anything like that in this building. >> is there video of the burial at sea? >> i'm not going to get into
2:14 pm
the -- the visual material that is being reviewed, the decisions about it will be made what if any of it can be or should be released. i don't want to get into specifics about what there is and what there isn't. i would just urge you to be patient give up how much information has been released. and understanding about why we need to review this and make the appropriate decision. i would also say there is not some roiling debate here about there is. there is simply a discussion about what the appropriate action should be. >> was the president involved tha in that discussion? >> he's involved in all aspects of this operation. i don't have a time line. >> jay, what is the status of u.s.-pakistani relations today as the white house sees them? >> it's a complicated but
2:15 pm
important relationship. pakistan is a key partner in the fight against al qaeda and terrorism. they have been extremely helpful. and we look forward to cooperating into the future. we have been in contacts at many levels with the pakistani government. and as you know, the president called president zardari the night before he spoke to the american people. so while we recognize that there are complicated differences between our two countries and how we approach and do view things, there is also a great deal of important cooperation. that should not be lost -- the american people should know that as they view this and try to view the complete picture of that relationship and within the context of the successful mission sunday. >> we heard lawmakers suggesting
2:16 pm
freezing aid to pakistan until they can demonstrate they didn't know about bin laden's whereabouts. does the white house have a view on that. >> it's an important partnership. pakistan has been on the front lines in many ways in thefight against al qaeda and terrorists. pakistanis have suffered in large numbers at the hands of terrorists. the government has provided useful and important assistance and cooperation to us in the years of this struggle against terrorism. so i would leave it at that. while accepting the fact that we do need to find out and as john brennan said this morning, we look forward to finding out more information about the support network that did allow bin laden to hide in this compound in the suburb of islamabad. and we understand the pakistanis
2:17 pm
are investigating that as well. >> mr. zardari in his op ed said the pakistanis did its part. >> they have provide cooperation over the years and broadly speaking provide assistance that helped us built the mountain of information that we needed to build in order to find bin laden and executes this mission. >> senator lindsey graham today said you cannot trust them and you cannot abandon them. >> i don't think it's a question of trust. i think it's a question of the interests we share and the cooperation we forged. there are different many a complicated relationship. there is no question. we do have our differences. it's important to notes there are many people in pakistan and many people in the pakistan
2:18 pm
government. so you have to be careful about tarring everyone. either the country or the government. because they have provided extremely useful assistance over the years and we look forward to cooperating with pakistan going into the future. its many vital. as we have said, lopping the head off the snake is important. the body while battered and bruised is still there and we need to bury that body. we need to keep thefight against al qaeda and pakistan is an important partner in that effort. >> in previous dealings with pakistan, it seems you have had to deal with them in three separate cams. the president called president zadari. were other people informed at the same levels? >> we have had contact -- calls on that evening beyond
2:19 pm
presidents i'm not going to read out from here. but we have maintained contact with senior members of the pakistani government regularly. >> on the issue of the photographs. you say there is son concern about them inflaming compassion. are you consulting anybody outside the united states on this issue. >> i'll leave it that we are reviewing the situation. i don't have details on ought consultations. i think there were -- we are going about this in a methodical way and trying to make the best call. >> anything new to add? yesterday john brennan wouldn't characterize what was gotten intelligencewise from the come pond. after that there has been descriptions. >> i don't have a quantitative assessment. but i think what i can say is there are sort of three areas
2:20 pm
that we hope the information that was collected -- material that was collected will provide insight into. most importantly is any evidence of planned attacks. second would be information that could lead to other high value targets or networks that exist that we don't know about or we only know a little bit about. third and more broadly. on the died network itself. and then the sustaining network for bin laden in pakistan. what allowed him to live in that compound for as long as he did. >> is there an updated assessment of threat levels post-bin laden. >> the president receives regular threat level briefings. i wouldn't necessarily tie that to the bin laden action.
2:21 pm
our homeland security officials and everybody involved in counter terrorism was assessing prior to the operations' success what the impact might be. so far we don't have specific or credible threats, which is why some have asked about the -- why we haven't raised the end task. but we are very village lengths. we take measures that are seen and unseen to maintain that vigilence. because obviously we anticipated the potential for a backlash, the potential for at least a desire if not the ability to exact some kind of revenge against the united states, american people for our allies. so we are very vigilant. >> has the white house confirmed what the and stanes knew and when they knew it?
