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tv   The Five  FOX News  January 20, 2012 2:00am-3:00am EST

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tonight. we'll see you again tomorrow night. make sure you go to greta and let us know what you thought about tonight's show. greta captioned by closed captioning services, inc >> dana: hello, i'm dana perino with andrea tantaros, bob beckel, eric bolling, greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 in new york city. this is "the five." ♪ ♪ >> dana: our top story, developments on the campaign trail. first, newt gingrich's second wife maryanne sat down with abc news in what is called explosive interview that could trouble his campaign. a preview. >> i said newt, we have been married a long time. he said yes, but you want me all to yourself. calista doesn't care what i
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do. >> what was he saying? >> asking to have an open marriage and i refused. >> he wanted an open marriage? >> yeah, that i accept the fact he has somebody else in his life. >> you said? >> no. no. that is not a marriage. >> dana: despite the revelations, gingrich still got rick perry's endorsement today. he announced he is dropping out of the presidential race. >> today, i am suspending my campaign and endorsing newt gingrich for president of the united states. i believe newt is a conservative visionary who can transform our country. we have had our differences which campaigns will inevitably have. newt is not perfect, but who among us is? the fact is there is forgiveness for those who seek god. i believe in the power of redemption, for it is a
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central tenet of my christian faith. >> dana: that was a big development today that governor rick perry last week said he would stay in no matter what through the middle of february after florida's primary decided to get out of the race. and so, a lot of the questions tonight. we're going to start off, i think we'll start off with a substance of the brian ross abc news interview. a lot of people think that everyone knows about newt gingrich's past. he has talked about it a little bit before. he has asked forgiveness, mentioned by rick perry. so the question is: how new is this to some of the people hearing it for the first time? >> greg: here is the thing. this was a plan for newt to get the swing voters. >> dana: nice! very good. >> greg: had to get it out there. >> dana: if you are in the south, andrea, maybe an undecided voter or you're weakly for gingrich do you think the interview coming at this time, two days before the south carolina primary will have a difference? >> andrea: with maybe some women out there won't like it.
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this is a republican primary. a lot of republican voter rinse formed. they know who gingrich is. they are smart and they know that the woman is not there to set the record straight. she is there to turn the knife. the whole thing stinks. 48 hour away from south carolina. it's pretty transparent. a lot of south carolina voters know who gingrich is and their minds are made up. i don't think it will sway them. it's extremely dirty to not only air this 48 hours away but very dirty for marianne gingrich who said in 1994 if newt ran for office i could destroy him with a single television interview. that is what she is doing. don't buy it. >> dana: well, i don't know -- does anyone disagree with that? >> bob: first, i agree that south carolina has an i amazing history of coming up with this kind of stuff in the last week before the primary. it's amazing to me. i fault abc news for running this, this close. it does not give gingrich a
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fair chance to respond to all of it. we know his daughter by her, marianne has defended gingric gingrich. this is not new news. gingrich said on the network with hannity said he had things he had done that he regretted. >> dana: i think the words that he was seeking an open marriage. i think that that is what for a lot of people -- that was in the "esquire" article that ran last year. not that anybody else saw it. if you are a voter in south carolina you probably weren't reading "esquire" magazine. earthquake if they don't have dirt on you, you are the world's dullest person or terrified of you. if any of my exes decided to talk i'd have to move to hawaii where there is no internet. >> eric: the point for me is the time. look when herman cain is getting the momentum, on top. then his legs are taken out by the liberal left media. >> dana: wait, wait, wait. >> eric: do a hatchet job on
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him. it was the digging and the prodding with the ex-girlfriends and whatnot. now newt -- hold on. the momentum, he was closing up -- wait. 18 point gap in the polls and he got it down to five or six points today. here comes abc news unrolling a horrible piece on newt gingrich on things we already knew, dana. >> dana: i think on the cain piece, this wasn't that, it wasn't true necessarily. no one has come out and said it wasn't true. when you make a decision about who is going to be your president, you are asking somebody whether you are a democrat or republican to make decisions on your behalf and you want to be able to trust in the judgment of their character. >> eric: we knew this stuff. >> dana: well, not -- no, i'm saying -- this is news to what lot of people. the hypocrisy point is one. >> eric: informs the piece. >> dana: who read "esquire" magazine besides me? >> bob: the difference
