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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  January 22, 2012 10:00am-12:00pm EST

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>> dave: and we're going to florida, big debate tomorrow night. state of the union on tuesday. >> rick: a debate? >> alisyn: the 18th. >> clayton: and catch fox news sunday, today, local listings, mitt romney speaking with chris wallace, making news this morning. >> alisyn: and the "after the show" show... >> dave: on fox. >> clayton: what else? >> jamie: what a difference 24 hours can make. a "fox news alert." a political stunner. it happened in south carolina. and the republican race for the white house. newt gingrich winning the state's primary in a resounding victory, the former house speaker proving it is still anybody's game. in the bid for the g.o.p. nomination and in the past three contests, three different winners. all i can say, is wow! good morning, everyone, welcome to america's news headquarters. i'm jamie colby, eric, good to see you. >> dave: great to see you. what a morning, what a might, i'm eric sean, and, his candace was considered politically dead, twice, the staff quit on newt
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gingrich in june, and he came in 4th in new hampshire and now with the win, onto florida, the primary there, january 31, in nine days and he has 20 points to make up against mitt romney. last night, he told his supporters, now is the time for optimism for our country. >> we want to run not a republican campaign, we want to run an american campaign. [cheers and applause]. >> because we are optimists about the future, because america has always been optimistic about the future. and, we believe, as our new sign, which got made today points out, if we unleash the american people, we can rebuild the america that we love. [cheers and applause]. >> eric: breaking news this morning on the political front, mike emanuel live in columbia, south carolina. with that. mike, it has to do with mitt romney? making an announcement?
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>> reporter: that's right, eric. over the past week or so, particularly, mitt romney has been dogged by the question of why we went he release tax returns and he said he'll release them april, around tax time and he said it was a mistake and has become a distraction and here's more from him on fox news sunday. >> given all the attention that has been focused on tax returns, given the distraction that i think they became, in these last couple of weeks, look, i am going to make it clear to you, right now, chris, i'll release my tax returns, for 2010, which is the last returns that were completed, i'll do that, on tuesday of this week and i'll also release at the same time an estimate for 2011 tax returns. >> reporter: bottom line that issue, people will be able to get a good look at his tax returns, he says that he's given 10% to his church, something he has done over the years and also, plenty to charity. but, it will be open for everybody to see, as of tuesday.
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>> eric: pretty big news he's doing that and we'll have more on the interview with chris wallace, throughout the program. but, meanwhile, while newt gingrich heads to florida, he has 20 points or so to make up, what is his message? >> reporter: it is interesting, eric, he has been needing money and bottom line, money necessary to run a national campaign, florida, media markets, miami, west palm to orlando you need money to run advertising and to crisscross the state and is hoping to tape momentum with him to florida and here is more from speaker gingrich. >> we don't have the kind of money, at least one of the candidates has. but we do have ideas, and we do have people. and we proved here in south carolina, that people power with the right ideas, beats big money and with your help, we'll prove it again in florida. >> it will be interesting to see
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if money pours into the gingrich campaign, if republican donors feel like he's perhaps the front-runner at this point, after a big win here in south carolina. that is still to be determined by republican voters. but, he's obviously feeling very good, after his performance here in the first in the south primary. eric? >> eric: thanks, so much. what a night. jamie? >> jamie: it was a night for all the candidates, rick santorum walking away from the south carolina primary, though, in third place. a cause for celebration, and a rally of his supporters, nevertheless. santorum, telling the crowd his finish proves he is still in it, to win it. >> i want to say to all of those folks across america, looking for the candidate, that candidate that can be that good stark contrast, someone who can contrast on all of the issues that are important for america today, the ones that are going to decide this election. the ones with experience on
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national security, the consistency of the conservative principles that made the country great. i ask you, it is a wide-open race, join the fight. thank you! [cheers and applause]. >> eric: and ron paul going forward, looking forward to the next contest, despite his fourth place finish in south carolina. last night he told reporters at a rally in columbia, the primary is a small piece in what he says is a very large puzzle. >> there is no doubt in my mind the momentum has been continuing and will continue, and, thank you, very much. you know, a lot has been done here the last week or so, and also, there has been now, three elections and a total of 37 delegates have been chosen, so far. less than 2%, like 1.5%, this is the beginning of a long, hard slog. [cheers and applause]. >> eric: and, congressman paul will stay in the race through it
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and is now back home in texas for the day. but, tomorrow, he and the rest of the candidates are scheduled to attend a debate in florida, and mitt romney's campaign has announced, yes, mitt romney will also participate in the debate. jamie? >> jamie: is it a head-scratcher or make complete sense? how did he pull off the major win yesterday? and what does it say about the race moving forward? joining me now, washington times columnist charlie hurt. following all the campaigns. and the president, too. charlie, good morning. >> good morning to you, jamie. >> jamie: is it correct to say it was a stunner? >> oh, my goodness, i mean, the whole past week, with all the developments, with two of the candidates dropping out, and endorsing their former enemies, rivals, and, then, those two debates we had, down here in south carolina, with the fireworks that went off, and then to have, you know, mitt
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romney go from double-digits at the top, to be really clobbered by 12 points by newt gingrich, despite all of the allegations that were sort of leveled at him in the final hours, it just, actually, i don't remember anything more amazing in, you know, such a short period of time during all the years i have been covering politics, it was absolutely astounding. >> jamie: that is why we love covering politics. what is mitt romney's camp to do? >> i think they'll go to, you know, go to florida and i think we'll see them get a lot more specific in targeting newt gingrich. i think that mitt romney realizes now that newt gingrich is not -- he is a power to be reckoned with and while newt does not have the organization orthe organizing skills, i think, mitt romney has, you
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know, mitt romney has to start doing better and he has to be able to win in states other than just his neighboring state, like new hampshire and if he doesn't do that, then, we're looking at a very, very long, drawn-out process, that is going to be a big... and is a long shot for ron paul to rack up the numbers that are needed but in the next couple of days, or in the next couple of contests, rick santorum drops out, and, it is one nonmitt versus mitt, you know, romney will have a real, real problem on his hands. >> jamie: is that your prediction about rick santorum? >> i think rick santorum has a lot of explaining to do. he's a cultural conservative, a hawk, on military issues, here in south carolina. among republican voters, there are a few things that are more important than that and for him to come in a very poor third place, he has to do
