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tv   The Five  FOX News  December 22, 2011 2:00am-3:00am EST

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lights are blinking and we're closing down shop. we're going to see you again tomorrow night. make sure you go to greta wire com -- greta, there is an it would go this long. see you tonight. captioned by closed captioning services, inc >> greg: welcome. i'm greg gutfeld with the vavavoom of the court room, kimberly guilfoyle, bob beckel, the tireless night of the hard right, eric bolling and america's charm bracelet, dana perino. it's 5:00 in new york city. second night of hanukkah and 379 days until next christmas. this is "the five." the show is packed tighter than a sushi roll. let's soak the truth in saki, america. the show starts as soon as i shut my stupid face.
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♪ ♪ so on the view, whoopi goldberg said communism is a great concept that makes perfect sense on paper. roll tape. >> this is what happened with communism. it's a great concept. on paper it makes perfect sense. once you put a human being in power it shifts. we have seen it in russia and all over the world. he's nuts. i keep my fingers crossed. >> andrea: fingers crossed. whoopi is right. some things look good on paper that aren't in real life. like "the view." while an idea is harmless, communism in action did kill hundreds of millions that revealed a lifestyle of the leftie, divorcing belief from consequences, copy house rhetoric culminate in a killing field. if whoopi admits communism wreaks, why still keep the socialism alive? that one doesn't even look good on paper. what is this thing about
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keeping her fingers crossed? for what? communists that work? global narcissists with finger crossed are responsible for human misery more than malaria. wait, they let that spread, true. i'm sure others had their fingers crossed. i'm sure sean penn and sarandon walk around with fingers and toes crossed, which explains the tripping. they're not hopeful idealists. they are naive fools shocked and saddened when they are marked off to the goulag. with whoopi allegedly caught breaking wind on the view, everything coming out of her these days stinks. >> bob: that has been "the five" for tonight. [ laughter ] thank you for staying with us. >> greg: yeah. this is our pint-sized version of "the five." why do rich leftists still make excuses for horrible belief system? is it because they're just stupid? >> dana: i think it's because they have money so
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they don't have to worry about it anymore. when you have enough and you don't need to strive to get more, you know if something happens to you tomorrow, at your job, that you will be fine and taken care of the rest of your life. then you can start experimenting with other theories such as something that to her might look good on paper. >> greg: bob, you have friends who are leftists, comemy people. do you explain how romantic utopian ideas end in bloodshed? >> bob: let me do something that the right in this country never understands. it's called context. in whoopi's defense, what she was talking about her was the new leader of north korea, ii is -- went to private school. i believe in switzerland. she was saying that this shows you what happens in a communist country when you have to shift kids overseas to get a good education. she was taking down communism.
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but perfect for your monologue which was one of the funnier and longest i've heard. on behalf of whoopi. context, baby. they did it to you. apologize. >> dana: that is the second thing. that is the second thing you have in common with whoopi the next two days. >> eric: terrible. >> kimberly: getting cozy between bob and whoopi. >> greg: i apologize for saying you weren't wearing a tie. you are wearing a tie. >> eric: look! >> greg: looks fantastic. >> kimberly: it's from my dress. looks like it's missing material. >> eric: suzanne sarandon -- first, why do you cut whoopi slack? she said communism looks good on paper. the mune element, really, isn't this what this is about? why do you cut her slack? what looks good >> eric:
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>> bob: have you not read karl marx? >> eric: i have read -- >> bob: you are lying. if you had read it carefully you would embrace it and love it. the reality, humanism, that is what causing killing. communist system with no laws and nothing else. you allow stallen -- >> eric: as opposed to animals? >> bob: you are becoming animal with me. be careful. >> eric: i'm not. bo >> bob: i know. she tried to say something and it gave an opportunity for you to jump on her. >> greg: bob is saying a lot of people defend the utopian systems say it's the human fault. how can a system actually be successful if it can't factor in a human fault? communism is soulless where that system has to bend to what it is. >> kimberly: it's a system set up to say people can't do
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well enough for themselves they should rely on the government for everything. you haven't seen this work well whatsoever. i think whoopi, news flash, she is a comedian. do you take what she says seriously? to be honest of you, not well thought out. >> greg: put michael vick in context talking about dog fighting. >> bob: put this in context. capitalism on paperworks terrific. >> eric: it does. >> bob: but if you put it in the hands of wall street investors it becomes its own goulag. >> dana: there is a different approach from the left and right obsomething that president bush called the freedom agenda. which is at the end of the clip, you hear joy behar say, "we wish them well." to me that's like good luck with that. i know i'm not saying -- >> greg: you can say it in the green room. >> dana: but a place for democracy and freedom, now if there was a time why not now in the middle of a transition?
