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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  December 24, 2011 3:00am-4:00am EST

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you have won want t miss it. see you then. merry christmas. captioned by closed captioning services, inc welcome to "red eye." i'm andy levy filling in for greg gutfeld. now to mike baker for our pre game report. i have to ask the question on everybody's mind. 1* diligence on a calendar year or fiscal year? >> that's the calendar year, andy. we are actually in the process of closing out the 2011 books. of closing out the 2011 books. coming up on this evening's show, newt, the incredible shrinking two-party system. inspecting your baggage and eating it too. another creepy use for facebook and much more crap.
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concise and punchy, right, andy? >> yes, straight to the point. >> well done. >> no fuss, no muss. get in, get out. no extra pillows or bi-products. >> let's go to the guest. i am here with criminal defense attorney remi spencer. her new book, how to do the crime and not do the time. and the senior editor of the daily caller and the winner of the funniest celebrity. i'm assuming joe biden wasn't eligible. and bill schulz. he thinks he is on "the x factor." and he is so talented he is really talented. and stockholders are crying because circulation is dying. good to see you, pinch. >> according to reporter emily rube, thanks to adverse weather elsewhere in the united states, the native misteltoe has never been scarcer on this holiday season. look, there is the rarest of aphrodisiacs right there. but who to smooch with?
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who indeed? >> are you off camera. >> we were doing so well in the ratings too. so, showing a lighter side helped turn the tide. with newt down in the polls again he is making a big play for creatures that eat hay. his campaign is launching a pet with newt site aimed at gingrich's love for animals to show he is not always serious/crazy. the former speaker has long been a fan as this video money taj will show. -- montage will show.
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>> that wasn't creepy at all. this is how you pretend two stories are related. voters are leaving the republican and democratic parties in droves since 2008. the number of independents continue to grow. you know who else continues to grow? fat cat. >> so fat cat likes to eat. great political move or awesome political move? >> awesome political move. 23* there is something i have learned is that americans love dogs. my parents love their dogs more than me. it is a pretty astute move. the other part of it is he will have his wife help with singing and education. that's just bizarre and it plays into the narrative as he
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pushes a lot of his wife's projects while he is campaigning. just get her another thing from tiffany's. >> they want to find the fun sight of newt and his wife, calista. nothing says french like the classic scail -- classical horn. >> gingrich loves animals, will this resonate with voters? >> maybe so. pan doring to canine-americans, it gives -- it gives real pan de rers a really -- is it the grinch? is it the grinch who stole gingrich? there is not much of a lighter side to unemployment lines and to foreclosure notices on the door. and this is supposed -- he is a brilliant man. if he is the nominee i will vote for him. it doesn't sit well with me. i love dogs, but this is the big idea, man? >> way to bring us all down,
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larry. >> i'm sorry. there has to be a little realism. >> we had a man french kissing a newspaper. >> i thought you were a patron. >> the things you learn. >> remi, you always said loudly and repeatedly how much you hate animals. you were spotted actually outside fox kicking a squirrel on your way here. i'm assuming it makes you like newt a lot less. >> oh yes, exactly. and that's all strew. -- true. i haven't talked about myself beloved lucy and ricky. >> your imaginary friends from the tv. >> look, i think it is great that people like animals and dogs and bishds-- birds and snakes and whatever else in the montage, but we are talking about the leader of the free world. it won't make me vote for him anymore or any less. it might make him a better person, but maybe not a better politician. >> he still wants to mind the
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moon. >> his camp is coming out saying they want to take the mean out of politics and the nastiness out. well stop attacking mitt romney and start talking about what you are going to do for us. show us why you should be deserving of our vote, and don't think it is because you play well with animals. >> are you talking to me or newt? >> both of you. >> bill, you love animals and some say a little too much. >> many. >> what do you make of this? >> why must people behind the candidate feel the need to humanize the candidate? i do not want a human for a candidate. i want something that will fix the economy and destroy our enemies. this is why i am voting for optimus prime. he has laid waste to all of them. i know he can fix the economy. he burns a lot of fuel. fuel creates jobs. i don't know how, but it does. his campaign slogan should be more than meets the eye. >> i like it.
