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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  December 17, 2011 1:00pm-2:00pm EST

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>> welcome back, we've had so much breaking news from the white house and capitol hill not going to get to your twitter responses and certainly see online at our website, on that's go to do it from washington. have a great day. >> kelly: a fox news alert, a last minute rush on capitol hill before holiday recess. president obama speaking just minutes ago on major legislation passed by the senate that affects million of americans. hello everyone, i'm kelly wright. >> jamie: i'm jamie colby and we're working and they're working in congress. the senate having a busy morning. welcome everyone to a brand new hour inside america's news headquarters. after a bitter partisan battle, major rare saturday session. and when it comes to the trillion dollar funding that passed not the a lot of people are happy about it, including arizona senator john mccain. >> i have amendments to save
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the taxpayers billions of dollars is associated with this bill, but never mind, because we're going to go home for christmas. well, all i can tell you, i am he' going home to a state where they don't have enough in the food banks to take care of the homeless this year. and i'm going home to a state where half of the homes are underwater, and what have we done? we've just wasted billions and billions and billions of the taxpayer's money. >> there you have it from senator mccain. and mike emanuel to join us live on capitol hill. what a morning, mike. >> exactly. pretty revved up for a rare saturday session here on capitol hill. the other big piece of legislation that was passed by congress is a two month extension of the payroll tax holiday for the average american, over the course of the year, about an extra thousand dollars in your wallet. over the course of two months, it will be a fraction of that, but president obama was very cheer a few minutes ago that he wants congress to pass this when they come back from christmas, over the course of the full year, here are a
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couple of key senators on what is involved with the temporary tax extension. >> it's certainly a good one for people who want to get, make sure the taxpayers keep money in their pockets and that taxes aren't raised on anyone, and to me, it's the big issues it's the pipeline. it's 20,000, construction jobs and 100,000 indirect jobs. >> best thing, keep it going for two months and i'd he love to see us come together and do long-term policy for economic growth. >> now, the bill passed 89-10 and i talked to a couple of the no votes, and vest which aring senator joe manchin doesn't like you're messing with money that's supposed to go to the social security trust fund, which is what the payroll tax actually funds. >> i've been open supporting the pipeline, but the bottom line, social security is so important, the lifeline, the bloodline, if you will, to over 60% of the seniors in my
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state. majority of their income and horror we are playi here we have playing games with it the same time. >> and a conference call two hours from now to get a sense where the rank and file stand and we know the keystone pipeline provision was key with house republicans and they could vote on it as soon as monday. jamie. >> mike emanuel busy morning and thanks for the wrap-up. >> thank you. >> i tell you you can't understate enough it's been a busy morning on capitol hill and the senate may have saved some time, but as we mentioned before only set themselves up for yet another battle sometime in february and after all the fighting that went into today's measure, is this a sign of how bad things in washington really are. here to discuss that, fox news political analyst and daily beast kirsten powers and angela mcglowan.
