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tv   FOX Report  FOX News  January 22, 2012 7:00pm-8:00pm EST

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see you next fox news sunday. >> congresswoman giffords of arizona in the political spotlight tonight as responses are coming in from both sides of the aisle acknowledging her courage and service, i'm harris falkner, this is the fox report. >> congresswoman gabby giffords makes a life changing decision on her terms. >> so what it best for arizona, i will step down this week. >> in moments, what's next for the survivor who became the embodiment of the american spirit. in the wake of a national tragedy. >> and blowing the race for
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the republican nomination wide open. >> and in south carolina, it became clear if you wanted to beat barack obama, newt gingrich has the only person who has the background and experience and the ability to get on the stage and drive home authenticity. >> harris: now, mitt romney makes an announcement of his own. and fox reports on florida, the winner takes all. and the sports world mourning the death of a legendary football coach. remembering penn state's joe paterno. we begin tonight with a major decision from arizona congresswoman gabby giffords. a little more than year ago, pa gunman shot her and killed six others in tucson. giffords says she will leave congress. >> i don't remember much from that horrible day, but i will never forget the trust you
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placed in me, to be your voi voice. thank you for your prayers and for giving me time to recover. i have more work to do on my recovery. so, to do what is best for arizona, i will step down this week. >> harris: giffords making that announcement in a heart rending video posted on her congressional website. in that message she thanks everyone for their support and encouragement and also promises she will return. [applaus [applause] >> you may remember last august, giffords returned to a house floor eruptening tears and applause, a standing ovation from her peers and colleagues, and she returned
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to cast a vote and her appearance saying a lot about the case of her earlier recovery and earlier this month she returned to the horrific scene of the shooting in tucson to mark the one year anniversary. >> and praise tonight for her courage, determination and devotion to public service, president obama, in a statement released this evening said in part, gabby giffords embodies the very best what public service should be. she's universally admired and her qualitities transcends party or ideology and a willingness to listen to different ideas and a tireless commitment of work protecting our union and she will remain an inspiration to all whose lives she touched. mine included. and the speaker said, i absolute com giffords for the the courage and perservance in the face of tragedy and from nancy pelosi, congresswoman gabrielle giffords has been a
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true bright star and a dynamic and creative public servant. in 2006. in the swing district near the mexican border, and a represented by both republicans and democrats in the past, a moderate democrat who protects border security and expanded health care and she'll submit letters of resignation to governor jan brewer and house speaker bainer, a primary must be held, 80 to 90 days after at that declared vacancy and the general election must then be held 50 to 60 days after that. and in the meantime, giffords comes back to congress tuesday, but only to attend the state of the union address in the house chamber where she served as a member just over five years, harris. >> an amazing recovery she has made. steve centanni, thank you very much. >> you, too, fox news of course is america's election headquarters and huge momentum for former house speaker newt
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gingrich's campaign and he beat out former massachusetts governor mitt romney who until recently had been considered the front runner by a pretty wide marina. it was gingrich, 40 to 28% in the primary. some analysts calling it an amazing comeback. and the former house speaker a reading to the the showdown, florida, a little more than a week away on tuesday, january 31st. it's a winner take all for the 50 delegates. during a speech to reporters last night. gingrich said he is ready. >> we don't haved kind of money at least one of the candidates have. but we do have ideas and we do have people and we have proved here in south carolina, that people, people power, with the right ideas, beats big money and with your help, we're going to prove it again in florida. >> this is a significant win because historically, south carolina has sided with the eventually republican nominee
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since 1980 and analysts saying the results signal a defeat for mitt romney, saying the race is not over yet. >> we still got a long way to go and a lot of work to do and tomorrow, we're going to move on to florida. (cheers) >> and of course, if the last month, really, since last summer has shown us anything, a lot can happen in the next nine days, campaign carl cameron live for us in tampa, florida, carl, the question for newt gingrich has to be, can a south carolina win pro fell him to victory? >> south carolina's record for picking the nominee to ultimately become the president or at least represent the party as the top pick is pretty much a perfect record. gingrich has history behind him and he needs to crans form
