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tv   FOX Report  FOX News  December 25, 2011 7:00pm-8:00pm EST

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>> hard to believe, but the greatest danger that one soldier faced came as his welcome home party. tonight, a hero is in the hospital and a shooter is on the loose. plus, the pope delivers a christmas message of peace, but not everybody is listening. i'm jamie colby in for harris falkner and this is the fox report. terrorists unleash a wave of deadly attacks and christmas worshippers among their targets. in minutes, fox reports who is now claiming responsibility and why the atmosphere of fear would intensify. >> also, new strains on a fragile democracy days after our combat crews leave iraq. vice-president joe biden doing some diplomatic heavy lifting
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as worries about sectarian violence grows. and doctors said she'd never walk again, but she refused to stop trying. i just thought, you know what? this can't be all there is, there's got to be more technology and got to be getter doctors and i'm going to find it. >>' shies the final outcome was a medical miracle. >> but first from fox tonight. he was a hero in afghanistan, a purple heart who survives a suicide bombing attack, only to be shot in the back at his welcome home party, two days after returning to california. 22-year-old army specialist christopher sullivan was celebrating with friends, an hour east of l.a. he when trouble broke out and someone started shooting and cops say at least two bullets hit him in the back. and he's still alive and sullivan's mother is begging
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her son's friends to help at the investigation. >> i want anybody who knows anything to please call, please. if you guys are really his friends, don't turn your back on him now. he really, really needs you guys. >> so he does and on this christmas day, a u.s. soldier's family is praying he'll just survive. while investigators hunt for a gunman. casey stegall live in los angeles with the latest, casey? >> reporter: yeah, jamie, merry christmas to you. the unthinkable, really, when you consider eyewitnesses are telling police that this whole thing started with an argument over football. we are told that 30 to 40 people gathered at the home, about 40 miles east of los angeles, for what was intended to be that celebrity tri homecoming and police say the victim's brother then got into a fight with a guest at that party. over a football game. and when 22-year-old christopher stepped in to
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break it up, the suspect pulling out a gun and fired three shots two of which hitting the decorated soldier and then the gunman then took off. sullivan's family says he's in critical condition and his spine has been shattered. he was stationed with the 101st airborne out of fort campbell kentucky and the army specialist was home on leave from afghanistan. >> and he defended our country and he didn't deserve to come home to this. >> and he was just so happy, for the party. but it happened now and it's time that we have to be strong for christopher 'cause he's going to really, really need us. >> authorities say that they have no real leads in this case, and the suspect is only described as a hispanic male in his 20's and it's not clear who he knew at that party in the first place, jamie, if he was invited or if he just crashed it. >> well, casey, it's an esteemed member of the
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screaming eagles, a tragic story, what do you know about his status in the military? was he done with his service? >> well, he was on leave, as we know, but he was set to complete his enlistment in april, and we understand that he apparently had then plans to return home here to california and go back to school and he of course was injured in a suicide bombing last year, an attack by the way that killed five of his fellow soldiers from the 101st the 22-year-old beat the odds at that time and no doubt his family is praying that he will do it again, jamie. >> and casey, we are praying for he and his family tonight. thank you, casey. >> well, fox news is america's election headquarters and a little more than two weeks before new hampshire's first in the nation g.o.p. primary, mitt romney appears to be getting a surge. there's a new poll from the boston globe newspaper and it
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puts the former massachusetts governor in first place all by himself. with 39%. former house speaker newt gingrich and texas congressman ron paul each have 17% and former utah governor john huntsman at 11%. and now, according to the same poll, most republican voters in the granite state think that romney has the best chance at defeating president obama in a head to head matchup. and today, vice-president joe biden making a new push to help calm the troubles in iraq, the united states military in iraq has officially ended with the withdrawal of the last of the combat troops that happened last week, but a growing wave of sectarian violence and unrest raising concerns in washington and a string of attacks that happened in baghdad the past week and reportedly killing at least 60. and so, vice-president biden is trying to help calm that chaos and show some support for iraq's leaders. national correspondent steve centanni live in washington with more on this, hi, steve.
