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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  January 11, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EST

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campaign. just telling you. >> sean: i agree with you. we're out of time and kirsten agrees with all of us. >> no, i don't. >> here we are again! bright and early. thanks for joining us. it's wednesday, january 11th. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks for sharing your time. so the results are in. mitt romney takes his second win of the election cycle. >> thank you, new hampshire! tonight, we made history! >> but no time for celebrating and popping the cork because it's already off to south carolina now where everything could change. one candidate preparing to make a major speech this morning and they're saying no consequences. they don't care about him. >> meanwhile, the vice president taking a reasonable approach to mitt romney's firing comments. >> romney said, you know, i like firing people. in fairness, that was probably taken a little out of context.
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>> oh, really? wait until you hear what joe biden said next. oh, no, say it ain't so, joe! ok? didn't quite finish. plus he's the reason she's a free woman today so why is casey anthony giving her attorney jose baez the pink slip? we'll discuss. "fox & friends" starts now. >> live from studio e the post-game show of what happened last night in new hampshire and yesterday. welcome aboard, folks. >> 60 minutes will be 45 minutes late as we wrap up the events. >> we have four hours today looking over on the big board, kicking off with three guys who want to be your president,, mitt romney, ron paul and rick perry. >> what about them? >> they'll be here live! >> dana perino will be here and the actress who is now in a new show, how do you say her last
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name? prepon, kind of like the mustard. and larry sabano will wrap things up at the end of the show with his amazing analysis. nothing like hip-hop at 5:00 a.m., huh? >> it's on my ipod. let's talk about mitt romney and what he did last night. i think he met and exceeded expectations despite what you might be reading from debbie wasserman schultz from the dnc, he got 39% of the vote and many people said look, he needs 37% plus to say this is a successful night. he's been campaigning there and they know him there and they showed it. the economy being the number one issue. he's tops. >> and you have -- we'll go through it. mitt romney with 39%. a bunch of democrats said he's 25. now he's there. newt and rick, look at that. way, way back there at 9% and rick perry who didn't do much in the state at all. in fact, spent this past week in south carolina got 1%, smoking buddy romer.
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>> will you slow down those full screen? >> trying to keep everybody awake and in tune. there they are. let's hear from the frontrunner. >> this president wakes up every morning, looks across america and is proud to announce it could be worse. it could be worse? that's not what it means to be an american. it could be worse. of course not. what defines us as americans is our unwaivering conviction that we know it must be better and it will be better. >> best thing about that when i was watching that is he was going against barack obama. it's as if the other candidates don't exist anymore other than he did point out it was a big mistake that some of his fellow mistakes attacked him on the bain capital and that phrase that he said that was taken out of context about liking to fire people. but otherwise, the entire speech
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was about taking on barack obama. they probably wrote this speech a long time ago knowing they would win new hampshire. it makes it look like there was nobody else in the field. >> good move and he didn't ad lib this one. he put it on prompter. he want to make sure the message was clear and the other big story is ron paul. ron paul came in second place but first place, the oldest candidate in the race comes in first place according to the exit polling with those who voted between 18 and 29. he got 47% of the next generation vote. >> he sure did. meanwhile, ron paul, there you can see him essentially taking his victory speech last night. he came out and he thanked the union leader. of new hampshire for not endorsing him. remember the union leader came out and famously endorsed newt and newt finished at the back of the pack. ron paul also had a funny laugh line with this. >> have to chuckle when they describe you and me as being dangerous.
