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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  December 29, 2011 1:00am-2:00am EST

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degeneres and any shech bachmann all tied for sixth place. that is all the time we have left. thanks for being with us and sean will be here tomorrow. >> shannon: tonight the countdown is on. iowa caucuses is still a. >> the in a frantic scramble. they are ramping up attacks on each other. rick perry is on the campaign trail in iowa. i spoke with him just a short time ago. >> what are your plans for iowa and how do you expect to do? >> well its sprint, that is for sure. we're moving a lot of across of iowa and hitting a lot of not just small towns but medium sized towns and des moines. we're going to be all over iowa. the crowds are fantastic.
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we've hit coffee shops 200 to 300 people flowing out in the streets and a lot of excitement. the weather has been fabulous for one thing. all those stories about iowa in december, they may have been true in the past. this has been just fabulous weather. the forecast is for it to be nice all the way through tuesday. we're going to keep running again and talking to people and sharing our vision for an outsider to come into washington, d.c. and to really overhaul that place. >> what has been the feedback about the people you've been talking to about the direction they would like to see the country go in? >> people have lost confidence in washington and wall street. historical people look to them, they are relatively good. poll numbers for congress, i don't know if you can have a negative rating but they are approaching it. they care about their family.
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they care about the dignity of being able to have a job. they understand that washington is so out of touch. when i talk about a part time congress, that is the line that people no matter where i am they really respond to. it is a great applause when you talk about let's have the legislature of the congress cut time, cut their pay and send them home and let them have a real job. let them live with the laws they passed. people come out of their seats. notices a radical idea. our home state, legislature meets 140 days, we pay the legislators $600 a month. they get their work done and they go back home to their real jobs and live with constituents and live under the laws. americans get that. they wanted a congress they can trust again and one of the ways to do that is to have a congress that is not up there making
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$174,000 a year and staying in washington, d.c. and bickering and not getting their work done. >> michele bachmann she feels you are guilty of crony capitalism and you are trying to distinguish yourself as a non-insider. what do you say to those remarks? >> i refer people to the state of texas for the last decade and being the job creation capital of this country. if that is crony capitalism. america needs some of that. we know how to create jobs. you keep the taxes low you have a regulatory climate that is fair and predictable, a legal system that doesn't allow for oversuing. if you want to trade a democratic insider for somebody else, they are looking for an outsider a job creator. i'm the only one that is standing up to the republican side and has those qualifications. >> let's take a snapshot of
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where your campaign stands now. you had a strong start. a lot of enthusiasm about the candidacy, about the values what you've been able to accomplish in the state of texas. a little bit of difficulty there during the debates in the beginning. now it seems you feel you are picking up more momentum. what do you attributed that to? >> look, there has been four or five individuals who have led in the iowa polls. i think people are very unsettled. they are seeing three really strong individuals that are on the conservative side, but again i go back to the outsider versus the insider. i'm the only outsider that is in there. they are sick of washington's bickering, they are sick of washington's debt. they are sick of these individuals who they've seen be on both sides of the issues,
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individual mandate or earmarks. they are really tired of washington, d.c.'s business as usual. they look to the state of texas. the state has been run well, it's a job creating machine. that is the kind of governing leadership that they are looking for in iowa. i think all across america, too. >> next five days, you look at the polling, pretty consistently mitt romney has been stagnant. 25% around there. yet you've seen newt's numbers start to drop. do you feel there is an opportunity for you to take some of those votes. to so, what do you want to say to those voters watching out tonight in iowa, why should they choose governor perry? >> i've got a proven track record in creating jobs and making government work. for a decade now, last five years texas led the nation in job creation. it's the greatest concern is to have a man of character and
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integrity of known job creating capability that knows how to work in washington, d.c. or austin, texas to get washington back on track, cut the regulations, cut the regulatory burden that is on these businesses out there, have a tax structure that allows people to keep more of what they want, that is what americans are looking for. they are not looking for the smoothest debater, slickest politician. they want somebody that knows how to deliver on the economic side that is an individual that is not going to apologize for being a man of values and character. >> it's very important going forward to pick a candidate and that the nominee be someone that can compete head to head on all levels with barack obama, that includes having a structure and an organization that is ready to go forward. there has been criticism you are able to do that because you have
