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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  January 21, 2012 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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paved the way for barack obama. but he is disappointed in barack obama . don imus and only business network that figured out it is your money. hi, everyone. fox news alert it is go time for voters in south carolina. today, the state first in the south republican primary underway. and newt gingrich and mitt romney lockked in a two man race there and good afternoon. it is great to have you here. i am jamie colby. welcome to the news and election. >> exciting stuff. i am greg gar ed. and rick santorum hoping to win in the state . ron paul rounding out the main contenders. and chief political correspondant is live in greenville, south carolina. >> we are told, greg that the
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turn out in the polling places in greenville is very, very strong. a number of the folks said they planned to vote before they came to breakfast and decided to come here and see newt and mitt, and then go back to the polls where the lines are long. tommy hen house has been on the political radar since he started this place . today, two candidates leading the polls once again made greenville and the hen house center of the universe. it was not by design. there was a conflict. and fully 45 minutes before hand. mitt mitt romney showed up early and had a message to signal that romney and his campaign are aware that newt gingrich is surging in the polls and may end up victorous and that would be a bit of the a blow are to mitt romney considering he was winning by
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10 points. he expects this to be a long slog. he pointed out you need 11 delegates. and no one can clinch the election until the middle of april and romney was talking about states of michigan and colorado that don't vote for many weeks until after florida. and on time after the visit came newt gingrich and the first thing out of his mouth was where's mitt? making fun and chiding him as newt gingrich has for the last or so and questions romney's character and suggesting that the massachusetts moderate is not who republicans want to elect. and up next south carolina is conservative. greenville, 22 percent of the vote will come from this part of the state. turn out will be big for newt gingrich who wants the state
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to come big for him. he said that conservatives are coming home and with a win here tonight, he will end up being the nominee. there is ron paul and rick santorum competing aggressively . the weather might be a factor. we have had driving rain storms here in greenville and folks coming in here soaking wet and may make people think twice about going to the polls. there is not as much bad weather where romney is stronger. it is the moderate south carolina electorate. we'll see whether or not it stays as strong as it was. i will eat at tommies and vote afterwards rather than before hand. >> karl, is there much talk about the turn out with the women there? south carolina defies expectations in primaries elsewhere .
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of how has it been. >> it is shifting a bit. most of the polls suggested in south carolina he had a bit of an edge with seniors over newt gingrich. but all of the polls has shifted. there is a size on the right time and so has the support with the various democratic groups. that question from cnn. and assertions by newt gingrich's ex-wife had a back fire he had an increased vote from women of the consequence of the way it was handled by the media and there was a sense for a gotcha on a presidential candidate. newt gingrich campaign will not comment. but rick santorum suggested that that question was a gift, and it was the nicest thing that anybody could have done to newt gingrich. it was a positive reaction in
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the aftermath of it. >> it is amazing. and karl cameron live in south carolina. thank you very much. and just a little perspective on the economic perspective in south carolina. unemployment is 9 9 percent. and that is higher than the national rate of 8 and half percent. and those collecting unemployment are seeing smaller checks than the jobless in most other states. south carolina pays out 235 a week. and greg, they have seen hard times which may explain why so many team are showing up to the polls. and what is it they need to hear and see from the candidates who are making last ditch efforts for the issues. what do folk in south carolina care about? we'll talk to congressman from
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south carolina. >> good afternoon. >> what is it that is most important to the folks in south carolina and do you expect a larger turn out today? >> i think the rain is not going to be a factor and folks are engaged in south carolina. and starting in myrtle beach beech and in charleston. i think chad connelly is doing a great job focusing on south carolina. they are looking for a candidate to inspire to greatness. we'll lay out a plan for getting us out of the economic dolled rum and inspire us to american greatness again. >> congressman, evangelicals and conservatives. where are they going? >> it will be divided. a lot of the folks are for rick santorum and some are going to newt gingrich. mitt romney doesn't seem to be strong in my area but is
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strong state wide. it is a neck and neck race going into the final sevenhours. >> each candidate had to handle tough things. but out greeting voters and in terps of tax returns. you say mitt romney, you didn't mention him in the iniial group. was he hurt by the state's unemployment rate. which it does and basically his income is mostly in 15 percent capitol gains form when a lot of people are hoping for a w-2? >> mitt romney laid out a great economic plan and he is a leader to help us out of the economicuation and dr. paul is as well. but when you talk about tax return. i think neal cavuto summed it up. most americans don't understand their own tax return much less as mitt