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soul-searching about what it is that -- what kind of a candidate he is, because he should have done very well here, and i sort of would have expected him to possibly even come in second place here, because of the power of social conservatives here and the military presence here, and he just failed to do that, and, if he -- and there is no, it is hard to see him doing that in florida, now, and, at some point he has to make -- he has to make some good wins in a place where he doesn't have to spend tons of money because he doesn't have it and doesn't have to spend the amount of time he spent in iowa because he doesn't have that, either. >> jamie: right. because 8 military posts in south carolina, and, the vets certainly have a lot of influence there. charlie, thanks so much for weighing in. you are right. in all the years i have been covering politics, too, a heck of a race to watch. thanks again. >> it has been fun. thanks, jamie. >> jamie: and the fun continues, here on fox. no doubt. still ahead, we are going to
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have an in-depth look at the next stop in the republican race for the white house. it is the florida primary. early voting has already started there, today. and a lot of absentee ballots, also filed. polls in 62 counties, open and they'll close three days before the january 31st primary. and look at this. the latest real clear politics poll average shows mitt romney with an 18.5 percentage point lead going into florida. we'll speak, coming up, with leonard curry, chairman of the state's republican party in florida, we'll ask what is different about florida than south carolina and what he expect, that is coming up in our next hour. keep it right here. >> eric: the middle east, escalating violence in syria. arab league monitors are extending their mission of the country. that as the u.s. is considering closing down our embassy over
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growing concerns about safety there. just how bad can it get? ambassador john bolton, the former u.s. ambassador to the united nations, fox news contributor who joins us every sunday, about this time. good morning, ambassador. >> good morning, glad to be here. >> eric: he had death threats, called a dog, his embassy was attacked. will syria spiral out of control. >> i think they clearly are in a civil war at this point. it is hearpart of the larger struggle of iran on the one hand and the arab states on the other and there are huge stakes involved here for the u.s. and for israel and our arab friends and so i think the potential danger, the risk to our embassy is very grave and would warrant closing it down, of course i never would have reaccredited an ambassador to syria as the obama administration did. but, i think now, we have to look to the safety of our diplomates, there. >> eric: why wouldn't you have sent the ambassador back? >> we withdrew our ambassador to
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syria during the bush administration because the assad regime was a state sponsor of terrorism and was pursuing wmds. and it was aiding terrorists in iraq, specifically hezbollah and lebanon and that is not the kind of government you want to legitimize with the u.s. presence and, the obama administration sent the ambassador back because they clung to the idea they could negotiate with the bashar al-assad regime as they continue to cling to the idea they can negotiate with iran and they were wrong then and obviously and tragically, events have proven them wrong now. >> eric: you see a pattern where we sent the ambassador back, thinking we could negotiate and the president apparently sent a letter to the iranian regime. why do you think they... they can't negotiate and the efforts by the administration to reach out, in your view, may not work? >> i think what the letter to the iranians demonstrate is a real signal of weakness and shows how desperate the
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administration is to get going and largely, to pressure israel not to take mailitary action against the iranian nuclear weapons program. and i think they are happy to come back to the table. they are trying to frustrate additional oil and banking sanctions and the perfect argument, they make it well and i can hear it resonating in the state department, and foreign ministries in europe, my goodness, don't do anything to jeopardize the negotiations once they start and i think, iran as it has so many times, has out-maneuvered the administration. >> eric: tomorrow, the eu is -- the 27 nations are supposed to announce an oil embargo and french president nicholas sarkozy has taken the lead in that. >> it is a real turn around from france ten years ago, sarkozy obviously has a presidential election coming up and he's in jeopardy there and i think he wants to show toughness and that is a good thing. whether and to what extent the
10:14 am
eu sgreagrees on tough sanction that are in force is very much up in the air because of a potential detrimental effect to the fragile economies in greece, spain, italy, portugal and elsewhere and one reason i think president obama is worried about imposing additional strict u.s. sanctions on iran as well. >> eric: and finally, as the situation in syria continues, what do you see happening with bashar al-assad and how will it involve iran? >> i think he clearly sees this is a fight to the death for him. he cannot surrender and you saw what happened to gadhafi in libya and the key difference between syria on the one hand and libya on the other, is the maligned presence of iran. iran needs to keep the assad regime in power, it is prepared to shed a lot of syrian blood to do so, and, it is supplying assad with weapons, with arms and helping syria smuggle petroleum. so, this is a matter really high stakes for iran and i don't see them giving up on it, any time
10:15 am
soon. >> eric: u.s. ambassador john bolton who joins us every sunday, as always, thank you so much for your analysis and in sight. >> thank you. >> jamie: a deadly fire rips through a home rented by college students. what sparked the tragic blaze? we'll take a look. >> eric: and important information, if you take an aspirin every day. low-dose aspirins? sunday morning house call with the doctors will fill us in on that. >> jamie: and mitt romney sits down with chris wallace on fox news sunday. following a double-digit loss in south carolina. in the primary yesterday and, chris will join us, with a special preview, on that interview. stay with us. >> we still have a long way to go. and a lot of work to do. and, tomorrow we're going to move on to florida. [cheers and applause]
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>> jamie: welcome back, everybody, very sad news to report right now, the winningest coach in college football, joe paterno has died. he fought, his family says, in a statement, as he lived. he fought cancer, and he lost
10:20 am
the fight. his family saying that he was many things, a soldier, a scholar, a mentor, a coach, a friend and a father. and, to his wife, his soulmate and many young men who took time and spent time on the penn state football team, he meant everything. amid scandal, though, this year. it was a tremendously hard year for joe paterno and his family. as the last 61 years have shown, his family says, though, joe made an incredible impact, an impact that is felt and appreciated by his family, he has received thousands of letters, and well-wishes for countless acts of kindness. for the lives that he touched over the years and, today, we are sad to say that he has lost his battle with cancer, and, he was 85 years old, i'm told, state college held a vigil last
10:21 am
night, praying for him as word got out that joe paterno was in grave condition. he and his family want you to know how proud they are of joe paterno as a person and as -- his accomplishments, and they ask you to remember all of those. >> eric: a surge in the polls helping newt gingrich reach the stunning win last night over mitt romney in south carolina. he's fighting back this morning on fox news sunday and revealed how his campaign plans to take on the former speaker. >> the key for me is not so much going after newt gingrich as it is pointing out my capacity, background and my strengths. look, i don't think that the people of this country are going to choose as the next president of the united states a person who spent 40 years in washington, is a congressman and a lobbyist. that is not going to, in my opinion, be the most effective
10:22 am
way to replace the current president, who also spent his career in politics. >> eric: joining us now is the anchor of fox news sunday, chris wallace. good morning. >> good morning. >> eric: and in a way he has been backed into a corner on the tax return issue and he made an announcement. >> he did, indeed and made news and in terms of south carolina he thought newt gingrich had a good week and he had a bad week and, especially, he said because of the way he mishandled the tax issue and he said i made a mistake and tuesday, two days from now he said he'll release my 2010 tax returns, the ones that he filed last april as well as the summary, because they haven't been completed yet, of his tax obligations for 2011. and, he said he hopes that that will put to rest any of the concerns about his taxes, and that they can move on to other issues but agrees, the fumbling way in which he and his campaign handled it was a real problem in south carolina.