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that's one thing they are telling the truth because they are dangerous to the status quo of this country! >> i think this is the untold story and maybe it's a story republicans don't want to tell. ron paul is second in iowa. ron paul is second in new hampshire. ok? i mean, what is he going to do in south carolina? we have dick morris coming up saying it's going to be mitt romney and ron paul. so, you know, where does this leave the republican party with ron paul being second? all the analysts said he's going to do well in caucus states. really? >> the problem -- >> the problem would be if, you know, after it is definitely romney, he decides, you know what? i think i'm going to go ahead and do a third party thing and that will louse up everything. otherwise, he'll vanish like they all do. >> i think he's closer to the occupiers' point of view than he would be the tea party point of view so it's going to be interesting -- >> in what way. >> i think that he talks about
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freedom, liberty, the corruption of wall street and he talks about the fed. >> talks about cutting back the deficit. he would be in line with the tea party. >> in that case but about nothing else including the republican party. he mentioned last night, the russians fell apart. you know why? they invaded afghanistan. now he's saying we invaded afghanistan. i guess he wasn't in support of that any longer. he's a libertarian registered as a republican. >> i think it's fascinating that he's placed second in like the demographic you pointed out, brian. the question has to be asked -- what does that say about the republican party? >> right, meanwhile, now for a breakdown of the exit polling to go into more detail is molly lyon. >> yep, she joins us from the college in manchester with the latest. she was there yesterday at this time. she was there last night. she's here. i don't think she slept in the last 36 hours. >> cannot get enough! it's all, you know, red bull and sugar. who needs food and sleep when you have red bull and sugar? we have the exit polls this morning. these are important because they give us insight into what the
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new hampshire voters were thinking when they went to the polls and why they made the decisions that they did. i had the great privilege to talk to a lot of voters here. let's start with the polls. you mentioned this earlier this morning, top thing that the voters were thinking about when the voters went to the polls was the economy. no surprise there. 61% of the new hampshire voters said it was the economy. the top quality that the republican and independent voters that cast in this, the republican voters leaving the polls were thinking was they wanted someone that could beat president obama. 35%. they wanted -- 26% said experience was the top quality they were looking for. 22% said strong moral character. and 13% said they wanted a true conservative to win this election. their feelings about obama. republicans are not happy with the job that president obama is doing. as far as angry voters went, about 46% of those angry voters voted for romney but let's take a look at the ultimate breakdown. angry voters, 40% describe
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themselves as angry, dissatisfied, 42%. satisfied, 12%. and enthusiastic, 3% about the job that president obama is doing. so a rough road ahead and interesting contest that we'll be watching for quite sometime into november. as i mentioned, i had a chance to talk to some of the new hampshire voters as they were leaving the polls yesterday and they said a lot of the things that we are seeing in these polls. take a listen. >> we voted for mitt romney because i think he can beat obama. >> gingrich? might be a squeaker but i still think he's the best candidate going. >> i have a rather fierce libertarian streak and therefore, ron paul was rather obvious to me as well. >> i voted for rick santorum. i like his platform. i like his principles. >> you know, it was not hard at all to get the voters to talk. the people of new hampshire love to talk politics. they're very open about the process. they're proud of their process and now their voices have been heard. guys, back to you. >> thank you very much, molly lyon in new hampshire and now it
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moves to south carolina where they will have their primary 10 days from now. >> thanks, guys! >> thank you! >> you're welcome. redbull and sugar. >> e-mail you later. >> what's going to happen this morning at 9:00 a.m. eastern time, newt gingrich has announced he's going to be giving a major speech. 9:00 a.m. now, see what you think of what his spokesperson says in describing this speech. this is r.c.hammond. bottom line is you'll see the most authentic candidate who has run for president who is not worried about what the consequences will be, put forth the truth as people see it in their lives every day. what does that mean? >> wow, i guess he's going to make a major speech and he's going to continue to attack president -- excuse me, mitt romney, less the president, less the president more mitt romney and what he did at bain capital. he does not care about the criticisms he received from the right including guys like rush limbaugh yesterday for doing that. what about this story? there's some sources now that say that within the gingrich
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organization that he has reached out and established communication with his good buddy from 30 years, rick santorum about possibly endorsing him should he drop out. >> this story comes from the patch newspapers down in south carolina, taylor, south carolina, in particular and they have multiple sources in south carolina who say that gingrich's camp has reached out to santorum. santorum's camp, they say if it can't be me, newt, i want it to be rick santorum. >> i just don't think he would do that just yet. i mean, south carolina hasn't happened. >> they're not going to pull the plug before south carolina. >> if you're an aide to newt gingrich and south carolina hasn't happened yet, would you reach out to the rick santorum camp have a chance of this happening, what we're talking about right now. i don't know. it seems a little premature. he might support them if he does horribly in south carolina. i don't see this being the truth right now. >> i don't know. multiple sources. how many times have we heard if mitt romney wins in new hampshire and iowa and south carolina, it could be all done