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>> i like you. >> isn't mitt romney closest to -- >> he transforms a lot. >> let's talk about the usa today story. why do you think voters are leaving the democratic party and the republican party besides the fact that both parties suck? >> i think the real reason is it sounds cooler when you are an independent. it sounds like, lube, i am more rational. i am an independent. the real test is when you know somebody is a liberal it is like, you are an independent. when sts last time you voted for the other republican or democrat or vice rear saw. it is usually straight down the party lines. they like to call themselves. >> can it also be -- you noah loft states have -- have i no basis for saying a lot of, but they have these open primaries where it can vote. you don't have to be in the party to vote. it makes belonging to a party less -- you don't need to. >> to some degree. but i don't think americans are that strategic.
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>> what a huge idea. voting for a candidate you like rather than what your team tells you to do. that is such a bold move. bumble be for vice president. -- bumblebee for vice president. >> as a long-time member, you have to be happy about this. >> yes, i am thrilled. >> is it a communist party? >> it is for the occasion. or for christmas. whatever you decide. >> actually, i have been a long-time registered independent. and as you bring it up, i have never actually voted for an independent. i don't think you will need to vote your party line. >> larry, with the number of independent voters growing, could a third party candidate some day win the white house? the answer is no. >> i don't think it will happen this year. i don't think it will happen
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this cycle. the ridiculous thing, that whole deal about politics is a lot like sausage. you may like it, but you don't want to see it being made. america is seeing it being made. just think about it. for 60-days these scoundrels will take 2.1 pennies, stwo cents fewer out of every dollar. we are seeing it from that side. and from the other side we are seeing the circular firing squad in the sandbox. i can see why that would make people want to have some other choices. but those two political machines -- here is the deal, kids. it is 40-40 every time. and that little thing in the middle and who does iowa and ohio and who gets florida, so the independent thing is going to be hard because of the electoral college. they can get some votes. >> i totally agree. bill, you tried to join five political parties and have been turned down each time. i have no question here. >> i would like to go back to what larry said. i will vote for whatever candidate is for circular
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firing squad. that can be an ult -- an ultimate sport. >> it is done and done. >> moving on from pets to pastries. does the delicious cake make the tsa quake? a massachusetts woman says a christmas econ fex -- convectoin was a threat. she was stopped at the las vegas airport and told her cock cake frosting was gel like enough to constitute a security risk. a tsa spokesman says cakes and pies are generally allowed in carry on luggage and looking into why the snack was snatched. meanwhile. they had a form in his suitcase and did the inspector conduct a taste test. they looked at the videotape and said nobody touched the case.
