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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  October 2, 2011 12:00pm-2:00pm EDT

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plg iulke for or esidt. amer as nids fr t cap aler nfr star rig now tap arigow > th natn'snineupre cot jtice sta th ne teratsnere mond . co onof t big jceta iues ll b neer dedingheth or t to nd ke on tup tig casof is bthe dengthr to tas nstitionity predente ama'healcarelaw. areoinewithore o ti thaony re ntd a'alreomew. frenethreothe oha th oerme bheth ca os. hipete >> a bou nowcathe prem hi tecour t a sn't oiciaysaid ey wll rulonow thee em ur 't oiaid w ul nstitionity he t affoableare t tit thon arey t exctedo. it foenlee chthlengre in t loexr coedts a theit obamchng n admistra ton h ask the lo court a the rul onam imira h sk heen tugh t it t n on tuln i dock, ke an e o th f thait n n tthe w tm stts tockrrowken o fha an keepn eye on tethestortoow anepey n not heeythin aizonand al ama nt innfor a theond o immiatio lawsal ora hetnror ithe ha oto bdone miiowsor fedetally andit wtherha bneeder ages ne
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a seedchlywarr t dto put wer aergene serrut gps dece onps omedy'sdeon cr. dme's c ibels wanustihoma be ecusanti himlf fmmahe us althre ring imcaus fhis fe wked for a th r grg pusthats w d poseorrat se it. d otrsantnoth juice t. otrecu hntselfthjubecaee sh was o inlvedithhe gacu hlf pectcash whil shes as pinsideed h oba'se st to gnera befoctheile p ninde obs sto jus gcesra go fo bck in work tomrow,usodayshere was red bss he in t eior hoomr. w,ay are tims d t hy l gotn t ogetrho a to imay f t ot eineetoustis to f nd guancen e t new the muince tewvera thing.hemef thth ter m wlrangme ther w b figing t w inlved theedel bvernnt suldigg et inedhe indelpeop's lis. rn >> shankd youery ch fheinop liervi . >> >>nkep. ou y you fturno weiin fm vi me.>> . you ournei tnk t sup fme
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. ourtou tas uphe althre t tup ca willhey drtlare taup thhe lawca ll uneynstition d orre no weilloveawo uneretionrofrom we yollve twt i youe aomwers we wyol re me your tw i sponous ho yo fee a aut trs case wre lateou onho inyoee a t sehiste hr. >>in psideialisandite mt h >> mney p tdeld fldi mnews ey t f ht mi ckab he ulws suprt coervave s hrememiourt abe juicesupf heecom priden coheva smeookrt tjue toesheom dprendenis masshuseskealt tare toan o the duckndee shss.selt e oll hor eckwon'tsh he? hn' vern chr chstie ?said b rnhrhieete ininhow ng i idwoul b unchteinw i to ul stt a presenti ch caaignoinsta ia esand tiwagn hashir the um b it ibeat g d oude a's nir we thou b i hat epti. de he's wt a n wou hfew oer caidat ti t nkhe w a abtw o tent l chs chcastieatun. t >>ab ntchchie.thinif >> chs cisty decis toin ru it ll hche ctyhe ci satout h eeectwhen ayerot invosaed.
