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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  July 10, 2012 3:00am-4:00am EDT

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it is rick leventhal. >> thank you. >> and no -- no one is amused by junk he calls news. good to see you, pinch. >> today "the times"'s roving reporter compares the godiness of the live eleven's new smith center to lib raw chee. i knew the flamboyantly dressed piano strumming rogue. many a night was spent in his opulent penthouse as he strummed away on a candle uh bra and keyboard. and then -- and then, well, that's all i president what to say about that. -- that's all i want to say about that. you gave fancy man paper cut on bathing suit area. of all of the stories i tell you, and that's the one you remember. fetch me my cam chamomile you retch. that's it. that is it. >> so is being on-line taxing our minds?
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e-mail, text, tweets and the rest are making us more lonely and depressed and possibly crazy. according to news week, kids ask your great grandparents what that is. the proof is piling up that it is unhealthy meaning it is prone to acd and add. those are all letters and psychotic disorders. one oxford professor says on-line activity could leave us glassy eyed zombies. another says, quote, it encourages and even promotes insanity. and a neuro scientist notes, quote, the computer is like electronic cocaine. tell me more. meanwhile, backlash against new technology has begun.
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>> good to see zach is still finding work. rick, scans are showing the internet is actually rewiring our brains, assuming you have one. is this scary or arousing or a bit of both? >> it is ridiculous. remember when they said the automobile was evil? remember when they said man shouldn't fly? remember when they say fire would be the end of civilization? >> how old are you? i don't remember any of this. >> i remember all of it and here we are. it is progress. >> here is the thing. they did say like with the microwave oven, don't stand by the microwave oven because it will give off things and make you sterile. this is different. there is something about this because they are looking at brains, jill, and they are saying that there is evidence. should we turn off the internet? >> i don't know the answer.
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i know biochemists. people get confused all the time. these articles assume we are doing something available with our time if we were not on-line. i would still be buying stuff i can't afford and don't need in person instead of on the internet. i would be throwing rocks at bill's cardboard house. i don't know if it would do me any good to get off line. >> what happens is you were actually just as self-destructive, but more doughy because you were not out there throwing the rock. >> it is good cardio. >> it is good cardio. it is reducing -- the bullying keeps you in shape. joe, news week says we are tethered to technology so every ping could be social, sexual or professional opportunities which is never the case for you, sadly. try to comment on it as if it were. >> i'm sorry. it is hard to see through awflt insults. it is hard to see through all of the insults. i think they are absolutely right. when they speak out against
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this thing you are labeled as an old man. you don't get it or you are a crab or whatever. dangerous things are happening and the one danger is as this thing is making us lethargic and more brain dead, it is putting big brother in the palm of our hands. >> is that your nickname? >> yes. >> everybody thought the brother was going to be cameras and lamp posts, but no, this is it. we are now ready roughing each other constant -- recording each other constantly. that's what happens. they give you something sexy and alluring and you use it and it is the thing that destroys you. >> people are willingly giving away their private information on facebook that somebody tried to get from you elsewhere and it was evasive. >> 1984 is something we were volunteering for. >> and it is now popular and does get press exposure at least on-line to take somebody and expose them on twitter. there are articles about that on-line where somebody takes -- somebody will tweet
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and literally ruin somebody's life. th guy is hitting on me. married, dada, da. >> i know what you are talking about. >> the that thing is applauded. >> you are still mad about the woman outing the guy on the plane? >> i am not about that specifically. i am mad in general. >> back in the day the town cryer talked about that. >> how old are you? i don't remember any of these things. >> everything has side affects. >> that was by the ye old jug shop you used to work at. >> don't you think -- but don't you think that logic -- this is just like -- this is an extreme example, but saying , hey, this is just progress and that is just part of it and it is just good fun or whatever you want to say, that's like running into the graces of the dictator. this is the evil. it is right there in front of us. people are running and saying, if you are not down with this,
