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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  January 23, 2012 7:00pm-8:00pm EST

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and the michigan mcconnell tomorrow, and the state of the union address. and that's it for this special report, fair and balanced. >> this is the fox report. tonight, patdowns at the airport, we'll tell you about the senator who told tsa to stay away and what happened next. and plus, politics, and the front runners sharpen their attacks. attacks. >> we don't have the kind of money at least one of the candidates does. >> at the end of four years, it was proven that he was a failed leader and he had to resign in disgrace. >> innuendo, insinuation and ill-will. >> tonight, how the candidates are getting set for the fight in florida. >> and new reports from the
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night of the ship. >> what they say about the captain's actions and his ship starting to sink and for the survivors, how about a discount on your next cruise? scare in the sky, as wind forces a jet out of control and people are hurt. >> one of them got thrown up in the air. >> i wasn't sure i wasn't going to die. >> plus, shake-up at blackberry hq. tonight, what it means for your messages. >> but first, from fox, this monday night, mitt romney going after his main rival's record. today, he says newt gingrich is like something you'd find out of the the local arcade. >> he's gone from to almost like a pinball machine from item to item in a way which is highly erratic and does not suggest a stable, thoughtful course, which is normally associated with leadership.
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>> the former massachusetts governor, mitt romney on the attack after suffering a real setback in south carolina. the former house speaker, won saturday night, as you know, and now the republican candidates have their eyes on next week's showdown in florida, the phone survey from rasmussen reports, newt gingrich 41 to mitt romney, 32 and rick santorum and ron paul pretty far behind. how is gingrich responding to the attacks, carl? >> aggressively and dismissi dismissively at once. and goes after mitt romney who can't be trusted as a massachusetts moderate and on the other hand, these are panic stricken attempts by a candidate trying to claw back into contention, listen. >> we move from romney's pious baloney to romney's desperate baloney and he can open up a
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deli. if you've been campaigning forors, and see slip away you get desperate and when you get desperate you say almost anything. >> the gingrich campaign recognizes there's quite a bit of work to do in the next week, part of it is raising a lot of money on the south carolina victory and putting it on the ground and in the air in florida and there's a big disadvantage, a the romney campaign has been outspending them. >> shepard: is there the thought that today's attacks is a warm-up for the tonight's debate. >> the debates is where newt gingrich shines and mitt romney has been rehearsing attacks the last several days and the principal complaint has been that mr. gingrich has not been willing to give up the taxes, the information about the contract with freddie mac he was paid 1.6 million dollars over seven years and here is a sampling of what romney has been saying. >> let's make sure that we understand, what was the work product that he was providing
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to freddie mac. >> now, we're going to find out. it's now ease toy find and fox news learned that the gingrich campaign has in fact released the contracts. the 2006 contract as one of mr. gingrich's enterprises had with freddie mac. it's been posted on a web page for the center for health transformation and that's one of mr. gingrich's former entities, it was a 2006 contract and there have been others, but this is one, this is the company that mr. gingrich separated himself when he formally declared his presidential campaign in may of last year and the documents posted now on the web just hours before the next dehe bait. >> and this is just breaking now, gingrich said along the way that he was acting in his roll as a historian and many in his own party, well, frankly kind of laughed at that. >> well, mitt romney has said that newt gingrich is clearly a lobbyist and if it looks like a duck, talks like a duck, it probably is, because mr. gingrich was talking to a client and member of congress