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unless there is some coalescing around somebody and maybe that's newt's way of saying into the santorum vote. >> just my opinion. rest of your headlines, fox news alert. we have to start with an iranian nuclear scientist murdered in tehran overnight. a bomb was planted underneath his car killing him and injuring two of his passengers. the professor reportedly worked at one of the country's uranium enrichment facilities. he's one of a string of nuclear facilities killed there. they believe it's a retaliation from the u.s. and israel both suspect the country is using facilities to build nuclear weapons. joran van der sloot expected to cop a plea in peru today. not clear what the charges are going to be that he's actually going to admit to. he's hoping to get just two years in jail for killing 21-year-old stephanie flores. two years in jail. claiming it was a crime of passion. prosecutors want him to get 30 years behind bars. van der sloot is the prime suspect in the disappearance of natalee holloway, the alabama teen who vanished in aruba in
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2005. helped her beat her murder rap and casey anthony thanking her lawyer jose baez by firing him. according to this morning's "new york post," anthony is furious about the way baez has handled the media circus surrounding her case. she feels he's spending too much time basquing in the spotlight and not enough time nailing down the first interview. her original lawyer will be hajding the legal and media affairs from now on. thousands of continental passengers inconvenienced because their nonstop flight ended up with a layover. dozens of flights were forced to make unexpected stops after running into head winds. the airline's decision to use smaller jets is partly to blame. they're less expensive to operate. that strategy only works when the winds are calm. those are your headlines this morning. >> coming up straight ahead, the panel is in place. the first lady michelle obama responds to the book that says she often clashed with former
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white house chief of staff rahm emanuel. we'll hear what she had to say ahead. >> all focuses on south carolina. that's next. what do the republican candidates have to do there to take the win? we'll talk to those three very smart people about politics coming up next in the 5:00 hour live from new york. good morning, folks!
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>> new hampshire is so last night or three hours ago. and now the candidates are pounding the pavement in south carolina already and expected to be the pivotal primary leading up to the g.o.p. nomination. what do the candidates need to do and how do they focus there?
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joining us now is our political panel is here, former communications director for new jersey governor jon corzine who is not doing that job anymore and fox news contributor joe trippe on her immediate right, former campaign manager for howard dean's presidential campaign and mallory factor is here, founder of the money meeting and international politics and american government at the citadel and more importantly i got you through security this morning so you owe me big time. >> thank you, thank you. yeah. >> joe, first off, in south carolina, let's take a look at the polls. i want to get your take. mitt romney on top at a place four years ago where he couldn't win a single county. he's leading by double figures over santorum, gingrich, paul and then you have perry at just 5%. huntsman, 2.3%. is this romney's to lose? >> i'd say that right now, he's got what he wants which is to be down there against a fractured field and a field that's running out of gas. i mean, santorum looks like he took fifth last night. maybe -- >> about 9% of the vote. >> 9%. so he's running out of gas.
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running out of money. and he's got the momentum. look, he's been the presumptive frontrunner all this time. last night, he became presumptive nominee of the party. that doesn't mean he's nominee but if he pulls off south carolina. this thing is going to go away fast. >> new hampshire and south carolina are dramatically different, momentum or not, correct? there's people like franklin graham who came forward that people of south carolina, evangelicals and christians will have a hard time voting for a mormon. >> that may be. that's a shame if that's the case. i think somebody's religion should have nothing to do with anything. the evangelical base is fractured. you have rick santorum and newt gingrich. both are catholic, by the way, not evangelical christians. as a result of that, mitt stands to benefit because the republicans can't coalesce against one romney alternative. that's to romney's benefit that perry stays in and newt stays in. the longer they stay in, the better it is for romney. >> talk about key endorsements. this is what the people of south carolina say is key when they talk about who is going to
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endorse who. jim demint isn't endorsing anybody yet. lindsay graham means a lot. but niki haley firmly in romney's court not helping more than mark sanford john mccain. >> that same poll talked about turning people off. this is ppp out of raleigh/durham area and they nailed the gubernatorial race in south carolina last time around. they were the best. and they basically said niki haley is a negative for romney. >> joe, do we know yet if the attacks on mitt romney's days at bain capital are hurting him in the polls? >> no, we don't know that and i think south carolina will be the place to look for it. a lot of those attacks were happening very late in new hampshire and also on his turf so we have to see where it plays out in south carolina and the difference is now that he's the presumptive nominee, he thinks he's been under fire, wait until he see what happens in south carolina issing. they're going to come after him
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with everything he's got. >> south carolina is the place that john mccain got so slammed by george bush in 2000 after having an out of wedlock legitimate african-american baby. it's not true. if you're going to take somebody down, this is the place to do it. >> we're going to lead you next time. we want to talk about something else that matters a lot to you. as the panel sticks around, let's keep this in mind. a record number of americans say they're not democrats and not republicans. what does that mean for the upcoming presidential election? plus a brawl on the football field ended up saving a life. that unbelievable story next.
