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tv   FOX Report  FOX News  January 29, 2012 7:00pm-8:00pm EST

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sunday next week. >> brand new numbers just came to fox. on the early voting picture in florida. and if they are any indication, republican voters there are very motivated. we are live at fox reports tonight. >> four men in the same fight to become the republican presidential nominee. and now the political punches flying in florida with two of them aiming at each other. >> and he has a basic policy of carpet bombing his opponent. he doesn't try to build up mitt romney, he just are tries to teardown whoever he is running against. >> the reason the speaker is having a hard time in florida is the people in florida have watch the debates, have listened to the speaker, and have listened to the other candidates and said, you know what, mitt romney is the person we going to
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support. >> in a moment, our team of journalists live in the sunshine state. and also they came in waves. collisions on both sides ever a major highway. many drivers with no chance to stop before it was too late. fox report. finger pointing now to the likely cause for multiple deaths on this interstate. and a guardian angel standing by. when these two took a wrong turn into what would have been a wattry grave. >> i said i don't know where i am. and then i saw the light. >> fox news is america's election headquarters, and here we go. >> people in florida being heard loud and clear already. as we are learning they have now cast more than 500,000 votes, when you add up both with early and absentee ballots. a half million votes and the republican primary there is tuesday. former house speaker newt gingrich and former massachusetts governor mitt romney covering as much ground as they can there in less than 48 hours to go.
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romney at several rallies today. gingrich making the rounds on the sunday talk shows after picking up an endorsement from herman cain. and dole called gingrich a one man band, who has ideas, quote, are off the wall, end quote. and as you know dole ran for president back in 1996 and lost to bill clinton. fox news chris wallace asking gingrich about dole's comments. >> we tried a moderate in 1996, and he couldn't debate bill clinton effectively and he lost. we tried a moderate in 2008. he couldn't debate barack obama effective and we lost. i think if we nominate a moderate today, the gap between romneycare and obamacare is about that big and it will be hard for him to defend himself. >> taking a few jabs at gingrich and then shifting focus, mostly criticizing president obama. >> on my day one i will repeel
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obamacare and get back to free people making free choices for their own healthcare. >> chief political correspondent karl cameron joins us by phone from kampa tonight. the polls now showing at this hour mitt romney with a sizable advantage just two days out. what did he have to say today? >> well, it's a sizable advantage, indeed double digits in the latest policy and double digits in the most recent follows. and romney is playing like a frontrunner coast to go victory. he's been working it awfully hard, trying to make sure all his voters are ready to get to the policy on tuesday. on the sump, and shaking hands, he's been counterattacking newt gingrich's assaults on his character, his record, and hiss trust worthiness, having been in gingrich's words a massachusetts moderate. there's been debate audiences and they talk about the campaign attacks. today romney called gingrich out on it. listen. >> so mr. speaker, your trouble
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in florida is not because the audience is too quiet or too loud or because you have opponents that are tough, your problem in florida is that you worked for freddie mac at a time freddie mac was not doing the right thing for the american people, and that you were selling influence in washington at a time we needed people to stand up for the truth in washington. >> there's no disputing that romney is vastly outspending newt gingrich. when you combine the romney's campaigns own ads with the pro romney super pac, it's over $17 million worth of commercials. whereas newt gingrich's campaign and the super pac that backed him as spent just a little bit over five. harris. >> karl, you again are joining us by phone, criss-crossing the state and keeping up with the candidates. gingrich is going on the attack but is it enough to pull off an upset. >> it will be tough. the gingrich campaign, and the speaker himself has said no matter what happens to florida they will continue to campaign. he suggested he will be around for weeks or months, even going all the way to the convention.
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and he has been hitting mitt romney from every conceivable angle today. here's just a campbell. >> i have had a long record as a very hard-hitting reagan conservative. and the idea that that record would be deliberately falsified by a massachusetts moderate using money from wall street from the very companies who have been getting money from the federal government is really about as big an outrage as i have had in my career. i look forward to the next couple weeks. this debate is going to go on. >> and gingrich is casting himself as theanti establishment outsider, not with be standing his lifetime career in d.c., with a pop lift message that has even put him adopts with the likes of john dole and mccain. and others in the past as he sets himself up as the candidate best to take down mitt romney and ultimately barack obama, as well. >> karl cameron, we will let you get back out on the trail there.
