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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  January 12, 2012 3:00pm-4:00pm EST

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>>megyn: thanks for watching everyone, i am megyn kelly. "studio b" with ship starts now. >>shepard: the news begins anew, on "studio b" natalee holloway the american teen who was missing in aruba six years ago today a judge declared her legally dead. we will tell you exactly why. nearly nine years ago, private jessica lynch survived an attack that killed 11 of the fellow soldiers and led to her capture. what does she think about the war now? and the story that was told about her by our government? jessica lynch joins us, live. >> and rick perry losing the support of a major backer in the state of south carolina. after rick perry went after his business experience. that could affect the other candidates piling on romney all ahead unless breaking news changes everything.
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but first from fox at 3:00, there is breaking news. moments ago a judge in alabama declared natalee holloway legally dead. she is the 18-year-old high school senior who van iraned on -- who vanished on a trip. her father asked the judge to making the ruling and her mother says she will not contest it. they divorces after she disappeared. the fair said he needs her college fund to pay for her brother's education. he cannot access that money. today's decision is a day after the prime suspect, joran van der sloot pleaded guilty to killing another woman to purr free five years to the day after natalee holloway disappeared. trace is live in the west coast. why is the mom, here, no longer contesting this? >> because she says that she is ready to put an end to the chapter and to move on and she says she understands the reasons
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her ex-husband is doing this. you mentioned one, he wants to use her college fund to pay for the younger brother, and he wants to stop paying her hospital insurance and he needs this to do so. back in september the judge ruled that it is not about proving she is dead. it is now about proving that she is alive so he allowed four extra months for someone to come forward with proof she is still alive, clearly, nobody came forward with that proof, so, today the judge ruled that natalee holloway is legally dead. >>shepard: we hear the family is not done with joran van der sloot. >> and he will be sentenced tomorrow in court and could face up to 30 years or as little as five. if he gets 30 he has to serve a minimum of 15 but the family attorney thinks u.s. authorities will try to extradite him back to alabama to face federal extortion charges that he extorted $25,000 from the mother
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in exchange for revealing the whereabouts of her body in aruba. he never delivered on that promise. and, now, u.s. authorities admit it could be a task to get him back to this country because it is all up to the peru authorities and they may decide to wait until after he has served his sentence in peru and then tell u.s. authorities now he is all yours. >>shepard: thank you from los angeles. tomorrow we will find out how much time he will get in peru's prison. and a prosecutor, defense attorney, and arthur aidala our legal contributor. getting him back here ... sounds like a tall order for extortion after being convicted of murder. >> that is obviously going to be on the low end of the totem pole and they will be most interested in making sure he serves out the full sentence before he is brought back which is understandable. but i would not go so far to say
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it is something that the authorities here in the united states will not be concerned enough about to make sure he does, in fact, return to face those charges. those charges are serious and the proof there is fairly strong. so, the fact that he has not yet been charged with the murder of miss holloway, they will go forward with the champions. >>arthur: it depends on how much he serves in peru f he does 20 or 25 years, we are not going to be that anxious to spend resources to grab hill. but if he does 15 or 14 years natalee holloway's family will still be active and around and involved and pushing the government to do the right thing. >>shepard: on natalee holloway now you have to prove she is alive not that she is dead to make this happen. >>arthur: i have to say when it came over, when i was handed the decision, it was weird
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because we know she has been dead. face it. but, now, make it official ... there is always that glimmer of hope and that hope is gone, now, and aruba authorities may have been able to find who killed her and that did not happen. >> the only issue i see there is that possibly the judge should have waited until the sentence was other in the murder case of the young woman in peru. i would have liked to have seen that because at that point, and we are looking at a sentence -- why not wait to assign the order? he now has something hanging over his head which is the sentence on the murder which he has led guilty to. why not utilize that as some incentive for him to give up information to the family? >>arthur: the judge just said she is dead. she is officially dead. so, if joran van der sloot tomorrow wants to say, listen, judges, give me one more shot, i will tell you something else and
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if i tell you who killed natalee holloway would you take my sentence from tenth to ten. >>guest: but that is disruptive. make the final determination so we have the best chance of getting all the information. >>shepard: all right, guys we will talk to you again in another minute but the war in afghanistan, the taliban, the afghanistan government, and the united states government all blasting a video that surfaced that appears to show a small group of united states marines urinating on the bodies of taliban fighters. now, we are not showing it. it is a little much. it is unclear how it made its way to the interpret and the military is investigating but two marines have been identified. and this comes as the taliban says they are ready to start peace talks to end the war in afghanistan. peace talks. with the taliban. it has come to this? ed henry from the white house, i was saying this video really could complicate things.