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had changes in your campaign in terms of staffing and in particular, what happened with your ability to get on the ballot in virginia. how do you address those concerns and what is your plan to try to rectify the situation in virginia? >> obviously the virginia situation is very difficult one for everyone. when there is only two people that were able to get on the ballot, that tells you that there may be a structural problem in the virginia process. it's one of the reasons we filed suit against them. i don't want hundreds of thousands of people that are my supporters in virginia to be disenfranchised because their party mechanism has made it so hard to be on the ballot. in the state of texas, you pay $5,000 or go into 15 of our congressional districts and get 300 signatures add you are on the ballot. it ought to be substantially simpler in virginia, as well. >> the issue we spoke about
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earlier, that is with the home coming parades to honor the troops. you have a strong position on that. >> i do. when i am president of the united states, not only our men and women who are coming home from combat going to feel appreciated, they are also going to have parades. the. i was veteran. i wanted to tell mr. beckel i volunteered for the united states air force. i appreciate eric of pointing that out. this is a small tiny percentage of our population that are sacrificing and have been for nine years. their families. if nothing else, let's let their families people know of
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sacrifice their families have made. a prayed parade. we have parades for everybody. you talked about that on the five today. we have parades for practically everything. why not a parade to say thank you for selfless sacrifice of men and women in uniform. >> time is running out. half of voters say they may change their mind. they are hitting the iowa campaign trail hard. michele bachmann will complete her 99 county tour tomorrow. today she compared to herself to britain margaret thatcher. griff jenkins talked to her and she talked about what iowa voters are saying on the trail. >> it's like an electric light switch that went off the last debate. after the sioux city debate in
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iowa, they could see the way i talk on ron paul. on whether or not iran could have a nuclear weapon, that is very important issue. they want to make sure we don't have a problem with national security and a of all the candidates in the race i am most current with national security experience. the world is a problematic place right now. we are probably more vulnerable than we've been in 40 years. so the next president is very important they see me somebody can stand up for the country. together we need to stand up for ourselves across the world but stand up with the economy. >> reporter: if you don't finish in the top tier, top three or new hampshire as you go, at what point do you begin to evaluate your bid and go back and run for congress so you can continue the fight that you've led in washington against obamacare? or are you all in for this
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presidency run or is it all or nothing? >> i'm all in for presidency. there has been one state where i raced and there has been one winner and that was me. half of iowans are not sure at this point. we have seen nothing short of remarkable. people are making up their mind on the spot and they are going our way. we are closing the deal right now. it's not a personal glory expedition on my part. we are closing the deal to put the country back. people are sick of politicians. they see in me i'm a real person who is not a politician. they also see i have a background when i was in washington. so the question is, who is the best person to stand on the stage and beat obama. that is deal is getting closed because they see i'm tough. i can handle barack obama. i'm confident on the issues and i'll do what i say i do.
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this is the last chance for united states. i am not a big government republican. i'm a small government constitutional conservative. that is what we have to have. >> reporter: there is new poll out that has you ahead of rick santorum and rick perry. that is a change from polls we've seen in recent days. there has been a lot of talk about you and rick santorum and rick perry as competing for the conservative mantle. what makes you the true conservative? >> main thing that separates me i have never engaged in crony capitalism. i don't engage in pay to play. i can't be bought because i'm not for sale. last donation last quarter was $42. we had 97,000 donations at an average of $42. other thing i'm a proven conservative who has been proven in the fire of washington, d.c. when i went to washington, i
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didn't sit on my hands. i fought every battle that came along. isn't that what we want in our president? somebody had who is going to do the battles that has to be done so we can take the country back. i have been tested on every single issue. when it comes to barack obama, in every single candidate there has been compromises they have made. i have no compromises in my background. i will go toe to toe with the president. i'll defeat him on every single issue. then i'll stand up and do what is had a to be done. it's a defining moment for america. its crucial time in our history just like with reagan or thatcher in england. this is our time. we have radical socialist president that america high school ever seen, the weakest president on foreign policy and national security that we've ever seen. i am the polar opposite.
