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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  December 28, 2011 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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out. there was a fire in the mine and 54 miners and now two are injured and treated for smoke inhalation. i'll be back for the fox report. dagen is here for neil. right now. >>dagen: the iowa caucus is closing in. and new gingrich is about to close out a very big dole. winning a key endorsement from someone very close to the gipper. who is it? find out because the man getting behind gingrich will be here in moments. but, first, six days to go. down to the wire. and now it is all coming down to the weather. welcome, everyone, i'm dagen here for neil cavuto and this is "your world." just days before the iowa caucuses, who will win the state's g.o.p. race, that is looking like anyone's guess. top iowa officials are amazed it
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see the field so unsettled, so close to the finish line. the number of undecided voters is 38 percent! the latest polls show that ron paul is in the lead, mother nature could be the deciding factor when all is said and done. to cam rain -- campaign carl on the way to the iowa state fairgrounds. >>guest: and ron paul was at the iowa somebody way in newton and will show up for a veterans event in des moines, and is getting big crowds and the polls suggest he is knocking on the door for caucus win. as for the weather playing a role here in iowa, there is a lot of hawkeye state caucus goers who would be insulted if the weather would keep them from participating but the truth is, the turn out is always very, very small, 120,000 would break the record for republican caucus turn out, and that is in a state
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of three million with over 600,000 regulation stepped republicans so the town out is small regardless of how good or bad the weather is and as far as ron paul, he has passionate supporters. there has been some talk that the support could erode because the students in iowa will be gone during the christmas and new year's break but most of the students at the university are actually hawkeye staters and they could go home, too. romney is pushing very, very hard after the last year, potentially keeping iowa at arm's distance only coming about eight times. a lot of folks thought he would not try hard but now he is hitting with lot ads and the phone banks are robo calling like crazy and there is a possibility he could pull off the victory in iowa that even he
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said was unlikely. and last thing, as gingrich plummets having led the polls several weeks ago, with double digits he now is in the low teens and in third place. there is a battle across the hawkeye state. we have said all year long, half of the caucus turn out was the evangelical conservatives and they are divided between rick perry, michele bachmann, and rick santorum but any candidates gets a coalition behind them they could surge. >>dagen: great to see you, carl, literally on the campaign trail, thank you, carl cameron. and now gingrich and the gipper. support for gingrich in iowa could be dropping but he is about to get a very big endorsement tomorrow, from ronald reagan's top economist, art laffer. art is here.
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great to see you, art. why newt gingrich? >>guest: good to be here. i think he has the best economic plan of any of the candidates, and i love the idea that he want as strong dollar. that was clearly reagan all way. the alternative, a flat tax, is wonderful. spending restraint, if you look at some of the reforms, the programs, it is just a very, very, good well designed economic package and that is what i am all about and it would be remiss not to say i think she the best candidate. and he works in a bipartisan fashion which is going to really be important. the gippers all may remember, we were very bipartisan in the reagan eight years, and we got all of our bills passed with huge percentage of democrats voting with us. that is important. >>dagen: the "wall street journal" pointed out yesterday that he has to, then, follow-up on that and sell it consistently
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and effectively which they seem to say, appearance he made after the initial speech he did not do. would you agree? he might be a little uneven lately? >>guest: well, gingrich on that? i don't think he is uneven at all. i have never heard him waiver from the growth agenda and speaking of growth as the key. this is the election about jobs, output, employment, and production. this election is totally economics in my view. we have the second worst recovery in the history of the united states, the worst recovery since the great depression and we need jobs, out put and employment and we are losing tons and tons of potential prosperity because of bad economics. and gingrich's proposal is right on the money on every major area. >>dagen: but if you run for the g.o.p. nomination you have to run and you have to sell it and it is politics. and, particularly with what happened in virginia do you worry that the campaign is