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romney. and theresa hines kerry paid wrero because of tax free municipal. >> i ask the question. mitt romney portrayed himself as not a washington insider but a businessman who was successful and something he would like to see, trickle down really and to a lot of people who are unemployed and i think they understand. >> i think they do. voters have hadle time to look at all of the candidates and south carolina shucked off the main stream media and analyze the candidates and we are going to pick the president. has the media been fair? >> all in all, i would say the media has been fair. and fox news has been fair. but the media as a whole is trying to skew it to mitt romney and that is unfair to
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rick santorum and dr. paul. we'll see . the polls are still active in south carolina and i encourage everyone to get out and vote today. >> i know you do a lot of work with the veterans . what do you think vets will do? >> i think they will be divided. you have four solid candidates that always supported veterans and look at debate question. congressman paul and senator santorum and mitt romney and newt gingrich. they are supporting the veterans. >> you don't have many that have served. you have not made an endorsement congressman duncan and here you are on the program that counts for south carolinians. will you tell us please who you will support and why. >> i cast an absentee vote and i have decided to stay out of
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endorsements and watching it like fox news. >> candidates have not call asked? >> no, we have put them off and not endorse. i want the vores to make up their own minds and they are analyzing. tommy ham house and both candidates newt gingrich and mitt romney were talking to the voters at the lenth hour and voters can make up their own mind. >> congressman duncan thank you so much. greg. >> before we go. you want to keep it right here. we have breaking coverage. this is the best coverage of the south carolina primary. you are tuning in to election headquarters and you should. keep it right here on the fox news channel. we have bret baeir and megan kelly will kick it off at 6:00 east yern they will go until we know the winner. in the past greg, we picked up
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the reigns. and you never know. keep it right here on the fox news channel. am death tollrising in the italy cruise ship disaster. a live look at the ship wreck giglio island. coast guard recovered the body of a woman. 20 others remain missing. recovery teams using a robot to look for the search and the ship's captain is admitting he messed up. they are streaming live in italy. what is the latest in the search effort? greg, the latest is that another body was recovered, that of a woman. we don't have identification. it is heart breaking to see the families of those missing from around the world here on this island waiting for answers and going to church praying and knowing that hope
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has dimmed here . throwing flowers into the water. it is really something. but in the meantime, divers did recover after setting off explosives a woman's body in a hard to reach corner of the ship near an evacuation point. she was wearing a life vest and this could be critical, the captain's personal safe and the hard drive of a video camera from the bridge of the ship. there is controversy about who was on the bridge and talk of maybe distracting woman fromm maldova who used to be a crew member and is a passenger and gut t and transscripts leaking out today. it is a huge story in the italian media. tran scripts was a conversation between captain schettino and the prosecutor and investigators in which he
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said he call would costa cruise lines right after he ran the ship aground and for a tug boat and additional life boats and helicopter. he said that he called according to the tran scripts about 10 times and we reached out to costa cruise lines and they said they have no comment. but the captain is at the center of this having left perfect before the crew can passengers were out. there is so much anger in italy and there are people to defending him saying we simply don't know what went and through his head. but people here saying that he brought shame on this country by his actions. amy, thank you very much. the ship wreck is a compelling and complicated trag geraldo
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rivera is hosting the fox news report trag eddie at sea tonight at 10:00 eastern time. a fast-moving system is bearing down on our country. look at the radar. you can see the system literally stretching over the northeast and live pictures for you, too. these are current conditions in philadelphia where a wintery mix is expected today. it was not pretty when i left the house here in new york. the snow is still falling and the first major snowfall of the season. i am not into it. meteorologist maria molina has the latest. bring on cent degrees maria. >> we'll have a wait pay while for that unfortunately. the snow will continue for us in new york city for a little bit longer and going to be over, jamie. you will see dryer conditions
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in our city. further cross - in the south and dc, baltimore area. they are not getting snow but freezing rain which we could argue is worse than the be careful on the roadways . big state we are watching is south carolina and unfortunately the precipitation out here today could come in the form of severe weather. this is a big concern. woo we have a tornado watch in georgia and parts of central alabama. and 50 in rock hill . so temperatures are not too bad if you are heading out. and winter weather will continue this afternoon and we are expecting highest snowfall
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accumulations and three or five inches of snow including in new york city. we have a winter storm warning and parts of connecticut and massachusetts. that is where we could be looking at highest snowfall accumulations . i hope so. thank you so much . take care. it is a mess. and police releasing the identity of a victim whose head and hands were found in the hollywood hills. >> sounds like a movie. >> a murderer on the loose in l.a. >> how about greg, you ever lose anything in your luggage and hear stories that they went through it. an airline security officer and his wife reportedly admitted they ripped off travelers for years.