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>> hi, merry christmas, jamie. vice-president biden has taken a lead role in turning the page from the u.s. military presence in iraq to a new and unknown chapter in iraqi history and today's announcement that vice-president made phone calls to two key iraqi leaders and today speak with al-maliki and yesterday. according to his aide, the vice-president offered condolences on recent violence in baghdading and exchange the leaders with the political climate and reiterated our support for ongoing efforts to convene dialog among the iraqi political leaders. vice-president has been to iraq eight times it recently in november as the u.s. troops were withdrawn and made several phone calls trying it resolve the latest political and sectarian turmoil interest. and now, those conflicts have though erupted into a new round of violence in baghdad. a series of car bomb attacks
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killing dozens of people and injuring hundreds more last week, only a few days after the last american troops pulled out. one observer says this is clearly a bad sign. >> i don't think anyone expected things to fall apart so quickly, but i think virtually every military person i talked to agreed that things would get worse. and simply because of this vacuum and simply because of this void that, that the u.s. military forces use today fill between the iraqi military and the political powers in iraq. and that's gone and now we're facing an increasing prospect of civil war. >> and, but the administration officials say that in spite of the recent unrest, there are no plans to send american troops back into iraq, jamie. >> that's good news for military and their families, and thanks so much, steve centanni, live in washington. >> christmas could be late for a lot of folks in colorado and we have to feel bad for them because the snowstorms are keeping a lot of their packages and presents from
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where they need to go. the colorado spring gazette reports that ups trucks simply cannot operate safely and creates a huge backlog at their warehouse an and a lot of people who want to celebrate the holiday may have to keep the christmas spirit until at least tuesday, they say, and the snow did make a mess in the rockies, but how is the rest of the country looking on this christmas day, it's almost over. jim dickey joins us now, was there snow where you are? >> no, bone dry where i was, a little cool, but where they have the snow in the text panhandle and swirling upper level low and we saw them stall out for a number of days, and we'll finally see it move eastward as we head to the day tomorrow and night slow tonight. and ril lo two to four inches. a rare white christmas for you, out into the the northwest, we did have the
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system roll through and strong, gusty wind in the neighborhood of 40 miles per hour for the day and the snow was kept in the cascades and that is fizzling out as we head through the overnight hours and northeast, a quick moving system spreading its way eastern and not impressive on the radar at this moment and significant snow right now in the eastern ma maine and ban gore, one to three inches through the evening and overnight and this stimmel as well as we head into the day on monday, moves its way off shore and fizzles out and we're dry and high pressure builds in, nice for all of you headed back to work. as we look forward, big travel week as we look once again for the period christmas to new years and watching the same system that brought the snow in across the the texas panhandle and slowly pushes eastward and plenty of rain into the eastern seaboard and some snow for the north and westward. and unfortunately it's looking like big time travel concerns to the end of the week, jamie. >> i'm looking at the map on the screen here, for this time of year, as least for tonight.
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the clearest i can remember the end of december, at least for giving us a decent christmas. jim dickey, good to see you. this is a story we've been following all day at fox, they were gathering just to separate christmas and then the explosives detonated. a bomb ripping through a crowded church marking the holiday with blood and tears. this wasn't the killer's only target. coming, what we know about those who claim they did this and the effort to bring them to justice. plus, word of a new credit card hack attack reportedly aimed at a very select group of victims. and those claiming they're behind that, saying that was only the beginning, we've got the details ahead on the christmas edition of the fox report.