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you don't get it. >> you are nuts. nuts in a serious, psychological way. do you remember the days when they introduced the sponge stick that used to go into the outhouse. you leave it in a bucket of vinegar and water. you were so scared of that, weren't you? >> google would have crossed the rebellion 18 to 1. >> let's weigh the good versus the bad. i want to talk about the good of the internet. >> like? >> good stuff. >> as opposed to -- >> we would go to the library. >> he is right. i am one of the last generations to remember micro-f. >> there are benefits to the internet, but as usual like anything else in this country when left to our own responsibilities we ruin it and abuse it. >> i think you are missing the point here. they are talking about
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biological changes. they are talking about socio logical consequences. the biological thing is we feel tethered now to everything, and it is actually changing the way we think in a way, and i said this before, but we are turning like the earth into one brain where each one is a cell and we are operating and we will become one modified blob of thought, and then we are all going to die. >> we have access to more information at our fingertips. it is a moiment's notice. we are smarter. >> speak for yourself. >> we are lonely and can solve problems. >> just say it. we can look up star lets on google image. it is as simple as that. >> given the point you just made, those are not separate. one is a product of the other. >> i agree. >> last word to bill,. you actually found an old fax machine on the street. how is the internet on that thing? >> i haven't been able to work it. i don't know if it is because
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i don't have an outlet to put the plug in. >> so to improve this, for example, part of our brain atrophies if we are not using it a lot. a lot is related to the iphone. my nephew is three and a half years old. no lie he knows how to work an iphone better than i can. the flip side is, he cannot get from his crib to the kitchen without using google map. i have that in my brain. he has no directional sense. >> it is called goo-goo, ga-ga map. >> can we go to break right now? i swear to god. i will flip this table over. >> somebody should copy write that, the goo-goo-ga-ga map. babies if they have to go they get on they i-pooh. >> i am loving it. uncle sam regrets sending too many checks. according to the labor department, in 2011 federal and state governments overpaid
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unemployment benefits. to put that in perspective that is $14 billion rolls of pennies. most of the overpayments go goes to those not actively searching for a job. those who are fired or quit voluntarily, and midgets. those who continue to file claims even though they returned to, would. the labor department is trying to recoup some of the lost funds. and vice president biden has been tasked with leading the, quote, campaign and it started last year with the aim of cutting waste. all of this raises the questions, are kittens afraid of sneezes dism -- sneezes? >> that is troubling. jill, unemployment insurance
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is the second highest rate of improper payment followed by the national school lunch program. isn't this the problem with the government? it is not their money and they don't care. >> the government -- my understanding is they want more people on unemployment, right? what they need to do is sell the pr out of this. they need to say, listen, we are giving away money left and right. they need to have a big check. they are handing out $14 billion and i didn't know about it. >> the thing i love about this, rick, is they are going to ask for it back. >> what i love is the three groups that deserve it the least are the ones that are benefiting the most. >> you don't need. it you already have a job. you are getting the money. >> i have to say, i know you, joe. you love it when you hear about people who cheat the system. without realizing that the system is your money.
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>> stick it to the man even if the man is me. >> i mean, look, how much money was really gone if they didn't really notice it was gone for that long? this is like when a waiter takes a french fry off your plate. do you really miss it? >> that's how corruption works. it is like people who steel a penny off your bill and give it to stlee00 million people and you are rich. but it is your money. by the way, the tax -- this is going to go -- the tax increases are supposed to pay for this sort of thing. you would need the tax increases . you are allotting the fact that they are stealing money from you, joe. >> i just don't care. i gave you your penny back. okay, thank you. i gave all 300 million pennies back. we all have our penny back. >> bill, if you were accidentally getting unemployment checks would you alert the government or wait a few months? >> i would wait for the rest
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of my life. i would never tell them anything. this seems to be more of a state thing than a federal thing. there is more than corn in indiana. it is called free money and i'm moving. to get to what you were saying as a formal waiter myself, it is not the frys we take, but it is the ones you put back you have to watch out about. and rarely do they involve our mouths. >> i am trying to warn the public. we are awful people. from the overpaid to the -- to a tirade. has his bluster lost its luster? chris kristy has his real name and engaging in a shout fest with some dude at the jersey shore. i believe it was stage and screen actor philip seymo re hoffman. he is always causing trouble in a speedo. roll tape, people who roll tape. >> you are a real big shot. >> keep walking.
