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tv   The Five  FOX News  January 31, 2012 2:00am-3:00am EST

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good night from new york. we'll see you on greta wire in about 10 seconds. good night. that watch fbn. a long list. bob beckel. danaperino and five clock in new york city and this is the five. >> we're ready. our top story, romney's bold prediction on the eve of the important florida prediction, mitt romney says he has this one in the bag. >> i anticipate doing well. we've got a number of states coming up. i think i'm going to do well. i'm going to do the work that is necessary to get my message out. the change that has to be brought to washington. how it gets done and those
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messages are connected with people. my expectation i'll become the nominee. >> he didn't say in the bag. we have to add it sound a little hipper. >> so for a long time he is just too mellow. he doesn't nice. that was a rap on hip nierm long time. i think he is the goldielocks, just the right amount of confidence, right on par where the polls say he is. you aren't going to have the support. especially your big fund-raisers if you are out there and not projecting to be able to win. if you are not able saying to win, why would people support you? >> what do you expect him to say. i expect him to finish a strong third. he suffers what i call hmdm dsm which is handsome dude disorder.
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people get stuck because you are handsome and you end up not trying too hard. it ruined my life la la of laugh. >> he boastful and he is more, is it paying off? it seems like the polls are favoring him. >> a couple things, keep in mind this is most diverse state, ohio is most respected state in the whole. gingrich was able to control his message in a state like south carolina which was very conservative state across the board. so now that you are look at the polls for a second. this most telling example he should be optimistic. we had three polls, nbc merit poll, if you see that 42-27. the other poll is 45-25, i
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believe. >> 43-29. >> and tampa bay poll has romney 42-21. they are all closing at the same time. they are all usually right when they are within two or three points. he may be on his way to a big win. >> if it's a big win, is it going matter because newt is very strong on the air saying he is not getting out. he will take this all the way to the convention. >> true. a lot what is going on right here, romney found his voice in the last debate. he had a great debate and it started the ball in the right direction. newt gingrich hadn't done anything to change that. it kind of snowballing 5%, 7% and now it's up to 11. clear average has it up to 11.5%. so romney is doing everything right and gingrich has had hard moments. he hasn't had it this time
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around. >> it's funny, i wonder how much you have to do right. you are waiting for the electorate to settle down. it's like before marriage before you play the field. then you get back with mr. right. >> remember that. [ laughter ] >> but you know, we start on this pretty early. now, the eastbound electorate is starting to settle down. >> i'm still -- but i take it back. one of the things you are going to see happen. if gingrich brings this plus 10 -- i think he will -- the pressure for newt and santorum to get out is going to increase. one of the things you are going to force them out you beonlt get adelson to write another check in las vegas. he is the guy that gave $5 million for newt in south carolina and his wife gave $5
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million in florida. the amount of money spent in florida is an all-time record. and they spent 2-1 over gingrich. >> romney is widening the lead without the help of florida republicans like jeb bush, rick scott, the current governor. those would change, if it's romney but gingrich, that may changes things. >> i think their support in the general will be a lot more important whoever the republican candidate is. >> and not to have chris to endorse him but then he was popular and he endorsed mccain and that ended the thing. >> he has the umbrella to say we support you. >> i don't think so.
