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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  July 12, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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there has been a catastrophe, after there are riots in the street and after there have been defaults and we should be better than that. we have to be better. we need to take the steps to address this problem and not be complacent. and americans need to understand this will make buying a car more expensive. this will make buying groceries more expensive. >>neil: i don't think it is dawning on people and i don't know why maybe because they look what going on in europe and they cannot possible happen here and they say, well, the united states, we print money, congress just goes by year to year, why are you saying, now is particularly more egregious or more worrisome? >>guest: we saw evidence of this last summer when the s&p downgraded the u.s. treasury and we hoped that more rating ages do thought downgrade the u.s. treasury. and we hope we don't have to get to the place where we have defaults or loss confidence in
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our economy. however, that is where we are headed if we did not address the problem, headed for a crisis of confidence both domestically and internationally with the treasury bonds. it makes borrowing more expensive. we -- it makes foreign investment more costly. americans need to realize that domestically and internationally interest rates are kept artificially low by the actions of the federal reserve and the actions of the european monetary union and we will be headed to a heard of hyper inflation, and everything is going to be more expensive, and we are not going do have the economic growth, we will not have the job growth we need to have and we will have a very tough time. >>neil: i think you are on to something and we have been warning and worrying about that outloud, too, here, but are the first signs appearing earlier than we thought, all the cities and states including san
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bernardino, california, that are claiming we cannot do this, there is not enough money so we threat ton go bankrupt or we go bankrupt and i wonder whether that is a brushfire and we will see more? >>guest: it could be. the scary thing about the statistic is they do not touch on the state problems we are facing with entitlements and out-of-control health care entitlements and they do not touch retirement entitlements as a defined guaranteed pension which could be trillions more in debt which impairs our national security in this country. and average americans need to stand up and say "enough is enough." we need to get on reforms and stop the out-of-control spending and if you are spending on out-of-control train without commencement entitlement reform you are throwing money down a black hole. >>neil: very well-spoken, thank you. and more signs the weakness overseas is hitting companies right here, and marriott the latest to check in with slowing
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demand and that has stock plunged 6 percent today. and my guest has been been warning of there and watching this. you do not like to make much of six days but what is going on? >>guest: exactly what i have contended on historical shows which there is a severe not jump a market crisis, there is a crisis in confidence. in the united states. and internationally. so, i think the consumer now the dow is up 3 percent, the is suspect is up 6 percent for the year. even with the losses now. i believe the market will continue to be volatile, i think the market will continue to go in a downward direction, and as a result, neil of increased pressure of companies to put up revenues they cannot. marriott is a perfect example, people will travel less as a result heightened gas prices, of heightened consumer costs, and we saw today i don't know if you
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saw this, but the average cost going from midtown new york city to the john f. kennedy in a taxi is increasing 17 percent. well if that is increasing 17 percent, and the job market is going nowhere, how are we going to keep up? that is inflation. and that is going to be the next kicker. >>neil: what are you worried about? >>guest: the fed does not have its head screwed on correctly. >>neil: the only way to correct that is to hike the interest rates? >>guest: back to walker i agree 100 percent, the fed has kept the interest rates artificially low and in the first quarter of this year when we saw the market rise i knew 100 percent it was artificial inflation. >>neil: why don't we see it more in the markets, you could be right they will move down and continue to move down but they have been whistleing past the graveyard or they are relaxed? ing they are relaxed because we
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are in an election year and their focus is on that and they trying not to have the real numbers discussed prior to the election. >>neil: so, if that is the case, something has to give here and it has been like waiting for godot. what will it be? when? >>guest: you will see more western european demise, you will continue to see stockton, california bankruptcy examples. >>neil: a lot more of that? >>guest: a lot more coming before it falls out and countries in western european including italy, and other i have if mind --. >>neil: but the united states countries that have announced hits, you see many more of those and the boomerang is pronounced? >>guest: absolutely agree. i do. >>guest: we will see severe problems going up until the
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election and, again, the jobs report, remember you have to have 125,000 new jobs for the unemployment rate to move in any direction, move down, move downward. and i don't think you will see that you will see 100,000 job creation months and more pressure. >>neil: where would you put your money in the interim? >>guest: pressure metals speak volumes so i think the gold, silver, that is interesting market, and, i think, outside the united states some of the emerging markets, countries, like chile with a high credit rating, have their debt issues in place, maybe some exchange traded funds in those arenas that can give you access outside the united states. >>neil: you would look more for growth in latin america or this country or europe? >>guest: yes. >>neil: thank you. i federal got to mention we could be looking at world what
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-- world war iii. the mess with iran is fast becoming a crisis and already a major pain in the "gas."
