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tv   Forbes on FOX  FOX News  January 21, 2012 11:00am-11:30am EST

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lifelock service guarantee cannot be offered to residents of new york. and it is the south carolina primary. we are here because problems seem to be spreading everywhere. this is the very latest. we are getting news on the debate that mitt romney was. he will indeed attend that gop debate set for monday in tampa, florida. there was a concern that romney felt he was overdoing it and newt gingrich was bettering him in the debate and why push it. he's going to do that. he might need an extra one if early indications that newt
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gingrich could have a good day today. the battle for south carolina is costly. tv advertisement is 10 million and much over the last two weeks. ron paul telling me that south carolina is important. it is not do or die for him. 20 percent of the south carolina voters are said to be undecided. >> you have probably watched the battle back and forth for the heart and soul of the comment . what a former wife's comments made of newt gingrich and the team he may or may not be getting. herman cain knows that personal issues come up and change the race quick leap. yours were unprove exten did drive you from the race because they were such a distraction . and so far no indication that the prior comments from the second wife of mr. gingrich are reg
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mr. #2: ering. do you think they will? >> i don't think they will. the timing of the attack on newt with the interview from the previous wife was not coincidental . i believe that the voters connected the dots. they saw what happened to me and three days before the south carolina primary, the same type of attack on newt, voters are seeing it is a coordinated effort to bring down who ever is on top. i don't know who is behind it but the voters are waking up and saying we are sick and tired of the attacks. i don't think that will have an impact. >> why do you think the attacks on newt gingrich, that is not actually fair. but allegations from a former spouse people put and weigh in perspective versus the
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unsubstaniated claims of women who may or may not have met you. why the difference? what do you make of that? >> i don't think there is a difference. i think what is in common with the two situations, the american people are starting to see through it the reason that the false accusations against me drove me out of the race, is because some people in the media would not stop spinning the false accusations over and over. it was painful to my wife and caused pain to me and my family. in newt's case. he has denied what his ex-wife said. and so people will weigh that. >> but herman on that point, say the people do dismiss it as you imply. and he does well in south carolina. he could conceivably win most of the races, right? >> he could.
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because coming in south carolina, it was a wild card. and that was proven out because of the news newt got and the dirty little attack didn't slowed him down. if he is close to the top and two-one. it doesn't matter, it means it was a wild card and now means florida is the next wild card . so i think that is what that said in terms of people looking past that. let me make one other point. they don't care about a 900 page report and romney's tax returns. only some people in the media do. >> if you were romney, would you release them? if you were romney would you put them out there? >> no, i wouldn't. we had to fill out extensive disclosure information for the federal elections commission .
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i had to dig up all of my financial information and put it on that form. here's why some people are pushing for the tax returns neal . they want to give the liberals one more nugget to continue the class warfare attack. >> but newt gingrich is asking romney to do that? >> that is fine. if i were romney i wou nope, not going to do it. next question and move on. those kinds of thingings . i have been here since tuesday and had an opportunity to talk to people and people wanted to take pictures with me even though i am not a candidate. figure that out. you know the weird thing with you. you have colbert. he's on the south carolina ballot today. why are you doing this and the two of you together and all of that in here's why, no one
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talks about the youth vote and college vote. talking to thos college students yesterday. with all due respect, they believe that the remaining candidates are boring. this is what they have said. second low, i believe in order for the republican to win, they are going to are to keep the conservaves and republicans energized and independents that shifted from barack obama have to be energized by the compelling message and the youth vote and college vote. i hooked up with colbert because of the young people who get their news from jon stewart and colbert. >> doesn't that give a mockery. he's running on this and getting tax media. others say this type, these type ofantics trivialize it. >> i don't think they do
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trivialize it, neal. the rules are flawed to begin with. all he is doing to use his platform to keep college engaged. that's what i am going to do. >> he's telling his supporters to vote for you. you are still on the ballot. i spectacularly said at the rally. don't vote for me. >> i can't take. >> the rally cancelled itself out. >> well possibly, but the message i left with them is don't be a part of the problem, be a part of the solution. vote. don't waste your vote for me. and second thing i impressed on the kids, washington and broken and the united states of america is broke. you have to go fix it from the outside which is what i am doing and they gave me a rousing applause. so i don't think it mocks the
