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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  January 18, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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>> sean: maybe by november? >> the oil will go to china. >> sean: that is all the time we have left. greta is next, "on the record,", see you tomorrow night. >> greta: tonight donald trump says one of the five candidates can beat president obama and who is it? rush limbaugh is comparing him to john kerry. plus combat or compromise? a big move tonight in the debt ceiling fight but president obama and lawmakers battling the debt or just each other? aaron goes on the record but first new developments in the costa concordia cruise ship disaster. courtney joins us by phone. where is the captain and what is
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the latest on him and what is his story? >> reporter: the captain is actually under house arrest near sorento. actually they are trying to rescind that order that he can go home and trying to get him back in jail. he is actually facing charges. he hasn't been formally charged of abandoning ship, manslaughter and could face up to 12 years in prison. it's interesting i've been talking to people since saturday. everybody is furious, totally, nobody can make any sense of what this captain did. here on the island, we got here today and talking to people, especially people who know the boat and what exactly happened are a different picture is emerging. basically they are saying one person we spoke that is very knowledgeable about the boat.
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he has a hotel. his father made all this money on the cruise smip going down to cuba from new york. when he retired, actually he quit and he opened a hotel. anyway, this man was saying basically, the he was too close and it was incredibly unlucky. this rock that is not visible to the eye. he said had he gone over the rock there would have been some damage but not as extensive. what he did he tried to back up the last minute. he was hit on the side and on the back. it's just like a car. you have an impact you hit the car straight on, it's much more serious than the side. the captain really didn't abandon the vessel. he was in a boat below watching things and trying -- it sounds
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odd but his point it's not quite so black and white has been depicted in the media and how it looks. >> greta: here in the united states, headlines, barbecuing this guy calling him chicken of the sea. all sorts of different comments getting off the ship. courtney, thank you. we'll see you tomorrow night. once they described the terrifying evacuation a free for all, a mad rush. ian was celebrating his honeymoon and he is back home in england and he is telling a terrifying story of getting off the ship. good evening, ian. >> first thing doing some research this was your first
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froos cruise and not exactly what you expected, was it? >> not so. i thought i was going for a sail around the western med and somebody suffers from sea sickness but i coped with the cruise but not the events that happened on friday night. >> greta: you were going down five stories to a lifeboat. let's go back to the beginning. on friday night, you were having dinner, did you see the captain that night? >> yes, i was next table to him. he had somebody else a manager or somebody like that from costa with him, as well, on his table. i left the dining room with my wife around 9:15. he was still at the table. so i don't know where he was on the ship at the time it happened.
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i think it was around 9:45 when the big crunch that i heard when i was in the theater watching a magician's act. i was fairly up high and the magician was down below at a much lower level. when this crunch and main lighting went out and sound system, he did a disappearing act which wasn't part of his magic act which he saw something. but people on the lower level ran out of the auditorium. >> greta: that ship is absolutely huge. i'm curious when the lighting went out. was there emergency lighting or was all of you in the dark? there is a huge interior space. was there any lighter go in the halls in the ship? >> there was lighting in the halls. whener went back to the room, i saw there was an emergency
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battery light that gets switched on that can give you some light in the state room that you have, but i think generator failed, even the back up generator failed when we in the station, deck level where you get on to the lifeboats. >> greta: go ahead, sir. >> i was quite interested in the time line of when the captain was speaking to the coastguard organizer we've seen. that was about 1:46, i believe. i and my wife were still on the ship waiting to get down this ladder about 4:15, 4:20. i don't know what he was organizing in those many hours afterwards.