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i smell a conspiracy, but then again i always do. let's g -- let's go to the evil santa. i am going to pretend i didn't see that. do you feel safer the tsa is vigilant about the cup cakes. >> i do. the spokesman says generally are you allowed to bring the cup cakes on to the plane. in which case he comes up with an initiative. you may see it as a bad thing stealing cup cakes from a passenger going in, but he is indisposed for a half hour and they won't be patted down on their way to the airplane. there is an upside. >> and helping the passengers stay in shape. >> how long before we are just not allowed to bring anything on the plane and we have to ship wherever we are flying? >> a couple weeks. it is pro -- preposterous and
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as saw 9, but what if? i know we are supposed to be a little sarcastic and sais tire -- >> not on this show. >> well everything i have heard that is wrong. i have over -- >> you are thinking gretta. >> golly i am doing the wrong show. i have three million miles on american airlines alone. i will venture a guest i travel like the lady with the cup cakes. they can frisk me and fondle me and whatever they want to do. >> is that why you travel so much? >> blowing my cover. i know it seems stupid, but what if? what if they are holding granny's grandkids at the house and say granny take the cup cake and you will look innocent. don't think i haven't thought about that. >> well, they hadn't thought of it until now. >> every time something like
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this happens the birthday cake goes miss scpght cup cake doesn't get let on. the tsa says that's that's not our policy. do they need better training? >> you think? do you think maybe they need a little better training? every time something goes wrong they are saying this isn't the way we normally run our business. it was some rogue employee, somebody who went out on his own. you are giving people a lot of authority. they will maybe take advantage once in awhile. i think that this is -- i never actually traveled with a cake. i have to be honest. >> however, i travel plenty and everyone is always staring at everybody uncomfortably. i get patted down, groped every time. sometimes it is a man. sometimes it is a woman. >> sometimes it is a tsa agent. >> they rifle through my suitcase. every time i get that little note and my underwear and my bathing suit and whatever is all disshelfed. and then i find out if i had
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food they could eat too. i think we are all in the wrong line of work right now. >> you might be right, but bill here is the thing. he says a slice of his cake was missing. the tsa says nobody touched it. how deep is the rabbit hole on this one? is it possible there was a second eater? are we looking at paranormal explanations for this? >> it is through the looking glass, and there is no looking back. we have not seen heroism like this since king henry the eighth. these taste testers are putting their own bodies at risk. you guys, these are the real heroes. they get that award. they may also get diabetes, but they get the real hero award. >> well, they had exploding underwear. >> who checked that? >> i would be worried about the cup cake bomber. isn't boy george still in jail? >> i believe he is.
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>> from pastries to protests. last month mcdonalds dropped their chicken supplier after the fact that they mistreated their pre dead poultry. bought group called mercy more animals, said the mcmuffin makers didn't go far enough. it read, in part, quote, common sense tells us that animals with legs and wings should be given the basic freedom to move. i think that's in the constitution. the best part was the truly random assortment of celebs who signed the letter. among them, ryan goseling and ed begley, junior and brian adams? well, that saves me a trip to dead or alive info .com. all of this talk of food is getting me hungry. let's check in with the kitchen staff to see what is for dinner tonight. >> bill, how many times have we told him to stop bringing his work with him.
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>> it is unbelievable. >> it is called monkey daycare. >> annoying. >> remi, you love animals almost as much as you hate ugly people. do these celebrities have any point here? i. >> what did i do to you, andy? he is picking on me tonight. so, these celebrities may actually start to support newt gingrich if they feel this strongly about animals. i don't understand, are they people that go to mcdonalds? i go to mcdonalds a couple times and i have never seen ryan goseling at mickey d's. i think most are vegans so they are not going at all. but they don't want the animals treated badly. >> well, they should be aware -- >> they are a company hero jie. that's what a hero is? good to know. they should be aware of what mcdonalds has done. they stopped buying from the supplier. that's how you effect change. >> right.
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steve-o once swallowed a live goldfish on film. how serious is he about animal rights? >> they should not be writing a letter to mcdonalds. they should be writing a let tore "jackass" and -- steve-o has had worse things done to him. that's where the letter should be directed. >> should we care how the animals are treated if we are alive and will end up killing them anyway? >> it seems like a caw -- canunndrom. i have a bumper sticker on my car though that says i love animals, they are delicious. can the chickens really think in abstract terms enough to know chicken feed. i don't know. i'm a carnivore or omnivores. it seems like these people either the movies are not doing well. they are looking for their 15 minutes of fame. thas that a little chicken soup won't hurt. >> i actually think i am like
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you a carnivore and eat meat and animals all the time and often not cooked. there is no reason to mistreat them when they are alive. it seems easy to not mistreat them. that's my next point. ryan gosel ny g is not a vegan, yet he signed this letter. is that important? >> shouldn't somebody named ryan goseling be focusing on geese. it is a departure. it shows he is well aversed. but what do you have against brian adams? >> i don't have anything against brian adam. >> you do. is he dead or alive? he got his first real 6th string. he played it at the five and dime. he played it until his fingers bled. >> it was the summer of 69. >> when i was standing on your mama's porch. you told me you would wait forever. when you held my happened i knew it was -- hand, i knew it was now or ever.
