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tv   FOX Report  FOX News  February 12, 2012 7:00pm-8:00pm EST

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you next fox news sunday. >> i'm harris falkner, this is the fox report, how did pop legend whitney houston die? the next step in finding out is the case moves now to the coroner's office and word tonight of an autopsy. ♪ and i, i will always love you ♪ >> a legendary voice silented. and it's rising up in moments and remembering whitney houston on the biggest night as search for answers into her death take a new turn. and looking ahead to the next big test in the hunt for the
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republican nomination after conservative hand mitt romney two big scores. and new reaction from someone from the race for the white house last time around. >> i believe that most voters in the g.o.p. and independents, we will want to see that candidate who we can trust will inhauntly turn right. >> harris: what else one of the biggest names in politics is saying about the g.o.p. race. and who doesn't want to be a millionaire? powerball fever just paid off, to the you tune of 326 million dollars. we begin tonight with new developments in the death of a music icon. the body of whitney houston now moved to the los angeles county morgue. she was found yesterday in a beverly hills hotel room just hours before she was expected to attend a huge party ahead of the world's largest awards show. just 48 years old. reports paramedics discovered had her lifeless body in a bathtub and tmz reports
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prescription bottles in the room at the beverly hilton shall no word how that will figure into the investigation, thursday night houston attended a rehearsal for the grammy awards and witnesses at that party claiming she appeared disheveled, but singer who appeared with her at a club said she was happy. whitney on thursday night was one of the girls. of course, houston's past trouble well-known she admitted to abusing cocaine, marijuana and pills and going to rehab more than once before telling oprah winfrey in 2010 she was finally drug-free. houston sometimes volatile marriage to singer bobby brown had been splashed on the tabloids and they divorced in 2007. from all accounts she started to bounce back and her mentor, clive davis, was holding the traditional pre-gramma gala and had expected whitney to sing. and davis saying this when he
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heard the news of her death. >> quote, i am personally devastated by the loss of someone who has meant so much to me. she was full of life, looking forward to tonight, she loved music and she loved this night that celebrated music. now, police trying to determine what led up to the legendary singer's death and she has fox team coverage and anna is live at the hometown of new jersey, in newark. casey stegall. >> reporter: some the biggest names in the the biz converging on staple center behind me in downtown los angeles, for the grammy awards, let's take you live now to the red carpet. not far from where i'm standing and watch this screen closely. they show up at random and you never know who you may see. a-listers making their way in because the grammies starts in less than an hour now. at five o'clock local time, that's eight o'clock eastern, and go until 11:30 eastern time. the awards of course, will still be handed out tonight, but it is safe to say, the
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focus of this year's show has shifted from the nominees to the late whitney houston. the pop icon was supposed to be walking down this very red carpet tonight. that is why she was out here in los angeles in the first place. and when word of houston's death made its way to the grammy's rehearsal here yesterday, the show's producers grieving and both scrambling all at the same time. >> i have made a call to jennifer hudson and she accepted our invitation to come and she's a good friend of the grammys and she's had very significant appearances on the show and it felt right to ask her if she would come and help us, and which she will do musically. >> hudson will sing houston's iconic, "i will always love", reports that jennifer hudson broke down at rehearsal and paused to collect herself and
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fox news channel confirming that the autopsy was completed today and we should point out because of her past a lot of people are wondering if drugs or alcohol played a role in her death and we still have to wait, it takes six to eight weeks for toxicology reports to come in which would show us that. the official cause of death will not be released until that time. the beverly hills police department does tell us there were no signs of criminal intent or foul play in miss whitney houston's hotel room at the famed beverly hilton hotel where her life ended yesterday, harris. >> harris: i want to point out and i don't know if i can go back to a shot. people are filling in live. i believe that was katy perry with hair matching her gown and of course, that's gail king, we're watching a little bit of that, a second question for you now and i should say my first question is, whitney houston's daughter rushed to the hospital earlier today. do we know yet what happened? >> reporter: yeah, we do.
