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tv   Hannity  FOX News  July 4, 2011 9:00pm-10:00pm EDT

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thank you for watching this special edition of the factor. i am bill o'reilly, remember the spin stops right here, because we are definitely looking out for you. good evening, well to -- welcome tonight's casey anthony special, verdict watch. i'm judge jeanine pirro. closing arguments ended earlier. the judge instructed the jury on the law and ordered the jury to again their deliberations. we now await a verdict in the trial that has captured this nation's attention for nearly two months. joining me with the latest holly bristow. she has been following the trial from the start. >> judge, today we had the closing arguments, rebuttal on the closing arguments for the state prosecutors. prosecutor ashton got up and went up there and went head-to-head with what the defense laid out in their closing arguments yesterday.
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he attacked their entomologist saying their entomologist is saying one thing that these bugs weren't here, weren't there. trying to set a timeline. he said our entomologist had more experience. going back and forth, telling these jurors why they should believe the prosecution's witnesses. then linda drain-burr is the lead prosecutor on this days. -- up there for a while talking about different things. what hit home is she said, why would cindy anthony want to get rid of this child? why would her father want to get rid of this child? she wrapped up saying why would casey anthony want to get rid of this child? then put up this picture one side the good life tattoo the other side casey anthony in that hot body contest. it was one heck of a way to end things and send that jury
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out of the room. they started deliberating around 12:30. they took a break for lunch and closed up shop around 6:00. they start up again tomorrow morning 8:30. >> judge jeanine: it seems jeff ashton did more of the forensic stuff and linda does the fire and brimstone take it away and ends with the picture of the tattoo and casey anthony dancing up a storm. >> i've been covering this story for three years. it takes a lot. a lot of rehashing today. for some reason, when she said that and played a conversation with casey anthony and her parents where she is dropping if bombs and telling them off -- dropping f-bombs and telling them off in this fit of rage and theres this picture up, very emotional. >> we can only wonder what the jury is thinking. you were in the courtroom. you were looking at that jury. any emotion other than the back and forth that you talked
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about? >> they've been paying extremely good attention. particularly, today. yesterday i only noticed one juror taking noticed -- taking notes. today i noticed four. when there was the 911 call played where cindy anthony had this emotional outburst the one we've heard where we found my daughter's car today and smells like a dead body in the trunk. two jurors looking straight over to casey to see her reaction. she was just sitting there cool as a cucumber, drinking her water. i'm wondering how that is going to sit with the jury. >> judge jeanine: it seems they are focused, very organized in the sense that they are writing down things when they think they are important many then they listen. during most of the sum --
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summation didn't you get the sense that they already knew what the testimony was and was just looking for people to put together? >> it seems that way. juror 14 the only one that took notes today. today he was one and three others taking notes and that was it. >> judge jeanine: of course juror 14 would be an alternate and he would only sit if one of those jurors that goes in the deliberation room is excused for whatever reason. >> two we need to knock out two. >> you are right. holly thanks for your reporting on this. we'll wait tomorrow, another day. >> can't wait. >> judge jeanine: let's take a look at some of the highlights from today's session in court. >> the state of florida in this case has proven every element of every charge in this indictment against casey marie anthony. multiple sclerosis anthony
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has cash miss anthony has spent years lying. that first night -- july 15th, 2008, the police did not think caylee anthony was dead. at that point, they had no reason to believe caylee anthony was dead. the defendant was telling them she was alive, that she was somewhere else. she was asking for their help. nothing could be further from the truth. at the end of this case, all you have to do is ask yourself a simple question, whose life was better without caylee? was cindy anthony's life
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better? >> i'm calling i found out my granddaughter has been taken, she has been missing for a month. her mother finally admitted she has been missing. >> okay what is the address you are calling from? >> we are talking about a 3-year-old little girl. >> was george anthony's life better? mr. ashton went over what george anthony's life was like, as a result of losing his beloved granddaughter. >> on january 22nd, 2009, he wanted to day. he wanted to be with caylee. that's all he wanted. >> whose life was better?):çnoñy that's the only question you need to answer in considering
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why caylee marie anthony was left on the side of the road, dead. >> members of the jury, i would like to thank you for your attention during the trial. please pay attention to the instructions i'm about to give you. in this case, casey marie anthony is accused of mur in the first degree. aggravated child abuse. aggravated manslaughter of a child. and four counts of providing false information to a law enforcement officer. if you return a verdict of guilty, it should be for the highest offense, which has been proven beyond a reasonable doubt. if you find no offense has been proved beyond a reasonable doubt, then of course your verdict must be not guilty if you fail to follow the law, your verdict will be a miscarriage of justice. there is no reason for failing
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to follow the law in this case. all of us are dependent upon you to make a wise and legal decision in this matter. >> judge jeanine: coming up, judge belvin perry sends the jury to deliberate. which way are they leaning? our panel is here to debate that question, next. my doctor told me calcium is besabsorbed in small continuous amounts. only one calcium supplement does that in one daily dose. new citracal slow release... continuously releases calcium plus d for the efficient absorption my body needs. citracal.