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>> they're hackers from the group called anonymous. they claim that they have stolen he e-mails and credit card data from the security think tank called strapper. now, members of the organization claim their goal is to steal a million dollars and give it to charity and the group bragging about it even on twitter. hosting links to what was a secret link to the security firm. the latest in a string of hack attacks by anonymous. and the government sites in the past, including visa, master card and can you believe this, the fbi. and now, more than three dozen people are dead today, we've
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been following this story all day on fox, and a series of christmas day terror attacks in nigeria, several of them targeting churches. and at one scene in particular, the locals say it just came to an end when a bomb went off outside and at a capital west of the city and a group claiming responsibility for the church bombings, they're charged with trying to incite civil war and the nigerian than, something new to worry about. officials say 39 people died and many more hurt and today the white house did condemn the attacks with a statement, reading, quote, we have been in contact with nigerian officials with what appeared to be terrorist acts and pledged to assist them in bringing those responsible to justice. today, the vatican called the massacre a sign of blind hatred. david lee miller is here with more on the attacks and david
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lee, we heard from greg burke how the pontiff mention this had specifically. what's the late snes. >> i i want to tell you something about the group. the radical muslim group said to be behind the attacks know the familiar with americans. and roughly translated means western education is a sin and the group's education is to bring sharia or islamic law where the population is 50% christian and 50% muslim and demands anyone who rejects extremist views, even a muslim, is branded an infidel. last christmas eve, a series of bomb blasts killed dozens and targets included not only churches, but the headquarters of nigeria state police where a suicide bomber detonated a car loaded to explosives. and part of a looselisy fill yated network. >> and it's part of the new al-qaeda and evening the decentralized chapters that we see in somalia and iraq and in
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north africa and in yemen and now of course in nigeria and not shy about it and the chat rooms they say they support al-qaeda. >> and it burst into prominence when the members rioted and police stations in the muslim or eastern part of nigeria, since then attacks more sophisticated and deadly. and not designated a terrorist organization by the state department and might change and only two days ago, it cautioned americans to be vigilant about churches and places, jamie, where foreigners congregate and turned out to be very good advice. >> david lee miller, thank you for following it for us all day today. well, no rehe spite as well for the death and violence in afghanistan this christmas day. in the northern region of the country, government officials say a bomber killed 19 people. and including a member of the national parliament. there were 40 other people hurt. the bomber struck as mourners were departing the funeral of a village elder.
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so far no claims of responsibility. and you've probably seen the red tin, heard the bell ringers and even made a contribution. it's unlikely you made one like this. we've got to tell you about a record setting gift that went into the red bucket, but first, a christmas shoutout from one of america's military heroes. >> ♪ hi, i'm captain michael brandt from from fort wayne, indiana. i'd like to say merry christmas to my mom and dad in austin, indiana and wife and kids, bonnie, steven and dean in fort wayne indiana. merry christmas all. ♪ i had a het problem.
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>> firefighters say it could be days before they know what sparked a tragic fire that killed three adults and two children and told that two other people managed to escape the flames and the mayor of stanford says, quote, there probably has not been a worse christmas day for his city and folks in the area say it was horrifying to see. >> great tragedy, a great, great tragedy and people probably don't have words and i don't know the people, as i say, i'm just a visitor, but it's a great, horrible, horrible scene on a christmas morning. >> jamie: and really the only information out neighbors say that the family moved into the house a couple of months ago only and that the home was undergoing renovation. and there was a bomb scare at
7:22 pm
a mall today as cops evacuated some last minute holiday shoppers and our top story on a fox trip across america. >> ohio, at a mall near cleveland, a local bomb squad sending in that robot to detonate an abandoned suitcase outside of barnes & noble and a homeless man left it there earlier in the day. he's now under arrest, inciting panic and no one hurt, but turns out there's good news and nothing dangerous inside the luggage. and oklahoma, a happy holiday reunion for an oklahoma city family and a two-year-old pit bull named cruz. the dog vanished from his back yard and turned up in texas four days later. and local animal control learned cruz was more than 300 miles away from home, but this woman says she was on her way to the sooner state, happy to take the pooch for a ride.
7:23 pm
and we feel like santa claus. >> and oh, i'm in texas and i said, wow, you know, how did he get over there. the dog is safe and sound just in time for christmas. >> and california, a salvation army bell ringer south of san francisco sure got the surprise of her life. when a secret santa dropped in one life changing present, a check for $10,000. and the anonymous gift is reportedly the biggest donation the salvation army chapter has ever received. maryland, santa on skis. a man in a big red suit putting on a show for hundreds of folks outside of d.c., an annual tradition there, and despite the oversized frame, st. nick had no problem keeping his balance and even his reindeer caught the action. and that's a fox watch across america. >> that santa, he's such an attention getter, isn't he?
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after a year of nonstop political fights in washington. president obama is taking a break right now with the first family and we're live in hi aye that's next. plus, the pope with a special christmas day message today, the folks around the world, if you didn't make it to the vatican, we're going to tell you what he had to say. plus, these ladies, they sure are burning up the charts, and take a look at the military wives raising their voices to raise money for a great 'cause. ♪ i'd like one of those desserts and some coffee. sure. cake or pie? pie. apple or cherry? cherry. oil or cream? oil or cream? cream.
