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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  December 23, 2011 7:00pm-8:00pm EST

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>> merry christmas and happy new year. >> merry christmas. [ laughter ] captions by closed captioning services >> jamie: this is the fox report. i'm job and family colby in for -- jamey colby. why we may not see rick perry name on the ballot in virginia. your paycheck is safe. at least for a couple of months. >> every working american will keep their tax cuts. >> jamie: but not for long. >> i don't like kicking the can down the road. >> >> jamie: tonight where the battle goes from here. plus, the carnage is very real. [sirens. snavment staging a devastating terror attack for propaganda.
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and trapped in their car under 4 feet of snow for almost two days. tonight, how one family survived. they got it done. that's from president obama after signing a bill to extend the payroll tax cut. there it is. now millions of americans will not get a new year's day takes hike. it would have cost the average family about 40 bucks per paycheck. the bill also extends long-term unemployment benefits of about $300 a week. >> it's the right thing to do because more money spent by more americans means more businesses, hiring more workers. and that's a boost for everybody. and it's a boot that we very much need right now. i do want to be clear though, we have a lot more work to do. >> jamie: that's because it's only a two month extension so we get to go through this all again when congress gets back from the holidays. mike emanuel live on capitol hill for us tonight.
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mike, democrats clearly happy about the deal. what are they saying tonight? >> well, jamie, they are acting like they feel like they won this fight. they are obviously quite happy that taxes are not going up on some 160 million americans starting january 1st. the democrats say their negotiators are also prepared to get to work soon. meeting with their republic counterparts trying to hammer out a longer term deal. the senate majority leader harry reid had this meigs sage for some of the house republic freshman. >> i hope this congress has had a very good learning experience, especially those who are newer to this body. everything we do around here doesn't have to end up in a fivment that isn't the way things need to be. >> of course heading into an election year the fights may only get worse after the holidays. jamie? >> jamie: yeah, you think. tell me about house speaker john boehner in the meantime, mike?
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>> very low profile today, jamie. he took questions last night. today, the only time he did any talking was when he was carrying out his official capacities, check this out. >> without objection, the bill is engrosd, red for a third time and passed and the motion to reconsider is laid on the table. >> clear lay tough week for house republicans but you can bet after being home in their districts meeting with their constituents they will be back and yesterday to go in january. jamie? >> mike, we have heard some house republicans complain about this deal. tell us about the political fallout. what can we expect? >> it may be a little bit early to get a total measure of what the political fallout will be. some have suggested the speaker will be weakened by this fight. others have said that you know, he stuck up for what his caucus wanted to do when they protested the deal last saturday. he also got this vote of confidence from a key member. take a listen. >> sometimes you have to, as the speaker said, live to fight another day. and i still have a lot of
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confidence in him and this leadership. >> so a vote of confidence for speaker boehner. his leadership team, and now everybody is off for the holidays. and you can bet things will heat up when they have to negotiate a new deal on the payroll tax holiday starting in the new year, jamie. >> jamie: all right, mike emanuel for us. thanks. >> thank you. >> you know fox news is america's election headquarters. we have brand new developments from the campaign trail tonight. there is big news from virginia. fox news confirming rick perry did not qualify for the primary there. mike tobin with the news now. mike, good evening, governor perry didn't get enough signatures in virginia? >> we just got it confirmed through the virginia g.o.p. when it came to investigating all the signatures. when the investigating was done rick perry did not have 10,000 qualified signatures and therefore will not be on the ballot for the virginia primary. it doesn't change his status in the run-up to iowa but it
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does, according to the g.o.p. in virginia keep him off the ballot. we have reached out to the perry campaign. they say they are looking into this. no official response yet, jamie. >> jamie: what about the vice president today weighing in on the g.o.p. race. what did he have to say about governor romney in particular, mike? >> that was interesting. the vice president of the united states penned an op. ed in the des moines register blasting mitt romney and his idea or plan for america. joe biden said that mitt romney's ideas would double down on the same policies that created the greatest economic calamity since the great depression. mitt romney's policies gambled with hard working american's moneys. that gave romney an opportunity to respond and he did so with both barrels. >> you wonder in some respect what is fantasy lands he lives. in he needs to get out and meet with people. he seems to think that he and the president have made things better. they haven't made things better. >> now, what you won't see in the run-up to iowa is the
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candidates taking shots at each other. at least over the holiday weekend. they elected to pull all of the attack ads with the notion that all of the bad mojo won't play well with the iowa voters in the run up to the caucuses, jamie. >> jamie: it is an interesting strategy. it's the holiday season. let me ask you about donald trump. we haven't heard from him in a while in terms of the race. we haven't heard the last of him, have we? >> certainly haven't heard the last of him. today his camp has announced he has changed his voter registration status to unaffiliated and independent. according to a source close to him, that gives him the option to run as an independent if he doesn't like the republic no, nominee or think the republic nominee can beat president obama. however, we have heard from the board of elections throughout in new york that he missed the deadline to make this affiliation switch official in the upcoming year, jamie. >> jamie: oh so interesting. always is thank you so much, mike. >> you have a got it.