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>> eric: can i point something out, if communism works so well and sociallism works so well, the lefties all call out wall street, occupy movement, the 1%. do you know where the highest income inequality rests? the communist nations. because they are the class system government who have a lot of things. everyone else is trying to work to have something. >> bob: let me clue you in on something. i don't think communism works. it is a terrible system as a liberal i believe that. socialism has good aspects of it. >> eric: same thing. >> bob: it's not. kilhow about cap -- >> kimberly: how about capitalism? >> greg: let's move on to a charming celebrity, with a better digestive system, matt damon. interviewed "elle" magazine. it's devoted to the letter "l." >> bob: is that right? >> greg: no. he is disappointed of advocate
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of barack obama and now he slammed him. i believe we have a quote here that has been cleaned up because he does use a bad word. he said he talked to a lot of people who work for obama, at the grassroots level. one of them said to me never again, i will never again be fooled by a politician. one-term president who got stuff done would have been in the long run of the country much better." isn't this a strategy on the left to make obama seem like a centrist to have the progressives come out and go i'm unhappy with him. that means he's not as left as we thought? it's a strategy. >> bob: it is amazing what you give us credit for. there are a lot of people who believe like he does who from the beginning, think about what he said. he got screwed by a politicia politician. /'ve been in politics all my life. that's what they do! if you believe what every politician says, some of them are well-meaning. they hope they is can do the agenda. what do you think he would
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have done in one term? it's not dictatorship. he can't do anything he wants to. he has to deal with legislature and the court. >> bob: i don't think he wanted a dictatorship -- >> greg: i want to ask four years ago if you criticize obama someone like damon would assume you don't like him because he is black. is it face to say he is a racist now? >> kimberly: no. but it's an example of many people in the base upset with obama and disappointed and feel this is a guy that they believe in. they put it on the line for him. they are not happy at all. forget the right is not happy. his base isn't happy. he is not moving -- >> bob: they are going to come back in record numbers once flipy mitty is dominated. >> dana: i think it's interesting that damon made the comment about the president's manlihood giving an interview to woman's fashion magazine. >> bob: i bought in to what you said. i thought it was about all things "l."