10:23 am
>> eric: does he think he can go beyond that with the general election, the bain capital issue and tax issue and the speaker fee issue. can he get beyond that, do you think? >> he certainly thinks he can. we'll see whether the republican voters think that he can, obviously, he suffered a real loss, and, the swing is amazing, on monday, last monday, before the fox news debate, in the real clear politics average of polls, romney was leading gingrich by 8 points and lost last night by 12 points, which even i can figure out means it was a swing of 20 points in five days, that is pretty dramatic and, you know, the question is, how does he blunt gingrich's momentum going into florida which is only nine days from now and, obviously, we heard one of the arguments that he is going to make which is that he is an outsider when it comes to washington and newt gingrich is an insider and he talked a lot about him being a lobbyist and that maybe
10:24 am
formally, technically he isn't but he'll hear a lot about his work for freddie mac, for which he was paid over a million dollars. serving and he has, what, 18 points to try and make up, newt gingrich does if he catches romney in florida, chris, looking forward to the interview. thanks, as always. >> and let me quickly say we have an interview with the speaker of the house, john boehner, of course, the president delivering the state of the union address on tuesday night. boehner laying out the republican agenda and are there any chances anything will get done in washington this year. >> eric: boehner, wallace and romney, what a line-up, thank you, chris. >> you bet. >> eric: for more of the interview with presidential candidate mitt romney watch fox news sun, day, on your local station or right here, 2:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. eastern, only here on fox. >> jamie: eric, i'm sad to tell everyone, that papa joe, as he was known, on the penn state campus, leader of the nittany
10:25 am
lions, two national championships, has died today. joe paterno was 85 years old and diagnosed with lung cancer and, the family asking everyone amidst the scandal that was released and occurred in the allegations, this year, to remember he was a scholar and a mentor and someone devoted to his players and his family, today we remember joe paterno for all he accomplished in his lifetime. we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] how'd yolearn to do that?
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>> jamie: "fox news alert" for you. joe paterno, the most winningest coach in college football died, he was 85 years old. it was a tough year for the
10:30 am
paterno family amidst the scandal at penn state but what they are asking everyone in a statement today to remember is how much papa joe did for all of the teams that he led to victory and for his family. shepard smith takes a look back at this incredible man. >> i'm not a guy for things, not a guy for goal-setting. that has never been my style. >> reporter: he kept it simple, the program's motto, success with honor. it reflected the attention he gave to the academic success of his players and called his campaign the combined academics and athletics, a grand experiment. his straightforward style may have something to do with his great depression up bringing, he was born in brooklyny in 1926. he said the cost of tuition almost forced him to drop out of prep school. he played football at brown and planned to attend law school and
10:31 am
instead joined his college coach at penn state. 16 years later, joe paterno took over. >> the nittany lions of penn state. >> reporter: and led the team to the first of five unbeaten seasons and as four decades of head coach he racked up an unprecedented number of trophies and had more wins than any head coach in division one football and no more than his championships in 1982 and 1986 and won the rose bowl, cotton bowl, sugar bowl and orange bowl and first losing season didn't come until 1988, but win or lose his attitude what's the same. >> work hard and try to be a good football team this saturday and play them as tough as we know how. >> reporter: he never let the success get to his head and turned down multiple offers to coach the nhl and, lived in the same modest house for his career
10:32 am
and raised five children, donated millions of dollars to the school and the community. a library on campus, is named in his honor and a statue outside the stadium preserves his image. an image fans of several generations came to adore. >> jamie: we'll have "sunday house call," and before we do, a lot of people wondered, diagnosed with lung cancer and then he died. >> eric: broke his pelvis and came on since october. doctors pretty shocking, sudden, we knew he was in the hospital and in ill health. but can lung cancer really take that you quickly? >> the problem with lung cancer is, it is about 180,000 cases per year but almost the same
10:33 am
number of deaths from it and is one of the most deadly, especially in cancers, 7 times more in smokers and we talked before about early detection, if you diagnose it early you don't save the patient but it is the only hope you have is to get it before it is spread and if it is a small tumor you have more hope and again the smoker. under the amount of stress he has been under, it can grow rapidly in my opinion. tragic, and he was a brown alumni which i am, also and i wish his family the best. >> jamie: they are an incredible family who suffered so much this year but once the diagnosis is made, doc, i'll welcome both of you, dr. marc siegel and dr. david samadi, we want you to weigh in. people are concerned. once you get diagnosed is there any treatment? >> there are excellent stream but it depends on what stage are diagnosed and one thing we talked about, two weekends ago was the fact that some of the low-dose cat scans can diagnose you early on, without a major risk. and, the key exactly, what you said is really a good screening,
10:34 am
and, finding out that you have these lesions or nodules, that are not symptomatic, obviously a case like this is probably with advanced disease found and it was late and a lot of surgical treatment and surgeries, and, followed by chemotherapy and the sooner you get it the result is effective and can be cured. >> eric: what should people do if you are concerned about it. >> stop smoking. >> rule number one, stop smoking and if you are a smoker check with your physician about whether you should have a cat scan. absolutely. >> eric: all right. >> jamie: hearts and prayers. >> eric: more on joe paterno throughout the hour and next hour, also. let's now continue with "sunday house call," it has to do with aspirin, do you take one every day, the low dose? new research suggests that the pill that is common thought to reduce the risk of heart attacks, could potentially do more harm than good. doctor, we have been told the low-dose aspirin is fantastic
10:35 am
for you. >> this is a very, very important study and i'm glad we are talking about this. because it was published in the archives of internal medicine. they look at 9 randomized, really good studies across the board, over 100,0 tr,000 partics and the question is, should they take it as professionphylaxis a said it only reduced the risk of nonfatal heart attacks by 10%, and during the same period, there was an increase of 30% risk of bleeding, and, if you are at the high-risk group and, the american heart association recommends taking aspirin, if you are in the high risk group, patients with diabetes and high blood pressure and family history of heart disease or any kind of peripheral vascular disease, continue to take aspirin, and if you don't have the risk factors, the risk of bleeding actually out weighs the benefit and you should not take
10:36 am
the aspirin. >> eric: what is the problem with bleeding? >> that is a huge problem, you see over 100,000 cases of people going to the emergency year, bleeding from aspirin related compounds and i talked to dr. ray in london, who is the lead author on the study and he completely corroborates what the doctor said. you know, he said there are 2.5 times more bleeds than there are lives saved from fatal heart attacks. each time you take an aspirin. so i think it is about the art of medicine, people take it, over-the-counter and don't consult with their physician and it is useful in secondary prevention, when you already have had a stroke or heart attack but for people who never had an event, they better check with their doctor to see whether they should be taking it or not. >> jamie: question from the peanut gallery. a lot of heart patients take coumadin or blood thinners and makes it with an aspirin, any reaction. >> sometimes you can take both, but it depends on whether you need both. if you have a high risk of stroke you might combine them and you are right it would
10:37 am
increase your risk of bleeding. >> and coumadin is taking for patients with atrial fibrillation and, there is a risk of stroke and that is when coumadin goes an aspirin is one of the oldest drugs we have been using and a lot of times, if there is a break down in the vessels and inflammation in the like of the arteries, there is cholesterol plaque and aspirin can prevent it from breaking off, or going to your heart and have a heart disease. different mechanisms but in patients who may have heart disease or cholesterol, the combination work well but you have to monitor it well to make sure there is no bleeding. >> jamie: anti-inflammatory. >> eric: check with your doctor. >> jamie: and eric wants you to know, it is 80 milligram and comes in cherry? >> low-dose. >> eric: low-dose. >> jamie: if you have to take it. it is not a bitter pill and for centuries, explorers and scientists searched for the fountain of youth. really? they did, too? researchers say they may have
10:38 am
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the calcium they take because they don't take it with food. switch to citracal maximum plus d. it's the only calcium supplement that can be taken with or without food.