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those were the best days of our lives. coming up, is binge drinking contagious? yes, it is one of the many things you can catch from bill, wasted bill.
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now you can vent before you jet. they have created a meet and seek feature that allows frequent fliers to choose whom they sit next to by checking out profiles of passengers who are linked during check in. a company called plainly .com has a similar service and boasts of the benefits of a boeing buddy, quote, you can then make arrangements to sit together on the plane and have a coffee on the ground or share a cab home. why?
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we believe your fellow fliers are the greatest untapped resource of knowledge and entertainment on your plane journeys. that sounds like the worst thing ever. either way this topic smells like a topic that belongs in the always fragrant -- >> lightning rooooouuuuuuunnnnnd. lightning round. >> jaime, is this an idea whose time has come or time has gone? >> well, at first it was a compelling entry in the 2011 worst ideas list. if you think about it just a little longer, if they added an entry with weight, this actually might be useful. >> that's a really good . -- good point. >> larry, are you in the market for a buddy who talks in success sently? >> i would rather be dragged through cactus naked. you get people and they want to talk, and i am a friendly cat. but i spend a lot of time sleeping in air planes and reading. what it sounds like to me is
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getting a new facebook friend and possibly joining the mile high club in one swoop. you just -- when you pre -- getting a loan, pre qualify. >> i wouldn't give alone. i mean, it is social -- it is the world we live in. i guess it is okay. you know what the four most wonderful words in the english lapping -- language besides i love you grandpa is your upgrade went through. >> remi, here is the deal. isn't this actually a good way to find out who has xanax? >> yes because that is usually what i'm thinking about before i get on a plane. >> it is what i am thinking about. >> that's what you are thinking about. i don't like to say, oh it is a terrible idea. i travel a lot by myself. and there is some level of excitement and intrigue about who you are going to sit next to. sometimes it is somebody that is a pleasant traveler and sometimes it is no not.
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i met some nice people on a plane. >> you think you will meet your future husband on a plane, don't you? that's what you think. >> no, that's not what i think. i don't like the idea that i am going to sit next to somebody who has looked me up on-line and can tell me how many siblings i have and what i do for a living. that spooks me and freaks me out. >> you still maintain that planes don't exist. should i skip you on this? >> you don't have to skip me, but it is hilarious that you believe what the sky wants you to believe. you look up and see a silver bird and you are like, plane. that's what the clouds want you to say. open your mind. >> next topic, is binge drinking as contagious as something that is really contagious? nailed it, bill. a new study says yes. after studying 200 nonmarried heterosexual couples, canadian researchers were able to successfully predict one partner's drinking based on other. says the doctor, quote nsome respects this is a cautionary piece of research.
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pick your friends and lovers carefully because they influence you more than you think. shut up, old man. they claim they haven't determined whether heavy drinkers graph tate toward each other or turn each other that way. but it seems obvious that one of those things is going on. >> couples that drink together stay together. it is the golden rule. but i love that quote there. it is a cautionary tale that you might want to treat -- find your lover carefully. ladies, the guy who is outside the bar in the gutter with barf and pea -- pee on him, he may not be a good catch. >> why are you laughing, bill? >> larry, back in your boozing days, did you look for the opposite and convert them? >> i was married to an incredibly wonderful human being who put up with my crapola. janet has put up with me for years. i am grateful to god for her. who would have thought drunk s who hang out with drunks? you remember the old john
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denver song. ♪ saturday night in toledo. ♪ smote. - ohio ♪ well that 1* 365 in nova scotia. >> recommend knee, do you find you -- remi, do you find you drink more or less when you are dating an abusive alcoholic? >> well, it is hard to find a good alcoholic these days. >> i'm right here. >> this is a remarkable study. it is ground breaking that people who like to party hard like to do it with other people come on. >> sometimes you can't do it with other people. >> bill, i feel like this topic makes you squirm a little bit. the fact of the matter is my model girl friend who lives in canada whom you will never meet, she does not have to drink every time i am drinking. i don't have a gun to her head. most of the time.