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disorganized? >>guest: i'm not into the campaigns, honestly, i'm an economist. i lock at -- look at what though propose. as president i think he could deliver. look what he did with the contract for america, look what he did with the capital gains tax cut, welfare reform, cutting government spending all the stuff he did with bill clinton was amazing. and, now, he has his own proposals, his own run for the presidency which would create the jobs, output and employment this country needs. >>dagen: in getting behind gingrich you made a choice. what bothers you about romney? >>guest: well, nothing bothers me about romney. i think she a very fine man and i think his proposals would be fine and he would make a fine president. i don't think he is as good as gingrich to be honest, and i think gingrich has experience in getting things done in washington and gives him a huge leg up on romney or the other
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candidates, and his proposals are right down center track, which of them really wants king dollar and sound money in which is going for an alternate flat tax or capital gains tax? the spending restraints and getting rid of obamacare, sarbanes oxley, and dodd-frank this is what a conservative growth reagan economist president would do and newt who was there at the beginning, he is proposing exactly the reagan camp agenda. >>dagen: great to see you thank you for coming to us first. art laffer, take care. happy new year, too. despite the endorsement, larry sees ron paul or romney taking top prize. we should not be ready for big surprises? >>guest: i am sticking by it but i am always ready for a
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surprise. remember, in 1980 everyone was shocked when bush beat ronald reagan or when pat robertson pushed the same george h.w. bush in third place in iowa and four years ago, everyone was shocked when mike huckabee beat romney in iowa. so, iowa is full of surprises. we are always welcoming those surprises when they happen. >>dagen: you don't think, do you think the likelihood of a rick santorum coming out of nowhere, how small is it next week? >>guest: well, if you are talking about finishing first, obviously sit a very small probability. but, if there are three or four tickets out of iowa as this may well be, it is entirely possible for rick santorum or rick perry or someone else to surprise us and get one of those three or four tickets. sometimes what happens in iowa is less important at the top and more important in the third and
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fourth positions. we are playing games with the numbers, yes, but this is what we do. >>dagen: talk to me, larry, about the unprecedented number of those undecided, in iowa, at 38 percent. >>guest: that is often true at the end of a race particularly a race like this where you have had six different frontrunners the past year. it is obvious that if iowa republicans, and, probably, republicans nationally, if they could put part of each of the candidates together they would have a perfect nominee. and if pigs could fly it would be interesting. but it will not happen. they have to make a choice. they will make a choice and most of the people who say they could switch, won't switch. >>dagen: if ron paul comes at ahead and if there is a muddled decision, on tuesday, do you think that romney will still somehow benefit from that? the romney campaign has not gone after ron paul, and ron paul is seen as an outsider in the
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party, anyway. >>guest: the romney people would be thrilled if they had to be beaten by somebody, i think they would pick ron paul because if their view ron paul is very unlikely to be the nominee. they would love the final matchup as we march through the primaries in the winter and spring to be romney versus ron paul. because the outcome would be predetermined so they would be happy and they are also happy because all of the conservative candidates, more conservative than romney, they stayed in the race. they are continuing to divide up the anti-romney vote and that is going to help romney. >>dagen: a couple of things, larry, on the weather, does the good weather hurt ron paul? >>guest: good weather could because his people are so dedicated they would be the ones post likely to town out in 2' of snow. but, we will have to see. he has quite a group of people in iowa and elsewhere, and they
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will vote. regardless. >>dagen: not to insult all voters in iowa. and presidential hopeful, gary johnson announcing he is bolting the republican party and run as a lib attend does that do serious damage to anyone? >>guest: well i looked at new mexico and he was a two term governor of new mexico and he could actually get a significant percentage of the vote, and by "significant," i mean ten, i am pulling a number out of the air mostly taken from republicans and it could tip new mexico which can be a swing state, as we saw in 2000 and devour -- 2004, that could push it to obama. johnson will be lucky to get 1 percent or 2 percent. only one libertarian who has ever topped 1 percent and that was clark in 1980 and he got 1.1 percent and it made no difference.
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>>dagen: and ed clark slides off the tongue. larry, great to see you, thank you very much, larry sabato. from down in my neck of the woods. what does larry johnson make of what larry sabato just said? he is my guest tonight on fox business network. someone else saying goodbye, donald trump is here. but, first, will iran threatening to block key oil passage have the president liting his -- lifting his block on a key pipeline right here?
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>>dagen: and iran is ready to cut down a key oil passage, the target is the strait of hormuz with 50ment barrels moving through each day.