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the beverly hills fire department transporting bobbi kristina from the beverly hilton to nearby cedar sinai medical center and we have video seeing her taken out of the hotel on a stretcher, loaded up into the back of an ambulance. doctors say that they treated her for stress and anxiety, but the 18-year-old has been released. it is unclear if she will grace the red corporate there at the grammy's tonight. obviously, having a very, he very difficult time with this news. harris, as you know, she was with her mother in the days leading up to that event yesterday. >> harris: yeah and quickly, casey, awen wri e-mailing about this earlier, people wondering whether there are any arrangements made yet. way too early for us to know that at this point. >> yeah, it is way too early because the police are reiterating that the investigation is very-- very much still in the infancy stages, and we don't have any word yet from the houston family on funeral
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arrangements, where they would be, memorial tributes, but of course, that will be coming out in the days and weeks to come. >> harris: absolutely, casey stegall, thank you very much. from a very early age it seemed that whitney houston was destined to greatness, the daughter of gospel singer sissy houston, cousin of deon warwick and god daughter of aretha franklin. by the syme she was 11 years old she was already singing in the choir at her church and spent teenage years alongside her mom and backup in chaka kahn's hit single, "i'm every woman" years later a representative from arista records heard her and convinced the top guy clive davis to sign her. and from there her career exploded. and people who knew her from her humble begins in new jersey, missing her tonight. >> she was a beautiful individual.
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everybody should respect the fact that she was a daughter, a mother, a friend. >> and-- >> down to earth, when i first met her, and seriously, you know, so i'm just saying, you know, god bless her, may she rest in peace. >> dozens of people echoing those words during a memorial service at the church where houston got her beginnings there. our team fox coverage continues with anna live in newark, we heard from a lot of people talking about how much she meant to this community. >> yeah, and mentioned, too, that her career absolutely exploded and no doubt, this is the place where it all began, harris, her mother, the well-known gospel singer, sissy houston use today lead the programs at the church and a lot of people have been coming forward and saying all kinds of fantastic things about whitney houston and everywhere, but especially here in this community and
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performing arts school and 1997, and the city council actually began each of their meetings with the star spangled banner, her rendition from super bowl 25 at the pinnacle of her career. behind me you see a makeshift memorial that was started earlier today, when hundreds of people were packing in to these services that were celebrating her life. rest rand jesse jackson says he's reaching out to the family with a heavy heart. >> and debilitating sicknesses and when this happens there's no rational explanation and you have to lean to your faith and hold on until the morning com comes. >> harris: well, anna, i know that you-- . >> reporter: harris, we're having a little bit of audio problems here, but i will say that she never forgot her roots. >> harris: i know that you've
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been talking all day long with members of the church. what are they telling you? >> well, it seems that she certainly never forgot her roots and everybody loves her music and families, friends, everybody here seems to have some sort of connection to her, and we heard from a few of them, let's take a listen. >> my mother grew up with her, her mom used to baby sit my mother, she's from my hometown. >> she was my american idol before there was american idol. she's amazing, never be a voice like her again. >> reporter: and new jersey governor chris christie mentioning her soaring talent and comparing her to some of the other greats that came from the state of new jersey, like frank sinatra and bruce springsteen. certainly, one of the greats, harris. >> harris: well, it was so interesting to hear that one woman put it so sweetly. our american idol before there ever was the show, american idol. and. >> reporter: yeah. >> harris: and of course-- . >> reporter: and i feel the same way. >> harris: thank you very much. and let's go on to our
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nation's capital, the political battle over birth control, and more specifically, the president's policy regarding free couldn't sen tiffs for certain employees. the white house chief of staff saying president obama is finished, negotiating, jack lu reacting earlier today to recent objections to catholic leaders over the rule requiring all employers to provide coverage for birth control. on friday, as we know, we reported mr. obama revised that mandate to what he called accommodate those objections, making religious employers like churches exempt from having to offer free birth control coverage to employees. the responsibility then shifting, it would be to insurers, but the u.s. conference of catholic bishops still objecting to the president's bill tonight, saying that the only real solution is to rescind the mandate. the white house chief of staff stating that's not going to happen and now, the senate's top republican leader calling for a vote on birth control and the mandate. steve centanni live with the news and more on this, steve.