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and romney campaign asserted that's no way that's not lobbying. and the debate credited to picking up a former bachmann staffer something of a debate prep expert and a lot of the former campaign are now seeing their staffers turn up with gingrich, as well as romney and in some cases the santorum campaign and folks in the perry and cain campaign long gone still in the game picking up sides with three of the four remaining programs. and ron paul are not part of the folks that left campaigns. >> shepard: on the releasing of the contract with freddie mac and timing usually means something in political season. the time now, an hour and 55 minutes before the debate. what do you make that have? >> well, we found it in the last debate. newt gingrich announced in the middle of it, he released his tax returns the day after the primary and mitt romney said he'll release-- and on the freddie mac documents, newt gingrich has
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done it before the debate. this is about taking issues off the table that might distract you so the candidates can get back on the vision of essentially trying to destroy one another. >> and you mentioned mitt romney and his taxes and he wasn't sure he was going to release them and then he said around april and with a lot of pressure, he said he'd release them tomorrow. what are we to make of that? >> well, there's be a news conference, a teleconference in the morning explaining it and tomorrow, mitt romney is going to give a pre buttal to the president's state of the union address. it's a sign of mitt romney trying to get the tax return issue off the table and acknowledged the way they handled it was a mistake and awkward and halting answer to questions could be suspicious, when they're picked over with a fine tooth comb and anything that suggests abnormal will certainly cause controversy and little doubt it will prove
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whatever anybody knew all along, mitt romney is a very, very wealth any man. >> shepard: it must be just that, because he's known for many years he's running for president. and you figure if there's anything that needed be to be gotten done, he would have had it done by now. >> even the staffers suggested it was time to make it available several days ago, an ongoing reluctance prompted reporters to essentially get suspicious and romney is trying now to get it out of the way and that will happen tomorrow morning as he's concurrently giving a speech about the president's state of the union and newt gingrich is looking at-- >> mitt romney releases tax returns tomorrow you see. newt gingrich just announced he's releasing his contract with freddie mac, the subject of a lot of questions throughout the last few months. and that should be a fascinating thing heading into the debate this evening. a fox extreme weather alert
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now and search teams are going door-to-door after another disaster in alabama. violent storms have torn down homes there, and a devastating blow to an area that frankly was just picking up the pieces from last april's storm. foushs report 24 possible tornados crossed the south in the last 24 hours in january, but the worst of it all seemed to be in alabama and two people reported dead and more than 100 reported injured. the powerful wind ripped off roofs, the shattered windows and flattened buildings and would you look at the mess. some people left the safety of their basements this morning to find nothing outside. listen to the survivors. >> and in the basement, my house was shaking and came outside and we ran over there to start helping people. >> and hunker down in the hallways and one place that i knew, everybody would be okay, and basically everybody just went wild. >> and as i mentioned, it's clearly rare to see 24
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possible tornados in the month of january and the tornados in this month not unheard of. in fact, the national weather service says more than 60 tornados touched down in the united states, last february. and the news today though, center point, alabama and our correspondent for the southeast, jonathan serry and some of the worst is in jefferson county, alabama. what are you seeing? >> well, everywhere you look we see utility crews wasting no time getting the power back on. officials in jefferson county between 250 to 300 homes were damaged or destroyed and as bad as it is, the two people lost their lives in these twisters, local officials say they're amazed the death toll isn't any higher, given the timing of this tornado. it came through here during the early morning hours, when most people were still asleep in their homes, shep. >> jonathan serry live in the middle of it all in jeffers county, alabama. >> new recordings, new to oust, surfaced from the night on the cruise ship disaster
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off the italian coast. we'll see what more the capital had to say and some passengers were quite literally dying. and a u.s. senator triggering an alarm at an airport screening check point so they say i want to pat you down. and the senator says, no you don't. that's ahead from the journalists at fox news on this monday's fox report. we know a place where tossing and turning