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that's why my doctor recommends citracal maximum. it's all about absorption. ♪ >> eric: "sunday house call" and the doctor, could the fountain of youth really be a reality? researchers at the university of pittsburgh's medical school say maybe. dr. siegel? i thought the fountain of youth was in florida? >> i traveled to pittsburgh and i talked to the doctors and, there are a lot of charltons, using stem cells for nothing and then they are using them for problems with leukemia and other things and that is current and this is the future of medicine, and, they looked in mice and they found, how it is that stem cells age when we age and by
10:43 am
stem cells, immature cells an immature krusal cells and as we age, they age and they injected young, immature cells into aging mice and found they had less diseases and lived a lot longer and found the cells secreted a substance which had growth factors in it, and they called it factor x and it caused reactions around the body, increasing dementia and improvement of muscular function and the substance went to places where the stem cells where the research wasn't and i found it from missing. >> eric: in the future can they inject them into humans at one point and reverse the aging process? >> it is a very excellent question and, the study is intriguing coming from a center of excellence, with a lot of research in stem cells and the collaboration with the molecular biology, we have a long way to go and it opens more questions
10:44 am
than answers. we don't know what happens when you inject the cells into the body and it is a long way tim it is a human clinical practice and number 2:the fact marc is talking about is the fact that the stem cells can secrete hormones and can from far away do something to the other organs, and we need to find the factor and maybe, maybe would use the factor as anti-aging, not just the stem cells and, finally, it is a muscular-derived stem cell and we need to be sure it is done across the board with other stem cells and not genetically designed graph... to answer your question, i want people to know, stem cells are not ready for the fountain of youth and you see anti-aging centers and doing acupuncture and spa and stem cell injections, be careful and do research about this.
10:45 am
i think in the future, it has a bright future, and is going to be helping with chronic disease, such as alzheimer's, parkinson's disease and diabetes and other things, we have a long way to go to get there. but, excellent job. in reporting and the research. >> jamie: that is what really counts is helping people against disease, not wrinkles. >> and the top researcher is interested in the diseases of aging and how the factor x may help them someday. >> jamie: we'll keep an eye on that. want them to watch for many years to come. there are some new numbers that show 50% of women develop varicose veins, because you guys make us have kids, that is what i'm thinking and there is new attention on a less painful procedure. dr. samadi, a lot of women -- and men get them, too. >> and i got a lot of e-mails about it and wanted the topic to be on the show and what they are is a swollen vain, usually seen
10:46 am
in the lower extremities of the legs and the science behind it, you have the heart that pumps good blood to the rest of our body and goes to the brain and arms and comes back easily, because of gravity and what happens to the blood that goes to our legs, there is no pump or heart down there to bring it back up. how does it work? these veins are between muscles and as you walk, the muscles squeeze the veins and, because it is a one-way system, the blood will come up and it is fascinating and tells you the creator of human anatomy and as a certain i admire that. >> jamie: you better walk. >> if you stand or sit long enough and you see how you are in the plane, six hours later you cannot put your shoes on, it is because the blood stays and swells up. stay away from salty foods, anything that swells it and stay away from the high heeled shoes, jamie, another reason why people get them and also, anything that increases the abdominal pressure, obesity, and, as you said, pregnant women, the uterus
10:47 am
can block the veins from bringing it back, and, it is cosmetic and it could be painful, so, once you know the physiologist, and marc will talk about this, you can avoid it. by elevation and wearing compression... >> jamie: is it hereditary. >> yes, it runs into families and is related to obesity and, the veins break down and, what changed dramatically, patients have been coming to me with the problem for decades and i say, i don't want you to have the surgery but here's what is happening now. the treatments now, it is an office procedure and now you can do it by laser and by radio frequency and break it down, via radio frequency and inject foam and a recent study shows you have less pain with the procedure with the radio frequency method but the -- which is just breaking it up by using radio waves. the bottom line is you have to ask your physician and it is now sowing might want to do for cosmetic reasons, and before you wouldn't. >> the only thing i would add, small veins, some of the lasers,
10:48 am
may work and for the big ger ons they will not be effective and you need a surgery -- >> jamie: is it vascular surgery. >> general surgeons can do it, it is called stripping of the veins. >> jamie: want to make sure they don't go to the wrong doctor for that. >> more of house call in a moment and we'll have new details on the death, this morning, of long time penn state coach, joe paterno. we're live with the breaking story. i have copd. if you have it, you know how hard it can be to breathe and what that feels like. copd includes chronic bronchitis and emphysema. spiriva helps control my copd symptoms... by keeping my airways open a full 24 hours. plus, it reduces copd flare-ups. spiriva is the only once-daily inhaled copd maintenance treatment that does both. and it's steroid-free. spiriva does not replace fast-acting inhalers f sudden symptoms.
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tell your doctor if you have kidney problems, glaucoma, trouble urinating, or an enlarged prostate. these may worsen with spiriva. discuss all medicines you take, even eye drops. stop taking spiriva and seek immediate medical help if your breathing suddenly worsens, your throat or tongue swells, you get hives, vision changes or eye pain, or problems passing urine. other side effects include dry mouth and constipation. nothing can revee copd. spirivhelps me brthe better. does breathing with copd weigh you down? ask your doctor if spiriva can help.
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10:52 am
>> eric: back now, "sunday house call" and the doctor is in. did you have bacon this morning with your breakfast? well, a new study suggests maybe we should think again, they say at least two slices of bacon a day, actually can increase the risk of cancer. dr. siegel, we have heard about this for years. what does the study show? >> it is so important, eric, in the british journal of cancer, by the time i diagnose pancreatic cancer it is almost always too late. you don't get symptoms tim it is pretty far progress and we have to get it early and have to prevent it and this is a way to prevent it and this study, actually, looked at 11 other studies and found that if you literally eat one link of sausage or two strips of bacon a
10:53 am
day you increase your risk of pancreatic cancer by 19% and if you double it it goes to 38% and on up and red meat increases your risk in men and i want to focus on processed foods here and they have something called nitrosomines in them and they didn't make the proof that that is what it is but we know it's a carcinogen and i think people should cut down on the processed foods they eat as a result of the study. this is pretty dramatic stuff. >> eric: what about sunday bacon, having a, you know, once a week? >> i think the interesting part of the study was if you take less than 50 grams a day, there is no significant increased risk of getting pancreatic cancer but, look, we just talked about lung cancer and this is another deadly disease and pancreatic cancer is the fourth common cause of death globally, 44,000 people are diagnosed in 2012, and, guess what? 37,000 died, this is a very aggressive disease and we have to pay attention to what we eat
10:54 am
and the amount and as mark said, if you take 50 grams or more you have 20% and 150 grams, which is half of a steak a day, you increase your risk to 57%. having said that, i don't want to scare all the meat eat,out there, who are really scared, not to touch it. we talk about moderation is really the way to go. but, red meat and processed meat increases the risk of colon cancer and stomach cancer and, perhaps, pancreatic cancer, be careful with this. as we mentioned, it is diagnosed as a very advanced stage and deadly disease. >> eric: watch the meat. >> jamie: turkey bacon just as bad, processed is processed. we'll have much more, your healthy monday tip is next and the latest details, the sad news to report, that long time penn state coach joe paterno died. we'll be live with this and much, much more, at the top of the hour. ok! who gets occasional constipation,
10:55 am
diarrhea, gas or bloating? get ahead of it! one phillips' colon health probiotic cap a day helps defend against digestive issues with three strains of good bacteria. hit me! [ female announcer ] live the regular life. phillips'. okay... is this where we're at now, we just eat whatever tastes good? like these sweet honey clusters... actually there's a half a day's rth of fiber in every ... why stop at cereal? bring on the pork chops and the hot fudge. fantastic.