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if this is blocked, oil prices go straited up. phil, we saw a drop today because everyone thinks iran will not follow-through. was that a huge mistake people are making? >>guest: well, i don't think so. to be honest. the iranians better think twice. one of the reasons why you saw oil prices go down today was that the 5th fleet of the u.s. navy took exception to some of the bluster from iran they could shut down down the states of hormuz as easy as drinking a cup of water. but, dagen, this is the most important choke point for oil. 33 percent of all the world's oil goes through there each day. if it is shut down, first ran attempts to shut it down prices would absolutely explode. >>dagen: how much? put a number on it. we are close do $100 a barrel. what would lap to the price of oil and gasoline?
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>>guest: the price would go up $20 a barrel overnight and the rice of gasoline, 50 cents to $1 jump but it would be short-lived. the world would respond quickly. we would see a military action getting there, opening up the straits, and you would see the world reserves flooding the world with oil, so, it would be a short-term spike but it would be unpleasant. >>dagen: how are we supplied with oil and gasoline right now? we have turned into next exporters this year of fuel and demand for fuel in this country has been pulling back. we figuring out how much we can afford to use. >>guest: well, if you look at oil supplies right now we are actually at a three year low. gasoline supplies and diesel fuel are above average for this time of year, but, i tell you what, i'm excited about being a global exporter that is the greatest thing that has happened. some of it is because of a drop
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in demand but that is normal after you have had a supply shock in the country. people are not driving as much, and driving more efficiently and when you have demand destruction it takes years to come back. but, at the same time, our oil industry is undergoing a renaissance rowing more oil and they will for years, and that is good for the u.s. economy. >>dagen: amen, fill. we hope their ran does not follow-through and nothing happens. thank you, phil. my guest says it is time to get on with the keystone xl pipeline. congressman, do you think this threat, congressman, from iran, pushes the president to sign off on the pipeline? >>guest: well, it should. but he doesn't always do what is best for americans and energy. we have seen him stop to drilling in the gulf coast.
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what art laffer is to a free market economy, and a robust american economy, this president is to killing off energy. the prior guest said energy production is up. that is because of what happened in the bush administration. you can follow the last throw years -- three years and they have tried to prevent american energy from being produced. heck, we have the biggest finds in north dakota and the president is having the oil companies prosecuted for a fuel ducks dying and they are not doing anyone to the wind mills that are chopping up thousands. >>dagen: but a few things going on related to the pipeline, you have a presidential election year, a pipeline that creates jobs and the chamber of commerce putting pressure on the white house to sign off on this, for the very jobs that it would create. >>guest: you bet. and i hope he will. but he is afraid of the last not
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being with him and not being the foundation he needs for the election. why else would he talk to the taliban about releasing taliban prisoners? at a time that it would signal to iran, we are gutless and we will not do anything if you block the straits of hormuz other than impose higher sanctions. so, this president has to take a strong stand and let it run, and blocking the strait of hormuz is a provocation for military strike in addition to getting the key step pipeline done, leave the production companies alone as long as they are producing it cleanly in north dakota, and other lates, and they are shutting things down in west texas. >>dagen: do you think the president would turn his back on a pipeline? he has less than 60 days, and it would create potentially thousands of jobs.
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>>guest: i understand. it would. but he put off doing anything until the republicans in congress were pushing his hand on it. but look what the epa did just recently. they are going ahead with the requirements that are going to require coal plants all over the country to be closing down. losing jobs. coal miners out of work. you would think, gosh, that will cost thousands of jobs and he is more concerned keeping the left on his side. i hope he will go ahead and let keystone go through. we need the jobs and energy. that has not always dictated what he has done. >>dagen: congressman, great to see you. be well. you can come over to my house for dinner just for saying i am doing a good job. not a million in ads supporting this democratic senator could keep him in the race.
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get who he is teeing off on, today?