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>>reporter: no doubt, secretary of state hillary clinton was firm in saying that while she believes the large majority of u.s. military personnel have high standards, conduct themselves accordingly, that in this case she said she had total dismay over what is depicted in the video. said she did not want to get ahead of the investigation but joined the defense secretary panetta in saying this will not stand. take a listen. >> it is absolutely inconsistent with american values, with the standards of behavior that we expect from our military personnel and the vast, vast majority of our military personnel particularly our manies hold themselves to. >>reporter: a taliban spokesman told reuters this will not complicate the peace talks but the fact of the matter is you will remember the photo of the military prison scandal and how that inflamed the situation in iraq, there is always the possibility this could inflame the situation in afghanistan.
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despite what everyone is saying. >>shepard: tell us of the proposed "peace talks," that may sound a little weird. >>reporter: no doubt and jake carney said that a few moments ago at the podium, look, the taliban is not exactly the party that the u.s. wants to sit down with here and he stressed that what the u.s. is trying to do, to facilitate peace talks between the taliban, the insurgents and the afghanistan government and president karzai not the united states it self, and saying peace with your enemies, people you don't like, that is what will happen end this war. take a listen. >> you have to have a political solution at some point, a political settlement, that is essential here and it is co-existing with our military campaign. it is, in fact, our military campaign that set for
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reconciliation discussions that we hope will begin taking place. >> but there are all kinds of conditions that still have to be met for any of the peace talks to move forward such as the fact that taliban have to renounce al qaeda and one thing the taliban has expressed an interest in is getting five prisoners released from the u.s. military prison at guantanamo. that is a very controversial decision by the funds they moved forward on that. >>shepard: thank you, ed. the war in afghanistan was still in the infancy jessica lynch was among the first u.s. troops to enter iraq not long after a prisoner of war. now she is a college graduate and aspiring teacher and she is here. to tell us about what she thinks about the end of the war. her time as a prisoner. and that story our government told about her.
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>>shepard: and the follow prisoner of war, jessica lynch. it was nine years ago 19 my fighters captured the then 19-year-old former private first-class in a deadly ambush on truck she was driving. 11 soldiers died not attack including one of her very close friends. of course special forces rescued jessica lynch from an iraqi hospital and the initial reports from our government portrayed her as a hero who went down fighting. jessica lynch denied that. she said she didn't shoot a single round in the attack. last month she graduated from wva parkersburg with a degree in education. and, today, she is here with us. former police nor of war.