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>> with congress threatening to act and catholic bishops beginning their outcry, the white house chief of staff drew a line in the sand on fox news sunday. >> you're not going to change despite what the bishops said. >> that policy is clear. >> your policy is clear, meaning no revisions to the-- >> we've set out our policies. >> and that's it? >> and we're going to finalize it in the final rules, but i think what the president announced on friday, is a balanced approach that meets the concerns raised both in terms of access to health care and in terms of protecting religious liberties. >> now, the president's compromise on contraception allows for the insurance companies and not the catholic institutions to fund and facilitate birth control. and archdiocese timothy dolan head of the conference of bishops struck a conciliatory tone tonight than at that statement issued by the group, and they're now saying that the devil is in the details and it's too early to judge the president's compromise one way or another. and meantime, the senate
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minority leader mcconnell supporting the idea of legislation and calling for further white house action. >> this issue will not go away until the administration simply backs down. and they don't have the authority under the first amendment to the united states constitution to tell someone in this country or some oranges v organization in this country what their religious beliefs are. >> the senate bill would allow exemptions to any group opposing birth control. >> harris: frightening moments on a passenger airliner, as a passenger storms the cockpit and attacks the pilot. a little girl buried alive in more than 30 feet of snow. look at here and what it took to get that little one out. and republicans handed presidential candidate mitt romney a victory in maine. there's doubt whether that's really such a big deal. his opponent taking shots and
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>> fox news is america's election headquarters and we have new reaction to presidential candidate mitt romney's win in the maine caucuses. the former massachusetts governor beating ron paul by three percentage points in maine and romney getting 39% of the vote to paul's 36. now the candidates and a big voice in the republican party. former alaskan governor sarah palin all weighing in on the results in maine and that's as we look ahead to the next big contest. peter doocy with more from washington. >> maine takes mitt and the former governor of neighboring massachusetts says the voters of maine sent a clear message it's past time to send an outside tower the white house, a conservative with a lifetime of experience in the private
7:18 pm
sector. but, former alaskan governor sarah palin, the keynote speaker as this cpac conference, says she isn't so sure that governor romney will always err on the side of conservativism. >> i'm not convinced and i don't think the majority of g.o.p. voters are convinced and that's why you don't see romney hit over that hump. >> congressman ron paul has concerns about romney's conservative credentials, but those are concerns of the whole field. >> i think he's as conservative as the other two, that's my point. i don't think he's he less conservative. >> meanwhile, maine third place finisher rick santorum already thinks he's in a two man race. >> this is a two person race rice nout, how we're focused on it. look at the results from maine, we didn't spend time there, did much better than expected. >> the ap's overall delegate count puts romney ahead of the rest of the pack 123 delegates, next up are arizona
7:19 pm
and michigan and 59 con bined delegates on the 28th and 40 and followed by 419 op super tuesday. a candidate needs 1,144 to clinch the nomination, harris. >> harris: peter, thank you, a day after the two little boys were buried, police once again searching for any clues, their dad josh powell may have left behind and investigators combi combing for papers that he may have dumped before he killed his two little boys last week and a storage locker where he they say he stored a comforter that tested positive for traces of blood. and powell in the dispeens of his wife in 2009. some now calling the murder of his two children the admission of guilt in his wife's death, but now they're still looking for definitive evidence. boats used as suicide bombs.
