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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  October 22, 2011 1:00pm-2:00pm EDT

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achnd atbe ck p erryas test pasplan t plry reanik ank yofor arinre anik ameca's new sk r arin hdquaer ol o nme w'sitew rcer o w fulbaum and jiecoy. fulumnd ke t gjrey.y, g evybo. jam: hievernereat toave u he ev'mo. amhier jamat toe he'm jcol. thas be wh you, ol ha ejam >> jh ie: lcomyoback rick >>oppi namews this h r j : om a busriyck >>sapiturday n wshis a rctar tusyed nd sard pontia d oca cyanr the nd wos. po wh iaoccyhelbya's new gwoerent i wh w saingboluta'he futureeren o thasauny.uthe f ure a soldi rhauny. il mariolr o in tim fhe il ma o iholay ts. whats americ a's ctm tohe r giool be as. can atam iicran c tm sttoioaanra alstone? >> aale? penal
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>>luenheal ssi babynisa wi si wherba the caav has ckedp a ce er tnd hheas edthorits s ata enext. nd he new s urit iitue sstaaixt ne s wiit the aouncaiementhatll trps wl be lving by th wi he a enouof tsenat wyebear l fviro y aq. en t o ssye i fs t aq for oraqiss so st td n tirown. f >>t's veryooqi tim f st t n.them. >> s theirysecuty fooor tces a f d ticaemy impve eve eicu f soughhe ltear d ca imp psyc elogi lly the gh lhaveeenea vinghis y anwe ve yc be movgig tyhis wayven ng vs erany ve debera be movne trnd wha stted v closing o asderaown mner andrawi dowur ord csi nthsas owo.n nd wiso dhis w n hs ao.n acouahion this n w a vnerelibateon th trsion v>> b thas noibat a feeng tr ared b b tha s aal ed soe.o.p psint candatesre aing so wheth.oer nt ir i rdy t dndenesd ag th i rdy moll eberg, livack nif. e sceen fm moshgton. eber l ws pnsint d scdi f sh higt mov. today?
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>>ice p seesi ntu, d o. ihiqiovtoy? >>e eeu, fo.orces haveak i ful f ceha reonbity f securityn f thr naon a nowt's ime bi f bngecll thna a ows the predent p se bng ll u ringsheom 2 00 ca mp gnhe rent present seama ys a t ri ng oopsome mecampgn fro est a iraq a i ps e times or the hidro andaq the u.s. dr awmess own tops inid a afantan, t ell a ulldr our top in afountann,ot aurinrd. >> ntr the pas decade winve. spt ath p tri dllioadedoarsn w w . sp ariion browedeawly fro ovse a ieste t bittld ineahely f ovse grea esta steourc te of oit in naalstrength, ou o eat s rceoofple. now e na on wnanee tstng ou bud i o e. o .w na w e >> t.s . i bu cou ild not ome to >>ea tl on legal iouldot imm ity rotee ctio f u oeg foces in iraq w ch i w mmy teio the oops ure cing h t hefos i ir dch i o wf this yee ps cin h tck we ofhi mstied not erybo ag rees withe ts, s ti ed n epublans e sang tt ag esis ia rhky t s,de ssi bl ris t?sa t >> es, iom re odef thsie r ub ri t? pridenal cdida s >>s, om coeen ohatth t rba miniprratien sho cda ha co pued hdetr tba c ome ni atiho ha
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pu hplomdeicment kep c thro there. omcnt exaskep g nori ckerrye. p t aas atennori quote, theer p prid t s s alow to eageque, ehe iraqi a prheidret 's l sitw tle iden thaethi d iecisionshere lit based o ndvenha fi disilarys badn f cmandeil. ar foer uh gonoron unts nc sayndse t pridt's fo ugo inabritony to rch ts aaysecit ypridt' s agreent avesabraq t rch vuln aableoback sl id g,ret es qthus pting our ntlnesle ionac thesl rio at risk. us pti hunturn i heiot ri nt ma ma huan was partf diasomatic p cend say a diomic e alndl s a o sec it y foes and hel wh ait fo coester a ter hrosm hfors. it>> mly hbe corer wash gtor, than . m >>n hi weebey radio shgtth anaddrs, the pre>>sihi w y lebratiad t uccesses drs,he re ovse a tni ocbti nowcees to t .sovse aony.oc ow bu the a bnd new pol tls.s on thy. sw buhe bnd% newol othe a erithn w pele sarove%f job th 's doingrin tn front. pe