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>> jamie: taking a look at the viciousness in syria. a pair of suicide car bomb attacks killing 40 and injuring more than a hundred. in the capital of damascus. the government there blaming al qaeda for those attacks saying it's proof that terrorists are behind the 10-month long uprising there. there are a lot of doubts about that claim. canada's foreign minister called the allegations comical. opponents of the regime hinting that the syrian government may have orchestrated the attack in an effort to justify their brutal repression. keep in mind the united nations reports that more than a thousand people have died in syria since those protests began. in fact, we're told government forces slaughtered more than 100 fleeing villagers on tuesday alone. the fox chief report correspondent jonathan hunt joins me with more. a lot of skepticism about the regime's claim. >> in the eyes of many experts it's all too con yent.
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the american league observers aride yesterday within hours and you get these attacks enabling the assad regime to say you see, we told you. so these are terrorists, not pro-democracy activists. add to that the idea that these attacks took place in a locked down area of a city that has been very difficult for any of the activists to move about and for many months now and many opposition spokespersons say that this has to be the work of the syrian government. listen. >> either the assad regime was responsible or they have these terrorists wings that they use or allow to do things when it suits their purposes so they is sort of a mutual symbiotic fascism there and it served their purposes. >> certainly the assad regime has much more to gain from these kind of attacks happening while the onliers are there than the activists would have, jamie. >> jamie: when it comes to the u.s. position on, this are we pointing fingers. >> not pointing any fingers
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publicly. in fact, there was only one official statement on these attacks out of the u.s. administration today. that coming from state department spokesman mark toner who condemned the violence and went on to say it is crucial that today's attack not impede the critical work of the arab league monitoring mission to document and deter human rights abuses with the goal of protecting civilians. that sort of language not nearly enough for a lot of the assad opposition members. they say the u.s. has to take a much tougher tone if they are to help bring about the end of this brutal dictatorship, jamie. >> jamie: tense times there, jonathan, thanks. are you still planning on last-minute travel for the holidays? don't go anywhere just yet. we have some wild weather to tell you about. high wind storms and tornadoes. how about a white christmas? plus, a search for a missing toddler in maine hitting a road block. we will have the very latest on that case. it is all ahead on "the fox report." how can you get back pain relief that lasts up to 16 hours?
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>> oh my, pepper sphra spray in seattle, arrest in atlanta all over nike's latest pair of air jordan sneakers. take look at this] shouting] really, folks? i mean, come on. breaking up a fight between two women in pineville, north carolina just south of charlotte. that's what you are looking at. then there is indianapolis
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where folks bum rushed another mall. the doors reportedly being ripped right off the hinges. we are told several people were trampled and then in georgia. cops locking um at least four people for getting out of line while standing in line. among them a woman who had reportedly left her two toddlers alone in the car in the parking lot. oh my, what is the frenzy all about. limited edition pairs of these, air jordan 11 retroconcords. sticker priced 180 bucks a pop. it doesn't seem to be stopping anybody. i'm checking the floor now to see what rick leventhal has on. he is here live. i see you didn't get a pair of those pricey sneakers. >> i bet you don't have a pare. >> do they make them my size. >> $180 aren't cheap. some are selling for more than $500 on line. that could explain all the frenzy you are seeing in all these stores across the country. because these shoes are limited edition, the people outnunt shoeboxes 10 to 1 like this scene in stockton,
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california where one person was arrested for making criminal threats and attempted robbery in the parking lot. the victim was wrongly believed to have just pched a pair of these shoes. in richmond, california a 4-year-old was taken into custody after a shot rank out at the hilltop mall. huge crowd turned away denying them the chance to do. this. >> you have got to lick the bottom of these -- you have got to lick the bottom of these. we was out here until 1:00 in the morning. since 1:00 in the morning. >> the love for the j's. you feel me? might sound like i'm lame right now. look at the box. the box is cold. >> all that pushing and shoving, shooting, fighting, slapping, smashing? all worth it, obviously, right? >> for the folks who got them. >> and you get to lick them. >> for the stores. how do they taste? >> i don't know. >> jamie: do these folks realize that michael jordan isn't playing professionally anymore? >> he hasn't suited up for nba game since 2003.