7:20 pm
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>> a fox urgent. we're waiting to hear from the los angeles county coroner's office in a follow-up on the death of whitney houston. a coroner official expected to speak moments from now, we're getting word and we'll bring that as soon as it happens. we've told you earlier about an autopsy and casy stegall out in l.a. was saying that an autopsy has been performed and toxicology has been weeks away, as that takes shape and we hear from the coroner's office we will take that live coming up here live inside the
7:24 pm
fox report. on to iran, iran has boats that could be used in suicide attacks against our military. and that's according to the top u.s. navy official in the persian gulf. but vice admiral mike fox who heads fleet saying that the u.s. forces are prepared and the navy has a wide range of option has is ready and vice admiral fox saying the military has increased the numbers of submarines and fast attack crafts and a blow against american ships and his comments following the threats of iran to close the straits of hormuz. and nearly all of the middle east sales through that outlet. and saying it's only a matter of time about president assad loses power. the reports in syria growing more by the hour. military engaged rebel fighters this the city of
7:25 pm
homs. and now expect today ask the united nations to step in and end the bloodshed. what would that look like? dominic di-natale across the border of syria and lebanon for the latest. >> and harris, up to his old tricks, trying to stir up the chaos in syria as it did in iraq. and the jihadist website and late on saturday, saying that this is in the neighboring countries around syria should join in the opposition and gouge out what he described as the cancerous regime and could not rely on western countries to help them. the video comes as activists in homes report that government troops are using human shields on their tanks and also claim 59 children have been killed in the past week. we can't independently verify that because the government continues to search for direct within the country. arab nations spent sunday
7:26 pm
trying to find ways of fresh intervention that includes expending the mission in syria and harris, that includes the possibility of monitoring from the united nations, a potentially controversial move. on top of that, u.s. senator lieberman adds his voice it's perhaps time to arm the opposition, and the humanitarian flight such as hann and it will be helping those people out. harris? >> dominique di-natale, thank you very much. if you plan to commit a crime and then run from police, better make sure you're fully dressed. the we'll show you one robbery suspect who apparently didn't get that message. and we are awaiting now a news conference by the los angeles coroner's office, i was just telling you moments ago, that we are expecting to hear what if any news has come out of their investigation. and now, that the body of music legend whitney houston has been delivered to the morgue. we'll have more as that happens, we'll bring it to you live. and now, reaction pouring in
7:27 pm
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♪ >> the last song pop legend whitney houston performed before her death. she surprised party goers at a pre-grammy bash and going on stage and singing yes, jesus loves me. and as we awaiting to find out how she died, we're waiting the coroner of los angeles county expecting to talk live in a news conference, whitney houston body found in a bathtub reportedly at the beverly hilton hotel yesterday. and reports that police finding bottles of pills in her hotel room. no detail on what exactly was in those bottles and how that will fit into the investigation. and later today, word of her daughter, 19-year-old bobbi kristina was rushed to a hospital. abc news reporting doctors treated her for stress and anxiety and you can imagine that. we're told she is he' now out of the hospital. whitney houston had just wrapped work on a new film.
7:32 pm
ironically it tells the story of a singing group dealing with the troubles caused by fame and drugs. and the company behind it confirming they planned to release that movie in august. let's go now live to our casey stegall in los angeles and casey, again, we're waiting to hear word from the coroner's office minutes away. any indication what they may be telling us? >> harris, they could well come out and say that the autopsy has been complete although we already know that information because we were outside of the l.a. county coroner's office, live for the first part of the day before we came over here to staples center to cover the grammy aspect of it and they could come out and say that there is a preliminary cause of death that's been determined and you have to realize, however, that we have to wait on toxicology reports before an official cause of death can be made and that can take up to eight weeks or so. and think of it this way, an autopsy essentially happens in two phases, harris, first, you have a physical examination of the body and they look,
7:33 pm
obviously, for any markings on the exterior if there was a sign of foul play, blows to the skin, bruising, things like that and look at internal organs. reporting that she may have drown in her hotel room bathtub, obviously, looking at her lungs to see if there's water in her lungs. reports then that blood be and tissue samples are collected and then sent off to an independent laboratory for testing. and that is what is so crucial here, because it would detect drug use. illegal or prescription or the presence of alcohol and if those things are present in lethal doses, and it takes a little bit of time for those results to come in, they can put a rush on them, but again, the coroner's office says it can take up to eight weeks, so, when the chief deputy coroner ed winter comes out if they're on time it should happen 50 past the hour, he could come out and say that the autopsy has been done or
7:34 pm
we may learn more, it's anyone's guess at this point. >> harris: this is interesting, it's crossing the associated press wires and adding to what you're saying, the detail, the captain with the beverly hills police department and also coroner's officials now saying that houston's scheduled autopsy, as that comes in from today, they are now on a security hold, preventing them from releasing any details on its status or whether any probable cause of death was even established from that autopsy. >> all right. >> harris: until further notice so that may be also, you know, echoing what you're saying, we may not learn more than what we know right, but this security hold is an interesting thing. we've seen this before, particularly with celebrity cases. >> absolutely. you took the word right out of my mouth ap obviously, this is a very high profile case, you have a lot of media, a lot of agencies that have been flooding that, that coroner's office today with phone calls, trying to get information. the family could ask, in fact,