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system at all. >> herman, always good seeing you. >> neal great seeing you. by the way, i like the tie . >> that is on one. i am not getting great e-mails. herman cain, thank you very much. we have a democratic congressman oust columbia, south carolina. what do you make of the newt gingrich surge. >> i think it is very real. and it is going on since the debates at myrtle beach. i think he put himself well in the debate and i think that romney helped him a lot. because in that debate, romney did not acquit himself well. and he was leading, rom no was and in 48 hours after the debate. i could feel a decided shift
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taking place. >> congressman, you are close and tight with the president and his people. we know the gardener and landscaper but after that it is dicey. is it your sense that the president would prefer one candidate to run against, what? >> i don't think so. i think the president has been preparing for a contrast in visions for the future. and if you look at over the candidates on the other side, at least the final four, they have similar visions, as to where the country should go and i think the president is preparing himself to contrast his vision with theirs. and i don't believe any one of them would be preferred over the other? >> the reason i asked, sir, many in the white whit seem to have hinted that newt gingrich
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would be an easier target and more vulnerable one. they said that in the carter administration with ronald reagan. we know that. and history can prove things wrong. what do you make of that that they seem to see a bigger threat in mitt romney. >> i said yesterday, when i was down in tulsa that that would be a horrible mistake for anyone to think that the election this november is going to be easy pickings for anybody. both of the candidates on different fronts are fundmentally flawed. i don't agree with my friend herman cain, and we interacted in tulsa the other day- charleston the other day upon. that he should not release his tax returns. the fact of the matter is, it is a time-honored thing to do. started by his father.
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and people feel if you refuse to see how you made your mon yewhat you did with your money, they only assume that you are hiding something . there are things about our tax code will not bode well for people in public office and maybe a case for people who aren't. people are not going to vote for you if they think there is something untoward about the way you treated your money and hiding it off shore and whether or not you are being fair with your contributions. i think it is a big mistake for him not to do that. on the other hand, newt gingrich has problems that all of us are very familiar with. >> it will be interesting one way orth other. congressman, thank you for being on. >> thank you for having moo. >> is newt gingrich still
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talking. he knows how to work a crowd and that is a big crowd in there and obviously, we'll hear a lot more from him today. poll is open for eight more hours and they are expecting heavy turn out today. parts of the state not in the best of weather but they are expecting upwards of half million participating in south carolina . but there are more people than four years ago. >> since ronald reagan in south carolina, every winner won the nom. michael reagan throwing his name behind newt gingrich. interesting. back then he had something more important to do. he wasn't focused on his future. but fortunately, somebody else was. at usaa we provide retirement planning for our military, veterans and their families.
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when i'm on the night shift. when they have more energy than i do. when i don't feel like working out. when there isn't enough of me to go around. ♪ when i have school. and work. every morning. it's faster and easier than coffee. every afternoon when that 2:30 feeling hits. -every day. -every day. every day is a 5-hour energy day. [ male announcer ] 5-hour energy. every day. >> all right newt gingrich now has been there for a time in greensville, south carolina. it is a must meet and greet
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traunt and a must stop for presidential traunt and newt gingrich is the rock star. mitt romney showed up an hour ago . it was monument and they were going to be there at the same time romney showed up earlier than newt gingrich on the aforementioned time x. these folks had a chance to see the candidates themselves. rick santorum was there earlier, not today, but that is a stop everyone make in greenville, south carolina. greenville is a conservative part of the state and considered to be a newt gingrich stronghold . we'll see when all of the numbers come out. meanwhile, michael reagan is joining me now. he created waves when he threw his support behind newt gingrich. it is good having you.
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there doesn't seem to be a favor war between the bush eats and reaganites. you are after all ronald reagan's son. and then george bush senior endorsing romney . jeb bush all but endorsing mitt romney . last president bush thinks highly of mitt romney . john sonunu. campaigning aggressively for mitt romney. is there a split? >> there is always been a split. it is the rockefeller side of the republican party and reagan conservative side of the republican party. >> your dad chose that side on his ticket. >> and he chose that side for second place on his ticket and not first place on his ticket. you might remember that.