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>>dagen: the democratic senator behind the corn higher kickback, ready to kickback and retire and kicking after the tea party. ben nelson of nebraska telling colleagues on a conference call "the tea party must be stopped." here new for respond the cofounder of the tampa tea party. what do you make of that? >>guest: well, i'm not surprised. it is the culture of washington. what they are afraid of is an informed electorate. >>dagen: in what wa why would he single out the tea party? when he is going out the door in such a very bold, quite straightforward way on this conference call? >>guest: well, the tea party
4:25 pm
express targeted his, one of his key candidates to fight, and the hypocrisy he feels guilty for northeasting of america and associated the tea party with his methodology because we highlighted and it showed him as being an extortionist. >>dagen: you are talking about the corn husker kickback, and it was, i referenced it, he was going to sign off on the health care bill if the cad increase -- if the medicaid increase was taken care for his states but it did not end up going through. what are you doing as a member of the tea party to weed identity, basically, more of this? it is clearly still going on in washington. lord knows what we don't know about it. >>guest: you are right. the fleecing of america continues. for 2 1/2 years we fought the bush administration and the obama administration, and in
4:26 pm
florida defeated sitting republican governor. it is all over the nation. in every state. with pension bombs ready to explode. the bottom line is, the president is about to ask for $1.2 trillion increase on the debt ceiling and the reality is we are living beyond our means and it is time to stop the theft. we been focusing on that on every level. >> in the next year, if you want to give me specifics what are you going to do to get people in office who you think will not fleece america, and will be honest with the american people and will do what you want in temperatures of cutting spending and righting ourselves financially? >>guest: the tea party movement around the nation is doing organizational efforts to try to recruited conservative fiscal libertarian candidates would will represent, respect the constitution, fiscal accountability, and living in our means. we have done it at local levels and recruiting local candidates and with have candidates in
4:27 pm
texas, we have several candidates and trying to defeat republican. senator hughe -- senator lugar in indiana. it does not matter if you are democrat or republican. >>dagen: the democrats spent more than $1 million in ads in nebraska in a year when ben nelson was not up for election so money wise what kind of money do you have behind the effort? >>guest: well, legitimately we have boots on the ground more than money. we understand our capabilities. her to organizing and getting out. remember, two years ago, the democrats and republicans didn't want people at their townhall meetings but we showed up. that is the light we want to bring on government and we do that by bringing our tails and fights into the places of elections. >>dagen: thank you, tom, from the fabulous state of florida.
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speaking of another state, forget iowa in six days, want to know what will happen in 2012? look to oregon. on january 31st there is a special election to replace democratic congressman. the district is solidly liberal the dnc is spending $1 million to secure the seat. with less than a month to go the republican candidate is only 11 points away. and joins me now. thank you for being here. welcome, rob. can you do it? >>guest: absolutely. we are very encouraged for next month. the wave that started on the east coast last fall in the election, this year, or actually in january of next year, we are convinced it will start on the west coast, and that is why so many petroleum around -- so many people around the country are excited. >>dagen: are you shocked at the amount of money being spent bit overall democratic party focusing on, no offense to the
4:29 pm
voters in oregon, but a fairly small race. >>guest: wealth, it is predominantly a democrat district but they have a lost confidence in me, and my message because it is resonating with the voters and also a demonstration that they don't have much confidence in their own candidate so that is why the democrats all over washington and throughout the country are willing to spend $1 million to try to discredit me as a small business owner and someone who has created jobs something their own candidate can never say. >>dagen: and your ability to fund raise? what type of money has been made available to you? do you have enough support from the national republican party? >>guest: well, as far as the national party, being an independent expenditure we cannot coordinate with them but locally, about 95 percent of our contributions have come from the state of oregon and last quarter, if you take away the self-funding my opponent put together we outraised the democrat opponent so we feel very good about where we are.