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>> eric: what would it stand for? >> kimberly: a nice magazine. >> greg: i don't read it. i read "cat fancy" in the bathtub. i read pictures. is he is a finger-crosser, damon, a guy that hopes the system, capitalism will fail and socialism will thrive? >> eric: he bought in what the rest of base or the leftist bought in to. they were looking for the hopey-changey thing and never got it. >> bob: they are looking for a payroll tax cut. democrats could thank the republican for keeping it away from you. it's the right wing. >> greg: last word. >> dana: the tax cut debate is boring me. my dog is like snoring. >> kimberly: funny picture. >> bob: are you sure you don't want to do that on the way out the show? >> greg: i'll do it now. okay, coming up, why is newt asking mitt to stop the
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attacks? plus we have romney's response to the cur if yoto the kerfuffl. does anybody know what kerfuffle means? if so, e-mail it to us at malia. if you leave now i'll send you crude drawings of my feet. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> eric: thishou shall not speak ill of any fellow republicans. ronald reagan called it his 11th commandment, but did newt gingrich summon the spirit of the great giper? >> i don't object to being out-spent. i object to lies and negative smear campaigns and object to things that the candidate himself refuses to support. it condemn any further negative ad and ask that pac to run only positive ads. very simple. anything short of that is baloney. >> eric: mitt romney not missing a step fired back in no uncertain terms. listen to this one. >> there is limit to what you tell a pac. coordination rules you are not allowed to coordinate. i'm sure i could say please
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don't do anything negative. this is politics. if you can't stand the heat in this little kitchen, wait until obama's hell's kitchen turns up the heat. >> eric: effective. >> bob: i wonder what political consultant wrote that line. >> eric: is newt trying to keep republicans shooting each other or protecting them? who has the most to lose with the negative attack ad? >> bob: clearly, gingrich. in the last week this iowa, gingrich subjected to a massive negative campaign, the last two weeks. it's worked. that is the point. fallen down in a tie with paul and romney, probably third place. maybe less. he doesn't have the money to respond. he sits there and says i want romney to fudge himself to a positive campaign. he is not going to do that. >> eric: from the get-go, from the first debate, he was the one who wasn't taking
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shots at the fellow republicans. >> kimberly: yeah, sure. if you look at the situation. mitt romney, finally a chance for him to let other people do the dirty work. he still looks like the good guy. what advantage is there to throttle them back to say c'mon, don't do bad ads? >> bob: think about the super pac. 1 they change the view of american politics and spent four more times than campaigns did. that will happen more. the big one was on hillary clinton, supreme court allowed anyone to spend any amount of money. gingrich -- the other thing is, to say you have to tell the people to not use the committee to do that, that breaks the coordination. >> eric: very effective line. wow! >> dana: nobody delivers a
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more biting line than newt gingrich. one of his specialty, where you think that hurts. if the shoe was on the other foot and pac decided newt was their guy, we wouldn't have the discussion. on the reagan thing if i could bring up the word context again. president reagan wanted to run in 1976 and challenge a republican. this is getting out of hand. in a primary you have to compete against other republicans or democrats. you can't just say you're great. >> greg: newt asking for the attack to be stopped is like a ufc fighter saying please don't hit me in the cage. you are in the cage, this this is what you do. country no biting. >> greg: why do modern politicians while when they attack.
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if you insult somebody and look at them. now they all laugh when they say something bad. >> dana: like the mug shot when he was smiling -- >> bob: gingrich did say that we didn't cover, i didn't realize attack about freddie mac, the money from freddie mac would stick. are you kidding me? there is one thing i said in the political consultant, that is the worst thing out there. >> kimberly: his achilles heel. >> eric: didn't mitt handled it, i need to carve out the space and attack him. he did. kilhe has the money and has to beat obama. he wants the attack against obama. obama will bring it against him. >> dana: great for romney who was the presumed front-runner for so long he can punch up.
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instead of the one having to thrive for it. >> greg: the weird thing about romney he still hasn't caught fire but the flame hasn't gone out. it reminds me of a weird candle that my wife gets. out. no more wax but still goes. a hot puttal. >> bob: what do you and your wife do with the wax -- >> greg: things we do. >> dana: you make the ear, the owl things? >> greg: that is what we do. >> eric: newt is in new hampshire and fired back at romney's hell's kitchen comment. if he wants to test the heat, i will meet him anywhere in iowa next week, one-on-one, 9046 minute moderator. >> dana: i think americans
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have had it with the 90 minutes too. much. 60 minutes maybe. >> bob: takes aousing bet whether mitt picks up on this. the answer is no. the important point, romney must have not read the line right. he said a small kitchen. this ain't small. this is a big kitchen with a big oven. he needs to be prepared to take on obama. it won't be an easy run for him. >> eric: let me ask these guys, perfect question for you guys. he used the line, dramatic, great on "fox and friends" this morning. he didn't use it again. >> greg: that is the problem. repetition of something means that you don't have your own ideas and can't think on your feet. >> dana: great line you can only deliver once. when you watch sometimes when people do morning shows after the "state of the union." they have the one line they want to use it. they can't help themselves and they use it again.