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obviously his shoes are still incredibly poplar. they have plenty of other models, cobeys, will will bre l. retroconcords have inspired the long lines and crowds and sometimes dangerous behavior. prompting police to respond by the dozens overnight and again today with lights flashing, sirens walg and yes, in seattle cops say they were forced to use pepper spray to get the crowd under control. nike makes an estimated $1 billion a year off of these shoes so maybe they can use some of that money to pay the police overtime. >> jamie: or for lawsuits. i'm thinking they have high arch support. they must be awfully comfortable at 180 bucks a pop. >> run faster, jump higher and shoot better, too. >> jamie: demo next time, okay? good to see you my friend. >> you too. >> jamie: winter weather has hurt investigators' search for missing toddler we want so bad to be found. snow fell overnight in central maine where 20-year-old ayla
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reynolds went missing last weekend. hurting efforts to comb area fields and streams. cops say they are working more than 2 dozen tips. put up crime scene tape at the father's house. he reported ayla missing telling cops she disappeared from her bed. a couple of state homicide detectives showed up to take a look at the home. millions of americans expected to travel this holiday season on the road or in the skies. will the winter weather cooperate? we will have an i couldn't know date for you next. plus, a major city, still digging out from a deadly earthquake and it gets hit again. details straight ahead as fox reports tonight. ♪ [ woman ] ♪ what i want this season ♪ if you'd like to try and guess ♪
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>> fox extreme alert for you. wind storms are whipping up travel on one of the busiest travel days this year. a possible tornado tearing through rural georgia. strong gusts destroyed a home and tossed cars upside down and reduced office building to a pifl brings. folks in the storm's path had only seconds to duck for cover. >> it happened so fast, i didn't have time to get off the bobcat it blue tin off my garage roof. it blew trees. i didn't have time to get in the garage. they were just -- it was ugly. >> a little bit of good news out west. we're told the wind is dying down in california after 70 mile-per-hour gusts snapped trees and even flipped over a fedex truck. that wind also helped to fuel some winter wildfires. spread from one building to the next leaving dozens homeless. accuweather meteorologist jim dickey and what folks can
7:21 pm
expect for the christmas weekend. jim, good news or bad? >> i think overall good news here. taking a look at the southeast and radar and solid imagery. line of clouds we see here that's the frontal boundary that yesterday moved through alabama, georgia. that brought those very strong thunderstorms. you can see a different picture tonight. skies mainly clear and spotty sprinkles in northern florida. keep it quiet into saturday as well. christmas eve. high pressure builds its way. in dry, sunny, very quiet. and, again, as far as those winds go in california. watch those die down through the day. and move the system through that caused those winds. that's now into texas and new mexico we are seeing heavy snow at this hour. >> jamie: holiday travel would you go for it or cancel. >> most spots i-9 a the entire ride looking great. texas see some issues. we do have snow right now. as it continues to drift its way eastward rainfall across the entire state of texas into louisiana. down through arkansas. be mindful of that as you head out for your travels during the day.
