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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  February 10, 2012 1:00am-2:00am EST

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>> he will be gurney with oxygen mask but somehow going to beat barack obama. i don't buy that. >> barack obama has more money. >> that is part of romney's problem. >> sean: we're out of time. thanks for being with us. greta is next. see you tomorrow night. >> greta: tonight a full-fledged political inferno, both sides are on fire over the contraception rule. g.o.p. is blasting barack obama at the political action conference. >> this attack on religious freedom cannot and with l not stand. >> obama administration has crossed a dangerous line and we will fight this attack on the fundamental right on religious freedom until the courts overturn it. >> the federal government does not have the power to force religious organizations to pay for things that that organization thinks is wrong. >> greta: we have much more cpac
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in just a moment including governor rick perry and congresswoman michele bachmann and donald rumsfeld but who is more worried about the political implications of the contraception fight. president obama or the candidates who want his job? karl rove is here in just a second. plus every parent's worst nightmare. a stranger inasmuch as a child in the middle of a walmart. there is a twist the little girl fights back and she is telling her frightening story. you'll hear from the 7-year-old girl just ahead. karl rove joins us. nice to see you. >> great to see you. >> greta: first of all, the fight over contraception ttt we were talking about today and yesterday, couple more days but come november this is going to have zero impact on 2012 sore this a big issue? >> this is big issue. biggest group of swing voters in
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the electorate are catholics. they represent 25 of the electorate. any presidential election, catholics tend to go with the winner. bush won them in 2000, 2004 and obama won them in 2008. it's been this way for decades. this is essentially the federal government has taken the stance that the catholic church must offer insurance coverage to its employees of all the schools, churches, foundations, charitable institutions, insurance coverage on contraception including the after morning pill that runs directly counter to the church's teachings. i'm astonished the president does not recognize there ought to be a play in public square for religious institutions to live by the moral precepts that under gordon their faith. this is not the first time that
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the administration has made an attack on the beliefs of catholics. three of them involving questions of religious liberties. this one they are requiring to buy insurance. there was supreme court case where the federal government, the justice department argued that religious institutions should not be able to hire people or fire people on the basis of their religious beliefs. supreme court held against the administration on a 9-0 decision. this administration succeeded going with the court and refusal to allow catholic hospitals and other religious hospitals oppose abortion to opt out of providing abortion services by what is called the conscience allows. this say it doesn't exist. we don't care if you are a catholic or lutheran hospital but has a strong moral precept against abortion and support for
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life, you have to provide these services. it's beyond me why they are picking this fight. the president has picked this fight. >> greta: if you go to the obama campaign website to try to understand the various views on this, political views. on their website they say 99% of women used contraception, 98% catholic women have used contraception, it's not as religious fight but rather a women's right. an effort to galvanize the women's vote. if i wrong on that analysis? >> sure. that is obviously they will try to declare this is a women's health issue. that is what is so wrong about this. they justified saying to a catholic doctor in a hospital run by a catholic nuns that you have to be willing to commit abortion even though the leader of your faith and the doctrine of your church says no.
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look these numbers could be conducted anywhere. this is how blind they are. they are saying to people we want you to do things that are morally objectionable. let's say you are jehovah's witnessed who is a pacifist. we it once before and supreme court upheld the right for them to serve in the military because it was fundamental to their faith. now we're sieg saying on bigger question, the catholic church, catholic university, archdiocese of philadelphia has to provide insurance coverage that includes something that was counter to your deeply held religious beliefs. we a thing called the bill of rights. it guarantees the free expression of religion. you have a right to believe anything you like if we don't agree with it and we want to justify it on the basis of women's health, you have to take your fundamental commitment to life and throw it aside in a
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casual manner. this is obnoxious. i'm not a catholic, but i feel deeply and keenly about the issue of life and i understand how important it is to the entire catholic church. president is saying you don't have any freedom, i cannot trample without an executive order. >> greta: it would have been easy not to pick this fight. if it's political, i'm trying to understand the political advantage to the obama administration. it may, my mind an accident meaning hhs has got some people writing rules and they weren't thinking or it was deliberate and no it all. we'll tell you what to do and we think this is best. which is it? >> it was not a political calculation this is going to win votes. it was ideological to do what they think is right regardless.