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thank you for joining us by phone. former pennsylvania senator rick santorum staying in his home state tonight, cancelling his campaign trip to florida today. his three-year-old daughter, bell law, hospitalized with pneumonia and he's by her side. she has a genetic condition caused by the presence of all or part of the presence of an extra chrome sown. she was not expected to live past 12 months old. santorum hopes to return to the campaign schedule soon. two of his events in florida were not cancelled today. his 20-year-old daughter, elizabeth, taking his place. meanwhile, texas congressman ron paul left florida days ago to focus on main where caucuses will begin next weekend. in an earlier interview earlier today paul was asked if he thinks he can win maine. >> i really do. we did pretty well three years ago and we weren't nearly as well-organized. i don't know how many candidates really like to say i am going to be in first place. most of us don't do that. i guess some do, it but i don't
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think that's very healthy. but i really believe we will do quite well there and a very good chance of winning. >> ron paul says he has no intention of dropping out of the race and he has no plans to get behind any other candidate anytime soon. don't forget, about 48 hours from now fox news will be in the middle of its special coverage of the florida primary. catch it from the start at 6:00 p.m. eastern on tuesday. bret baier, megyn kelly and our entire political team on the job. now to growing tensions over iran's unusual leer program a group of international experts on the ground right now in iran. they are there to investigate concerns that that country may be working on developing a nuclear weapon. iranian officials have strongly denied they are trying to build nucs. they insist their research is for medical reasons and. the european union threatening to impose an oil embargo if iran
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does not cooperate and the other other -- unite the nations have tried this before with little success. in a surprise move a top iranian official said he's, quote, optimistic put outcome of their inspectors there for a three-day visit. iran's president recently agreeing to return to the negotiating table. that was shortly after the european union made their embargo threat. steven is live from washington. steve. >> try to figure all this out. the iranian foreign minister saying he's optimistic about the visit but the parliament seem to be threatening the u.n. inspectors or else. and the president said he's open for talks but at the same time threatening to block oil shipments. this is the confusing back talk to a visit that began today by the chief inspector of the atomic international agency and five other experts. they are in iran to check out the status of iran's nuclear program. is it only for peaceful purposes
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or could it also be used to build nuclear weapons. the iaea said in november there's reason to believe in the nuclear weapons scenario and wants clarification. >> we were told that iran will engage with us on the -- our concerns regarding the possible military program. so we are look forward to a start of a dialogue. >> the inspection comes one week after the european union threatened to stop bing iranian oil. just the latest in a tightening web of international sanctions against eye ran. experts say iran will try to control what these inspectors see on his visit but that the team might still uncover useful evidence. meantime a key u.s. lawmaker said the u.n. inspections simply allow iran to continue stalling. >> when you bring the iaea in will you say we are going to start talks, that's just buying iran time. we should be very, very cautious about taking our foot off the gas anytime soon.
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they could end this tomorrow by just stopping their nuclear weapon program. >> iran, meantime, is currently under four different sets of u.n. sanctions. harris. >> thank you. now let's go to israel. a country closely monitoring iran's nuclear activity. an unmanned drone has crashed in israel and officials there are saying the drone, roughly the size of a 737 jumbo jet had the ability to reach iran. it went down during a test flight in central israel about 25 miles outside jerusalem. no one hurt. the may recall iran got its hands on a us drone last month. they said it run reconnaissance missions to iran for years. we are hearing new comments from transportation secretary. we are reporting egypt is holding his son. the secretary said he's been in cup with his son, sam, and he's doing okay. sam is an no exit list in egypt, along with other americans.
