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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  January 21, 2012 4:00am-5:00am EST

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>> matthew mccall. >> great job. that does it for me. captioned by closed captioning services, inc >> bret: newt gingrich riding a wave in south carolina. this is "special report." ♪ ♪ >> bret: good evening. i'm bret baier. in 13 hours the polls open in south carolina, and a little more than 24 hours from now we should know the winner. a result with the potential to yet again turn this g.o.p. nomination race upside down. chief political correspondent carl cameron looks at the final full day of campaigning ahead of the vote and what the numbers are telling us. >> newt-mentum. surging in the south carolina polls after another commanding debate performance. newt gingrich sounded confident of first in the
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south primary win. >> tomorrow is going to be a very, very important day. with your help and with the help of any good citizens across the state of south carolina. we will take the first big step to ensure a conservative is nominated for president of the united states. >> romney has seen a double-digit lead in the south carolina polls vanish in a week. >> there is a long road ahead. newt gingrich is a feisty competitor and there is a contest to take us down the road a ways. >> gingrich is leading by two points over romney. paul with a slight lead over santorum in the margin of error. romney has a stronger organization in money andup coming states like florida but gingrich south carolina win would help him catch up. the latest gallup poll shows gingrich coming from 23 points behind romney the within 10
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now. romney is using self-deprecating humor to shrug off the iowa loss to rick santorum. >> i joked that the corn counted as amber wave of grain and that could account for the slim defeat there. >> santorum used goldilocks comparison to call romney untrustworthy and himself a consistent conservative. >> you have a choice. too hot, too cold or just right. >> ron paul had a rough week and crowds are dwindling. one event had only handful of people turn out. >> we won't be declared a winner tomorrow or the nominee but the momentum will continue because of nothing else out of necessity. >> from get-go, gingrich was on fire in last night's debate, attacking the opening question about second wife's allegation he wanted an open marriage. >> i'm appalled you would begin a presidential debate on a topic like that. let me be clear, the story is false.
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every personal friend i have that knew us said the story is pass. >> gingrich released 2011 tax return in the debate. $994,000 in tax on income of $3.1 million. romney plans to release his returns from 2011 and other years in april. got heckled for not knowing how many years he would release. >> i don't know how many i'll release. i'm not going to apologize for being successful. >> romney today said gingrich should make public all the records from the ethics investigation that in the '90s led congress to make him the first ever speaker to be reprimanded. gingrich responded saying he will not take seriously challenges from romney. >> it will be an interesting day. carl cameron in point pleasant. thank you. >> bret: senior national correspondent john roberts reports on the undecide and what they are thinking.
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>> you must only look at the polls in the last month to see how volatile the electorate here s here. people who had made up their minds are conflicted. >> the polls the other day to cast absentee ballot. i couldn't do it. >> i will find poor people learn how to get a job. >> gingrich's debate performances this week up-ended the campaign. >> i'm torn between rick santorum and newt gingrich. >> you think lynn would have made up her mind. she is the charleston county g.o.p. chairwoman and is more confused than ever. >> why are you still undecided after this long? >> i'm afraid newt might implode along the line. a concern i have. he has great ideas. he is a genius when it comes to policy and explaining it, but he does get his moments. >> mark, local real estate broker isn't worried about implosion but he hasn't settled on who would best address his top issues. >> i think jobs are an
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important issue. i think trustworthiness of the person that is going in. i think the ability to get congress back to working like congress is supposed to work. >> may be when you walk in the booth. hit me. >> rising republican star tim scott can't make up his mind. >> mitt brings organization, structure and a lot of money. newt brings the fire. and the ability to debate barack obama and win the debate. i am making a decision based on who i believe matches my values and can win. that combination is difficult. >> what about the trunkful of new accusations that have been added to the famous gingrich baggage. will that make a difference in voters' minds come tomorrow? >> i don't think it has any impact at all. >> why all of a sudden now is she so bitter? why are things coming out now instead of like maybe two months, three months ago? >> if it's something that happened recently, yes, it would. but since he has come out and
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said i made mistakes, i'm a changed man, i don't know that it makes a difference at this point. >> publicly, volters seem willing to forgive and forget. anecdotally there might be a growing sentment among romney against late-deciders one to determine whether they break one way tomorrow or split up their vote. bret? >> bret: we will see. john roberts live in charleston. thank you. join megyn kelly and me saturday 6:00 p.m. eastern for america's election headquarters coverage of the south carolina primary. we will hear from reporters spread all across the state. we will have expert analysis from the great line-up. chris wallace, brit hume, charles krauthammer and many more. don't miss it. while republicans continue to fight one another, president obama is already focusing on the general election. chief white house correspondent ed henry reports it brought out a different side of the president thursday night.