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i think it would have been easier for me to take better care of myself. if you don't take care of yourself when you're younger, with this condition, it will catch up to you later on. you're going to find the courage to manage this disease for the rest of your life by reaching out for help. reach out to people who care about you. reach out to people who know how to help you with this disease. you're not alone. understand the realities of diabetes and know that you can manage it and lead a full, active life. >> there are so many families here and abroad separated from loved ones. but in england. some military wives have found a way to express their bittersweet emotions during this particular time of the year and at the same time they're raising extra money for other folks who need it.
7:28 pm
and amy kellogg has more from london. >> in an otherwise, rather grim retail season there's been a surprise. the military wives choir is breaking records. ♪ . >> and the strong wherever you are is the year's fastest selling single in britain. based on letters written to the front and the thousands of troops that served in afghanistan, it's tough to sing the song without being overcome with emotion. >> and the shoe is on the other foot because they're so proud of our men and now they're got something for. >> and the proceeds will go to the british royal legion and association and chancellor of the exchecker to allow the taxes from the sale of the records to go to the charities. so as much as possible that the money spent by the public, goes to those charities helping armed forces and their families this christmas.
7:29 pm
>> it's at a time we're seeing afghanistan and ten years and the feeling for the armed services at the moment. it's really positive in the country and really incredible sacrifices they've made the last ten years. >> these wum are at home now and winking with others in mind and all of those families celebrated by war and other circumstances, and this holiday season. in london, amy kellogg, fox news. >> i love those girls. and by the way, the military wives choir single has just hit number one on the u.k.'s christmas chart. congrats to them, doing something great. >> all right, meanwhile, i am jamie colby in for harris falkner and tonight, this is the fox report. now it's the bottom of the hour, time for the top of the news. a shooting at a u.s. soldier's homecoming party has left a young man paralyzed and a gunman shooting army specialist christopher sullivan twice in the back after a fight broke out.
7:30 pm
sullivan spent much of the year covering from an attack in afghanistan and tdozens of people are dead after attacks and many targeting churches. there's he an islamic terrorist group known as the nigerian taliban and claimed responsibility. a double digit lead from mitt romney in new hampshire. pulling ahead of the g.o.p. contenders in a boston globe poll. the granite state the first in primary just two weeks away. back in new york, the high was a chilly 45 degrees, different in hawaii where the first family enjoy a warm tropical christmas. the white house reporting that president obama spoke over the phone with service members from every branch. and the payroll tax made him
7:31 pm
start his vacation late. on the island, doug luzader a tracking their every move. good to see you. >> how is the president doing and how did he spend his christmas? >> hi, jamie, merry christmas. the obamas right now are back at their vacation rental home although we expect the president and first lady to head out to go to a local marine base here to meet with service members. earlier today, the first lady, the president, along with daughters sasha and malia headed out to church at a marine base and the president as you see there, dressing casually. in keeping with the atmosphere on the islands and part of a christmas day long celebration for obamas and the white house says their day began at 8 a.m. when everyone exchanged christmas presents followed by christmas carols. when you go out to their home here, it's obviously kind of cut off from the rest of the public and security there is pretty intense and you talk to people though spending their holiday on the eeldz and happy
7:32 pm
to give the obamas a little bit of breathing room. >> i'm here to enjoy the ocean and beach and great to see them, but i don't like to bother, you know, bother them. i think they need their time off to to relax just like we are. >> reporter: and the other big item on the agenda tonight the obamas will be hosting a christmas dinner for family and friends, jamie. >> jamie: we usually learn what the menu is and what they got. and check back to you to find out. thanks so much. pope benedict xvi had a busy day today, too, and gave his special holiday messages at st. peters square and thousands of pilgrims gathered around to hear him speak. greg burke has more on the post christmas message from rome. >> jamie, you know, christmas is always a very busy season for the pope and this was no exception this year, the christmas eve mass last night and today, the blessing from the balcony over st. peters square and it was really simple, pray for peace and for those who are suffering, and
7:33 pm