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is this the right thing or have they kicked the can down the curb, angela. >> they've kicked the can down the curb, but politically this is a big win for republicans and it's bad on obama and the democrats, by the end of the day, joe manchin was right. they're playing games and only puts a bandaid on it and only going to have to come back in february and debate this process all over again. >> kelly: kir steen i was reading what the president said and watching this as many of us were, and says i'm glad they got it done and i hope the host will get it done on monday and something they should have passed for the rest of the year rather than just two months. so is this a dog and pony show that congress is doing or is there more tangible than that? >> well, i think it's dysfunction, and it sends a bad message to pretty much, you know, anybody who is concerned about the future of our economy because it shows that the congress is willing to just play these games and always right up to the deadline, right up to the last minute, and that they will attach things to the, you
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know, to the bill that really have nothing to do with it. and then, you get into these big political fights and this time around it was the keystone pipeline which, whatever its merits, you know, it should not be attached to a payroll tax cut. it's sort of the article of faith among republicans that they are against taxed increases, right? they believe that letting tax cuts expire is a tax increase and yet, in this case, not so much. and they attach this, the keystone pipeline to it. >> right, and you're correct dealing with the fact that certain things should not be attached to the bill, but this is what congress has been doing for decades, from your earmarks the whole nine yards. is it political? yes. it's bad for obama because he says if the keystone pipeline was connected to any bill he would veto it and now we need to see, is he going to veto it. if he does, it will be be bad for him politically, you have unions, kirsten, that support this pipeline and democrats, congressional members in texas
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that support this pipeline. >> kelly: let me point out here that the president did not say he was against the keystone xl pipeline, he wanted to do it in 2013, a further review and study and appears at this point. >> right. >> kelly: angela and kirsten, the republicans have been able to maneuver that and include it. having said that do you think the president, kirsten will go on and actually allow this to go through in order to save jobs? i mean, we're talking about 20,000 shovel ready construction jobs if this is allowed to pass. >> well, you know, he has said in the past that he would veto it, he's getting a lot of pressure from environmentalists and going ballistic over there and-- >> don't want you interrupt you and point out quickly that that environmental concern apparently was removed by the canadian company when they decided to go around the nebraska aquifer to be able to provide a better environmental study and an environmental place and setting for na keystone pipeline, so if that
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equation is removed can't the president go forward with it? >> well, there's a review process done by the state department and according to the state department, this 60 days is not enough time to do it. so, i think what the environmental groups want and what obama wanted was for them to go through with this process, do the review and then make a decision and now, it's been put in, you know, a position where that review can't happen. and so, i think that obama is in a really, really tough spot. >> he is. >> and we'll have to wait and see what he does. because you don't want to raise taxes on, you know, the middle class people along with the payroll tax cut, if that expired. at the same time, he's really has the environmental-- >> it also shows some republican brinkmanship, as well, to be able to wiggle and worm this thing in. ladies, i've got to ask you, quickly. are we seeing a dysfunction here? and kirsten you talked about this, kong is doing this.
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holding people over a barrel and letting it go. >> no wonder the approval rating of congress is so low, with one gallup poll, you had 76% of americans that say that congress, all of them, need to be fired. so, at the end of the day, it shows dysfunction and people want results. people want solutions and they're tired of politics. >> kirsten, final quick word, please. >> dysfunction. >> kelly: i get your point. i think the american people do as well. and kirsten and angela, thank you both. >> thank you. >> kelly: and happy holidays as well. >> happy holidays to you. >> kelly: and for more coverage and in depth details on today's senate votes, boy, a doozy in watch. head over to our website, >> jamie: gave kirsten one word. >> kelly: she took it. >> jamie: a big day, a major milestone for the united states as the final american troops are preparing to leave iraq, many of our brave service members are coming home for the holiday, nothing
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better than that. and saying their technical expertise can be put to really good use right here in the u.s. what a concept. molly henneberg live in washington. hi, molly. >> hi, jamie. president obama says it's a historic week for our country and the military as the last of the troops in iraq begin to pack up and head home after a nearly nine year war. today shall the president spoke about what happens next for these men and women in uniform. >> many will remain in the military and go on to the next mission. others will take off the uniform and become veterans. but their commitment to service doesn't end when they take off the uniform. in fact, i'm confident the story of their service to america is just beginning. after years of rebuilding iraq, it's time to enlist our veterans and all of our people in the work of rebuilding america. >> we have some new video to show you of some troops arriving in kuwait for a stopover before they fly back to the u.s. the president says the men and women have the skills, discipline and leadership to help rebuild the u.s. economy