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an endorsement by president bush 41 doesn't mean jeb bush is campaigning for us. "new york times" wrote about the silence deafening in florida. but i don't think necessarily -- >> how do you explain that. >> i think it's the republican primary. he said himself he is not competing but the two endorsements that made news over the weekend herman cain endorsed newt gingrich and sarah palin didn't fully endorse him but would keep the process going. >> i hereby enthusiastically endorse newt gingrich for president of the united states. >> i know that speaker gingrich is a patriot, speaker gingrich
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is not afraid of bold ideas. >> you need somebody is who is engaged and isn't afraid to shake up that establishment. if for no other reason, rage against the machine, vote for newt. [ laughter ] >> you want to go. >> how urgent is your. >> i love the fact, rage against the machine and use it to describe conservatives going up against the republican establishment. i will say only influences people that were already there, right? >> what it does, i'm looking at analytical standpoint it puts the tea party behind newt against the establishment. i am not sure what establishment means. but the fact that the tea party has been exposed here because newt has become, for better or worse, the party of the tea party and the candidate of the
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tea party. >> by default. >> and is going to get rolled because its fairly small any majority of the republican party. >> not a small minority. >> tea party frankly hasn't gotten solely behind newt. we had governor nikki haley get behind romney. jim demint could be spokesman for the tea party if he wanted to be, he endorsed mitt romney. >> two people more obvious? >> i would say they are very big voices in the conservative base. just because mitt romney win florida is game over? they say on fox if he comes second showing he'll go on. >> he faces four caucuses, nevada, michigan and maine. you've got a situation here i don't think anybody can keep
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upwards, there is no debate. >> without money you can't move around and start things up. in a caucus, it's heavily based and nevada he has huge mormon community. romney has everything open to him. >> if romney does win it. it becomes a watershed moment for him. everything starts and romney's campaign's mind, everything starts to fall in the place. on the endorsement point if you look at mccain and palin and newt is significant. it will play out for a while. i do think that gingrich -- >> you can't say palin endorsed newt gingrich. >> you can say supporting him. she is talking about it and telling people to vote. if you look at the people, gingrich one congress and six
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former colleagues that actually worked with him when he was speaker have endorsed him, as well. that in a way if you want a tea party versus establishment that speaks to some people. >> good information. up next. you saw this in key states. we have more coming up on the five. don't forget to e-mail us. we're right here the
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it sounds like golden eithering, if you hadn't heard heard that before. >> a big important day and thank you so much. the most critical poll out to the extent you can trust general election polls, swing states that will determine the
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presidential election come out. you see romney leading president obama by 48-47. then we do a poll each one of the four candidates, president obama leading gingrich 54-40. and ron paul a 7% margin against ron paul and then with rick santorum i believe, yeah, it's of 7-point margin. i tell you what it tells me about the newt problem. newt comes out fourth against obama in these swing states. to explain these swing states is the last election polls will determine. they include florida, ohio, pennsylvania, virginia, nevada, colorado. states like that. >> indiana? >> bob: no, we conceded that. but the point is these are the
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states that will determine this is which is why the president of united states campaigns in those states. nonetheless, it tells me newt sort of nationally as well. this is a result of this primary. >> in terms of electability. >> bob: the republican nomination is tied with president obama the trouble he is in right now. he has not served them well. >> eric: people realize they have to pick a candidate to go up against obama. we should vote for romney or obama. if you said generic republican versus obama what happens then, bob? all of a sudden the candidate beats obama. >> bob: but you are past generic. we're now into real people.
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so what it tells you why should 48-47 as president with low ratings. what i'm saying it's not about obama. it's about primary season so far. mitt romney has a real problem among independent voters right now. he didn't before this thing started. it tells you the way people are looking at this, they don't like it. >> dana: in this poll as well, people who said he would be voting for romney is second choice. second choice is not gingrich it was rick santorum with 11% still undecided. one thing very soon, you would see it turn to a way from necessity neighboring republican because we'll have somebody. >> kimberly: the republicans have to figure out way to make an affirmative case to why they should be president.
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>> dana: you can't just run against somebody you have to be for somebody. i think president obama is having trouble. he is running against them. both sides have to find their voice on that. >> this is why newt has to constantly be on tour. in a way he is like beatle mania but beatle songs it's all the great right wing, we know beatle mania was better than the beatles. >> bob: they are going to try to shut it down. one last thing before we get out of this segment. obama is listed by gallon up as the most polarizing president going back to the 1950s. second to him was bush. but obama is the worst. >> 68%. >> bob: is it about obama or sor it about electorate?