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my great strength is national security. i'll stand up for our military. fiscal policy, i am the strongest fiscal conservative. my strength is social issues, no one has stood up for human life and standing up for marriage between men and women. i will stand up and the rest. we need someone who is going to be america's iron lady and that is what i intend to be. >> reporter: a margaret shacher? >> a margaret thatcher. >> reporter: you'll have to go through some of the candidates nationally, mitt romney is front runner, newt gingrich is polling very high, as well. let's take each of those guys. what separates you from mitt romney? what is your biggest criticism of him? >> again, this is with all due respect, i'm not trashing the candidates but a clarifying distinction. clarifying distinction i am not
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a big government, big spending liberal. that is what you see in mitt romney. he is a big government, big spender. there won't be change in washington, d.c. if mitt romney is the nominee. the other thing, he has a level of support in america despite the millions of dollars that has been spent, he can't get above a certain threshold. there is 70% of americans who chose they don't want mitt romney. that is not good for him. gingrich, you have someone who is major big government liberal in newt gingrich. he is the grandfather of the healthcare mandate. this is what american people don't want to have. it's unconstitutional. he has been for it for over 20 years. i don't come to these issues, oh i guess i was wrong. i come to the issues knowing what the right position is in the first place. that is what separates me from the pack. if you look at ron paul for
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instance, we couldn't have a more dangerous president when it comes to foreign policy. i stand distinctly ahead of ron paul on that issue. when it comes to rick perry, he has been highly compromised with crony capitalism. he has been bought for political donations. i have never done that. i have stood solely on the issues and i stood on those issues and fought on those issues. that is what people recognize. that is why i won the iowa straw poll. not only do they agree with my values, from all the candidates in the race, people agree with the values i stand for. now, they are recognized after the last debate in sioux city, iowa, when i was able to challenge ron paul and newt gingrich and mitt romney, they are seeing that i'm the best one to challenge barack obama because i don't back down. i don't have skeletons in my political closet that people can
1:17 am
point to. i'll be fearless. they see a woman of backbone, a woman who cares about them, american people and woman who cares about the united states constitution. >> griff jenkins is live in iowa. it looks like bachmann and ron paul are in another dispute again. what is happening. >> reporter: we are monitoring two significant developments. ken sorenson who serving a as state chair announced that he switching his support to ron paul. sorenson says it was the toughest decisions in his life. bachmann campaign said it is clear this is a deliberate move by the ron paul to discredit our campaign. she went on to same, tim sorenson says he was offered a large sum of money to go to work for the paul campaign.
1:18 am
also developing tonight, the story, two pastors not to split the block there. terry gordon. he simply toward our colleague steve broen brown there was, indeed, a plan and he had a face to face meeting with them to do it. i asked congresswoman bachmann, was she approached by anyway, she denied it twice. >> great interview with michele bachmann. >> straight ahead a big endorsement for newt gingrich and someone who is backing herman cain's 999 plan just a few months ago. find out who it is. >> and battled between the u.s. and iran heats up and the world's oil supply is at stake. both sides sending out sharp warnings. >> and tim tebow suddenly linked to brad pitt and angelina jolie and jennifer anniston.
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>> kimberly: big news for newt gingrich. he got an endorsement from a respected economist. the ronald reagan economic plan
1:22 am
and jobs and economic growth are top concerns. what did he say to fix the economy. he is here to tell us. art, thanks for being on the program tonight. what attracted to you newt? >> the proposals i've known newt for a long time heesmt his proposals are balanced, straight down the middle supply side of policies that reagan would have loved. jack kemf would have loved that will address jobs, employment production, prosperity. this is what is really needed, kimberly. he has put it together, monetary policy, fiscal policy, tax policy, regulatory policy, global trade. he has lowered the global rate to attract capital back in the u.s. its wonderful proposal. i couldn't help myself, i called and said i would like to endorse him. >> kimberly: you offered your endorsement or did he speak with you about it? >> i've known newt for a long
1:23 am
time. i offered my endorsement to him. >> kimberly: originally you supported herman cain and 999 plan. what made you decide newt was the way to go and how do you distinguish his approach from that plan? >> i didn't really endorse herman cain. i loved the 999 proposal. i think was great. it's on par from newt's as well but cain's proposal is great and he a great guy, as well. >> i'm endorsing newt's proposal and bring back prosperity as never before. think we can get growth rates 6, 7 than 8% rates for several years and bring 10 million, 20 million jobs to america. it's the type of plan to get economic prosperity back to
1:24 am
america. >> kimberly: he has a great ability to gain bipartisan support. he does believe in a strong dollar. >> exactly. >> kimberly: what turns ouf by the other candidates. what about mitt romney or rick perry are the best candidates to go against barack obama? >> let me just say i'm not turned off by the other candidates at all. in fact mitt romney is great. i love michele bachmann and rick perry is fantastic. these people would make very good presidents. i think newt gingrich, his proposal is better than theirs and will do a better job to bring it in. also newt gingrich has done it once before. i voted for bill clinton twice just so you know because of his tremendous free trade move, cutting of the gop, getting rid of the retirement tax, that was not a plan done by bill clinton but also by newt gingrich.