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between cain and this, the cain accusation against cain were multiple and unknown. that was perfectly legitimate. in this case, he himself, gingrich himself owned up to having indiscretions in hi marriage. why abc news decided they would take this, doesn't add a lot to -- >> andrea: this reminds me -- >> eric: the timing of it. right when newt is gaining momentum, we will unleash maryanne gingrich now. >> andrea: this reminds me more of clinton when he ran, because we knew about jennifer flowers and we knew about paula jones and all of those things. and he went on to win the white house. i think the question is beyond this, are republicans going to say we don't want these perpetual distractions like clinton or do republicans say we don't care? a lot of people are divorced in this country. a lot of people suffered from adultery or committed it. when the economy is ailing do people care or do they say i
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cheated, i'm divorced, this doesn't matter. focus on the issues. >> dana: this is something that the "washington post" touching on with the hypocrisy point. there are people who don't remember or have forgotten when he was speaker of the house and leading the charge of impeachment against bill clinton for having lied under oath. that was a distinction. the affair with a younger political staffer, he, himself, was having a an affair with a younger political staffer. he's asking for forgiveness. but a lot of that, hypocrisy comes in play when you make a judgment about who you vote for. >> bob: the judgment is not the word "open viewer marriage"y the interviewer. >> dana: in "esquire" piece she said he asked me to accept the affair. >> greg: open wasn't dating a bump of people but trying to debt -- >> bob: a lot of people care
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about that. i don't. >> greg: we tried to talk to your exs. >> dana: want to hear from gingrich from this morning? >> bob: sure. before i get in trouble. good idea. >> i am not going to say anything negative about marianne. my daughters sent a letter to the president of abc news and say from a family perspective, they think this is totally wrong and think abc news should not air this. intruding into family things that are a decade old are simply wrongism i'll have my daughter speak for it. i'm sure they're glad to chat with you about it. i won't comment beyond that. i'm focus on the issues concerning the american people. >> greg: why did he do that in front of a jail cell? >> dana: curious decision by the advance team. >> andrea: smart inmate though inmate number 7 -- smart message even though inmate number seven. >> dana: people in south carolina said if there is one thing that south carolynians
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are wary of is the media. the question of the timing. i don't know if abc news sat on the interview. maybe marianne gingrich decided to give it to them. i don't know of a news organization that would have decided not to take the interview. >> eric: abc news has history of deciding whether or not to run with things. whatever. the night before the debate, hours before primary election. i don't know. it's the establishment hooking up with the liberal left to take the legs out of anyone that appears to be even slightly making ground under the establishment candidate they think is the anointed -- >> bob: that is a little reach. believe me. it's a reach. talk a second about perry. >> dana: thank you. >> bob: perry had anywhere from 8 to 10 points in the polls down there. getting out and endorsing newt is going to convert, when you get out of a race and endorse somebody you will get votes
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out of it. newt was closing, is closing as far as i can tell on romney quickly. this may make a difference. if this comes down to one-point race and gingrich wins by one, thank perry. >> dana: i thought going in iowa stuff you said if people drop out they're not that inclined to then go and vote for somebody -- >> bob: unless that person is endorsing -- nobody dropped out and endorsed anybody in iowa. that is the difference. >> dana: i see. >> bob: in this case he gets out and says vote for newt. it will make a difference. >> dana: that's right. we talked about when cain left the race, whether or not it helped gingrich in iowa. >> eric: here is a very interesting question. rick perry drops out at what, 11:00 a.m. newt gingrich guess to the poeum at 1:00 p.m did rick perry -- they must have known it was coming? >> dana: they would have known last night. >> eric: why not stay in? >> greg: wait a minute. he didn't drop out. he suspended.
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>> my point is if this was so damning to newt, why wouldn't -- maybe rick perry would have had conservative vote -- dabs you kno -- >> dana: we're going to talk about 2012 politics after the break and then we talk about rush limbaugh because he took on bob beckel about comments on "the five" yesterday. we'll hear from rush direct. it will don't forget to e-mail us at ♪ ♪
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♪ >> andrea: welcome back to "the five." more palmetto state politics. now competing for the conservative vote in south carolina, mitt romney is leading in some polls, gingrich and santorum. they have harsh fighting words for each other. listen to this. >> no offense, rick santorum is the only other conservative in the race. he's a nice man. i'm not opposed to him as a person. but practical matters if you
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look at the polls i'm the only person who can beat romney. >> if you look at the other people contending for value voters you will see two people who have not led ever, they have never gone out and fought and been able to be successful in striking a blow for the family and faith and freedom. in fact, congressman gingrich routinely puts these issues to the back of the bus. >> andrea: i'm not so sure that rick santorum has as much of a chance of gingrich of seizing the day here. though we got the news today that iowa now, it looks like, santorum was a winner in iowa. 34 votes they're saying now, which isn't that much of a deal but i don't think it makes much of a difference. >> eric: my opinion, here, strictly, he won iowa, he is a dead man walking. i don't think he makes it to florida. once numbers come in after -- i know a lot of santorum people, conservative people say you are out of your mind.