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thanks for coming. thank you for your service. i want to start with where we are now, at the end of this. how do you feel about that? >> i'm glad the troops especially in iraq have gotten to come home and they were able to spend the holidays with their families. now let's work on bringing the rest of them home out of afghanistan and throughout the world. >>shepard: you were part of a very large puzzle and it is probably not fair for me to ask you to assess things but sense you were there and friend whose died this was it worth being there? >>guest: i have different feelings on different days. senator days i think definitely we got in there and we got saddam and that was the mission. other days we lost so many likes, so many brothers and sisters and --. so no war is
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worth having our soldiers killed. >>shepard: when you were captured, that whole government story came out. you as one, shoot 'em up, rescuing everyone. that is not what happened. and you called out the government on its lies. how did you get the strength and wherewithal to do that? >>guest: i felt that i had to. because i knew those weren't the accurate stories and i just would not be able to live with myself because one, it would be so easy for me to take credit. >>shepard: it would have. >>guest: there were five of us soldiers in that humvee and i was the only one to survive it would have been easy for me to go loan with their stories but that is not who i am or how i was raised i knew from the start i had to set the records straight. >>shepard: in 2003, i remember, vividly your interview with abc news and i was thinking at the time, i wonder if she will ever get a chance to talk to anyone who made this stuff up
3:16 pm
about her. did you? >>guest: we went in front of conditioning with the tillman family. >>shepard: who gave up the nfl story to fight the war and they made up a story about him. >>guest: he was killed by friendly fire. so we went to congress and we were able to talk with them and his family was looking for answers. they could not understand why the military and government made up stories about him, too, and i went along kind of to set the record straight of what happened to me wasn't right. at least i got to come home and tell my side of the story. pat did not. >>shepard: have you had contact with anyone from that then government of the united states that did that? >>guest: no. i feel it is in the past. i have done my part in setting the record straight and now it is time to move on. >>shepard: you said people to this day you told me during commercial you "for my people" and they believed the government lied and not your truth.
3:17 pm
>>guest: still today i get hate mail people accusing me of who do i thing i am, why do i feel i am a hero? i don't, i never wanted to say that. from the beginning i tried to set the record straight and i feel that is all i can do. >>shepard: you were held captive by the enemy if a war. how much of that do you recall? and can you share briefly what that expense was like? >>guest: i remember all of captivity. it was from the point in the ambush to the time i was actually captured that i lost consciousness. but i woke up about three hours after the ambush and after they had taken me to a horrifying site. i could not see. they took my glasses and stripped me of all belongings
3:18 pm
and all i could see was iraqis standing around me and looking down upon me and i knew at that moment something terrible had happened and i wasn't in the eight place. i wasn't where i was supposed to be. >>shepard: congratulations on graduation. what is next for private jessica lynch as we know you? >>guest: i'm actually going to get my masters, i figured i made it to the point are i got my bachelors now i want to keep going and get my masters and i am up for anything. we have several opportunities in the works coming up. different things on a personal level since i am in education major, now, i am going to work with some of the west virginia department of education and different things to maybe sure that kids learn to readed. just different opportunities and take it one day at a time.
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>>shepard: good for you. good luck the i know you don't like to wear the hero labor but when you go to war and you fight for the country and you get kidnapped by the enemy and you return, you are a hero. >> unemployment is down, foreclosures down, today, sadly the news is not so rosy. that in a minute. on this thursday, to "studio b" so nice to have you [ kyle ] my b. [ roger ] tell me you have go insurance. yup, i've got... [ dennis ] really? i was afraid you'd have some cut-rate policy. [ kyle ] nope, i've got... [ dennis ] ...the allstate value plan. it's their most affordable car insurance -- and you still get an allstate agent. i too have... [ dennis ] [ roger ] same agent and everything. [ kyle ] it's like we're connected. no we're not. yeah, we are. no...we're not. ♪
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>>shepard: bad news for housing. experts say we should expect a very big jump in foreclosures this year after a drop in the number of homes banks seized last year.
3:23 pm
the tracker of the trends reports foreclosures plummeted 34 percent in 20112011 but an at official drop because a crackdown on shady north practices caused extensive delays. also weighing on the economy a new report that shows the number of people applying for jobless benefits spiked after throw positives of steady decline. and now gerri willis from the fox business network is here. it was sounding so good. >>gerri: the foreclosure numbers are very important this affects all the economy. what happens robo signers taking down the market next year because there will be a lot of foreclosures working their way through the system, some 3.5 million, seriously delinquent homes people who have nod been paying for four months making the numbers this year look very bad, not as bad as 2009. but pretty darned bad and it will take longer to recover.
