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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  January 24, 2012 4:00am-5:00am EST

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try to get through when they are 10? okay. thanks, app, bill, jesse,seu sean -- anne, bill, jesse. icket moves farther south after a massive gingrich win in south carolina shakes up this race. this is "special report." ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> bret: good evening. i'm bret baier. electoral tide a week ago that seemed to be carrying mitt romney to the presidential nomination shifted to newt gingrich as the candidates turn their attention from south carolina to florida. the next primary battleground. chief political correspondent carl cameron begins our coverage in panel the. >> reporter: buoyed by the south carolina victory over mitt romney, newt gingrich rallied a sparse crowd in
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tampa and urged conservatives to unite around the candidacy and reject tort of romney attacks. >> we moved from romney is pious to romney is -- [ inaudible ] >> reporter: since the south carolina win, russell poll on sunday shows gingrich leading romney 41 to to 32. rick santorum 11. ron paul 8%. when asked who will win the nomination romney blows away gingrich 52 to 35%. real clear politics average of polls shows it closer between gingrich and romney but most surveys were taken before the speaker south carolina triumph. after weeks of defensive hedging, romney will release the 2010 tax returns and 2011 estimate on tuesday. in five straight appearances since the south carolina loss, romney assails gingrich as erratic, unreliable and unethical former speaker of the house to washington influence peddleer. >> make sure we understand what is in the work product he was providing to freddie mac. >> at the end of four years it
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was proven he was a field leader and he had to resign in degrace. >> florida families lost everything the housing crisis, newt gingrich cashed in. >> reporter: rick santorum first in iowa but distant third in south carolina is under pressure to drop out and help gingrich beat romney but has no intention of it knowing full well either could implode. >> what gives you the impression that the other two candidates out there -- as the we're weak and what gives you the impression they can win more than i do. >> he may focus on caucus states. >> it's a long battle in what is a contest for delegates. only 2% has been decided in a race no candidate with clinch from late april at the earliest. gingrich cast romney panic after the palmetto state. >> if you have been
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campaigning for six years and you see it slip away, you get desperate. when you get desperate you say anything. >> already the gingrich and romney battle since south carolina has intensified in florida. primary is a week from tomorrow. they debate in tampa at the university of south florida and another debate on thursday. >> bret: in the land of the early verd special, tens of thousands voted in what could be election. >> they tell us what else makes the primary important. >> florida has a number of factors to make it different than earlier primary states. florida is bigger. it's 19 million people, twice the population of iowa, new hampshire and south carolina.
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>> they have already spent $7 million in the ten media markets. it's the first primary with large hispanic population. citizens who can still be turned off by tough talk on immigration. the latinos have the same issue as everybody else. economy, job, family, education is important. if way the candidate talks about immigration can get in the way of hearing the other things. >> the unemployment rate in florida is 9.8% and higher than the national average for four years. in one week alone, judge
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dickey processed 300 final judgment on home foreclosures. many homeowners had no legal representation. >> the collapse of the housing market, they are caught with very few options to save the houses. it's not part of my job i enjoy doing. campaign battle is likely to be fought along the i-4 corridor in central florida where half the state republicans live. a lot of seniors are voting early. 250,000 votes in florida have been recorded and it's expected that 40% of the total vote in florida will be made before the primary itself. >> the attorney general notified the justice department of potential voter fraud. analysis from department of motor vehicles have 953 ballo
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ballots in south carolina for voters. it's not reveal which had elections are affected. let's get thoughts from brit hume. >> if the south carolina republican results prove anything, sentiments that awaken the tea party movement are still alive. this could be good for the g.o.p. south carolina demonstrated something else as well. that the political atmosphere is different in states with higher unemployment. florida has high unemployment rate. on paper you think it's good for mitt romney with the business background and claim ability to pick economy. but newt gingrich's angry responses to debate questions from the news media helped him carry south carolina easily.