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it took many hours to get people that were on the side that was up out of the sea to get down. clearly there was no contingency that the staff, these are waiteders and chefs that have a second role to get you on the lifeboat on the mustering station when the lifeboats didn't go down they didn't know what to do. that is when more pan you can, more bedlam, more chaos took place, especially as the ship was listing even more and floor deck was so slippery because its painted finish. we didn't know what to do. we found it very difficult to get anywhere. somebody ran along the boat. they said go to the back. this was in italian. then i could just about
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understand, we did go to the back but we had to get out onto the hull and that was more of a chaos. >> greta: in terms when you boarded the lifeboat, how far was it off the water? >> they had to descend, you couldn't descend it was acute angle that is out of the water. that is where the problem occurred. so everybody was loaded up on the lifeboat, there were 136 people, there was head count, it was done twice, by then the ship was listing even more, gravity couldn't take down the lifeboat and we all had to get out of lifeboat and back to the corridor where we were in. then we realized -- we didn't know what was happening. there was no announcement to say the ship won't sink underneath
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when we thought if it sinks further, we're underwater we wouldn't get out of that landing area where we were all waiting at the muster station outside the lifeboat and had to find another route. it was very much haphazard way of getting off the ship. somebody found that could get us out through the large portholes on the side of this particular area to get on to the hull where we stayed was the only way down was this rope ladder that was five stories or whatever above the sea line. the coastguard had a tender below. they changed the tenders when they were full, but, of course, the swell of the water against the boat means it was bobbing up
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and down. they found a way how to stabilize it a little more and we transferred from boat to boat that went alongside the coastguard unit. it was the most daunting prospect going on your back side down this rope ladder at an angle to twist and turn and hold the rope ladder to jump down into this boat which was bobbing up and down. aches and pains show that i'm not used to that. >> greta: it's extraordinary story. deeply troubling that so many people lost their lives. i'm happy for you and your wife. congratulations on your wedding and marriage. i bresh yate you joining us. >> thank you. >> greta: i know exactly what you are thinking, let's assume
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and hope it is. >> tonight's the ship's captain. not only is he getting slammed in headlines across the globe, he accused of abandoning ship. an italian judge is accusing him of standing on live and watching it. how much trouble is the captain in bernie grim and ted williams. ricardo, let me go first to you. how much trouble in the captain in? >> he is in serious trouble. aside from that, costa may be in serious trouble. there appears to be some evidence that costa's ships had been doing it before and they did nothing to deter it from happening. he was way off course. he didn't follow protocol. he tripped and fell off the ship and fell into a lifeboat but that is hard to believe.
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>> greta: bernie, we looked at the documents about what the passengers said before. >> you are looking into this, paid thousands of dollars and climbing down rope ladder trying to get in lifeboat. you can get $150. >> greta: $150. >> $150 for personal property. passenger safety you get nothing for being injured on this boat. you don't get a dime. beyond legal, this captain is just morally bankrupt. he just should.... >> greta: which is a separate issue. the passengers have, they have lost by virtue of taking. >> it you have to sign here. the whole thing, i tripped and i fell into a lifeboat. that is like me falling off a
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stage with christie brinkley's lap. what are the chances for that. the contract in and of itself is unconscionable. if you take a look at it. the rights and remedies of passengers is going to be governed by italian law. this ship was in italian waters at the time. sad commentary, they probably will not on maritime law be able to bring a claim in the united states because this boat, this ship did not touch united states. >> greta: most appalling, you live in a state that does a lot of boating. for a couple grand you get radar and gps and anything else. so you have to go out of your way to do something like this. >> yes, i'm getting in my ear
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about traffic and president obama. i really didn't hear your question. >> greta: i don't know why you are getting traffic and president obama. let me go back to you guys. >> first of all, he is not a captain. he is coward. him and his crew, they are cowards. bottom line is, they very well may be on the italian law be charged with negligence as we have it here. that would be unintentional death of individuals that died. >> greta: and the documents. >> i was in in florida to go fishing, you get a depth finder and it shows you exactly the depth and rock formations. i trust the report from italy, bad luck, this guy was way off course. he brought an entire ship the size of a skyscraper about the trade center to bring it in so he could wave to a friend on
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shore? >> greta: the american passengers, do they have any sort of recourse? can they get beyond some of the waivers in these tickets and all the things that were signed away? >> unfortunately not. even here, if you look at the language of the ticket, you will see if you are costa vessel sailing out of a u.s. port there are limitations on your rights. your ticket is your contract. people don't read them. they assume it's safe. they assume it's going to be okay. they don't realize they are waiving all their rights when they sign these tickets. we see this all the time. federal courts here are enforcing these limitations. >> greta: i know you handle these cases. are these waivers, this is standard continuing procedure even the ship that has american flags on them? >> first there aren't any american ships that do cruising
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anymore. the last one was hawaii cruise businesses that went out of business after 9/11. they all fly flags of convenience. all of them that has stuff in contracts that limit your rights. royal caribbean, carnival, disney all of those ships use foreign doctors. if the doctor makes a mistake and you try to sue them, unless you can get jurisdiction of the doctor you are out of luck. they are going to say we are not responsible for was the doctor does. he is an independent doctor. >> greta: passengers, think twice when you sign things. did you hear the latest from congress? congressman is here next. donald trump says president obama should be happy about the gop campaign.
