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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  May 6, 2011 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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>> shepard: developing tonight, new intelligence out of osama bin laden's compound. sources tell us it could lead to al qaeda's number two man, anwar al awlaki. or i should say al-zawahiri the american born cleric anwar al awlaki. plus a sit down with the navy seals. >> terrorist leader who struck our nation on 9/11 will never threaten america again. [cheer] >> shepard: president obama meeting some of the men who took down america's most wanted. >> on behalf of all americans and people around the world, job well done. [cheers] >> shepard: tonight, thanking the heros who put their lives on the line. well, al qaeda now confirms it. the boss is dead. and now the terror group threatening revenge. tonight, a message that carries some serious words of warning. first, from fox this friday night, a u.s. official now
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confirms to fox news the raid on osama bin laden's compound has given them leads on our top members of al qaeda. and, among the group, bin laden's top deputy ayman al zawahiri. we're getting a birth bit more information on the intel. we should have it for you just 60 seconds from now. also tonight details on new message from al qaeda, one that we can all actually welcome. today the terror group officially confirmed osama bin laden is dead. no denials that predictably the terrorists are promising revenge in a statement posted online. al qaeda wrote that bin laden's blood will remain a curse that hunts the malcolm jenkins and collaborators and chases them inside and outside their country. the statement also called on pakistanis to rise up against their own government, to cleanse themselves of the shame from bin laden's death in their country. it demanded the return of bin laden's body. that, of course, could be difficult, as u.s. officials say his remains were buried at sea. the taliban, how will recall,
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sheltered bin laden in afghanistan after the attacks of 9/11 left of center commented on bin laden's death. in a statement the taliban writes that bin laden's death will help motivate the jihad against the forces still in afghanistan. of course, whether or not that comes to pass remains to be seen. let's get things started with new information from catherine herridge tonight live in washington. back to this new intelligence on al qaeda's leadership. what are we hearing? >> shep, according to u.s. officials tonight the intelligence that was recovered from that compound is yielding, quote, positive leads in the search for al qaeda's number two ayman al zi i had and others. u.s. officials caution though it can help narrow down locations for possible leadership. the likelihood is what we are seeing the scatter syndrome. they are on the move. that's pretty were typical after a big kill or capture, shep. >> i'm wondering if you explain the significance of the new statements from the taliban and al qaeda. >> well, shep, today's statement by al qaeda, which is described by leading analysts as 100%
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authentic promises revenge for his death but more significantly it states that al qaeda is now a movement, a set of ideas. an ideology that lives on without its founder, quote, with the americans with their media, agents, machinery, soldiers, intelligence what he lived for and killed. sheik osama did not build an organization to die with it and go away with it audiotape been in the pipeline. they expect -- cia scheduled intelligence briefing i think for tomorrow. what do we expect to hear. >> we will get a better read out of some of the documents that were found there as well as the computer hardware. i'm also told we're going to learn more about the d.n.a. testing but in advance i have been able to confirm that even before the d.n.a. testing was done they looked at this facial recognition. and i was told by u.s. official that they measured the size of his eyes, also the space here across the bridge of the nose and then also the ears because what some people may realize is
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that the ear is as unique as his fingerprint. what they had was a match right off the bat. >> cath rib herrige, thank -- catherine herridge, thank you. drone strike this week on anwar al awlaki another of the world's most wanted terrorist. in this case the missile strike in yemen missed the american born cleric according to the "wall street journal" which is owned by the parent company of this network. we're contacting our sources now to get more information. we'll have it for you in the top story at the bottom of the hour. the defense secretary robert gates said today the raid that killed osama bin laden could really shake up the scene in afghanistan. where 100,000 american troops are still fighting. >> well, i think in terms of the impact of the killing of osama bin laden, in terms of the situation in afghanistan. i think that there is a possibility that could be a game
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changer. >> shepard: a game changer, he guess could take six months or so before we know what sort of impact bin laden's death will actually have. meantime we saw developments at the scene of the raid in pakistan that have to do with the wreckage of that super secret stealth helicopter that the seals left behind. jennifer griffin at the pentagon tonight. that helicopter was on the move, i guess, or parts of it anyway. >> that's right. we now have some new video from our team in pakistan. it was taken on monday when the pakistani military moved the tail of that helicopter from the compound to a spot in abbottabad and then on ward to an army base in chuckla la army base. that's where it is we are told right now. we also learned that under secretary of defense michelle has reached out to the pakistanis asking them to please give it back. and we're told that pakistani officials told her that they will do so, quote, at some point.