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we saw it affordable care act. there a deliberate effort to say to religious hospitals and religious institutions you don't have a right to refuse to do something that violates your fundamental moral precept of support of life in pop op signifies to abortion. we saw it when they said look, a religious school has to take anybody as a teacher or a faculty member, you don't have a right to say, as a religious institution that people that share your faith ought to be teaching your schools. the supreme court by a 9-0 decision said obama justice department was a mistaken in the belief that. we see the third time, it's a ideological mind set that tramples because these are secular individuals that have no respect for the fundamental importance of religious ips institutions in our society or the rights under the constitution the first amendment of the constitution to freely
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express their religion and encourage and call upon the members by the precepts of that church. they said we're on open to the compromise. what is the compromise? we'll give you six months to a year to figure out how you will do it. you will have six months to a year to fundamentally violate junior precepts. >> if i can understand is this arrogance on the part of administration basically, you are going to do it our way or we're not going to accommodate people from all walks of life. is that how you see it? >> i think that is big part of it. also, an ideological blindness, we worship at the altar of pre-productive rights, morning after pills, these are more important than the constitution guarantee of the right of free expression of religion. we're going to define what it
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is. anything that doesn't agree with us and our secular views. no matter how important it is to your moral foundations is out the window. yes, so it's a combination of arrogance and ideological and complete tone deaf. reports of bill daley said to them, hey, this is a needless fight. we have tim kaine who is democratic committee is chair and running from this. we have casey, we have members of the house, democratic leadership john larsen of connecticut. we have lipinski all standing up and saying, don't do this. it will cause a huge problem for the president because he doesn't know how to get out of it. i thought his comments, she more afraid of barbara boxer and the
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pro-abortion crowd of the democratic senate caucus than he some of every cardinal, every bishop, every priest, every nun, every brother in the catholic church. his attitude that doesn't matter to me. i got to play indicate my left wing allies and not worry about what used to be bulwark of the democratic party, working class catholic house houldz holds, they are out. >> greta: lets let me look beyond the issue. this is an issue everybody is passionate about today. we're in february. what makes you think this has staying power come november and 2012. it seems like it's going forever but couple months, contraception what? >> it's like this is fire that is going to burn brightly
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outside the media's glare. bozzell pointed out how many days it took for the works to cover this. it didn't take that long for the bishops to circulate a letter that was read in every catholic parish. it was powerful statement of opposition on the basis of religious freedom to the administration's action. that is going to continue. i've been talking today with a group of people led by ed gillespie who are talking about a grassroots movement across the country to deal with this issue because it's a powerful issue. again, i repeat it's a among a group of voters whose direction absolutely turns the election one way or the other. it's going to hurt the amongst catholics and evangelicals and biblical protestants. you have people come out who said, i'm not particularly
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religious, but i agree with you. you had joe lieberman, a jew, say this is trampling on religious freedom. this is right of church people that abide by the moral precepts of that religion. if you establish the government to discard a deeply held belief with respect to life at the heart of the catholic church, then the government can take away everything connected with religion. >> greta: suppose he says tomorrow, i thought about this, i think it was wrong. or i want to make sure that we don't step on religious rights of people. we're going to away with this aspect of the rule. s if that happens, does it change the political dynamics or is this -- or do you think she incapable of changing his mind? >> i think it be stuck in people's minds that they don't
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trust the president on this. he violated when it came to the conscience clause. there were a lot of catholics thought they would apply religious exemptions and it hurt him in 2010 election. but think if you quickly withdrew the regulation he would limit the damage there. you know what, his body language doesn't sound like he is going to be open to withdrawing the regulation. neither of his statements from david axelrod or jay carney, yeah, we're open to compromise and giving time to figure out how they can abide by the regulation. so in other words, we'll give you six months, 12 months you figure out how to commit suicide. >> greta: going back to cpac, tomorrow mitt romney is going to speak. out of the candidates that are going to speak, romney, santorum
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and gingrich, he has the hardest reception, what does he have to say to convince them to vote for them, very conservative grouch republicans? >> i think he has to start by not describing who he is and what he believes. i don't think he has to start by saying on defensive, well, i know some of you skeptical of me. he needs to treat them as what they are. potential part of his coalition and describe to them he who he is and what he stands for. yes, he does need to address their skepticism but best addressed in my opinion by describing who he is. then he ought to try to touch on reasons why they ought to trust him. look, remember four years ago he gave one of the best most well-received speeches at cpac. it was the speech which he declared he was in longer a candidate. he's got people with him in crowd and message that can win.