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and republicans say they have a good first step in mind to go ahead with the keystone pipeline which they say will create tens of thousands of jobs and help transform 700,000 barrels of oil a day from canada to refineries in the u.s. >> canada has made it clear, if we don't build this pipeline, the united states will lose these jobs and canada will sell the oil to china. and we will be forced to get more of our energy from the middle east. if the president successfully blocks the new jobs it will only add to the long list of bad economic decisions for our country. >> the obama administration has put off a final decision on the keystone pipeline until after next year's presidential election, in part so that more environmental studies can be done. jamie. >> molly, thank you very much. and we're going to talk more about what we can expect for the future of iraq from someone who knows, probably better than most. did we end the war there on
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the right terms? retired four star army general jock king with his thoughts on that straight ahead. >> kelly: defense chief leon panetta making a historic visit to libya, the first pentagon chief ever to set foot on libyan soil. jennifer griffin is travelling with the secretary and has the report. >> this is the first trip that a u.s. secretary of defense has ever made to libya. it comes just days after an armed militia tried to asass nate the head of libya's new army. days ago, consolidating the competing militia's top. here at the protestant cemetery, the defense secretary laid a wreath. they were on the intrepid, a
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naval vessel sent and the ship blew up and bodies floated to shore and dragged through the streets of tripoli 207 years ago and the cemetery has been maintained, but a move by family members and a republican state senator to the get the remains repatriated has gained steam in congress. and there is he' a provision in it that would require the defense secretary to study the possibility of returning these remains home. for now, 13 u.s. sailors remain interned here in tripoli. travelling with the defense secretary. jennifer griffin, fox news. >> kelly: that's jennifer griffin in truply. >> jamie: and outrage, a teacher want today spend more time with her son serious wounded in battle and that was
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denied, straight ahead. >> kelly: watch that one and could more changes be coming to an airport near you. what steps the tsa is considering to make sure you have safe at security check points. >> a terrified teen, hard to imagine, dials 911 while hiding from her intruders under her bed? listen to this. it's just part of the chilling call we'll have next: 911 where is your emergency. >> i think there's somebody in my, in my house, i don't know who. if you have high blood pressure, like me, and get a cold... need a cold medicine with a heart. only coricidin hbp has a heart, right here.
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>> welcome back everybody, i can only imagine if you're teenager girl, cowering under her bed calling 911 during a home invasion. she's only 13 years old klchloe and told the distacher there were men in the bedroom. the call is absolutely chilling. listen.
1:18 pm
>> wow, you are so brave. she described the suspects as she waited for them to leave and then michigan police say they spotted two men walking away who matched that description. they ran, but one was arrested after a short chase and the second one got away and turned himself later. what a brave young woman. >> wow. >> jamie: incredible story. >> kelly: that's incredible story. there are now calls for passengers on airlines nationwide, two lawmakers reacting on complaints from passengers following security screenings. calling on the tsa to secure the position, for airports across the country and prompting a proposal.
1:19 pm
an elderly woman claims she was strip searched by tsa agents. you recall that story. our julie banderas is live from laguardia, new york, to talk about the new plan in effect. julie? >> yeah, kelly and we should mention that tsa denies that any strip searching occurred and they say it's not in the practice to strip search passengers, period. none the less, because of the airlines having spokes people every time there's a mishap. it seems more and more our nation's airports are becoming repeat offenders of violating passenger rights why two new york lawmakers have come forward and said it's about time that passengers have an advocate at all of our nation's airports. new york senator charles schumer and state senator of queens wants the transportation security administration or tsa to create this position at all airports, to immediately act on complaints by passengers over security screenings and schumer says it's about time
1:20 pm
passengers are given a voice. >> they should be be someone who can come in and mediate and if someone who is overly stuck on rules that they misinterpret, there should be an authority who says, no, don't do that. that's all we're asking, plain and simple and we think if that simple way, we can solve the problem. >> now, the tsa says it's planning its own advocacy services and highest level to make sure all passengers are created with dignity and respect. a sports person, tsa has customer service representatives at most major airports and already announced plans to the set up an 800 number as a resource for passengers with medical conditions or those who may require assistance during screening to call before going to the airport. the hot line is expected to be available in the near future and we're told currently, the tsa in fact has service people at most of the airports, however, under this plan, by
1:21 pm
the new york lawmakers, they want the advocates to be positioned at every single airport throughout the country so that when you go to security screening, if you have any question at all, you make a phone call and they'll meet you right there at the security check point. back to you, kelly. >> kelly: all right. julie, thank you very much. >> jamie: after nine years, u.s. troops are making their exit from iraq. it's a historic time. what kind of country are we leaving behind? are we leaving at the right time and in the right way? >> plus, emotional plea from a mother of a wounded u.s. soldier, all she requested was time off from work, she wanted to take care of her son, but she hit a roadblock. we've the got the story next. >> my son volunteered to serve in the army, fighting with our country and blown up and died. it's inconceivable to me, and not considered a (inaudible) the droid razr by motorola.