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>> >> shepard: we are also learning of a secret state house that the united states was using right there in the neighborhood where they found bin laden. >> that's right. this was first reported in the "the washington post" this morning. but they are saying essentially that there was reportedly a cia compound, a house that they were using to survey the compound. they were establishing a pattern of life. they were there for weeks if not months in advance watching anyone who came in and out of that building. and now we are also confirming from u.s. officials that in effect there are discussions ongoing right now for u.s. interrogators to interview the wives of bin laden. we're told that those discussions are ongoing but that they expect to be able to question bin laden's wives, including the 29-year-old that we see in this photo who was shot during the raid. shep? >> shepard: jennifer, thank you. meantime the president today visited fort campbell in kentucky to meet with those whom the white house have called the full assault force which carried out the raid that killed ubl.
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the president also took the time to thank more than 2,000 other soldiers who just returned from afghanistan. of course, in the last week, the navy seals who stormed bin laden's hide out have received the most attention. but fort campbell is home to the army helicopter pilots who flew them in and out of pakistan. they call them the night stalkers. basically the best chopper pilots in all the world. while the president said it's been nearly 10 years since the attacks of 9/11. he said our troops never gave up. here listen. >> i promised that our nation will never forget. those we lost that dark, september day. >> and today here at fort campbell, i had the privilege of meeting the extraordinary special op. os folks who honored that promise. it was the chapters for me to say on behalf of all americans and people around the world job well done. job well done. [cheers] >> shepard: of course, we may
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never know the names of those seals and helicopter pilots. we're told they're okay with that the vice president joe biden praised president obama today. mike tobin live at fort campbell with more tonight. mike, you said earlier today the white house was going to talk about moving forward in afghanistan. >> that's exactly what the president did, shepard. the president talked about the war entering a new phase, where they are focused on standing up the afghan forces so the u.s. forces can come home. >> starting this summer, we'll begin reducing american forces. as we transition, we'll build long-term partnership with the people so al qaeda is never threaten american again from that country. >> a message of thanks was delivered in person elite commandos and pilots who couldn't show their faces in public. they deserve credit, said the president, but do so do all the men and women who wear the uniform. that received a big cheer, shep. >> shepard: looked like a pretty good day. the soldiers seemed happy, probably to be home more than
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anything. >> a lot of them did just get back home as you mentioned. a lot of them took the president's visit as a shot in the arm. kind of thing a tired soldier needed to see and hear. >> our guys are always motivated, we are self-motivated. none the less, this is great. doesn't matter how weary they are, they always keep on fighting and driving on. always night to get the recognition from the commander and chief. >> not all of the soldiers agreed with the president's message, however, about turning the corner in afghanistan. one of the soldiers told me quite plainly the afghans are not ready to take over. shep? >> shepard: mike tobin live tonight fort campbell in kentucky. mike, thanks. some people in pakistan clearly are not happy about bin laden's death. [chanting] >> right in the same community bin laden was living all those years. protesters criticizing the united states for what they call an attack on their country's sovereignty. but it is what we did not see on the streets that might be even more telling.