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he may give them more of this in florida and audiences may cheer again but they will be cheering for a man as speaker of the house became the unpopular national politician in the country. whose favorability rating with the general public today are the worst of any candidate in the g.o.p. field, far worse than ron paul. the worry for republicans it could give way to cheer for voters at large. it goes like this. "four more years." >> bret: should point out this is your analysis and commentary on that line. a note from the obama campaig campaign. in there, no mention of newt gingrich. detailed lay-out of romney. romney >> outright attack on mitt romney alleged weaknesses. not a word about newt gingrich. what does it tell you?
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they are attacking newt gingrich. the question answers itself. >> what do i tell the viewers who e-mail in and say brit hume is in the tach for mitt romney? >> i call it as i see it. only one person the other night that said newt gingrich had a whopping victory. it was i. >> bret: thank you. arizona state legislature is investigating the gun smuggling probe known as operation fast and furious. they will try to determine if a state law was broken or they were coerced to helping. >> it's wrong. we will investigate it. >> mark kirk underwent surgery this morning to relieve swelling around his brain.
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after suffering a stroke. he checked in the hospital saturday. his surgeon said he is doing well but it's too soon to predict when he can return to the senate. >> gabrielle giffords met with other survivors from the last year shooting and gave a hug to intern hernandez credited with saving her life. giffords announced she is resigning from office to focus on her health. predict what the president will say in the "state of the union" address. up next will the address be j nhñ xç@÷ 0@h@
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>> bret: president obama is preparing to deliver his "state of the union" address tuesday night. chief white house correspondent ed herniary takes a look tonight at whether the president will speak as commanderrer in chief
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or campaigner in chief. >> bret: "state of the union" is usually focused on governing. it was the campaign, not the white house that e-mailed out a preview that sounds similar to how he is framing the election. >> that is rebuilding an economy, and hard work pays off. ref responsibility is rewar rewarding. >> they said it was also distributed by the political arm and insisted that mr. obama has a story to tell. >> there are mixed signals if voters feel better now compared to the last tourn. last january, public were expressing salt faction how things were going. that is now back up to 34%. still, today, 65% of americans
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are not satisfied. up four points from a year ago. >> mr. speaker, the president of the united states. >> while the president is not expected to single out individual republican candidates, vice president biden is not holding back, suggesting that the personal issues are fair game. though the adviser said otherwise. >> i think newt gingrich as we all are, will be judged by the voters and primary and who he is. that includes everything. why democrats jumped on romney in october by telling a las vegas newspaper that officials have to let the foreclosure crisis run its course, he agreed with the caveat. >> what they don't understand is there are tens of thousan thousands, hundreds of thousands of people through not fault of their own are in this spot.
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the government has responseability to give it up. the white house faced criticism about not doing enough to deal with foreclosure, something that the president is likely to hear about wednesday. when he visits nevada. >> bret: stocks were mixed today. a federal court here in washington is hearing testimony today on whether the man who shot president ronald reagan should be allowed to make extensive visit to his mother's home. john hinckley's mental illness have been remission for years, doctors say. lawyers for the government say his request for freedom is premature. correspondent shannon bream reports from the washington mall. >> cold temperatures and pou pouring rain didn't dissuade
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pro-life advocates who came for the annual pro-life watch in washington, in response to anniversary of roe versus wade. >> we are heeding the voice of the people. overwhelmingly opposed taxpayer funding of abortion. >> reporter: boehner said being pro-life isn't political position. though it's clear many marchers see it as a key election issue. >> we'll hear talk about getting ready for the electio election. >> tens of thousands showed up today and it was made up of young people. graduate students who who say they want to make sure the voices are heard in the debat debate. >> i am a survivor. thank goodness she didn't. i'm here today. >> a number of the margers expressed corn certain over
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the federal regulation to give hospitals and colleges until 2013 to comply with a requirement that the insurance plan. they are chipping away at roe to back the measure of state level. according to americans for life, more than 70 of them passed. pro-choice leaders say the americans who value freedom should be alarmed by the numbers. >> we ignore ignored the publics call to focus on media changes and the economy and instead launch an all-out war on women. >> the fight will continue. in washington, fox news. >> bret: supreme court
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justices rule police must get a search warrant before using the gps technology to track the trillion suspects. today, the court said it would not hear argument arguments froa group that wants elena kagan disqualified from deciding the constitutionality of president obama healthcare law. still ahead. inside the white house. re-election play book. first, the u.s. gets major support for turning the screws on iran.