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did they have your stuff? >> someone lifted golf shorts out of my bag. >> i would have thought they would take the clubs. and voting underway. and south carolina vores. we have seen a major shift in the polling data. what does this mean for the race in coming up. neil cavuto with his take on all of ♪ is it fast? it's got a lightning bolt on it, doesn't it? ♪ is it fast? i don't even know if it's street-legal. ♪ is it safe? oh, yeah. it's a volkswagen. [ male announcer ] the security of a jetta. one of nine volkswagen models named a 2012 iihs top safety pick. ♪ got you in a stranglehold, baby ♪
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>> newt gingrich and mitt romney spending the week butting heads over personal wealth and tax status. can these candidates relate to the average voters. joining us is neil casuto and wow. that is a lot of pink, neil. listen young man, quiet. i had to say that. >> this issue of releasing the tax returns is morphed in a problem for mitt romney. he seemed to say no. and then he said yes.
12:22 pm
and has he been clumsy of the handling of this thing and does it matter. jonchgeorge push waited. and that is the normal procedure. and the other issue is that the idea that he is hiding. he is a wealthy guy. the tax is lower rate than income. it is earned and that is not the case. it is the top rate. and mr. newt gingrich went out to say one year return that he
12:23 pm
paid 31 percent. we'll have to see just how wealthy it is. and people who run for period tend to be ashamed that they are rich. and it is an asset. you are skilled in business and turning around companies in romney's case. and look. this 15 percent tax rate allowed newt gingrich to mock him and the the wall street journal said they are missing an opportunity to make a better argument. this is what the wall street said . and thus his income is really
12:24 pm
taxed twice. and 15 percent tax rate. did he miss it here. and it is going to the federal government in >> i think it is a argument. it is incent vises individuals or companies to invest in companies . and so it is a lower capitol gains rate . that is what bill clinton rushed. he knew it was important to keep investment rates low which he did and that brought a economic bomb. i find it being that that woom
12:25 pm
drin by seed money and tendure firms . they make yourself very rich about it. and i also think that mitt romney missed a gold know money. i have risked private money. it is not public taxpayer money. it is in my career and were financed to benefit many. it is questionable prop ups that have yet to pan out.
12:26 pm
would you want the taxpayer money to the tune. he's paying dearly for it. i was watching you yesterday and you were taking issue with newt gingrich to piling on the question and john king because newt gingrich didn't like the question. newt gingrich did it again on fox and friends. it was a reaction to something that romney had said. it seems to be working for him to bash the media. >> i have been on the receiving end much myself moderating. and it was a debate in iowa and it is affective.
12:27 pm
bash the media everyone hates the media. there are distinctions . and i will say this. there is a method to that and it is affective to blame the questioner. i get a lot of angry e-mail on this. you don't have to leave with it. and it is seeming to do. and you must be consistent on dismissing the rage of an ex. and saying that and ignore her chargings .
12:28 pm
and it is the issue at hand and it is up to us to ask it. and my issue is, is this out there in the public do main and can you repond without saying it was stupid for me to bring it up. that and away without raising it or bringing it up. it is your private life and issue. these are our marriages x. these are our controversies. and the fact of the matter you can close over them you are not doing anyone a fave
12:29 pm
we have a lott of beef. look at that. talk to us about your line up here. a lot of folks are concerned about the country. and the they lay a ground work for the africa-american president. and owners the jets and obviously a little bit are and a billionaire who threw a lot of money in rick santorum's race and thinks that santorum is a viable candidate. and my own buddy don imus and many more. wait a minute. 6:00 is when fox news starts as well i heard about your generous offer and olive branch. you have two choices.