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>> shepard: supporters of osama bin laden clashing with police outside the united states embassy in london today. >> sympathizers waiting a number of anti-american posters including one that read the united states government are the real terrorists. many of the pro-tersers also revenge attacks against the west guaranteed. chief fox report london dramatic if you look up close not many of them couldn't find them anywhere else. >> not much of a muslim outcry over the death of osama bin laden. and when you look at those pictures from done done yes they are dramatic. think about the numbers. hundreds just about -- just over a hundred as a matter of fact according to scotland yard
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turned out for that. very small number with a city with a very large radical muslim population. across the rest of the middle east seeing very little protests indeed. i came back i was shocked by how little anger there was there. in fact even how little debate there was about the death of bin laden it seemed in ways al guide irrelevant in much of the middle east. >> that wasn't to say there wasn't anger in pakistan. >> pakistan is very different there is a great deal of anger in pakistan. that, again, is not necessarily about sympathy for bin laden. it's more about the anti-americanism that is also resident in pakistan which is, of course, the center of muslim extremism internationally right now. different kind of protest. there is more anger there. there is some flag burning of the u.s. flag. but, again, it does not seem to be driven by real sympathy for bin laden. more latent anti-americanism. >> shepard: they seem to be paying more attention across
7:15 pm
northeast uprising of different countries we have been seeing. >> thousands and thousands on the streets across the middle east today. in yemen, for instance, thousands were out on the streets. but they are talking about democracy and freedom the same inn. syria. thousands again out on the streets there but what they wanted more freedom for themselves. more democracy. they are not talking about osama bin laden. they are not shouting anti-american slogans very different we are facing today, shep. >> >> shepard: seems to be. >> jonathan, thank you. fox urgent now. the white house has just issued a warning to syria over that country's continued attacks on its own citizens. the statement reads absent significant change in the syrian government's current approach, the united states and its international partners can take additional steps to make clear our strong opposition to the syrian government's treatment of its people: nearby in iran,
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word of unprecedented power struggle. sphawrtders of the supreme leader there, who is really in charge. reportedly accused the president of using magicians and demons to push his agenda. this apparently all started when president mahmoud ahmadinejad fired his intelligence minister a few weeks ago. supporters claim the constitution gives the president the power to do that the supreme leader ayatollah khomeini says the constitution gives him control over everything which apparently it does. the supreme leader is telling the president mahmoud ahmadinejad to re-hire the intelligence minister or step down. it's a bunch of internal stuff the bottom line is the u.s. has called iran the world's most active state sponsor of terrorism. accusing of it funneling weapons to syria and hezbollah and lebanon and hamas in gaza. great news on jobs. and oil prices and the overall economy. so when are we going to get some relief at the pump in the details just ahead. look outsi.
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>> shepard: great economic news tonight. oil prices way down. job numbers way up. especially in the private sector. the feds report the economy added 244,000 jobs last month in the private sector part. the biggest jump in five years. that said, the official unemployment rate actually went up from 8.8% down to 9%. economists say it's mainly because some people stopped looking for jobs are back on the market. rich edson of the fox business network on. >> doesn't make too much sense, shep, the labor department calculates the unemployment rate in the number of jobs created with two separate surveys. the government determined the job creation number 244,000 jobs added number by calling businesses, government agencies
7:21 pm
by asking them who they have hired and who they have fired. for the unemployment rate the 9% unemployment rate in april. calls at home asking them if they're work organize looking for work. sometimes they the results don't square. doing very well for themselves these days though. >> they're, shep. analyze ceo pay for the top companies in the first four months of the year. salary, stocks, other bonuses found viacom's ceo pulled in 84 up 2% from 2009. ceo earned more than $76 million. the ceo of cbs at about 57 million. discovery ceo 42 million. and freeport. the ceo for $9 million l. billion dollars last year. >> shepard: oil prices down a
7:22 pm
big decline. 17% off the high. that includes another 2-dollar dip today. it's well below a hundred. spend more on energy they have more to spend on hiring. gas price have mostly stablized. the president acknowledged today people are suffering. >> it's tough. it is a huge strain on a lot of people. but, if we could transition to new technology, that's what's going to make a difference over long-term. that's how goal of reducing the amount of oil we import. by one third, by the middle of the next decade. >> shepard: a.a.a. reports the average price of a gallon of regular unbled led $3.98. gas movement trails oil movement right away. the attorney general eric holder special sphask force whether
7:23 pm
that happens if it doesn't because of manipulation. catastrophe that crippled japan's fukushima nuclear plant. the prime minister there has asked another power company to shut down all three reactors at another facility until more safety measures are in place. this particular plant in question is just off the pacific coast. the government reports it wants crews to build a sea wall there to shield the reactors in the event of another earthquake or tsunami. forecasters say there is 90% chance that another strong quake will hit central japan over the next three decades. you remember back in march four reactors at the fukushima plant became dangerously unstable causing the biggest radiation leak since chernobyl. we're told it may take the rest of the year before the workers finish the repair job. even as we are learning new details about the raid that killed osama bin laden. we're getting word of another high prey file terrorist suspect. one suspected in this case of orchestrating attacks against the united states.