3:24 pm
prices will be depressed but we have to get through this to get to the other side. >>shepard: what do we attribute the spike in unemployment claims, to what do we attribute? >>guest: up 24,000. the thinking is layoffs that come after who day hiring. the numbers are seasonal. but not adjusted. and the tipping point is 400,000 and we not over that. so hopefully that will continue to be down. >>shepard: you can catch gerri on the willis report at 5:00 eastern and 4:00 in oxford on the fox business network. update now on the extreme weather situation in parts of alaska where the snow is still piling up and there is more on the way.
3:25 pm
folks there are struggling to dig out more than 15' of snow. and a new storm headed that direction. forecasters warn some areas could see another 16" today. and now our reporter is in the pacific northwest. where is the biggest concern now? >>reporter: the biggest concern is roof collapse. it has happened to a handful including a commercial building and it is getting worse because right now one city is hit with rain so all that massive snow is turning into slush and the other danger is avalanches because of the hills and the heavy snow could come down and bury the town. right now they have 15' of snow since november and the town is close to a record set in 1955 and they have three more months to go with 57 national guard troops going from building to building, shoveling snow off roofs, and because there is not a place to put the snow they have resorted to a massive snow
3:26 pm
it melt using ice melting machines to melt the snow piled up all overtime city so they can have room to put the new snow when it falls. the rain will turn to snow so more snow on the way and ice, too. >>shepard: some towns is been cut off. >> the problem is in nome, in northwest alaska where they are trying to liver 1.5 million gallons of fuel to nome that had a shipment coming in, in the fall and now the only ice breaker in the fleet is leading a tanker to russia to deliver the ice going influence 2' of ice to get there and conditions are rough at 50 degrees below zero wind chill factor there and they will get to a file away and the tanker will deliver all this fuel. they were supposed to have the
3:27 pm
fuel delivered in the fall but they got iced in. if they don't they are running low on gasoline, diesel fuel and home heating fuel. they don't have enough to last until the ice melts. >>shepard: thank you from the pacific northwest. in the south, in mississippi, the governor barbour is under a lot of fire today for pardoning a dozen convicted killers as one of the final acts. now a judge in mississippi says that may have been illegal. but at least five convicts have gotten out of jail and the victims are not happy. plus violence escalating in syria, and a western journalist is now dead and the peacekeeping mission may be falling apart. approaching the bottom of the hour and the top of the news on "studio b" today. goals? you can with green giant frozen vegetables. over twenty delicious varieties ha sixty calories oless
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>>shepard: this is "studio b" at the bottom of the hour and time for the top of the news. a mississippi judge has blocked the release of 21 inmates after the former governor pardoned them and others on his way out of office if jackson saying the pardons could be in violation of mississippi's state constitution. the now former governor granted clemency to hundreds including a dozen convicted killers four of whom went free this week. >> we have our law enforcement out watching those who are a
3:32 pm
danger. >> the governor will have to look me and the family in the eye and say, i will get this guy go. but there wasn't any of that. that is the coward's way out. >>shepard: we invited the governor to appear and he and the staff have not returned our calls. but he did put out a statement to all the media saying most of those he pardoned have already served their sentences and the decision was based upon the recommendation of the parole board in 90 percent of the cases. and my guest has more on this like for us. do we have a sense, now, chris, why the judge believed this could be illegal? >>guest: you bet. the attorney general in mississippi asked the judge that you mentioned before to take a good look at part -- pardons, the constitution says that any inmate that is seeking a pardon must publish notice of his or her intentions in a newspaper in the county where the inmate was convicted before they can be
3:33 pm
pardoned. it gives people to object. in this case the governor granted so many pardons he doubts that happened. >> to estimate there could be 175 that have to look at and it appears that a vast majority of them will probably be illegal pardons. >>guest: the governor has been in office since 2004 and before this flurry of pardons this year we are told he only granted full clemency to only five inmates in eight years. >>shepard: and, now, five men have already been released. what do we know of them? >>guest: what is interesting about them, the fact that five of them all five, were all trustees at the governor's mansion and four of those, what is troubling, four of those five are actually convicted murders. we have their pictures here. anthony, was convicted of killing his wife. charles hooker was serving life sentence for murder. and david gatlin killed his wife