7:22 pm
>> jamie: i will be sitting right here. i hope everybody is safe out there. have a great holiday. thanks. >> thank you. >> jamie: this week's blizzard out west did trap one family in car. they were in there for almost two days. look at that the suv covered in four feet of snow. the couple is from texas. they were with their 5-year-old daughter and they got stuck in new mexico on their way to a ski resort. the father finally got through to his brother to called the cops. dad said they had enough food and water but after a while they were rubbing out of air. the parents say they have pneumonia. both of them but that their daughter is just fine. and folks on new zealand's south island are on edge after a series of strong earthquakes. it rattled the very same area that a deadly quake hit earlier this year. in fact, there have been reportedly 7,000 quakes there in the last 15 months. hard to believe. this is some amateur video of a quake from inside a supermarket in the city of christ church. now, fortunately there is no word of any serious injuries
7:23 pm
there but it apparently damaged a number of underground water and sewage lines as you can see there are entire neighborhoods now flooded. you may recall devastating 6.3 magnitude quake hit the area last february. it killed 182 people and destroyed much of downtown christ church. overseas now growing outrage in egypt over allegations of violent protesters. women in particular. today, tens of thousands are making their voices heard. pro-democracy demonstrators packing cairo's famed tahrir square. they say they're angry at recent incidents of egyptian army troops kick, beating and dragging female protesters by the hair. officials say at least 17,000 protesters have died in clashes that started last week. one of them reportedly stripped a veiled protester half naked stomping on her chest. thousands of people turned out
7:24 pm
for rival rally elsewhere in cairo. they are supporting the generals who took power when president hosni mubarak stepped down in february. those protesters chanting to the beaten women quote you deserve the military boots. ron paul feeling the heat now that he is the frontrunner in some polls. but the texas congressman apparently not happy about some of the questions he is being asked. details on that coming up. and wait until you meet the dog that helped cash a car chief. the suspect, no match for sheeba. that's next on "the fox report." ♪ i remember when you were here ♪ and all the fun we had last year ♪ ♪
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>> jamie: the cops didn't need to come to the rescue on this one. a would be thief was stopped dead in his tracks by a 2-year-old pit bull. police say they were chasing this man behind the wheel of a stolen car outside sacramento. he did eventually ditch the car, started to run on foot. and then he found himself face-to-face with a young pit bull named sheeba who cornered him until the cops could get there. the dog's owner says he just wanted to do the right thing. >> i said dude, if you make one step i'm going to let her go. he just put his arms up. >> god bless you and your family. >> yes, ma'am. >> jamie: this was the owner of the car thanking him over the phone. the man says he is unemployed. rewards are pouring in for his
7:29 pm
quick thinking and faithful dog sheen ball. sheriff's deputies say a man walked into a bar in tampa, florida ordered a beer and then left. you know what he did when he was gone. he robbed a nearby wells fargo bank. perhaps he needed money for that beer because sure enough deputies say he returned to the bar and finished the brew some 30 minutes later. no surprise, he is under arrest. also, there a health care to report for britain's royal family tonight. word from buckingham palace that the queen's husband, prince philip has undergone surgery to unblock a coronary artery. we're told doctors put in a stint. he is 90 years old. he went to the hospital today after suffering chest pains according to the reports. palace officials are down playing the actual surgery saying prince philip will be able to go home soon. i'm jamie colby in for shepard smith. this is the fox report. >> thank you guys, owe owe low ha. >> president obama is heading
7:30 pm
to texas after payroll tax cut and unemployment benefits only for two months. that sets up a brand new battle where lawmakers they will have this waiting for them when they get back from the holidays. >> when congress returns, i urge them to keep working without drama, without delay, to reach an agreement that extends this tax cut as well as unemployment insurance through all of 2012. >> jamie: without drama, without delay. the president says the one year extension should be a formality. ed henry live at the white house for us. ed, did the president claim credit for at least for the deal being made so far? >> jamie, he was trying to say this was all about the american people. by also noting it was -- the president himself who had demanded congress get this done before leaving town. he was taking at least a little bit of a victory lap. and he also very quickly in his remarks today framed this
7:31 pm
in a very favorable way for him heading into 2012, take a listen. >> that's the kind of country that i'm fighting for, one where everybody has a fair chance and everybody can doing their fair share. that's the kind of country that i think the american people deserve and the kind of country that american people want. >> now, the president also signed into law that $900 billion omnibus spending bill. all kinds of left over business in there you mentioned the president says it should be a formality to get all this other business done next year. if anyone knows anything about capitol hill, there are not many formalities up, there jamie. >> do they acknowledge the president quote unquote won this one? >> not really. folks like senator john mccain are saying that the president almost lucked into a win in a way here. that it was really in the words of mccain house republics who fumbled the message war here. and it gave the president a victory and that he didn't really show a lot of
7:32 pm