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why would he say that? donald trump on the record and rush limbaugh, he is not happy. why is he bringing john kerry's name into the race. hear from rush coming up. is it fast? it's got 10 speeds, my friend. ♪ is it fast? it's got a lightning bolt on it, doesn't it? ♪ is it fast? i don't even know if it's street-legal. ♪ is it safe? oh, yeah. it's a volkswagen. [ male announcer ] the security of a jetta. one of nine volkswagen models named a 2012 iihs top safety pick. ♪ got you in a stranglehold, baby ♪
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>> greta: okay, kong tonight the
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house voted no to the president's request to raise the debt ceiling by another $1.2 trillion but the vote is symbolic, the debt ceiling will probably certainly going up. nice to see you, sir. so, why the vote because we know it's inevitable that it will be raised again? >> the law that we passed in august requires it. it gives congress the opportunity to weigh in once again on the president's request for more spending authority, more debt. since the republicans took control last year has been insistent making spending an issue and hopefully try to pressure the president to put forward a plan to deal with it. we're the only chamber trying do deal with it. we passed a budget that curbs our spending and deal with entitlements but we can't
10:22 pm
negotiate with ourselves. we are waiting for the president or senate do something so we can pass a budget that can put on a fast track for fiscal responsibility. >> greta: so viewers understand, voting yes on the resolution was really a no to raise the ceiling? >> correct. >> greta: it's a little bit confusing. senate is going to vote. you expect they are going to put the damper trying to raise the debt ceiling? >> that is for the senate to decide. >> greta: practically? >> the president has made it clear he will veto a disapproval of the debt increase. if we were to veto it then it would come back to the congress in which case we probably get the two-thirds in the house but i'm not sure he would get two-thirds in the senate on override the street. >> greta: i understand why people vote yes or no but there were two members of congress, congressman joe walsh and jeff
10:23 pm
landry, both republicans voted present. what idea what their thinking is? >> i never voted present in my life. i'm here to vote yes or no and take the heat. that third button is the option. >> greta: it struck me as odd. to vote one way or the or. >> you made a good point. i come from the state of illinois and president obama voted present more than anyone. we are welcomed to take a stand, to take a position on issues. in the case of a debt limit, americans are expecting their house members and senate members to take a stand and more importantly to offer proposals. next tuesday when the president comes forward, for the state of the union, it will be thousand days since the united states senate was able to pass a budget. i think that is pretty damning on the senate and president.