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. >> jamie: the war had a that was in iraq is officially over and our troops are coming home. what kind of iraq are we leaving behind after nearly nine years on the ground. did we end the war right? joining us to take a look, retired four star general jack keane, great to see you. >> good to see you, jamie. >> jamie: it seems like a day of celebration, so many of our troops will be home for the holidays, but you have really serious concerns about the way in which we're leaving and actually, senator mccain at fort brag this week says you, one of the original architects of the war in iraq as he so noted, have perhaps the right perception that we've won the war, but we're losing the peace, what's going on? >> well, our troops should feel very satisfied about the victory that we achieved in
1:27 pm
iraq and it's hard earned where we had the strategy wrong initially and got it right and they deserve the credit in the world for that, but frankly, since the obama administration came in in 2009, they've had a hands off approach to iraq, and ironically, when iraqis actually wanted a strategic partnership with us, and then when general austin prepared to keep 25,000 troops there, as early as 2010, the obama administration did not agree with that. and they put on the table 10,000 and 5,000, ultimately 3,000. now, knew at this point that this administration was not serious about a long-term strategic relationship with us, as a result of that, you know, ironically the iranians have gained in this as opposed to the united states. and that is terribly frustrating for us, a very serious issue. >> jamie: it's not only frustrating to me, just based on what i know about iran and its intentions, it's
1:28 pm
frightening. >> yeah, absolutely. and ryan crocker is quoted recently and i think he's got his finger on it and he was the ambassador in iraq when the surge took place and he we turned it around with general petraeus, he said in the end, it's much more important how we leave and what we leave behind than how we came. and unfortunately, we did not leave the troops behind. why do we want to keep troops there with the war is over. i can understand the viewers shaking their head at that. we kept the troops in germany, in italy, and in japan after world war ii, to preserve the peace and have stable governments going forward. we did the same thing post conflict in korea, and ironically, those troops are still in all four of those countries. so, we want to keep the troops in iraq for this reason, number one, to preserve and
1:29 pm
strengthen the factsy. number two, to help grow and develop the iraqi security forces and the third thing and most critical, to counter iranian influence and sadly we're not doing that. >> jamie: general, what power will prime minister maliki have to roll back the democracy achieved? >> that's the question, he's begun because he knows the united states is not going to do anything. what he's doing is consolidating his own power and starting to roll back some of the democratic reform and handing key sunni leaders in the military arrested or driven out of the country and maliki is part of the shia majority in iraq. and gradually, he's taking on more and more power and we should be concerned about that, but frankly, we don't have much ability to influence it now. >> jamie: well, given that, i have to ask this question, as an esteemed member of the
1:30 pm
military whose advice is always well-taken by presidents, by generals, and by those on the ground that are there leaving or fighting in afghanistan for our freedom and theirs, what can we do about it at this point? >> well, i think what will have to happen, in my judgment, in time, our policy will change and i believe we'll move closer to the iraqis and trying to influence them. i think it will be obvious to the administration that keeping iraq at arm's length is not the answer and we have to move closer to them. we've got to keep our eye on the ball. iraq is a country of strategic consequence, why? because they have the second largest oil reserve in the world. we have to be frank about that. number two, they're an educated class of people, and number three, as of right now, they're the only arab muslim country that elects its own government. therefore, they can be a stabilizing force. if this begins to unravel we've got to get much closer
1:31 pm
to them and keep our eye on the iranians who clearly are at the regional and that's why they want a close relationship with iraqis and they want us out of there totally. when you said it's frightening, you're absolutely right. they will begin to attack our consulate in bazra, the southern part of the iraq and begin to attack our embassy in baghdad and they'll use approximateies as they do around the world in this case the shia militia. >> jamie: that's sobering. thank you for the analysis and for those still in the region, i thank them. and thank you, too. >> thank you, jamie. >> jamie: kelly. >> kelly: a massachusetts teacher a desperate plea for her school committee for more paid leave and a teacher at harbor high school says she wants to be with her soldier son recovering from an injury. >> (inaudible)