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>> after several hours at four fundraisers in new york, president obama had a little fun. >> then to know that reverend al green was here. ♪ i am so in love with you [ applause ] back at the white house today his aides insists the president spends a small share of his time on the trail. it's the media devoting too much attention to 2012. >> you get you are totally obsessed with the campaign policies, right? he doesn't have a primary. >> republicans note after hitting florida yesterday for an official event in addition to fundraising the president next week will deliver this so you were and get back on the road. >> the president wasn't campaigning, why next week after he gives hi address to a joint session of congress, is he traveling to five battleground states? >> the president held another fundraiser in washington today where 20 supporters paid over
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$35,000 each. after six fundraisers last week here in washington and chicago. >> how can you continue to present this image that he is just focused on governing, and the campaign is a small part as he has fund raisers left and right? >> ed, i never said he wasn't participating in. we've been very clear about. we have actually bring the press in these rundraisers. >> the press was not brought in for today's fundraiser because aides say there were no formal remarks. they stress unlike republican candidates, the president has a day job and will focus on it. >> to govern. to try to move the ball down the field if you will in terms of growing our economy and creating jobs. >> the president blocked some jobs when he nixed the ke keystone pipeline, in part citing early concerns from the for of nebraska. even though the governor now clearly says -- >> if we weren't trying to get this beyond the 2012 election it would seem we could make a decision today and it ought to
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be to build the pipeline. >> house republican leaders today vowed to bring the pipeline back as part of the payroll tax cut talks. but jay carney said the president does not want what he called arbitrary id log call fights -- ideological fights. a sign they are head for another clash over keystone. >> bret: ed henry, thank you. leaders of the house and senate are reacting to a huge momentum shift, regarding legislation designed to address internet piracy. doug mckelway is following a fluid situation. good evening. >> good evening. under an avalanche of criticism from the high-tech industry, senate majority leader harry reed delayed a tuesday test vote on internet piracy bill. speaker boehner told reporters today he urged the house judiciary chairman lamar smith to take the house version of the bill back the drawing board. >> this proposal, well-meaning has difficulties. it expect the chairman, like any chairman to build more consensus, before trying to
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move this bill out of the committee. >> reporter: the high-tech industry including heavyweights as google, yahoo, wikipedia lobbied heavily against the legislation. estimated 7,000 internet sites blacked out their content wednesday in protest. they feared the bill as written would allow authorities to shut down to domestic content providers who unwittingly allow content. it pitted the industry against the entertainment industry demanding you are jent action against the billion dollar losses to piracy. >> "avatrash" was stolen 21 million times. "rio" four days after the premier, it was in 22 different languages. >> there is rare agreement among all republican presidential candidates and the white house for some sort of action. >> the law as written is far too intrusive and expansive and threatening. we believe there is a legislative solution to that. >> one indication of how
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swiftly the tide turned against the legislation on capitol hill, half a dozen senators sponsored the bill now oppose it. bret? >> bret: thank you. home sales were up 5% last month. to their best level in nearly a year. stock were mixed today. dow addedded ded 96.5. s&p 500 gained a point. nasdaq finished behind two. we will tell you about the hottest political web cam site on the internet. later in the grapevine. up next, why democrats in indiana are boycotting the state l l l lp@?ñm ñoy÷hó
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>> bret: federal prosecutor will reportedly take fifth if questioned by a house committee about operation fast and furious. patrick cunningham of the u.s. attorney's office in arizona has been subpoenaed to testify about the troubled gun smuggling investigation. cunningham will leave his job next week for a position in the private sector.