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>> bob: we came up with "where's the beef" for walter mondale. we worked it one time and it work and he had the discipline not to use it again against gary hart. never would have worked. one moment. a moment for that. on the trail for 20 years. >> greg: gary hart said where is the beef and then said where is the rice? >> kimberly: oh, boy. i like that. >> eric: very good. if they do this debate, i certainly offer my services, sarah palin, to moderate that. >> kimberly: sarah palin? >> eric: to moderate that one-on-one. >> bob: eric's wife is listening. >> dana: why are you wearing a tie? >> bob: they made you. i said i'm not coming on without you in a tie. >> eric: can we tease? fort lauderdale has a way to fix the homeless problem. check it out, bob. you'll be happy about it. that's next on "the five." ♪ ♪
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you fill out a form, make a purchase or throw out your mail. call today and we will send you this free comprehensive identity theft protection kit with enrollment. don't wait until you become the next victim. lifelock your identity today for 60 days risk free. order now and also get this document shredder to keep your documents out of the wrong hands-- a $29 value, free! [♪...] call the number on your screen. [♪...] [click-click] ♪ ♪ >> bob: it's greg's favorite song. i'm happy to have that.
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>> greg: tearing my eyeballs out. >> bob: yes, it does. i'm going to make my introduction here shorter than greg's opening. the reason for it, a sad story. in fort lauderdale, florida, the county council decided have funds to send homeless people back to their loved ones if they want to go, one way bus ticket to get people off the streets and back home. it's dallas done in dade-brow ward county. let me make a point to fort lauderdale powers at be. if they had loved ones that wanted them to come home, they would be homeless. get it? it's a cheap way to say i got homeless off the streets. most of them don't have people at home, they're on the street because they have to be. nobody will take them in. >> dana: a lot of them have mental illness. families would take care of them if they could but
2:28 am
sometimes the people are unreachable. >> bob: it's true, there are some cases it will work. small percentage. >> eric: i think one case it will work. with illegal immigrants. get them a bus ticket back where they came from. >> greg: this segment -- >> eric: change the story. >> bob: you know what? if we had another bus ticket for obama send him back to kenya. >> greg: you can't take a bug to kenya. i don't -- bus to kenya. i don't think you can. >> kimberly: that was a joke. >> greg: here is the thing. no one is forcing them to do this. the money is coming from criminals. taxpayers aren't paying for it. if the taxpayer but payin was pr it the left would say it's trip of compassion. >> kimberly: this is a convenient way for municipalities, vacation,
2:29 am
destination placers for famil family, scenic break and clean it up. they are exporting the problem. >> it's an option. >> dana: no, not if you're homeless. if you are homeless and someone offers you -- >> bob: they can't force them. >> eric: can't force them to get on the bus. if you want to take the bus home, here is your bus ticket. what is wrong with that? >> bob: the same homeless people under the white hurst freeway have been there for years and they have mental illest in. they don't know where they are. they don't know where the relatives are. they have no idea. there is a doctor thereunder, drug addict for years that used to be a surgeon. i work with them and they don't know their last names, they don't know where they are going. the idea to put them on a bus and idea there is loved ones waiting by the hearth -- >> kimberly: not going to happen. >> bob: it's a political statement. >> greg: i can just get a load of hate mail and say some
2:30 am
of the homeless are what we used to call "bums." i'm not saying all of them. i'm saying bums. what do bums do? panhandle in their town to get enough money for drugs. then they do it the next day. it's not a bad lifestyle in florida when the weather is great. maybe they want to get those guys out. not what people that need help but people that ther are there hanging out. >> dana: i saw a guy on the street that said obama said there would be days like this. kilgoodness. >> bob: some days i feel like that. >> kimberly: this is a sad situation. they are not helping or getting services they need. the police making the joke it's not like they vacation in the wenter in fort lauderdale and summer in hamptons. it's not a joke. >> bob: move on to a topic near and dear to eric's heart. there is director for contract by the federal government for food for those illegal, undocumented workers detained