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f the jresi dentse t d ng t victfriest.e's h froemhesi t foig picy erctecsve t h f m inir e amfoicanto te herecve t way hoinme? ir aman jay tnsd is a ryepubcan? counatio cayonsultandt i a rep a co io crisus hahn ris a formeride a ahn glemice toor see a you. gregem to beic there. s>> j ie: t meu. a yo re ja tbe reow m. pol icalapal j: mes thyoe inhe ft th we jaha m olkenal o some reall y bthinuy fthe an that t he rende o s iom eea b ing uyven edit f t ha ten byrede repg ubn liitns f? i a perftly biling to epy cgratatio? to he a rfpresyeni ongo eing w arc hateioo promed to esenend. w hw,'ll onomgrulate o himd. ttin g id'lf aonrat dpot in lia. f iop for t esen li . ke a ourake ior t we'reenot alledur teo migat w creiv w thatay e nsue iedn to l myaig a w ir at. etimeueill ill inthas gyang a to ha enirbut i d. on t nkmel i hathisshang anyngf t bu d dycs is goingng inyofhe t 12 csoi i ectionhe 12 t istilloi tbe ferend ontihe ony. is ll>> jie: , be ch s,reneony.
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turn our j a: enon l's ch ink aut te veter anrnurhat l 's e g oing a t t ce vcker and need jo bs. e goi jo numrsreaccknd edtremjoendo. us ch lejoesum ac o yu el tha the emresidodeusnt le wies g et y the t cditha tside wi g serves f the torgnha pocy se oft wch w as arv f quesoriogn people had wn po sof wmechnto w oice and be blese eoe h boostn t e no o oic a betime ? bstllno i thi he should ti ge in a otcred. ll t look shatul happed in geot crby loweok tapovthug heldoby over hrow a dictatothr 4ug0eleado an er dow i dtta wit 40 noea u blo iit stilt ao sma ull perce bnte o illlatopared tmao iraq and pcee o la fghaore t. ra q shondd beiven cret for hi and kesha quive o f hobeen cre f therrowd ss ouifhe r ub cahenow o candatesnd tse w c him ak. ca at ishowmor ndes t w imrttly, s th whe him . i owesidrt is unteimtherrtedy, fth w ss, lea i nid ais wayteer thateen v , ea isuesayul atifnlyongress vouet o n esul ard her desifcayllgr asnd o lp move thed cernt d escal forward he w t ha the ove he presentonct rwllar odf thehe w
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t trevis adnist tionprest ctstakesn the othore agvi nist onhe cou c ctak theeshe miakesereag ho c c tirhe des pic y is jmiuseste asads t heirtorgn pic pyicis j d now wha asea tir who pic shns hcado aeahoit. >shjamiset mdoeit >enmiti this and veay weitigh t s in. d aalp pollay47%ei ofin amer anasayal tp conomic 47 % utlo os etting woerrsay t co itmiakesceadersp ttur n lo s roetd, bng is adershi n pait ofes gtirsng t burot h ses o bs dethehi aisleoghe rpandf g getting b s mea our in pla haet dis tleurhend g ae eurnonmy p ouhand d t you kn enojamioue, wn y ouou kn ve o smihon y s e gl o isoet you outel ffisoice, y oit's a iossibloffete, him to oice nd's they' isioo whever ty incm ludi onge hederoy e uted o ateswher tecony y toet h outnc di th do t wa ty lif utte a es onfingto t hout cat thpoo unitwas if tr amans,ecse i m oreng atamerans e wpokiitng and am ans, thec'r i fee mnge thae ers w ki ecomy a goi in b etter thee diion,hey won't spo ecy oin this b tteron supportn, tyon reblic cisandidatenexton s poar.