2:22 pm
>> we are working very hard on that relationship. and it is an important and complicated relationship that has been tested in many ways over the years. and even this year. but we are in communication directly with the president and other senior members of the government, and we are committed to continuing the cooperation that we have had because it is so important both to our fight against al qaeda, but also pakistan's. and i think we remain confident that cooperation -- i know we remain confident that cooperation will continue. >> as you look at what knowledge they had about the compound. is there any [inaudible] >> first all, we don't know
2:23 pm
yesterday who if anybody in the government was aware that bin laden or a high-value targets was living in this compound. what john brennan as said and others have said is it's logical to assume he had some sort of supporting network. what constituted that network remains to be seen. it's a big country and big government. we have to be very focused and careful about how we do this. because it is an important relationship. i would also say that the idea that these kind of complications exist is not new. it's obviously this is a very sense sayingsal case because of who we are talking about here because it was osama bin laden. but this is not an issue that arrived on our doorstep on sunday. >> is the white house making progress on talking to
2:24 pm
republicans on how to deal with the debt ceiling? >> it's a complicated process. the debt ceiling. the secretary of the treasury issued a letter because of the extraordinary measures the treasury department was able to take, and because of the revenues that have come in slightly above expected. the deadline has been pushed back by 3 weeks, i think. but that is an estimate. and it's just an estimate. the urgency of raising the debt ceiling remains. having said that we look forward to the discussions that will begin thursday with the vice president in the leased on our fiscal issues that we hope to reach bipartisan consensus on. these are parallel tracks, this will be a topic of conversation. and we are heartened as we have been in the past by comments
2:25 pm
that have been made about the absolute necessity of raising the debt ceiling because we don't want another recession. we don't want to default on the full faith and credit of the united states government. so we hope that and believe that the conversations that negotiations that began thursday will bear fruit in both directions. we'll give you a full schedule and it's obviously out there that the president will be visiting new york and ground zero, but beyond that i don't have details at this time. >> can you tell us who wrote the narrative tough read to us? >> that was provided by the defense department. >> are you able to describe how bin laden resisted? >> beyond way was able to give from you here, i would refer out pentagon. and simply say that we have worked very hard to declassify
2:26 pm
information in record speed to provide as much insight into this operation as we can as quickly as we can. mindful obviously of the equities that are at stake here in terms of never revealing sources and methods, never compromising our intelligence procedures. but we are working very hard to provide as much information as we can. >> can you say if there has been any change in president obama's opposition to so-called enhanced interrogation techniques? >> no change whatsoever. >> the result of such techniques used helped in tracking down bin laden? >> mark, the fact is that no single piece of information led to the successful mission that
2:27 pm
occurred sunday. and multiple detainees provided insights into the networks of people who might have been close to bin laden. but reporting from detainees was just a slice of the information gathered by incredibly diligent professionals over the years in the intelligence community. and it's simply strange to suggest that a piece of information that may or may not have been gathered 8 years ago somehow directly led to a successful mission on sunday. that many just not the case. >> i wasn't suggesting it. others have. >> did anything come out of last night's dinner that would show there is movement towards a specific agreement on the debt ceiling and deficit reduction? >> not that i'm aware of. martha: they are discussing the debt ceiling. there is a lot of breaking news
2:28 pm
that happened in that briefing. so we want to continue to move forward with the bin laden story. you heard about the treasure controversy of information that was lifted from bin laden's compound that is now tea rising at cia head quarters in langley, virginia. so we are happy to be joined by the democratic congressman from maryland. we want to ask him what his experience was when he was at the cia discussing this with them today and what he might have learned about the information that we may be able to glean from what we understand is laptops and electronics and a thumb drive. thank you very much. we appreciate you standing by. talk to me about what you learned at the characteristics a about what's been called a treasure controversy of info. >> there is a lot of information that is there. it's been analyzed as we speak.