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>> bret: in world headlines a russian newspaper said moscow agreed to sell 40 fighter jet training aircraft to syria. the planes can be used for air to ground attacks and for training pilots on more advanced fighters ordered from russia five years ago.
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tensions between iran and the west ratcheted up today. jennifer griffin has details from the pentagon. >> it was a major move designed to push iran back to the negotiating table. the european union banned the import one day after the british and french warships followed aircraft carrier through the strait of hormuz. abraham lincoln was the first aircraft carrier to fight through the vital waterway since they planned to prevent any carriers after obama signed sanction against iran in december. they moved through waterway without incident as an iranian airplane moved overhead. the u.s. has two aircraft carriers deployed to the northern iarabian sea and persian gulf. after the uss lincoln passed through the state and the e.u.
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announced the embargo from brussels today, iranian lawmakers threatped to close the strait of hormuz. such threats have proven empty until now but the iran currency lost 15% of the value today. the european union is the second biggest customer of iranian crude after china. >> absolutely right to do this in light of the breach of the resolution and refusal to come to meaningful negotiation on the program. >> it's the first actual oil embargo on iran apart from the united states own embargo that dates back 20 years or more. >> according to the embargo, existing oil contract with iran is honored until july 1. benjamin netanyahu welcomed the european move as did president obama. the white house announced new sanctions targeting iran third largest bank today. bret? >> bret: live at the pentagon. thank you. at least two people were killed and dozens injured. more than 100 injured in an
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outbreak of violent weather early today in the south. several homes sustained damage around arkansas. an area near birmingham, alabama, devastated by a deadly tornado last spring was hit. senator versus the tsa came to a head today at an airport. and what cliche will president obama use first in the "state of the union" address? grp@?ñm ñoy÷h>óñc>ó
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>> bret: fresh pickingings from the political grapevine. kentucky republican senator rand paul says he was detained by t.s.a. agents after he refused a full body patdown at the nashville, tennessee, airport this morning. paul's office contends he went through a full body scanner when an anomaly was found on his leg. senator offered to go through the machine again but was told only a full body patdown would suffice. he refused and said he was detained and missed his flight back to washington. t.s.a. denies detaining paul and said he was allowed to board another flight after a different screening. last summer paul had a heated exchange with the t.s.a. director over invasive patdowns with children. he will go "on the record" with greta van susteren tonight. updating a story, georgia state judge denied a motion by obama administration to squash a subpoena requiring the president to attend a hearing thursday over his citizenship
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and eligibility to be on the state's march primary ballot. president obama's defense team argues the subpoena requires him to interrupt his duties as president. however, judge michael molahey says that, ament fails to provide any legal authority. in response, obama campaign official said this. "the claims have no merit and any attempts to compel the president personal involvement will fail." finally ireland largest bookmaking operation is putting odds on which cliches president obama will incorporate in tomorrow's "state of the union" address. "we have more work to do" has the best odds of being the first cliche used at 8-1. next is "healthcare reform." and "as i stand here today" at 10-1. pulling up the rear, 250-1, "life is like a becomes of chocolates.. 'the washington times" compares it to a drinking game
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for political geeks. top story at the bottom of the hour, mitt romney is increasing attacks on newt gingrich following the former house speaker vectorry in the south carolina primary. they've split the last two nominating contest. what about the guy who won the first one? chief national correspondent jim angle checks in on rick santorum. >> beand they drama of the romney-gingrich fight, rick santorum is plugging away saying that poll show him as the most conservative candidate. >> according to the national poll he has unfavorable rating that is 30 to 40% negative. mine is like five. >> reporter: in south carolina, question of electability was a key factor and voters said it weighed heavily in the choice of gingrich. santorum finished third, 17%. behind gingrich at 40 and romney at 28. santorum criticized both of them over changes of position of key issues which he argues will shift focus in the poll
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to their inconsistency, instead of the main target. >> we want to make the race about one thing. about barack obama and his record. that is what this race has be about. >> political strategist agree that santorum is still a player and looking beyond florida. >> i would watch santorum closely, though. i think santorum comes out of this in an interesting position. >> it's a vote that newt has. newt is newt. he will implode. >> in an interview with fox's mike huckabee santorum emphasized his victory in iowa and sought to minimize victories from the other two. >> romney won in his backyard, newt won in his backyard. in the fair playing field we won. >> he stayed away from statements made by a black minister in florida whose church santorum vited sunday. he says romney cannot win because he is mormon saying, "blacks are not going to vote for anyone of the mormon faith." dozeer said republicans will need at least 10% of the black vote to win the presidency.