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>> when you go to bed and the one thing i want you to have is more water. and you will cut down on heartburn. >> i think this is a lot more common, especially because they are using, eating fatty foods, and using... and go straight to bed and if you do, elevate -- chocolate this is worse enemy and opens the valve and you can have reflux, here's the best secret to take care of your antacid. parsley, and ginger. those are the best ones to get rid of it and a lot of patients, complain of fish oil. and fish oil which has fatty acid, omega-3 can increase that and that is normal, fine and stay away from late dinners and drink a lot of water and make sure that it -- this happens often, more than twice a week, or if you have taken over-the-counter and it is not helping or have difficulty
11:00 am
swallowing, see your dtor, that is the best advice. >> jamie: a lot of people, like you said, suffering from that. thanks. >> eric: if anyone has a question, send it to house call, one word, and, you can get the latest on the great medical advice we give you here, every week. we will start with -- >> well, we have some sad news to report this morning. the former penn coach state joe paterno has died. he was 85 years old and he suffered from lung cancer.
11:01 am
we are told pawerno's lung cancer was diagnosed for a bronchial illness and she in for observation for what his family is called minor complications from his cancer treatments. paterno is in the middle of the sex abuse scandal involving one of his former assistants. pawerno was fired in november amid the scandalous allegations. it is a move that angered many students and supporters. later in the hour, we will have a detailed look back at joe paterno's life and legacy. as we remember joe-pa, we move on to florida. what a day in south carolina.
11:02 am
nine days in counting though until the primary in florida. newt gingrich is trying to make up the points he trails mitt romney in the sunshine state. the race has been up ended after a stunning upset in south carolina last night. newt gingrich is pulling it off. a sound victory at that in the state primary. mitt romney is in a double-digit second. south carolina proving it is anybody's race. they are turning up three different winners and michael is in columbia, south carolina. i want to ask you, what is the reaction of folks there? >> jaime, a lot of folks said they really like newt gingrich being tough in those debates. he tries to pivot and take it to the state of florida. this morning we had news on the issue of mitt romney's tax returns. you may remember some of his fellow candidates hammering
11:03 am
him on why he wasn't releasing his tax returns. he said he planned to do so around tax time. this morning he admitted that was a mistake. here is mitt romney making some news on fox news. >> i will release my tax returns for 2010. those are the last returns completed. i will do that on tuesday of this week. i will also release at the same time an estimate for the 2011 tax returns. you will have two years. people can take a good look at it. we will put them on the website. you can go through the pages. i think we made a mistake in holding off as long as we did. it was a distraction. we want to get back to the real issues in the campaign. >> and clearly the romney campaign wants to get back to talking about his credentials as a businessman, as a leader. it was an issue that worked for some of mr. romney's rivals including former speaker newt gingrich who offered this reaction this morning.
11:04 am
>> i think that is a very good thing he is doing and i commend him for it and i think it is the right thing to do. as far as i'm concerned, that issue is set aside and we can go on to bigger, more important things. >> gingrich has expressed concern that if there is something in his tax returns it is important to get it out into the open sooner rather than later and it will be available to all on tuesday. meanwhile everybody shifts to florida, a more complicated state than south carolina. major media markets there and it takes organization and money and early voting is already underway. more people have already voted in the state of florida than voted in iowa. a different ballgame there. and mitt romney is hoping to get back on track there. newt gingrich is hoping to continue the momentum there. jaime? >> coming up, we have the florida gop chair. we will talk a lot about florida. glad are you in a warmer climate. now.
11:05 am
>> there were many who participated in gingrich's big win. the double-digit vic victory is not shaking some romney supporters. >> i don't think it is going to matter. i think romney will be the candidate and gingrich just got one victor ree. >> the negativity caught up to some of the other campaigns. i think speaker gingrich's performance in the debate reminds people just how powerful he is as a leader and a thinker. >> florida's primary is set for january 31st. early voting is already underway and a huge number of absentee ballots in that state. >> social conservatives, evangelical voters made up a large part of the electoral in south carolina, and there were several key groups that influenced last night's results. now can they propel mr. gingrich to victory in florida in the upcoming
11:06 am
primaries? we go to charleston, south carolina with the latest. good morning, john. >> good morning. >> as far as the evangelicals, how did it break down last night? >> well, i will break it down in a second. first, an observation. this was a complete blowout for newt gingrich among so many groups. he came close to running the table. he won all three counties, richland, charleston and beuford. 44% of late deciders broke for newt gingrich. let's break it down according to our exit polls and talk about how he won the state of south carolina. conservatives make up 77% of the voters who went for mike huckabee in 2008. newt gingrich got 44% of them, nearly doubling the percentage that mitt romney got. look among independents too. newt gingrich with 31% to romney's 25. romney was running very strongly with those independents prior to the surge that gingrich had. gingrich came close in the moderate vote as well. evangelical voters were supposed to break for rick
11:07 am
santorum. and this is an interesting statistic. married women. newt gingrich got 41% of married women which would be an indication that that scandal that broke in the last 48 hours before the voting in south carolina really had no impact. when you look at this in total, it wasn't one niche group of voters that pushed him over the top. mike huckabee came close to winning because of evangelicals and social conservatives. newt gingrich won across the board and across the state. that is a model for a candidate and not just to win south carolina, but to do very well in all of the remaining 47 primaries and caucuses that lie ahead. >> gingrich does well in those debates. how much do you think they did factor in? >> i think they did factor into a lot of people's decisions. two-thirds were polled in our exit poll and they said they thought the debates were very,
11:08 am
very important. they thought newt gingrich did so well during those debates. the answer to one question on monday and then the fire that he leveled at cnn moderator john king over the question of his ex-wife's allegations, what they really loved about that was the fact that newt gingrich came out as a real fighter. they are looking for a fighter, and a lot of people were looking for n a anti--- for an anti-romney candidate. newt gingrich spoke about it in his victory speech. here is what he said. >> people misunderstood what is going on. it is not that i am a good debater. i articulate the deep values of the american people. >> and the next debate is coming up tomorrow night in tampa. watch for mitt romney to start attacking gingrich on the issue of disclosure now that he is getting his tax returns out there. he will ask about details
11:09 am