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there's concern he could soon be arrested. a reporter asking secretary law hood earlier about an ordeal during an event in michigan. >> my only concern is my son is safe and we are working through the state department and the extra security team is working very hard so he can leave. >> his son, sam lahood learned he was on the no fly list when he tried to leave cairo a week ago. he was working for a group that monitors election necessary egypt. >> it's illegal for most of us to profit with inside information in the stock market but not lawmakers. and this was breaking news earlier on sunday. police finding the bodies of five people inside a home. they went there after a call said a robbery was in progress. the latest on what they are learning. >> and the occupiers taking on the city of oakland. you watched it as it was happening on the fox report last
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night. it turned violent. just how bad did it get? we have new details. you are watching the most powerful name in news, fox news network.
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? a quiet suburban neighborhood in suburban alabama rocked after police went to a home to respond to a possible robbery. once inside they found a death scene. five victims. we can't tell you how they died because police are not telling us yet. neighbors say a woman lived there with her son and brothers and described them as polite and quiet people. now on that quiet street a homicide investigation underway. at least threw 300 people arrested after chaos broke out yesterday on the streets of oakland, california. we are told members of the occupy movement was trying to take over a building. it was breaking news at the start of the fox report last night. now police saying they responded with teargas.
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this new video coming in. the scene from what was happening yesterday as protesters clashed with riot police. it left at least three officers and one protester hurt. and this video just into fox news of the damage at oakland city hall. officials saying about 50 protestors broke in and smashed glass, spray painted graffiti and burned flags. >> what justifies a historic, beloved building that's a symbol of oakland's resilience and history. nothing? i think nothing does and people are getting really angry. >> occupy oakland's media committee, yes, they have a media committee, releasing a statement calling yesterday's arrest illegal. they claim police did not give protestors time to disburse before moving in to make mass arrests. insider trading.
7:17 pm
act of profiting in the stock market because of private information. it's already illegal for most americans. and tomorrow congress will take the very first step in trying to add lawmakers to the list of those who cannot use the inside info to make money on wall street. the cincinnati -- the senate will take a test on the act. taliban lawmakers from owning stock in any company that could be aided by their legslation. peter doocy is looking into it from washington. >> ahead of tomorrow's senate vote on the stop trading on congressional knowledge act, one of his co-sponsors, republican senator scott brown said he thinks it will set a regulate laytive speed record because it was only introduced on november 15th and the senate will be voting on it january 30th. the president also plugged it in the his state of the union address on tuesday. >> send me a bill that bans insider trading by members of congress. i will sign it tomorrow! let's limit any elected official
7:18 pm
from owning stocks in describes they impact. >> after hearing that, senator brown marched right up to the president and told him the president was already on senate majority leader's harry read's desk ready and waiting. >> it is on his desk now. >> i'm going to tell him. >> it's) ready to go. >> i'm going to tell him to get it done. >> and it's going to get done tomorrow. senator brown also says i hope the senate passes the stock act and sends a unified message to the american people that congress is not above the law. and will be held accountable. his counterpart and co-author, she was more specific on thursday about she wants the stock act to stop. >> i'm pleased that the final product passed with bipartisan support in the committee is a strong bill with teeth. >> monday's action in the 123459 where the stock act clearly as by part san support." mow date is set for a house version of the bill. harris. >> peter, thank you.
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a deadly highway pileup in florida. ten people dead there at least and we saw the death toll rise today as one of the people who survived passed on. we are getting a look at the scene of the disaster and a better idea what caused it. plus, superman, you can rescue me anytime, especially if my car ends up in the drink and i can't get out. the story of a sheriff's deputy who, well, just might be superman.