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it into a campaign that can coalesce, and do it in the next ten days. there are two debates in the coming week that will give him lots of platform to do that and gingrich experienced debater. and attacking romney and the rhetoric, will accelerate into the next week as he tries to essentially go for a knockout punch, for romney not to win here will destroy his appearance of inevitability, something he hoped after south carolina, not to be out by gingrich. >> harris: what is next for romney. criticism for begin gich. he'll go after gingrich for house et cetera demands and 1.6 million for freddie mac,
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and mr. romney will announce and release his personal income tax returns on tuesday, trying to get out of the way, what was a huge distraction that he says he actually handled fairly awkwardly and made it a big issue. with that said, it's time romney says to go after newt gingrich. >> i would like him to release his records. what was his work product there, what was he doing at freddie mac? because freddie mac figures in very prominently to the fact that people in florida have seen home values go down. >> and that's the other thing, there are a host of issues here in florida, particularly relate today the real estate market and just the business economy that will be both used against mitt romney and newt gingrich and this will be the showdown, neither one can afford to lose her, harris. >> last night we were following online, live chat on and some intensity of reporting for ron paul and rick santorum, a couple more people to talk about at this point.
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>> ron paul's emphasis on florida, just as in south carolina will be finished. he probably won't here. the paul campaign is making a tactful tactical decision that can be easier to organize and play to his ability to go to his more oil ar dentsly supportive backers. and rick santorum coming in third place in south carolina, he believes gives him an opportunity to campaign forward. watch santorum go aggressively at gingrich and mitt romney. and saying gingrich is right, he's a massachusetts moderate and gingrich-oyes own merits and bills of particulars listed from the santorum campaign. it's going to get tough. everything we've heard will pale by comparison to the attacks and the debates next week. >> harris: it's hard to believe the fight against tougher from here. we're a step of the way along ka campaign carl cameron.
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don't miss a special edition of huckabee tonight right after the fox report. governor mike huckabee live from washington d.c., will sit down with mitt romney, rick santorum and ron paul and it begins 8 p.m. eastern right after this program. penn state, and the world of college football mourning the loss of a legend, joe paterno, the winningest coach in division one died earlier today from lung cancer. he was 85. known as thousands of penn state faithful as joe abopa. and his history of giving back to the community he loved. grieving students leaving flowers, candles and well wishes for the entire family and our david lee miller is live, and what more can you tell us about the battle that he fought? >> well, things certainly did not go the way at that so many people had hoped. two months ago when we learned that joe paterno first had
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lung cancer we were told it was treatable form of the disease and his family was optimistic and this morning though, at 9:25, when a hospital announced it was lung cancer that claimed his life. his family then issued a statement, a portion of which said in part, and i quote, he died as he lived. he fought hard until the end. stay positive, thought only of others and constantly reminded everyone how blessed his life has been and he's now been eulogized by former president george h.w. bush and penn state school of trustees, the same board of trustees which fired him last november. but it's penn state students who seem most facted by his loss. >> he's the face of the university. everyone knows him, and everyone respects him and want to come out and pay my respect for pretty much made this university what it is. >> i think that everyone should remember the good's done for the university and
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just remember him as the man that he was and not let any of this, that's been going on affect his remembrance. >> reporter: it seems that everyone wants to speak out publicly about joe paterno's death former penn state coach and now accused pedophile jerry sandusky issued a statement, it was a sad day and never addressing the scandal and the problems resulting on campus because of his alleged activities. later today, in just a short period of time, harris, a memorial vigil is going to take place here on pus, in memory of joe paterno. >> harris. >> david plea miller, thank you very much. some of you are now tuning in after the afc championship game, welcome. good to see you. >> one half of this super bowl matchup. the new england patriots returning to the big game after a dramatic finish in bronxo, 23-20, more on that a
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little later first. new developments in that cruise ship disaster. and rescuers say, they're not sure about something. and the latest reports have unregistered passengers on board that ship. if that's the case, how many people are really missing? if they weren't written down, if they can't really know who was on board that ship. how many are they looking for now? stay close. [ female announcer ] when your child has a fever, you should know that just one dose of children's advil gives up to eight hours of fever relief. allowing your little one to get back to building a better afternoon. children's advil. relief you can trust. to get back to building a better afternoon. the best approach to food is tkeep it whole for better nutrition. that's what they do with great grains cereal. they steam and bake the actual whole grain while the otr guy's flake is more processed. mmm. great grains. the whole whole grain cereal.