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>> judge jeanine: besides the fact we have a 2-year-old dead, a family torn apart. going forward, what do you think should happy to casey anthony? >> i think she should be sentenced to manslaughter. >> judge jeanine: do you think the jury will find her guilty of that? >> i think so. >> judge jeanine: and the sentence? >> y years. -- 20 years. >> judge jeanine: that was from outside the orange county courthouse earlier today. people were weighing in on the casey anthony trial all day. the case is now in the hands of a jury, seven men, five women. here's what judge belvin perry told them before they began their deliberations. >> members of the jury, i would like to thank you for your attention during the trial. please pay attention to the instructions i'm about to give you. in this case, casey marie anthony is accused of murder
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in the first degree. aggravated child abuse. aggravated manslaughter of a child. and four counts of providing false information to a law enforcement officer. the defendant has entered a plea of not guilty. this means, you must presume or believe the defendant is innocent. to overcome the defendant's presumption of innocence, the state has the burden of proving the crime with which the defendant is charged, was committed and the defendant is the person who committed the crime. besiding a verdict is examine christ civil -- exclusively, your job. i cannot participate in that decision in any way. please, disregard anything i may have said or done that makes you think i prefer one verdict over another. if you return a verdict of guilty, it should be for the
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highest offense, which has been proven beyond a reasonable doubt. if you find no offense has been proved beyond a reasonable doubt, then of course, your verdict must be not guilty. members of the jury, you may retire now to begin your deliberations. >> judge jeanine: here with me now forensic pathologist, dr. michael baden. attorney diana tennis and jury consultant susan constantine. susan you've been watching now we have a group of 12 people going in and following the judge's instructions. i think for the first time it should be hitting home they are deciding whether this woman should live or die. >> exactly. we've identified now, we have our dangerous juror, juror number 4. this is the one i'm concerned about. seven jurors that i've identified as being good pro
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prosecution jurors four are defense jurors and one that is a sway juror. i found juror number 1 and juror number 11 either one will be the foreman. think about the coach, he can rally the team and pull them all together. he knows how to pull it all together. juror 1 is the stabilizer. skwrafr >> judge jeanine: juror number 1 is more the grandmotherly-type we saw juror number 11 his body language is strong, so i agree with you. diana, the jury has got an instruction from the judge. the judge says you must convict of the highest count. what do you think that jury is thinking right now? >> well, i'm reading the tea leaves. six hours for them to be out is not a long time they've got a lot of charges, a lot of evidence. but, there are two ways they can get to first degree mur.