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a fight in indiana over bill making union fees optional is causing quite a stir in the statousliture there. mike tobin reports it could have implication for one of america's iconic event. >> 43 members present and we don't have a quorum for conduct of business. >> now the indiana legislature is locked up. 35 house democrats refusing to show up because the presence would guarantee passal of a bill they feel would be harmful to labor unions. unions are keeping on the pressure. >> we have a very loud minority here. shouting, intimidating and just trying to stop elected officials from doing the job they were elected to do, which is to show up, debate. vote. and live by the results. >> they object to mitch daniels' right to work legislation to make the union membership and dues optionable for the private sector jobs in the hoosier state. democrats propose a referendum. but they found the referendum
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conflicted with indiana's constitution now. democrats say they won't return until reworded compromise is ready. >> if they agree it's constitutional and the vote is up or down for whether the people can decide the issue, or not. >> the house speaker calls it mobocricy. labor union praise the democrats walk out. >> they were elected to represent the con stitch wents and help indiana enact laws that are appropriate for people of indiana. the right they are exercising. labor unions threatening toing may the presence known at the sacred of events. >> occupy super bowl. >> to move that you are special interest forward. a huge mistake. i don't think people would think it's fright do in the state. >> judge blocked a $1,000 a
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day fine slapped on the house democrats by the republican counterparts so it's not clear what will compel them now in the chambers and how the labor standoff in indiana will end. in indianapolis, mike tobin, fox news. >> bret: back to national politics now. and the power of a new player on the stage. the super pac. organization with names you see in small letters in the upper left portion of the screen over toughest ads of the political campaign. chief washington correspondent jim angle tells us what they are and what a super-pac can do. >> supreme court decision two years ago changed the rules for money and campaign. >> if you have a super pac, you are a player. you can go from being nobody to somebody and it only takes a checkbook. >> super pacs raised $32 million so far this year. liberal groups were protesting the supreme court decision today and charging the steps of the court. analysts however, say the effect of that and other decisions have been overstated.
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spending money on groups likeirerr abclub, nra or other groups have been legal for a long time. supreme court decision allowed the unions and corporations to make unlimited contributions. to do one thing previously prohibited. >> the content of the advertising can have explosive messages to support or oppose a named candidate. >> take the swift vote ads against john kerry in 2004, funded by a wealthy contributor. >> you could not say vote for a person or against a person. that is why the swift vote veterans didn't say that. they said look at john kerry's record and think about that. they didn't tell you to vote against john kerry. >> impact of the new rule in the republican primaries is clear. >> iowa, the super-pac ads associated with romney defined newt gingrich before he had a chance to define himself in caucuses. >> gingrich who had little money finished back of the pac in iowa and new hampshire. then aidalson, a billionaire gave $5 million to a gingrich
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pac. >> gingrich has been hitting romney morning, noon, night. you can see the toll it's taken. >> the super pacs face restrictions they must report expenditures and cannot coordinate with the campaigns. >> the candidate can't go to a group and say i don't have the money for radio advertising in this part of the state. >> issue that arose in the fox news debate in which gingrich complained romney should change what he calls misleading ads from a romney super pac. >> i can't call the people and direct them to do that, as you know. it would violate federal law; is that correct? >> absolutely. >> then romney complained about a gingrich super pac ad he called the biggest hoax since bigfoot. marianne harsh since super pac ads will be a factor in every race this year because they work. voters don't look at who runs an ad. they just look at what the ad says. >> bret: true. jim, thank you. still ahead -- why presidential candidate love to hate the media. first, a final goodbye to one
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of the tu
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>> bret: now some fresh picks from the political grapevine. firmco founded by romney donated more to democrats than republicans. hill reports that employees of bain capital have given democratic candidates and party committee more than $1.2 million in last three election cycles. compared to around $480,000 for republicans. romney has collected the most of any federal candidate from bain employees receiving more than $166,000 in contribution since 2007. president obama has taken in about $80,000. as the saying goes, "one person's trash is another person's treasure." bankrupt solar firm solyndra is apparently trashing millions of dollars worth of
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new parts at its facility in fremont, california. a local tv station reports hundreds of thousands of class tubes used in solar panels are thrown in dumpsters, because it was determined trashing the tubes is cheaper than storing them. solyndra received more than a half billion dollars in federal lone guarantees before failing. officials there would not comment about the discarded equipment. finally move over c-span. a new must-see tv for political junkies. this video is from a web cam. featuring a live look at the secret guarded location where petitions to recall wisconsin governor scott walker and five other republicans there are being processed. tens of thousands of viewers have clicked to watch this. workers silently shuffling around a room and checking sicktures. some have given the unnamed workers nickname and tried attempts of humor on a parody
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twitter account. some call it so boring it's mesmerizing. we report, you decide. our top story at the bottom of the hour, voting begins in just hours for the third nominating contest of this presidential election cycle. the south carolina primary could strengthen mitt romney's front-runner status or give new life to campaign of the three challengers. as divisive as the contest has become, there is one target that all candidates and supporters love to hate at one time or another. chief washington correspondent james rosen tells us what that is. >> i am frankly astounded that cnn would take trash like that and use it taupe a presidential debate. [ applause ] >> for gingrich smacking down cnn john king for asking about the former house speaker's second ex-wife may have been smart politics judging from
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the reaction inside the south carolina debate hall. >> i am tired of elite media protecting barack obama by attacking republicans. >> what newt gingrich does that republicans like is he articulates conservative point of view in a way they believe does honor and credit to their view. they believe they get pushed around by the establishment press. >> indeed, attacking the press has been a staple of the g.o.p. song book this cycle. >> i wish you would put aside the gotcha questions. >> not just for newt gingrich. >> i think the media has blown that way out of proportion. >> this is a minor issue. that the media is blowing way out of proportion. >> i think the conservatives are tired of seeing us attacked. they know the media's biased. >> today, the g.o.p. front runner declined to jump on the media bashing bandwagon. >> if i have a specific complaint about an article or broadcast i'll let you know. at that stage, i don't. >> it wasn't always so. >> you're wrong, bret. >> romney famously chased the question put to him by the host of "special report."