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oh, yeah. it's a volkswagen. [ male announcer ] the security of a jetta. one of nine volkswagen models named a 2012 iihs top safety pick. ♪ got you in a stranglehold, baby ♪ right now questions of how many unregistered passengers may have been aboard the the costa concordia, when it tipped over. it's the latest question and this development. divers coming across a woman's body on the fourth deck bringing the number of those killed now to 13 and also, new tonight, several arkansas are back home who jumped and swam
7:17 pm
for t they arrived carrying the life vests they wore that note. >> i grabbed a bottle of water, and swim as fast as you can, and the boat was turning and on us. are you going to cruise again? >> i'm not opposed, but my wife. >> will you cruise again. >> i don't think so. >> and uncovering more every moment and giglio island in italy. >> a woman was discovered, she has not been identified. it's a complicated process, especially he when some people were caught without their documents on them at the time this all happened and there are some discrepancy about some missing people who are believed to have been on the ship, but weren't registered as passengers and those numbers aren't thought to be vague, but complicates the bigger picture and then more
7:18 pm
explosive quotations from the captain today. more leaked transcripts between him and prosecutors, in one comment he says that in fact, costa cruise lines absoluted the the salute of the island, the slow sail by bye led to the accident and the ship running aground and that costa cruise line encouraged this as a publicity stunt and the black box recovered early on was broken for two weeks and he asked for it to be replaced and it hadn't been. costa cruise lines is not commenting on any of this, but of course said in early days that the captain had not communicated with them fully about what happened. then a woman seen with the captain after the accident saturday morning, a the lot of curiosity about her. costa cruise lines is saying she's an employee of the legal department of the cruise lines and the laptop computer, the captain was seen caring with him on saturday morning.
7:19 pm
and that's missing, they say that's not in their position. >> harris: thank you. the ship record of the the costa concordia, the tragedy, geraldo rivera takes a look at 10 p.m. eastern. a brave nine-year-old girl escaped her captor and back home with her family. tonight, what we're learning about the man accused of kidnapping here. >> plus, a smash and grab armed robbery caught on tape. criminals, gee, don't you think they know by now, cameras are just about everywhere, the latest now on the push to catch them. ♪ a best resale value award, we were delighted. ♪ when it received a 5-star overall safety ring, we were ecstatic. and when camry became the number-one selling car
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. >> u new information in the case of the nine-year-old colorado girl who got away from the the kidnapperment apparently she was not the suspect's first victim. she's now home, recovering with two black eyes. and calista was reported missing on thursday, a day later, she managed to run into a colorado springs convenience store ahead of her alleged abductor and call 911 and then the brave little girl, beaten and bruised, told the man she wasn't going anywhere with hum and would wait there for her mom. >> she is doing wonderful. >> she's happy to be home. >> happy to be home. >> no way in a million years i could be as brave as her. >> police say 29-year-old jose garcia kidnapped him and goes to the same school as her former stepdaughter and they accuse him of molesting that little girl taking her home,
7:24 pm
and happened early the same day. >> defense secretary leon panetta addressing a group of sailors aboard the aircraft carrier telling them the united states will not eliminate the fleet of 11 war ships despite the need for budget cuts. peter doocy with the news from washington. >> none of the united states 11 aircraft carriers will be scaled back if the pentagon cuts 487 billion dollars from the budget over the next decade and one carrier, the u.s.s. enterprise will be deact the evaluated, but replaced 33 months later with the brand new u.s.s. gerald r. ford. yesterday, 100 nautical miles out to see aboard the enterprise, also known as big e, leon panetta explained why it's he so important for us to stay strong at sea. >> our view, the carriers because of their presence, because of the power they represent, are they important part of our ability to maintain power projections