1:32 pm
>> apparently had some sound there where sonya was talking about how difficult it is with her son having an injury. todd allen was hurt while serving in afghanistan and is at walter reed medical center in d.c. and the school district superintendent denied the mother's initial request because she has already taken nine paid days of leave allowed under her contract. sonya says, this is the time to make an exception. >> traditional temporary leave of absence with pay will be granted at full discretion of the employer. if there ever was an extenuating circumstance i and others it've spoken with fallen into that category. >> kelly: they're reviewing the request and plan to make a decision by january. well, in today's beyond a dream. part two on my story of
1:33 pm
shaquille o'neal recently in atlanta i sat down with shaq for a one-on-one interview, in front of the students at campus of moore house college. discussed his career and future goals and his desire to help children fulfill their dreams. >> boys and girls club saved my life. >> shaquille o'neal is one of the many well-known cars who appear in the campaign for boys and girls club of america. and they're directed by ron howard, and denzel washington, start here, in a tough neighborhood in newark, new jersey, the boys and girl's club was a safe haven more shaquille, he could play free from dangers and temptationses of the streets. >> and my mother and father worked and didn't want me on the street. you go there and stay there until we come back. i started playing ball and
1:34 pm
break dancing and started rapping and doing everything. >> everything that would pave the way to a great future. upon achieving his dream of becoming a nba superstar, shaq continues to share his time and money to help the boys and girl's club. >> i've donated, i think, 5 million dollars to the boys and girls club and i help this with their technology centers, because, you know, not a lot of african-american people have access to the internet. so, i bought them all computers and stuff. >> kelly: shaq knows how important it is for minority communities to be able to cross the digital divide. access to the internet can help children gain an education, a pathway out of poverty. >> and my mother wanted me to get an education. >> when it comes to education, shaq leads by example, earning his mba and now, preparing to receive his doctor at degree. in at that well-known humorous shaq style he recalls how tough it was to make the grade for his college entrance exam.
1:35 pm
>> and with the sat, you know, like when i went in there and i seen them big words, what the hell is these words coming from the projects i never seen many words so i took my test, ron tile and passed. >> explain. >> and a to. d, and this is got to be a d. and d and a c and-- (laughter) >> and just like 800, yous pass, i'll take it, i'll take it, i mean i just, i was lucky. >> kelly: do you consider yourself to a role model? >> i consider myself to be a real model. if you look at the world role in the dictionary, and play the part. i want to play the part for the children. and i think i'm the passageway for the next young african-american home boy to make it because i didn't make-- i didn't make higher than the
1:36 pm
800 on the sat, but before age of 40 i'll be receiving my doctorate so what i'm saying is just-- (applaus (applause) >> so, you know, basically what i'm saying is if you just believe in yourself and you just do it, you can get it done and not everybody's going to be, you know, a professional athlete and do all that, that's fine. you can still be a doctor or a lawyer. >> kelly: and shaquille o'neal says his advice to young people is to be leaders not followers, and add, whatever your dream may be, follow it, it won't be easy, you'll be tested, but do your best and you can accomplish anything beyond a dream. >> thanks, kelly so much. an unconventional new compact car is hitting the streets. and the hyundai mixes fuel economy, and garry gary
1:37 pm
gastelu has this weeks's car report. >> make that three door compact, how about four door. that helps it stand out in an increasing economy car segment where cheap doesn't come here anymore. >> and although there's a long base, surprising almost of room back here, at least for your legs. and that space between the wheels provides the smooth highway ride and despite the racy looks, it's far from a performance car. it's 138 horsepower 4 cylinder engine and 6 speed manual or automatic transmission are named more at fuel economy nan speed epa highway rating up to 40 miles per gallon. the entertainment system turns
1:38 pm