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among the democrats, very strongly -- >> about that poll. take a look at it. what does it tell you? politics is getting more partisan. >> bob: that is a very right assessment. this is reflection is what is happening. both in terms of legislative in terms of the dialogue. >> kimberly: basically you say the president of the dmc instead of the president of the united states. >> bob: but you have to keep in mind this is between republicans and democrats. you don't have independents in here yet. >> i don't think obama is polarizing but i think he is the worst president in the history of the world. if anybody disagrees with me, i will hit them. what is really polarizing in politics is the race card. that is why you are seeing
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polarization. nobody likes to be called a racist. that angers a lot of people. when you tie the race card with class warfare you really have something. >> bob:. >> bob: it's about, don't hit me but a i'm going to disagree with you. >> you put that graphic, he is last president in the row. >> the race card has followed. >> breaking news right here on fox. todd palin is going to go on the campaign trail. we had an announcement in florida. >> bob: we need to get out of here. i have a problem with republican congressman alan west. he made some disgraceful comments over the weekend. we'll play them for you next. hope you are listening, alan, baby!
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♪ ♪ ♪ welcome back to the five. we're going to talk about rhetoric. representative alan west from florida had strong language when he was giving a speech at a lincoln day dinner in florida. >> president obama, harry reid, nancy pelosi and my dear friend members of the democratic national committee. >> your message of equality of
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achievement, take your message of economic dependency and take your message of enslaving the entrepreneur will and spirit of the american people somewhere else. you can take it to europe. you can take it to the bottom of the sea. you can take it to the north pole but get the hell out of the united states of america. >> dana: i understand how that has raised some eyebrows. i think about the messaging. i don't think he was telling them to get out of the united states. but bob you had a negative response. >> bob: i'm going to be in deference to my friend. in 30 years, i haven't heard anything more disgraceful in my life. you think he owes an apology to a lot of people. when you start shooting your mouth off like that. i admire you were in the military and served your country. i understand that. but before you start saying, get
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the hell out of the united states. then you didn't say the policy. 20% or 22% who believe what pelosi and reid says. if you 100% of person and we're 20% and we're not going anywhere. you are taking that tea party job with you. >> in terms like having press secretary was called by the speaker and the leader of the senate a liar and a loser. i mean sitting canned they are chief. greg has a point. >> al sharpton, black panthers, jess describe jackson. public enemy. eric dison. we celebrate outspoken blast leftists.
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so you have one and i want to see morale an west. he is the beginning. it's refreshing to see. >> bob: you would like to see more of that. that is hatred. >> greg: that is not hatred. >> bob: it's despicable. >> greg: dozens of black liberals in the last 20 or 30 years. here is what happens when that happens. wait a minute. we have been guilty of this. when we brought up things maxine waters, your first commented is, that the way liberals. she represents the fringe. i don't believe conservatives believe what alan west does. he represents a small percentage of the tea party right wing. >> you are so quick to jump on liberals. >> you are calling alan representative. >>. >> bob: i'm not going him
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representative. i don't care. i already gave him credit. >> you can't discount the way he started that sentence. he said take your message. take your message and get out. it's not get out of america. >> who is he? who is this fellow. i don't care if he lieutenant colonel but he has no right to take our message anywhere. this is our country. if he doesn't like, he ought to get the hell out. >> kimberly: but it's just the country of the democrats, free exercise rights. he has a right to see what he feels. it was very approving audience. there nothing wrong with he said. >> bob: i would never say get the hell out of this country. a lot of it make some sense to me. but this guy for somebody who is
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hater. he is hater. it's not. that is hateful statement to those of us who want to be able to say what we want to be able to say. >> he fought for our freedom. he risked his life for free market capitalism. he hates socialism, social idealism. >> bob: my dad was much more liberal than i am. my dad fought in world war. but i need to spriam -- excuse me, because he was in the military. he hates the b.s. of going on. >> the only is anything he said worse the black panthers?