7:25 pm
both in the pacific and the middle east. >> when secretary panetta talks about the middle east, his eyes are on iran, whose he' threat to close the straits of hormuz has been noted. why the secretary says our ships will stay in the persian gulf and lets tehran know that the united states is fully prepared to deal with any contingency and it's better for them to try to deal with us through diplomacy. the secretary made clear that budget cuts will not stop our military from dealing with dual conflicts down the line. >> we're in a land war in korea we've got to have the capability to confront iran if they go after the straits of hormuz. >> and the enterprise carrier group will head to the middle east in march. harris. >> peter doocy, thank you. a few days ago, many south carolina voters had not made up their minds yet who they choose. of course, that was before they handed the polls over to newt gingrich for the victory. we'll look how the former
7:26 pm
speaker of the house received so much support. a teenager sailing around the globe and ending a record breaking journey. a welcome home party for her next. ♪ ♪ sail on, sail on sailor [ male announcer ] the inspiring story of how a shippingiant can befriend a forest may seem lie the stuff of fairy tales. but if you take aw the faces on the trees... take away the pixie dust. take away the singing animals, and the storybook narrator... [ man ] you're ft with more electric trucks. more recycled shipping materials... and a growing number of lower emissions planes... which still makes for a pretty enchanted tale. ♪ la la la [ man ] whoops, forgot one...
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>> i'm mayors falkner, the bottom of the hour, and arizona congresswoman gabrielle giffords states she'll leave office in order for recovery. in a statement online, she says she's simply doing what is best for arizona. she was shot at a public event and six people killed and 12 others injured there and she says she'll still attend news's state of the union address, and joe paterno died at age 85. his family confirming he passed away from lung cancer and paterno, the winningest coach in division history and took home five undefeated seasons and 24 bowl wins. success with honor, words he tried to live by in the nearly 50 years on the penn state sidelines and shepard smith takes a look back at his life and amazing career. >> i'm not a guy that's for
7:31 pm
goal setting. that's never been my style. >> joe paterno kept it simple. his program's motto, success with honor. it reflected the attention he gave to the academic success of his players and he called his campaign to combine academics and athletics, a grand experiment and his straight forward stale may have something to do with his great depression upbringing. and joseph vincent paterno was born in brooklyn, cost of tuition almost cost him to drop outf prep school, but played football at brown and planned to attend law school, but took an opportunity to join his college coach at penn state and 16 years later. joe paterno took offer. >> a rousing clash for the nitney lions with penn state. the battle of the unbeaten. >> and lead the team to first of five unbeaten seasons. and joe paterno collected
7:32 pm
trophies and records, more wins than any other coach in division one football. none more important than his two national championships in 1982 and 1986. he's the only coach to have won the rose bowl, the cotton bowl, sugar bowl and orange bowl. his first losing season didn't come until 1988, but win or lose, paterno's attitude was the same. >> we're going to work hard and true to be a really good football team this saturday and play them as tough as we know how to play them. >> he never let success get to his head and turned down multiple offers to coach in the nfl and lived in the same modest house for most of his career. they raised five children here and donated millions of dollars to the school and to the community. and a library on campus is named in paterno's honor. and the statue outside beaver stadium preserves his image, an i am package fans of several generations came to adore.