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>> thanks for getting up bright and early with us. 22 minutes after the top of the hour. some quick headlines. the first u.s. drone strike in pakistan since a border attack in november accidentally killed 24 pakistani troops and left four islamist militants dead as well. the attack was in an al-qaida and taliban strong hold near the afghan border. the man who led fannie mae after the government takeover makes it official. he's announcing that he's stepping down as ceo. he says now is the right time to hand over the reins. he'll stay on until a replacement is named. back to brian and the panel. >> new poll shows a number of people identifying themselves as independents are at an all time high in this country. is that good news for the g.o.p. or anyone else? we're back with our political panel, joe trippe, julie and mallory factor. mallory, to you. first, independents last night in new hampshire, 32% went to
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mitt. 30% went to ron paul and that number continues to be substantial in every state from here on in. >> it sure is. there's a couple of organizations that may have some impact on independents particularly in south carolina. one little fact that most people don't know yet is all the candidates other than mitt romney have come out in support of national right -- of national right to work. romney has not come out against it or for it. hasn't answered their survey. they're going to play in that and they're going to play at independents. also, the tea party movement is very substantial in south carolina. state senator who for all intensive purposes leader of it. tom davis, state senator. >> state senator. >> and watch what he does. he could be a big factor in changing things around as well as representative tim scott. >> julie, what independents want and what party is better suited to give it to them? >> i would say the democrats are definitely suited to give it
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to them. as you mentioned, independents are very concerned about social issues and republicans aren't concerned about. they're concerned about health care and obamacare and they're concerned about keeping obamacare for the most part. if you look at poll after poll, they're concerned about a whole host of issues that the democrats agree with them on more so than republicans. that's something that behooves mitt romney to know. that's why romney probably isn't doing things that the other candidates are doing. he's seen the same polling that we've all seen. >> if that's true that independents for the most part don't want obamacare repealed, does mitt romney, the general election candidate, should he get there, actually look better because of romneycare? >> actually, yeah, there's a way for him to actually look better to independents because eases more like obama on that issue. the thing i noticed last night when you look at the demographic group that obama did well in, young people who are against the war, who won them last night? it was -- >> ron paul. >> ron paul won them big. >> so you're seeing this interesting thing. how does romney get those people
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to come in assuming he's the nominee? they may be the folks up for grabs. the actual swing group of independents that decide this thing, ron paul's got him. not romney and how -- and those may be the people that obama can get back and that's -- that could be the point. >> great point, joe. did you notice that in ron paul's speech, he kind of said nice things about mitt romney, he basically said, listen, you don't attack the free market. i think it's wrong for republicans who attacked on this issue. >> i don't think he'll be able to move those people to romney. i really don't. remember, you have gary johnson who is playing on a libertarian party line and there's such dissatisfaction about romney being the old republican party. and that's really who put romney together. that you may see some defections to a third party and maybe a fourth party. >> if you're a tea partyier and you've been talking about the banks and how the banks are on society, how do you support a mitt romney? how do you then turn around and
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say well, you know what? all right, we didn't get everything we wanted but the core of what the tea party stands for is something that mitt romney just does not stand for. that's a problem for him. >> fiscal responsibility. >> i don't know. i mean, the question is, you know, low taxes, he's the governor of massachusetts. he raised taxes in massachusetts. that's going to be brought up. i'm surprised it hasn't been yet. >> but obama -- >> we'll have to leave it there sadly. we only have three hours left. we got to go. mallory, julie and joe, thanks so much. >> thank you! >> all right, 28 minutes past the hour. first, it was apple juice. now tainted o.j. what you need to know before pouring yourself a glass of orange juice this morning and are they america's first frenemies. the first lady setting the record straight about her alleged fights with the former white house chief of staff rahm emanuel. hear from her next.