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ey wld bin a of e hten er fovo. w b ab at twweekf h >> foink 's ab twenek gornor >>ar a a k lf a the isoor enty0 do ather ther a pley a h isoppounits do theoad ty doheer waers to aleget inv ved poit thedohe d ce. he'aoodwatotnvd govnor. hehe w.ts t e'dome,ovr. we wel mee w t hi e, i thkunniweelor pside is litthi orethniompcatethan pdes tt ruingre f gerno >>mpteanand laruakergare f geighnog in tdignicanc oaereghin tninc th o killgf trrort anr h-awl i. ll were le wi ttailoran stev wl >>we l hi,wi shaon. il demoats dev repuicani,ha. ake ar mos appudin thepuan oma mini arati forhearppinhe cces oul sike ainst nitior the p aesqaed se nsheoper ive in aedere in yen. anrl-awkiwa lled iday y dyene aircftanaw eratedy tay drccia. it cates othe elsf t a tackfa. t c oe s a k llinckff t present ama n kinf lan. ev the est a predenta evhe hahestrent
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iticre gvingim edita st i tnk i w a god ic gng it stke t i an wthe a pside g oug to ve the thory toordethatt rikeane pde ugen wo n it e ortonvols ande at eric ke wtolan ic cizen if ere clea iden c heen isartifof e pl ning ea attks a instenhe e unised stes. andrtthe inc asinplngtt iorta ae st ofun s s.mann ndenc aincrafagait th ita of ght nn aafaith alt aeda it w revled ere'a netwk ofbasewher drales da ca wevd e' b l unchtw.of ey cseerr ca be fln fr b lchhe c s.eflfr and intaed bgrou cre in t arni. tome ar e d warntag th boure ould t comeni a lit e toe letrnth meay oneld mehing aitut to dr hey. ettris.e ne suppt theng as tdrl.e butrie ppve theeery t ca fult w wese them buweyhaveo ha acalount we narrive,ehaveem tobu lve ourveha luesntweave rre,eve d l otrur es ve th g,dipl dacy otd delopmt in thethply deountpmes i orderin tohe peuadetheextnt i gdeeratn not too trappendesuiceet be. >> gndatot eanmetoapice ne tralbe aler>>inthean ke ohe dthnera of aerar aeawla . o th sayhe dth dof h
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a culd a la ovidthay m dtivaonfor h c d ti-a ricaidattas m worvawider fr indidua or oups se-a ca tatoorde go frnduar psretaseate. oerics trelinoveresretae. urgeto ictr reginter th t embagey inheounegy thr are t. ba viinting >> tunnks thry mreh. ofours the dea ving ts m ofrsheea ofnwar -awli s det aofarlow wl de alaeda w joing u alda in uormeme fbgent >> h g is thiforfbnt h heis uhi.r lita? >>t's uigdeal he was ta >>s carlyne oal he k yas aderin al caedaly an o ere' knly ctain er aountofldaan ader e'y it cin ant n er annfine it po. n iturts th. an it senin aignao ititts masthour cou ry reen sure na an ita sar. r itous m sorre accanplisent. 's n thesa eitof e mattl it'sotccist.he e
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nhe e o heartl 's certnly. e t its ver o snifint ined. a the rty. iter sfi in. are rheortsha rts sarhan,hois aothe amer an bnsan, opativ was aso kheledn ther bttac he wpivas th man kd behdth tac spir wth angazi, theh tl-qda ir gazi o ine.zith th had a-q unie zi undstanng oe. ofeachg ou ado aniesteers caustheyndere anrn i theofch ou u.s.theypent l oftes usme eye in iureultu s.ey andnthey lfre.s. intize, intudditn tond thyr hers. zein aitegiatoes. w tohthill e fr a aqaedia . to to repcel fhem some ady wed pea ep the nguam, un rsta wemeerne wea hed yeissidi wituauntawene alaeda ye >> tse ediit unue alda t invidus. no eanly reinaceadue. nonothato onea culdepla e eathem ut trenoreaton c ond a fe ght mberof eselaeopl out em t ther nit w fl no be t er sy epl tplac er th . wno cebeainl t mo ntumacnd t th ce nlrhyt t of eirperaonsmo isum t sign icanytyf rrass imctedy th gnan nd o ent. >>imhat ed y keth of t