7:33 pm
. >> harris: republican presidential candidates now focusing on florida after a big win last night by newt gingrich in south carolina's primary. former house speaker thanking his supporters and saying they've proved people and ideas trump cold hard cash when it comes to winning votes and analysts say that he owes his victory in part to the strong conservative base. our john roberts live in charleston, south carolina. how did he pull a win? >> hey, good evening to you, harris, he won by winning across the state. and winning in some key voting groups. it's one thing to put up the percentages and gives you an idea of the margin of the vote. a dramatic way to look the at what he did across the state of south carolina, put up the county map and take a look at the sea of red, that's newt gingrich, mitt romney only won three counties where columbia is, and charleston where we are and buford to the southwest and newt gingrich won everything else. and here is how he did it. by winning among all of these
7:34 pm
key voter groups and late deciders 44% of those, among conservatives, among independents. he won among evangelicals and even won among married women. despite the scandals that erupted in the final 48 hours and second among moderates and that's a strong coalition to have before you going forward into the next contests and by winning south carolina, newt gingrich punctured mitt romney's era of inevitability. and now to test the viability as a candidate. here he is in face the nation. >> you end up with a guy who is a great salesman and very much wants to sell and has a weak product and i think's he about dancing on egg trying to find a version of romney that will work. >> and basically, what's going on right now, is newt gingrich has got mitt romney on the m mat and trying his best not to let him get up, harris.
7:35 pm
>> harris: i've been regented from political analysts and observers, critical of mitt romney, saying he has quite an uphill climb to make. what strategy are you hearing about? >> oh, yeah, he sure does, he's in a pre curious position right now, harris, these primaries are about momentum and any momentum that mitt romney had, he has lost and needs to have a few moments, particularly, at that debate in tampa, tomorrow night. and basically, mitt romney finds himself, a man who needs to go on the attack and he needs to go on the attack and take it to newt gingrich has he did with chris wallace on fox news sunday. >> i think that conservative values played on the role and the speaker has explaining to do for sitting on the sofa with nancy pelosi and arguing for planet climate change and you're going to look at his record and say he's not so conservative. >> reporter: as they head off
7:36 pm
into florida, a lot of sen tee ballots have been cost as he was up in the polls and likely a good percentage for romney and tand he's up by 18 points, but he was up at south carolina and had his lunch handed to him so these leads could evaporate quickly. >> and he has to go up against somebody that's organized and has a the lot of money still and that's ron paul. >> yeah, absolutely. but ron paul is not playing that much in florida. 's looking ahead to the caucus states like nevada and maine. i don't know how much of a factor ron paul is going to be in florida, but gingrich is the guy that romney has to go after and romney is very well-organized in florida and got an awful lot of money and gingrich doesn't have that much cash. an interesting nine days ahead
7:37 pm
of us. >> harris: you bet. john roberts, thank you very much. rick santorum making his first to florida campaign stop earlier today at worldwide christian center in pompano beach and reportedly gave a faith-based sermon and making news tonight because the palm beach post newspaper is reporting the head pastor there, reverend doesh your does not he can win mitt romney because in his words, americans won't vote for a mormon president. >> and the candidates went to speak the parishioner of the church, not the pastor. >> a fox weather alert on a thunderstorm system, bringing with it possible twisters, and boy, are we already headed into that season? it seems early. meteorologist maria molina live in the fox weather center for us. >> hi, harris, that's right. not totally unheard of to get severe weather this time of the year, but it's unusual and especially the situation that we have going on right now and we actually have a tornado
7:38 pm
watch that's been issued out and including member fills. and it's not just any type of tornado watch, but a particularly dangerous situation and what that means is that the conditions are favorable not just twisters, but longer tracks and destructive, so we're looking at the risk for ef 4 and 5 twisters and wind gusts in excess of 80 miles per hour possible and hail as large as two inches in diameter and you can already see some of the thunderstorms forming just around the little rock area and those are headed eb eastbound. and as soon as i tap into those you can see the warnings, tornado warnings going up pine bluff area, when a warning is issued that means that there could be currently a tornado object the ground and seek shelter and one so the southwest of the town of pine bluff. there's a large area that we're looking at for the risk of severe weather from new orleans all the way into the city of chicago tonight, the greatest risk area is that area shaded in red and extending further up to the