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one premeditated, -- one aggravated child abuse. i would think it would not be that difficult if that was the plan for each to pick one of those routes. we could have gotten to first degree in six hours easily. i'm thinking we may be headed for second degree, aggravated manslaughter. they may not want to deal with the death penalty and penalty phase. >> judge jeanine: diana, what is interesting is that with the aggravated child abuse, the judge made it clear that aggravated child abuse can equate to murder one, just as premeditation does. >> right. >> judge jeanine: even though they are on the second count it is as serious as murder one. >> they may not. when they get that instruction it is called felony murder, they will probably understand that is another avenue to first degree. he did tell them, you don't
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have to agree on how to get to first degree. it can be either premeditated or felony murder. if they were going there they could have done that in six hours. >> judge jeanine: dr. baden, the court instructed the jury, as they do in every case, you can accept or reject all or part of a witness testimony. and you can also use the fact that someone is paid as affecting your decision. since yesterday, they talked about this fantasy forensics, where do you think the jury is going to come down? who do you think they are going to believe in terms of the experts? >> first thing, as the judge instructed, you have to determine whether you think the child was murdered? ashton spent a lot of time about the tape over the mouth and chloroform. yet, three forensic pathologists, two for prosecution and one for the defense, claimed they could not arrive at a cause of
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death. what ashton is relying on is an anthropologist who is testifying beyond his expertise, he never has done an autopsy. he's never issued a death certificate, as to cause of death. and ashton is relying on his statements, when the face morphed into a skull showing duct tape put on the face if the jury doesn't believe that, if they listen to the other three forensic pathologists, they may not even agree it is murder. >> judge jeanine: doctor, what was interesting about the judge's charges, if there is aggravated child abuse, it bumps it up. it is as serious as the premeditation. even if she was in the process of maybe not intending to kill her, but did cause her death as a result of child abuse, it is almost the same as murder one. >> it could be. child abuse refers, in the medical literature, multiple
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injuries over a period of time. a one shot killing of a child isn't really child abuse. it is homicide. there is no evidence that casey had injured the child or done anything bad to the child previously. if it is a one-shot deal it would not normally be considered a child abuse situation. >> judge jeanine: but doctor, very quickly, isn't that why jeff ashton did three separate pieces of duct tape, nose, mouth, that why he was clear to make it three separate acts? >> that's what he did. but the three forensic pathologists didn't agree with that. they said they couldn't go that far. so he gets an anthropologist who has no experience and no training to make those statements. and the unfortunatening is judge perry lets it in. i think judge perry has been a
9:19 pm
very compromised -- i don't think he's done a good job as a gatekeeper, keeping out unproven and compromised testimony and science. >> judge jeanine: all right doctor. doctor stay with us. panel stay with us. coming up, does casey anthony's behavior in the courtroom give us any clue about her guilt or innocence? we are going to analyst that in our two hour special, stay with us. ability on a track that simulates the world's toughest roads. ♪ [ tires screeching ] ♪ if it can survive this drive... ♪ it can survive yours. the nissan altima. innovation that lasts. innovation for all. ♪
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>> we believe the evidence supports the scenario that casey anthony chloroformed caylee so she would not suffer. placed duct tape over her nose and mouth to end her life and then disposed of her body.
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but, you can come up with whatever scenario you want. it is up to you to put these facts together and decide in your own mind what you think happened. our position is, the facts in this case show beyond a reasonable doubt that this was a premeditated murder of a young child. >> judge jeanine: that was prosecutor ashton laying out his theory of how casey anthony murdered caylee. our panel is back with us. diana, i'm going to start with you. interesting statement by the prosecutor where he says you can figure out whatever scenario you want to. how do you think the jury is going to read that? >> judge, have you ever heard of such a thing? you can postulate your own hypothesis. we hope the chloroform was used this is so anti--- anti
9:24 pm