about his time at freddy mac and fannie mae. >> we saw a preview of that last night. not naming any names, but president obama saying mr. gingrich has not run a business or a state like mitt romney has. so, john, thanks for that analysis. >> romney will step it up. >> see you tomorrow night. >> well, what will mr. romney's victory mean coming forward? coming up, the founder of south carolina's tea party will be here to share her spots on the tea party's roll and what is next. jaime? >> well, three republican contests and three different winners. i don't even know if you could predict it is coming out this way, and now everyone is headed to florida. and in some counties, voting is already underway. leonard curry is a chairman for the republican party of florida. sir, it is great to have you here this morning. good morning. >> good morning. it is a pleasure to be here. >> do you have any reaction to south carolina and how it may impact florida voters. >> what we have been saying for a year is florida will be
11:10 am
the voice and florida will matter. and now with speaker gingrich winning south carolina it is going to come down to florida. who ever takes florida i believe will go on to be our nominee. >> and historically who ever takes south carolina has gone on to be the party's nominee. are you putting your thoughts behind newt gingrich now. >> no, i think florida will remain competitive and volatile right up until the primary debate. these debates have been critical this primary season, and i think we will continue to see that with the debate here on florida on monday, and the one in jacksonville, florida on thursday. voters will make up their minds. voters in florida will pay uh tinction to -- attention to who can best make the case for the free enterprise and job creation? that's what our governor is focused on and that's what floridians are focused on, and that's what affects lives and families. >> florida is an attractive
11:11 am
place for people. one there is no state income tax. there was a surplus left on the table. it is a model many states look to and want to follow. given that, what is the issue most important to the citizens. we know you have a large elderly population. and full disclosure i lived there for many years, you have a large hispanic population, mostly cuban, and more were leaning toward the republican party for many years, but there has been a shift. >> floridians are looking for jobs, opportunity and with that comes the opportunity to fund education and make sure we have another generation in florida that could continue to make the state a better state. we are a diverse state, as you mentioned. we represent what the rest of the country represents, a large group of diverse people living and working together in a melting pot. >> how do you bring all of
11:12 am
these voting groups together, the young vote, the independent vote, the christian conservative vote, the elderly vote? can you see everyone rallying behind one candidate, and if so, which one? >> which ever candidate makes the case for opportunity and a free enterprise system. the free enterprise system pulled more people out of property than any other program. who ever can come with a compelling vision of the free enterprise program will be our nominee. >> your last governor gave president obama a very warm welcome. i believe there was a hug in the stadium by governor chris t. >> floridians recognize that president obama has been on the campaign trail. he did not focus on what mattered to americans when he walls elected and when he had
11:13 am
majorities in the house and the senate. he is trying to talk about the economy, but he ignored it for a majority of his administration. so floridians are looking for an alternative. they can make the case for opportunity and jobs. >> south carolina was known to be a bit of a mud slinger in terms of advertising. it got a little nasty to say the least. what about florida? will your citizens be bombarded with negative campaign ?g. >> we will see. it i wish that we would not. i would rather -- tax returns -- it doesn't matter to me what my neighbor paid in tax. at the same time, it doesn't matter what my neighbor does in his or her personal life. floridians are looking for a vision in the future. how is florida and the united states going to be a better place? and whomever -- who ever is leading government, what kind of environment will they create for the free market to give people hope and opportunity?
11:14 am
>> very clear message coming from you today. leonard curry, great to see you, thanks. >> always a pleasure. newt gingrich's win in south carolina is throwing it in disarray. all of the candidates reconsidering their strategies. romney is going after newt harder and newt aiming back at romney. while santorum and ron paul challenging both. and then there is president obama. how do the candidates focus on him and his policies? let's bring in our panel. we have our public political consultant. welcome to you both this morning. >> good morning. >> tony, let me start with you. what is newt's win mean? can he take florida? and how does he keep on hammering away not just at romney, but president obama? >> newt won because he showed republican voters that he could be a fighter, and that's what they are look for. the word for the newt is
11:15 am
offense. he played it against ron williams and king. and republican voters were galvanized about that. he shown the most when he didn't attack fellow republicans and seemed to be the good newt. romney on the other hand has to take the lesson to ditch this defensive playbook he has used constantly since new hampshire and actually engage newt directly. there is only so much his super pack is going to be able to do. it has to be mitt romney who closes the deal among voters who don't think he has what it takes to playoff fence against the more important competetor which is president obama. if he can't do it against newt, the narrative will be he can't do it against obama. republicans don't want to hear that. >> tony, nine days until january 31st, 18 points separate them. can newt make it up? >> newt made up 16 points in one week by playing offense. but florida is very different dynamically than south carolina. you have a much more diversey rat there and you have a lot
11:16 am
more expensive media markets. romney has been hammering the air waves. his campaign is extremely well organized and pornts in a -- and important in a state like florida. let's not chase this foul ball like we have seen so many. and let's assume newt is the front-runner. romney maintains an advantage, but he has to put to rest these fears among republicans he doesn't know how to playoff fence. >> what if newt plays it out? >> i would be as surprised as most of the country and most of the republican party. newt gingrich is perhaps the most unelectable candidate in recent history. the man from his political career to his personal life, he doesn't just have baggage, the man has freight. he is a really laden down character. what is happening to be honest, yes, newt scored some points with the right base of the republican party who obviously -- especially in a state like south carolina plays an important role. but also he is the last guy
11:17 am
standing who is not romney. and the on going dissatisfaction is going to be the on going problem for the party. that said, i think voters when we get to the generale election, the things gingrich is doing is going to hurt not only romney, but the republican brands in general. voters want a candidate who will not play into ray racial -- racial stereo types. they want someone who is not going to be defensive and blame the media, but will look critically at the republican record of leadership as well as obama's. and romney and gingrich are leading people down the wrong path on that. >> last night newt gingrich says one of the reasons he thinks it is successful is not he is a great debater, but devalues the elites of dc and new york. i guess that means you. >> i mean, sure.