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>> all right. it's time for your shot of the morning taken yesterday afternoon. while new hampshire voters headed to the polls in the late afternoon, mitt romney spent last night at the movies. romney's son tag posted this picture on twitter. you can see mitt, his wife ann and a number of their grandchildren at a movie theater in new hampshire. they reportedly saw "the muppets movie" and "mission impossible
5:33 am
deuce". >> i have not seen either. >> i've seen both. >> very similar plots? >> no. they're both inplausible. >> ok. fantastic. >> that would be the common thread that ties them together. >> would you say is there something wrong when tom cruise has a story line that's more fantasy driven than the one in the muppets? >> let's just say because i brought my husband to the muppets, i had to go to "mission impossible." that's all i was going to say about it. it was very thrilling but implausible. i especially like those gloves on the outside at the 115th floor. >> tom cruise really did those stunts. >> i doubt he was on top of that hotel in dubai. >> he did the stunts! >> it's suddenly plausible. >> adam west climbed up the side of the building. >> let's look at something else that may be plausible this morning, that's who won new hampshire. mitt romney, 39%, almost breaking over to the 40% mark. ron paul second at 23%. jon huntsman who basically lived in new hampshire for the last year did come in third, 17%.
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>> and he acted like it was a victory yesterday. lot of drama in the battle for fifth place. newt gingrich and rick santorum. very close to each other but i think newt gingrich disappointing 9% considering where he was three weeks ago and rick santorum, i don't think he could be that disappointed. you know, he wasn't there that long. he had surged in iowa. and he has some -- he's second place currently in south carolina. >> i do. i saw something last night on our coverage that showed he had been there the most of all the candidates, second only to jon huntsman. if i'm remembering correctly. so if you think about that, a lot of people are analyzing this morning, maybe he should have gone to south carolina because now he's lost his momentum moving into a state where he he could have done well and maybe still would but, you know, anyone's guest whether or not that will happen. >> sure. what's going to happen with newt gingrich? over the last couple of days, he's really attacked mitt romney and his time at bain capital. are you kidding -- are you
5:35 am
kidding? have you been in the muppet movie? >> he's been angry! i guess the red light means nothing to you since you're a frontrunner! >> so is he going -- you know, did it pay off for him yesterday in new hampshire? it doesn't really look like it. will it help him in south carolina? the jury is still out on that. nonetheless, mitt romney last night in his victory speech made a mention of people like newt and his attack on the free market system. >> president obama wants to put free enterprise on trial and in the last few days, we've seen some desperate republicans join forces with him. this is such a mistake for our party. and for our nation. >> lot of people agree with that statement. to be fair, it's not just newt gingrich. it's rick perry still doing it yesterday in south carolina. it's jon huntsman doing it in new hampshire. so those three decided to go on
5:36 am
the attack. there's a lot being written this morning about rick santorum being admirable for not doing it. and then there's this quote from ron paul. >> i think they're wrong. they're either demagoguing or don't have the vaguest idea how the market works and we're going to talk to perry but i saw the governor of texas yesterday with sean hannity late last night and he's got the lines down. he's not a venture capitalist but a vulture capitalist. i've been to this city and this company and he's feasted on these people's lives. they're painting him as a cold hearted guy. this is governor perry's last stand. if they think this separates him from governor romney that happens to be two weeks ago, governor romney's strength, it's fair game, i believe. >> game on. meanwhile, while we are talking about the big republican race, there was a democrat primary as well. barack obama won. ok. meanwhile, while he was doing that, joe biden, his number two guy did a webcast for new
5:37 am
hampshire's -- for democrats in new hampshire. and he made mention of the fact that a day or two earlier, mitt romney had said out on the stump and it was taken out of context that i enjoy firing people. well, joe said you know what? mr. romney was taken out of context. but then watch what joe does. >> romney said that, you know, i like firing people. in fairness, that was probably taken a little out of context when he said that. what isn't out of context is the point he was making, he thinks it's more important for the stockholders and the shareholders and the investo and the venture capital guys to do well than for those employees to be part of the bargain. >> and all those people were the guys that you got all the money from and gals last time around! so i bet the tune would have been different in 2008 when they were giving all their donations to obama-biden.