7:39 pm
east into the city of nashville later on tonight. the northern parts of the storm system where temperatures are colder we're getting a little bit of snow, but snow is not the big dorn here, light stuff, one to three inches and freezing rain is concerned to the northwest of chicago and interior portions of the northeast, and that freezing rain will continue to fall through early monday morning, so, of course, as we head out to work, harris, people need to be very careful out there, we could be looking at slippery roadways. >> all right, maria, thank you very much for that caution. tragedy strikes a college community in upstate new york, it's our top story and a fox trip across america. >> new york, a fire in a home clear maris college in poe keepsy. two female college students and a man killed. and a couple forced to jump from a second story window. >> since i've been the chief, this has been the worst faith
7:40 pm
fire incident in my experience. >> no word on what started the fire. and the college postponing two college basketball games out of respect for the students who died. california, several brazen burglars smashing their way into a jewelry store, using the rear end of their blue buick, the whole thing caught on tape. by the time the police arrived on the scene, the suspects were long gone and police say the same men are responsible for several jewelry store burglaries the past month. illinois, talk about hitting the nail on the head. recovering after doctors removed a three-inch long nail from his brain. and he says his nail gun misfired and he didn't realize there was a nail penetrating his skull. i actually worked for another 12 hours afterward and salting and plowing the next day and started to go to immediate care. >> good thing, x-rays revealed
7:41 pm
the nail and doctors performing four hours of surgery to remove it. connecticut, old man winter couldn't keep the people from taking the plunge against cancer. about 50 of them donning little more than a t-shirt, jumping into the long island sound. all to raise money for breast cancer research. that's a fox watch across america. an army base, a crime scene tonight, shots fired at fort campbell, we'll have the latest, a whale of a tail and cameras rog and whale hunters against environments. juice drink too watery? ♪ feel the power my young friend. mmm! [ male announcer ] for unsurpassed fru and veggie nutrition... v8 v-fusion. could've had a v8. try bayer advanced aspirin. it has microparticles so it enters the bloodstream fast and rushes relief to the site of your tough pain. it's proven to relieve pain
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♪ . . >> new developments now on a shooting at fort campbell and military police taking the soldier into custody. it's on the kentucky, tennessee border, a spokesperson saying that witnesses told officers he they saw specialist larry reed shoot in a residential area,
7:45 pm
no one hurt, criminal charges we're told are pending. people fighting over whale hunting in antarctic waters and a teenager completes a tip around the world as we go around the world in 80 seconds. pakistan, thousands of people gathering for an anti-american rally. they're angry over a u.s. military air strike on two pakistani border check points last november, that killed 24 soldiers, the head of organization that staged the rally says he wants an end to n.a.t.o. supply lines running from pakistan to afghanistan. australia, a high seas showdown between japanese whale hunters and environmentalists. and the activists claim it got ugly. >> they attacked us with concussion grenades and today he they used tear gas cannisters and also hit us with sticks and bolts and everything and we retaliate with rotten butter and paint.
7:46 pm
>> and the japan says it's hunting for legal purposes. >> in caribbean the island of saint martin. a 16-year-old ending a year long solo sailing voyage around the world. and laura decker covered 27,000 miles in her boat named guppy. >> and the moment that i was li like-- what i was doing out here. i never want today stop. it's a dream and i wanted to do it. >> and china, the year of the dragon, celebrations sparking the beginning of the chinese new year and fireworks ward off evil spirits and that's a wrap on this fox trip around the world in 80 seconds. well, if you ask any parent, they'll probably tell you raising a kid is pretty expensive and now we're seeing the signs of a struggling economy and how they're forcing some people to rethink parenthood altogether. plus, bonnie and collide, two of the most infamous criminals in american history. now, their weapons are worth a
7:47 pm
whole lot of money. how much would you pay? ♪ bonnie and clyde, we're pretty looking people ♪ ♪ and we were the devil's children ♪ ♪ bonnie and clyde value award, we were delighted. ♪ when it received a 5-star overall safety ring, we were ecstatic. and when camry became the number-one selling car in america 10 years running, we blushed. ♪ the reinvented 2012 camry. from toyota. ♪
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two rare pieces of americana going on the auction block. a family in missouri selling a pair of guns said to have been used by bonnie and clyde. we're told the police found them on the raid of the couple's hideout in 1933. >> they were ruthless, and believe they were above any kind of control or law and they did whatever they wanted to do and i think that people of fascinated by the fact that