4:30 pm
we are getting people all over the country recognizing a chance in 2012, the first election of the new election year, this is a chance to actually make a change on the west coast and that is why people can get on the web site and find ways to help me. we will send a signal to washington we are tired of more of the same. >>dagen: we put in a call to your opponent and she is welcome on the program any time. i . -- i want to point that out. if you can come ten points great, even if she beats you but you are within ten points that sends a message. do you agree with that? >>guest: no, i don't think we will come ten points but we will win. the 11 points you messages at the beginning was a poll taken by a democratic group. we have no confidence in those numbers. we are were closer than that. our supporters feel a lot closer than that, and we have a real
4:31 pm
momentum in oregon and we are asking people to help us and this election is just over 30 days away. >>dagen: great to see you. we will be watching it and hopefully all of america will be watching this race out in oregon. the white house officially declaring china is not cheating. the donald officially ticked off. and he is here just ahead. >> announcer: if you think identity theft is scary, just wait until you try to fix it. >> 58 different individuals are using... absolutely, using my old social security number. >> announcer: identity theft has topped the federal government's list of consumer complaints for the last eleven years. it's a serious problem with anyone with a social security number, and it continues to get worse. fact is, on your own, there are many things you can do to deter
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and for a limited time, get twice the data for the same low price. verizon. dangerous day ago -- >>dagen: how would you like to beef up your retirement benefits without paying for it. government employees can pay cash up front and in some cases making hundreds of thousands more when they tap their retirement pension. with taxpayers paying the difference. and this has to stop my guest these with the workforce fairness institute. explain this. you have certain, explain how it works. >>guest: sure. air time is a situation where you can buy an employee pays into a system in order to retire earlier and have a higher benefit plan and the example you showed was someone in california where they allowed this and jerry brown is saying we have to stop this.
4:35 pm
this is part of the bigger problem you have with state pensions, in general, where in the private sector we have moved to where only 20 percent of businesses, private sector employees have pensions they have moved into define contribution 401(k) type plans or they have nothing at all. and the public is exactly reverse, 80 percent get a public pension and we have to move the public sector into the 401(k) system with defined contribution. >>dagen: but the idea of basically buying, retiring early, and buying years and getting a pay off well in excess of what you actually had to pay for those years, that is a public pension on drugs. this is most insane. >>guest: governor jerry brown is saying it should be barred. why does it exist if any state? >>guest: well, ironically some states did it because they
4:36 pm
thought they would buy out lows to move them out early and bring in state employees who cost less but because we are living longer it has not worked out. the whole problem with a public pension defined benefit plan, situations change and you can not account for that and they thought they would save money and instead it is costing money in most states so they are going to change this and not allow people to buy service for years they never served. >>dagen: so that is the direction it will go? you have had kentucky and new hampshire and texas have stopped or restricted the practice. >>guest: exactly. and we have to look at our pension systems when you look at the reports on the state pension systems they are all underwater, not working, you have to move to the defined contribution plan for new employees. for new employees because particularly if you care about country retirees and those who have worked for years being promised the benefits, to protect the benefits you have to
4:37 pm
switch into a defined contribution plan that allows this system to work because we are overextended and reports indicate different. there are five states who will go bust in five years and it is not sustainable but states have switched over like utah switched over and, now, they have a system that works. >>dagen: and you have this which is insane! thank you so much. thank you, barbara, for being here. paying more and getting less. your health care costs will go up next year, and meet the doctor who thinks it is midnight for the quality of your care. buying milk at target? okay. breast feeding in the open at target? not okay. some moms are fighting back. [ male announcer ] you have dreams...
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>>dagen: new year and a new fee thanks to president obama's health care law. january 1, health insurance plans have to pay a research fee as part of a plan to figure out which treatments work best for patients. critics say it is another step toward rationing. and doctor, great of you to be here. this is quasigovernment agency set up to research the effectiveness of drugs and
4:41 pm
treatment. what is the down side? >>guest: the patient were center outcome institute sounds forbidding and you are right it is a quasigovernment agency that will take a dollar a year from you and me. >>dagen: only a dollar. >>guest: could be two next year but it is part of the individual mandate because you have do buy insurance and they take a fee and they use it to research which treatment is better than another. sounds good on the surface but i as a practicing physicians don't think one treatment is better than another, i think i need options or choices, i don't want to be sold, wait, don't use that treatment, not cost effective because the government and no government agency can really, really, predict that. >>dagen: though say that will not be the case, the agency says that will not be the case but do you worry that is the outcome of the study? >>guest: of course. once the information is available, it goes back to the insurance company and they say, well, we are not going to cover that treatment or you have to pay a larger co-pay or the doctors that order that
4:42 pm