be close to those who are suffering for either violence or from natural disaster and we talked about bringing an end to the violence in syria, and also praying that israeli and palestinians can get back to negotiating and the pope praying also for stability in iraq and afghanistan. now, there was absolutely an overflow crowd in st. peter's square as there is every year, but perhaps this year, even a bit more, just because it was such a beautiful day and flags from all over the world there to greet the pope as the pope greeted the faithful, giving his sermon in more than 50 different languages and christmas got kicked off with the christmas eve mass in st. peters basilica and a buell and solemn mass and warned the fateful to watch out for the glitter in christmas. go beyond to find the true joy and the true life and the commercial side can sometimes
7:34 pm
overshadow the real meaning of christmas. the real meaning for the joy and finally, jamie the pope has a big year coming up and he's going to turn 85 and also planning on making a trip to cuba before easter, that's certainly going to be one to watch. jamie. >> pretty interesting. all right, our greg burke, thanks, from rome to the holy land where tens of thousands of christians made their trek there to celebrate christmas at jesus's traditional birthplace, and the crud in the square the largest more than a decade and leland vittert in bethlehem with more. >> merry christmas from high above manger square in bethlehem. it was a cold, wet, but none the less beautiful christmas here and the weather didn't deter anyone on making the trek on the little road from beth hem. and people all over the world came to celebrate a unique christmas. >> and it was born on jesus'
7:35 pm
birth and christmas has a special meaning and even the driving cold rain do not dampen the spirit and you've got christmas carols blasting in arabic and this is what everybody comes for. this here is the church of nativity. and you see a sea of people and head in and get to see where the bible says jesus was born more than two millennia. manger square is decorated beautifully, celebrations like none other. palestinian christians become a smaller and smaller minority and the patriarch prayed for help, back to you. >> jamie: leland vittert, thanks. back on u.s. soil, police in te texas discovered a horrific seen, seven people shot to death inside an apartment.
7:36 pm
they think the shotter is among the dead and not on the hunt for a shooter at this point. all seven people they believe are related and the grapevine police say they received a call from the apartment complex, no one on the other end spoke and when the cops showed up they had to break into the apartment the victims of four win and three men. the investigation is ongoing. certainly is a lot of anger on wall street, huh? spawning protests and spread nationwide. the occupy wall street movement just one of the many economic stories that captured headlines in 2011 and with unemployment still a big issue and our nation's debt hanging over our heads. everybody's going to keep an eye on the economy as we move into 2012. senior business krobt frpt bren brenda buttner takes a look at the news. >> it's the economy in 2011 you don't need someone to tell
7:37 pm
you. and we not only have to worry about our own rising red ink, but a debt mess every in europe and also, occupying headlines in 2011, the occupy wall street demonstrations. and protests against social inequality taking hold first in new york city and then in about 900 cities across the globe. and u.s. unemployment rates did drop slightly to 8.6%, but it was near 9% for several months and millions remain unemployed. for the first time in history. a credit rating agency downgraded the u.s. credit rating from triple-a. blaming the political failure to cut deficits. but you, the consumer, spoup. bank of america axing a $5 debit card fee after a major backlash from customers and n
7:38 pm
netflix admitting it dropped the ball after thousands of subscribers dropped their memberships after a price increa increase. record black friday spending the first that started not on friday, but thanksgiving in the tech world. apple suffering a huge loss with the death of its co-founder, steve jobs. and the company still seeing strong sales of iphones and ipads. and amazon, eating up the tablet wars, with its kindle fire and barnes & noble with its nook. in big bankruptcy news, borders bookstore went belly up. american airlines, too, and mf global led by former new jersey governor and senator john corzine filed for chapter 11 after making a disastrous bet on european debt and investors keeping an eye on it
7:39 pm
after a new deal, britain the loneout. europe's debt crisis is far from over as markets await a solid solution to the problem. looking to 2012. moody's investor service says it's not convinced and is reconsidering the credit ratings of all european nations. and this, as we enter the the election year when the economy will surely take center stage. in new york, brenda buttner. fox news. >> autism no longer has to be a setback, in fact, some folks with the the disorder are now finding their skills are very much in demand. we're going to check out a start-up company that has found a way to make money by helping autistic adults. but we're going to take a look how our troops in afghanistan have been celebrating this christmas and right now, we have very special message from one of those service members. ♪
7:40 pm
hello, i'm sergeant tamika dillard and i'm currently serving with 82, kabul, afghanistan, and i would like to say happy holidays to my husband, and my daughter, and my son, and my daughter daman in anchorage alaska, mommy loves you and i'll be home soon. [ sniffs ] i have a cold. [ sniffs ] i took dayquil but my nose is still runny. [ male announcer ] truth is, dayquil doesn't treat that. really? [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus fights your worst cold symptoms, plus it relieves your runny nose. [ deep breath] awesome. [ male announcer ] yes, it is. that's the cold truth!