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>> the "new york times" posed that question in the room for debate page. there was increased marijuana use among adolescents. for some teenagers it seems pot was replacing cocaine and tobacco. is that a good thing? readers responses range from yeah dude to 420, bro. again, back in the day, you were in awe of the above guy. >> is we the least bad of all of those? >> this is absolute god's truth. i have been to a promotional thing where the record man we took a few tokes when we went across the golden gate bridge. so we are going four miles an hour, and here is the record and he is driving and looks at me and said, man i sure am glad you are driving.
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let me tell you, it is true. that's when i wanted to get out of the car and i couldn't find the ham. >> jaime, are you one of those libertarian types. i'm assuming you think kids should get high and drunk. >> i am for legalizing all drugs. however, i have never done drugs in my life. i am different than a lot of people. but the point is, why are we encouraging kids? i don't think you should be encouraging kids to do alcohol or marijuana. the question is should we be pushing alcohol or marijuana on kids? i think it is a stupid question. >> shut up, old man. you know what, have i to move on, sorry, guys. >> what? >> do you have a comment on the show? e-mail us. it is red eye at fox news .com. please send us your favorite moments from the show from the past year, and we will count them down for our new year's eve special. favorite red eye moments in the subject title or we won't read it. it is fox news .com and to leave a pointless e-mail call
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212, 462-5050. and the half time report is still to come with michael baker.
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with -- welcome back. we go now to mike baker. >> we are going to go straight to the sprocket value for tonight. actually it is good numbers again. i think we are trending. we mentioned the other night
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that things are looking good for the first quarter of next year. the one thing we need to be concerned about though is the gap we will have to keep our eyes on that. it appears to be spreading, so we may have to take care of that sometime. >> wasn't he off a couple days ago? >> it was. we took some steps to plug the gap, gut -- but i don't think it is working. we will keep an eye on that. on the christmas poll we have been running for the post two months, a little longer than two months, the question, who of the red eye guys would you like to most find under your christmas tree? in a surprise surge, pinch is showing up strongly from our female viewers. i'm not sure if you can read this and thank you to the production team forgeting a printer this time. pinch is leading with the female viewers. bill, however, showing a strong recording there with the male viewers. that is followed by everyone else. and now here it is something exciting. we are going to launch the first episode of a new game
3:35 am
show here at half time. we call our game show [bleep] andy says. >> here is how it is played. the exciting thing is everybody is hearing about this for the first time. including all of the viewers at home. everybody around the table has been given a buzzer. they will be asked if they know the right answer they will be asked to activate their noise maker at the correct time. i am going to read off three statements for each story that we have covered. the contestants will have to weigh in with their noise maker, and they will have to decide which of those statements andy actually said. now we will ask andy too keep score as well as keep control of the contestants. i am going to be busy in the roll of quiz master. and what are tonight's contestants playing for? i wanted to have a guy here, but tonight the contestants are playing for a pair of mr. steamy's dryer balls.