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>> bob: if you've been to the american cemetery in france, it's a sobering experience. >> i was actually there. >> bob: on those long crosses and stars of david, there is not a "d" or an "r". there is the name of americans, just like russia contributed put their lives on the line. they are there because they fought for an ideal. in pursuit an idea. some of the liberals -- >> he was exercising his freedom of speech which he is entitled. >> so get ready for the showdown on the five, obama administration is making changes. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ ♪ e completely
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differently. now back to new york. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> president obama presidency is marred with broken promise after broken promise. transparency laws broken and hypocrisy of this president can best we heirltd pie this. >> the problem that bush has done it over the last eight years is take out a credit card from the bank of china in the name of our children, driving up our national debt from $5 trillion for the first 42 thes, number 43, added $4 trillion by
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his lonesome, now we have over $9 trillion of debt that we are going to have to pay back. $30,000 for every man, woman and child. that is irresponsible. it's unpatriotic. >> i'm sure president obama never thought it would come back to haunt him. he probably didn't see the five coming back to haunt him. now. >> bob: i think of all his campaign speeches, that one should never have been given. that was not a fair word to give to george bush. >> dana: thank you, bob. that was very nice to have you. >> bob: i don't like it on either side. george bush had $4 trillion which $3.5 trillion was automatic. same thing with obama that there are certain entitlements drive
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the budget up so fast that none of us have control dull democrats and republicans have the courage to step up. >> that is why it's amusing that president obama that president bush did this all by his lonesome. >> it's true they had nothing to do. look how much warning. there had a have been warnings coming for a long time. >> is that not fair to say. he is trying to become the if next president of the united states. he says george bush's debt is unpatriotic. what that is doing the behavior that you don't like so you are doing it. when you are on the plane and somebody comes in three bags. next time you do the same thing. they don't like a debt ceiling until they are president and
2:40 am
then they need the debt ceiling. i think candidates will backtrack on foreign policy, i'm sorry, foreign aid claims, i will not give foreign aid to any country. >> kimberly: you want to say, see all those guys, they are even worse listen, i need four more years because it was so bad when i took over. i need time to correct it. >> eric: so if it's debt unpatriotic them. here are the numbers. president bush added $1.2 billion per day on the debt. it came out to $34,000 per american. under obama, $4.2 billion per day, 350%, more than triple as fast as bush.
2:41 am
$4048,800 per american and record food stamp usage and record entitlements. >> this record is broken. it keeps going over and over again. do you know if mitt romney is elected president of the united states. he will automatically incur $5 trillion debt increase. it has nothing to do with who is president. >> kimberly can't a conservative come in and cut spending. >> he is going to do more of the same, tax and spend. >> mitt romney's tax proposals will increase the debt three times as fast at obama's. >> that is big number. >> he has talked about trying to get it done by cutting spending. >> i can't follow the money here. because i'm not good at math. you hear the numbers and they are staggering. people or food stamps or ron
2:42 am
paul becomes president on january 20th, 2013, then they will still be a record number of people on food stamps. president is going -- is congress going to do anything? congress is the one that passes the laws. president can recommend something but congress has to pass it. >> obama has no control over here. stop blaming obama. when obama stops taking credit for turning the economy around. >> why are we fooling around half measures. it's time for everyone to go on food stamps the government can make sure we're not eating more than our fair share. can you buy wine with it? >> you can buy anything you want. >> as long as you are willing to hit the black market first. >> did you know there is a direct core relations between
2:43 am
our i.q.s and partisanship? more after this. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ according to a shrink in ontario. racists are racists because they are dumb but stupidity leads to prejudice leading to social conservative. that it offers structure and order that somehow leads to racism. you would say structure and order leads to happiness and success and long life. so are old successful people old racists? so it validates the substance of academics that must be smarter than you and me. imagine taking the equation, low i.q. linked to prejudice and replacing with prejudice with race dating. there are lots of stupid people
2:48 am
race dating but sadly lots of smarted ones, too. calling conservatives racist gets you a gold star in academic circles. that leads me to final thought. is it possible to be liberal and stupid? not really because leftists believe that all criminals are political prisoners and every terrorist a freedom fighter they are naively romantic s which is guaranteed tenure at any college. they say it's structured order of conservatism but structured order exists in every belief system and contributes a lot of greatness. >> this is what got to me about it. this funded by comedian taxpayer dollars. the guy has to have a hypothesis. he is set out to prove what he already believes is that conservatives are stupid.