treatment, don't go to them. that is inevitable outcome and the problem is we already have 70 percent of the drug we use are generic. i'm in favor of that. but this is a term called forced substitution which the insurance companies are doing any say you can not use that particular drug, you have to use this one, we only cover this one but i said patient (a) is already using the other one and is not having side effects. >>dagen: in terms of this fee and the studies that will be done by the agency, how long do you think in your practice, how long does it take before this plays out in your every day treatment of people? >>guest: great question. just a couple of years. they are locking like they are gearing up and they will do the research in 2013, and around the time the state exchanges come in, if the law is not voted unconstitutional, we will see more and more of this regulation
4:43 pm
which impedes how i practice medicine. and, again, medicine is about choices, and what is good for you is not necessarily good for me with more and more personal medicine we do not need this specific treatment. >>dagen: targeting health care to targeting "target," breast feeding moms are whipping them out to whip target into shape. moms came up with the idea after target told a breast feeding mother to move it into a fitting room, the moms are might being -- are might might milking it. >>guest: it is legal to breast feed. i understand some people find it upsetting or don't want to see a woman breast feeding her child in public but they have the right to do so and lots of states mandate they are allowed to do it or it is discrimination. so what is going on, they are
4:44 pm
not skilled employees who did not approach the mom in the right way and if they asked a way that was less offensive she who is gone into the fitting room. >>dagen: we have a mother on camera talking about this. i want your reaction. >> it is normal. something that formula companies and over years, it is not the norm, it is nature if people have an issue with it that is their problem. >>dagen: even if it is legal, which it is in most states to breast feed where ever you want to are the mothers failing to understand the sensitivity, if you are asked to go into the dressing room why not just go? >>guest: i happen to agree with you, but i'm not a mother so i have never breast fed and i don't understand the urgency, and i think i prefer the privacy so, i think they are taking a stand, but, again, i have never
4:45 pm
been deprovided. but i can see make the point. but i understand target, they want it a comfortable shopping expense for everyone, and if someone is a diabetic they have a right to take their insulin but target doesn't want them shooting up in the middle of the store. this are restrooms. >>dagen: in instances where mothers have been targeted by employees and workers in other stores, it seems like the stores, the changes be -- the chains are not telling the employees the rules. if they would communicate with the employees there could be a solution there. >>guest: you are right. if the lows were properly trained and knew the law and understand the woman's rights but if they say you would be more comfortable in the fitting room, rather thank go in there no one wants to see that, it is how you handle the situation and many times there would not be outrage and now target is branded as antibreast feeding
4:46 pm
establishment because they wrote a letter and the employees said we are not discriminating. >>dagen: but the mothers breast feeding in public does that change, if anyone is not liking that, just a fact of life, some people are, do you think that will change anyone's opinion? >>guest: no, absolutely not. it freaks me out when i see anyone's breasts in public whether it is breast feeding or showing too much breast. >>dagen: the mothers would argue one is feeding the baby and the other is something altogether different. well, thank you so much. attorney in chicago. i may get myself in trouble with that statement. did the white house just hand china a trump card? the one and only donald trump is next.
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. [ male announcer ] if you're giving an amazing gift, shouldn't it be given in an amazing way? ♪ the lexus december to remember sales event is here, but only for a limited time. see your lexus dealer.
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>>dagen: if it walks hike a duck and quacks like a duck, it's a duck, unless that duck is china. the obama administration is refusing to call china a currency manipulator although they admit china's currency is undervalued. this move has my next guest seeing red. donald trump is joining me now on the phone. mr. trump thank you very much. great to talk to you today. always. what do you make of the decision not to call out china and dance around the issue? >>guest: well, it is inconceivable. everyone knows they are a currency manipulator and all you have to do is look at the numbers and they have been doing it for years. we have an administration not respected by china. they are laughing at us. i deal with the chinese all the time. they tell me they cannot believe
4:51 pm
what they are getting away with and i hear this nonsense. it is incredible. >>dagen: how long does it go on? when we are ready to raise the debt crisis and we are north of $16 trillion in debt, that is who we borrow the money from do you have a choice? >>guest: they manipulate their currency and make our rod and make it impossible for our companies to deal against them, they take our money, and they loan it back to discuss we pay them interest and we have a $16 trillion deficit. the system is insane. for this administration to say they don't manipulate the currency, that is absolutely, really, a lie to the american people. >>dagen: what would you do, say, in a perfect world, how do you get tough with them? >>guest: what i would do and i have said it before, it with not come to that but i would like to
4:52 pm
see it but the 25 percent tax on all goods coming in from china, that would make our products in alabama and iowa and california and lots of other places, and, take in a hell of a lot of money, and they will make $350 trillion, they are going to make, this year, $350 billion on this country. so, swing will say, well, you will stop flow trade. this is no free trade. this is stupid trade. this is stupid on our behalf. and we have to stop it. we have to stop it now. it is destroying our country. now, not only china if you look at other countries, everyone is outdealing the united states but china is the number one abuser. of course, opec takes the cake. >>dagen: and now, oil and iran and the process of dropping the strait of hormuz. investor reaction is not taking it very seriously, the u.s.