3:34 pm
in 1993 and joseph osmond was convicted of killing a man during a robbery. but the governor issued so many pardons, 215 pardons. >>shepard: thank you, chris. and new to the legal panel. but, first, judge napolitano from the fox business network. does this look legal to you? >>judge napolitano: on its face it looks legal for a couple of reasons. mississippi has what is called a strong governor, a governor who can pardon people for any crime except treason and no one is currently serving a term for treason against the state of mississippi, not the federal government, and he can do that without anyone's approval. a pardon wipes out the conviction. so the person could answer under oath i was never convicted. clemency, on the other hand, is
3:35 pm
mercy, a person's term in jail ends, they still have the conviction but it does not wipe anything out they can go home free. most of these were clemency but the troublesome ones are the pardons and the mississippi constitution does say that the person seeking the pardon must publish their request. it doesn't speak to a pardon that is initiated by the governor, a is, where the inmate doesn't seek it. but because this is a strong governor system, because the supreme court of mississippi has said the governor can pardon who have he wants the inmates and the governor will win and the par continues are valid and i think they were valid the moment he signed them and it was improper for anyone to hold them up. including this judge. the judge is immune, and the judge actually is looking at the law. but under the law of pardons, once the pardon is signed, the inmate is free, the conviction is vacated and anyone that
3:36 pm
interferes is potentially interfering with justice. >>shepard: in the case of the pardons, you would be able to vote a convicted felon, because you are to longer con 60ed -- convicted felon. if you were a lawyer, you could get your license to practice back. everyone, taken away from you, as a consequence of the conviction, is gone. >>shepard: is this political? the governor knew some of people and some of the people have long since been out of jail. >>guest: because the state of mississippi has an elected attorney general and because the new governor is a republican and the attorney general is a democrat, the new governor is a friend of the governor, we have heard from the attorney general, a clip from whom you just ran. it probably is political. in fairness to the attorney general, it is odd the group of people that he pardoned. murderers are rarely pardoned when the crime is one of
3:37 pm
violence and they have not served half of their term. it is valid, and in my view, constitutional, but it is unusual and odd. >> can't wait to talk to him about why he did it. >>judge napolitano: he will be here. he is a good friend of yours. >>shepard: i am sure she very busy. he is busy i am sure. you can catch the judge on "freedom watch," 8:00 eastern, 7:00 central in oxford on fox business news giving you the power to prosper. >> gunfire ringing out. again. in the streets of syria a day after a french journalist died while reporting on the bloody uprising. amateur video we are told a body in the street, despite the presence of international monitor whose now say they cannot stop the killing. and president assad is going
3:38 pm
nowhere. and jonathan hunt is here. where does this leave the arab league mission? they have been applying a lot of pressure, really, unusually so, against the member nation. >>jonathan: it is highly inbound and highly unusual to defend but, essentially, they have failed. they went in to try to persuade president assad to implement a peace agreement, and he has not done that, they went this to try to stop the killing of innocent protesters. that has not happened. so, the arab league monitors now likely all to come out of syria with essentially nothing gained by them except, perhaps, gathering facts on the ground. >> what happens now? >> now the arab league monitors deliver a full report in the middle of next week and will likely heavily criticized president assad and that could spark a new debate about a tougher resolution and then the problem is russia which not only
3:39 pm
is backing president assad's diplomatically but in other significant ways, as well. listen. >> very clearly president assad believes that there is a russian naval flotilla in this area with russians on the aircraft carrier, and an armed ship from russia docked in the area, and it seems like the russians are headed back. >>jonathan: and the russians are having assad back their military showing no signs of turning against him and unless that happens president assad is not going anywhere in the foreseeable future. >>shepard: thank you, jonathan. president obama's campaign and former speaker newt gingrich have one thing in common: they are going after mitt romney in a big way. we will look at what that means in the going race and the action in south carolina. my name is robin.