leadership. take a listen. >> every other president. republic and democrat, if faced with this kind of an elm pass would be calling the leaders over to the white house. sit down and iron this out. this president decides to go shopping to get a toy for his dog. >> now senate democratic leader harry reid had just the opposite conclusion after all of this battling back and forth. he said the real lesson to be learned over the last couple of weeks he thinks the house republicans especially freshman on the right need to compromise a bit more, jamie. >> let's look forward together. we will say for example in january when everybody comes back, do you think we will just go through this whole battle again? >> it seems very likely. everybody was talking a good game today about how it's time to come together and show compromise in all of that. if you go back to the summer. seen this same battle play out again and again and again. both sides are only going to harden their views as they get closer to that november of 2012 election where not just the president is on the line
7:33 pm
but a lot of lawmakers as well. going to wait for while because the president after president jetted off to hawaii to be with his family. everybody is going to take a break for the holidays and go back to battling. >> jamie: not you and me. thanks, ed. >> merry christmas. >> jamie: thank you. fox news is america's election headquarters and texas congressman ron paul getting a lot more attention. is he a frontrunner. as i mentioned at the top of the show, a new poll is showing him leading the g.o.p. field in iowa. earlier today on-year-old with neil cavuto paul reacted to his new status. >> i guess i'm supposed to say i'm not surprised and i expected i'm a little bit surprised but of course very pleased. i was always convinced that the message would be very poplar and very necessary. i wasn't quite sure that i would be the messenger that could deliver it things are going very well and the crowds are getting bigger. >> paul just starting to get more attention, shannon bream
7:34 pm
presidential candidate now in his third presidential campaign. >> republic congressman and 2012 contender ron paul isn't afraid to speak his mind, including this recent accusation leveled against his chile colleague and rival for the con tuition michele bachmann. >> she doesn't like muslims. she hates muslims she wants to go get them. >> bachmann denied the assertion calling it absolutely outrageous. it's just the latest in the string of ron paul controversies that dates back decades. is he well known for his positions on foreign policy that his critics term isolationist and call for end of war on drugs which he says questions no one. calling into question news later in 1980s and 1990s like ron paul's freedom report and ron paul investment letter and contained lines like this referring to the 1992 riots in los angeles, quote, order was only restored in l.a. when it
7:35 pm
came time for the blacks to pick up their welfare checks. those paul has touted his news letters in the past. >> i also put out a political type of business investment newsletter. >> he has since denied writing and in some cases even reading some the news letters that bore his name. after being pressed repeatedly about it this week, paul had enough. >> i didn't read and write them. i didn't read them at the time and i disavowed them. >> these things are pretty incendiary. >> when you talk to people like you. >> didn't know anything about these news letters even though he was profiting from them. >> whistleblower behind wikileaks. >> should he be locked up and imprisoned? >> no. >> or should we, you know, see him as a political hero? maybe he is a true patriot who reveals what's going on? >> i mean, this kind of thing if, again, said by anybody else, rick santorum, michele bachmann, rick perry, jon
7:36 pm
huntsman, mitt romney. any of them had said this it would be on the front page of the newspaper. >> most don't take ron paul seriously on highlighting his edgy positions and the statements actually work against him with the g.o.p. base. while it is unlikely that ron paul will be the one in the lead. >> he stayed in the race all the way. he will have delegates this time and he can play some kind of a role if the race is close. >> in washington, shannon bream, fox news. >> the justice department rejecting south carolina's new i.d. law. feds saying requiring photo i.d. would make it harder for minorities to vote. the justifiable department has to approve south carolina's election laws because of the state's failure to protect voting right in the past. south carolina can challenge that decision or it can pass a new law. the republic governor nikki haley saying, quote, we plan
7:37 pm
to look at every possible option to get this terrible, clearly political decision overturned so we can protect the integrity of our electoral process. >> the head of pakistan's army flatly denies charges that the military is working to topple the government. secret memo sent to washington earlier this year, alleging is that the army plan as coo. former ambassador to the u.s. denies claims that he sent that memo. of course, a coo would be a big problem for the u.s. which relies on pakistan to get crucial supplies into afghanistan. concerns over ho would control pakistan's nuclear arsenal. the country deals with a violent taliban insurgency. they have a collapsing economy, too. and deteriorating relations at this point with the united states. from the rubble of the world trade center we are getting to know more about the people who
7:38 pm
perished that day. sifting through personal belongings to help tell the stories. "special report" on the rise of freedom. plus, a growing number of exfootball players accusing the nfl of hiding what they knew of long-term effect of head injuries. the claims behind the latest lawsuit next on "the fox report." at bank of america, we're lending and investing in communities across the country, from helping to revitalize a neighborhood in brooklyn