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>> you can hear the crunching sound of car after car hitting each other. that's how a horrible crash is being described in florida and the human toll heartbreaking. taking the lives of at least ten people. it happened along a stretch of interstate 75 near gainsville. we are told the visibility at the time was zero. there was a brush fire leaving drivers virtually blind. the crash closed down both sides of i-75 with wreckage spread out over an entire mile. joining us by phone from gainsville florida, florida highway patrol ltd. patrick. are you with us. >> i am. >> i understand when responders got there they could only hear screams because they couldn't see anything through the haze. >> i wasn't there initially, but it was definitely -- the conditions were very murky. the fog, there was a fixture of fog and smoke from that marsh fire that made visibility bad,
7:24 pm
real bad. >> you know, we wanted to talk to you tonight because as you look at these pictures, you see cars underneath trucks. how many vehicles were involved? do you have any idea yet? >> well, what we know at this point that there was at least twelve passenger vehicles involved and there was six or seven commercial vehicles involved. they were both north and southbound. >> all right. ltd. riordan, i think we are having some audio difficulties with you tonight but we appreciate you coming in to talk about the accident where so many lives were taken along interstate 75. thank you. an amazing water rescue captured on video. a sheriff's deputy jumped into a lake after two women drove their car down a boat ramp. it happened near the dallas metro. see the officer running toward the car. the deputy said first he saw the
7:25 pm
brake lights and then two people in the back seat pounding on the back window for help. a few minutes later that officer emerging from the partially submerged car with the two women under their arms. >> they are screaming me help me telling me at the same time i can't swim. the second one came out and lands on top of my head and i go under for a second. when i turn around i see the other one going under water so i was able to grab her and grab one like this and was able to walk out. >> how do you end up driving down a boat ramp anyway? one of the women admits she was talking on the phone, talking to her dad, and didn't realize she'd driven right down a boat ramp. she said when she first called 11 for help she had no idea where she was. >> the water was up to my neck. and then i said to them, oh, i can't voice any more. and they said where are you?
7:26 pm
and i said i don't know where i am. and then i saw the light, and i was so happy. and i saw him -- he saved my life. >> you bet he saved your life. the local sheriff calling it incredible one of his deputy just happened to be near the car and could see it in the water. if he hadn't been there, the women likely would have drowned. he ought to get a christmas gift every year from now on from those women. i'm just saying. well, we are going back to florida. campaign karl is following the candidates in the sunshine state. he is going to open up his reporter's notebook to give us some deeper details about how tuesday's primary is shaping up. and the italian cruise ship in the water off the coast for two weeks now on its side. they really want to move it. wait until you hear how long that is going to take. the details next. [ male announcer ] in 1894, a small-town pharmacist
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>> this is the fox report. it's the bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news. we are now fewer than 48 hours away from the republican prime in the sunshine state. former massachusetts governor mitt romney making several campaign stops today," dividing his attacks between former house speaker newt gingrich and president obama. gingrich making an appearance on fox news sunday before heading out to several rallies of his
7:31 pm
own. chief political correspondent is live for us in tampa. rick santorum has put his campaign on hold we've reported because his little girl is ill. what more do we know? >> ice three-year-old daughter, bella as a genetic condition and it requires him to attend to her. she has pneumonia but is on a ventilator and is doing better. all the candidates offered up their prayers and well wishes for little bella and the santorum family. mr. santorum has not said when he's going to return to the campaign trail but he does intend to continue to campaign obviously. earlier in the afternoon he was hoping to get back on the trail tomorrow. there was a tea party teleconference going on that they will all take part in, but other than that he's taking care ever bella, the three-year-old, we hope getting better on the
7:32 pm