7:35 pm
that these results be withheld. you know, there are a number of things at play here and you know, the beverly hills police have said that no foul play is suspected, but you have to also bear in mind that there could be litigation at some point down the line, if i'm just throwing out a hypothetical here, if a doctor was prescribing medication to wit whitney that she didn't necessarily need, as in the case we saw with michael jackson and there are court proceedings down the road and specific chain of custodies they must follow and that's possibly why a security hold could be on this, because of the high profile nature of it being whitney houston. >> harris: and your experience on covering the other cases, definitely helpful in informing us what this might be, casey. also the associated press reporting that the beverly hills police department says it may be able to release more information after monday afternoon, but that will depend on quote, whether they feel comfortable releasing this. all of this speaking to the
7:36 pm
hoe profile nature that you're keeping. and we'll keep that steakout there. also a live picture floating around and grammys getting start to get started a little behind you and there has to have been some reaction tonight on the red carpet? >> yeah, absolutely, harris. you know, legends from gladys knight to newcomers like adele sharing the red carpet at staple center behind me, a lot of mixed emolestations i've got to say out here, of course, people nominated for awards are feeling that level of excitement of course, but there is definitely an undertone i think that goes without saying. i mean, whitney houston herself won six grammies and she inspired a lot of the newer artists to get into the business and here just a sampling of what some of the people have stopped and talked to us about tonight. take a listen. >> and when she came out of the box in the 80's, it was class like lena horne with the
7:37 pm
the sensibility of a soul singer and who knew she could act like that as well. >> and-- the grammys kick off in 30 minutes at eight o'clock eastern, eastern time and jennifer hudson is supposed to do a tribute and she's going to sing that iconic, "i will always love you" song, reports that jennifer hudson was breaking down that she had to stop at the rehearsal this afternoon a couple of times while see was running through that number because she was overcome with emotion and she had to pause and collect herself. cha chaka kahn is supposed to perform and anybody in front of a microphone will no doubt talk about whitney houston. >> harris: and chaka kahn will be part of a tribute, i reported earlier, whitney houston singing backup at the beginning of her career for the hit single "i'm every woman" for chaka kahn.
7:38 pm
i'm able 0 confirm the security hold from unwith of our producers there on the ground with you, casey or i should say away from where you are now. the security hold by the beverly hills police department, so, all this have confirming what you and i have been talking about and your reporting revealed to us, typical of a case like this. >> right. yeah, you know, it's again, they want to make sure that all of the i's are dotted and the t's are crossed and don't want any mistakes to be made. the last thing a police department or county agency wants is for someone to come back a couple of weeks, months from now and point fingers and say that things were not done properly. so, there's obviously a certain degree of sensitivity and dell casty that has to be used in handling the investigation here. and we also need to bear in mind the 24 hours news cycle, harris, you asked me earlier, about if we had he' heard word on a funeral arrangement coming down or anything like
7:39 pm
that, it's only been about 24 hours, really, since this news broke, and there have been a lot of interesting developments and a lot of twists and turns, a lot of reaction in the last 24 hours, but, in the whole grand scheme of things, one day, really, no time at all. >> now, it's so true. and you see that questions in people's tweets and virtual messages about how it it just seems surreal still to many of them and the rest of us. thank you very much, and of course, and casey and i have been telling you, the los angeles coroner's office, steps up to the microsoft to perhaps fill us in more on what's happening in their investigation, and now, that the body of whitney houston is in the morgue, scheduled for autopsy, we believe, completed today, but perhaps they will confirm what the details in all of this are. we of course will bring that to you live. we're going to move on now. real winter weather returning with a vengeance to cleveland.
7:40 pm
our top story in america. ohio, intense snow causing, white-outs, and a foot of snow fell. winter's return may be a pain for drivers, but kids are not complaining. >> like, really, people, come on, it's snow! >> florida, a wanted man caught with his pants down. sarasota police got him in handcuffs and officers busting him after a day long crime spree that ended with a high speed chase and a standoff. no stranger to trouble, he had several felony convictions and he was just released from prison. >> new hampshire, state motto, live free or die. and some people may have to live fragrance free. a bill in the works banning state workers from wearing perfume or scented products,
7:41 pm
the reason, to make things easier for people with allergy. >> oregon, some brave souls taking the plunge into a frigid columbia river in portland, raising money for the special olympics, 4,000 people pulling $50 apiece and several plunges across the state and that's the fox watch across america. greek leaders passing tough new measures to prevent a potential economic catastrophe, that crossing the associated press wires just moments ago, all this have is violence, explodes again on the streets there. thousands of people attacking police with fire bombs, how the chaos could affect us at home in the pocket book. a dramatic video of a little girl's rescue. after a five-year-old girl was rescued after an avalanche flattened her house. we're live moments away now from a news conference we're expecting to hear directly
7:42 pm
from the department of coroner's. the medical examiner's office in los angeles, the very latest in the death investigation. pop legend whitney houston gone way too soon, way too early. 48 years old. the latest live on that when we return. [ male announcer ] in bli, even ragu users chose prego. prego?! but i've been buying ragu for years. [ thinking ] i wonder what other questionable choices i've made? [ '80s dance music plays ] [ sighs ] [ male announcer ] choose taste. choose prego.