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keep walking. >> pundits say it calls into question his readiness to be a vp nominee. locals seem to be less than pleased as well according to a poll 80% of respondents voted yes as to whether the government's outbursts make the state look bad. although they probably thought they were answering a different question which is, do you like birds? speaking of altercations, here is how things have been settled on the road. let me repeat that, speaking of altercations, here is how they are settled on the road in russia.
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that was r -- that was destruction explained. they just couldn't afford to buy baseball bats, jill, and that was how it worked. is there any chance the governor's latest episode might help his chances add a vp choice for romney? >> i identified with him because you may have noticed he was holding an ice cream cone. don't mess with someone when they are eating an ice cream cone in july. you do only have 90 seconds to eat it. >> that is a good point. at what point -- i love chris chris stey. chris christie. is now becoming a schtick? >> first of all, the ice cream explains a lot. the guy is like, come on! keep walking, buddy. what is he going to do? start a fist fight on a boardwalk? >> were both yelling keep walking or just one? the keep walking thing, that's when it -- when it gets to
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that point you have to fight. keep walking and you have to stop walking. jay that's the guy you want in the white house. that's the guy you want representing your country, isn't it? keep walking, russia, that's right. keep walking, buddy. >> something tells me he is a spiritual mentor to you. >> i love a guy in the public eye who is finally telling people to shut their dumb mouths and showing people there was a time when you were punched in the face. i think it is hilarious, and i think he was hilariously defensive. >> come and arm wrestle me right now. >> as he was walking away, he was patting him on the back and saying, calm down. dude, why are you getting so angry so quickly. i met him twice and he was never very nice to me. i asked him to do "red eye" and he acted like i was asking for like a kidney. it was like, dude, you need morning joe. that's terrible.
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>> is this going to hurt or help him be re-eleed in his own state? >> there is a question about that, and i don't have the answer. >> i actually used to have a house close to seaside heights. that happened all the time. someone ends up looking like the hero, and someone ends up getting their face smashed in. usually with the ice cream cone in their head. this case is not impressive because it is cool and it is blustery and it is like, you keep walking. let's not forget he had four security guards surrounding him the entire time. it is a lot easier to screw with a guy in the wife beater when you have got security. none of that was impressive. the ice cream was in no way going to get damaged. >> you know what was off screen? snooki and "the situation" where they were egging him on. jay if jersey didn't complain about their real housewives and hair salons, this was okay. coming up, do you have to
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kick old habits after having a baby? jill dobson discusses her new book, mommy on meth, the jill dobson story. >> keeps you thin. >> first, does the media treat the candidate backers differently? i would be surprised if we say otherwise.
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?ai is -- is the media unfair to his millionaires? the media's coverage of the presidential backers is not exactly fair and balanced, a phrase i just coined. he notes that the msn will make sure they were focusing on the lavish cars they came in. the ap pointed out, quote, mercedes, bentley and a
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ferrari spider. >> that's from the future. >> yes. it is true. well done, jill. the l.a. times spotted a, quote, line of range rovers, bmw's, whatever those are, roadsters 1k3* one gleaming cherry red ferrari. >> from the future. >> and the new york times mentioned, quote, gleaming bentleys and mercedes-benzs, end quote. somehow the coverage is not the same when president obama attends his $40,000 a plate host uber rich hollywood types. it is difficult to imagine those same outlets writing something like, ms. streep after climbing from her chauffeur driven range rover in a stunning descries. shea spoke of her concern of the growing economic divide in the united states. rick, i think he has a point. this is a bit of bias in the media that has gone like, i don't know, people don't really care, but he is right on this one. >> he is right? >> the headline is, rich people drive nice cars. >> yes, but only republicans
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are it is inked for it. that's the point. >> that i agree with. >> if i hadn't pointed that out you would have missed the whole point of the story. >> i don't understand why we are reading that. >> do you mean that? >> i think it is terrible and -- >> should obama be impeached is what i am getting at. >> not based on this. >> have you seen those stickers from mars? >> yes. he should be impeached because of that. >> i am trying to screw with you. >> they are putting up con doze. >> it is pretty awesome. >> is this a liberal conservative thing? it is what i would say and urge you to agree with me. >> i love the hollywood types. >> you are a meth head. that's what you are. >> god bless you for being a stay-at-home mom. you are america's hero. >> it is code for unemployed.