3:36 am
you pop one of these babies in the drier and it is just like you see on tv. >> mike, sorry we couldn't have a guy next to you like on newschannel. >> a proper one. >> i know. that deep tv voice. >> let's go to our first question. everyone stand by. story number one in which we talked about newt gingrich and his pets. i will read the three statements which of these three did andy actually say? i love me some cats. statement number two, nothing says fun like a classical horn blower. or statement number three, this is how you pretend two stories are connected, people. >> i hope that one is out. >> you have to decide who came in first. >> it was number three, i believe. >> absolutely. let's move on. >> question number two. and again, andy, are you in
3:37 am
charge of deciding who weighed in. >> i remember that from 30 seconds ago. on our next story our next question on independence imroaing in numbers. statement number one, they just like to call themselves independents. statement number two, i don't think you need to vote your party line. and statement number three, both parties suck. >> that was larry gatlin. >> c, both parties suck. >> cup cakes, statement number one, i would be worried about the cup cake bomber, but isn't boy george still in jail? statement number two, i get patted down and groped every time. and statement number three, i smell a conspiracy, but then again i always do. remi? >> statement number three. >> wow. >> i hate this one. >> bill rurks doing very, very
3:38 am
well. >> let's move on to the next story. a mcdonalds egg mcmuffin story. again, listen to the statement that andy says. >> we get it. >> statement number one, the mcrib is delicious. statement number two, when i was standing on your mama's porch, you told me it would be forever. and statement number three, do these celebrities have any points? >> it has to be number -- >> three. >> you snow what, this thing is sticking up the wrong finger. >> it is not like i made the game up. now to the next question. >> you buzzed in too early. >> statement number one, the important thing is his abs. statement number two, chicken soup couldn't hurt. and statement number three, should we care about the animals since we have just going to kill them and eat them? >> i was first, number one.
3:39 am
>> all right. but let's take a quick look here and decide remi is so far in the lead. going to facebook to find teammates and it is almost the end of the game, and i know everybody says thank god. going to facebook, statement number one, i'm a friendly cat. statement number two, there is some level of excitement about who you will sit next to. and statement number three, that doesn't sound like the worst idea ever. >> 3? >> finally, let's go to binge drinking. bill, you still have a chance to catch up. >> how? >> try harder, bill. statement number one, a binge drinking story. saturday night in toledo, ohio is like being nowhere. statement number two, shut up, old man. and statement number three, couples that drink together, stay together. >> i hit it first. and it is statement number two. if it is the last one i get 10 points, am i correct? >> i have one more.
3:40 am
this would be the bonus round. and this is the one high instead of drunk. i don't think you got to weigh in on this one. after the questions we will be curious to hear what you have to say. question number one, we shouldn't encourage them to do either. statement number two, i assume you think kids should get high and drunk. 1k3* statement number three, i sure am glad you are driving. >> number two. >> all right. >> andy? >> it looks to me like remi won. >> well done, remi. y s. >> a pair of mr. steamy's dryer balls. >> i win shower balls? >> by the way, nobody is talking in my ear so we have time to hear about your statement on the high and drunk story. >> yea be high and also for
3:41 am
being drunk. i'm an agree. >> remi, any thoughts on the high and drunk story? >> nothing big says surprises me. >> look, you won. just take your prize and leave. >> all right. let's pull it back together again. that's a relatively simple game show and you made it look like a monkey [bleep] a football. now back to andy. that's all i got. >> thank you, mike, for the experiment fnlt. when we return, does cot -- cosmetic surgery make a good gift? if it is for bill then yes.
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is the greatest gift a little lift? they recently profiled a woman named nicole who had given her sister tina the gift of botox injections on the most expressionless day of all
3:45 am
holidays. that made no sense. but they -- that is not all they are finding under the tree. >> they are asking for tummy tucks and mommy makeovers. >> and vein humans are not the only ones who want to look their best for the holidays. >> you can never out run your shady past. >> wouldn't you be offended if your sister got you botox for christmas? especially if you are jewish. >> number one, i celebrate christmas and number two my sister would not do that. and number three, if i ever decide to have work done to my face at some . or my body, i don't want anyone to know brrrr it. -- i don't want anyone to know about it. >> you won't go on gma and talk about it? >> probably not. >> considering the sad state of our country and obama being
3:46 am
a -- an -- a socialist, isn't it inevitable? >> i disagree. well i agree, but i can't imagine you saying to someone, merry christmas. you are ugly, here is some botox. congratulations. it is silly. >> larry, would you ever use botox, and if so would you share with me? my cree's feet have -- micro's feet have crow's feet. >> this is lunch. i will have the pea know greesh yo and the caesar salad. if you got your sister a nice sweater or nice jacket, you don't buy it for her because you think it is ugly. you buy something nice. if you are buying something for someone you love that was a gift they might really like, but would not buy for themselves for instance, that's exercising -- what was your question? >> i have no idea. >> it is a good point. maybe the sister mentioned she wanted botox. >> in the tape that's true.