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he has a chance. i don't think he does. the newt gingrich thing will be played both sides so heavily what you will end up having is romney-gingrich. everyone will forget about rick santorum and the other -- >> bob: santoru san rates with e polls i look at 10%. >> andrea: speaking of said polls look at the polls. there is conflicting reports. a poll from rasmussen has gingrich leading. santorum at 11%. another poll, political poll has romney leading 37%. santorum around 10%. >> bob: a couple ways to look at this. he has lost ground. pall is not as much of a factor as the other states. he is 15%. he hammet campaigned much in the state. the campaign exceeded it when
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he spoke about it yesterday. the interesting thing to me is that you are right. santorum is going nowhere in this. will it hurt gingrich? the revelation about his wife. i don't think it will. i think gingrich has a shot of upsetting romney. it tells me this, romney has not gained a single point. in fact, he lost some since new hampshire vote which tells me again conservatives are having a -- >> dana: in south carolina? or overall? >> bob: in south carolina. >> andrea: go ahead, greg. >> greg: if you look at gingrich and santorum this is the batman and robin of conservatives. generally you want to be with batman, not with robin. robin had an odder uniform. c'mon! you know it's gingrich. we are overplaying effect of perry dropping out. it's minimal. it's like joe biden dropping out of mensa or bob beckel dropping out of yoga or dana dropping out against america against cuteness. you can't drop out of
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something that you weren't ever in. look at numbers are so low. >> dana: you said he was polling at 8 to 10%. that showed two and 4%. how does it help -- >> bob: the polls, there are other polls, and one of the polls had 9%. santorum at 10%. perry had 6%. a race that is as close as gingrich and romney, a few votes can change. >> eric: don't you think the gingrich issue will split -- it will bring people who are kicked off abc news, whomever, attacking conservatives and they may rally behind newt. help him. >> bob: there is a healthy disregard for media in south carolina. it could work to his advantage. santorum, all of his work on the family stuff has not move
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moved. >> greg: it's preaching to the choir. he literally has to preach to america. >> andrea: i can't get my mind off greg's analogy of bob in a yoga class. i can't get the visual bob in a downward dog position. >> bob: i know what the downward dog position but it's not yoga. >> greg: that is bob beckel, ladies and gentlemen. >> andrea: i want your thoughts. gingrich went after romney -- >> dana: save you from yourself. >> andrea: serious. focus, bob. focus. >> dana: i'm with you. go for it. >> andrea: newt gingrich went after mitt romney for the bain capital stuff. i think it hurt him. what is amazing to me is rick santorum didn't take the attack and didn't go after romney. he tried to run a positive campaign. half helped him. >> dana: not just positive but principled. that is what a lot of media coverage came out. conservatives said at least he was principled. i am holding it together here despite you guys -- are you in junior high? >> greg: we are in junior high. we are.