2:29 pm
we hope it will be information that we can use to continue to go after al qaeda. when you can get intelligence information that can help your mission. martha: did you see the pictures of bin laden or the video that has been discussed today of the burial? >> no, i have not. we have been in herings all day and we have not -- we have been in hearings all day and we have not seen that. our focus should be on going after al qaeda and people trying to attack america and kill americans. there is a lot of collateral issues that people can debate and argue about. but we have to continue on this mission. and we have a great opportunity to even go further and to really try to cripple al qaeda even more. that's where our focus needs to
2:30 pm
be. martha: absolutely. i think everybody would agree to that. we heard from a senior official today, jennifer griffin reporting they want to act on this as quickly as possible before $of these people scatter like to cockroaches. what is your understanding of how this is being acted upon. >> we don't have that information. if i did i couldn't tell you because it's classified. but i will say this, this is a good message that we need to send to al qaeda. we have shown as a result of the success with bin laden if you are going to attack the united states, we have the capability now to find you and bring to you justice. and i can tell you i hope that the members of al qaeda and the leadership are intimidated by what we have done. right now we are the best at what we do in the world with our intelligence, our military coming together as a team to protect the united states of america. >> let me ask you this, congressman.
2:31 pm
in terms of pakistan. some of the senators, bob corker for one has been very outspoken about what he wants to understand and the details of what pakistan knew about this compound. there is different dates that have been tossed out there, that they raided the compound in 2003. how -- will you pursue that? and what do you need to know to be satisfied in terms of what pakistan knew and when they knew it? >> i am concerned about what's going on with respect to pakistan. and we have to improve that relationship. clearly. you know, it comes down to two issues, as far as i'm concerned. either they were cooperating with al qaeda or osama bin laden or they missed this big time. and i hope that it's the latter. because we need pakistan in order for us to be effective in fighting terrorism and going after al qaeda and also our mission in afghanistan.
2:32 pm
so i think, though, we have pakistan in a situation where we hopefully can reset our relationship. they don't look good right now. one way or another, they don't look good right now. and i think -- >> let me ask you this. jay carney just said, and this is clear to everybody. it's a complicated relationship. there are different factions within the government and within the isi in pakistan that may have known things that others left hand might not have known what the right hand was doing. if you were to find out that the government in pakistan was aware he was there, what would you want to recommend in terms of action and our relationship with pakistan? >> we can't walk away from it, because we won't -- do not want to hurt the united states in our ability to fight terrorism or our ability to do our mission? afghanistan. but we have leverage farce money we have given to afghanistan. when we had the problem with the flood and the earthquake, we were there.
2:33 pm
there tops a time when we have to leverage our monies and relationships. but i think let's talk about the positive and moving forward. what we need, we need to deal with them. understand this in pakistan. that pakistan cares more about india and they are more concerned about india and they are about terrorism. we need to keep that relationship that we need to be dominant. i think we are in a position to reset that relationship because we have a leverage now. we embarrassed them. they are in a position that they are not sure which way to go. and we are going to move forward with the relationship. we have to. martha: thank you so much. very interesting. great points and we are glad to have you with us today. here are a lot of questions raised. with bin laden gone, security around the world and here in america ratcheting up since the al qaeda leader's death. not just the terrorist target of new york city which we know has bent source of a target the last
2:34 pm
years. trace has more for us in terms of what's going on on the west coast. lots of ramping up. >> reporter: you just saw jay carney say there is no specific or credible threat. but if you talk to law enforcement agencies they will tell you they do not expect bin laden's death to go unanswered. so you have security and police departments bracing for a possible al qaeda he vehicle attack. you noted new york is still the number one target. you are talking about all across the country, airports, train stations. you even got mall security, tour test attraction. the police are monitoring houses of worship and the internet chat rooms. listen to the police chief in los angeles. >> it is more important than ever that all of our community be vigilant against things that don't fit. against people that commit activities that do not fit in your neighborhoods.
2:35 pm
that do not fit in your businesses. when you have see something, you must say something. >> reporter: experts i it's important to remember that al qaeda has been recruiting u.s. citizens, so home grown terror is a real concern. it's not just al qaeda proper. we are talking about al qaeda on the arabian peninsula as well. foreign embassies are on high alert. foreign travelers are being warned. >> osama bin laden is a god to many people in the third world and we killed him. what's going to happen now. those people are very angry at us. if you are a world traveler, use extreme caution. i would tell you not to travel for a couple weeks overseas. >> reporter: no specific or credible threats, but since 2001 we have thwarted 60 attacks inside this country.