10:24 pm
>> greta: if everything goes as expected, debt ceiling will be raised, this is the third time since august, part of the deal went down in august, how long before we're going to use that added debt ceiling and what is the plan? >> the expectation when it was passed in august was it was going to get us through until after the election. remember, the president's big argument he only wanted to deal with it once. he didn't want to have.... >> greta: that is not what happened. >> the economy has not rebounded as predicted. if we continue on this trajectory we will likely run out of money before next fall and we'll be revisiting this before the election and i think from the president's perspective he doesn't want. >> do you think it will go next fall? >> i will not prognosticate what the revenues will be but less rosie than the white house is
10:25 pm
predicting. >> greta: so before the elections, we go back to a full cycle again of what to do, right? >> if you raise a great point. is the president going to use this next year, is he going to use the last year of first term as president to lay out his vision for how he wants to serve as president, for what his plan to deal with debt? he started the presidency with forming the debt commission and he ignored it. since then he hasn't been able to produce a budget that can pass. his budget got 97 no votes and zero yes votes. at some point i think this might be a perfect on important tune time to have this discussion right before the election next fall. for the to the have to answer the question the american people are going to be asking, where is the leadership, where is the plan, where are we headed if
10:26 pm
obama serves a second term as president? god forbid our debt will be higher. >> greta: race is on for the all important south carolina preif marry. what are the candidates doing last hours at the polls. senator gingrich and harvard's be tell us tomorrow night. that is tomorrow night on the record. donald trump says there is one candidate that doesn't stand a chance against president obama. who is submit and also rush limbaugh comparing mitt romney to senator john kerry? >> what do they have in common? ♪
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>> greta: house speaker john boehner says president obama is selling out american jobs for politics. white house disagrees and today president obama denied a permit for the keystone pipeline project. they say there is not enough time to determine the pipeline's environmental impact. us a might have guessed the permit now makes house republicans steaming mad. they say the pipeline would have created thousands of jobs. what does business tight an donald trump think? we spoke with him earlier today. >> donald, nice talk to you. and environmentalists against labor and republicans against
10:31 pm
democrats and business against anti-business and keystone pipeline project. you thought about the news that is going no permit is going to be issued now for the pipeline? >> i think it's disgraceful. frankly, we don't need canada. we should be able to drill our own oil. as long as it's there we should have approved it. it's jobs and cheaper oil. it's just absolutely incredible. i guess president obama took care of the environmentalists but it is absolutely terrible and it is not an environmental problem. >> greta: i take it one step further. in 2008, that was when the state department agreed there would be an environmental impact study done to see what effect the pipeline would be done on the environment. they outsource today the trans canada the pipeline company to pick the own company to do the study. they picked a company that had other business.
10:32 pm
a conflict of interest. so naturally when the report came back last august, the company said, it had no impact on the environment. it was like sending the fox out to guard the chicken coop. our government is so stupid to let the company hire its own contractor and naturally with a conflict of interest. it's no surprise? >> look into the political contributions who got what. it's just a total mess. this is way our country has been run. it's a laughing stock, grate that, all over the world. all over the world they laugh at us. people tell me from keystone from other places, and from china and they can't believe it. honestly we're taking oil from canada and paying them a lot of money. we don't need canadian oil if we did it right. we need to drill our own oil.
10:33 pm
between natural gas and oil and lots of other things, we should be doing our own. fact is, the keystone pipeline is a positive. you are talking about tens of thousands of jobs. you are talking about lower oil. let's have at least the option of taking the oil from canada. >> what has happened, by virtue of this complete blunder in creating a conflict of interest in the first environmental impacted study, it has been put it on another timetable so another decision will be made post 2012 election so letting people off the hook to making tough decisions right now. it's another government screwup a conflict of interest. >> i think obama is using that as the reason to delay it. it's another excuse. the impact study was probably fine. i imagine the president....