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>> dana: i think if you are a conservative and you wonder which newt gingrich do we have? the one that is going to at all cost go after romney for his previous private sector work? or is it gingrich conciliatory and can get things done for america? a lot of women that i -- i talk to a few women. you know, regardless of what happened in the past, they think he could be one to solve america's problems. when we go to break, i am going to pinch bob beckel so hard. >> andrea: i agree -- >> dana: i'm a good actress. >> andrea: i agree with dana. it's amazing no conservative have found a wedge issue to go against romney. we'll conclude a serious thought, bob. greg gutfeld has thoughts on obama killing the keystone pipeline. plus, rush limbaugh has fighting words for bob beckel yesterday. good stuff coming up. ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> greg: welcome back to "the five." it's a big day for people who think energy comes from rainbows. yep, president obama k.o.ed the keystone pipeline which would have moved oil deposits from canada, the country, to gulf coast refineries here. so the next time you pay $4 a gallon for gas thanks george clooney and leo dicaprio. to the hollywood celebs, environment is a vast wasteland between nightclubs with no cocaine or blondes but must be reserved if you case you want to make a western. oddly, the "usa today" and "washington post" came out against obama immune to charms of robert redford, who agreed to push my car when i run out
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of gas. even obama's jobs council was for it. what america needs is a car running on hypocrisy. that way dicaprio jet-setting duplicity could power aircraft carrier so crew of sixth century loans will held america hostage so we don't irritate a few caribou. what is worth for the earth -- worse for the earth? pipe or nuclear iran? i'm going on an all caribou diet. calling for a national drive to eat all the caribou. who are in effect holding america hostage. it's time they pay their fair share. if we eat our way to energy independence maybe we will keep obama feeling guilty about building keystone. even if we run out of the animals there will still be one left at the zoo. his name is captain horn face, give him my best. he knows me. dana a lot of people are ticked off in the at the republicans. for setting a deadline on the
2:28 am
decision, which they claim forced obama's hand. was that 60-day limit or whatever it was a big deal? >> dana: i don't think -- not to me. because put something in context. that pipeline decision has been in the making for three years. it actually is, i think there will be a legal challenge made, the question that they let it turn on was not what it should have been turned on. this was a legal situation. environmental decision by the president. and "usa today" and "washington post" not necessarily known as the most right leaning of editorial pages came out against him. it was three years. then the republicans said you have 60 days to decide on the reroute. well, guess what 60 days, they were able to decide in the administration? just 60 days when they first got there? after the bush administration turned it down. solyndra. >> greg: there you go. >> dana: the first 60 days, that was the first announcement they made. easy to give away taxpayer dollars but not easy to make a decision in our national interest because of the
2:29 am
short-term political expediency. >> greg: solyndra. eric, you know what i love? the left always says in their protest, they have the signs. no blood for oil. i guess they were lying. no caribou for oil. >> eric: you forgot something else. i join your all caribou diet but we also have to eat all the sage brush lizards in the world and the delta smelt as well. those are two other species that are endangered and causing farmers and oil people to reroute the pipeline. here is the point. literally hundreds of pipelines in america. there are literally dozens of pipelines coming down from canada. it hasn't been environmental issue up until now. this isn't about the environment. it's not about the price of oil. it's only about when obama finally signs on to xl, and he will. >> andrea: if gas prices were through the roof he would probably sign on to the xl pipeline. because they're not sky high and people are screaming, that is why he didn't do it. i think this is the most play
2:30 am
tant political play. you even have joe klein this morning on msnbc saying that this has nothing to do with anything but politics. i do find it interesting, though. it tells me the fact that the union supported this, but the environmentalists didn't. he knows at the end of the day, the unions will be with him. >> dana: those are the best -- >> greg: two hippies wrestling. >> bob: if i can interject. there are no caribou here. i don't think. >> dana: we can get you some. >> bob: i'm not going to eat them. here is my take on this. i think the republicans forced his hand and should have done it. from an end, political standpoint it would have made more sense to go with the pipeline. i think he made a mistake. from a political standpoint, union vote is important. it's not at all certain that that is going to be for obama. generally, this is what they call the angry white male vote to split off and went with reagan. >> eric: didn't you say the union vote is not certain it will go to obama?
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>> bob: not by the large overwhelming percentage. >> andrea: you think it depends on nominee, though? right? aren't they anticipating, democrats mitt romney won't get the reagan democrats? that if it were someone different, would he change -- >> bob: i'm not sure about that. i'm saying before you jump on me here, this day i would like to talk about the fact there were fewer people asking for unemployment insurance, biggest drop in six years. 1.6 million jobs created last year. 55,000 in the manufacturerring which is more than happened in other years, including the bush years in one year. i think a lot of good economic news. >> eric: 1.7 million jobs to go to get back to break-even. >> bob: that is right. 1.7 million after the first three months after he came in office. >> dana: i think it was a bad decision from a national security standpoint, too. we'll start to hear more about that as things continue to -- >> greg: all the oil is going to china so the environmental concerns are still there. it's still -- >> bob: they reapply. it will come here.