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quickly, guys. some homes have multiple tvs. put the one you never see on bret. and put the one you always do on me and fox business. and they are okay with it. dvr them and watch me. and a lot of people have picture and picture. you have the best. guys of all. you will have no luck with the business network. i am telling you. best set for the business network. >> we have to run one of those. it is a del a meal . i are to get serious neil, great coverage all day long.
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investigators doing gruesome work and identifying a victim that they have only found body parts. we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] how'd yolearn to do that? when did you start that project? every new year comes with a few stories waiting to be built. it's when our brand-new to-do lists become "you did that yourself?" so when we can save more on the projects that let us fix, make, and do more, that just makes the stories even better.
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approximate >> after weekings of republican candidates chris crossing the state of carolina, it is decision day. first on the south of the goprimary. location can be key for candidates when it comes to wooing the voters out there. john robers is live in charleston, south carolina with more. >> good afternoon. all along republicans are looking for an alternative to mitt romney and this morning they appear to found it in newt gingrich. the poll has him leading mitt romney 40-26 x. hed wells with tea party member women and evange el als.
12:36 pm
the achilles heel for newt gingrich if he has one according to a public policy poll, 35 percent of the supporters said they could switch their vote at the last minute. we'll put up a map in south carolina and give you a lay of the land here. john mccain wono the coast and midlands of columbia and huckabee took all of the socially conservative counties in the north. newt gingrich has much broader appeal than mike huckabee and it is possible he could do well in the coastal counties. that means that mitt romney has a very big hill to climb. >> mitt romney needs to take all of the coastal of hill head to myrtle beach. and more important lye harich conservative area. that tipecally would not be friendly to mitt romney.
12:37 pm
manufacturing understand mitt romney on the business front. >> we'll look at what you look for tonight whether you are watching us in the fox news channel or neil cavuto on fox business. the place to watch tonight. third and powerth congressional district. greenville and spartan burg area and part of the county with charleston. if mitt romney gets blown out by newt gingrich, it will be difficult for him to win this x. also on the coast in the first and second congressional district where myrtle beach is, if he doesn't get the same percentage as mccain got upwarpeds of 40 percent of charleston and buford it will be difficult. military vote. mccain captured it in 2008, but that looks like it can split this year. rick santorum campaign. regardless of the result tonight, absolutely, absolutely, he will say - on
12:38 pm
stay in the race and he will be in this through the florida primary on the lonst. >> yawn roberts, thank you error much. >> thank you, greg. newt gingrich is surging in the polls once again after experiencing a slump. and the former speaker in a polling site in greenville, south carolina in a peeker camain. there is a series of dramatic evens and it is it a roller coaster ride and it is continuing. and there is new momentum going into the primary today. can a candidate win a nomination with numbers that are part of a range and not consistent. there is a senior advisor for the internet campaign. thank you for joining us today. i want to talk about you newt gingrich's disdain for the media right now. if the media is not the one to
12:39 pm
ask the tough questions, then who can really in does the american voters not rely on us to ask those questions. why the back lashh from mr. gingrich. >> we disagree with the word disdain. he is making himself available to the press . he has a ton of press following him there. there is a difference with the disdain for the institution and what he pointed out in the debate. why lead the debate about a question with mary an's brew. he said it was false. he categorically and denied what she said. and if you see the polls today, jamie, voters in south carolina assimulated all of the information and he's way ahead at least according to the polls. and i want to point out something else. ginger gibson who is tough on our campaign along with many
12:40 pm
in the media sort of written us off and said mitt romney is electable and lean to inevitability. she wrote a torres of how ami can't believe newt is with the press and he did a happy birthday for them . showsem when they are having dinner. >> it is not just over the questions that john king asked at that debate and the placement of the questions. there are more arguments on asking it at all and then. speaker gingrich including in an interviewer with sean hanity said the liberall left wing especially the new york times it all begins there and they are unfair. he just -- at least in his words has not embraced the fact that we are looking hard at all of the candidates and asking them the questions that arise and new information is out there including of course, the at the same times made by
12:41 pm