2:36 pm
martha: let's get back to some of the breaking news we just heard. jay carney spent 30 minutes providing detailed answers about what happened during the raid that killed bin laden. all of it an extraordinary story of efficiency. as we heard the former seal saying it went smoothly. during the press conference we had this question coming from cbs radio reporter mark noller who asked whether enhanced interrogation provided the key to the intel that lead us to the head of al qaeda and here is what carney said. >> can you say if there has been any change in president obama's opposition to so-called enhanced interrogation techniques? >> no change whatsoever. >> were any cuts of such techniques used in helping to track down bin laden? >> mark, the fact that no single
2:37 pm
piece of information led to the successful mission that occurred sunday. and multiple detainees provided insights into the networks of people who might have been close to bin laden. but reporting from detainees is just a slice of the information that's been gathered by incredibly diligent professionals over the years in the intelligence communities. and it's simply strange to suggest that a piece of information that may or may not have been gathered eight years ago somehow directly led to a successful mission on sunday. martha: that was the key part. that last moment that you heard from jay carney saying its strains credulity to assume 8
2:38 pm
years ago one piece of information led to the raid we saw. we have kt macfarland, james gerstein is here. thank you very much for being here. we were sitting here rinsing there is together. you have heard from condoleeza rice. she was very specific this morning. at one point i heard her, she said, i remember getting the news about this courier. and the courier is the piece that didn't have a name for him at the time. but that they were pulling on the string over the course all these years. i don't think anybody is going to say that one thing led to this, but clearly the stream started somewhere. and that goes back to whether water boarding, khalid sheikh
2:39 pm
mohammed where this information came from was waterboarded 183 times. it raises the question, kid it work? >> let's step back for a second. first off, say what happened in this raid shows that the coordination that didn't happen in 2001. the reason we got attacked in many respects was a breakdown in defenses and a lack of coordination between the fbi and the cia. that was a colossal failure by our government. in this case there was tremendous coordination that resulted in a huge victory for american security. rather than emphasizing the negative, that is a huge difference and to spend all this time going backwards and refighting the battles before, this is what what the congressman was getting at. to spend so much time and energy to debate those point when we should be seizing on this momentum and trying to cripple al qaeda. >> why not give credit.
2:40 pm
everybody participated in this. both administrations did good things, both administrations did bad things. the real credit goes to the intelligence community, the united states military and those 40 navy seals who pulled off an extraordinarily successful well-timed event. they pulled it off and we should say thank you very much and not be busy saying my guy was more important than your guy was. let's get on with it. when i was -- last week was with general petraeus in afghanistan. we talked about intelligence and the cia and the things that might go forward. the future of warfare will be covert operations. it won't be big land armies with big wars. you have got a central ingredient, intelligence. this is a different kind of adversary we have. we don't know what country he's from. we don't know what weapons he's going to use.
2:41 pm
martha: one of the things that's been discussed, because so much of the security our country depends on, there was a moment after the election that eric holder wanted to prosecute some of the cia interrogators. and that, you know, word came out of the intelligence operations that that was hampering them. they were concerned about being prosecuted if they pursued some of these people they were questioning that might get them in trouble count road. i think everybody feels so incredibly proud of this team. as i said to one of the former navy seals we spoke to. we all want to give them a big hug. of course, they will never admit who they are. ' we owe them a great debts of gratitude. but what about the issue of the way we interrogate the suspects hopefully we'll get more of them as a result of this. >> we are not dealing with angels. we are dealing with the exact opposite. counter-terrorism is an ugly
2:42 pm
business because you are dealing with ugly, psychotic people that don't respond to ordinary stimuli. under the giles of stepping back, of -- understood the guise of stepping back. there is a continuum here. that shows you the steadfast resolve for the folks we have work for us that transsent through administrations, through changes in congress and the head of the intelligence communities. we need to gets our fingers deep. we need to get down in the mud to be able to go and find osama bin laden. use it many important to go back to that point you raised about attorney general holder. there was a fight within the administration and leon panetta won. he will be the next secretary of defense. that says something about the balance and i believe the centrist foreign policy of this administration. i happen to agree with them on the use of torture. i think it's wrong not because it's inhumane, but because it's totally ineffective. a lot of the information we got
2:43 pm
from khalid sheikh mohammed came from winning his trust and from standard interrogation. >> you don't really know that because you weren't there weather interrogators. those us on the outside don't know. i have active security clearances. there are ways i get information on projects i work on. but i'm not entitled to hear everything and learn everything. we'll only know this much about the operation, and we should only know this much about the operation. we don't want to put sources at harm's way. martha: the president has been through his own education process. every president has a learning process on the job. no mat wear they come to it with before. i look at the pictures of him in the situation room. this could have been his bay of pigs. it could have been his iran hostage rescue experience. i think everybody today is giving him a tremendous amount of credit for making a huge gutsy decision in this move. i'm wondering, dan, whether when the issues come up again, now
2:44 pm
that he has seen these people, putting their lives on the line for their country in the situation. when these issues come up in the future in terms of interrogation which wonder if this experience changes the way he views some of this. >> i don't. i say that in large part because he has tremendous respect for our service members. the military leadership. the way he has worked closely with secretary gates. the fact that he appointed general petraeus. that's the value he places on intelligence, and recognizing the way warfare has changed. that's where i think we should be spending our time. not relit getting wehat the past. that's not the focus that we need to be on right now. martha: does it change him? >> absolutely. this was a success. it could have been a disaster. i was in the white house situation room when reagan did
2:45 pm
grenada. martha: we'll be right back.