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santorum says gingrich and romney are throwing heavy duty missiles at one another now. he appears to think he will benefit from that as they tear each other down and he keeps making the case. he is the conservative alternative. in washington, jim angle, fox news. >> bret: now we are going to drill down to look at how the general election may be fought. chief washington correspondent james rosen tells us about the strategy that is shaping up. >> we have not seen a choice this stark in years. >> the america paychecks, the america food stamps. >> they want a return to the same practice as the practice that got us in this mess. >> america of independence, the america of dependence. >> reporter: president obama has already begun framing this fall as a choice election. not a simple referendum on his own job performance. >> my opponent has no plan, no vision. >> in this, the obama campaign is following the playbook of president george w. bush. with the iraq war unpopular, mr. bush in 2004 argued the
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alternative to a second bush term, democratic nominee, john kerry was so dangerous, voters should put aside any misgivings about the president. >> eric schmidt spent eight years working for dick gephardt. >> it will be incumbent on the president to make clear there are two philosophies. the flip side has the president talk about what he has done to defend that and describe what the alternative course is. >> the question is not whether or not people are hurting. the debate we need to have in this election is where do we go from here? >> newt gingrich has a long way to go to win his party's nomination, but the victory speech in south carolina suggests he, too, has given thought to a choice election. >> the america, declaration of independence, america of sal alinsky. >> first, the former house speaker faces fears in the g.o.p. if he were to become the nominee he will also with the complicated personal past
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become the issue. and let obama off the hook. >> he would love for it to be against the opponent that 99% of america have a formed opinion about. then he gets to have it be a choice and not a ref rep dumb on him. >> tab choice election strategy carries risks for president obama. george w. bush after all, won re-election with the slimmest popular vote margin of any republican incumbent. in washington, james rosen, fox news. >> bret: we will discuss result of the south carolina primary and look ahead to florida and fireworks there when the fox
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the speaker needs to lay out what he has done at freddie mac and the full transcript of what was associated with the ethics probe and newt gingrich has been -- it's october surprise every day. >> i have been told by a variety of people that governor romney has been saying unkind things. but on the other hand, if you
4:38 am
have been campaigning for six years. and you begin to see it slip away, you get desperate. when you get desperate, you say anything. it used to be pious baloney and now it's just desperate baloney. >> bret: well, romney and gingrich going head to head in florida. the next contest on the 31st. we have look at the newest poll. one-day rasmussen poll on sunday. shows a big lead for newt gingrich in florida. 41% to 32%. if you look at the recent polls in florida, very tight. of course, this will likely change as more polls come out. after the big south carolina win for newt gingrich over the weekend. let's bring in the panel. steve hayes for "weekly standard." a.b. stoddard. charles krauthammer.