1:25 am
it brought prosperity to america. newt gingrich can do bipartisan politics. we're all in this country together. newt gingrich can bring all of this to a prosperous way. >> kimberly: we know the economy is going to be important. if newt isn't able to secure the nomination, he has been slipping in polls as recent including in iowa, most notedly bli you have to make another choice if you would like to push forward these policies. who is your second choice? >> as i said i like all the candidates a lot. you've really got a great crop of republican candidates running today. i'm very impressed. i think each one of them would do a great job as president. i think newt gingrich has the ability to deliver and has the broader based policies to really make it happen. >> kimberly: what about a candidate like mitt romney has a lot of business acure men, he has the experience of being
1:26 am
governor. in this is someone that can turn around businesses that aren't doing well and make a profit. he understands what is going on with the u.s. economy? >> mitt romney is very good. i liked mitt romney and knew his father very well. i know him pretty well. i don't think his policies are as bold or broad based as newt gingrich's are but i have no problem with mitt romney. he would make a great president. i think newt would do a better job than mitt would like. >> there you have it. we appreciate you being on the program tonight. >> thank you very much. its real pleasure. >> kimberly: coming up a shake up in the polls. rick santorum has been called the surprise candidate. which candidate is losing ground? we're going to show you all the brand-new numbers. that is next. and justin beiber sails right
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>> kimberly: mitt romney fortifies his lead. rick santorum, skyrockets and newt gingrich loses ground. six days before the iowa caucuses a big shift in the polls tonight. latest poll of iowa voters shows romney leading with 25%. ron paul is second with 22% and
1:30 am
a surging santorum moves into third place with 16. gingrich who led iowa earlier this month has dropped to 14%. followed by rick perry and michele bachmann. in new hampshire the new poll shows romney leading at 44%. paul at 17 and newt is at 16%. the rest are in single digits. what do the results mean? to sort it all out. thanks for being with us tonight. mitt romney's strategy in iowa, so far he is holding at 25%. can he hold on to the lead and perhaps gain more points? >> probably. he is definitely continue to spend money in iowa. he is advertising on television. he has organization on the ground. it's also a matter you don't need that many points to win. this is such a small game of
1:31 am
numbers here where particularly, let's talk about santorum which we'll get to. if he has supporters that need to go to a second choice and romney is the second choice or gingrich, that can really change those numbers. iowa is difficult to poll. >> kimberly: i want to talk about romney a about it. romney is focusing on obama, showing how they differ in their view of america in terms of the policies he would like to put forward. he is has a super pack doing dirty work of attacking the candidate. do you think this strategy is working? >> it seems to have paid off. certainly he was not leading in iowa a few months allege and he kept the amount steady. he is starting to build more support in iowans. so, yeah, he was definitely able to turn gingrich a little bit about. these are people romney supporters but it's not a romney
1:32 am
group. then i also have the fact he has been acting as if he the nominee all along. he presents as the guy that is mostelectable and he is doing this slow and steady. if he is able to come in first in iowa, that would be huge momentum to go into new hampshire. that is why a lot of people believe he is the likely nominee. i still think iowa is very volatile process. the caucuses are going to surprise people. >> kimberly: i think so. we'll be looking out. let's talk newt and the numbers are slipping for him. he had taking heavy fire in terms of everybody piling it in against newt. you can't turn on the television without getting a negative ad. they seem to be resonating because he is slipping in the poll and we've seen it by the latest numbers. >> it's so interesting because
1:33 am
he seen is so much activity on the republican side, different front runners over the course of a year. for gingrich, all of the things in his record that he brings to the table. some of the negative issues with his family life, with fannie and freddie and we saw really in the debate with all the candidates going after him. in particularly with bachmann going after him in iowa, that has definitely dropped him down a little bit. i'm not sure you're going to see him come back up after they are looking at romney in the new light. >> kimberly: how long do you think we see some of the lower polling candidates drop out of the race? >> that is a great question. it depends on who you are talking about. ron paul, he could potentially mount a third party candidacy should he not be the nominee in the process. he probably could stick it out. michele bachmann she is planning