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a live report from washington on the status of anwar al awlaki and bottom of the hour headlines are just ahead. aaah! [ airplane engine whines ] [ grunts ] [ dog barking ] gah! [ children shouting ]
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and that's a huge breakthrough. that's good for oucountry's energy security and our economy. >> shepard: we were all hoping to see a man with a jet pack fly across the grand canyon today. disappointing. the guy from switzerland known as jet man this morning called off the stunt at the last minute. he claims paperwork problems didn't leave him enough problems to train. he has already flown across the english channel. this is from a previous flight
7:28 pm
here. it appears the guy was waiting for the f.a.a. to give clearance in about an hour before the stunt. he got that okay. apparently cutting it too close. here listen. >> we had the problem -- take the time and wouldn't go in such challenging place flying without training. i didn't have the time to train. >> the plan was to jump out of the helicopter, fire up the jet pack. soar across the cannon. wiley coyote would be proud. nasa announcing another delay for the second to the last shuttle mission. shuttle endeavour now set to lift off on may the 16th at the earliest. >> wedding day. gabriel giffords mark kelly command the mission. she back in houston now. said to be recovering from a gunshot wound to the head. staffers say space coast for the next launch attempt.
7:29 pm
run more test after they replace the blown out circuit on the shuttle. there is one other scheduled mission. nasa plans to retire the entire shuttle fleet. >> i'm shepard smith. this is the fox report. it's the bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news. more on that news of a missile strike aimed at the terrorist suspect anwar al awlaki. the initial reports came from the "wall street journal" which is owned why the parent company of this network. the journal reports in today's edition and online that officials say a u.s. drone fired a missile at anwar al awlaki but missed in yemen. that missile failed to find its mark as i mentioned. catherine herridge with the top story at the bottom of the hour now. catherine, this could have been a huge victory for the americans. >> well, shep, this would have been a major kill for the u.s. government because anwar al-awlaki is the first american on the cia kill or capture list. i would like to say he is part of this next waive i call it al
7:30 pm
qaeda 2.1 new generation of recruits, especially americans who have joined al qaeda after 9/11. got a photo here of anwar al awlaki. that is holy man image. got another image coming up. a booking photo from 1997. when he lived here in the united states. he was actually picked up for soliciting prostitutes on at least three occasions. can you see his history is one where he sort of says one thing and does another. again, anwar al-awlaki right now with the u.s. intelligence community is watch something whether he is really going to step into the breech if you will. not replacement for bin laden, the question is whether his affiliate in yemen step up and assert itself now that there is this vacuum. >> launching missile strikes into yemen. how often does that happen? >> the last time we were able to confirm a missile strike into yemen was in may of 2010. it's been exactly a year since the last one. so, again, what we're looking at right now is really confirmation
7:31 pm
that the american anwar al-awlaki is at the top of the cia's hit list. and we're also being told tonight not to drive connection attempt on al awlaki and documents found in the compound with bin laden. what i know from my own reporting from a book that senior counter terrorism officials doubt there is a relationship between bin laden and al awlaki and al awlaki is a little bit of a question mark and al qaeda relationship. is he a -- >> shepard: catherine herridge live in washington. as we have been reporting here, americans probably will get a chance to question bin laden's wives. we are now told negotiators with pakistan are in the process in the meantime, pakistani officials have been leaking bits and pieces of information said to be from their own interrogations of bin laden's wives and other family members. greg palkot reports from the pakistani capital of islamabad. >> here in islamabad the pakistani government appears to halfback in damage control
7:32 pm
following this week's capture and kill mission targeting osama bin laden. the pakistani official told fox news one of the wives in bin laden custody following the raid of the compound bin laden was there for five to six years. also allegedly says he was not involved in the daily business of al qaeda. critics say minimizing the former terror leader's role could take some of the heat off pakistan. this comes after another account coming from a 12-year-old daughter of bin laden again leaked by pakistani authorities that the late terror chief was killed unarmed after being captured by navy seals. depicting the night raid as bloody and one sided affair could help show the u.s. in a bad light and take some of the attention away from pakistani. pakistani authorities announced the arrest of 40 suspects abbottabad with a possible link to bin laden. new mission targeting the former terror leader. they didn't tell pakistan about for fear it would be compromised. late today a pakistani government source told fox news
7:33 pm
they were very embarrassed by the fact that bin laden was hiding out and killed in their country. they said they are now trying to put the pieces of the puzzle back together again in whatever way they can. shep? >> greg palkot earlier today from pakistan. the u.s. is reportedly launching first drone strike in pakistan since bin laden's death. the attack killed at least 15 people in north waziristan. near the border with afghanistan. officials say an unmanned drone fired eight missiles at a car said to have been suspected of carrying foreign militant. the pakistanis claim the damaged nearby home and restaurant and at least one victim was a civilian. no word on whether intelligence from bin laden's compound actually led to that attack. the u.s. doesn't publicly admit it even has drones operating over pakistan. here in the united states more suspicious letters a slew of them turning up at schools in and around washington, d.c. fbi officials say the envelopes came from the dallas area.