ventilator from pneumonia. >> absolutely we do. i put out on my fox facebook page we were going to be opening up the questions and this was a popular question, last night herman cain threw his support behind newt gingrich. how much of a difference could a mccain endorsement make in florida? >> it's -- could a cain endorsement be in floor. >> it's hard to figure out. newt gingrich has a tough hill to climb with the policy opening tuesday morning. we can't forget that herman cain won a very influential and important straw poll in orlando in september. it was called the republican party of florida's presidency five gala. there was a big debate and cain won that straw poll and it was really kind of the apex of his surge in the policy. he got buffer getted with criticism because of allegations of sexual harassment and affairs, which he denied, but
7:33 pm
when he dropped out of the race he was down to low single digits. while he can certainly happy newt gingrich by rallying tea partyers, it's not as if he has an existing infrastructure beyond that. newt gingrich needs all the help he can get. herman cain will provide buzz with it. but gingrich is now already saying things like he's looking forward to campaigning in other states. once we get out of florida, by the way, the gingrich folks believe the next battleground will be in minnesota. some of newt gingrich's attacks on mitt romney have perhaps not been as impact full as they were in south carolina. for instance, in south carolina it's well-documented from the exit polls and the polls themselves that the attack on mitt romney's days in private equity and at bain capital were very potent in south carolina. here in florida there are some policy that suggest as many as 75% of republican voters weren't particularly moved by those criticisms. so endorsements and herman
7:34 pm
cain's support, the attacks back and forth on character, et cetera, it will be a frenzied final day on the campaign trail and tuesday as the candidates make their final push for involvements but in the end, newt gingrich, rick santorum and ron paul have all said they are going to continue to campaign. romney would love a knockout put away punch and he's been ramping up his own rhetoric trying to ramp up the score against gingrich. the beauty of the election is, we have to wait to see what happens. >> i remember former minnesota candidate tim pawlenty, that's his stomping grounds. he has supported mitt romney. itit will be interesting from here. but all eyes on you, karl, and florida on tuesday. >> thank you. >> it was a tragedy place said didn't have to happen. three people including an 18-month-old baby are dead after
7:35 pm
a s.u.v. collided with a light rail train in sacramento, florida. the train was going 55 miles per hour. the force of impact scent that s.u.v. flying some 30 yards before it landed upside down. two adults and that baby died after a woman suffered serious injuries, as well. six people on board the train also hurt >> divers looking for any more sr. drivers or remains in the cruise ship disaster off italy's coast. they suspended their work for today, and this after officials said rough seas and strong winds caused the ship to shift suddenly and quite noticeably. they are saying it could take a very long time, a year, to move that ship. you will recall the ship hit rocks two weeks ago, autofew feet from shore. more than 4200 people on board. divers found the body of the wreck's 17th victim yesterday. a crewmember, at least 15 people still missing. there's also the matter of all that diesel fuel in that ship. that's why they want to move it
7:36 pm
because they want to avoid a spill. officials say it will take up to a month just to pump that out safely and another ten months to finally move the ship. a deadly fire breaks out at a rehab center. a former political prisoner now running for officer and getting a ton of support. just two stops as we go around the world in 80 seconds. >> peru. a rehabilitation center up in flames. firefighters punching holes through the walls to save people trapped inside. 27 of them died. reports the building was unlicensed and overcrowded. authorities now investigating the cause of the fire. russia. thousands of people taking their dissatisfaction with prime minister vladimir putin to the streets. cars covered with balloons. they claim elections were
7:37 pm
tainted and putin's party getting the seat. he is expected to reclaim the office in march. a rally to support him is planned for next weekend. >> myanmar. huge crowds welcoming the opposition leader on her political tour. for decades she was a voice for democracy in the long-oppressed nation. now shows running for a seat in parliament. her candidacy is important for a government committed to change. china. these pandas getting a treat loaded with nutrients. they supplement their bamboo diet. nice to get your cake and eat it to. that's a wrap on the trip around the world in 80 seconds. >> a stretch of milder weather in parts of the nations. they are wondering how long it's going to last. it feels good so far. the meteorologist maria is here across the studio tonight to join us and to tell us about it.