10:34 pm
>> greta: whether it's fine or not, why in the world would the government be so stupid to facilitate a chance that company to let them do an environmental study. there is no wigs come in doing that? >> i heard from day one he was never going to approve this before the election. the funny is, i actually think he would have gotten votes if he approved it. there are many more people that would like to see it than not see it. i think it would have been a positive thing. you see what has happened to gasoline prices. they are setting a record for this time of the year and it will get worse as people start to travel. i think it would have been positive for president obama. >> greta: what about the news white house about the question to whether the obama administration has called for direct talks with iran. white house has not denying it's but there is a reported out of iran that trying to direct
10:35 pm
talks? >> i think that is positive. i think we should be talking to iran. i've been saying for a long time we don't speak to anybody. that doesn't show weakness. that shows strength. we should have talks with iran. if we dock that without having go into another war, without having to drop missiles. as you know, we don't talk to anybody. we should have talks. i view it as a p.o. i view it totally as a p.o. we should be having talks with iran. >> greta: what would you be saying to mahmoud ahmadinejad if you were president? >> we have all the strength. we have it now. long before. certainly before they start coming up with their nuclear program which is obviously not meant to be a positive thing for us. i would be telling them. we're hurting them, we're hurting them in a lot of ways with the embargos, but we're dealing with such strength, this
10:36 pm
is the time to be talking to them. i'm sure if they had the right negotiator, we could make an unbelievable deal, better spending tens of billions of dollars and starting another con applicant in the middle east. >> greta: sanctions would work if there is no leak in them. they have other friends, syria and north carolina and other -- negotiations and other countries that are willing to buy their products. >> i'm hearing the sanctions are hurting them. it's doing bad numbers on their economy and i am hearing the sanctions are somewhat effective. i think its great time to talk. we're talking from strength. we can make a great deal if they have the right negotiator. that is the big question. i looking at the deal the countries make. we don't make any good deals anymore. we are from strength. by the way, if obama is talking,
10:37 pm
i think that is great thing. not a bad thing. >> greta: here is how, on the indiscriminate side how i would be playing this. if i was mahmoud ahmadinejad and get obama to talk and detract out negotiations i possibly could and probably could do fighter long timing. meanwhile, my nuclear enrichment program is full speed ahead so talking buys you time. we believe their goal is to get a nuclear weapon. >> you are hundred percent right. the talks don't take a long time. it doesn't have to go on for months or months, you can know at the end of the deal. when i go into a deal, i know if a deal is going to happen. >> and obama tweeted iran for the drone back and, what do you
10:38 pm
mean. sales pitch they are trying to make fun of us? >> that really is. they wanted to send a model of the drone. i thought was pretty pathetic. we are not a respected country anymore. potential of this country is unbelievable but we are not a respected country anymore. >> greta: coming up, much more with donald trump, what does he think about snooki and her endorsement. you don't want to to miss what donald has to say about snooki. [ male announcer ] every day, thousands of people are choosing advil.
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[ male announcer ] if you're looking for a pickup truck, check out the miles per gallon. the length of the power train warranty. and the horsepower. only ram delivers this kind of muscle. that'll thin out the herd real quick. guts. glory. ram. >> greta: more with don't trump in off seconds but first, let's go to ainsley earhardt where has more headlines. >> reporter: for the thirst third time this month, u.s. has come to the aid of an iranian vessel. they pulled a lone fisherman from a sinking boat. they recently helped a cargo
10:43 pm
ship and helped a ship from pirates. and despite threats warning our navy to steer clear from straits of hormuz. >> a massive winter storm clogging roads. up to 17 inches of snow and winds up to 100 miles from olympia, washington to oregon coast. storm is winding down but warmer temperatures on thursday could make for icy roads. i'm ainsley earhardt and now back to on the record with greta. thanks for watching. >> greta: who is the candidate to beat barack obama in 2012? >> news out of south carolina, recent poll shows governor romney's lead over speaker gingrich is diminishing, it was up 19 points and now down to ten points. on top that of speaker gingrich is quoted as saying, i fully expected the romney campaign to
10:44 pm
be dirty and unhonest because they are desperate. they thought they could buy this. they discovered they can't buy it. internal polling and they would do anything at your level. i need your help. that is the message speaker gingrich is pitting out. your thoughts what is going on. >> first of all that was very well done and quickly read and i ghrialt you. the fact is, one that is happy set of president obama. it's becoming nasty and bag mess and he is giving literally they are giving each other the campaign slogans for the obama administration. good news, he has done so poorly he has done so bad no matter where doing now and what kind of information they are giving out, they've got plenty on him also. so it's very -- but i said very sad what is happening, there is no question about it. it's vicious. i mean it's a scorched earth