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and ey wt oreeeblhiics cdi teonomxty weakene d o. d w tthatohi thi s om w prkeesent od dorats tset d t onli cs abo thepr next t do ection >> b h sides anl goi lboe text this hotido wonet pas t b tsi a b gmeoi l is ho wet as gte. b >>mehat lusates thepot, g >>that sat t kof dpoemagt,oguic ha ksp d aguic myleue soundlike pais moatsp t' bkleuep andik se ndpa moat stulus d bk not a work. a t ristiousn dolls do the ot draithatdiotrk pbody t ri ioackll tdoohe woairkat we have 27 dy m ilon arica unoempl oy. wo o, n wha wre cminilg acaunpl w n wre cing w imus 2,an't gethe seante'tet docra to he sete drao ang wi t thg. a he dn' g t hewim agree o a bil that t y c dould v gotgr ty cld v so-- forer. tha ll >> t--has ptisan ckrey. t >> and tha he'p sersaionbo ck y.brinng bh sides fnd t e'er core to geinth ber s tesn cf speakertogerainernin cal harry reid n an saykeet agree oraninin whal youar gsan p
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as tidhaant ayet a eell h on the ec omwhy. ous an t ps gu tno w off on a h t ec omarti n rant, untningguno a ound a the co tian >> funal tngught. andhat 's ting t o dheoco tn f t tht into. ndt ta-g d >> thank u,nnt ja chris, >>ha inalu, thouts 51emra chot alor heou pres1idemt'sraob bill or es sth fobirsttimu was too smal fstnd didn't kw t assize t of thero aalt the ndn' t ti we wssed t stulusone, zef ro a thhoulhaveeenoubl tiore edtuse, trle. >>hankou f t hatul venbl comntary. ittre. shoul d ha>>venk f b tha all omnt iny.truc re entng, bu st ul ha is pside hasllhohen in uc's g ivenng tbu ot or nity po deas leadhee gs t ngs don e g aivnd oor ty o onet byetti ngad gs tngsone a e byti usama glden an donet inir u ma got lea it the, glguysanonet ir th pride ss nt isea t th e,weekly addss hs tni tthprde thsen eisno rig htekddnow. tni tnk u,air an d thbaenc r apigecia youthohts now. tday. u, ai thaans fohavi ap iausouhos y. jami e. hafovi us mi jami >> oto those wan to run a stmi pre odentn hoan t 12.
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ru nmanyop contenderresnt a in iow a . he of ny gni.t' cste ers caidat for i ihe es in at aornghem is cgrswan a m chele chma c facswuphianll ttle ihe el firstmaachi lewo ir at onhe primary caldar. pe r ny, gheoori tryoe lr.yo pewhrat gngy, o gnhhee bach nnat gcangmp onh he>> uveity of ch ia saycas uveit y cgressw oanacanan hasays 4% cessw suor ac an bu sas'sry t4% convince tory'reot vebur andry theonnce tre enottive nrewnd hampshi tre sff quit stday. en ewe'samayhiinowhatwo it y. stafrs i nay hpsrehawo did af qu witutlips tre mpai dgn. adv orsquayhe wyo havlie s tom sta iain. new h hivsndheo h av pl s spend gtaost if e n tihi andesouesnd and ee ypl s in iowt f yw ay and itisnd nou aes ay g in i they ywsay. nds na aonalront ruerit ghe y. mnenaalhentnlruyer inge ma playg kw he ieowheanlndnge ki newsg with the rhectn ow and the es en sdrawdown w h e anno ment sayg, enquote,awwn resint annt oba's ayotsint
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baastonishinfaur haunnessarput ri tosh viurories at w erha wneonar t i througthe lood a sas ificof whoan wds a roene od a a wom ensaic aho oanma caaign sa nga tomhat m at rney cagn foign licyxpernce mite ttoha atsfo fn ancyceere teexecive aippis ameca jo oveeas fd ranomney ece pime ca jocordveing s t r unirsitof iowa i srd sg ond behniinitdain th 2, rick. wa >>ndakon b oeh inyndho is 2rirising a>>ako y sa is inriheng llande'sak y heat and sa i s bheeen t l severald de's hea afor ndntve ial mmen b t l's me. ev al at'sshe lestnth atr nt ve l ween, yo l oo k mt he 's l t nunsthnd same u ersit of l t heiowaol tt nundamameeut sitai o at waain ist tam s l de rithai i 37% spo anddeith wng 37 serpomend takeure they owng h ermeprlifeeur heheyeay an t that h ife is li fe pridenand sheomeonehoosan hat i fto he ane bortn, ty' pr end s eo behoosinsomething hanrt tt's beagt thin sothgw. >> artn shothulnotew. le a thatho isclr. bu i le it's at iher. t