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a.b., the romney-gingrich fight, big debate tonight. interesting. >> well, it's interesting that romney wants to come out and thrash him so hard before the debate. i think that he will go after gingrich pretty strong tonight. we all anticipate that newt gingrich will have another strong debate performance. i don't know how much blood romney thinks he will draw. it's a week from tomorrow and he is running out of time. i was surprised how many thing he is tried to throw at gingrich. it looked desperate. use surrogates more and find one themee sticks with, one positive about himself and one negative about newt. he was all over the map with the criticism. i don't know if that helps him. >> bret: charles? >> i would agree. i'm surprised he did it all on his own. he is setting himself up for the debate tonight. when you think of how well gingrich did last, in the two last debates in south
4:40 am
carolina. in rebutting questions; particularly, in the last debate. he is good at rebuttal. romney has not shown himself to be that nimble. this could be another moment. south carolina hingeed not on debate result bus two moments that propelled gingrich over the top. if you look at the swing and the electorate in florida, it's amazing mood swings. two weeks ago romney was up by 20 and now looks he's down by ten. 30-point swing. if you get that out in a patient and you pull out the lithium. this is how much it focuses on the opponent. in the clip, we saw he has a grip way of spending off an attack and not address the substance but addressing the messenger and it works. it will be interesting
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tonight. >> bret: in 2008 race, steve, mitt romney had by all accounts trouble being the aggressor and going after john mccain. often times did not come out on the good side of the debate performances. arguably, he improved his debating ability. what about on the attack instead of defense? >> he still seems uncomfortable. in several instances in the recent debate he seems uncomfortable making the attack. sometimes he answered the criticism of him effectively. very good on foreign policy. this is a one-term governor of massachusetts. he has been fluent on foreign policy issues but he hasn't been able to deliver an attack and one that stings. the plan for tonight and the next eight days until they go to the polls in florida to challenge gingrich on two things. he trying to attack himself as
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the conservative to romney. and trying to show that gingrich is principled by the attack and others. he will challenge that newt gingrich is conservative. you will see focus on what he has done since 1994 when he read the conservative revolution. and today in a focus on what he did in the time he left congress. not conservative. >> bret: let's talk about what he did in south carolina. the turn-out, 602,000 was up. 150,000 from 2008. to an anger inside the g.o.p. primary voters that said we're not going take it anymore. >> for sure. we talked at the end of last week at south carolina picking a winner. they pick someone who won the first two contest. not someone who did poorly in
4:43 am
both. these voters said we want to fight. he won as you said across the board. forget it. everybody. lost only three counties. obviously creating momentum for him going to florida. we have to return to the caveat that florida is winner take all. important for all of them. >> there is 230,000 people that already voted, absentee or early voting. most of those happen before the win in south carolina. >> right. but we have to talk about the long haul. by the end of february, we are
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not looking at 20% of the delegate. that is the hope of the romney campaign. enough time for gingrich to implode again. it doesn't peep he is ahead of three delegates he will wrap up the nomination. >> bret: has gingrich tapped in to the feeling from the washington insider to the washington outsider tapping in to anger? >> the john king question is where he tapped in the motion. this is where he stands on the issue, missing the point. >> it's not the gender or ideology or religion. it was those deciding late and reacting to what happened in the debate went 2 to 1 for gingrich. it wasn't a moment. it was the emotion. capturing it.
4:45 am
i think what gingrich has done is seize that. that i think transcends the parsing of ideology and all of this. unless romney finds a way to counter that, i'm not sure he can. he is up against a lot. one point on the early, on those who voted early. the math on that is one in seven who already have with romney in the lead at 11%. he has a 1.5-point lead. if everyone is not reacting to south carolina that is all he gets. gingrich is up by two. now he's up by nine. >> bret: last word here. >> in the commentators heard talk about the win in the last three day its didn't get enough credit to newt gingric gingrich. he had good debate moments and
4:46 am
that's true. but same time, this guy is making the argument for quite some time. they made in a friendly state. a state that is friendlier than florida. he is saying, it's more than a couple moments of the debate. it's more than just channeling the anti-establishment fervor against washington. he made sustained argument. he made a good argument and good defense of conservative. >> he made the same argument in iowa and new hampshire. he was crushed. it wasn't the argument in south carolina. this is a controlled experiment. he had a moment in the debate and that made the difference. >> bret: there are two other candidates and we will talk about them in the second part here, panel. the indiana senate voted to approve the right to work bill in the state of indiana that
4:47 am
prompted boycott by democrat. we covered that last week. next up, more on the 2012 race. underdogs. [ male announcer ] let's level the playing field. take the privileged investing tools of wall street and make them simple, intuitive, and available to all. distill all that data. make information instinctual, visual. introducing trade architect, td ameritrade's empowering web-based trading platform. take control of your portfolio today. trade commission-free for 60 days, and we'll throw in up $600 when you open an account.