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>> say something? >> he said he thought it was overly aggressive. >> some conservatives agreed with gingrich about the motivations behind john king's question. >> if you believe that the media had their eyes open they are fully awake now and they understand what they are dealing with. forget it. john king is proud of what happened last night. >> others saw the retort, not the question as offensive. >> only gingrich could get sanctity moanous about cheating on two wives and abandoning them. >> chris wallace, victim of previous smackdown cited with the moderator today. >> our job is not to be popular. it's to ask what is on people's mind. >> one veteran of the g.o.p. press corps said they faced thousands of question in 17 lengthy debates in the last six months and president obama held only one formal news conference in the same period. >> the pool report that say we went through here, or there with the president. we never saw him. let alone got close enough to ask a question.
4:35 am
>> vice president spiro agnew was the first raise cry of media bias with a speech in des moines in 1969. at the g.o.p. convention of 1964, it was former president dwight eisenhower who lambasted what he called the divisive effort of sensation seeking columnists and commentators. in washington, james rosen, fox news. >> the supreme court has thrown out the redrawn texas maps the obama administration will allow religious organizations another year to comply with a rule regarding healthcare coverage and contraception. employers who offer health insurance must include access to birth control, with no out-of-pocket cost. religious groups had lobbied for wider exceptions to that rule.
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debate fall-out and predictions for saturday's south carolina primary when the fox all-stars join me after the break. [♪...] >> announcer: bank robbery certainly is a frightening crime. after all, bank robbers stole $43 million in one year. but identity thieves? try 37 billion! and guess how identity thieves are getting some of that money. by taking over our bank accounts. they may not even need your social security number anymore. all an identity thief may need are a couple of simple pieces of information, like your mother's maiden name or the city you were born in, and they could add their name onto your bank accounts in order to make your money their money. you need help. [whoosh, clang] you need lifelock-- the only identity protection company that now monitors bank accounts for takeover fraud. lifelock is the proactive identity protection company with an early warning alert system that is state of the art. when we detect any suspected breaches of your personal
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to take an ex-wife and make it two days before the primary, a significant question in a presidential campaign is as close to despicable as anything i can imagine. >> i don't know how many years i'll release. i'll take a look at what the documents are and i'll release them multiple years. >> as president, are you going to represent south carolina or pennsylvania? that is the question. >> i'm steady. i'm solid. i'm not going to go out and do things that you are going to worry about. >> fiery debate. a few clips from it last night, as we get ready for the south carolina pi primary tomorrow. real clear average of polls,
4:40 am
latest polls factored here to the average. gingrich at 32.4%. romney at 30%. distant there, ron paul in third. santorum trailing. then look at the new national gallup poll. just out today. frank newport with gallup said about romney in gallup poll, "clearly things are collapsing." that was his words today. about this poll. in which gingrich has bumped up and romney has fallen down. bring in the panel. steve hayes, writer for "weekly standard." a.b. stoddard, associate eder to of the hill. sindcated columnist charles krauthammer. charles, you reaction to the debate and the fall-out from it? >> i thought the debate was over after three minutes. the gingrich answer. it was so interesting because it was a venue i think determined how it turned out. if youd a done last night's debate without an audience, it would have been different and