2:31 am
to feed them. offering vegan food, as well as meat food. sorry, vegetarian food. if you don't want to eat meat, a lot of people don't do that. >> bob: that is not the point. the point is we have become politically correct we're asking an illegal immigrant who is here illegally, broken the law while we detain them, do they prefer their meat well done, medium rare or not eat meat at all. >> dana: i have a different point of slew, as i often do on immigration. ice is not necessarily punishment. it's not meant to be punish. yet. if you end up, if you are in that situation, you are waiting for your hearing. you may or may not end up being punished or sent back. and if there is a situation where somebody would require a
2:32 am
kosher meal, we probably wouldn't complain. >> bob: right. what about the people -- >> kimberly: this work is making me so hungry. >> bob: what if they had a reaction to meat and had to eat. >> kimberly: of course. then they sue them. if they're a vegan and they want vegetarian. but they are making a big deal of this like it's gourmet catering. you have don't get the menu request at the best restaurant. they could get sued. yes. >> greg: this is what is awesome about prison. read the menu, burgers, fries. it's like all of your stresses in jail are gone. you don't worry about a job. you have don't have to worry about rent, three square meals, like a small socialist country. >> bob: if your case you worry about the soap. coming up -- he knows i'm kidding. we have a copy of kimberly's $130,000 christmas list.
2:33 am
just kidding. she doesn't have that. she has a $300,000 -- no, one celebrity's child does. we will tell you about it. $130,000 for a kid. give me a break. are you kidding me? ♪ ♪ .
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now back to "the five" in new york. ♪ ♪
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>> dana: welcome back to "the five." we just informed greg gutfeld we are playing christmas music until january 12. he is ecstatic about it. >> kimberly: look at his face. >> greg: it's wrong. 'canes when i was five years old my christmas list to santa, i wanted easy bake oven, pony and just like greg a unicorn poster to have it up on my wall. get a load of this. tom cruise's daughter has $130,000 christmas list. now, at first i was like my gosh, that is ridiculous. i thought is this in context? >> kimberly: it's weird. it looks just like my list. pony, diamond earrings, gown and toys. perfect. but mine is not $130,000. yeah, bob -- >> bob: why do you assume i'm going to -- >> greg: because you go
2:39 am
there. >> kimberly: it's extravagant. >> bob: see how my ex-wife feels about $13,000 at christmas time. i paid most of it. sorry, if you're watching. >> dana: think you're part of the 1%? >> bob: no, it was a credit card bill. this is the kind of thing, i think tom cruise has nod had the best publicity. if he wanted to do one thing, didn't want out there, it would be this, right? >> dana: in a way it's in context. i would never bet a certain amount of money that somebody like matt damon, might bet in a poker game, because i don't have -- it's all relative. >> greg: by the way, we have no idea if the gifts were for her. seri is one of those selfish children where the present was actually, buying a pony for her chauffeur. she was getting feberge eggs -- >> kimberly: regift it to someone else in need. i think katie put some things on suri's list.
2:40 am
>> greg: like i'd like this. >> dana: i used to do that. >> kimberly: see! >> bob: first class trip to alaska back. >> eric: a story, very quiet this segment. >> dana: why is that? >> bob: he always says that. >> eric: she's five. you know what? yeah, you know, every kid wants a pony. >> bob: ask about the next story. >> dana: if fedex story? >> bob: yeah. >> dana: we have video posted by a youtube viewer, name goobie55. >> kimberly: goobie? >> dana: it was! this caused fedex heart burn because what he threw over the fence was a flat-screen television. fedex say they handled it internally. i can just imagine being the p.r. people -- >> greg: here is the thing. i know i'm probably in the minority here. i feel bad for the fedex guy. imagine if there were cameras on reporters or journalists and how many embarrassing things they do in their office.