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>> we're hearing a new phone conversation with the captain of that ship that smacked into the rocks off the coast of italy and the call happened at some point after the collision and the captain told the port authority they were authority 300 passengers on the costa concordia. >> one question, will everybody leave the ship or someone remain on board? >> i will say here and i think we're--
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>> yeah, remember, that's the same guy that reportedly claimed he only left the ship because he tripped and how miraculously or something fell into a life boat. he currently faces charges, including manslaughter. crews searching the ship found at least 15 bodies so far and 17 people still listed as officially missing. teams have been clearing debris out of the ship and explosives yet again to blast more holes in the side of the ship for easier access. >> experts at the site saying they're no longer too worried about the ship sliding into deeper water, it seems to be relatively stable at least right now. stable or not. this ship is still creating a world of headaches. trace gallagher is live with us now on the west coast news room and they're about to
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start pumping the fuel off the ship because they're very concerned about that stuff spilling. >> yeah, to do that, shep, they need to bring in the platform barge and put that next to the costa concordia and hook up the hoses and begin pumping fuel from the ship on its side to the barge, but they're worried as you said about the environmental impact because giglio depends for the the crystal clear water not only for tourism, but for the the drinking water that they desallenize. and if all goes well, they'll begin tomorrow. >> the third issue is the beginning of the fuel pumping operation, might conflict with the rescue operation and in which case they'll decide to halt the operations and whether or not to let the pumping operations begin and the scientific committee concluded that those operations are compatible. >> so the search and rescue and the pumping goes
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simultaneously, but even if the pumping against tomorrow afternoon, shep, 500,000 gallons could take upward of a month. >> for a long time. for those who did not die on the ship, but instead survived, the owner of the ship is now offering, a coupon. >> reporter: yeah, the company is doing damage control, but this might be turn out to be a public relations nightmare because some of the passengers are now saying this is insulting. here is the offer it says, quote, the company is not only going to refund everybody, but offering 30% discount on future cruises, if they want to stay loyal to the company. loyalty may not be the best word because now we're getting word because they may consider a class action suit, all the passengers in which they'll be seeking a lot more than a 30% coupon, shep. >> shepard: trace gallagher in los angeles. thank you. the presidential candidate ron paul blasting the transportation security administration today as an out of control police state. after his son's run in with
7:17 pm
airport security today. get this, his son is the kentucky senator rand paul. he claims transportation security administration agents detined him. that's his word for refusing a full body patdown at the airport in nashville. they told me i wasn't detained and when i tried to leave i was ushered back into the cubical so i kind of felt i was being detained. and his father's presidential campaign calling for elimination of the tsa, saying it gropes and grabs people while doing nothing to keep them safe. the tsa released the statement that reads in part. refused to comply to the security procedures are denied access to the security gate area and more reaction from senator rand paul tonight on freedom watch as it airs immediately following this program. not on this channel, but on the fox business network, just up the dial. and flags are at half state across the state of pennsylvania after the death of the legendary penn state
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football coach joe paterno, of course his legacy in some minds may be tarnished after a child sex scandal engulfed that school. a live reaction to joe pa's death and a look at the his long career next. plus, is a man who shot and nearly killed then president reagan, still a danger to society? ahead, what a secret service agent testified today in a hearing on john hinckley's mental state. a smal town pharmacist set out to create a different kind of cold remedy using powerful medicine and natural ingredients from around the world. he called it vicks vaporub. today, the vicks journey continues. introducing new vicks nature fusion cold & flu syrup. powerful multi-symptom medicine flavored with natural honey instead of artificial flavors and dyes. have you tried this yet? save on vicks nature fusion and other innovative products with p&g brandsaver.