7:34 pm
and that the white powdery substance inside so far is not hazardous. letters arrived yesterday at 28 different d.c. schools. then today 8 more. we're told postal inspectors intercepted four of those before they got to the schools. >> try to intercept mail before it even gets to the school to see if there are any other letters. thorough effort to try to determine if there are additional ones. >> i didn't touch the powder but i touched the nfl -- envelope and said there was writing inside. >> it said al qaeda u.s.a. fbi. >> fbi officials say similar letters have arrived at schools in other parts of the country though they won't be specific. officials are taking what you might call drastic steps tonight to control the widespread flooding in the west and the deep south. rivers are rising. threatening hundreds and thousands of homes and businesses right now. memphis, oh my, a live report coming next.
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to improve your weless network experience. from a single phone call to the most advanced data download, we're covering more people in more places than ever before in an effort to give you the best network possible. at&t. rethink possible. >> shepard: the coast guard has now closed down parts of the river traffic along the mighty mississippi as the water levels are rising in unprecedented ways. they shut down a five mile stretch near southeastern missouri. there is concern the wake from large boats could push water over the flood walls there. meantime officials from memphis to louisiana are urging people in low lying areas to get out now. those who have lost their homes and livelihoods say they are not giving in. >> my business is gone. it's gone under water. >> it's made my living and took my living. i'm going to regain, i'm going to regroup, i'm coming back
7:39 pm
strong. >> shepard: records date back to the 1930s, our chief meteorologist. i was looking at the river above memphis. what a mess they have got. i have lived there all my life. i have never seen anything like. this people haven't seen anything since 1937 last time it flooded like this. if you close down that river to barges. that shutting down the entire commerce system around the mississippi river there. it's a major problem and it's going to take a long time for that water to go down. take a look at the weather map here. can you see that we are going to be talking about this river very slowly going down. it's going to take about 3 to 4 weeks before this water. this bubble of the highest crest of water makes its way all the way down towards the new orleans area. shep. may be talking about this one for a while. >> shepard: there has been so much news, lately. we have not given the kind of coverage to the devastating tornadoes in alabama that i wish we h but you they are still suffering and in great need. what's happening thereof? >> they're going to be suffering for a long time. i talked with the mayor there. he said we need you guys to keep attention on this. we need the support. can't do it by themselves.
7:40 pm
head of fema saying this is a very similar disas tore katrina. gist you an idea of the scale to this. we stopped talking about it to so much need and this need is going to go on for a very long time. they don't have a place to put this debris. you have e.p.a. issues when you go to clean that out. what it does to any kind of toxins that it releases and then you have still have thousands and thousands of people homeless. and in tuscaloosa alone, shepard, still 13 people missing unaccounted for over a week later. >> shepard: thanks. the coverage down there was great. surviving those tornadoes, getting help from across the country now as they making federal and local officials for their quick response in that state hardest hit by the storms. bank of america and toyota, the atlanta braves among others. all pledging money for the relief effort. but they need all of our help. if you would like to help, it's very easy. log on to our web site, there are links there to different organizations that have been vetted and doing
7:41 pm
terrific work in alabama. give a crimson tide a hand one time. for once they actually need it. amnesty international is accusing muammar qaddafi's regime of war crimes and it's two month siege on libyans largest city. human rights group claims government forces have been firing indesvictim mat natalie misurata using heavy artillery rockets and cluster bombs. hundreds of civilians have reportedly died in what amnesty is calling a clear breach of international law. deny any wrongdoing by government troops. spin on the situation. our david lee miller streaming live from the libyan capital of tripoli. david lee? >> shepard, in addition to the military conflict with the guns, the tanks, and all the hardware that is taking place, there is also a propaganda war. earlier tonight, we were invited to government here described as
7:42 pm