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he did on so in florida and did so in nevada and new hampshire. he has plenty of friends but does he make the ges best case to them. >> greta: karl, we'll watch to see what happens --, one more. i meant to ask you about strategy with newt gingrich? >> i don't think it will work. first of all, there are a lot more, 25 contests in february and march that he was talking about. 18 of them are outside the south. only 7 of are in the south. 579 delegates out of the south, 371 is in the south. problem is, he can't compete for all the southern delegates because neither he nor santorum got on with 49. second, they tend to be proportional, that means that mitt romney even if he loses is going to get significant
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delegates and five of the races outside the south, one is winner take all. arizona and four proportional hybrids where most of them is winner take all and if gingrich is focusing on the south. then, of course, gingrich got to get past santorum and paul at getting out of the race. >> greta: and big sweep, does it mean a strategy switch. strong message from governor romney. and a shocking kidnapping attempt. a stranger scoops up a child in the middle of a walmart but the little girl fights back. you'll have to hear this. and rush limbaugh, no, it's not because he is flushing. rush will tell you himself.
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>> greta: a surge and shakeup. right now the unexpected. g.o.p. presidential race is completely up for grabs. in this week's contest, rick santorum troubled speaker of gingrich, he won all three states. dick morris says after tuesday
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results, it's a real chance for santorum that will result romney versus santorum. dick morris, nice to see you. >> it's called the monuments in search of his lost ball. it's president's weekend and what a wonderful way to tell about the founders. >> greta: all right. let me ask but this race. assume romney, gingrich and santorum has identical amounts of money. tell me who wins? >> if all three run and all three are strong, romney wins. romney can always get plurality of the votes but he falls short of the majority. >> greta: but what about the nomination? >> i'm talking about that. but it's trisected, he wins
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because he has a plurality. what is happening now, santorum is decisively defeating gingrich for the anti-romney semifinal. it's a tennis match. it's santorum against gingrich. and santorum beat gingrich by more than 30 points on tuesday in two states. if he repeats that in michigan and arizona, he will get all the money and all the momentum going into super tuesday. at that point it will santorum versus romney race. it's very significant, greta, that missouri where gingrich was not on the ballot, all of gingrich's voters went to santorum and none went to romney. romney has to close the sale with the base. he can't assume he can run negative ads and knock everybody off and be the candidate. it doesn't work that way.
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>> greta: if you hear senator santorum, saying i'm running a gotcha campaign, is that a fair criticism or whoever happens to be leader runs the got kha against everybody else? >> i believe it was a good one. fair. that he was involved in freddie mac. it's not very often you get the biggest scandal in history, recent history and your opponent was on the payroll of company that made it happen. >> greta: he said he wasn't lobbying for them? >> what was he telling them. >> greta: i'm trying to make sure to sort out all the facts. >> he was a consultant. i don't want somebody have someone consultant that caused this whole problem. my feeling is, i'm not sure that romney is that kind of a candidate, but what i do believe
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is that he took two shortcuts. one was he said, hey, my opposition is divided so i can win with a plurality. i don't have to work hard at getting a majority. second i'll knock off my main opponent is and that is not working. >> greta: i think what is interesting, michigan because governor romney should win michigan. he won michigan before. his family hails from michigan. but santorum seems to be doing better in michigan. >> it isn't that important who wins michigan. what is important -- >> he can wrestle those votes away from romney. >> what important that he beat gingrich. if gingrich finishes 20-30 points behind santorum in arizona and in michigan, then gingrich is basically out on super tuesday. anyone that doesn't like romney
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goes for santorum. right now santorum's problem is not beating romney. that will come on super tuesday. she beating gingrich and he did a very effective job on tuesday. >> greta: super tuesday, santorum has a shot? >> he does. the issue is, can he defeat gingrich deviceively and get the moment and momentum, other does romney close the sale. you asked a good question of karl of cpac. he has to talk what he believes in. he needs to lay that out. in the next four weeks, he need negative a day on santorum, come on. i have a petition to tell all the candidates no more negatives. we are sick of them. what he needs to aggressively challenge obama on specific policies. the saw treaty that is going to
1:26 am
require the united states to ask half the royalties of oil to the world. >> the result is it still the issue in november? >> i think we're missing why obama is pushing that. he wants to paint santorum as an extremist by catching him over the contraception issue. abortion is too complicated, too controversial and a majority is pro-life, but contraception, 99% are for it. what he is trying to do is make contraception the social issue not abortion. i don't think that is going to work because the conservatives have a good point. it doesn't matter what it is. it could be snake oil, but if a religion believes in in it they shouldn't be required to sell it. >> greta: what is the name of the book? >> "doves go to washington." >> coming up michele bachmann
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>> greta: they really want it and they are fighting for it. g.o.p. presidential candidates are scrambling for the
1:31 am
conservative vote. three of the candidates will speak directly to the conservative political action conference. romney, santorum and gingrich will all be at the washington conference. many republican leaders are there too and they are coming up swinging at president obama. >> barack obama cannot have a second term as president. >> we are led today by a president that has decided to pit americans against each other. >> the president of the united states looks like he is really good father, looks like he is really good husband, but he is a terrible president. >> anything good happen in our economy is the result of americans working hard, businesses trying to dig out what this government is doing. there is nothing this president has done that makes this economy better. >> let's face it the only reason were getting any positive economic news more than three years after this presidency begin is because the american
1:32 am
people put a restraining order on him and pelosi in november of 2010. >> this president is grasping at straws trying to take credit for what the american people are doing. >> he seems to have forgotten that he was elected to be president of the united states not the occupy wall street fan club. >> greta: four candidates, griff jenkins spoke with them. >> we are at the cpac, it's the largest gathering of conservatives in the country. with it being an election year and presidential nomination it appears to be up for grabs. we're going to find out what people are talking about and which matters most and which candidate they think is best suited to beat barack obama in november.