newt gingrich's ex-wife. >> you may be asking the tough questions. we would be hard pressed in the media to say it is all of the same. when newt said it and got a standing ovation. he's tired of the liberal elite media protecting obama. that is true. the center for the people who do all of the media research groups, they have all of the content and shows how many times there is a favorable report of obama when we are 14 trillion in debt. and mitt romney skipping the debates in florida. that is repressive in making yourself accessible to the med yampt >> i want to focus on your candidate. real quick. what question would you like the media to ask newt gingrich. >> more on foreign policy and iran and israel and relative differences in the four men
12:42 pm
who remain in their tax and growth plans. that may bore people but that is what is going to put people to work not sound bites and slogans. tax and growth and more on foreign policy. >> kelly thank you for being here. good perspective. have a great day. >> thank you. and good luck. >> investigators looking for the identity of the victim whose body parts were found near the hollywood sign. knowing that i could smoke during the first week was really important to me. [ male announcer ] along with support, chantix is proven to help people quit smoking. chantix reduced my urge to smoke -- and personally that's what i knew i needed. [ male announcer ] some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood, hostility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions while taking or after stopping chantix. if you notice any of these,
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wow. look at you go. 5-hour energy. when you gotta get stuff done. >> breaking news oust southern california. police identifying the man whose body parts were found near the hollywood sign. casey, who was this man? >> greg, the police have
12:47 pm
suspended their search and they are now identifying him 66 yearr old hervey medlin. former employee of mexicana airline. we'll walk you through the time line it was tuesday when people were walking their dogs in an area known as brunson canyon near the hollywood sign and the dogings were playing with a plastic bag and a severed human head was inside. hand exercise feet were found by cadaver dogings . they were able to lift a fingerprint from one . hands. hervey med lin 66 years old and his boyfriend was led away in handcuffs. but police say no arrest were made. they're frightened because this is manage trait out of a movie. >> it is eerie and creepy that this can happen right where you live and you have no idea
12:48 pm
this is going on. >> la pd searching an apartment complex and related to the investigation and no further details are released . >> live in l.a. thank you so much. >> voting is underway in the south carolina republican primary. games have begun. we have seen a major shift in the polls, what does it mean for the race? when i grow up, i want to write a novel. i want to go on a road trip. when i grow up, i'm going to go there. i want to fix up old houses. [ female announcer ] at aarp we believe you're never done growing. i want to fall in love again. [ female announcer ] discover what's next in your life. g this free travel bag when you join at
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>> the candidate they like the most on the issues or the guy they think that can defeat barack obama. mr. connelly, what is the answer to that question. i have tea party friend exercise republican party and activist friends. i think it will be split evenly. our folks are tuning in with the fox news debate in myrtle beach and thursday's debate in
12:53 pm
charleston. i have talked to a lot of them. and looking at the recent poll. they have no idea who they would vote for. registeredcrats look, is it possible in . did they may gravitate to mitt romney in >> it is an open primary state. and they are trying to close the primaries . we'll go after it . anybody who want to go can. mitt romney's tax return and
12:54 pm
wealth and adventure. how is that playing. and governor mitt romney is a successful businessman. i think what you see right now, we are impressed. and i really think what is happening in talking to friends . there is an uneven playing field. why doesn't obama have to worry questions about his buddy bill ayers or his preaching buddy. and things like that. they are excited to see the press going on the questions. >> there is a story in the new york post that said newt gingrich's southern swagger is a real positive in south
12:55 pm
carolina. he has been playing they say to the regional sense of self and identity. how much of an advantage is it that newt gingrich is from the south neighboring georgia. >> we are a piercely independent state . i have watched it closely in regard to the ground games and the ones that are out there and working the ground game hard and getting to know activist chris cross in the state. our folks have a high bar of expectation. they go to the meet and greet and barbecue huts and people are turning out. it comes down to who does the best job of connecting with the voters. >> women are a key voting block in south carolina. and some of the polling data, of it shows among women in south carolina newt gingrich is weak and romney is strong.
12:56 pm
how important is that vital voting block. >> i tell our women's clubs if not for them, we wouldn't get it done. women are work nothing all four camps just like tea party and republican party activists. we'll know tonight, greg. >> chad connelly, best of luck to you and thank you for speaking with us. >> thank you, sir, have a great day. >> it is heating up. freezing in a lot of places but not south carolina. people are picking who they want to see in the white house. when will we know. keep it on fox. we are live. [ kate ] most women may not be properly absorbing
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