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jay i am getting the checks too. thank you. so my point being i get paid in spit up for the most part. >> so does bill. >> i am a little jealous with all of these people with the cars from the future. despite that, i would like to say it is -- what is happening over there? >> he feels bad about his answer. >> i failed a test of some kind. >> he doesn't understand the story. >> where am i. >> focus, everybody. i am going to joe. say something not stupid for once. >> the article was noting that when ever they were writing about the romney fundraiser they obsessed over the cars. when they would write about the obama fundraiser they obsessed moreover the celebrity nature and not so much the wealth even though they are just as wealthy. >> when a rock star buys a $20,000 plate to an obama dinner it is admirable. but when somebody does the same for a romney event it is
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disgraceful and indulgent. i am sick of hearing how rich this guy is. we established this a year ago. stop telling me you are surprised this is the company he keeps. this reporter problem bly sits outside rush limbaugh's house saying, he just keeps eating and eating. we know he is chunky. >> that's before he lost all of that weight, wanted to point that out. >> you had to do a rush classic. >> cane be honest? joe scared me just now. >> why? >> he was really angry and he scared me. >> last word to you, bill. you actually live in an order -- an old ford pinto so this anger u.s. >> obama got so much crap for being the host -- or being hosted by the devil wore pro do and the secretary in the city chick. he had so much crap from them. i don't understand the difference. the only difference is they didn't describe the cars.
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it wok these rich celebrities are voting against their best interest. their income is not in their best interest. it is very much like when we see a republican celebrity. i always make the comment, we hate celebrities talking about politics. the retort is always, there are so few of them. it is kind of the same thing. these celebrities are not voting in their best interest. >> i have to respond to that. the reason they can vote that way is they make so much money is even when they are in the 90% tax bracket it doesn't matter. if they are making $100 million if the government takes $50 million it is not a big deal. they do it for their own purposes and a lot has to do with lining up with power. as opposed to romney. >> he just wants to get richer jie. that's where are you stupid. >> nice come back. >> you immediately believe conservatives voting for low taxes are doing it for
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themselves? they are doing it for the free market. there are people like me who believe it is better if you have low taxes and a freer market. everybody shares the wealth and not just seeing people who are poor and middle class and people who are rich. you have to pit everybody against even -- each other. lastly, obama supporters are rich and not famous. obama supporters are rich and famous. >> and they own priuses which they drive to the big event and leave the ferrari and bentleys at home. >> every car they have is a second, third, fourth car. do you have a question, e-mail us? leave a voicemail 212-462-5050. still to come, the half time report from andy levy. can't stand that guy. >> tonight's half time report is sponsored by jellyfish. the animal that in its reproductive stage has almost a transparent body shape like an um 3wre8 law.
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like an umbrella. thanks, jellyfish.