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break the t'she la t tt's th mire's t ecisn, tt' a ll t it's 's ying to sa is t>t' a ng t caion'sas 9 pai wass dwn crici and9ncng rask perry ow arindcind re' rr expreo showing v w hisla tax xpreet stewir than w is999rickaxot gngetteon.han >> aotoi 99on gonha nk averoty chha peteerr. ye >>amiethe g sty w e' pe fo owyeg, gwing c tr>>eriee st er t fin momts of fo gwier liby a' s tongin tome ommedter by mus magreqaafedter hisea on mu ursdafpaingea o widesead sd lebratio wn t seets le iotripli. n t seral e caingnto aeents vestatiointo is dipth. . se l sacang tg kilong o athe n form stioto d d. ta could b esa til oe nsidrmer a war crime. ta c ld bree palkot i iderivearcre. romalkotivro isra thousandsreiin upo se h bo i nc lurang hoan grieg >> y've
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t itupse iwee an igrndtreglar y oe it th a 's igtikis.nd people caing tie theody a ndeo oters lut cag i tnie a wehouse ot l abt utundred i yar behd me. w eh seu're ri t.t un ed therarare ehestis exaly . ho heu' was illed d ere ti e act, a lsobo thoeur wrentasild fatef thbodybuthe t, foos heon turnt s tteoth dymitndhe. fohe sddafi tos omi f publi dilay ght w an tak a i ook a ltlubeit diy t an oakf ahat a we stl andet hr from a fe w spl aee'et tal hkir tomo as we . few take listene' >> aal ry aery bweizar re kesten th ae men anderre bnar lin in up t o goth inse ten mrein loc tr, tgohi is c td mtora room toee t ma the oc t hictorraoo ho h to tulmahe them orctor h dede t mumad fi and h deen, mu id oad ofiir hn, mtrs id oon the irfloor, ins midtr this t srage rflr, aftereinshi s ll o nsgeur rsday. a er th eseo oen a sinurg,sd. llthe a sing, aar g isea
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ey'ee fhtin gaor t g i ea pa stonth a the are y' pl fsedhtithgha teyee a ndpastth eyheeatised tt tplird it untris nnd is tlirated. thtr ha nheprf.lirate >> andthhahiishehendprf.f ndhiishend tyntfs likhisnd rul for yrs tyndnts iknow, re's r yrs lang hnd likno a m dog. >>lang and h l w toee q maddafi do is >>dead. nd t eehis qda t feeling o fhead people >> as zi t fli refactions. an aop fny k aind o reon furtheanraupsutho kties he o tel no fuouherr dihoffeseren d toherselav lood noat t bodandou they're di saensfiewithhe crsseavf l oo deat th.od d t y' a llet wound, b hsaie tthhe c head and at to a tethewo midd, t secon o adnd oamm t o tidaf s c fny further c pe rammon th t u.naf agai f whany fth iperaeang f t.n the m il araiyha oics h i fs hate mt ilsars h i att ssne and at'howe ednd asorat s a fura iwill b t'wecidednd a s when hwille b ie d andra i wi whe heille bie dwh hlle b ie s artly. un rstawh thicoulhebe tle la dayf th p scly un tasplahiand ul tdetand t laay th latio whec he will b
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e p lad ndundethe grod ll bleiohe hwi sect. p tdehey n't ent iroto b b rnednto a secine a y t i to jie als oednto a h a a chance t j spelsoriefly withanhoha claid to be pe orief oitfh tse whoho ai pull tedbe moa oarf tse w qda fill out of that araina . qdautf ccorhadingt tonahi heee or ngohi eak, afid h aski the man,hyre y k, af inghis to ki. he n, t mre y re ie d. ins 42ea. f mdictator . re ie ba to you,42f ja mie.ctat complingresponse baego u, thk yoja e.>> wl, t fut ofmpngonesp osef erthyoa's st il w thut allie osfne in tir after t s ileathll s of t henirft saueain c trownau princeinziz cwnied fm sp priedce ine tziodayz inied nemyorkci. e tudlle i tnean tasaye ne trk t hrow i ntu sedi aanbiasa ande tis ath avesowignue siodin a biand rk, o i nextis i li . h esigueion accord ing , i noex lked cablee hadcoeerdgoec lvike tatmentab e frol andee sin 20vi tat nt> jami aft frears of an s buttg ad20 u.s mi r aelationsrs o withor kbuortthong.some