and contra beyond a reasonable doubt language. i don't understand how you can say, hey take the facts we've given you, put them together in whatever mishmash makes the most sense to you and please believe she killed her daughter purposeably. that didn't make sense. it is your -- your job to prove what happened. we can't pretend we all know what happened because it is nudge, nudge, wink, wink. this is bizarre to me. >> judge jeanine: dr. baden, the truth is the body was so decomposed there was really no way to know a cause of death. they say i was a homicide. do we have reason to belief it was an accident or suicide? there was no evidence of that in this case, was there? >> only reason to believe it was the initial, in july after the first few weeks, where the boyfriend and cindy adams cam came out with the issue she
9:25 pm
might have drowned. the boyfriend said right off before the body was found that if she had drowned in the pool, because casey wasn't watching her properly, she may have panicked and got rid of the body. so, it would be an accidental death with a cover-up afterwards. all of which, guilty of something, but not of first degree murder. i agree that -- and the evidence, the autopsy evidence is just as consistent with that as it is with any type of criminal cause of death. >> judge jeanine: let me ask you doctor, do you think the fact that they alleged it was an accident, but offered absolutely no testimony from the defendant regarding that, is going to hurt the defendant in this case? >> sure, sure it will hurt the defendant. there were a number of things that were put forth in the opening statement that weren't followed up with. but, my concern, as a forensic
9:26 pm
scientist is, that forensic science be used properly. not used just to fill in scenarios that are possible, as ms. tennis say. the prosecutor has to come up with a solid cause of death not rely on an anthropologist against three forensic pathologists. >> judge jeanine: doctor, you would agree, would you not, the fact the baby was so decomposed and they were able to keep her from a coroner or a pathologist like yourself, doesn't mean the defendant should benefit from it. no one can tell us in truth what happened to this little girl, can they? >> well there's certain tests that should have been done that weren't. they could have done a diatoms test on the bone marrow for drowning. dna on the flies and maggots in the trunk to prove whether
9:27 pm
the body was in the trunk. they could have looked at fiber testified that the fbi person tested to that was on the duct tape to -- testified to that was on the duct tape to find out whether it was caylee's clothing, they didn't do that. there was a lot that could have been done that wasn't done rather than all this speculation that is being done. >> judge jeanine: doctor, we the defense pathologist came in, should he not have done an examination for the diatoms which apparently suggest within the bone marrow whether there was a drowning? why didn't the defense do it? >> i don't know why they didn't do it. i think it would be useful to do at either end. remember the diatoms have to be compared with the diatoms in the pool. the prosecution -- the defense guy comes along and the pool is already emptied, then you can't compare what the diatoms were as the prosecution might have done if they took a sample of the pool when the issue of possible drowning
9:28 pm
came up. >> judge jeanine: did, you know, as we are discussing this, i can't help but think, susan, at the end of the day if we're talking this and not clear on it, then the jury can't be clear on it either, especially if the prosecutor doesn't lay it out specifically. >> exactly. in fact, we i was watching the jurors most of the time they this gazed look. many times they put their note pads down. they didn't really know what to go with it. these are everyday people, a lot of those are blue collar workers. some of the evidence was so over-the-top of the their head they were trying to find who is the most credible witness? when it comes down to it, who is lying and who is telling the truth? >> >> judge jeanine: thank you so much. we are going to have much more of our casey anthony murder trial special, verdict watch. a closer look at casey. what her reactions to the
9:29 pm
events that unfolded in the courtroom may tell us about her guilt or innocence. stay with us.
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>> judge jeanine: that's the orange county courthouse mere in orlando, florida where arguments came to a close earlier today. as the prosecution and defense teams made their closing arguments, all eyes were fixed on casey anthony. psychotherapist, dr. robi ludwig is here to analyze some of her behavior. let's look at casey anthony as the prosecution delivers its closing arguments. >> counsel went to great lengths to connect as we already had, the duct tape in this case to the anthony home. on that, we agree. that duct tape on caylee anthony's face, came from the anthony home. getting past the fact that
9:33 pm
there is just no conceivable reason why anybody would put duct tape on the face of a dead child. i said it before, people don't make accidents look like murder. that's absurd. >> judge jeanine: all right, prosecutor linda drain-burdick had harsh words for casey. dr. ludwig, are you there? >> i am here. >> judge jeanine: okay. let me ask you, in response to the prosecution in closing arguments, what do you think the jury is thinking? >> it is so hard to figure out what the jury is thinking, because we done have the benefit of looking at their -- we don't have the benefit of looking at their faces and getting the sense of how they are reacting to the prosecution, defense, casey anthony.