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when it's game time. when the day's only half over but my energy is all gone. when i need the energy to start exercising. every day. every day. every day is a 5-hour energy day. 5-hour energy. every day. >> fwresh fresh violence on the streets of greece, as they try to tackle the growing debt crisis and the decisions made there could ultimately affect the economic recovery here in america. protesters throwing fire bombs and glass bottle at police who responded with tear gas and stun grenades. tens of thousands of people, many of them very angry over government plans to cut their wages, benefits and jobs. rioting earlier today outside parliament. inside, greek lawmakers deciding a short time ago whether to accept austerity measures to secure a massive
7:46 pm
bailout. they're trying to avoid a sdas tus default that has the potential to drag down europe and the retirement plans of the millions of the rest of his here and wall street set to react to today's events. we'll be following that. and crews trying to prevent a huge oil spill. the latest on the doomed costa concordia, underwater pumping operations to try to safely remove more than a half million gallons of fuel from the ship. rough weather and concerns with the ship's stability have halted fuel pumping up to this point. it's said to take four weeks of nonstop work to get all of that fuel out of the ship and the cost of concordia ran aground killing 17 people and as of late. 15 remain missing and fears now, that a massive fuel leak could contaminate the water, which are a sanctuary for dolphins in that area. a flight from uruguay to
7:47 pm
brazil forced to make an emergency landing after witnesses say a passenger attacked the pilot in the cockpit. it happened with a government official, a man with a fake i.d. badge broke in and assaulted the pilot and crew members trying to subway the man. at one point, witnesses say the plane dove to the right, sparking panic. well, i can imagine. we're told the attacker fought back biting and hurting a half dozen crew members. finally got him under control and tied his hands with plastic cuffs and police later arrested the man and took him to a mental hospital. an amazing rescue in kosovo after an avalanche destroyed a home and a multinational drill underway this thailand to make sure life saving missions run smoothly, as we go around the world in 80 seconds.
7:48 pm
kosovo, a five-year-old girl pulled from the rubble of a house flattened by an avalanche. it killed both her parents and the at least seven other relatives. rescuers able to find the child after hearing her voice, and the ringing of a cell phone. she'd been buried for at least ten hours under 33 feet of snow. wow, that's a miracle. and thailand, a multinational military drill between u.s. marines and our asian allies, the ten day event code named gold. and u.s. service members taking part in evaluation exercises meant to increase effectiveness in disaster situations. >> iraq, a new oil export terminal officially opened off the coast of bazra. the country plans to begin boosting oil exports in that part of the country by up to 300,000 barrels a day. and it's considered a vital step to bring in cash for
7:49 pm
reconstruction after decades of war and sanctions. japan. value dines day on tuesday. nothing says love like a robot, the tokyo shop use ago female android to help sell chocolate and apparently it's working. so, maybe that's what you need. chocolates from a she-bot. and that's a fox wrap on a trip around the world in 80 seconds. >> harris: we're awaiting a live news conference from the los angeles county coroner's office on whitney houston's death. we'll bring that to you as soon as it begins. stay close. uh, tissues si i'm sick. you don't cough, you d't show defeat. give me your war face! raaah! [ male announcer ] halls. a pep talk in every drop. but think about your heart. 2% has over half the saturated fat of whole milk. want to cut back on fat and not compromisen taste? try smart balance fat free milk. it's what you'd expect from the folks at smart balance.