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ratsnsf thaw. thor k the s. nom bei nglledf aw. esum e r noving the reiai of tro sum kled i r tovheingor t war. ome 8s00 kerlevi mem tbers fromhat r r. re 8ertivillemrs omt missing.retill 55 them e bht tb ss g. ried in north 55rea. t b thmov tomays bef orried i nth re lders rethovoldayef baeral talks ucarrs issreue a ol theecovayal e or d s ucar i to begi ne novt yor dar. >>when t w omba gi n there's arne infortion >>the enearch r lite trlre w's been nf or onssine in mrcso ur and itrl w w'se'een te yin msohyur indnvestito s wa psibl c luro m a cadaverhy ies og still doe s p notbl mea chat a c thavr sech is over . tioe otd mal bthatse bs rewierng t he hilig nw. bat cap bolwi hl ove r tewhe h bill n clean uappol h overic workil foe. why coman are cal ling it jicork foller a w thy iret wi cll ng jlp kk srt t strug gerth i wieconlly when k w scomeight trback g0 a. schar. on wn t tworain wand mebusht twoind s thr."i'lslee whent's ne" adem. th'lee ens " em r 80ears we'vbeennspid byou. 80rs 'venpi by
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.nd wve bn hored to wk wi you w b hoto hdp yo w wiget ouere u wa to hyo t e wao ♪ ♪ causyouromenis n. ♪♪ usuren n et nhingtandn yo way nngndyoay arn re n alldu fo! fo matr wh sma bunessou a in, nagiat expwhses maems tobu. gessin t a wayn, gixps stoge tay t anore. k, t sma busess rd om cse irodus jo ane. tmauss c i duanjon-th go eensepp me clusely r incusters. anth ese m usy insts. stomategize ur pens anyere. ve tome anegget e ck whansyou nyve.e. th tlatean innt atio ly fha inku thtennio fnkto .learmoret che.coink arrechcok
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there's n nfmaon mar delopmts ithe seerch fs a msing missomauroni made pm iby. e se fpoli m sayng msobi cerog . lishowayed signsfbi aiterog iowidede sns f eit kans ty h iid f mohld kisa hwi f miss nea rlmoyheeeeks andwi ss nr eaareny cla see wksnd snedro her enlame
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andsnnvtitoro s h theog d notititothe s sll t nheea the ot of tnohee sll n herhemother's ot of hd. t tmoer invesgarayshed. t d couldavepeed tennv ay sdiffent ingstherhan huma d ldreeins. t th inv tigaffon t cogsinern ma >> rk: trere'sin m or fht nv brgaing onapinol h over a r t 's corovsial fhtew billbrg thant hver coov alew brees empyershao tru ckgrnd ccks migr eion mpatusrsfo mployeesgr c ands en t ugh omegrn us f arusi t sys a lo es nd hers say t ihteou lve aar i ge he a amer ic srs sou l fve a. cay stall livam wh s moren is . f at' theca dstril behivind t re legi. slatn, fst o all? 'he d >>ell,ehri t ts called le at th f leg o wl?ork force a>>l,nd cled th teg ide w i fsceea a t ld nd suporrs aytde iuld not t only h cortailhaayt som ieulot cractize alys h t ialilhat om mmig tioncroblct inhies a s i cotry, ut t igulondbllson hi helpower t na o'sy, ul o arg ump lpener rate of na's 9ar%,fhisen bil iatsof passed 9 hi itouil i rsuire allss elors it t u r aui spellciomter sy em kwns ae ser to om
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te mar sure ha t asy k penal er emoy t io legly cmaarur a al wo rk in heem uoyte id st les ar so lawmars s twot wldhe u te d edout t who are soawma trsing t wld bs tway w fromre nelo ericwas an roalso gethelo bicll ranli ngso on imetmigrheion b rling o im regrfo. >>e clrl d nee a b etrer gu>>tcl worr syem n a he cre bysrm is gu w emdyctiol. c don't ysrkm oesn'tply enou gue worrs a takesio todo lt gsn gethoyuest ouueor a t esrkto hetoreas wre et theyue'rst nde now it's estreat hat ey ow t'mill en he willalha immiantsremplo ll i h wi eri mi ttstepses abomputlo i 5% o i tepsenabotion'sotalork 5% force, ckna >> r'sk: cey, otat impactor wold isfo e,ve i me r t c, a iacndtusies d ouvet t remehat tusie rely oounorregnha rks, rhami on thi do tgn tm? we , yo u owhamiouhi t tmenoned ome feyo the ou induriesike t enagriltedure edustf in t rtic ar inndomesee i tn tha ri e st n eld tic tndhiom reall iy n t cod ha dev tati d t t nseeaquce xper tscohaevrgti that m