fuel economy into a game and can play video when the car is stationary. >> and plus, with the system you can share the location of your car with friends in other hyundais and your parents can set up the computer to set up the zone and text message if you leave or enter. outside the car could very well get-- >> in the 2012 hyundai veloster. >> jamie: you could drive it and live in it, with the game. >> kelly: and i would challenge you to a game. we'll talk about the senate passing major legislation today and part of it includes significant changes to the housing market. how this will affect home owners across the nation. . >> here we are again, a bill, 1,221 pages long, not one member of this committee has
1:39 pm
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♪ hah @
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>> pretty big news. presidential candidate mitt romney joins fox news sunday for his first sunday show interview in more than two years, here is a sneak peek at the exclusive. i think you will asee-- i think we'll find this president not putting in place a force of agreement with the iraqi leadership has pulled our troops out in a precipitous way and we should have left, 10, 20, 30,000 personnel there to help transition to the iraqis own military capabilities. i'm very concerned in this setting. and i hope it works out. >> jamie: our own chris wallace got the interview. mitt romney one-on-one. you don't want to miss it fox news sunday at 2 p.m., 6 p.m. eastern on the fox news channel and check your local
1:44 pm
listings. >> kelly: well, just a few hours ago, the senator approved a tax cut extension which includes major changes for new home owners and what exactly is it and what could it mean for america struggling housing industry? our jonathan hoenig is a portfolio manager with capitalist i should say and a regular on fox's cashin' in and the author behind "greed is good." got that all out. that's a mouthful, jonathan. >> thank you, kelly. >> kelly: and earlier today. the new proposal that got into this payroll tax extension, what is it and what is the need for fannie, freddie and home owners. >> it is a fee, surprise, surprise, kelly. a new fee for home owners that will equate to thousands of dollars of cost over the lifetime of a loan and of course, billions and billions of dollars, directly to the government treasury and i can tell you they said, well, it's going to be $15 a month.
1:45 pm
$20 a month, added to the cost of the loan, for a lot of people, kelly, that adds up. especially at the a time now, in which everyone is stripping pennies, and i think the worst part of the proposal, keeps fannie and freddie going. these institution-- excuse me, the government sponsored institutions are the center of the housing class, they should be be closed off not kept going in any state whatsoever. >> kelly: many people are surprised to know that nine out of ten home owners receive the mortgages from fannie and freddie. part of the plan introduced in the payroll tax cut extension came from senators on both sides of the aisle, said they wanted to inspire or encourage more private mom orinship going to the private route, as opposed to fannie, freddie. does this fee, does that really do that? >> no, of course not. kelly, if they wanted improve housing why not get government out of the housing market. they're the not doing that at all. this fee, in fact, keeps them
1:46 pm
going and in fact, government by their presence alone distorts that private market from existing at all. what i think is most maddening, these are the type of institutions that by definition, privatizes the gains, the ceo's which have been accosted by this, the sec, walked away with millions of dollars and socialized the losses that taxpayers are now feeling day after day after day. these institutions should be privatized and sold off, not competed on with the federal government in the starring role. >> kelly: i hear what you're saying and to your point, the ceos of freddie mac and fannie mae are actually starting to face the music now in terms of what they'll face in terms of the criminal charges or worse. what's going on with that? >> right, civil charges and these, the gentlemen primarily, kelly walked away with millions and millions of dollars, and a former ceo, 18 million dollars, but that seems always to be the case when government gets involved with business, and the fact that government's involved with housing finance, kelly.
1:47 pm
profld in hamburgers, not in clothing. and it's at the center of the class and that's why they should be closed and not promoted. >> kelly: jonathan before i let you go. will it make a difference at all taking them to the cleaners? >> well, the prosecutions won't. unfortunately shall the proposal, kelly, will make a difference to home owners it will make it more expensive, it will keep the economy in a weakened state and that's why we need to end these institutions. >> kelly: we'll thank you for your insights as always. >> happy new year. >> kelly: and to you. >> jamie: in for the christmas tie. everybody is in for season. >> kelly: i almost wore green. >> jamie: coming up. your pediatrician could not tell you everything, and could lead to health risks.