9:34 pm
it is a little like reading tea leaves and guessing. but, what we do know about death penalty qualified jurors is they are very much going to be looking at what the prosecution says and thinking that it has a little bit more of a legitimate stance. so any move that casey anthony makes, any cry, any tear, any stone face is definitely going to resonate with them and contribute to how they ultimately decide and what they decide in this case. >> judge jeanine: doctor, when i sat in that courtroom, i would watch, as the defendant would look at certain evidence before the jury came in. she was cold, harsh. there was no reaction. then she would look at the same evidence, we the jury came into the room and start weeping and crying. the jury doesn't have the benefit of seeing what we've seen. is this woman an actress?
9:35 pm
>> well, it is true that people who have anti-social personality disorder or are extremely narcissistic, they do tend to manipulate emotions with the idea of impacting whoever it is they want to impact. you have to think of it like being a con-artist. they will feign emotion to look a way. having said that, if i were her acting coach, of course i am not, some of the places where she cried and some of the places during the trial where she didn't cry, i don't know that it worked to her advantage. >> judge jeanine: okay. prosecutor burdick had harsh words for casey. here's the prosecutor's argument and casey's reaction. >> the truth is what is the cornerstone of the criminal
9:36 pm
justice process. both for those who are accused and those who are the victims of the crimes. it is lying that perverts that process. so during an argument where the most well documents liar ever seen in a courtroom accuses everybody of perjury, fraud, lying, the irony is rich indeed. >> judge jeanine: quite a summation from linda drane-burdick. the most well documented liar. what do you think? >> i think she is reacting. because she is going to have a
9:37 pm
strong reaction to how she feels about herself. she knows that a major decision on behalf of her life is going to be made. it is very possible her attorneys have said, please make no affect at all during this time because it can work to your disadvantage. she will be very careful to make sure she will not do anything to work to her disadvantage at this point. for her, for casey anthony, it is all about survival and what -- doing what is in her own best interests. sometimes that means killing people, if you have a certain kind of disorder. >> judge jeanine: doctor, what is amazing is that casey did get he know shegs al yesterday as -- did get emotional yesterday as jose baez spoke. where you look at, there are signs of what happened to --
9:38 pm
caylee that was a perfect example, that caylee loved the pool. casey was as protective as she could be. on that occasion, casey stopped her from drowning on that day and running into the pool. obviously, she would have been there and could have saved her. that's all you heard that's all the evidence that was presented to you. that casey was nothing but a good mother. despite their best efforts to parade as many of her friends up here and shot girls and everybody said the same thing about casey. she was a considerate person. she was a kind person. she treated me with respect. >> judge jeanine: if i were directing a movie, i would say, that's perfect timing on her part. i'd like to do an examination of that tissue that they continues to wipe her eye with, what do you think? are those real tears? >> you i think she can cry for herself. what is so interesting is,
9:39 pm
whenever anybody talks about her, her victimization, the way she handles grief, whenever it has anything to do with her life, she gets very tearful and upset. and you can tell she is really feeling pain for herself. y do think that is real. do i think there's a manipulative quality? yes. just to talk about sociopaths, listen, they are very, very like able. sometime they are more like able than normal people. why? because never to be. they have to be like able and charming in order to get over -- -- get over on people, how else are you going to manipulate people unless you are likeable. the fact that her friends, who are not mental health professionals said they is considerate. that doesn't surprise me. superficially, these kinds of individuals can be charming, pleasant, fun and considerate, at times. until they are crossed. that's when the danger can happen.
9:40 pm
>> judge jeanine: we watched for the last five, six weeks the fireworks in the courtroom. for the 4th of july, as the news continues tonight, behind me you can see fireworks, celebrating america's independence. happy 4th, everybody. we are going to continue with our coverage in spite of the fireworks. still to come, the prosecution makes its closing argument. was it enough to secure a capital conviction? might casey anthony get off scott free? our legal panel is going to weigh in, next. copd makes it hard to breathe, so i wasn't playing much of a role in my own life, but with advair, i'm breathing better so now i can take the lead on a science adventure. advair is clinically proven to help significantly improve lung function. unlike most copd medications, advair contains both an anti-inflammatory and a long-acting bronchodilator,
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a trial in a criminal case is supposed to be a search for the truth. the truth is what is the cornerstone of the criminal justice process. both for those who are accused and those who are the victims of crime.