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look at the candidate who has the best chance of making that case in the american public, the best chance to provide view the clear contrast. i'm the best person to do that. >> there have been three elections and a total of 37 delegates have been chose son far. less than 2%, like 1.5%. this is the beginning of a long hard trial. >> congressman ron paul and
4:51 am
rick santorum fighting on in florida and beyond. congressman paul finished second in new hampshire, in south carolina, third and fourth. now what happens with florida? back with the panel and start with senator santorum. >> his calculation is the wild election. a wild swing. there is no reason he can't hang around as long as he finishs third in state after state. it's possible that as we have seen one candidate after another who is way ahead, could implode. it could be gingrich or romne romney. romney we expect will be there all the way because of the resources. who knows. if he collapses he could have historic collapse. if you are santorum you can position yourself as anti-romney or anti-gingrich.
4:52 am
if you look at pawlenty, had he stayed around, hung around like as he might have in another year, he could be viable ol terntive to either of the front runners. santorum will stay in the race without any logic to it. unless he runs to out of money. >> bret: that helps mitt romney in one sense. you have another attacker in the debate. gingrich who would be leading the poll would be under attack from all sides. >> it brings more attack to gingrich. it divides the vote. rick santorum dropped out before florida vote would go to gingrich. ron bad news for mitt romney is in florida, ron paul won't
4:53 am
contest it. he will be telling us, the delegates are looking to nevada and colorado amend minnesota. other places and maine. he says in his he is looking to hang in until the end. it's a battle for delegates. he doesn't need the flash of winning florida. he is not the nominee. it does help romney on the debate stage. take votes from gingrich. that is not the case. >> on santorum a greater been if it to romney he is splitting the vote. not much more in the debate. they aren't going to be as many debate. not with the same frequency. they have done so effectively. the fact he is staying in and
4:54 am
presenting himself as the real conservative alternative to romney. newt is not that con seventive. look at the things he has done. he is not really conservative. santorum calls himself consistent conservative alternative. >> bret: have you heard in gingrich's speeches a try, an effort to coopt some of ron paul's language about concern of the federal reserve, hard money and things showing up in newt gingrich speeches? >> i think you can argue that newt gingrich's speech you have heard a little bit of everything. he doesn't have a stump speech. kind of what he comes to mind. he has tried to show he is open to the ideas. animate the supporters. not because he thinks that ron paul is dropping out. what is a convention fight. he wants to be on ron paul's
4:55 am
good side. >> that is the strategy that paul has. the reason he goes to a caucus state, caucus is measure of intensity. a measure of other things. he spoke openly about this. after the new hampshire vote on election night, he spoke that he is building a mov movement. if he ends up in tampa with a substantial number of delegates he will make a stand. he will give philosophy clearly gaining adherence. that is a place he will launch a movement to live after him. >> quickly, if santorum feigns a distant third, will pressure build for him to step aside? >> i don't know. as long as he can pay the bill he will stay in for a while.
4:56 am
a lot of people are encouraging santorum to stay in. a lot of people in up to want brokered cop vention. republicans are not happy with romney or gingrich. that helps santorum stay in. >> that's it for panel. stay tuned for a quick flash back to glory days for some of the g.o.p. we know a place where tossing and turning have given way to sleeping. where sleepless nights yield to restful sleep. and lunesta can help you get there, like it has for so many people before. when taking lunesta, don't drive or operate machinery until you feel fully awake. walking, eating, driving, or engaging in other activities while asleep, without remembering it the next day, have been reported. abnormal behaviors may include aggressiveness, agitation, hallucinations or confusion. in depressed patients, worsening of depression, including risk of suicide, may occur. alcohol may increase these risks. allergic reactions, such as tongue or throat swelling, occur rarely and may be fatal. side effects may include unpleasant taste, headache,
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dizziness and morning drowsiness. ask your doctor if lunesta is right for you. then get lunesta for $0 at there's a land of restful sleep. we can help you go there on the wings of lunesta.
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>> finally, tonight. campaigns are too long, and the candidate's fashion, style or what they eat or even pictures. >> now for a look what's trending today. g.o.p. presidential candidate is making the rounds on the internet and now, other presidential candidates photos have surfaced. yearbook photos of mitt romney, newt gingrich and ron pa paul. >> shepard:. >> that was from the tonight show, and not us.
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