5:38 am
>> the touche would be for the governor, do you know how many jobs i saved because i was able to go into a failing company and being able to restructure it so the workers had a way to go. it was a way to get the company reconfigured to come back and hire more. and that's kind of what ron paul said last night. that's just the nature of that business. >> mitt romney needs to make that statement clear. i think he started on the path last night. >> he has to. >> he could say it so simply so people don't have to become experts in private equity. all he has to say is look, if i had not invested in these companies, they would have gone belly up. if i had not invested with other people's money in these companies, they would have gone belly up. people would have lost their jobs long before bain capital came out. it's that simple. >> not only does he need to do that. i think because governor perry is bringing up specific companies in specific cities, he has to talk about the companies that evidently didn't do well. i haven't done the research yet. according to governor perry, they didn't do well. i think they'll have to get
5:39 am
specific there. >> i think he does. "the wall street journal" encourages him to do that on the op ed page. mitt romney was taken out of context and joe biden takes mitt romney out of context. how delicious. >> to your headlines now. the first lady speaking out for the first time today about reports that she and former chief of staff rahm emanuel did not get along. according to the new book "the obamas" the relationship between michelle obama and emanuel was "distant and awkward" from the beginning. emanuel tried to avoid her at all costs. here's the first lady. >> one thing is true that i talked very candidly to my husband about how i feel but that's the kind of relationship we have. i wouldn't go to rahm about something that i would talk to my husband about. right? if i didn't agree with something, i would talk to my own husband about it. >> when emanuel was asked about the reports, he said he has a great relationship with the president and the first lady. >> meanwhile, federal appeals court ruling against voter approved law banning references to islamic sharia law in
5:40 am
oklahoma courtrooms. this ruling upholding a lower court decision. the ruling could affect more than 20 other states where laws against sharia law are currently under consideration. >> there were reports of arsenic in orange juice and now fungicide? i thought it was apple juice. an unnamed company said it found the chemical in its product and competitor's product. the f.d.a. does not allow the chemical in juice made in the u.s. but much of our juice comes from other countries like brazil where it is allowed. they find it does not pose a health risk. in large levels, the fungicide can cause problems with reproduction. >> a fight on football field helped save a referee's life. the veteran referee got hurt breaking up a brawl between the ravens and steelers back in september. a bad reaction to motrin sent him to the doctor and a tumor was discovered in his throat. he's now being treated for throat and tongue cancer and undergoing a second round of
5:41 am
chemo. that didn't stop him from officiating the saints-lions game on saturday. >> oh, my goodness. what a story. >> wow. >> lucky. 24 minutes before the top of the hour. >> north vs. south. frank luntz is back breaking down the differences between new hampshire and south carolina voters. and the answers could surprise you. >> and jon corzine, former governor of new jersey in hot water again. who is suing the former democrat top guy from new jersey over millions of dollars from m.f. global's collapse? details on that as we roll on live from new york.
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>> quick headlines now. a group of 38,000 montana farmers and cattle ranchers suing democratic new jersey
5:45 am
governor jon corzine. they say his failed brokerage firm m.f. global stole millions of dollars from their investment accounts to pay off its spiralling debt before it went bankrupt. that's nice. the aircraft carrier uss ronald reagan has arrived in washington to undergo a one year $208 million overhaul. yep, the work will happen at the puget sound over at the naval ship yards. 2,500 sailors and their families arrived there yesterday from the carrier's home port of san diego. i've been there. people upstairs? >> thank you, brian. in case you've been asleep, mitt romney won the new hampshire primary last night. now all the candidates focusing on south carolina. what are the differences between voters in the north and the south? pollster and fox news contributor frank luntz breaks it down for us. >> now that the dust has settled in new hampshire, all the candidates are heading fast and furious to south carolina. and boy, is there a difference in the electorate. new hampshire, economic conservatives focused on the
5:46 am
economy, main street, very much a dollars and cents type voter. south carolina even more than iowa social conservatives. more religious. more family oriented. more likely to respond to the social agenda, abortion is important down there. gay marriage. so it's a very different type of voter. less engaged. less involved. the average new hampshire voter has met a candidate, in fact, met a president. in south carolina, they're not nearly as involved. so the challenges are great for all the candidates. mitt romney leaves new hampshire cleerm -- clearly the frontrunner. if he lives in south carolina, there hasn't been a single election where anyone has won iowa, new hampshire and south carolina and then lost the nomination. so clearly, he's going for a victory. rick santorum, the winner in iowa did not do well in new hampshire. for him, he's trying to use south carolina to become the conservative alternative. he's going to be working the right. working the churches and the
5:47 am
social conservatives. newt gingrich, this is his do or die state. a poor showing in both iowa and new hampshire, he was leading in south carolina until about 10 days ago. now he's tied for second with rick santorum. only a win in south carolina keeps his hopes alive for florida. rick perry left new hampshire except for the debates. he's been in south carolina for the last week giving him a leg up. however, for perry, he's going to need an organization and significant money to be able to compete in all the media markets. for jon huntsman, the challenge is even greater. rick perry has been down there. jon huntsman hasn't even made a trip down there in weeks. for him, the goal is to survive, to go to florida and so huntsman is going to be looking for a third or fourth place finish that at least keeps him alive for another 10 days. ron paul exceeded expectations in iowa. exceeded expectations in new hampshire. the latest polling has him in single digits. if he can get up to that 20%
5:48 am
margin, he will become a significant player. so we look at these candidates and the challenges that they face, it is such a different state, watch for the fox news debate next monday. and for the south carolina primary, the following saturday. back to you. >> thanks for breaking it down, frank. coming up next on "fox & friends", the race isn't about who won but who got which group of voters. which trends are we seeing from iowa and new hampshire? we're breaking that down for you next. plus she supported him in 2008 but is angelina jolie now having buyer's remorse about president obama? why the academy award winning actress says she's disappointed in the president.