the national conference of libyan tribal leaders. what they wanted to show is that muammar qaddafi's regime has widespread support in this country. take a look at what we saw. >> taking place inside this giant tent. it is very elaborate. there are chandeliers on the ceiling. big screen televisions. public address system, as well as airconditioning. there are some 2,000 people in attendance and what is happening here is being broadcast live on libyan state television. the message is very clear. all in attendance slanting slogans, listening to speakers with the same message we support muammar qaddafi and we want the nato air strikes to stop. and while much of what is happening here is domestic audience in libya. the foreign press has been invited. they want what is happening here to be seen around the world. take a look at the sign on the wall in english, yes, for peace. >> the rebels say that tribal
7:43 pm
conference clearly does not represent the majority of the libyan people. in the words of one rebel spokesman, he said, quote, muammar qaddafi is just a big liar. shepard? >> shepard: david lee miller live this saturday morning in tripoli. french police say a recovery team has reported another body and removed it now from the wreckage of air france flight 447. that jet went to paris nearly killed all 228 people on board. french police say a remote controlled submarine unmanned raised the body still strapped in an airplane seat, investigators say they are trying to identify the victim an initial search just after the crash recovered 50 victims. earlier this week a team found another one and the plane's two black boxes the voice and flight data recorders could be the key to figuring out what caused this incredible crash. an oil spill is apparently much bigger now than energy regulators first estimated. that tops our news as we go
7:44 pm
around the world in 80 seconds. >> canada. those officials now say 2 thousand barrels of oil has leaked from a pipeline in northern alberta. initial estimates spillage of just a few hundred barrels. pipeline shut down as crews try to figure out what happened. >> violent protests in the island nation southwest india. police arrested hundreds of people. the u.s. calling on the government and opposition leaders to compromise. australia. a race horse jumping into a crowd spectators at the grand annual steeple event west of melbourne. paramedics and police say it injured at least five people. some of them seriously. >> a witness says the horse lost its rider over the final jump in the race. then leaped over the fence and right into the crowd. russia. the world's largest nation now in miniature.
7:45 pm
more than 100 artists and engineers in st. petersburg working on this scale model of the country it includes scenes of every day life. a home. firefighters battling a forest fire and even police searching a vehicle. cars and truck drive on the roads and even obey traffic rules. if two vehicles happen to get next to each other, one of them let's the other go ahead. and that's a wrap on this fox trip around the world in 80 seconds. >> shepard: in the days that followed the killing of osama bin laden, u.s. officials shared a lot of details about how it all went down. the problem was a lot of those details were flat wrong. a look at the changing narrative and where we are now coming up. but despite the confusion, most americans see bin laden's demise as a clear victory. today as u.s. troops waited to hear from president obama, the mood was most definitely celebratory.
7:46 pm
♪ >> shepard: troops that -- troops down in kentucky breaking out the dance moves in fort campbell today before getting a well-deserved thank you from the commander and chief. hey susie, why don't you use this ? it's got a calculator. thanks, dad. this is the neighborhood. you get elm street and you get main street.
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thank you. and that just the first quarter. so you want a slide in your office ? or monkey bars, either one. more small businesses choose verizon wireless than any other wireless carrier. where's susie ? is she expecting you ? because they know the small business with the best technology rules.
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>> shepard: in the five days since the death of osama bin laden, the story of the raid and his final minutes, well, that story has seemingly taken on a life of its own. first we were told the terror leader had a gun, then he didn't. contradictions and confusion from the white house and the pentagon and the cia and on and on. they don't call it fog of war for nothing. james rosen live in the d.c. bureau with more conspiracy theirists would love for it to be more. >> james. >> we report and they decide.
7:50 pm
a report of 70 pages of official transcripts of briefings and speeches this week revealed at least 18 factual aversions by the president and his top aides about the bin laden mission that later proved untrue. case in point, the early word from white house peck and cia officials was that u.s. forces had been involved in a fire fight at the compound speaking of more than one lasting the swirt of the 40 minute raid, bin laden died in that fire fight. in fact, the only hostile fire came early in the mission and was completely stifled but the shifting narrative made for some conflicting white house accounts. >> he was engaged in a fire fight with those that entered the area of the house -- whether or not he got off any rounds, i quite frankly don't know. >> bin laden's wife rushed the u.s. assaulter and was shot in the leg but not killed. bin laden was then shot and killed. he was not armed. >> top members of the president's national security team even appeared to differ with each other on what they knew about the details of the mission. and when they knew them.