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>> the family of the late college football legend, football coaching legend, joe paterno announced they'll hold his funeral this wednesday. after last sex scandal,
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history may rewrite joe's history. the complications from the lung cancer family said was treatable and for two days mourners have been holding vigils in and around the campus. and many said that joe pa's death leaves him saddened and accused in an attempt to balance his accomplishments and his laws. >> i'm not a guy with goal setting. that's never been my style. >> joe paterno kept it simple and with honor. it reflects the attempts he gave from the economic assessment of players and called his campaign a combined athletics, a grand experiment and straight forward style may have something to do with the upbig and he was born in brooklyn in 1926. he said the cost of tuition almost forced him to drop out of prep school and went on to play at brown and plans to attend law school, but instead
7:23 pm
took an opportunity to join his college coach, rip ingle at penn state and 16 years later, joe paterno took over. >> a rousing clash from the nitney lions of penn state. >> within a couple of led the team to a burst of five seasons. joe paterno racked up a collection of trophies and records and had more wins than any other coach in division one football. none more important than the two national championships in 1982 and 1986. he's the only coach to have won the rose bowl, the could cotton bowl, sugar bowl and the rose bowl and turned down multiple offers to coach the nfl and lived in the same modest house for most of his career. joe paterno and his wife raised five children here and donated millions of dollars to the school and community. the library on campus is named in paterno's honor and a statue outside the stadium preserves his image, an image
7:24 pm
fans came to adore, then there's the sex scandal, and white joe paterno broke no laws, they say that he didn't do enough, and jerry sandusky is now accused. david lee miller, what are the students saying there? >> shepard, there's a heavy rain here this evening, but over my shoulder, there are people here paying tributes to the stadium at the joe paterno memorial and the campus is trying to come to terms with the two joe paternos, trying to reconcile the legend with the man. at a vigil held last night and attended by penn state quarterback matt mcgoin and listening to the joe paterno that he remembers. >> as we sat there with coach joe and mrs. paterno, i think it's at that point that i realized, you know, this, this guy was so much more than a
7:25 pm
football coach and he was, he was a father, a husband, and i considered him a friend. >> reporter: and mcgloin said that coach paterno made him not only a better football player, but a better person as well. >> shepard: beyond the funeral, david lee, what else are they doing there to honor joe pa? >> one day after the funeral, shepard, a memorial service is scheduled here to be held on the campus and it's going to take place at an arena that can accommodate 16,000 and already we are being told that demand for tickets to the memorial service and yes, you will need a ticket, is very high. not clear at this point is how many members of the school's board of trustees are going to attend. many alumni, many students say that the board of trustees unfairly fired paterno at the height of the sex abuse scandal and now there's calls for the the trustees to be replaced. >> shepard: david lee miller. live at state college. in breaking news tonight.
7:26 pm
the white house hopeful newt gingrich releasing the contract between a company he ran and freddie mac. and this at the g.o.p. rivals, they've questioned the trouble ties to the the mortgage giant which you remember need add bailout from the federal government. what about all of that? and a live report coming up with the bottom of the hour, top of the news next. ♪ what started as a whisper every day, millions of people choose to do the right thing. there's an insurance company that does that, too. liberty mutual insurance. responsibility. what's your policy?
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>> shaken passengers on a flight to miami saying they were bracing to diadie. six flight attendants were hurt. according to people on board the crowded aircraft suffered an extreme drop as they put it. tossing flight attendants across that cabin and leaving passengers screaming in horror. >> i was sure i was going to die. >> and the car went up and hit, and made it a huge hole, and okay, we're going to go down. >> it didn't come to that. officials say the pilot was able to stabilize the plane and a doctor on board took care of the injured and the flight did land safely in miami and no word on the extent of those injuries. >> i'm shepard smith, this is the fox report. it's now the bottom of the hour and time for the top of the news, continuing coverage of tonight's breaking story, the republican presidential candidate newt gingrich just
7:31 pm
at the top of the hour released a contract between a company he once ran and the doubled mortgage giant, freddie mac. as you may know, his rivals fiercely accused him of being a lobbyist for the condition and reportedly did make 1.6 billion dollars off the deal and the issue is essentially what took him down in the iowa caucus. and james rosen continues our breaking news coverage and live in the washington bureau tonight. i guess you've had a chance to look over the contract and what have you learned from it? >> there is no mention in it, shep of the word historian and that's what the house speaker initially said. a million dollars by the financially distressed mortgage giant, for him to do, it's a 16 page stument released at the top of the hour and covers 2006 and worth $300,000 and the relationship went on longer than that, it apparently was for more lucrative for the gingrich