7:38 pm
>> basically the reason why it's been so mild for most of this winter across the country is because our jet stream has stayed right along the u.s.-canada border. what that means the cold air has stayed over canada and south of the jet stream we have all the mimed air. tomorrow that's what we are looking at across the country. rapid city, 57 will be the high tomorrow. that's almost 25 degrees what is average. kansas city well above average tomorrow at 66 degrees. as we head into mechanics weekend we will be looking at a change in the pattern as the jet stream continues to dip down areas across the great lakes and northeast will be looking at cooler temperatures. the southwest and northwest you will still be looking at the generally above-average temperatures. a big story has been the pileup across florida because of the wildfire and all that smoke across parts i-75. unfortunately there's no relief coming up as far as additional precipitation to help put out fires across parts of central florida and south 1/2. we are looking at elevate the danger for fire danger not only
7:39 pm
today but tomorrow. >> i'm glad you touched on that. you talked about the fire down in miami but i don't know if you could hear the ltd. that joined us by phone also mentioned fog. >> fog, and it was also nighttime. when you have the wildfire, all the smoke and the breezy conditions. the breezy conditions pushed the smoke on to the highways so it's obviously a very hard to see when you are driving. >> but the fog typical for this area? >> yeah. >> for this time of the year. maria, thank you very much. a class field trip turns into a rescue mission. a man saved from being stuck in several feet of mud he says for three days. and that's just the beginning of the story. it has a twist. and she was once -- she was the president's guest at the state of the union. but that was not the only highlight of samantha garbe's week. there was once a homeless person in her family but not homeless anymore. ♪ i say to you come home come
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to learn more, or find an authorized retailer near you visit tempur-pedic the most highly recommended bed in america. >> a california policeman is dead after investigators say he got into a shootout with other police officers. it happened north and west of los angeles. the chief of police said the officer, a four year veteran of the department, was under the investigation for an alleged sexual relationship with an underaged girl. when other officers showed up to take him into custody, the chief said the officer under investigation resisted arrest and then pulled out his gun. >> the information that we had in hand demanded that we not let him leave the scene, get in a car, drive somewhere. it would put the public at risk if he did. we just did not know what was going to happen. and we did not expect him to react the way he did. >> one of the arresting officers
7:44 pm
shot that suspected officer in the chest. he died at the hospital. the officer who fired the fatal shot is now on leave. tragedy at 9,000 feet. as one man gets caught in a mountain of snow. our top story in a fox trip across america. >> utah. a 25-year-old skier, swept away by a massive avalanche. his two friends rushing to dig him out but he was dead by the time they reached him. officials saying the men didn't have much time to react, despite carrying avalanche sensor equipment. colorado, a mother facing criminal charges after police say she abandoned her three-year-old son along a highway. a police dog finding the terrified toddler covered in brush, but otherwise in good condition. >> his back covered with the scrub okay and the tumble weeds tharpe down there.
7:45 pm
our officer said that he wouldn't have seen him but the dog did pick up the scent. >> police said it could have been worse after spotting fresh coyote tracks nearby. >> new mexico, a class field trip in albuquerque turning into a rescue mission. a man said he was stuck in mud for three days. students heard him screaming for help in a group of reads along the rio grande river t took rescue teams several hours to rig a pulley system to get him out and to the hospital. but the story has a twist, the man they rescued, he was wanted by police for assault charges. new york. a homeless even age science whiz, homeless no more. 18-year-old samantha garbe and her family living in hub housing of a spending months in a shelter. she game a semifinalist to the intel science contest.
7:46 pm
for her new home she said she's grateful for the attention. >> i'm so overwhelmed, a good overwhelmed by all the outreach and generosity of everyone who has come forward. >> and moving forward garbe said she's shooting or college, either yale or brown. and that's the fox walk across america. what to you do if you want to have a baby, but you don't have a significant other? some people now going online but not to find love. they are looking for a mate to help raise a child. it's known as co-parenting. and it is raising more than a few eye prows. julie has the story. >> harris, they say it takes a village to raise a child but what if our parents came from an online community. it's co-parenting and it's redefining the modern family. matching up spouse less people who want to have a baby but having money to have a baby with. rather than using an anonymous sperm donor or rushing into marriage, a woman whose biological clock is ticking can now build a family. >> this doesn't mean that i'm
7:47 pm