9:44 pm
it is lying that perverts that process. so during an argument where the most well documented liar ever seen in a courtroom, accuses everybody of perjury, fraud, lying, the irony is rich indeed. >> george is not this machiavellian self-interested monster that counsel has suggested. on january 22nd of 2009. he wanted to indictment he wanted to be with caylee that's all he wanted. he was tired. he was tired of questions, tired of not knowing. he just wanted to be with his granddaughter.
9:45 pm
you cannot read this letter and not see that this man was in pain. >> judge jeanine: that was more from the prosecution's closing arguments. we are joined by prosecutor anna sigga and peter johnson and ann bremner. peter there is no question that george anthony was the accused. what we saw, was for the first time the prosecution basically coming out and saying, george anthony's suicide note was real. this guy is not someone who has committed any of the acts that he's been accused of. do you think the jury is going to buy that? >> in the end they probably will. although there was no evidence for anything they said many what they heard in this trial was, a pattern of deception and a pattern allegedly of not
9:46 pm
telling the truth. we heard testimony that well, i don't have a mistress. then we heard that perhaps in fact, he did have a mistress. we also saw a suicide note, which i believe was a litigation suicide note, not worthy of belief. so we have on one side a pattern of lies, proven absolute, pathological, by the defendant casey anthony. but we also see, deception after deception, in my view, by critical family witnesses in this case. so the prosecution says, if you believe that casey anthony is in fact a liar, then you must execute her. in the absence of a lot of evidence. >> judge jeanine: what do you think anna, do you agree? >> i don't see it that way. that's a lesser -- i'm sorry >> judge jeanine: anna sigga. >> the way i see it, he was put under an incredibly large
9:47 pm
microscope while he was trying to deal with the loss and the disappearance of his granddaughter and trying to support his own daughter. while in his heart of hearts he knew she had done something. i think he came off as credible ultimate i agree with peter when he talked about the an tear there may have been something more there. beyond that i think he showed himself to be believable. everything that he said is credible. that is -- and was corroborated by the other evidence. more importantly, when they look at this story that baez wants them to believe it makes no sense many linda drane-burdick pointed out beautifully today when she said he's this co-conspirator he is going to direct the police to his daughter so she can uncover this scheme he has come up with? it didn't make sense. that's what i think the jury hopefully comes back with if they use their common sense. >> judge jeanine: ann, what do you think of those jailhouse
9:48 pm
tapes? when casey anthony was in jail, her father says, i will do anything to help you. we can go into witness protection. do you think that george anthony is a liar? >> i think he certainly seemed to be when we heard from krystal holloway. there was so much mood music brought in by jose baez, about secret lives, incest, it still sits out there with the for instances he used in -- with the inferences he used in closing arguments. at the end of the day, i think what -- those jailhouse phone calls brought the jury back saying wait a minute, it is not about him. he was there for herk3ñ all along. he was not the most dysfunctional father of the century as he was portrayed to be in the closing argument of jose baez. >> judge jeanine: do you think peter he's a liar because he lied about having an affair
9:49 pm
with this krystal holloway, a/k/a river cruz? does that moon he would frame his daughter for murder when there was an -- accident? >> i don't know, false in one thing, false in all things. we also know that mr. anthony allegedly smelled the death at the time of trial. prior to the time of trial he did not. at that point he didn't believe his daughter was guilty of a crime. that influenced him. now he does believe that his daughter is in fact guilty of a crime. does that influence him? does it influence him when smells the smell of death he doesn't report it for days? is it a matter of credibility and reasonable doubt with regard to his conduct in conjunction with his daughter, whether it is negligence or criminal, that for thirty days, thirty days, this loving, doting grandfather makes no effort, zero, to find his beautiful grand child.