7:32 pm
group. although he said emphatically he's not lobbying at any time. on the contract, puts it smack in the middle of pay street, it is to lobbying what wall street in new york is to high finance and might say they're kind of-- >> and always in politics, each side frames the issues and the news of the day, to suit his or her own interest and electability and the president has been doing that as well. give us an idea about his strategy now. >> yeah, looking for the fall election, the president has been borrowing from an unlikely source, george w. bush, his predecessor, and he's encouraging voters to see the fall contrast not as a straight referendum, but a choice of two options and democratic strategies say that's the best, too. >> and the choices could not be starker, the vision of
7:33 pm
where we want to take the customer could not be more. >> what the president was trying to say, you may not agree with me 100% of the time. at least now i make my decisions for the right reasons. >> however, bush 43 won reelection and the popular vote larger than any other republican incumbent. so it has its peril. >> shepard: and the question is choice, couldn't the republicans use the same line themselves? >> analysts today that i spoke with are split how good an idea that would be for the g.o.p. newt gingrich a clear choice with his victory in south carolina, but some g.o.p. politicos fear that would let president obama off the hook. >> in america, the declaration of independence and the america of paychecks and the america of food stamps. >> why do you want to fight in or trade when you go go for the easier pass. and the president doesn't want
7:34 pm
to talk about, which is about the economy, which is about his record. >> most recent fox news polling finds registered voters nationwide effectively split between approval and disapproval and president obama's performance. >> james rosen, live tonight in washington, thanks very much. and meanwhile, president obama is preparing to deliver his state of the union address to congress and all of us for that matter, tomorrow night. analysts are predicting the economy will be usual number one and of course the annual address lets him push the agenda in prime time. and history is showing a bid to congress and it's really is lot easier than getting lawmakers to act. our chief white house correspondent ed henry, what we expect. every year if it's election year, the incumbent said anything, i wouldn't expect anything less tomorrow. >> no doubt about it, he wants to frame the message and just laying out, this president does want to make it a choice
7:35 pm
between what he's laying out and what the republicans are laying out and inside the obama campaign they say it doesn't matter who the eventually republican nominee is, they believe in chicago, and inside the white house behind me, that the republicans are saying all of the same things on the economy, jobs, taxes, et cetera, and the president has a different vision he's been laying out in recent weeks, he doesn't think the middle class is getting a fair shake, that there is he' income inequality and the republicans charge that is class war fare and the president said it's about giving everyone a fair chance, take a listen. >> and we're building an economy where the hard work pays off. and an america where everybody gets a fair shot. >> now, also, we're hearing from officials that one of the things we may hear from the president beyond the broad themes is maybe a crack at the jobs bill that he wanted congress to pass now. he had some success the end of last year in getting at that payroll tax cut extension, but
7:36 pm
there's other people that have not been as active getting more infrastructure spending and trying to create jobs so he might take another bite at that apple tomorrow night, shep. >> shepard: and the president has been talking about issues at center. not to say that nobody in the administration is attacking the republicans, look at the vice-president. >> reporter: that's right, vice-president today on ryan seacrest's show out in l.a., and he basically said, the vice-president did, that newt gingrich's personal issues are essentially on the table, saying that voters are going to look at the whole picture, including his character and that's a little different than what other obama advicers have been saying, suggesting that the personal issues would be off the table and then on the issue of housing, and foreclosures, mitt romney got pounded when he suggested he should let the foreclosure crisis ride out and the vice-president seemed to suggest he slightly agrees with that with a big caveat, take a listen. >> and the right and quickest way to do it, they don't understand, there are tens of thousands, hundreds of
7:37 pm
thousands of people, who, through no-fault of their own, are in this spot. so, i think in those circumstances, government has a responsibility to give these people a leg up. >> and so, officials stress the vice-president was saying, look, if you let the market eventually hit bottom, that may get us through the foreclosure crisis and it's a sharp difference from mitt romney, saying that the government needs to remain and try to help people in the meantime, shep. >> ed henry live at the white house and thanks, catch the president's address right here on fox news channel. the state of the union tomorrow in handy's regular time slot. on fnc. a spokesman for the arizona congresswoman gabrielle giffords said she will be there tomorrow night one of her final acts in office. she released her resignation a little more than a gunman shot her point blank in her head.