10:45 pm
policy. it's a very, very bad thing in the republican party. >> greta: do you think that speaker gingrich, governor romney and congress ron paul and senator santorum each one of those in general election if election held today could beat president obama or not? >> i would rather not say who or who couldn't. i don't think they all could no, ron paul couldn't beat them. >> how about gingrich and romney? >> i do think they could. i think they could beat him and i think he is highly overrated now. maybe i'm in a small camp but i think he is highly overrated. hillary should have beat him. as i've told you before, at the end of those primaries last time three and a half years ago, at the end of the primaries he was losing virtually every one of them. he stumbled across the finish line. the fact is if those would beat
10:46 pm
him and i think it would by a margin that is lot bigger than i've seen in polls. >> how about senator santorum? >> i really don't know. >> greta: other interesting news in a can i, do you know who she -- snooki? >> i don't watch too often but i do know her and i appreciate her sentiments. >> greta: i guess you were talking about snooki said he would endorse you if you were running for president? >> i saw that where trump is her favorite. think that is always very nice. anybody says that, i will always speak well. i congratulate her, she looks terrific. she lost a lot of weight. she looks terrific. >> greta: your prediction on south carolina? >> it's going to be very close. i think mitt was hurt really very badly by this whole thing with the income tax returns. i believe giving him april 1st
10:47 pm
but i didn't think going into a little bit of detail without going into a lot of detail was positive thing. he'll come back. he has proven to be very resilient guy. he has been hurt a number of times by number of different things, he comes back. he really seems to be very tough and resilient. you have to hand it to him. snuitd just great. every time there is a debated he does so well. you have to give him a lost credit for that. >> greta: has governor romney been boxed on this tax return thing, and if he called you up tonight and said, donald what should i do about tax return thing? should i release them or not? >> i think first answer would have been good. it should have been delivered a certain way, april 1st historically is the time that everybody gives them. >> greta: i think of april fool's day.
10:48 pm
>> make it april 2nd. >> greta: if he called you in light of the situation he in now from clamoring from opponents it would be shrewd he would release them now? >> i think he would have to. i think he went too far. i think that april 1st or april 2nd was okay. but now i think in light of the fact that he started discussing some of the things, namely the rate or approximately the rate. i think it probably be off just to release them now. >> greta: nice to talk to you. hope you come back soon. >> thank you very much, grat that. >> tomorrow night, scott brown goes on the record. it's been two years, since he was elected to fill the term of late senator ted kennedy. senator scott brown joins us tomorrow night. rush limbaugh fired off. he has to do with the gop race.
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>> greta: the best of the rest. rush limbaugh is fuming.
10:53 pm
he is taken the mainstream media to task governor romney is not the richest man to run for president. so who is it? >> john kerry almost certainly the richest man to ever run for the presidency. he married it. still, he was the wealthiest man to ever run for the president. we never heard about word about it. it was covered up. it was not mentioned. now, john kerry got his good old-fashioned way, he married hinds estimated to $1.2 billion, mr. kerry and miss heinz paid effective interest rate of 12%. that is effective rate of 12%.
10:54 pm
now is anybody suggesting that romney is not paying a legal rate? is anybody suggesting that romney breaking law or he is dheegt the tax code? then what is the story here? we all know what the story is. the frustrating thing is they know, we know they are going to get this out every year. we know it's coming and there is never any preparation for it. >> greta: by the way, governor romney does become president he would not be richest in u.s. history. several studies put george washington at the top of that. >> and. >> polar bear has been an incubator but they are taking good care of the cub. she may be ready for the first public appearance in about six months. >> north carolina man who exercise is key to long life.
10:55 pm
bill finch celebrated his hundredth birthday. he still runs a mile and he plays badminton. he is healthy so turning hundred is no big deal. there is the best of the rest. coming up, last call, is president obama playing a big trip and is mickey mouse involved? that is next. ♪[music plays] when you're responsible for this much of the team... you need a car you can count on. ♪[music plays]
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its unique self-assessment tool helps identify the multivitamin and supplement combination that's right for you and your lifestyle. so visit new and take your personal assessment today. better nutrition is within reach. centrum. nutrition possible. >> greta: 11:00 is almost here flash studio lights it's time for last call. how and where does the president plan to announce the new jobs plan? here is jay leno. >> president obama will be going to disneyworld to unveil his new plan for jobs. what better place to unveil the jobs plan than fantasy land? yes. >> ouch, that one hurt. that is our last call. don't forget presidential candidates are here to go