4:41 am
probably the verdict would have been santorum had come out ahead on points. he scored heavily against gingrich and romney presenting himself as a guy reliable, implying that, actually saying gingrich erratic, romney is unreliable. what you have is semily a studio audience it has a -- essentially a studio audience has a huge effect. gingrich won the room by the end of the first round. after that, he had sort of psycholog call advantage. all the way through. >> bret: there is a sense on the ground when you talk to people in south carolina that this is shifting newt gingrich's way. do you buy that? >> absolutely. i think it's entirely possible he wins in south carolina. someone won in new hampshire. gingrich fared poorly in both. it looks now if he could with this late momentum, eclipse mitt romney and win in south
4:42 am
carolina. that doesn't necessarily mean he will win the nomination. pew south carolina has the record of picking presidents. south carolina has a chance right now to sort of end or extend this. they can't end it anymore for romney february they pick him tomorrow -- even if they pick him tomorrow. but they can make it drag out a long time if gingrich has resounding victory. i think there is three tickets out of iowa. santorum hangs on if he doesn't win, romney hangs and newt. they all have reason -- >> bret: ron paul -- >> of course he will hang on. sorry, i didn't mention him. >> bret: the e-mail goes to abstoddard -- >> ron paul stays in the race and i think he will stay until the end. >> steve? >> think where we were on monday afternoon. mitt romney was the winner of the first two primaries in what headline writers and
4:43 am
commentators across the spectrum called historic victories. it looked like he was on a glide path to win the third. end the process by tomorrow. >> or florida at the latest. romney was ahead but now we have a scenario that romney won one of the two because santorum was given iowa. very well may not win in south carolina tomorrow. because the gingrich surge is real. it's more lik likely he wins the than not. then you have everything pointing toward florida. romney is very strong in florida. organizationally structurally he has been doing things in florida with the absentee ballot and early votes. that gives him a tremendous advantage in florida. i think what you are likely to see in florida is newt
4:44 am
gingrich's surge and momentum up against romney's structure and organization. >> bret: charles, for much of that debate, romney had strong answers according to many analysts on various topics. when it came to the issue of tax records, again he seemed to not have an answer. then he was pressed on his father, george romney who released 12 years of tax records when he was running for president. today, he wen romney went on laa ingram's radio show. >> what he did in 1957, is different from today. i was aware of his experience. i remember reading it in "look" magazine. we had them long ago. the idea i'm supposed to follow what my dad did is not something i find compelling. we disagreed in the past. >> so in other words, the fact that he released all these tax returns doesn't mean you have to release them. >> we don't do exactly things the same way.
4:45 am
i'll get the tax return for the year completed and like to release them at one time. >> charles, a lot of people say it's not a big deal, the tax records issue is not a big deal. but the answering or lack of answering has become a big deal. do you buy that? >> absolutely. it's incomprehensible. he has been running for half a decade. you know that the tax issue will come up. he should have some answer. he had no answer in your debate on monday. on anything. he wondered around. then you think by thursday, he's got an answer. well, he had an answer on will you release. yes, april. but no answer on how many years. as if that is a question unimaginable. now he is still doesn't have an answer. meandering around about "look" magazine and dad and i didn't agree on everything. give an answer. what he could have said, gingrich released his tax return last night during the debate.