1:34 am
keenly to go directly from iowa, from the debate in new hampshire and book it and go straight to south carolina. her advisors say they have a stronger organization in south carolina where she appeals to the evangelical voters even stronger than in iowa. this is going to be a long process regardless of whether. you obviously had santorum if he came in dead last he would drop out but he is rethinking that. its tricky situation. we saw gary johnson who is the bottom tier candidates decided to run on libertarian and that is one of the changes you'll see. >> kimberly: affecting looking forward to it. christine that that na, thanks so much. >> u.s. sending a strong warning to even. it will not tolerate any dis -- iran has threatened to close a vital water way. if the u.s. imposes sanctions on
1:35 am
oil exports much of the world's oil supply flows through the strait and it could send oil prices soaring. chief washington times correspondent, david sangar joins us. a lot of people are talking about it. what the threat in response to? >> it's in response to legislation that has passed congress and president obama is expected to sign. it has overwhelmingly that would create penalties for any company or country that does busy directly with iran's central bank. that is how they clear payments for oil sales. there are a number of loopholes with the obama administration that got negotiated into this so the president has some discretion. it doesn't come into effect in 180 days. president can exempt some
1:36 am
companies, japan and south korea are concerned because they do a lot of oil purchases from iran. if you took the law literally it would mean that a country that dealt with iran's central bank couldn't do dealings in the united states or the companies could not. >> kimberly: why do you think the latest sanctions are having such a strong response? >> the iranians see the oil sanction as the first sanction that could really affect the revenues flowing into the country. the u.s. and united nations, it has sanctions against iran for four or five years. but they've done everything except oil. you are now hitting that last stage. it's coming in part because the international atomic energy commission and their report a month and a half ago finally came out and revealed at least discussed in public evidence that we've reported in the times for three or four years now
1:37 am
suggesting that iran may have conducted some weaponization work in the past. that is different than producing uranium but actually working on the designs of warheads. >> kimberly: how can you not make oil prices rise if you are dealing with oil related sanctions and ultimately what impact is this having on oil prices. yesterday and today going forward? >> yesterday on the iranian threat they went up on the american declaration they really weren't going to let iran to close the straits. they went back down. that has been hovering a hundred dollars a barrel. the iranians have an enormous capability to raise oil prices by creating some fear. announcements one way to do it, if they took a shot at say an oil refinery in saudi arabia or elsewhere in the region even if they missed just the possibility there could be confrontation
1:38 am
across the very narrow strait of hormuz could create a mindset could be disruption which could make prices go up. what the u.s. is trying to do, a lot more savvy than past sanction efforts, is gradually get the world accustomed to the thought of trying to reduce iran's oil revenue. getting angola and libya to produce more oil in hopes of filling that in. of course, that depends on large part on what the overall oil market looks like and if there is economic recovery, overall demand could go up and it could make it much more difficult. >> kimberly: fascinating issue. saved sanger, thank you so much. >> which candidate do you trust? who is too slick? these are some of the questions greta asked college students.
1:39 am
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are... >> reporter: live from america's news headquarters, i'm casey stegall. authorities in connecticut say that five victims of the house fire on christmas day all died of smoke inhalation. three children and two grandparents did not make it out alive. grandfather suffering a head and
1:42 am
neck injury while trying to save the kids. investigators say it was started by fireplace i am bers that had been thrown out. >> a major weapons bill is in the works between the united states and saudi arabia. white house sources reveal the administration is selling 84 new s-f-15 fighter jets and upgrades to 70 additional planes at a total price tag of $30 billion. previous sales have been met about opposition from pro israeli lawmakers. i'm casey stegall. we'll see you back here in an hour.