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>>neil: seek and destroy, the united states is seeking submarines to look for mines. do not thing of shutting down the strait of hormuz, and the prime minister playing it down but the united states military is taking no chances. >>guest: the iranian regime's m.o. for 33 years when their back is up against the wall, and make in mistake right now their back is up against the wall in many ways, their oil exports, the main source of the economy, oil, down 40 percent in the past year alone and they are losing something like 4.5 billion a
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month in oil revenue, sanctions are hurting the economy and ultimately they will not work and we will talk about that in a second but their economy is hurting and their back is against the wall a bit, and people are going to be hungry, so, what does iran do? lash out, traditionally when they have felt international pressure they have lashed out causing some kind of international incident chiefly through terrorism. do i think shutting down the strait of hormuz is a possibility but what is more likely is an iranian terror attack against the west. against, say, the united states embassy in europe. against an israeli target. a jewish target. we saw a plot in washington, dc a few months ago, the targeting of embassies here is more likely than shut down the strait of hormuz but either way oil and gold skyrocket. >>neil: the threat of a blockade is enough to send the prices skyrocket. here is where i differ, although you are an expert.
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i think what they are doing is lift the price of oil, the oil is traded like a commodity, and the price goes up they get rich for the few markets they can send it, and, all to their benefit, and it is like playing with a grenade it can employee up in your face but i don't think it is as damaging to them as you say. what do you think of that? >>guest: i think long term it is not because you have china, russia, venezuela, rushing to fill the void. >>neil: what you saying, is there is a limit to how much they can push the price up, right? >>guest: yes. the big thing, here, at the end of the day is the ideology. the european leaders do not understand the iranian regime, they truly think they are about to bring in the return of the islamic messiah that will --.
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>>neil: will they threaten their own annihilation to do that. >>guest: they will not kill themselves but they have no compunction of sacrificing the average iranian. during the 1980's this regime sent tens of thousands of young boys at young as 18 to clear minefields and put plastic keys around their neck and said they would go to paradise if necessity cleared the minefields, that is not a rationale regime, that is a regime that has no regard for human life. >>neil: thank you very were. if i could school you in the middle east let me know. democrats are angry because republicans want to cut $16.5 billion from food stamps and i am thinking, i didn't know we spent that much in food stamps? this is new york state.