1:48 pm
there's a shocking study that suggestions that shovelling may not only be tough on your heart, but it could kill you. our medical a-team coming up. ♪ there is he no place to go, let it snow, let it snow ♪ ♪ it doesn't show signs of stopping and where is corn for popping ♪ ♪ keep the lights down low, let it snow, let it snow, let it snow ♪ ♪ when we finally kiss good night... ♪ no problem. you want to save money on rv insurance? no problem. you want to save money on motorcycle insurance? no problem. you want to find a place to park all these things? fuggedaboud it. this is new york. hey little guy, wake up! aw, come off it mate! geico. saving people money on more than just car insurance.
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>> like nobody you know the medical a-team, this one is a doozy this time of year. you've heard that shovelling snow can increase your risk of heart attack. it turns out and this is a legitimate study we hear, it could kill you. so before you go out there and shovel your driveway, dr. mark siegel at university medical, langone, member of the fox a-team wants you to know how serious it is. 500 people, doc, under the study. 30% of the people were at high risk of the not only a little chest pain, but falling over.
1:53 pm
what do we do? >> this is something we've known about and have never been able to prove, i'll tell you why. basically when you're sedentary and get up there and start to exercise and sitting around on the couch watching tv. what happens you be, you can have a spasm in your coronary artery or a blood clot can form and we know that from autopsy studies and never been able to prove at that in real life before. now along comes a study where they interviewed the people who came to a hospital in canada almost 10% of them recall having shoveled snow before they had their event and probably it's twice that amount. and it makes you think there's a lot of science behind this and in rehe alt you've got to watch it and make sure that what your risks are, in this case-- >> what if you don't know, what if you don't know that you're at risk. >> the ones more at risk, if you're a male. had a family history of heart disease and if this that
1:54 pm
family history the people were predispose to just this kind of acute event you're at risk and should have known that. and seen your physician, doc, can i shovel snow? my answer, let's do a workup first and a stress test first and figure this out first. and one thing about this study, those or four heart medications had a much lower risk, as principal is a biggie, on a staten for cholesterol, protects you. >> jamie: and it sounds like the women are going to end up doing the shovelling now, less at risk, i digress. i live in an apartment. >> my wife will not be shovelling. >> jamie: parents want to do what they can for kids, they're more overweight and pediatricians may be saying to parents beware, but they're not hearing? >> it's a huge study out of north carolina, five parents were surveyed over a decade and they say that only one quarter of pediatricians tell them, your kid is overweight
1:55 pm
and only 1/2 say, hey, your kid is morbidly obese, are you kidding me? you go to the doctor and your kid is overweight and i'm going to tell that the kid is prone to heart disease, strokes, later on in life and high cholesterol and all of this between being overweight and pediatrician is telling you one quarter of the time? i have to-- >> so it's not that they're not hearing, it's that the parents are not telling? >> the parents are not hearing, but the doctors are not telling and i believe the survey, i believe this because pediatricians are trained in disease intervention, in other words, they wait until somebody gets really sick before they do anything and they're not trained to say, you know, and it used to be cute to be a few pounds overweight and oh, you know, that's healthy, it's not healthy and we've got to get the culture to go along with the study and pediatricians on board here. >> jamie: all right, or parents to ask if my child's weight is within the range. great advice. shovelling snow be careful and parents ask the pediatrician how your child is doing weight-wise.
1:56 pm
we're parents. >> kelly: i'm a parent and my children are very healthy. teaching me to be more healthy. >> yeah, what's in your fridge. >> kelly: good stuff, man. >> jamie: excellent. >> kelly: take out the junk. >> jamie: that's going to do it for us, thanks, doc, so glad you were with us here today. i'm jamie colby. >> kelly: i'm kelly wright, always glad to be with you, and thanks for letting us come into your homes and the journal editorial report, stick around. >> jamie: take care. ♪ [ male announcer ] who fills their holidays with sawdust?
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