2:41 am
half the time they are drunk out of their minds. they make clumsy come-on to other people. you never see that. >> bob: that is good news for you. >> greg: but i'm just saying, you film them when they are doing their job. i feel bad for them. when they get the guys outside the auto place drinking. >> eric: my goodness. one of the best jobs around right now are working for the fedex and ups. full disclose sure,vy a niece trying to become a driver. fantastic job. great company. one bad apple, greg, you are right, one bad apple. they're not all like this. >> kimberly: normally, don't your packages and things come in good condition? mine do. i have to say. >> dana: this was an anomaly. maybe he was having a stressful day. $32 billion in online purchases this holiday season. they are working.
2:42 am
>> greg: mistook the motto absolutely overnight with over fence. >> dana: this, bob, ask what this is. this is, we took a collection for our friends in norway, because there is a butter shortage in norway. and we are going to pack thing up and send it to them. eric, do you mind telling us how is it possible that in a civilized western country you can have a butter shortage? >> bob: the richest one, too. >> eric: run by a bunch of socialists. >> oh! >> eric: quasi-socialist economy and government. if you put that tariff on a product, they had a tough winter. then it becomes $500 pounds of butter. >> dana: people are trying to churn their own bulter before the holiday. one thing i thought about, they attribute part of this to a high fat diet. >> greg: butter is the healthiest you can eat. see in my book "butter is
2:43 am
everything." in the 18th printing. >> bob: i can't believe it's not butter. >> greg: people are stealing butter because butter is awesome. it put it on everything. sometimes food. >> dana: ew! you're gross. >> bob: socialist country, but it's che guevara's fault. this is the highest per capp the income in the world, standard of living in the world is norway. terrible socialist situation. >> eric: it's not. >> bob: not the highest standard of living? >> eric: per capita. >> bob: sorry. >> kimberly: imagine hardcore guy, what are you in for? butter smuggler. really. behind bars. >> dana: got busted trying to sell butter. can you imagine? >> bob: people get busted for -- >> dana: i got to tease. >> eric: another country that profit is an evil word. just like here. >> dana:vy to tease, but say one thing. i was hoping that greg would come up with a good pun because he is better at those
2:44 am
by a large margin. large margerine! if you missed o'reilly's interview with bill clinton, we have the best moments coming up. more puns. ♪ ♪ ( phone ringing ) okay... uhh. the bad news, it's probably totaled. the good news is, you don't have to pay your deducble. with vanishing deductible from nationwide insurance, you got $100 off for every year of safe driving, so now your deductible is zero. the other good news ? i held on to your coffee. wow. ♪ nationwide is on your side ( laughing ) it's actually a pretty good day whenou consider. that's great.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> kimberly: torture greg. we love it. if you missed the o'reilly o'reilly-clinton interview, we have the highlights. first up class warfare. >> what is the class warfare business democrats are hoisting on the country? what is this? we didn't see it in your administration. >> i don't look at it as class warfare. if you look at what has happened in the last 30 years, the middle class has lost ground. we have had to change the job structure of america. we have to reorient the economy toward the future. that is the real answer. >> kimberly: deciding, we all have a lot to say about this. dana? >> dana: i thought bill clinton was extremely
2:49 am
appealing in that interview. he was measured. he showed it was not his first rodeo. and also -- >> kimberly: want to be his press secretary? >> dana: no, i had that job. it's like he promised secretary clinton he would not make any news and not get in to any trouble. bill o'reilly tried to lay some traps along that way. on class warfare, though, if you go back to 1992, through 1994, no one did class warfare more and better than bill clinton except it didn't work. in 1994, historic losses for the democrats. a colleague of ours, schoen and other people i used to work for, went in the white house, hired to clean up the situation. one of the first things they told me they did is strip out the class warfare language, because it was not working for him. >> bob: he made succinctly the point. i may call it class warfare and eric jumped on me about that. but the truth is what clinton
2:50 am