3:47 am
but i used to give people brown bags to put over their heads for the holidays. now at least you can give them something. >> maybe you should save the bag for yourself. >> business has gone off the rails. >> has this story helped you figure out what to get your three i will legitimate daughters for christmas. >> first i have to find my three i will legitimate daughters. i am told they are in nova scotia. christmas is about giving your loved ones what they want. currently in america everyone wants to look like a cross between a human cat hybrid and a doll. and so this is getting them what they want. >> what is the worst christmas present you ever got? >> let's see. that would be my youngest brother, alfred. he was born around the holidays. >> remi? >> bill is just angry because alfred is probably the favorite. i know alfred. he is a good guy. >> my parents don't even remember his name. >> my best present or worst? >> either one. >> i don't think i have ever had a really bad present. the best was my parents built
3:48 am
me a doll house. i know it is corny, but when i was a little girl, and it was a big deal to me. i still have it. >> it was three years ago. i remember that. >> you weren't supposed to tell anyone. >> any bad presents in your past? >> i have got some ties not wearable in public. generally we have evolved the present shopping to my aunt who has done a very good job. >> my folks wanted to cure me of my optimism. i have always been -- i believe everything will work out. for christmas they kept putting horse manure in package after package. i kept opening them and the more horse manure i opened up, they couldn't understand it. he said why are you so happy? i said with all of this horse manure, there has to be a pony down here somewhere. >> and there was, but he was dead. >> oh lord. >> he actually suffocated. time to take a break.
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coming up next a countdown of the year's top -- well, stick around and you will find out.
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i actually like that better. since it is almost christmas, we thought we would kill some time with a cat video countdown. here is number five, stocking kitty. >> nice jofnlt number four, the first lady of cat ladies. >> i don't like that one. next is the world famous jingling cat. >> we should have blurred him out. number two?
3:54 am
>> i just thought it was awesome. let's see if we top it with the number one video now and forever. >> you are so bad. you are so bad. >> well done, people. well done. >> remi, what was your favorite? >> number two. >> really this. >> yes, it was funny. i didn't see it coming. >> round of applause to the special affects people. as you know, don't believe in cats either. >> a round of apaws. >> get out of here. >> jaime, any particular one
3:55 am
strike your fancy? >> number two. cats aren't as nice as we once thought. >> how many sill labelles does bayad have in it? >> depends on what part of the country you are from. >> all right. we will close things out with a post game wrap up from mike baker. and to see clips of recent shows go to fox news .com/red eye.
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a quick reminder before we go, our new year's eve special airs on, get this, new year's eve. that's next saturday at 12:30 a.m. eastern time and 9:30 p.m. pacific time. it is right after the all-american new year with bill hamer and megan kelly ringing in 2012 live from time square. and gutfeld will be a part of that too. a brand-new "red eye" returns on tuesday.
3:59 am
it is time to go back to mike baker for the post game wrap up. mike? >> thanks, andy. larry, do you have a big 2012 plan? >> yes, we are going to sing every time somebody will stack up folding dead green presidents and push them to our side of the table. we have grown accustomed to three meals a day and sleeping indoors. thank you, merry christmas and happy new year. >> happy holidays. jaime, what did you get us for christmas? >> i got everyone watching a subscription to the daily caller .com. all you have to do and you don't have to do anything other than go to your computer and type in daily caller .com and you can do it every day of the year for the next year. do it and do it often. >> remi i hear you have a special birthday shoutout. >> i do, thanks for asking. happy birthday to my father who turned 71 this week. happy birthday, dad. i can't wait to see you. >> happy birthday, remi's dad. andy, back to you and happy holidays. >> thanks, mike, and merry christmas to you. 5* special thanks to remi spencer andl


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