9:50 pm
i find that as a father disturbing. >> judge jeanine: anna sigga because she has been lying to them? >> if you believe that to be the pattern here or -- >> judge jeanine: peter, give anna sigga a chance. >> exactly. they are wanting to believe their daughter. she is caylee's mother. if she isn't producing her right away, they are the grandparents, their rights only go so far. they don't let up. cindy keeps calling and checking and she comes up with stories that sounds believable for a while. finally cindy goes to universal and says that's it where is migrant daughter? i don't know why it is the grandparents at fall for not jumping to the conclusion that their granddaughter is missing and ultimately killed. i feel for these people. they've been put in incredibly difficult circumstance, loving their grand daughter while trying to support and believe in their daughter until they
9:51 pm
couldn't any more. >> i feel for them too, but there's reasonable doubt. >> judge jeanine: they are telling me we have a hard break, sorry guys. those are 4th of july fireworks behind me preventing us from hearing everyone else. happy independence day to our viewers. >>to -- still to come, tensions between attorneys rise in the courtroom. judge perry threatens to toss the lawyers out. we are going to play that tape, stay with us.
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>> judge jeanine: welcome back to our two hour special edition of casey anthony murder trial. we are on verdict watch. i'm judge jeanine pirro. in case you missed any of yesterday's closing arguments, here are some of the highlights.
9:55 pm
>> ladies and gentlemen of the jury, both the state and the defense have now rested their case. the attorneys now will present their final arguments. >> when you have a child, that child becomes your life. this case is about the clash between that responsibility and the expectations that go with it. and the life that casey anthony wanted to have. >> the more they investigate her story, the more it seems to fall apart. what has got to be the most bizarre part of this case, tape that was used to kill caylee anthony was used to implore people to look for her. no question left, that caylee anthony died at the hands of someone in that house. these are the facts that prove
9:56 pm
beyond a reasonable doubt that casey anthony is guilty of murder in the first degree. now, let me start with my -- now let me start with my biggest fear this case must not be decided for or against begin because you feel sorry for anyone or angry at anyone that's because, obviously, we want you to base your verdict on the evidence. not on emotion. if you hate her. if you think she is a lying no good slut, then you will start to look at this evidence in a different light. >> i apologize, but i continue to see mr. ashton's facial expressions as i'm doing my closing arguments and i would ask that he refrain from showing gestures. i'd like to call this next phase the state's fantasy of forensics. it is a phantom stain. forensic fantasy.
9:57 pm
they couldn't fan a single link from casey -- they couldn't find a single link from casey to caylee's death that's why you have more questions than answers. situations like fantasy searches, fantasy forensics, phantom stickers, phantom stains. all of this nonsense. and no real, hard evidence. is that what you do to get freedom you kill somebody? that's outrageous that's nonsense. they had a murder case. and that was it. that was all they were interested in. was evidence of murder. there's nothing sexy about a drowning. but the truth is the truth. and depending on who is asking the questions, whether it is this laughing guy right here or ourselves -- >> objection. >> sustained. >> approach. i told you on numerous occasions i spend very little time watching the attorneys. i assume that you are all professionals. but i'm beginning to see that
9:58 pm
orders or anything else may not mean a hill of a bean to any of you. if it happens again, the remedy will be exclusion of that attorney. enough is enough. >> if it is difficult for to you find the truth. then this case is not proven. reasonable doubt lives here. >> the list goes on and on. no prior injuries. nothing. no cause of death. to find her guilty of any single charge, any single one of 'em, you have to have abiding conviction of guilt. you can't get any more serious than this. the stakes cannot be any higher. >> i'm going to make an executive decision to recess for the evening. it is going to be a long day tomorrow. we are close to the end. >> judge jeanine: we are back
9:59 pm
with continuing coverage of the caylee anthony murder trial. holly bristow and susan constantine join me again. i get the sense today in the courtroom, when you charge a jury, they are now listening in a way that they haven't listened before. because the judge hasn't really spoken to them on more than just sustaining or overruling observings. was it different today? >> you could have heard a -- pin drop in that courtroom today when he did read the instructions. for those of us who attorneys they are complex. the judge made it well-known he's going to get copies, every juror is going to have their own copy. they were 100% focused on the judge. they were much more focused today than they were yesterday. yesterday i saw jurors staring around the courtroom. only one was taking notes. today at least four jurors taking note, two looking over at casey anthony to see what kind of reaction she was having.