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new vicks nature fusion cold & flu. ♪ >> jamie: the nfl is facing another lawsuit from former players who say they have permanent brain damaged linked to concussions they suffered on the gridiron. 41 former pros claim the league knew of evidence that head injuries could cause long-term neurological problems but intentionally mislead players about the risk. that's their claim and this is the second lawsuit this week adding to about half a dozen nfl is already facing the league is denying the claims. and a dozen house republicans are now saying they want the feds to take a closer look at california's plan for a high
7:42 pm
speed rail program. the supporters of the program say the trains would make it much easier to travel north and south in the golden state. no gridlock. no waiting at the airport. but opponents claim the project is way over budget and they argue that far fewer people would use it than originally projected. william la jeunesse live is los angeles with more on the story. william? >> well, jamie polls show californians if given the chance to vote again on subsidizing a bullet train like you see here they would say. no not just the state having second thoughts. so are some in congress since most of the exploding price tag would be paid for by u.s. taxpayers. >> our goal is to give will 0% of americans access to high speed rail. >> yet less than a year after that speech the president's bullet train project looks more like a run away engine. >> it is not viable. not the best use of tax dollars and especially when you are borrowing the money to do it. >> house majority whip kevin mccartney who wants back the
7:43 pm
plan as a state lawmakers hopes other conservatives will help derail the federal money. >> what fire stations, police officers, are we going to close to continue to build a train that will probably never be finished. >> we need to move forward on this project because the cost of doing nothing are far greater. >> california residents voted narrowly in 2008 to issue 9 billion in bonds to help pay for the project that promised to create thousands of jobs and reduce gridlock. today polls show a majority consider the high speed rail proposal a boondoggle. >> the reason that private equity is who i have and coming because congress is not taking action. >> a dozen lawmakers have called for federal audit into growing concerns about the project, including misleading figures that show more riding california bullet trains than all americans who now ride amtrak, a price increase from 33 to $98 billion, travel times that are longer than promised and ticket prices higher than airplanes which would require taxpayer subsidies.
7:44 pm
when the president took office $8 billion was ear marketed for 10 high speed corridors around the country. since then most states have dropped out because they couldn't afford their share of the cost. california is the last standing yet many congressional republicans still believe it's a bad investment and they think the audit. audience: did it will show it, jamie. >> jamie: william, thanks. now to the rise of freedom. the 9/11 memorial opened this past september 11th. the museum that sits beneath it won't open until next year on the 11th year anniversary or remembrance of the attacks. the curators and the designers recently allowed our cameras inside a meeting in which they discussed some of the items they have acquired. they are as strong no, ma'am call. incredible. how they will be able to display them. shepard smith reports. ♪ ♪
7:45 pm
>> she woke up early. she got to work early. she was at the 92nd floor of the north tower. >> shepard: planners of the 9/11 museum are talking about a 25-year-old victim in new york on a business trip on as i september the 11th, 2001. they are examining the contents of her purse. investigators found it in the rubble of the world trade center. >> her father liked to use the expression that he believes there were strong arms around her with her that day. >> shepard: then do this every month accepting items into their collection. >> that's a great object. we will vote on that. >> shepard: planning where to display them. >> so many objectst tell many different stories. >> shepard: curator amy weinstein says her belongings could tell stories in several areas of the museum. space devoted to the lives of each victim. >> it could go into the memorial exhibition because there is so much of her life that's revealed through her
7:46 pm
purse. >> shepard: or an exhibit about the aftermath of the attacks? >> it could go into the part about the way the police processed evidence because it's all contained in the nypd evidence bag. >> shepard: but for all the items that will be on display. >> clearly a different compilation of material for the memorial exhibit. >> shepard: she hopes visitors understand there are countless stories behind them. >> they will know a little bit more or want to know more or realize that these were not just 3,000 people who went to work. that each one was an individual. >> jamie: that was shepard smith reporting. weinstein tells us one of the hardest parts of her job is cob densing all of those stories into 50 or 60 words for the descriptions that fit next to the display cases. for more reports from the rise of freedom stories visit our web site, slash freedom. up next an incredible outpouring of support for a soldier badly wounded on the
7:47 pm
battlefield. we're going to show you the good some folks are doing this holiday for somebody who has already given us so much. plus, man who says he was too drunk to drive so he decided to hand the keys, you can believe this? to his daughter who is only 9 years old. wait until you hear the 911 call from somebody who watched the whole thing happen. all ahead on "the fox report" tonight. let's go to vegas. vegas baby! maybe we should head back to the dealership first? vegas! no, this is a test drive. vegas! [ male announcer ] it's practically yours. but we still need your signature. volkswagen sign then drive is back. and it's never been easier to get a jetta. that's the power of german engineering. get zero first month's payment, zero down, zero security deposit and zero due at signing on any new volkswagen. visit when we resolve to stop snacking and slacking.