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>>shepard: the frontrunner mitt romney defending his record at bain capital. the former governor romney has 10-point lead in the latest south carolina polls but some of the rivals are doing their dead level best to stop him from going three for three after the wins in iowa and new hampshire were the former house speaker newt gingrich and texas governor rick perry attempting to paint governor romney as a cold-hearted capitalist who lined his own pockets while firing workers. but, today, mitt romney defended his bain record with "there are a number of businesses that we helped start which collectively added well over 100,000 jobs." and now some context, mike emanuel is live for us on capitol hill. what else do we hear from the presidential hopefuls today? >> former governor romney spent
3:44 pm
time in south carolina campaigning today, but, also, moved on to florida which is the next prize after south carolina. romney today to aim at plan he would like to place. >> the president was at a fundraiser in chicago and he said, look, i can promise you this: change is coming. he got that right. you know that? for the first time he got that right. and we are going to see the change we're looking for and it is not president obama. i believe it will be mitt romney. >>reporter: the other hopefuls have been traveling across south carolina with newt gingrich talking about crony capitalism, politicians helping friends and rick santorum went after mitt romney calling him the "establishment candidate." and texas governor rick perry stepped up criticism of bain capital. >> venture capitalist who does a great job trying to lure more venture capitalist in my state each day but the idea you have
3:45 pm
private equity companies coming in, and, you know, take companies apart so they can make quit profits and then people lose their jobs, why think that is what americans are looking for and i hope that is not why the republican party is about. >>reporter: a delicate argument because some conservatives are uncomfortable with that and those are the people that governor perry is trying to win in south carolina. >>shepard: a lot of conservatives uncomfortable with that. the beating up take as lot of money. >>reporter: we got key numbers president obama raised $68 million, $42 million for the campaign, $26 million for other groups like the democratic national committee, and mitt romney raised $24 million in a crowded republican field so his folks are feeling pretty good about that and the other campaigns are obviously hoping a strong finish in south carolina will boost their bank account. >>shepard: thank you from the hill, mike. big name conservatives are
3:46 pm
blasting newt gingrich for attacking governor romney on the bain issue. south carolina republican senator and tea party favorite, jim demint, and rush limbaugh, and former new york city giuliani are all calling the attacks on mitt romney either dumb or anti-wall street the bain capital atags are identical to criticism levels at mitt romney by ted kennedy back in 1994. and president obama's campaign issued several tactics. we have a gop strategist and a former communication director for pat buchanan and his monies in nato hoot and -- 1992 and 1996 and democratic strategist. john has worked on more than 400 political campaigns for democrats in 46 different states. what do you make of this, i won't beat the heck out of you
3:47 pm
and keep it personal. >>guest: south carolina is the area for dirty tricks and we see it today, wonderland, where you have romney, rather, they are taking on mitt romney on economic issues but using the message of economic populism of the occupy wall street movement. so, who would think that the republican candidates would co-op the occupy wall street message in a primary and i am confident the right wing of the republican party is not happy. >>shepard: greg, your thoughts? it is surprising to see republicans doing this. >>guest: it is a demonstration in political martial arts. the strategy for newt gingrich and governor perry is tomorrow merge as a conservative challenger to mitt romney coming out of south carolina and into florida and it is hard to do that when you draw ire from rush limbaugh who has a microphone, huge microphone to grass roots conservative, many in south
3:48 pm
carolina, or hannity, or some of the people you mentioned before. the idea to emerge when you are drawing fire from that constituency is not going to work, you are uncutting your strategy. the obama campaign maybe was going like this at first maybe not is much, now, because the steam is coming out of the evening in, the whole bain capital issue is becoming an economic growth story. in january when they want to use it in september and october. so at the end of the day i don't think it is helpful because we will probably see starring in ads governor rick perry and newt gingrich and that will not be helpful but the issue will be exercised, exhausted and investigated as it is now and i don't know if it will go any further than it is. >>shepard: it is as if they took a bullet from the democrats' chamber and fired but did not kill the suspect. instead, he is left to live another day and your bullet is gone. >>guest: well i would categorize it deftly.