2:32 am
this will be the pipeline will be here. >> andrea: when? >> dana: send it here to help president obama's election. >> eric: do you realize why we have an xl pipeline or keystone pipeline? because we refuse to drill our own oil. drill your own oil, you won't need canadian oil or any canadian oil for that matter. offshore, gulf coast. up in alaska. millions. we could be self-seefficient on oil all we need here. >> greg: the battle for 2012 is heating up. the first big obama ad is released today. we'll play it for you. then i'm i going to make all of you s'mores with my famous homemade recipe. hint: i use paste instead of marshmallows. ♪ ♪
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6:00. now back to "the five." ♪ ♪
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>> bob: if you could have been here at the break. we're going to show you the first ad by the obama presidential campaign. it's unusual because presidential candidates who are incumbents do not advertise necessarily. but because president obama has been under attack from several independent attacks -- >> andrea: and he is scared. >> bob: excuse me, this is my open. i get one-fifth of the show we can say something nice about obama. it's a veiled attack on koch brothers who fund all the right wing programs there are against obama. got that? >> secretive oil billionaires attacking president obama with ads fact-checkers say are not tethered to the facts. independent watchdogs call the president's record on ethics unprecedented. america's clean industry industry, 2.7 million jobs and expanding rapidly. for the first time in 13 years the dependence on foreign oil
2:39 am
is below 50%. >> andrea: bush numbers. >> bob: first of all, what do you think about the point which is factually accurate for the first time in 25 years we are below 50% in imports from the overseas? >> dana: the bush administration did a fantastic job of opening that up. because the numbers lag. if you look at the "washington post" today, which did a fact-check of this ad they point to the fact they are using bush administration numbers because it takes several years for things to catch up. >> eric: we are on a 40-year slide of oil production in america. the reason why our import number went from 60% down to just under 50% is because our demand is slowing down, because the economy stays under president obama. demand goes down. any way you slice it, we still import 10 million-barrels of oil a day.
2:40 am
10 million-barrels. think about that. $100 a barrel. >> bob: we don't get it out of the gulf and the xl pipeline. >> greg: george soros is the sugar daddy to the otherwise inept, unhirable harlets at media matters. c'mon! >> andrea: don't you think it's weird that no one is going after the secret billionaires for his first ad? one it, tells me he is doing class war fair all the way to go after the billionaires but he brings up the green energy program, of all the things you are going to bring up. the green energy program has been blasted by even the "new york times." why would you choose those -- i mean i know why he chose the first one. class warrior in chief. why choose the second? >> bob: it's that. he has been under attack for -- however you pronounce the company. >> andrea: solyndra. >> bob: it's a little inoculation against that. it is also underscoring billionaires despite what you say about soros. most billionaires and millionaires are lined up behind the right wingers. >> dana: not true.
2:41 am
>> bob: the other reason is that obama is having trouble with the independent voters, we have a poll, "new york times" poll that if i were looking at this and i was the obama campaign i'd be worried about it. among the independent voters this is 50% approve -- 52% disapprove, 37% approve. the only good news is mitt romney will probably be the republican nominee and has a higher disapproval rating among independents an obama does. number, it is something he has to look at. >> andrea: he won them marginally in 2008. it wasn't a landslide. >> bob: and it won't be. the definition of independent voter is generally they go -- >> dana: with ads like this. it will be a long year if they start this early. if you look at the national journal saying team obama raises a red flag. obama is in deeper trouble than conventionm wisdom holds. this ad is proof positive of that. i have two pages of this stuff. main stream media saying wow. >> they must really be worried. my question is we follow this every day. can anyone say what president
2:42 am
obama actually wants to accomplish legislatively in a second term? they have to figure out a way to get off the defensive all the time and start painting for america what their vision is for a second term. >> andrea: think he's off-plan now -- >> bob: alternative energy is something to accomplish. if republicans get out of the way. >> greg: he is not just vulnerable to independents. he is vulnerable to anybody who reads the paper, which is why democrats want felons to vote because they don't get the "wall street journal." >> eric: more alternative energy, do you say? >> bob: more of it. >> greg: caribou -- >> eric: obama took credit, it sounds like he took credit for 2.7 million clean energy jobs. >> bob: that is what he said, 2.7 million -- >> eric: so what there are 2.7 million in energy? you know what they include in the 2.7 million? >> bob: no, what. bus drivers. >> andrea: i have to get in here on the alternative side. a year ago, obama came out and said he supported the natural gas act. it was boone pickens bill. he waits a year.