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>> they may be far from home, but our troops are not for got ten today. u.s. soldiers in kabul started with a holiday meal and sharing the table with the members of the international security assistance force. the menu included the christmas cake and some soldiers also got to trade their standard camouflage fatigues for more colorful holiday apparel. and waiting to see that. and then, they snapped a few pictures for their loved ones back home. we're happy for them and send them our regards. dangerous weather not taking time off for the holiday and some folks donning little clothing for icy waters and a chilly tradition. as we go around the world in 80 seconds. >> australia, a category two cyclone batters the northern coast and strong wind and heavy rains forcing most
7:44 pm
people to stay indoors. and although some, like these surfers couldn't resist taking a peek at what mother nature had to offer. and no reports of any major damage. >> north korea, kim jong un came to visit the palace where his father, kim jong-il is lying in straight. some refer to him as the supreme court leader of the military and standing with his uncle who is wearing a military uniform. and kim jong-il will be laid to rest later this week. >> italy, 10,000 homeless and elderly joined a special christmas lunch in churches across rome and at the end of the meal, children got a special visit from santa claus who gave them blankets and food. and germany, donning more than santa hats. members of the polar bear club
7:45 pm
took a plunge into the icy cold weather and a cold bath is a local tradition, aimed at toughening up for the long winter ahead and that's a wrap on the fox trip around the world in 80 seconds. >> there are so many adventure seekers and how about this, a california, mountain climber, very young, enjoying new heights and frame this holiday weekend and only 15 years old and his name is jordan romero and didn't stop him, his age didn't, from reaching the highest peak yesterday. these show some of his previously achievements, including his summit of the pyramid in new guinea and he's touched the summit of the seven tallest mountains on all seven continents, the youngest person to ever achieve that. at age 10 he client mount kilimanjaro and mt. everest whens with a 13.
7:46 pm
a brave man. will are people who live with autism and asperger's syndrome and sometimes a hard to hold down to job, but demand for a software company in illinois. how the start-up is nurturing their talents to give them a competitive edge. >> over 14 million americans unemployed and looking for a job can be over welcoming. ask 35-year-old katie levin. >> there are so many people especially in the united states that need jobs and where are some of those people who need jobs? >> katie and co-workers all have asperger's syndrome, a high functioning perform much autism that makes it difficult to perform jobs. >> and here they work as a team testing software for a small company. >> people with high functioning autism and asperger's syndrome really excel at detail oriented work that requires, you know, focus, and repetition.
7:47 pm
>> and brenda selled the company with her husband after their son who has asperger's had trouble holding down other jobs. >> once people with high functioning autism leave the educational system, they really hit a dead end. >> unemployment for adults with disabilities hovers around 85%, and they earn 10 to $15 an hour and most have two or four year degrees. >> i have a degree in science and spent-- i wasn't able to get my-- into programming and this is the next best thing. >> so far the feedback from clients has been good. >> seeing what they can do really gave us a lot of good ideas how we can utilize them and the prices are just phenomenal. you cannot get labor the way we got for that price anywhere else in the market. >> they work out positive reviews will lead to more customers and expansion and more jobs for people like
7:48 pm
katie levin. >> steve brown, fox news. >> jamie: what a great story. that company is doing so much. how about parents, if you're one, you know you give a lot for your children. a mother gives life to her child a second time and gave a part of herself so she wouldn't die. some told the woman from oregon she wouldn't walk again and didn't count on her bravery and one very special surgeon. her incredible recovery and why she calls it a miracle coming up. [ kid ] there i was.
7:49 pm
another holiday and stuck at the kids table again. andrew, me on over here. sit over here. [ boy ] cool. [ kid ] i was a finally a man. on my way to shaving, driving and staying up past midnight. and then it happened. my two favorite things in the world. together. i learned something that day. being an adult is overrated. [ male announcer ] holidays aren't the same without home baked marie callendar's pies and the real dairy cream of reddi wip.