3:49 pm
to this is a day in wonderland i would thing the obama team is smiling like a cheshire cat. we have millions carrying on the message that obama started putting out weeks and months ago on romney so the republicans are carrying the message for the democratic candidate and any campaign would like to see that happen in a primary. it is very strange that the republicans are going to fake 99 percent, at least all but romney and go 1 percent in the general. that adds up to 100 percent, but, it is a day of training, crazy, political irony. >>shepard: greg? >> this would be better for obama later in the campaign and i cannot see, i relative -- relish the day president obama will, dig mitt romney on jobs. he has not created private sector jobs since being president or before he was
3:50 pm
president the >>shepard: thank you both, gentleman. scandal at a florida high school. officials are filing criminal damages against a former school principal for hypnotizing students. before two of the students killed themselves.
3:51 pm
3:52 pm
3:53 pm
>>shepard: a high school principal in florida us uses hypnosis on two students who killed themselves. the cops have not linked the hypnosis sessions to the deaths but the prosecutor claims the principal violated criminal health care laws. our fox station in tampa bay, fox 13 for the area reports that
3:54 pm
the principal hypnotized 70 students since 2006 and many in one on when sessions and says he did it to help students with their test taking skills and experts and he claims parents and other students were frequently in the room with him. that principal now is on leave and reports indicate he plans to resign effective the end of the school year. the legal panel is here. arthur and steve, again. i don't know ... is that something you should do to the school kids? >>arthur: i don't know what effect it has or doesn't have but in addition to breaking the law in florida, there is a policy in the school district that he was not supposed it do this and initially --. >>shepard: they had a no hypnosis policy. >>arthur: yeses for the edge indicator. that sounds out there but they think of everything what brought it to light is the unfortunate suicides but they thought he was
3:55 pm
doing it to a couple of kids but it turns out a lost students and a lot of teachers and for smoking, to improve your concentration, et cetera, et cetera, and he broke the rules and he will pay for it with his job. >> we need to be a little careful, here, throwing him under the bus by himself because it is clear other people had knowledge what was going on. parents did sign off on a lot of these. that is not in dispute. and, certainly, there was more or less seemed to be public knowledge this was going on. so, if he is responsible, and he is, he has resigned, so the indication is he is in essence saying yes i am guilty, who else should be found guilty? >>arthur: he is the only one doing the hypnotizing. >> and who knew? and let him continue? >>shepard: well it included 25ro temperature c students and
3:56 pm
the investigation at the school shows he lied to the superiors when he was first questioned said he tip -- hypnotized a 17-year-old that committed five months after the session and later admitted and said he lied because he was worry the hypnosis would be unfairly criticizeed. >>arthur: i will not link his hypnosis to the homicides but that is what brought the investigation to light. if i may respectly disagree he is the guy that is committing the act. just because other parents know or other educators know. >> did the other teachers know? >>arthur: he is the principal. and some of the teachers were a recipient. >> is this an abuse of children? doesn't someone in the school have a duty to report this? >>arthur: if the children had black and blues there would be a
3:57 pm
duty. >> so hypnotism is okay? that is not the case or he would not have resigned. >>shepard: only o'reilly does that. [ male announcer ] if you think tylenol is the pain reliever orthopedic doctors recommend most for arthritis pain, think again. and take aleve. it's the one doctors recommend most for arthritis pain... two pills can last all day. ♪ carol. fiber makes me sad. oh common. and how can you talk to me about fiber while you are eating a candy bar? you enjoy that. i am. [ male announcer ] fiber beyond recognition. fiber one.
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