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o t. vy >> vot l cri ycism romof t laaker and her oups vut tre w vorism m arsayiaer d ther ps teopl w re u. cit ens. ar yi anyou n'the go,pl u. qteits. as ssine th.u t o,appantlyhereas a d. q. j.asinth pamemolyre a.hat sd. we ve d e tmos legaaty, swee bel dve wwere t ga auoriz to acbut hel wreoes e adnisttioneal auiz witoc th? t >> hhat's ry gadodstonoinl firsof ait comfromth >>t' the imin g juicen rs aomom d la enfoheemen wo d. in ielieju ie o la sysfoem oenwo iiminie stic i ielie in o e cstition andys r oghts of in icindi idual ieit'sn w t citnndeall rtsf d ting shesdi al r c ntry's w th my otrll plac in denges orl cry man othth m ot syems the acn rlanth wld. trisys hehelaw enrcemt w. apprrich a tw soenem apoach pr a t top ch counrterrism f ma t ars. facad ias tre thaunsersm f whma we s. ac d i. t afr thha whbombeginginas d af thricambng inctedsama inca den and putim inedma t topen nnd utlistm s ifhat uld lve e t op prlem. hewoul vestifeftt d e hicave d alkprm. e inul a pt ofceft himewhvee in ne yorki suoselk
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weouldin phavefrresd wh himinerk su bue of coue, twetld in't goveg esim hppen buthe fiminou t itousti has aplac h en in e in cnterrrorm btias a it' ac certnly t th inole apone ceror bt' nert toy the on ploy if theorldas cstru edneo ffertly,f weould oy held cruave ery,weld go aft anwel-aw ki go thftughnwhecourrocs,heaw thh inurstigive w enrcemtoc press,hat uld wonrful t thinworligdoese ten woremthat pr s,y. t d the armanyonul p acesthrlestorat whe teoristh andarerronyst pes ganitionareh teis sndportro by go rnmenis, oonere plas whe srtby th indgoenoume olawhovement simy sn'tot tth abityndou or thvent im dere t't hel tbiorth us. anwe cdenot tel s bacand wa fors. thancrim calot jstic sacdayste r h im runts crseecau j it'ics nogointote hunpen. c e auwe t've no tin ke oer mes,nd lon as hn. we re c refu o abmetd ons ethos as ng a csfu the ar ab tted pro rly,oshichs appa antlyasharn thi edase, roey,ch rst repaonsilylity thi higovements e, tresi etysure hihat ts vent citins aroteed ereat d a tisecu a. weave doteit w aveo d o
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cu it n orrwee to do tt. w whad d be itor d mo t wdggrsive i kne it's sy too lo bacgrve knt' wito20-2lo hinacight but if w hadwi enore-2inhtbuif a wgres ve o a d os a biladedid atre h did aes to o inosbided e h 9id wmigh toot n ve 9 wgh ltt 3,0 ci zens at 9/. we splyanno l3,cins letthat 9/ happ . sy its a ugh rldnond uetave t emp y th pp ita h appdpria toud etechques nd setim actnsmpth li thppiaou are absochtelyes s im ctneceary. allliighth stev weppreatereoursoly unue cey. llinsihtt he . ev eanksreeforr yrun ti tod. >> sihe. y 'rekswelcre. y thr ofhetiod >>ivians e ye lc packnto c rshrof a fvieeins ckto c a fin rt, e biege ho, e bge of amma ghafio a famyof fouwasof ma gfi rerted guamed dn wleousryino cleaand 'sreed t clgur d w w shotinhem. ore leaed in cl lib w wit ot m.e late on e linibit sw. e llo, te davn . >> hi,sw o,av >> shnon. i,thisrisieemso be sh unn.ldin in is gaafi'sims hombeown of sert asunin ppleai'omn
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ere help tee hs o cilianget tr o t. th havlpopen a rte acian t huredsmayb thhouavnds en r a civians vesed hudsybhatoous viaves edhe tn athisat tme. ey he be fodin e ou tats bt itas t. h bebe fin dgeroou. as y b sa eit filye i dro car d ge y ha b fly iar ge hmort yeerda anthe rolutnary foesrt ye dapush in anome t e rst, utstry o and shoutn t they e, dushe the utdhaf loeylistback toheth af abt alosthreeck to mi nterrea of theabtownee mi er aat tf revheutiory cmand wn is yingt th tim tis, eyevio cnd willait r th uce ngthim , fish. pefuy m st tllt th ivie ans ll g out fi.ut enfuhey m t inte to govins and gut fttenhatt ey tetowno obackond y fentshann. wn ck >>ll yght. vid pip wit thanlate fro >> t.bya. dankipitou,thtero vid. a a. ku, mni war pla d. miskenl m ar bombla its own trps iisnl the vola le mbts swnuth,tr i kling0 he sold rs. la at'sccorng sh, t mitary kng ld.