7:51 pm
>> we were able to monitor the situation in realtime and were able to have regular updates and to ensure that we had realtime visibility into the progress of operation. >> once those teams went into the compound. can i tell you that there was time period of almost. >> we really didn't know what exactly was going on. >> to see line by line fact check of what the administration has said about the raid. check out our web site it bares noting though, shep, reporters make their own share of mistakes from time to time. >> shepard: yes, we do. james rosen, good weekend. a man putting up a flag to celebrate the death of osama bin laden, only somebody had to steal the thing right off his porch. and there is more to it flag. it tops our news on a fox trip across america. washington: the army vet just outside seattle says somebody stole the u.s. flag that really
7:52 pm
meant a lot to him. it covered the casket of a buddy of his who died in his arms in iraq. >> it meant the world to me because flying that flag. when somebody stole it, it was like they stole a part of me. >> shepard: he got a replacement but said he would like the original back. colorado. an army national guardsmen returning home from iraq two days early by hitching a hide in a medevac helicopter it was all the surprise, his 3rd grade son and as you can see it worked. nevada a group of thieves wandering around a las vegas shop for a while, then grabbing things off shelves and out of freezer. none of the suspects trying to hide from the cameras. the owner says many of them left and them came back for more. he calls it a swarm robbery. we are hearing more and more of these things. so many thieves there is no way to stop them all. texas. quite a fishtail on a lake north of houston. this fishermen says he felt an unusual tug on the other end of his line.
7:53 pm
>> that line just went zoom, zoom, zoom, zoom, zoom. >> out came in. local officials say it's an exotic species the cousin of the per ran nay. they say it may be a former pet whose owner wanted to get rid of it. that's a fox watch across america. >> three guys with guns stormed a waffle house in houston. they were not looking for breakfast. instead, the men robbed nearly everybody in the place, taking wallets and cell phones. the guys took 600 in cash from him. but the gun in his car and he says he fired at their get away car at least 15 times as it sped away. he says the robbers were driving an older model chevy tahoe. police say the suspects are all out there somewhere. top five things of the day coming up. plus, going to the dentist can be a real pain especially when you come out with a different accent. some people say one woman's story must be phony but the
7:54 pm
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for a body in motion. >> shepard: as the story goes a woman in oregon went to her dentist for oral surgery last year and she came out sounding kind of like jonathan hunt. the woman actually picked up an aforeign accent because of a extremely rare medical condition they tell us. the accent seems to be permanent. >> that was at thanksgiving time. christmas came and went and it still didn't go away. >> she went, had her teeth worked on. she came home a different voice, same girl. if you look at it on a scale of 1 to 100 of things that could devastate a family, this doesn't rise to level 1. >> if you open your mouth somebody says where are you from? where did you get that accent? well, i got it from my dentist in toledo. >> shepard: she says a lot of people think she is faking the whole thing. it's actually a condition called foreign accent syndrome. doctors say a brain injury can trigger it and there have only
7:58 pm
been a few dozen recorded cases. before we go tonight, our team's top five things of the day. number five, people magazine reports the former beetle paul mccartney is engaged to his girlfriend of four years. number four, kentucky derby tomorrow dialed in as the 4 to 1 favorite. number three the defense secretary robert gates says the death of osama bin laden could be a, quote, game changer for the war in afghanistan. number two, a u.s. official tells fox that the raid gave us possible leads to help find bin laden's top deputy ayman al zawahiri. number one, the "wall street journal" reports a u.s. drone strike in yemen missed its intended target. the radical american born cleric anwar al awlaki. and that's "the fox report's" top five. and on this day in 1984, england's loudest band blew the doors off a club in new york stock exchange when the -- new
7:59 pm
york city spinal tap played its final show. it had been around since 1964. that was a good year. it was first called the originals, then the new originals. but it didn't find much success until it started playing heavy metal. unfortunately, several drummers died under mysterious circumstances. one in the bizarre gardening accident. and another which police said was better left unsolved. of course, it was all a joke. the band was fictional. the subject of the classic mocumenaary. bloomberg the line between fiction and reality. and spinal tap tuned it up 2/11, 27 years ago today. now you know the news for this friday, may the 6th, 2011. i'm shepard smith. have a great weekend for all you moms out there, happy mother's day. ♪


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