2:43 am
it has support in the house and senate. they could have passed it and he could have signed it. what does he bring up this week? national gas tax. he is actually for natural gas. why? prices are really low. it's interesting because environmentalists hate this bill. i think it's a lot of hot air. i don't think he is for it. i think he will say he is for it and i don't think he does anything about it. >> bob: le will be recognized as the greatest energy president in history. rush limbaugh has a beef with something i said yesterday. i'll set him straight when we come back. you're listening, too, rush. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] let's level the playing field.
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>> eric: so yesterday on this show, we had a great discussion about how conservatives you race, well, we talked about it and mr. bob beckel admitted that liberals made a mistake creating a welfare state. well, today, rush limbaugh played bob's comments and responded. here is what went down. >> we liberals made a terrible mistake going back 30 years ago. we made a dependent society, because we thought we were doing the right thing. we had things like public housing and we had welfare paymentsp, and all that bread
2:48 am
dependency. it was our responsibility, we did it for the right reasons. we need to change that. the way we change it is not to say it's opportunity society alone to do it. it will require government intervention. >> what bob beckel said we liberals made a terrible mistake. forget what follows. we did it for the right reaso reasons. so don't look at the results. examine our intentions. as i always say: don't judge the results. judge our intentions and then let us fix it with more government. he says, "we did it for the right reasons. we need to change the reasons." but the way you change it is require some government intervention. so he admits that the government got too big and made people too dependent and now it's going to be more government to change that. how does that work?
2:49 am
>> eric: bob? how does that work? >> bob: i will tell you, i think it was a fairly, a fair commentary on limbaugh's part. i mean i think he got the gist of what i said. what i want to repeat here is that there is going to be a need for government to help certain people in our society. many of whom come from the inner city and are minorities and they are going to require government intervention to help them. we have went too far is what i said. i said it yesterday and i'll say it again today. we did it with the right intentions. in many cases the wrong outcome. >> andrea: why won't you stop? >> bob: i think there are very important programs that were in place, like head start. like women and children -- >> andrea: wic, obama expanded wic. i don't think republicans made issue of wic. here is the issue. you keep want to grow it. you have want to grow it not to help people but as a form
2:50 am
of economic stimulus, because you believe it will get the economy back on track. that is wrong. >> eric: let me bring it around. speaking of growing it. under president bush, dana, the average, full year averages, 23.6 million americans per year. at a cost of $28.1 billion on food stamps. referring to newt gingrich's comments. under president obama that number skyrocketed to 39.4 million americans at a cost of $65.7 billion. with the last year of record, approaching $76 billion. he is right. wow! it's exploded. >> dana: i think that you have to go back and look at the law and the formula under which you can apply and get food stamps. i don't think, i don't remember the bush administration changing that. maybe there was a change. i do remember that like the 2001 tax cuts, when it was, it basically took a lot of people off taxpayer rolls, a bone of contention with a lot of
2:51 am
people, that is more money in your pocket. hopefully it's more money where you can take care of your family. i'm going to agree with bob that there are going to be people that the government has to help with the safety net. instead of going bab and forth, i don't want that -- i don't think anybody wants the rate of increase for people to be on food stamps. >> eric: one second. greg, not only are the number of americans exploding on food stamps, the amount of money we are spending on it. here is the other thing. the average amount of money you are paying someone, the amount they are entitled to is exploding. it's up like 60% in the last three or four years. >> greg: this is why people fear we're becoming a socialist state. belgium without chocolates. i don't want to talk about this anymore. rush never ever mentions me. what did i do? what did i do over that weekend in the hamptons with him that upset him so much? sure, i may not mentioned the hot tub but it happened. it was an accident. >> eric: his hot tub? >> bob: he should have
2:52 am
mentioned you. he called you -- why does he call you tarantula? >> andrea: i don't know. he likes me better than you. "i" don't know. >> bob: to your point, this is in the heat of the great recession. of course people, a lot more people were using foot stamps. do you think they want to be on food stamps? i don't think they want to. they have to be on food stamps. thank the lord we have food stamps. >> eric: 110% increase. >> bob: i don't care what it is. >> andrea: the administration wants more people on food stamps so they can control them and get their vote. >> bob: that is so cynical. >> dana: you need entitlement reform. >> bob: do better than that. >> eric: this is important. you think you can take rush in a fight? >> bob: fistfight? yeah. first minute. >> eric: i got action on rush. >> dana: why are we going to fight? >> bob: i like rush. >> dana: they're boys and they fight. >> eric: one more thing coming up. ♪ ♪
2:53 am
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