11:18 am
look, every candidate wants to say they are claiming the outsider status. for gingrich to claim that is hysterical. he was for a generation one of the primary architects of the elite base in washington. he created a lot of the problems that he is now presuming to campaign against. it is ironic and funny for him to do that. and that sort of anger at obama, that anger at the establishment mi work for a small minority of the republican base that is disproportion nationally influential in the primaries, but it sure isn't going to work for the majority of americanswho are actually looking for a leader who will put ideas on the table to get people back to work instead of just blaming obama or blaming poor people or blaming food stamps or you name it, but instead have real solutions. >> tony, last word. you know if romney gets it, it will be harvard versus harvard in november. >> precisely right. governor romney has to be able
11:19 am
to use this primary season if he is going to be the nominee against president obama to refine his message, refine the same attacks you just heard that you would expect from someone like sally, but not someone from your own party like newt gingrich. frankly one of the stories not being told is these bane attacks that he and rick perry engaged in, they fell flat. but it still does not exclude romney from having to find a way to take on a much more formidable opponent who will be making the same class warfare argument from the left. that will be president obama who goes into this election in the weak es position historically among four presidents. the only one who won re-election is nixon. i don't know if obama is the new nixon. >> tony and sally, thank you so much. >> thanks, eric. coming up, we have an update on a breaking news story we have been following. the crippled crude -- cruiseship and the death toll is rising. it is sparking serious concerns over travel safety,
11:20 am
and in our take charge consumer protection segment, how to check out the cruiseline you travel before you go. >> and we will have much more on the death this morning on joe paterno.
11:21 am
11:22 am
11:23 am
there is word this morning that the death toll has risen
11:24 am
in the tragic cruiseship tragedy off the italian coast. divers have recovered another body. that's the 13th victim. now u.s. lawmakers are taking steps to protect the lives of americans when you take a cruise vacation. they will actually hold hearings on this soon. in today's take charge consumer protection segment, we want to help you check a company's safety record before you board the boat. mike driscoll joins us now. good to see you. >> good to see you too. >> i wish it was under better circumstances, but let's look at this. people trying to figure out if they should go on a cruise how do they check on the safety iness of a ship. >> i have been in the business for 25 years, and it took me some time to check out the safety records of individual ships. the most basic advice i can give, go to the internet and google the ship name in quote
11:25 am
marks followed by accident outside of quote marks. if you go a generic way like cruiseship safety, you are going to find all sorts of things that are not relevant to what you are looking for. you are going to find restaurants in ensanada listed for example. probably a better way is to talk to an experienced travel agent. they live this business day in and day out. for somebody who has been in this business for0 years -- 10 years or more, 25 years or more, they will not forget. >> we are looking at pictures right now, and i want to tell our viewers that the rescue crews are still looking in that ship and hoping to find anyone that may have survived. sadly there are still people missing. what about our government? they are going to take a look at this now, mike, and they are going to hold hearings on safety. could it be too little, too late? have they done anything up until now? >> well, there are layers and layers of regulations on
11:26 am
cruiseship safety. it has been since the date of titanic they started the international maritime organization, and there are the united nations with regulations and there are state regulations and there is u.s. coast guard for any ship that touches the u.s. a lot is human error. the incidents have happened over the years. the ships are not really the fault. they are inspected so well. but it is hard to account for certain things happening. >> i suppose in any mode of transportation, and we have seen accidents, and we have seen indiscretions in the air and on the trains, texting and certainly in this cruise tragedy, but the facts are still in investigation, there is only so much you can check. but we wanted to remind people that they should, and you have given them a start on how they can. thank you so much mike driscoll, the editor of "cruise week" magazine. our hearts and prayers go out
11:27 am
to all of those affected boy the tragedy. eric? >> the gingrich win is a nod to the tea party. up next, the founder of the south carolina tea party will join us. the estate senator tom davis and now newt's win could help shape the rest of the battle. >> it is very humbling and very sobering to have so many people who so deeply want their country to get back on the right track.
11:28 am
11:29 am
11:30 am
11:31 am
fox news alert, former penn state football coach joe paterno has died at the age of 85. the long-time coach losing his battle with lung cancer. julie banderas live in our new york city newsroom with a look back at his legacy, and what a legacy it was.
11:32 am
>> it certainly was, jaime. joe paterno or joe pa or jo-pa died this morning at 9:25 a.m. after a 2-month battle with lung cancer. he died where he was undergoing treatment and remained connected to a ventilator until his family communicated to the hospital his wishes not to be kept alive through extreme artificial means. his family released a statement earlier today and it reads "he died as he lived. he fought hard until the end, stayed positive, fought -- thought only of others and constantly remined everyone about how blessed his life had been. his ambitions were far reaching, but never believed he had to leave this happy family to achieve them. he was a mandy voted to his family, his university, his players and his community." paterno leaves behind a sports legacy that will be nearly impossible to match. the most successful college
11:33 am
football coach in history with 409 wins and two national championships while helming the lions. his success, of course, scared by a child sex scandal involving his defensive coordinator, jerry sandusky, in which paterno was accused of not doing enough to stop the sexual assaults. the uproar over the scandal lead to him being fired ultimately by penn state's board of trustees shortly after announcing an early retirement. sandusky meantime faces 52 counts of child molestation. as of now there are no funeral plans. he leaves behind his wife, five children and 17 grandchildren. paterno was 85 years old. jaime? >> julie banderas, a lot of folks remembering joe paterno today. thanks. >> sure.
11:34 am
well, now it is on to florida for the next republican primary, and that's where the tea party has been strong. rick scott is at the governor's mansion. can it help newt gingrich beat mitt romney again? or will tea party support be between santorum and ron paul? joining us from south carolina is south carolina tea party leader, republican state senator tom davis who supported ron paul. senator davis, welcome. first, what is the message of newt gingrich's win? and what do you predict will happen in florida? >> actually it was a very good night for newt gingrich. you can't deny that. and i can kind of feel it moving that way in south carolina after the debates on monday and on thursday night. he is such an extremely good debater, a very sharp guy, very bright and very forceful. that struck a cord with the people of south carolina. but one of the large e lessons -- larger less sons coming out
11:35 am
is the growth of ron paul's movement. i think people are missing that message. in 2008 he only got 3.7% of the vote in the republican primary, about 15,000 votes. yesterday dr. paul got 13% of the vote and 77,000 votes. we are seeing a 3.5 fold increase and a 5 -- and a 55,000 vote increase. ron paul is growing a movement. he is teaching people. he is educating people. you have seen it happen in iowa, growing the numbers there. it happened in new hampshire, and you can see it happening in florida -- i mean in south carolina. and i think it will continue on in florida and nevada and on into the future. >> he will continue obviously in the race collecting the delegates before the republican convention in august. last night he mentioned how his movement is growing. you know critics say he will never get the nomination or be elected.