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7:50 pm
>> he sacrificed so much for our country, a leg, four fingers and now his eyes. now a grateful community has found a way to say thanks. [bagpipes] >> jamie: homecoming fit for a true hero in camp attachment army sergeant joel tadara
7:51 pm
getting the keys to brand new custom built home. in 2008 the 28-year-old barely survived a rocket attack in iraq and left him with burns over 65% of his body. now after 75 surgeries, his perseverance is becoming an inspiration for all of us. ainsley earhardt is with us on this story. this someone of those inspirational stories you can't make it up. >> especially -- when you meet him and see him in the story, you are going to understand why. joel is a phenomenal man he is a soldier. we are so proud of him. as you sit around the holiday table. this is a man we need to be for. thank you for his service. this guy has gone through so much. hit by these rockets and attacked in iraq just a few days before he was supposed come back to measure. there is organizations
7:52 pm
building homes for heros. they have said their thanks to joel in a true hero's homecoming. >> from the door of the hospital joel and his parents met by a caravan of police officers. fire trucks. military vehicles and veterans bagpipers escort him through the new neighborhood more than a thousand members of a community are waiting. >> there is no finer example of courage and commitment and selfless service and dedication. >> asking gated community and i would like to have a therapy pool in the backyard. >> from the first scoop of dirt to the last coat of paint, they didn't stop. >> took us five months to build this home from beginning to end. >> working constantly. >> we don't miss a day. to us veterans day is 365 days a year. >> result is a brand new home especially designed for joel and his injuries. >> we started about a year ago
7:53 pm
raising funds, 4200 square feet. >> wow. >> and it's beautiful. >> i was referenced as a hero but i don't really look at it that way. i signed up to do my job. i got hurt. >> i have known that man for a year and a half. i have never won time heard him complain about anything. >> y'all don't so see me on my dad days. >> do you have bad days? >> we are all humans. no one is perfect. >> could have fooled me. he had a file on his face the whole time. 75 surgeries, four years in the hospital. at age 20. amazing story. hear from his parents what their perspective was and how they learned the news and how they got through it see that tonight on hannity. hannity holiday special at 9:00 p.m. >> jamie: thanks so much. great story this holiday season. how about this story hard to believe the detroit man who says he gave his 9-year-old
7:54 pm
the keys to the van because he was too drunk to drive. now he argues that doesn't make him bad parent here is surveillance video he from back in october. he learned from his daughter that her dad was drinking whiskey that night. he put her behind the wheel so she could learn to drive the same night. at least one person saw it all happening and called 911 just watched a van pull out of citgo gas station a 7-year-old girl driving it and her dad is drunk and he's in the passenger. >> is the vehicle staying on the road? >> she is driving petty good. i'm telling you. i can't believe it. >> jamie: that's the funny thing. she was apparently such a pro when the officer pulled her over, the girl reportedly said, quote: what are you stopping me for? i was driving good. yeah, you can believe that, guys? her dad pleaded guilty this week to several charges including second degree child
7:55 pm
abuse. he tells abc his daughter forgives him. i don't know about the authorities though. seems there are polls on everything. two days before christmas we are learning about santa's popularity with kids and a dog. straight ahead on fox report. ♪ i joined the navy when i was nineteen. i was a commissioned officer at twenty-three. i was an avionics... tactical telecommunications... squad leader. i think the hardest transition as you get further into the military is... you know it's going to end one day. chase hired me to be a personal banker.
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7:59 pm
formula enfamiliar mill off the shelves an a newborn in missouri drank and it died of a bacterial infection. they have yet to determine the source of that bacteria. >> on this day in 1958 there was a fisherman who reeled in a fish that should have extent for 65 million years. it was -- the only evidence of its existence was fossils. that fisherman knew he had something strange he called up a friend at a museum. unfortunately by the time the experts got wind of the discovery, the fish had been stuffed and mounted oh my. there wasn't much left of the fish to study and caused international sensation. these days much about the fish still a mystery. a fisherman hauled in a dinosaur 73 years ago today. that's going to do it for "the fox report"


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