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ay fm momeet sg wibaseadehe d f thas wn th weretwide lted thha wther roc ed ggs aoc cments blks. 's hpeni jusas ahe cnt syri bl. g vern hntnius isovi ri g morrn trpsanisi serity serorces tr in andryin tace so of eesety ptests aners g em iinnd in eaccitiso wheheyf aetual pstan gve iome tihe ba. y th aal uisinbega a utme thea th sa tim uinasgahe a egtianhe re luti butsaheyim heeen ableo gtan any ki re oftiuty h trks. ne leover ent erenyinsidof syri kitred o. all erhet e foignid ri diaki so oit'sll verdiffultorfo n uso s ao'serhefft us re sme's taics. t th oositn grps hee'stas. form thewn thyoute chnel oitgr h and at y are wchin i rmhe mingromutch thal they ave anded a yre win i t of ng tmirha eye de yoube of cha tels,ven llin one theyoyriae ne. th areha trs,ngn in to howeoffheia extly new threadrhistow refme exy s. th havisre kied 20 pelend 13 otesrs dthdav thki 2pe wee e13.s. presiden dsaid theh ee syan
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e.prenidhe rime lsyitime an heeedso re go. e limanorldas d e litheedsore . an t slap tldyri dite reme re onhe wris tap t whe ddriore e gon frois wh d re? apprs gro t mitar ?inteenti ipp nexto t mar imssib. te thtiexregi connues to g morimib th bral igiones t tir gor br icracowns theyave w tatctedup o ac nsre ey noe h a thehavetcd threened o a.s. nombas ador hedve th reed sai as. i h connues assr meling ote,thaiunque, i h honeshas pleamentngthin toe,qu ce.s th jus didnea spinifyo wat cose uleasthtusdnsp thiys wre. w >> dsn'tound ged. u as lela, thkhis yo wvery.uch n d't thnde g fntines here la th hundds oarres in torych b th f wilre ll nd oureinwh t aittl b bilatein t e. il rogr. bu firs dtloour cbildrete tivegr buup tir frsst andme d rigrs c rewhenhey welk toughhe door t fof ame thrig sch l? eny w tghor hch to rover pper tritn cahelpou gebackn yo fee rer pr itcalp geck yoee tee o of ur dtors commd thensu bra t of drs mmthsura r exa nuitio surelinil
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stngth hasexevignu io and irte gra of otei renistth tsprotigt, p serv d teand raomotf muscei heah. tot prv d ot sc eaand munealan to lp suort ur iune stem d neano sut ie em surelinil stngth. hereing niu tostouncthback sureheg toncck nuriti in arge re nutin ge ere'only onbott lef! i' goto te sus ! e'lyonttef e veing chinon e i' almott emtey. us ve i'g on iin bos e lmem nei'pony i os rry neny we a ope fobusiss.
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the aly aanio ts hiamil ng dnalther fae lies a ll.hi il than for jerningsoday a>> hespy t do . . >> anor ts habeen jng gog oay h t foro ye s anit>> wa't t juha aboeno o or haing t thcandyeanane a anuherbos aoungirl hag wthnd haneing t tietsanro a un rlrelious w perrmanha andg ti sotheinvoed a li pesils at someiner ofannd rel ioushevo nurpes on themef elus ulmate n thi wkowid t cohet ru thieekhen ul te hi came wow ki t and he fstcoruhi amenekent? n numr onemeand isasind fhe bient? um aumenthatheyned ade, and pele h e abi aen haatye,timend even pe hliev aghisntilhey ad a nd emeve . ev theysily ared, ese hoold e ficis, tt eyar, e ol eciment tyt hool chdren ennty ol thr opion werehen too ung hav h opconsntuti tha reill ghts oo an g evenav nsti ifha th dilld ts anen engge iif th iseithditheyr theng i th renteywould haheanyecoue. we f ndntulitareatyakin therou e f e werbefo theatin er feral pealjudg aringer fo heat tng. at wld h e stppedfewayl al dge rhtsrg t. of mil on w hsted schyl ch rdrensoverghtf ilere eir ch
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pa nts uldnch eveen proct th froert e vrlatis. wepares dnve adroumbe o tha s th coroect cisi mad vticlea that we e fit amdmen does abely o ha pro ctcot alsiadf oeaat fiamentudeess, a in udinroal ele ontarscho destudts. d nuinerin two theleyarho ruleudthat. nu whwo thehe pncips dd, asle at yo wh menonedhikeellg pip john dhans he uldn briisened ke gills tois fendsecau hneynhe had dnri rigio gito fdsau po ad rio attaed, odrabng ts lile ta, lemabtarychooirl t li thshouer a thrteni t kickeremry ouooofl scho thou a bhrauseni ter thool n eckchoouawnho th ga bse r ol pcil hon her fthienda thataid pl jesu theyaid ose pes terings fnd are atdlearsu eyd e s tncogstituonal ethe d si of e rung inar r visthencotual the e sif idn'ru i holdhem virespsibl theyenet tmhen' of ldm t hospbl ey t reonsilityofise t it t ry ihoorta we g tse resi ty e prinitpalsstabshed ind tae st gng lse is t ll coinue to appe inls abed kid st acro thee cou ry. co ue areoou cpesideng ap al oid the rohe iss of ouethe.or n tre cdep o pr cipaeshou ve se ss f abilhey he n tome somhing prpa thou may ake s youll tay ilhe t e the premomngour thay e ou tbsolely. t mean hee emcaseillur connue matt whaolbecay.e anesel ill on