any different than anybody else with a child. this means that i have and will commit to someone that's interested in raising one. and that relationship, to me, by the time the child arrives, would be a healthy and happy relationship. >> new websites specialize in pairing up people much like an online dating website. they decide whether to commit a life-long commitment not to themselves but to their child. >> there's more options than just marriage or adoption or sperm donor i think and it's important for the child growing up that they have the influence of both of their parents. >> but the concept raises a red flag for many conservative and religious groups who argue a committed relationship is the best way to raise a child. >> two people who are not married, do not live together, do not have a sexual relationship, why would we assume that they are going to agree on the parenting of a child? and why would we assume that the child will be happy moving,
7:48 pm
bouncing back and forth from one home to another? >> but to those who haven't found mr. or mrs. right, sharing the responsibility could be all they need. harris. >> julie, thank you. and speaking of the internet, there are more than 800 million active facebook users. that's a lot of friends. how about owning a piece of all that friendship? facebook going public? it may be time to take out your checkbook. ♪ [ coughing ]
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>> from silicone valley to wall street a lot of people talking about facebook. the wall street journal, owned by the parent company of this network could be offering it's initial public offering this week. investors have been eagerly awaiting the ipo. it's expected to be one of the largest ever, expected to raise more than $10 billion. >> facebook is about to have the biggest face on wall street in years. if it starts the process of going public, of offering shares to outside investors, it's expected a $10 billion offering could pass rival google's as the largest internet offering ever. if that's true, as anticipated in one moment its company would be valued at 100 billion bucks. the one place where you share pet pictures will be as big as mickey d's. it went from being your personal photo album to an organizer of
7:53 pm
protests throughout the world. it's ad business could grow business time. google's did, and no question, so did its stock price. if you invested on the day google went public less than 8 years ago you would have had more than a 500% return. still the company's wealth is way down from its peak hit in 2007. so should you friend face book? the internet ipo market has not been hot of late. zynga had a lot of zip before it came out but then it zapped. it dipped below ten with little attraction. professional investors will take as much of facebook as they can get. you can buy the day it comes out. but should you? perhaps it makes sense and money to wait a while. if its a good business, it will last and you will do well. yet it may take some time to figure out facebook's books. the pros will be doing that once it opens them. you can hit "like ," but too
7:54 pm
early can make you want to unfriend the stock, too. back to you. >> all right, brenda. thank you. i'm ready to talk football. the patriots getting a warm send-off today from new england fans. they are heading to indianapolis, as you know, for the super bowl. and did you know the giants patriots rematch may only be the second biggest football story. what is going on? my friend from is next. it must be sunday. football! [ jody ] four course feast. man it's great. the guests love it. [ male aouncer ] red lobster's ur course seafood feast is back. get soup, salad, cheddar bay biscuits, dessert and choose one of 7 entrees. four courses for only $15. offer ends soon. i'm jody gonzalez, ed lobster manager and i sea food differently.
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the thinnest 4g lte smartphone. all the power and strength of droid, now in colors. built with a scratch-resistant, gorilla glass screen. plus nano-coating that safeguards against spills. all powered by the speed of verizon 4g lte. more colors, same edge. the droid razr is now $199.99. exclusively from verizon. >> the anticipation is building for the super bowl a week away. but the most drama right now may be going on in indianapolis but has nothing to do with the super bowl teams, the patriots or the giants. peter of is here. so payton manny in indy. >> his little brother, eli, and his arch nemesis tom brady is
7:58 pm
going at it in the super bowl. but last week the owner and payton manning came out in public and is had some things to say about each other. they apparently resolved his issues, but word has it on the street that payton manning may not be with the colts last year. they owe him a lot of money. he didn't play at all last year because of his neck injury and the colts are in a rebuilding stage. they have the number one pick in the land with andrew luck. they just fired their coach and brought a new coaching staff in and a new general manager. new beginnings in indianapolis, and payton manning may not be there to see it. >> i love it when you say the word is on the street. what street is that? >> the street. >> the giants are taking off tomorrow. >> patriots got into indianapolis today, and the giants get in tomorrow. a fun match-up because the teams have a lot of recent history. the giants beat the patriots a couple years ago in the super bowl in a major upset. earlier this year the giants
7:59 pm
beat the patriots in new england. their first loss in 20 regular season games in their own building. good recent history between the two teams. >> and i just want a good game next sunday. and today with the australian open, i just wanted a good match and i got it. >> 5:53, the longest tournament in grand slam history. d.j. okovic wins his third straight major. we are looking at a historic time. they will go at it again in france." they will play soon enough in the french open coming up this summer. >> i know. sounds good. thank you so much much. good to see you. see you next week. >> let's do fox fast forward-looking ahead to the stories coming up this week. tuesday florida will opened its republican primary. more than 500,000 votes already cast in early absentee vote being. the candidates looking ahead to the maine and nevada caucuses as well. and the lade


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