7:38 pm
>> i have more work to do on my recovery. so to do what is best for arizona, i will step down this week. >> shepard: well, today, congresswoman gifford spend one of her last days on the job back in tucson and finished what she started on january 8th of last year, remember that meet and greet at which the gunman killed six people and wounded 13 others, today the congresswoman met privately with some of those very survivors and her staff tweeted a photo of giffords with the former intern, daniel hernandez, see it there, he is credited, along with others, for saving her life. the secret service agent today testified that he recently witnessed a man who tried to kill president ronald reagan looking at books on presidential assassination and this, as a judge is trying to determine whether to grant john hinckley, jr. more freedom to leave the mental hospital where he spent the past three decades. the year was 1982.
7:39 pm
the jury found him not guilty by reason of insanity. 's he allowed to visit his mother in virginia from time to time, but the secret service claims that last saw he saw john hinckley, jr. in front of a bookstore checking out books on assassination. a shake-up at the top of the company that makes blackberries, the research in motion company has had a very tough year, but what will the changes mean for the devices you may already own? that's ahead. a high stakes standoff in one of the world's most important waterways. new threats from iran and what threats from them could mean for all of us and for oil prices. copd makes it hard to breathe,
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7:43 pm
but today, the new chief executive officer says the company will stay on the same track for the most part aside from some marketing strategy changes and that didn't go well, at least not with the investors i mentioned, research in motion or rim shares fell to a 70% loss from this time last year, one sign of the company's month long struggle to compete with iphone and android devices and the brand took a hit last year's four days of outages and the longest in company history of the they left tens of billions of blackberry users on five continents with no service. rich edson with the fox business network, a rough year for research in motion? >> it has, blackberry once dominated the smart phone market since then, iphones and android. blackberry controlled 44% in the united states and that number is now fallen below
7:44 pm
10%, shep. >> shepard: it doesn't sound like investors believe at this point it's nearly enough to turn things around? >> the outgoing executives are staying with research in motion as directors. one investors tells fox business changes are insufficient. the president of jaguar international in toronto says you have a new ceo sitting elbow to elbow with the former ceo's in the board room and how could you generate positive thinking and fresh ideas, a recipe for disaster, he said. the new ceo says research in motion can survive without a major overhaul, an operating system and new tablet to challenge the ipad and a fresh marketing strategy. rich edison in d.c. iranian lawmakers are doubling down on threats to close at that deoil passage after the european union slapped the republic with bans on selling oil. and they hit one in december and a powerful iranian lawmaker says in his country, sales are violated, iran will
7:45 pm
definitely close the strait of hormuz, that could be a killer, nearly a fifth of the world's oil goes through that narrow waterway every day and it's not clear whether they have the military muscle to close the straits and washington pledged a tough response if iran tries anything and they're just making the threats like that could help iran and that's just it can scare investors into worrying about oil supplies, the price of oil rises and iran makes more money and around we go. with iran threats coming so frequently, investors are ignoring it today and the price of oil barely budged. chief correspondent, jonathan huntsman is here. >> absolutely, president obama and secretary of state hillary clinton said as much in statements issued in their name today and later, the white house spokesman jay carney praised the european union on the display of
7:46 pm
international unit against iran, listen. >> the process will continue to intensify. and so that iran understands fully the pressure will not let up, and the isolation will not stop until they decide to make the right choice, which is to abide by their commitments, internationally and to come clean, if you will, on their international-- on their aspirations. >> and it's not complete unity internationally speaking, the russians and chinese continue to buy iranian oil and it's going to turn the economic screw fully, shep. >> shepard: the u.s. and european union have a chance to act together and they're sending a message. >> a very cloor he message and visual one. the aircraft carrier, u.s.s. abraham lincoln moved through the strait of hormuz and accompanied this time by british and french war ships. now, they are sending the
7:47 pm
messages that they will not stand any of those nations for any attempt to close such an important waterway and many analysts believe any way that the iranian navy doesn't have the ability to close it, and the iranian leadership doesn't really have the will to, so, it's just more than most people believe. >> shepard: hopefully we don't find out. jonathan hunt, thank you. three different states, three different outcomes and now the fight for the g.o.p. presidential nomination is heading straight to florida. just like parents, we all end up in florida. why things could be different for voters in the sunshine state. the supreme court issuing a unanimous ruling, police ousted gps to track suspected criminals. a blow to big brother, but is it the right thing? that's ahead. [ male announce] don't have the hops for hoops with your buddies? lost your appetite for romance? and your mood is on its way down.