2:49 am
we all know that. [ laughter ] >> bob: i think what he was suggesting it wasn't skiots about being stupid. people that lower i.q.s and less education tend to vote conservative and they tend to be more racist. i have a friend of mine -- it goes both ways. i have very good friend of mine down in texas, very conservative guy. i want to be careful. i was in south doing voter registration. the guys that beat me up, they were white and probably weren't that smart. as he says, i'm more inclined to believe that it comes from nurture and not nature but surely the dumb ones have difficult time slopping off the negative nature regardless of whether you are liberal or conservative. that is a good point. when you are surrounded by a
2:50 am
political philosophy and not too educated. i don't care whether black or white, you are talking about, as the group thing. i think there is a lot to be said about this. >> you just refuted your own thing. >> bob: no, no. >> i think he is right but the nurturing, i think he is talking educated. >> that is not what i got out of this. that conservative women are way smarter and more attractive than liberal women. rosie o'donnell and whoopee and we have dana a and kimberly and busy let's. this is -- elizabeth. >> they said they look at socially conservative ideologies
2:51 am
and if you believe schools should teach children -- >> i found this whole article to be ridiculous. i think it came out with a hypothesis that he was said the out to prove. that he wanted in some way demon them, lack of intelligence. >> i appreciate bob's point but i do think he said that. >> this is based on people with lesser education and lower i.q.s. >> he is saying they are not intelligent. not well educated. >> he said let's take a group of people who have lower i.q.s and see what they are. >> what were they? >> they tend to be in areas in the south they tend to be more conservative. that there is nothing wrong with that. they tend to be more racist whether they are black and
2:52 am
white. >> you have to face redneck to be beat up by these guys and these are not smart, educated people. >> i'm talking about why i'm focusing on the ideology part. he refuted it himself. >> dana: what you are saying you are liberal when you are young you will be conservative when you are older? >> liberal. >> bob: that is a pejorative thing. >> kimberly: we're turning you off. next wednesday you will be raging conservative. >> bob: the day that happens, the day that you got ugly dana. [ laughter ] >> that was a good answer. one important thing, we have a large man is it in your tiniest chair.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ time for one more thing. greg, you want to go. >> let me get my glasses. there was the dana was on the
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cover. this was two or three months ago. i love to read the letters to the editor. dana is most truthful person the white house has ever had. that is from pretty face, brilliant mind and on the right side. totally winning, that is from g.w. dana you are awesome. you are going places. >> and you didn't read the one from ron paul supporter. [ laughter ] >> this morning i got to be on fox and friends where i meant michael grabel. he has a book out called "money well spent." he went through the stimulus and he detailed where the trillion
2:58 am
dollars, the army corps of injuries spent $92,000 on costumes on mascots. he has got a lot of other things. it's got "money well spent." and he was on fox and friends this morning. >> bob: and we could get a debate on alan west comments. liberals and conservatives alike. there are people like mr. west. they say outrageous things and we get painted with their statements. i don't believe second that all conservatives, like mr. west believes. i all know we don't agree with what maxine waters says. so let's give ourselves credit to think for ourselves. i may be a liberal but i don't want to be tagged with everything that michael moore
2:59 am
has ever said. [ laughter ] >> okay. that was interesting. i got to meet someone on huckabee, there we are. wow, you look good. >> thanks for that. he did a great movie about the tuskegee airmen. phenomenal movie. he was on fox and friends. >>. >> good for you. >> i always say wear at hat. >> got to go. >> i like it. >> all right. that is it for us on the five! thanks for watching.


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