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hae theawsu a inst he ttha sccaol distlct f whahahe su haened a st therare scher ftsst t f.ha haed there's e wholr cls fu f o t ki thawere ths olitercllyfu pr oibit omkihare wring rryer chprstmaitin rg y chma inetts t then ldie i ittq. t hewe wl coinueith e lauit. ie e qutionn ts ca is, w coain,uehe ch rt id teylat. qu onolat ttheca e rhtsf n,hes c kids tith tese aationse r ts queson ies wdstherh te ty sh ald ns be esld iesp wsibler that wha we tsh tbeo ach ur sp kibl l k, w nathae yoake t miake u ar h ki re lonsi we fon oose stake amie ar ifoure csin'tfo ld p plee akespoibleou af c cnevet pepoetlerulis thake suret c d esn've haen ain. at isomeliing th areke sereousl dn'lookg aha ad. w wi ime g reve mak at sesl desion ok abut theray t wsi isgoin to beak forrd. theraydeonhann , th t er is t saisin r thbe is rtor. ofer hapningnnth is ac sshecouny ov th thes basiapng acunovhe fresioms. ere'pres des of tat bn inlacere fs.r a ng e'esdeoftimehat e no und t bttac and eince fa cots wl met rtinno tndseacd ingsut. woulco wlncouge peo e, in tf th gsre. ulkeptal aoueo al lo
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12:25 pm
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12:29 pm
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12:30 pm
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12:31 pm
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12:32 pm
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12:33 pm
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12:34 pm
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12:35 pm
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12:36 pm
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12:37 pm
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12:39 pm
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12:40 pm
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12:41 pm
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12:42 pm
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12:43 pm
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12:44 pm
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12:45 pm
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12:46 pm
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12:47 pm
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12:51 pm
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12:52 pm
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12:53 pm
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12:54 pm
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12:56 pm
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12:58 pm
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1:00 pm
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1:01 pm
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1:03 pm
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1:04 pm
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1:05 pm
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1:06 pm
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1:07 pm
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1:10 pm
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1:11 pm
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1:12 pm
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1:13 pm
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1:14 pm
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1:18 pm
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1:19 pm
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1:20 pm
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1:21 pm
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1:22 pm
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1:23 pm
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1:28 pm
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1:29 pm
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1:30 pm
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1:31 pm
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1:32 pm
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1:33 pm
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1:34 pm
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1:35 pm
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1:36 pm
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1:37 pm
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1:38 pm
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1:39 pm
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1:40 pm
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1:41 pm
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1:42 pm
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1:43 pm
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1:44 pm
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1:45 pm
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1:47 pm
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1:51 pm
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1:54 pm
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1:55 pm
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1:56 pm
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1:58 pm
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1:59 pm
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