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>> welcome back. mitt romney celebrating a decisive win in new hampshire last night. but compared to iowa, where did he receive his support from and what does it mean for the other candidates in the race? right now, with more, we got doug shone, former pollster for president bill clinton and margaret hoover, former aide to president george w. bush's re-election campaign and former new york mayor rudy giuliani's presidential campaign. she's also a fox news contributor and she's standing out in the cold. good morning to both of you. >> good morning! >> ok, let's first talk about conservative voters. who did they vote for as we go to the big screen, we see that in new hampshire, romney, it was a landslide for him. he got 42%. as you can see right there. ron paul got 19% and santorum got 15% but in iowa, santorum got almost 30%. romney about 6% behind that and ron paul behind that. margaret, what do you make of
5:53 am
the conservatives going for romney in new hampshire but santorum in iowa? >> well, first i'll say this, steve, i think i see two overarching themes as you look at the polls. one is that mitt romney didn't work nearly as hard as santorum did in iowa vs. new hampshire. he owned new hampshire. secondly, being conservative in iowa is something very different than being conservative in the live free or die state. so what you see is that the folks in new hampshire where conservativism really lends itself to individual freedom, live free or die, economic issues especially and that's what people voted on here. they voted for romney. in iowa, conservatives voted for santorum because he's a religious conservative and a social conservative. >> douglas? >> yeah, i agree with margaret. the new hampshire conservative is a much more moderate variety than iowa. moreover, 44% of the overall vote in new hampshire were
5:54 am
independents. so this electorate is a different electorate than the one we saw in iowa. more moderate overall. even if they had a different self-characterization and a much healthier percentage of independents who could vote in either primary and there was only one primary to vote in yesterday. >> and ron paul got a sizable amount of the vote yesterday because a lot of people in new hampshire like him saying stuff like this. >> i think the intellectual revolution that's going on now to restore liberty in this country is well on its way and there's no way they're going to stop the momentum that we have started. >> all right. now let's talk about the evangelical vote or the person who told the exit pollers, i consider myself evangelical. in new hampshire, romney wound up with 30% followed by santorum at 23% and ron paul right there at 22%. meanwhile in iowa, santorum led with 33%. paul with 19% and romney with
5:55 am
half the support that santorum got. doug, what's that say to you? >> it says to me that margaret's basic theme is absolutely correct. an evangelical in iowa is different than one in new hampshire. in iowa, they were voting on conservative issues, bigger, bolder, and in new hampshire, the economy dominated even for evangelicals and mitt romney won a clear victory where he had a clear loss in iowa. >> let's move on to the demographic of women, who got the female vote in new hampshire. romney got 40%. paul, 20%. in iowa, santorum got almost 30% and romney got 25%. >> i think this pulls off the same themes. you have live free or die in new hampshire and in iowa you have social conservatives were the themes that santorum talked so authentically about, about his belief in pro life, the fact that he and his wife have lost
5:56 am
some children. the fact that he's ardently against gays being part of the military openly and all these themes that socially conservatively resonate in south iowa just simply don't play in new hampshire and i think some of those themes for women simply -- i think that's why they came out strongly for romney and not santorum. >> very good and insightful insights so early on this wednesday morning. margaret standing in the cold and doug here in the studio, thank you both. >> thanks. >> you bet. we're coming up on the top of the hour. straight ahead, he orchestrated a second term for president bill clinton but dick morris does not see the same thing happening for president obama. huh? he'll join us shortly to tell us why and get ready for another remake. brand new details on the eighth installment of "police academy."
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