1:33 am
governor, what is your message? >> do not give up hope, do not settle for anything less an true conservative. that is the message from cpac and the hole republican party from my perspective in having the opportunity to put a clear contrast from the standpoint of conservative values and principles up against president obama in the fall is going to make the difference on whether or not we're successful and removing him from office. >> biggest issue that is important to me is the budget, the deficit. it's climbing and seems to be no solution. >> top issues is mainly getting a candidate that can win. >> i'm a romney fan. i think he is electable, first and foremost and that is really important, i think we need somebody in white house that can beat barack obama and i think he has the ability to do that.
1:34 am
>> i'm supporting newt gingrich but what is important to me $15 trillion in debt, unemployment, it's more like above 10%. >> i want to get a sense who is truly behind their words. everybody is talking a lot of good talk. but i want to get a gauge primarily among the four that are going to the presidency. i want to see who seems to really stand behind what they've been telling us. >> what the message the folks in cpac need to hear? >> i suppose that the bottom line that we've got a wonderful country. four more years of what we're currently getting would not be good for our country. >> i think a lot of people are feeling i'm sure a lot of candidates this year. i think the republicans are in a tough spot. >> most important function of
1:35 am
our head of state and chief executive is to be the commander in chief. i think you find unity from all the conservatives gathered here from literally every perspective as to the need for commander in chief who one, loves america, number two and isn't going to apologize to others for what americans do and how we believe. third, is going to be the kind of person who has the admiration and respect of the families of this country whose sons and daughters that volunteer to serve. >> it comes down to national security. that is what you are looking at as you figure out which candidate to support? >> absolutely. national security is my key issue. i'm a fiscal conservative. we need to get our budget squared away. we need a balanced budget amendment. we have a lot of work to do to achieve our goals. we need to do that local, county and state levels. >> i'm most interested in fiscal conservatism.
1:36 am
>> is that your main issue? >> yeah, we spend too much money. >> coming woman, you are big star here. you are speaking. what the message that cpac this year? >> the message i'm giving that barack obama cannot have a second term as president because he has been a disaster on foreign policy. he has weakened the united states. next president of the united states will have a very difficult time with fewer options because of the disastrous decisions he's made. i stood on the intelligence committee and i deal with classified secrets but based upon my perch, barack obama has been the most disastrous president to our national security. i think it's important that the american people realize the terrible decisions he has made. >> main issue tim particularly for my generation, is jobs, jobs jobs, jobs. there are so many kids graduating they have no
1:37 am
probability, they don't anything to go forward with. >> greta: coming up, $489,000 of your tax money just paid for a new engine for a vip yacht. what do you think about that? is that the best use of taxpayer money? and why is rush limbaugh angry at scarlett johansson. it has to do sam adams at the peak of its freshness -- there's nothing better.
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>> from america's news headquarters, i'm ainsley earhardt. the nuclear regulatory commission approving the first new nuclear plant in three decades. it clears the way for the construction of two nuclear reactors near augusta, georgia. the nrc hasn't approved a new plant since the partial meltdown of the harbor plant in pennsylvania. an aide to gabrielle giffords is running for her seat in a special election. ron barber was among those shot
1:42 am
when a gunman opened fire in a tucson grocery store last year. barber said gabrielle giffords asked him to run for the democratic nomination. a cruise returning to fort lauderdale early after another virus at sea. nearly 200 members on board the ship became ill with the noro virus. this is the third time this has happened in the past few weeks. go to for more headliance. >> greta: caught on camera, shocking kidnapping attempt. it happened right in the middle of a georgia walmart store. it shows britney walking around the store and man appears and tries to carry her off. she fights back and kicks and screams and man suddenly let's her go. police are calling the
1:43 am
seven-year-old girl a hero for getting away. she says she did what she learned in school. they are talking about the terrifying experience. >> i mom. >> i was afraid because i thought she was scared but when she told me someone tried to get her, i couldn't believe it. >> greta: sort of a soon after incident they arrested a suspect. thomas woods is already on probation in georgia hand he denied any involvement in the kidnapping attempt. woods insists he wasn't there. police say the story could have ended another way. it's important reminder to parents to teach what to do when approached by strangers. >> the port of los angeles spent half a million dollars in federal stimulus money to refurbish a vip yacht.