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now let's go to sandy levey. >> greg, how are you? >> great. >> have i a question for you. i have a question for you. you said the return of the sun of depression is apartmently named? >> yes. >> apartmently does not mean stupidly. levey, i have this guy coming at me from my right. i don't need your pointy nose,
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beady eyes coming at me either. >> at least i wasn't anti-sametic. >> seriously. >> that was not anti-sametic. >> i meant that to be against jewish people. >> oh my goodness. >> is the internet making us crazy? rick you think this is garbage. you compared it to when cars were first developed. and you said the study seems to assume we were doing something available with our time if not on-line so much. true, but this study to both of you goes beyond that. cars didn't change the way our brains looked. the studies show the way the internet is making our brains look is the exact same way drugs and alcohol addicts look. >> how do you know how they look? >> they do tests. >> don't they say when they fall in love it looks like the
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brain of a coke addict? dopamine? >> what does that mean? >> andy, she basically is pretending about eating lots of chocolate. >> my brain just changed. >> my brain looks like a car. >> the internet is like a drug. the other night i put my laptop between the cleavage of a big breasted hooker. >> oh. that's cheap. >> go on. >> the internet is like a drug and they can use the internet to get drugs. no one will mistake one for the other. >> can't wait to hear how the story will turn out. >> you said weigh the good versus the bad. the problem is not the internet. it is like guns. the internet doesn't make people crazy. people make people crazy with how they use the internet.
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>> anything in excess can be bad. >> all i am trying to say is you are going to say the internet is a bad thing because some people are having issues? mental issues from it? they have mental issues anyway. >> i am not saying that. >> you said it. >> i am not saying that. i am saying, however, if these studies continue to back up the fact the way our brain is wired, that is something we should be concerned about. >> maybe in a hundred years our brains hillary wire themselves and adapt to the web. >> that's what i just said. we are all going to become brain cells in ter connected with each other and it will be one giant organism that will communicate with the aliens and the aliens will say, are you okay, big round thing. >> it just occurred to me that isn't it sigh ron nick that michael hutchins died that way while fronting a band called inxs. >> way to bring it down. >> that just occurred to me. >> it wasn't a joke. >> it is just a thought.
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>> i never knew it was a play on inxs. >> in that whole observation, then it was worth it. >> joe, other things are referring to a duck for y'all government -- duck for y'all government. i get your point, but there is a difference. >> don't you think they are still getting the same surveillance and it is being fed back to the evil eye in the sky? we are the ones holding the cameras in assisted of them being on the shoulders of the soldiers on the streets or something? >> no. >> really? >> yes. >> keep it going. >> too perfect. >> government overpaid $14 billion in benefits. >> to put it in perspective, it was $28 billion rolls of pennies.
3:35 am
>> i guess as joe would say, you would know. >> it is a flawless retort to anything you said. >> he pulled the wind out of his sail. >> and also, greg, as you mentioned, vice president biden has been tasked with leading this campaign to cut the waste. we know it will be straightened out. >> waste of time. waste of america's time. >> you said what amazes you are the people who need this money, the unemployment money the least, people with jobs are the ones getting it. that's usually how fraud works. otherwise it wouldn't be fraud. >> and he is an investigative reporter. >> yes. >> is there anything illegal going on in here? >> i will leave then.
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>> i didn't have to be here. >> it is hard to believe with people like you, wall street could pull off the shaw fan gnaw agains. >> i can't work all the time. >> rick, where did you have to be in your mansion and your red robe smoking a pipe? >> i could have been shooting pool right now. >> come on. >> you do have a hugh hefner esque -- >> could i have been riding my -- i could have been riding my horseless carriage to the picture show. >> you and hefner went to high school together, right? >> he was a couple years behind me. >> joe, you said you just don't care. >> and you are part of the problem, man. >> listen, bro, i think we are all in this together, dude. you know what i mean? if it is not us against them, who is it against? >> you are not part of the solution. >> no, if you are not with me, are you against me. i said it for years.
3:37 am
>> and now someone is listening. >> rick, he is yelling -- i think i am with you. i thought you changed your mind. it was christie who was yelling, keep walking as if he was going start a fight with the guy. as bill points out, christie is surrounded by security. not the most macho thing in the world. >> keep walking is something a 22-year-old chuckle head yells. >> it is what a frat boy yells at a party when he is surrounded by other frat boys. >> that was real. i believe that was real. that's who he is. >> then he has a problem. >> he reacted the way every guy from new jersey reacts. >> the machines at the crosswalks yell keep walking.