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>> even though his second place guy became the first place guy. >> absolutely right. but the guy who became the first place guy, and i love george w. bush and george bush. and he wanted to make his pregnancy his own and he got rid of the reaganites when he became president of the united states. i choose newt gingrich it made me uncomfortable watching the debate for mitt romney who has been running the office for five years. i want someone who goes in the election to know the answers and not have to search for a answer. the whole tax issue, the fact that he still doesn't have an answer for that and that doesn't bode well. but the people look at this and say wait a minute . not if you have begin your taxes or not.
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but it is how you are relating to it and answering the question and that's why you see mitt romney going down in the polls and newt gingrich going up. newt gingrich had i paid for the microphone moment at that debate with john cane. >> that issue if it doesn't end up being a issue. and voters look past the comments of his second wife coming out and saying stuff. what do you think that that means? it is interesting. i remember back in 1960s, neal. my dad and i and sister told us how the rnc and richard nixon had photographs of john f. kennedy going in hotel rooms with other than women. is nixon going to use these photographs against kennedy to win the election, and my father said no, and he shouldn't. it is not our jobb to get in
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the personal life. it is our job to find out if he is president of the united states of america. your personal life is your personalife. so many people in that room went through divorce and tragedy and as newt gingrich said. and i take personal life and move it to another block if you will other than the political life because that is what my father taught me. with bill clinton lying under oath it matters. >> you are right. but he was not our guy. we'll go after their guy and not go after our own guy. and that is always a problem in politicings. i have been consistent with it all of these years and so many people talk about reagan and the party wants to be like
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>> there is only one thing that americans could do. they are snowed in and that is sticking with the fox business network. we are continuing our coverage on the south carolina primary. it is really not just about republican red. but all about your green. we have the most powerful people weighing in on all of this including a billionaire. and new york jets owner and
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staple co-founder and don imus, you can't afford to miss this and can't afford what is developing in essentially a breakfast joint. it is a popular one at that. two presidential candidates. a karl is newt gingrich still there. just left a second ago, neal. tommy stevenson. hosted presidential candidates and mosted republicans. it is a radition here and they put a new capter in the history book by what turned out not to be a candidates. they were scheduled to be here 10:45. i am hearing myself echo back.
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what is a unique occurence. mitt romney was 45 minutes early perhaps to avoid newt gingrich and he made remarks to a enthusiastic crowd. but his remarks signaled the preparedness for defeat tonight. he said it is going to be a long race. not only florida and south carolina. but colorado and nevada. he's talking about the long slog. it is a strategic view. they are hoping the organization will rise up and help and they have governor halle's to romney only stayed 15 and newt gingrich stayed 45 minutes and he said where's mitt and called out the rival
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and talked about how he hoped there would be a debate. newt gingrich said he recognized there were a lot of romney supporters and thought they might come to their senses and join his campaign down the road. that is two candidates and there are two others. ron paul, the texas congressman is poling in third place and rick santorum has been successful in rousing crowd asks building on what was his iowa caucaus win . announced officially by state republican party officials in the hawk eye state. santorum one, and mitt romney won new hampshire and south carolina could be a flee way split with each of the candidates putting a victory and raises questions about ron paul who has loyal supporters, many of them young in south carolina. he didn't campaign as aggressively in part with a highest percapita of active
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and retired military and many republicans feels that mr. paul's foreign policy and military ideas are out of step. don't count out ron paul. he will go on. and unlike presidential campaigns in years past. south carolina generally picks the front runner and nominee. there is a possibility that the campaign will go on much longer than the returns reporting later this evening. >> karl cameron. and and so i guess it is too late now, congressman. >> i tell you, top three candidates that we have today are fantastic candidates and no doubt ron paul brings a unique part with young voters.
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we have to look at the military newt probably will carry the day. last week of debate and particularly the abc release of the ex-wife, the timing of it worked in newt's advantage. >> it really did if that is the case. right in it surprised some that are chosely conservative that it did and if it does. what do you make of that. what rallies a service base is an anti-media response. we rally around when the media is trying to pick. they are trying to pick the candidate they want. and once i heard the first economy from cnn


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