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>> you have to imagine it's all they ever dreamed of. showing us all why it's truly
7:52 pm
the season of giving. sasha webster has been coping with diabetes for three years and she was in desperate need of a new kidney, but the prospect of finding a donor looked bleak until sasha's mom volunteered to give up one of her own kidneys. >> first thing, said, i'm he the not going to let my daughter die. and have-- >> and gave me a second chance in life and that's something not too often you get somebody to, to be so brave and to risk the procedure. >> mother and daughter had to spend christmas in the hospital and both of them agree it's the most special hospital they've had. this is inspirational from san francisco, an inspiring story about a young woman who says doctors once told her, you will never walk again, but she's a cow girl and riding high again through the miracle
7:53 pm
of modern medicine, giving new hope to others with spinal problems and claudia would hen tells how joanna newman beat the odds. >> she is he' getting back in the saddle, nothing short after miracle. >> that looks great right there. really, really good. >> and joanna found her miracle at uc san francisco where the renowned surgeon seemed to know just how to help her. >> when i was 19 years old. way diagnosed and i had a surgery. shortly after that i was told i would be paralyzed within two years, and that my tumor was inoperable. >> the 23-year-old equestrian from redmond, oregon told she would never ride or possibly walk again because of a growing tumor and curving of her spine and several doctors turned her down for further surgery saying it was too risky. the high school valedictorian wouldn't take no for an
7:54 pm
answer. >> i thought, this can't be all interests, there's got to be more technology and better doctors and i'm going to find it. >> joannjoanna's family got the company to pay for the out of state surgery that's routine. >> no question about it because it involves two of the most, possibly the most complex components that we deal with and number two, removing tumors out of a patient. >> after a nine hour operation last december and a year's worth of recovery, joanna is now back on her feet and-- >> she was just a real champ going through a huge oranges. >> joanna returned to california for one last checkup and to thank dr. chow and his staff. >> i consider them miracle workers. >> i absolutely believe in miracles and i think this is a miracle. >> her doctor says that joanna will look for signs of regrowth p and doubts the
7:55 pm
tumor will return giving the family another reason to celebrate this holiday season, in san francisco, clauda cowan, fox news. >> the royal family is celebrating christmas with their brand new relative shall the duchess of cambridge, kate middleton. we'ring go to see how she did and the update on the health of queen elizabeth's husband after the heart procedure. that's next on the fox report. gas and bloating. with the strains of good bacteria to help balance your colon. you had me at "probiotic." [ female announcer ] phillips' colon health. with less chronic low back pain. imagine living your life with less chronic osteoarthritis pain. imagine you, with less pain. cymbalta can help. cymbalta is a non-narcotic treatment that's fda-approved to manage chronic musculoskeletal pain. one pill a day, every day, can help reduce this pain. tell your doctor right away if your mood worsens, you have unusual changes in mood or behavior
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and video chat with up to 9 of your friends with the galaxy nexus by samsung, or get the samsung stratosphere, and for a limited time, get twice the data for the same low price. verizon. inbound >> britain's royal family
7:58 pm
celebrating with the newest member. several dozen attended church service and all eyes were on the duchess of cambridge, kate middleton, spending her first christmas as a royal after marrying prince william and the queen included the wedding as part of the annual christmas event. >> the porps of family came home to prince phillip and me this year through the marriages of two of our grandchildren and each in their own way a celebration of a god given love that binds the family together. >> one notable absence from the royal gathering from year, queen elizabeth's 90-year-old husband prince phillips while he recovers from the heart procedure. and comedian says he made a million dollars after offering his self-produced stand-up website at five bucks a pop and giving most of the money away and says 280,000 will go to charity and another 250 k
7:59 pm
for his staff as he put it, i'm giving them a big fat bonus and a big chunk will go to cover production cost leaving him with less than a quarter of the money to keep himself. that's a good holiday story and recapping the story tonight. a shooting at a welcome home water and left a u.s. soldier in the hospital paralyzed and 22-year-old army specialist just returned home to california two days before. his mother asking anyone who has any information about the gunman still on the loose to step forward and help police. on this day in 1941, bing crosby brought holiday cheer to the radio with a song you can't forget "white christmas", irvin berlin penned it a year earlier and reportedly the best i ever wrote. and in 1940, he included it on the kraft music hall and was a


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