3:38 am
keep walking. >> i had admire that. so many politicians are not really themselves. they are not true to themselves. they are saying what they think people need them to say. he says what he feels. he was really yelling at that guy. he wanted to punch him in the face. >> i think he has a bit of an anger management problem. >> i think rick has one. >> i don't have a problem with that. i'm good with it. >> you are scaring me. >> jill, you made the best point of the night about the ice cream. >> i never made the best point of the night. >> you don't get a prize. >> rick, great, great answer here. >> what? >> just kidding. he said absolutely nothing. jill wins and you lose. >> jill, you said are you sick of hearing how rich romney is, but you will be hearing it until november. did i say jill?
3:39 am
i meant joe. >> i like hearing how rich people are. i like the cash dash yens. >> you -- the kardashians. >> we are going to hear about it until november. >> it is stupid. you know who is rich? george washington. jay he was. and as far as i know romney never lied about cutting down a tree. >> george washington did it the american way. he married a rich widow. >> that's right. >> i think that's the john kerry way, actually. >> andy, true story if i was born a girl my name would have been jill. >> i would have been catherine. >> what do you mean would have? >> boom. >> by the way, rich romney donors have rich cars. sarah jessica parker has a condo in manhattan. >> that's a car that doesn't move. >> we will not trash sarah jessica parker on this show. >> not trashing her.
3:40 am
i understand your love for everything fatc. in the media coverage you never hear -- >> carrie has been through a lot. carrie went through a lot before she bought that house. she wrote that column for a lot of years. she looked for love for a longtime. the fact that she earned -- i'm sorry. never mind you are right. >> would you sleep with chris to get that apartment? >> i would sleep with chris to get this table let alone the apartment. >> i can arrange that. >> lastly, you think obama got so much crap for his rich red hollywood -- hollywood fundraisers. i think he got crap for it here and on conservative blogs and stuff like that, but not in the, quote, unquote,
3:41 am
unbiased media. >> and our rates combined our cnn and nbc. i don't understand how we can say one thing and not be a rt pa of the mainstream media. >> look at yourself, bill. you are not part of mainstream anything. >> i don't even know where the stream is. >> exactly. >> the fact of the matter is -- >> i am being yelled at. i have to go. >> all right, andy. coming up, stories so sexy, rick leventhal might try to hit on them. sorry, girls. he can't control himself. first, what were the terms of tom kat's divorce settlement. whatever they were, i am there for you, katie. and whatever they were, i am there for you, tom. basically who ever calls me first, i am there for you.
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have they managed their
3:45 am
split without much of a fit? well, as first reported by people, the magazine, not the inhabitants of earth, tom cruise and katie holmes have reached a divorce settlement. the former couple releasedded a joint statement on monday that seemed to confirm reports that katie called things off because she couldn't handle tom's wacky religious beliefs, her words, not mine. or not even her words either. and his approach to raising suri as a scientologist. quote, we are committed to working together as parents to accomplish what is in our daughter, suri's best interest. we want to keep matters affecting our family private and express our respect for each other's commitment to each of our respective beliefs and support each other's roles as parents. translation, one is psycho, but we are not saying which one. let's discuss this in -- >> lightning roooouuuuunnnndddd. lightning round. >> just like you, jill. you have been in touch with
3:46 am
katie almost -- >> best friend. >> how is her mood? you are a heart and entertainment reporter. what is your take being in thes, as they say. >> i am surprised it was resolved. she filed and then -- >> what does that tell you? why did it happen so quick? >> because tom called his lawyers and said, we don't want to -- >> shed something on him. she had something -- >> you thinks that is what it is? >> they didn't want it dragged through the mud. >> i think he has run his mouth so loudly about scientology and this centered way of life, that if this was drug out he would look like the biggest hipocrite ever and it would ruin his precious clubhouse and they had to speed through it. >> i think he loved the cockamimi schemes. it was driving katie crazy. >> the headline here is katie holmes is available, and she is invited to my sexy party. >> she will be there. she likes to have fun now that she is free.