2:46 pm
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martha: bin laden's death leaves a welcome opening on the fbi's most wanted terror list. he has been there a long time. now that that has a bold red decreased ban -- deceased banner, we profile who is next on the list. anita vogle. these are guys we need to be watching closely. >> reporter: this is the domestic and international terrorists around. people involved in hijackings of airplanes and bombing of federal buildings. who is bad enough to be the worst tear riflt in the world.
2:49 pm
thoughts among law enforcement turn to who takes his place at the top of the fbi's most wanted terrorist list. >> there may be individuals in a leadership position that may stay in the same position or merge even higher. there may be other individuals that are not even on the radar screen as far as leadership goes but now they make their way up. >> reporter: the list includes a californian with ties to an extremist animal rights group to al-zawahiri. and adam gadahn who converted 0 islam as a teenager and rose to the ranks of died taunting americans with threatening videos. >> the only way to deal with them is to expel them. >> there is a hodgepodge. there is the risk we'll lose track of what's the key driver for the u.s., which is terrorism
2:50 pm
motivated by islamism. al qaeda being parts of the vanguard, but not the only one. >> reporter: we can imagine this list will be updated about it me mazing treasure controversy of information that was found. martha: as the floodwaters spread across the midwest this weekend, emergency teams face a critical decision. do they save thousands of homes or possibly take away the future of hundreds of farmers there. we'll show you what they decide and how it turned out right after this break. a lot of times, things are right underneath our feet, and all we need to do is change the way we're thinking about them. a couple decades ago, we didn't even realize
2:51 pm
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martha: to the midwest. the army corps of engineers took drastic measures last night. watch this. those sounds that you are hearing are the blowing up of a large section of a missouri levee. look at that. sacrificing 100 homes and 130,000 acres of farmland. awful that was in an effort to save the town of cairo, illinois. more blasts are expects the later today. it could mean big trouble for other areas along the mississippi river. mike tobin is in ledbetter, illinois. this is an incredible story and
2:55 pm
it's controversial. >> we have seen the water go down about an inch or so. it was just in time for the couple that built this house. michael and mary baldry. what they also built was a sand bag wall to try to keep the floodwaters out. this sandbag wall failed. the floods came into their garage and were just starting to reach the floor joist in their house when the levee was blown and the floodwaters started to shrink. they have neighbors who didn't get so lucky. it looks like they lost everything. but they say that's the risk you take when you live along the river. >> any time you live near the river or water, sooner or later it will get you. it always has. >> reporter: the relief they have over on this side of the river is the pain of the farmers on the missouri side.
2:56 pm
130,000 acres and 100 homes were flooded. we learned those farmers are filed suit in federal court. they are going to get some relief in terms of crop insurance. but what they wants is some recovery in terms of the damage to the lands. and they won't know the kind of damage they will have until the water is drained off. and they will get that by blowing the secondary levees. that will allow the water to drain back counties mississippi river at a lower point where it won't creep eight so much pressure. martha: mike, thank you very much. all right. the cia is busy poring over this treasure controversy of intelan they managed to get out of osama bin laden's home. how can it help in the hunt for other terror leaders? we are live with two senators next. captioning made possible by fox news network and strength naturally lost over time. [ female announcer ] ensure muscle health has revigor
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>> he made a vow he would not shave until osama bin laden was captured or killed and seven years later a middle school teacher made good on his promise and he could not get it off fast enough. he looks better without it. doesn't you? thank you for


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