11:36 am
well, the thing is, when people talk about will ron paul get the nomination or not, it misses the larger message. what ron paul is trying to do is save the republican party by bringing it back to its roots. bringing it back to individual liberty and this has been on going for a number of years. whether it is iowa, new hampshire, south carolina, all over the country you are seeing people start to pay attention. ron paul is sort of like john the baptist, preaching the gospel and preaching the truth. slowly and surely people are listening and following him. that's the story for me yesterday. he is increasing support in every primary state. i think that continues throughout the country. it is very important in the future of the republican party. >> what happens in florida and going forward as the vote potentially could be split between the three candidates? >> well, i think that if you look at the tea party, and if you look at the roots, it is all about it here. it is about the federal
11:37 am
government and too much power unto itself. it is about disregarding the liberties. it is about the fed printing money and devaluing our currency. and it is getting away from hard work and individual initiative and savings and achievement. what dr. paul is saying is there is no easy way out of this. we have to get back to the fundamentals. we have to get back to those who are responsible for their own lives. >> i know what it stands for, but what does it mean for the election? >> if the vote gets split does romney then get the nomination because the tea party support has been split among three candidates? >> well, i think that the tea party support quite frankly as people learn more and more about dr. paul's message and they reflect about what the tea party movement means they will graph tate. you can see him rising further and further in the polls. whether or not he gets the nomination in the republican party,-- of course ien endorsed dash sh ad i endorsed
11:38 am
him and i want him to get the nomination. but moving the republican party back to free market principals and back to liberty is a tremendous service that dr. paul is performing. and if you look at the things that the candidates are talking about now in terms of monetary policy, and in terms of the fed, and in terms of government intervention and the market, how they are turning our economy, those are dr. paul's themes. those are things he was talking about four years ago and now he is performing a tremendous public service for the american people and the republican party. joy he will be in florida tomorrow along with the other candidates. state senator tom davis, the founder of the tea parties in south carolina. >> thank you very much. >> thank you for joining us. continuing to follow the cruiseliner story in italy, there is a shocking new claim from the captain. the death toll today rising again, and we will tell you why the captain said the maneuver that lead to the crash was, he says, authorized.
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this is a fox news alert. today another victim pulled from the wrecked cruiseliner off the italian coast. and it is still sitting there. look at these pictures live. there it is as they continue to search. but there is a new twist to this story. the captain reportedly saying that the ship's owners authorized the maneuver that lead to the wreck. amy kellogg is live in the -- at the location. it is in italy, gilio? >> correct. the latest development is the rescuers found on the body, a woman. she was found on the seventh deck, an area submerged in water. several of the victims, several of the bodies have not yet been identified. and you have to understand that it is very difficult work when in some cases these people did not have any documents on them whatsoever.
11:44 am
today on the island of gilio, family members of the missing american couple, jerry and barbara heil are here trying to seek some answers, trying to find out when/if their lived ones will be found. and another twist to all of this, jaime, is there are some people who may not have been registered on this cruise who could be missing. the numbers are very fluid in that regard. some people may have been aboard, not accounted for, but not registered and may have gone missing some other way. it gets more complicated. >> what about the captain? he has made some new remarks. it is pretty explosive. >> this is the same captain who told an italian reporter that he was the last one to leave the ship. he -- everything needs to be taken in a certain way, but more transcripts of the conversation between the
11:45 am
captain and the investigators in which he says that actually costa cruises authorized the close sail by, and they generally support that practice which is quite widespread around the mediterranean we are finding out as a publicity stunt. no comment 23r* costa, but they said they did not authorize that. >> amy kellogg, thank you so much for the sadly still developing story. >> the nfl is scoring big on raking in the big bucks, even in a down economy. the secret to the league's success straight ahead.
11:46 am
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11:49 am
if you want to look at a business model that is booming in this down economy look no further than the nfl. it is one of the most successful brands in the world i am told with games drawing monster ratings week after week. elizabeth is live live with the latest. they are doing okay, right? >> they are doing okay. good to see you. the super bowl will have millions upon millions of viewers, but we can expect millions of viewers today when
11:50 am
the conference championships begin at 3:30 this afternoon. a lot of it goes to some smart marketing. >> despite the largest recession in decades, the nfl has seen its revenues sore and faster than any other sports league. >> people are not going to give up football. football is an american sport. look at the tv contracts. >> they signed contracts with the big four network. they are producing record tv ratings. viewer ship is up 15% over last year. and it is the highest it has been in two decades. earlier this month, the broncos-steelers game drew a record 42 million viewers. >>football's ratings are off the charts. it will be the highest rated show of the year, maybe of all time. >> the contracts of all of the networks has been huge.
11:51 am
so you can't -- you don't miss your team. you are going to see your team. >> national visibility no matter who is your favorite team. that and a long-term marketing and media blitz of the. >> they have created what i call cultural i cons. -- eye -- icons. they are more than a brand. they are a brand that we identify with and emotionally and advice rally. --vic re ally. we identify with them because they are hometown for us. >> to put this into perspective, according to the nbc sports it costs about $4 million for one of the 30-second spot commercials during the super bowl on february 5th. >> a lot of people only watch the game for the ads. thank you, elizabeth. great to see you. >> well, you know it has been a big night and a big week for newt gingrich. up next there are claims that
11:52 am
question the debate and how the mainstream media treats newt.
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11:55 am
that first question at the debate on thursday night, did it help change the south carolina primary? newt gingrich blasted the main street media, but how does the media treat him? he is an author and journalist and a fox news contributor who joins us every sunday at this time with commentary. good morning, liz.
11:56 am
>> good morning. >> it is like the news media is another candidate he is running against. >> the bold question from john king of cnn and the withering answer from newt gingrich. but no one has honed in on mr. king's style and motivation. and i think as the media commentator, i would like to say something about that. let's first listen to john king's -- i should say let's read his explanation on who did this the day after the debate on friday on his own show. john king usa. he said in his defense, knowing his history, some of those criticizing the question argue, i should have known i was teeing up a major political opportunity. we knew that was a possibility, and we wrestled with it. in the end we decided, i decided it was the lead political story of the day, like it or not.
11:57 am
well, in this quotation and other remarks of john cane, he can't get it straight meaning we, weather cnn decided or he meaning john king. i think it is clear that cnn as the royal we had plenty to do with this, and mr. king is trying to keep his job. i don't know, and i think he is probably a nice gentleman, but here is the difference in style that i think is behind this. john king's background is in wire service reporting which is the best training for anybody who wants to become a reporter. he spent several years with the associated press. it was a very hard cut to the gut style of president aring. there is a different skill and while he may have asked that question at ap, and he may have lead the story for the ap
11:58 am
and what he said in response to him was one thing for a report. it doesn't mean you don't ask a question as to the debate. it means you have some sense about where you are. it is a debate. it is going out to millions of people. you don't just come out like atilla the hun. to come out shooting the way he did to someone who hasn't adapted how one does television seems to me that there is a kind of general sense of propriety that is missing here. >> he has been very successful at the network. >> what does that mean? others would say that it is certainly a legitimate question. it is in the news. it is a very newsy question. it was the top story. marianne gingrich was giving her claims. it was a public question to ask. >> well, you know, again it doesn't negate what i just
11:59 am
said. for a debate, it was a news report. and they had to find a more palletable way to ask that question. what they did was throw the glove down as soon as the show opened. and falling right into the gingrich trap of showing off his debating skills and how fast he is on his feet. and what does it mean for the way the media does treat newt gingrich. >> i don't think they like him very much, but then again they don't like any republicans. have you read any piece that was in anyway fair about any of the candidates? abc who had the interview with the wife admits that they were -- they came across this whole thing with marianne gingrich while they were doing some work on an investigation the fbi was having of marianne gingrich in 1997. they are going back to the candidates' histories. i wonder if they will do the same thing with obama. we don't know much about


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