3:47 am
bill, how are you handling this? >> not well. >> you were a stunt double in labyrinth. >> labyrinth? that was with david bowie. he was a multi gender delight in that under rated film. >> okay catherine. >> it brought fantasy and a little bit of whore to a family-friendly at atmosphere, but enough about labyrinth. she played him brilliantly. she was going to say more weird things about scientology through her sources and he wanted her to stop it. he gave her a settlement. the downside, she will never work in hollywood again, mark my words. we will take a break. when we come back, we will talk about something i guarantee you.
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the department of transportation is considering new rules allowing pigs to fly on commercial airliners. it will force airlines to allow animals such as potbelly pigs, miniature horses and monkeys, frightening, to accompany their owners in the cabin. should there not be space for the pig, the airline would be required to ask other passengers if they would be willing to switch seats or
3:52 am
share foot space with the animal. joe, shouldn't we embrace this because if we have a pig on every flight, terrorists would never get on the plane because they hate pork. >> that is true, greg. i would certainly get off the plane because i am an evil arab. >> that's true, you are. >> that's only half. the other half is pig, and i have seen passengers ask to share foot space with me and they didn't like it. >> what if you are allergic to animals and you have to sit next to the guy with the pig? doesn't that infringe on your rights? and another question, where do you see tom cruise going next? >> so many answers. valid concern because i had to sit next to a lady and her cat. can't handle cats. puffy, ugly, mascara everywhere. if it is a blind person with a seeing eye dog, great. i have people who have notes. i am a nervous flyer and i need my puppy. >> come on! >> my puppy is xanax and
3:53 am
scotch. >> and the big loser here, courtney kardashian. she had a baby girl and she was bumped from the stories before you can city -- say suri cruise. >> you know who is laughing? chris klein. he was the guy who was dumped by her. >> way to go. >> khloe didn't get bumped. the story is about pigs. >> terrible. >> rick, what do you make of this? >> i flew on a plane with a guy who smelled like a pig. i don't know how that fits into this. >> i wore a tv on my face. >> i think you tweeted this. jay you didn't get -- >> you didn't get it? >> bill, you worked as a service animal for an elderly rich man in jamaica. the the service is correct. secondly, i don't get this
3:54 am
whole pig muslim theory. muslims are not allowed to eat pigs, but they don't melt if they are in the same room with them. >> they are not supposed to be intermingled with them. >> we will close things out with a post game wrap up with andy levy. go to fox eye.
3:55 am
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3:57 am
back to al for the pwu. >> are you still trying to get a talk show gig? >> i am trying to be the next greg gutfeld. i have my own blog version. i don't know if you heard of the jill dobson wildly popular. four to five hits a day. >> where are you going to be, joe? >> i'm not joe. that's joe. >> i am going to be at the
3:58 am
comedy club in webster, new york. that's the name of the place. this thursday night through saturday night doing shows and a bunch of "red eye" fans are coming out. the rest of you come out, and i hope to see you. >> everything ready for saturday's sexy party. >> keg is on order, porta potty is coming. i want to invite all of you, but since you can't come i will tweet out pictures of your favorite personalities at rick leventhal, sexy party on saturday. is on. tonight: >> i believe it's time to let the tax cuts for the wealthiest americans, folks like myself to expire. >> bill: president obama once again calling for a tax the rich policy. is mr. obama being haunted by a previous president? >> it is time to reawaken this industrial giant to get government back within its means and to lighten our punitive tax burden. >> bill: we'll have a factor
3:59 am
investigation. will taxing the rich help the economy? >> we believe in the family values of stone park. >> bill: a group of nuns in chicago fighting against a massive strip club about to open next to a religious facility. we will tell you about an outrageous situation. >> now, who is your favorite founding father? >> abraham lincoln. >> abraham lincoln? >> yeah. >> bill: how much do you know about who made this country a bags of freedom? jesse watters with some interesting observations. >> do you know what year we declared independence from great britain? >> 1964. >> 1864. >> 1776. [bell] >> third time is a charm. >> bill: caution, you where to enter the no spin zone, the factor begins right now.


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