1:43 am
1:44 am
and to get people interested and people are interested in this election. >> greta: some people would say that the media was very much behind president obama and even hillary clinton. in terms of trying to analyze the media bias or lack thereof in the campaign? >> it's the nature of the media to make the campaigns into a sort of a horse race. who is ahead and who is behind. as far as their coverage of president obama, no, i don't think they were biased about it. >> four against, against president obama in the race? >> i think throughout the race, i think there were some examples of some media bias. i think the media is put in an
1:45 am
interesting position because they want to get as close to the candidate and get to the story while trying to be as unbiased as possible. i think with the current race the media has been put in an interesting position because people like herman cain, people like donald trump. >> greta: do you put the two in the same category. they are both business pen? >> i don't think, no, i don't. >> illegal immigration, any of you have a thought of that. it's a big hot button issue? >> i'm from alabama. >> i'm from san diego. >> it's interesting, in national news because of immigration law where we have law enforcement officers who have a right to profile and arrest people who could be citizens of this country just the way we look.
1:46 am
you can only imagine the level of discomfort it causes people. our public schools have noticed a decline in attendance of students because they left the country or they don't want to leave their homes because they don't want to be deported. >> greta: is illegal immigration an issue. has any of the candidates said anything to you that you endorse or you think is bad or good? >> i view america as a cultural melting pot, it's a combination of individuals who have come together and one country trying to build. you know, come together under ideas of unity -- e plurbis union. trying to say people are terrorists or that, people are coming and taking your jobs, the jobs you wouldn't do yourself that you actually commit to. so i feel that it just needs to be an increased awareness among
1:47 am
the voting public, more education on various issues relating to illegal immigration. >> greta: who communicates and answers question and talking points? >> newt gingrich i think. >> ron paul. >> he is straight. what he says -- is definitely very straightforward. >> trust him the most. [ talking over each other ] >> greta: any republicans you think are slick something to please you? >> jon huntsman sometimes. most of it is with the name. people actually leave him off but i think oakland very
1:48 am
intelligent and he has track record. what he did in u.s. industry and over in china, but at the same time, i'm just not sure, i'm just not sure if i can trust him the way he says that to you, does he say that because he means it or you want to hear it. >> greta: what about personal background. speaker gingrich who has misfortune experience in the '90s and he became a catholic and he sought redemption and comfortable place in life. does his personal background, does it have any impact on him and whether he would be a good candidate? >> i think he would be a phenomenal candidate. >> greta: but what about his background? >> everybody has a background. everybody has to account for miss background but to say you have dealt with it lord and with
1:49 am
others that you have loved, to me that is fine. i can accept a flaw in person. if we expect perfection out of our political leaders were deemed to be disappointed. nobody is perfect. they are to disappoint you. if you think they aren't, hang on for a little while and you will find out they will. his background doesn't affect my decision at all. it's what he wants to do going forward. i think he is the most intelligent person in every room he probably walks in. to me that is the type of person i'm looking for in a presidential candidate. >> kimberly: straight ahead, crocodile gets named elvis gets all shook up. what does charlie sheen envy common to jersey shore crew? it may be a surprise to all of them. stay with us.
1:50 am
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>> kimberly: you've seen the top stories but where the best of the rest, crocodile says the zoo keeper, he lunged at them and stole their lawnmower. he stood guard over it. they lured elvis away with this candy. the workers were also to be able to retrieve two more things. and move over. daredevils are taking over. drivers race their old cars up a ramp and they try to fly over a bunch of old cars. this year's winner is an auto mechanic. he didn't fly over the cars but he got the most applause.
1:54 am
he'll be able to repair his wrecked car, comes in handy, right? and it's no surprise the polar bear has been an internet sensation. one-month old cub is called kuku and opened his eyes for the first time. he is getting round the clock human care and that is because his mother didn't produce enough milk for him. his caregivers say he is doing fine. people have been watching it online and loving it. also lots of media attention, denver broncos quarterback tim tebow, he is most desirable neighbor of 2012. survey asked when celebrities would make the best neighbor. tebow topped the list. following behind was angelina jolie and brad pitt. now for the stars least desirable, charlie sheen and
1:55 am
entire jersey shore cast. that the best of the rest. >> coming up kourtney kardashian and lady gaga sharing the spotlight tonight. that is next.
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>> greta: 11:00 is almost here and it's time for last call. that is right. we have all done it. talking about checking out celebrities on google. you know you have. who were the most-searched stars in 2011? take a look. >> we're getting married. >> hello, ladies... >> getting married this summer.
1:59 am
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