4:46 am
which was a clever ruse, because nobody in the room knew. it was only one year. greta asked him on her show how many years are you going to do the years earlier but it could be a fluke? george romney said one year could be a fluke. gingrich said no, i'm going to do one year. i have now set the standard. there were so many answers that romney could have had. he was having a good night. he was speaking strongly. with passion. then he ran in the tax issue. absolutely incomprehensible. >> bret: he was on the trail, romney was today, a.b., saying that the newfound transparency by gingrich should lead him, the former speaker to call for a release of the ethics report during his ethics charges too. little, too late. does it stick? what about that play? >> too little, too late today. for south carolina. i understand why he wants to fight fire with fire, makes sense. he could have had surrogates
4:47 am
doing at it week ago. other thing about the tax record, not only is it inexcusable he didn't have an answer for it, there are bombs in there. such a gift to democrats we can only do it once. he is worrying everybody about what is in there. >> bret: last word. >> i mean if you are calling on gingrich to release ethics files. it's not that he wants or expect them to be released but he is raising the fact that gingrich has the ethics files. that is the game they're playing. more setup for florida than south carolina. >> bret: next up, the friday lightning round including the internet piracy legislation
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>> bret: every week viewers vote and this week the n.f.l. playoff predictions won with
4:51 am
39%. we're going to reveal those in a little bit. but, up next was the latest on the internet antipiracy bill. by the way, the high-tech industry after an avalanche of criticism, senate and house back to drawing board on the sopa or pipa bill, estimated 7,000 internet sites blacked out over the content on wednesday in protest. there is a big battle. what about this going back to the drawing board? >> a real ince. columnists are ripped off all the time. vu to have some legislation. the bill in here, was extremely sort of inexact. much too wide a range. i think it's correct that it has to be redone. it shows you the shift in power in the media. it's all internet, and all of the new media. a rout if you're old media. >> bret: rare bipartisan on
4:52 am
this, a.b. republican candidates and the white house singing from the same sheet of music. >> bipartisan, retreat in the congress. it is complete today went to the top with speaker boehner say leg did agree it's time to pull the -- saying it's time to pull the bill. they have to come up with consensus but it is a rational plan to try to combat piracy on the internet. interesting last night when santorum seemed to be the only one on stage to say this is america, the idea that anything goes on the internet like we where is this coming from? but he was alone. >> steve, chris dodd, now the entertainment industry representative. he said avatar was stolen 21 million times and "ruo" four days after the premier was in 22 different languages. thatry still making that case. >> a serious issue. it was written too broadly. interesting to listen to chris dodd suggest that hollywood might not support president obama if he backed off of his support from this. the most interesting internal thing to have seen in the
4:53 am
debate was when rubio who was a cosponsor withdrew the support, you saw in a period of several hours one after another after another. senator withdrawal support as well. >> bret: we were overruled here. we have want to talk about a couple of other things but politics has come back. we have want to come go back to debate, didn't think we talked about santorum enough. this is one element from the debate last night where he was attacking newt gingrich. >> i knew what the problems were on in the house of representatives. gingrich was leading there. an idea a minute. no discipline. no ability to pull things together. >> previous debates, a different scenario. >> if you had to choose a running mate, one person on the stage with you, who would you choose and why? >> newt gingrich would be the guy i would pick.
4:54 am
someone who would follow through with what i'm saying. >> i was the author in the house of representatives, under tutelage of newt gingrich at the time. of the welfare reform act. take welfare reform, i was in the united states senate. actually the direction of newt gingrich. >> different debate. >> it was. i thought i a agree with charles santorum had a good debate. the question is he came on so strong and hitting even at every turn. talked to some south carolina voters afterwards, the question they raised was it too much in too hot? >> charles. >> if you look at the date on the clip, today he is tough on newt and before he was easy. the ruling politics if the other guy is down you praise him. if he is up, kick him in the shins. at your level, stab him in the back. >> i think rick santorum will be friends with gingrich again if gingrich campaign collapses for the third time. that is also the reason santorum stays in the race
4:55 am
because it could happen. >> and use him as a running mate. >> ron paul is a factor in south carolina, the third and fourth. where it falls could be interesting part of this race. right? >> yeah. >> factor in south carolina and well beyond. he is staying in through the convention. >> factor in tampa. >> okay. the n.f.l. picks. there is no sus specific here. we all picked the 49ers and the patrio patriots. con ken sus on the panel. all four -- consensus on the panel. >> last year someone gave me a flashcard. i have talk points. niners and patriots. s.f. defense is too good. giants are pretenders. patriots offense is a too good is baltimore is terrible on the road. patriot win super bowl. >> rain in san francisco. >> muddy track tomorrow afternoon. >> good stuff, a.b. >> okay. that is it for the panel. she is not making the lines this weekend but stay tuned to see the dangers of reporting on the safety of others.
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>> bret: finally tonight, it's not that easy this time of year for reporters who get sent out to cover the winter weather. however, sometimes when covering the dangers of sledders and cars on slick roads, it's not just the cars that are the dangers. >> we know that it's not going to get any better. in fact, it probably will get worse, as long as this corridor is open. again, you saw a car go by behind me. buss are coming through here, too as i mentioned a number of close calls. >> it stopped because of your reporter. thank you so much for ruining the fun. total complete kill joy. on for a decade and you ruined it. >> bret: total, complete kill joy. don't forget to tune in tomorrow, 6:00 p.m. eastern for special coverage of the south carolina primary. it will be interesting. we can promise you that. thanks for invin