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t emericens dxp n wa nyin gth to dt wmei n the wa nyckin breakoing worknvve t on farremvennvve poiting ono fmve p 20ino eloenamign 20 spon by t uni etelod fig work . on b yin that use f wok10 00 pple tha prse ierpl din hing prse ierblz,in b nin t oohi ng bs i thez, b n t field. bs i some farmers say if yfid. nrow me it me fitmeh she if y psa of e ishe bill-- o f t woul d be catastropc bi-- damage t ourt ulbe induatsttr. c maurdu farrs cou nir ppl becae th'd go t ar cprir ppl be caef e ewca lthaw go a t penaies re beastrcaonomicale ew lw whathe farr w nas tromic i hath e us st wdown. >>epter: and somef ose per st ly tdo. eve epr:nd omfoeodfri e aercrosshilys t ve countrcoul r a a resultri a ofossis if t's un ulpassed. r ult it h ofready, iy t'e way,ss paitssedh cgry,sialy e wa mmite. ne , itill pa bedesialn to the it nepuitblllan control bled e, to t
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ri. >>ick: asey tegapu ibl l.a.onol da ri >>k: eycasga l.nk >> amie liby is as nk ross>>adie by i cebratns a underway ss ere in poceat a tunheay coany'new lea derse try for co ay' pweaceeafurs passowdor ademo pcrace. a li rept on somedf the mora n cha enlieps ohanto l f t ahead. >> n cdahay,t w lon aua eay >>day, celebre dth of qadfi cebr dth of acall we e celrang adfi th sta rtacgll ofe c our new yea th ta i lgibnd ohopefull nhe y arng oif a nibndhofu e i narhe o a whe mi eas in whmi as [ juor ] plad pressial baskballor 1year ju ]todla i opr si65 w dy'sskestallants 1arod o and w get'sy fitancints om capal. b i so g stund etthfi goeinway yondm ankiap.. b g tu notthnly oend py ple ndney,ki we hp th savit. ot y pjunie ] gy,engiers h fothd waav to .t mynerguse. ni ggi chesl ]fo wamoro effimyent rgghtie. hel uniostaypen ter. he] rfijunit ] tiand elrve re ciotomeay.n r. o yore n jusgettg nan al citalni. d e cme [ chyoyl ] nou'rusalsottetti
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huann ca nochjust ]oney'rknowsodge.ti hucal. junr ] capal. there n jusbank s...nosteyowe. un] e'reapuild.s.e n[ juusor ] heed ild busess reld ju ]aneyhe d uss
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1:28 pm
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1:29 pm
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1:30 pm
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1:31 pm
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1:32 pm
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1:33 pm
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1:34 pm
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1:35 pm
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1:36 pm
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1:37 pm
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1:38 pm
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1:39 pm
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1:40 pm
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1:44 pm
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1:45 pm
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1:46 pm
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1:47 pm
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1:48 pm
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1:51 pm
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1:52 pm
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1:53 pm
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