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>> we're awaiting the news conference at the news conference and i'm watching now the associated press
7:53 pm
wires, coroner's officials saying they will not release information on whitney houston autopsy and investigating her death. this is confirmed through fox news and our producer on the ground in los angeles there is a security hold on the information about the autopsy and we already know from our correspondent casey stegall is reporting tonight, that there are toxicology reports that could take six to eight weeks and let's bring back casey, can we do that? he's live for us in los angeles and casey this is confirming some of what we knew. are we expecting any other details to come forward? >> you know, harris, it's hard to say at this point. and i was outside of the los angeles county coroner's office and we talked about last night and again, hate to keep bringing up michael jackson, but this is reminiscent of right now, and in the exact parking lot as we were talking about anticipating his memorial service at staples center behind me tonight it's the
7:54 pm
grammies and i was thereafter they came out after the autopsy of michael jackson was complete and at that time they didn't real least a whole lot of information they said, yes he, he is here and we have completed the autopsy and we're going to have to wait toxicology reports and it wasn't until several weeks later that we got that information. it turns out that the jackson family ended up ordering an independent autopsy after the los angeles county coroner's office had conducted one with opens of getting the results faster, but, it could very well be a situation like that, where the coroner comes out and says, we have completed the autopsy on whitney houston and we're going to have to wait for the toxicology reports to come back i know they were trying to figure out the latest, outside of the coroner's office today and it's speculation at this point and harris, one thick, i'm sorry, go ahead. >> i was going to point out
7:55 pm
you had brought this up earlier, and a good point to make and now seeing an example of this relatively speaking this has ticked along quickly and only been a little more than 24 hours, and we've seen a lot of activity today. and people tuning in, and that the body of whitney houston was taken not long ago and this is very fast, casey. this is a, we're following this live on twitter harris, and people want the latest fix and headline, but these things do take time and we need to bare that in mind. if the public is so anxious to get the results, the members of the press, think about what the family of whitney houston is going through. you have to think about that, and they have lost their loved one here at 48 years old and i'm sure that time has crawled for them, the last 24 hours,
7:56 pm
and harris, one thing that i wanted to talk about that's also important in addition to the autopsy itself also-- >> casey, i'm he going to cut in. casey, will the me cut in, the los angeles coroner's office now stepping to the mic. let's listen. >> okay, is everybody ready? okay. and ed winter assistant chief l.a. county department of coroner. we have concluded the autopsy on miss whitney houston. it was concluded today there will be no cause of death at this time because it is pending toxicology and that could take up to six to eight weeks. at this time her cause of death is deferred and we are finishing with all of our testing and will be ongoing investigation. >> is there any-- (inaudible). >> yes, there is, beverly
7:57 pm
hills requested a security hold on the case so there will be no additional information put out as far as what was discovered in the room, any details of that nature. we're not commenting on that either. (inaudible) >> no, no comment on that, that, you need additional testing. i know there's reports that she maybe was drown or overdosed, but we won't make a final determination until all of the tests are in. >> and water in the bathtub? >> i'll just comment she was found in the bathtub that was put out by beverly hills p.d. i believe somebody removed her from the bathtub and the paramedics did cpr on her. there was no visible signs of drama. and foul play is not suspected
7:58 pm
at this time. >> (inaudible) >> and i'm not going to comment. what-- and any prescription drugs or illegal drugs would be found in her system, so that's what we will be looking for, also. >> and you reported that-- (inaudible) >> i'm not going to comment on any of the meds or prescriptions that were be obtained. as i said, a security hold. and that's about it. no, no, we don't have dealing here at our facility. at this time we don't have -- there's no signs of foul play.
7:59 pm
>> and (inaudible). we're looking at all aspects of the case and hopefully maybe by weapons or thursday this next week, i can give you another update and there won't be anything else this evening or probably tomorrow or the next day. >> harris: let's rejoin now as we wrap up here on fox report, we're able to bring you the live news conference from the los angeles coroner's office and casey, if you can join me here quickly, i saw a couple of things that were key. no comments on the meds found, the bottles of pills and that's been confirmed by this coroner representative and no viewing for the family, whitney houston's family not able to go. you have quick thoughts? >> yeah, harris, that's interesting that he talks about the meds that's also the job of a coroner's office not only to conduct the autopsy, but also inventory that was found in that room and detectives hand it it over to them so if there was this xanax and some reports of what was in there, the coroner's office would be


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