4:53 pm
military saying we are not let them do that. what do you make of that? are we getting tough with iran? >>guest: we are not getting tough. they don't respect us or our leaders, and i am seeing things today that are going against this country. it is almost like we are just not a respected nation any longer. people are doing things, countries are doing things, their leaders are doing things that they never would have done before. we are just not a respected first-rate place anymore. it is really leadership. it has to do with leadership. we have such unbelievable potential and we are not living up to it. we are in trouble. >>dagen: you talk about leadership and we are gearing up, less than a week from the iowa caucuses. you have not thrown your hat in the ring, so, looking at those candidates and who could lead this country, who do you like right here right now of the
4:54 pm
g.o.p. field? who has the mojo? >>guest: i can say it is certainly a mess. each week it is someone else and you look at ron paul who as far as i'm concerned is a total wacko, for him to be doing so well, it is an insult to iowa if he wins, it will be a tremendous insult to iowa, tremendous. it will take away a certain prestige to iowa being first all the time. and that would be a tremendous mistake. and huntsman's policy, she not registering so he is not relevant, his policy on china is ridiculous, giving, literary, giving our country away to china. ridiculous. and other things that are not good. i was very, look, obviously i'm very interested in the top two candidates, and i know them both very well, they are both good men. i was surprised that in virginia that newt didn't get on the
4:55 pm
ballot. that was vicing. that is a bad one. and it will be interesting to see, however, how it plays out. it is going to be very interesting. things can change but it looks like it is define those two. >>dagen: you will not get behind one of the guys? we clearly know who you don't like and you were bothered by newt, what happened in virginia but you won't get behind romney at this point? is that because --. >>guest: at some point i will make a statement and it will be a strong statement, but i'm not really prepared to do it right yet. >>imus: what about gary johnson, he is enjoy running as a libertarian, not as a republican for the presidency. are you still, in your mind, you are a registered independent now, what is your timeframe? you said you would make a statement? are you, have you ruled it out, running? >>guest: i am watching what is happening with the republican party. we will see who runs. we will see who gets the
4:56 pm
nomination. we are going to see how that person does. and it will be very interesting to see, but, if they pick the wrong person and if the economy continues to be bad and do badly can i believe it will, then i will make a decision and it might be a surprising decision to a lot of people. >>dagen: if they pick romney will you be happy with that? >>guest: i don't want to say that yet. we have become very friendly and i like him but we are really, watching, to see what happens. we are watching to see who is picked and when you look at what is happening, words like yo-yo each week someone else is rising to the top, so we probably have a long way to go but it would seem to be newt and mitt. >>dagen: thank you sore -- so much, mr. trump. the biggest obstacle for a republican could have just come from ... a former republican
4:57 pm
presidential candidate. [ male announcer ] the super bowl. the most epic day in america. and the end of a journey that began here... when the swipe of a visa card... . to one. that was a false start. [ phone rings ] what!? yeah, meema. yes? i won tickets to the super bowl. pack your bags. [ male announcer ] use your visa card for a chance to win. to choose your ten, go to our facebook page.
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♪ ♪ he was running for the white house as a republican, but now gary johnson is running as a libertarian. in one hour on the fox business network, he will tell us if he thinks he just guaranteed four more years for president obama. this tuesday on fox business, neil kicks off the election season with special coverage of the iowa caucuses. herman cain will


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