1:44 am
mayor says the money was well spent but darrell issa wants to know whether they should spend money on yacht, it's supposed to go to job creation. byron york joins us, why was the money spent? >> they had stimulus money to spend it. this yacht is 42 years old. it's used to take vips visiting dignitaries on tours on the port of los angeles. it had diesel engines and had to be replaced by hybrid engines. it was really part of the president and congress's green energy program that was part of the stimulus. >> greta: replacement of $500,000 of hybrid engine, those engines need to be replaced. they could have been replaced with $200,000. it would have been much cheap
1:45 am
are for the taxpayers to begin with. >> right. this is part of the whole president's green energy program that goes all the way from solyndra to things like this. you have to remember the stimulus money that was spent was not just to create jobs. it was also to enact the president's agenda and to enact the congress's agenda at the time it was passed. green energy was part of that. new yorker published a memo that hasn't been published before by chief economic advisor shortly before the new administration took office. memo said the short run imperative of the stimulus was to identify as many campaign promises or high profile items that send out quickly. its key tool for advancing clean energy goals and fulfilling a number of campaign commitments. so if you look at it that way,
1:46 am
swapping out these old diesel engines for hybrid engines is exactly what the stimulus intended. >> greta: how many jobs were created. they weren't long term jobs. once they put them in the boat, that was it? >> we don't know the details on that. because congressman issa has asked the questions but they haven't been answered yet. we do know from local news reports they were replaced using city workers, no new people were hired to do this. presumably somewhere in the world made the new hybrid engines. you can say that is stimulate that go business but swapping the old diesels out of this yacht, nobody was hired to do that. >> greta: who owns this yacht? >> the city of los angeles. it's a 73-foot used for city purposes, visiting dignitaries. it was used for a cruise for the mayor's office interns. it's not just for tourists, but
1:47 am
for people that the city of los angeles wants to take around the port. >> greta: it doesn't have a historic significance that jimmy carter sold, it was part of the late 20s. this 73 yacht. >> this yacht was built in 1970 and acquired by the city in 1988. it has no special historical significance. >> greta: mayor is happy as can be developing this expend to your to get jobs in his city? >> if you look at local news report he is running from the issue. i think he said it was a justifiable expense but he has referred all details to the port of los angeles. those are the people that congressman issa is asking questions of. >> greta: is the obama administration said anything about this? >> no, it's too early. this started with local news reports. people found out about diesel
1:48 am
engines that were perfectly functioning being replaced by the hybrid engines. >> greta: thank you. >> thank you, greta. >> greta: this is a fox news alert, office of congressional ethics is investigating senator balk us. the chairman has been under investigation since late last year. he has been a frequent trade other capitol hill. the report reports on suspicious trades on financial disclosure form. this is not a formal ethics inquiry. he is quoted as saying the office of congressional ethics has requested information and welcome the opportunity to present the facts and set the record straight. >> straight ahead, forget fancy dinner, nothing says romance like pizza.
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>> greta: here is the best of the rest. valentine's day.
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>> greta: 11:00 is almost here, time for last call. rush limbaugh taken down scarlett johansson. what did the movie star do? >> scanson said toda today -- scarlett johansson said today in front of me in the "us" magazine, she ripped into santorum for wearing sweater vests. if that is not stylish, that they're unfashionable. and that she had statements that it's ridiculous. it's from "us" magazine. santorum's sweater vest. you are the idiots that can't makeup your minds z scarlett johanssons, others like her? those are the people we should
1:59 am
be listening to. the choices of rick santorum fair game for scarlett johansson who stepped out at a tuesday fund-raiser for obama. here is what she said about santorum's mode of dress. oh, gosh. so sad, wore a sweater vest. they're charming for family photos and dinner with grandparents. there is a way to wear a sweater vest but i'm not sure. now what does that mean? scarlett johansson wizard of smarts, you, unable to makeup your own mind about who to vote for. >> that is your last call and we're closing down shop. thank you for being with us tonight. go to tonight there is an open thread. i want you to