7:51 pm
they lived outside of any social norm that we would think of. especially in that day and time. >> do you notice how good they look in the the pictures all the time? and both this been in the museum. the tommy gun $130,000 and the shotgun for $80,000. call it the labor bust, it seems people in california are thinking twice about having children and the latest data from the state's helicoptalth department to the lowest level since the great depression. casey stegall live in los angeles with more on this, casey. >> it's because it's expensive. you know that and you're a mom and this new dad suggests that california's birth rate has not been this low since 1935, can you believe that? and it's not just the golden state. in fact, according to the organization, baby center, fewer people are having children all across this
7:52 pm
country. and costs, as we said, is the primary reason behind this trend, especially when you consider that the average price tag of raising a child from birth to age 18, are you ready for this? about 225,000 dollars and that does not include college and experts say that's a 40% increase from ten years ago. >> and health care can run you $750 on average a month and that adds up and child care is one of the reasons that families are getting smaller. if you have a child in child care and you're paying that bill you're thinking long and hard about adding another child and doubling that child care bill. >> now, there are some positives here, children born during this baby bust, could actually face less competition when it comes to getting into college and entering the work force down the line and it can help ease overcrowding of many financially strapped public schools. >> it would be something to consider in the future, because we also have to
7:53 pm
project what k-12 may be for five years out. ten years out. for capital outlay and that is a factor, it will be a factor in the decisions made regarding the funding for those institutions. >> and analysts predict that this trend is only going to continue, and america will see declining birth rates over the next decade. so keep putting money into the savings account is. >> harris: they're so darned cute and spend all of your money, i'm going to work the rest of my life with my five and two year olds, casey nice to see you. tax returns a sticky issue for mitt romney after repeated debate questions on the subject. romney saying he will release his tax returns this week. and congratulations, new england, you're back on your way to the super bowl and our favorite sports guy, peter is back with us, next. ♪ is it fast?
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>> new england patriots going back to the super bowl after holding offer the baltimore ravens in a dramatic finish, not for the kicker, it's stressful. peter from fox we've missed you and the ravens have a chance to tie it up. 23-all. what happened? i know the the kicker is under pressure. >> two shots at the end zone that came close and then to the field goal kicker, who made the pro bowl last year, one of the best in the game. 32 yard field goal a chip in and it's easy. here is what happens. . >> harris: so did somebody hit him? >> no, just miss it had. the snap was fine, the hold was fine and the ravens lose it, a heartbreaker for the ravens fans and the patriots, tom brady's fifth super bowl and tying john elway for the the most. >> he did it this year with shorter hair.
7:58 pm
>> and cut the locks and he can do it without the hair, too, that makes me sound like a goofy girl, i probably know more than did you. giants and 49ers tied up right now. >> tied up and if you're a patriot fan, the two sub plot. 49ers against the patriots two contrasting styles and tom brady was from san francisco and passed on by the 49ers 6th time in the nfl draft and giants classic rematch and so two cool plot lines if we want to go that way. a sad road tonight, but big news a few hours as we learned of joe pa's death. >> joe paterno passes away from a football standpoint all time leader in wins and the face of ben state and 46 years the head coach, but of course the legacy might we tainted now because of the way things played out. but as the news goes and covers comment, talking about
7:59 pm
the child sex scandal that involved one of his assistant coaches, jerry sandusky, good to see you. >> welcome back to the fox forecast. looking ahead to some of the stories to get you prepared. president obama prepared to deliver. and it sounds like the same old policies of spending taxes and regulation, calling that, quote, unquote, pathetic. after pressure to reooh least the tax returns. mitt romney deciding he will do so on tuesday and those documents that he planned on releasing in april will reveal his actual tax rate he said is about 15%. and tomorrow, a hearing resumes in washington that could help decide whether ronald reagan's shooter john hinckley, jr. could be released from a missile hospital asking a court to allow him extended visits and eventually release to live with or near his mother and that's how fox reports on this sunday, j


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