said. the middle class has before losing ground for three decades in the country. >> greg: i have to say something. clinton is the perfect example how easy it is to jump from class to class. that is left out of the economic faults he calls class warfare. he came from the worst kind of poverty. now he is worth $80 million. what is class warfare? it doesn't exist if that can happen. >> kimberly: are you bringing up the envy thing? i like when you do that. >> greg: i'll do it later. >> eric: i want to point out, dana, i hear you but i think that obama perfected the class warfare. there is no one else -- how many times have you heard billionaires, millionaires, corporate jet owners. all the bad guys on wall street that -- by the way, raising a ton of money from. >> dana: clinton is not doing that, the presidency improved and the popularity improve and he was able to get through a personal scandal in a way somebody else without that popularity could not have done. >> bob: you are right about what he did. it resolved around the tax
2:51 am
bill he did when he first got in office. he used the class warfare argument. obama never used the word class warfare. the right put it on him successfully. >> greg: it's a code. >> kimberly: inching around it. >> bob: but if the code is fairness, and if the middle class lost ground, then it seems to me you should say it. >> kimberly: at a certain point move off of it. he may not say the words but we know what he is talking about. we have the decoder, people. >> eric: he wants to use the word class warfare. class warfare is by definition the way they got started. >> bob: middle class losing ground. >> eric: socialist -- >> bob: don't say that. next one, clinton on obam obamacare. >> 28 attorneys general don't want obamacare, suing the federal government. 28 out of 50. make a prediction. is the supreme court going to overturn that? >> i doubt it. i hope not. >> i know you hope not. you are a nice democrat.
2:52 am
loyal guy. but the individual mandate, very troubling in the constitution. wouldn't you say that is the big hinge? >> i look at it an entirely different way. purely economics. the people defending status quo are defending a system that is the only system in the world that charges 17.5% to ensure income every year, to ensure 84% of the people. >> kimberly: all right, bobby? >> bob: he has it right. one thing we ought to straighten out, correct bill o'reilly, 28 attorneys generals, and all 28 are republican hat. number one. number two, it's conservative appellate courts that upheld the mandate bill. and bill clinton is right. when you pay this much money, and the richest country in the world and we are getting ripped off by the healthcare system, you can't keep the status quo. status quo doesn't work. >> dana: bill o'reilly's response was a different prescription could be allowing for more competition, open the
2:53 am
marketplace up. and that was what the argument, that is what it comes down to. the circuit court doesn't always get it right. >> bob: the two of them, open competition with what? insurance companies won't give competition to anybody. they have the most ruthless, no restraint. there is no antitrust. >> kimberly: good legal word. this concludes this week's episode of the bob's excellent adventure. don't miss what's up next. we love it. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> greg: welcome back to "the five." well if only people loved getting them as much as they loved seasoned sending them. the jibjabs, where you put video of faces you know on dancing cartoons that sing? i got three in 2006. some fan did it for us at "the five." feast your eyes, eye-feasters. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
2:58 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> dana: i have never had that long of legs. >> bob: that is so great. whoever did that, congratulations. >> kimberly: very sweet. >> greg: you realize it's a website people can go and send -- >> bob: i didn't know that. you can do it? >> greg: anybody can do it. >> bob: put your favorite occupy wall street photo on jibjab and send it around for christmas. >> bob: does the audience know that eric has a headache. send the e-mails --
2:59 am
>> eric: tonight at the christmas party, i hope kimberly, i hope you dance like that tonight. >> kimberly: okay. with the mariachi? >> eric: you too, bob. >> bob: i have something to say? do this as painlessly as possible. >> greg: i love this part. >> bob: once in a very rare, rare, rare moment in my life have i made a slight mistake. yesterday when we talked about $50,000ee mark for the cowboy poetry, that the senate -- the congress passed i said orrin hatch was the sponsor of that. i was wrong. however, i'm not completely wrong because orrin hatch was one of four, count them four, who sponsored, guess what? the cowboy poetry week in congress. so senator hatch, please, i like you, i love cowboy poetry. i'm not running for re-election like you are and i would b


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