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>> what happens next week in florida may go a long way in determining who will face president obama in the general election. but it's different than what candidates saw in south carolina. medicare, social security, immigration topping the list in the sunshine state. keith harrigan is live in the south florida news room. give us a pictures of the the political landscape in the state where north is like south and south is like north? >> that's right, shepard, the north is conservative and south is liberal and the center is a swing area of the swing state. florida is going to be a the lot different than anything we've seen for several reasons. first, the most obvious one it's a lot bigger, double the population of the three previous states combined and a lot more expensive to operate here, already, mitt romney and allies have spent 7 million dollars on television advising alone and it's the first
7:52 pm
primary state, too, to have a large hispanic population and about 11% will be hispanic voters and finally a big senior block as well up to 40% and they're voting early. already 250,000 votes have been locked in florida and by the time of the primary itself. january 31st, as many as 40% of the votes will already be in, shepard. >> and there's that i-4 corridor from tampa through orlando and over to daytona beach and that usually tells the story in florida. >> exactly, the battle ground votes nationally and in the state as well, because for republicans, about 45% of the regular starred vote,live along that i-4 corridor, and it's really going to be an economy, it's going to be the major issue in a state where half of the mortgage properties are underwater, but we've spent time with a judge who on a bad week said he handles 300 foreclosure case
7:53 pm
as week and that's no easy job. >> because of the economy and because of the collapse of the housing market, they're caught with very few options, to save their houses and it's not. it's not anything, it's not a part of my job that i enjoy doing. >> and judge told us when people do come to court whose houses are being foreclosed, who understand or quite the process, they usually don't have legal representation and little he can do for them. >> shepard: steve harrigan along biscayne bay. thanks so much. a major privacy rights says and ruled that police need a warrant to search tracking vehicles. the case centered on a suspected cocaine dealer in washington d.c., attached a gps tracker to the man's s.u.v. they did not have a warrant, according to his every move for a month, but in a unanimous decision, unanimous now, the justices sided with the lower court ruling that threw out the gps evidence and
7:54 pm
the ruling indicates that police violated the suspect's fourth amendment protection against illegal searches however, the decision applies only to using gps to track vehicles, not to track wireless devices, like cell phones. we're following two major political stories developing right now ahead of tonight's g.o.p. presidential debate. one. the release of mitt romney's 2010 tax return and two, the release of a contract between newt gingrich's former company and the mortgage giant freddie mac. that's just happened and we'll have more details next and the marriage of heidi klum and music superstar seal, hit a major rough patch. details ahead. the droid razr by motorola.
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7:58 pm
as a wedding gift and a source apparently tells that newspaper that the dad is hoping a judge will make it happen in times for her valentine's day wedding. meantime, one of her ex's is out of a hospital in sydney. kevin feederline higher heart rate and while taping a show, excess baggage. heidi klum and seal confirm they're separating. and starbucks announcing it will sell wine and beer at more stores nationwide and number three, the illinois republican senator mark kirk suffered a stroke and doctors say he's already starting to recover and number two, mitt romney vowing to return his 2010 tax returns. and newt gingrich releasing a 2006 contract between his former company and the mortgage giant freddie mac.
7:59 pm
and the former house speaker has come under fire for raking in more than 1.6 million bucks for his firm in consulting fees from freddie mac and that's the fox report's top five. in 1960, the u.s. submarine the deepest ever die when the two man crew descended to mariona trench. they purchased the sub from a scientist, but travelling seven miles to the deepest part of the ocean was far from easy. at 9,000 feet one of the windows cracked, but it was cold. for five hours they continue the trip to the inky darkness when they reached the sea floor they celebrated by eating candy bars and surprised to see fish swimming around. to this day no manned sub has ever returned, but the u.s. military hit rock bottom. 52 years ago today. and


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