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>>neil: a farm bill the democrats want to stamp out because included in the house of representatives bill is a purr -- measure to cut $16 billion from the food stamp program which made me ask, how much do we spend on food stamps if $16.5 billion is a small number. my guest says, part of the problem is too much fraud program. i was amazed by the numbers because i thought i didn't know that is how much, i thought that would be north of a we intend entirely on food stamps to say that is how much republicans want to shave. what the heck? >>guest: like most things under president obama the food stamp program is out-of-control. we have spent $80 billion, $80, a year, on food stamps and we
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have too many people on rolls. in 1970, we had one out of 50 americans on food stamps and now today it is one out of seven. we have to cut it. >>neil: we are glorifying it. i don't want to sound so elite ist, can you not tell me this is --. >>guest: the most needy people is what the program was set up for and the department of agriculture thought it was a great idea to spend $3 million in radio ads, in spanish, encouraging people to get on food stamps. and there is a pamphlet on the web site that says to local food stamp, local offices in the state, here is a way for you to get seniors on food stamps, throw a party, play bingo, have food. this --. >>neil: was this $16.5 billion
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trimming in food stamps, a quarter of the amount we spent, or a fifth. in other words, this is going to be catastrophic in the eyes of democrats. do we have a mean's test for food stamps? how do we decide? >>guest: here is what republicans want do do: they want to cut back the rolls so they want did have it means testified to 130 percent of poverty, that would be a little over $2,000 a month for a family of four, so it would cut it back according to the congressional budget office 1.8 million with no longer be on the program. we have seen lottery winners say they were on food stamp program. we have a problem. you said it, we are drowning in debt. and what nancy pelosi and harry reid need to focus on is, particularly harry reid in the senate, dust off the 30 bills
4:20 pm
the house has passed, the job creation bills, we need to get people independent of government not dependent. >>neil: republicans are going to be knee-jerk nervous about this because any cut to food stamp, saying you are taking food from starving old people's mouths or young kids' mouth, how do they counter that without looking callous. >>guest: you do it by saying, look, we have a real problem with money here, a spending problem, and they need to frame the debate by spelling out that the 1.8 million people that are potentially cut could survive without the program. of course we have to be humane and we are in a recession, and we have, what, 13 million or 14 million people without jobs. but, remember, we had the same debate, with unemployment benefits, and the longer someone has unemployment the longer they do not look. 99 weeks is a long time. so there is a way to frame the narrative in a compassionate
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manner but we have to say we want the programs for people who need food stamps. some of you do not need it. like medicaid. >>neil: thank you. well-spoken. speaking of speaking, former speaker quit speaking because when it comes to your bashing on mitt you are looking like quite the hit -- hypocrite. go out without my covergirl. are you crazy? i want to look natural, not naked! but all you need is 3. lashblast for volume, outlast -- for kissing... simply ageless to help you look easy breezy beautiful covergirl.
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>> he could not become a cabinet member with that lack of disclosure and now he wants to be president of the united states. >>neil: fancy nancy ripping romney for not disclosing more investments because today reporters are uncovering more of hers. former house speaker raking in between $1 million and $5 million in asia, and i do not have a problem with that but i have a problem for blasting others for doing what they have been doing and so does my guest. i don't know if she is the one to pick up the rock and they it at glass house. >>guest: well, surprise, surprise, we have political hypocrisy in the presidential season. the campaign turned nasty and the president insinuates that romney by having accounts, swiss bank account could be something nefarious and he may have invested in companies that outsource and many have attacked romney for this, as well.
4:26 pm
but look at nancy pelosi, she has reaped rewards for investing in asia and god bless her i don't think there is anything wrong with that but those in glass houses should not throw stones and the idea that romney is the only person in the political world that has had investments overseas or bank accounts in asia to legally try to legally plant money there is silly. >>neil: it is just you have a lot of money you invest it everywhere you and do not always know. i have in problem with any of this, like i have in problem with companies having workforces around the globe, it keeps the mothership in the united states that were more successful, that much more vibrant so to a point not abusing it i am okay with it but what i am not okay, anyone pointing fingers when they, themselves, are doing the exact same thing so next time nancy
4:27 pm
pelosi may want to point to one of her poorer colleagues or those limits to a passbook savings account in the united states. i agree. let me touch on that. we did not know why romney could have money in a swiss bank account but president obama didn't have a problem with his own treasury secretary, geithner, not paying taxes, that seemed to be okay so it does not seem like he is so focused on the issue but the real question, what happened to free trade? i thought it was go. most economists do not agree on many but they agree free trade generally --. >>neil: i agree and we will get into this with the next guest but it comes back to success and we have a questioning wyatt -- eye then at the request with a nefarious
4:28 pm
eye. >>guest: this is a sign of desperation, as part of the campaign is just attacking romney for having swiss bank accounts it shows you cannot run on a vibrant economy so what are you going do do? paint romney who by all accounts is a decent go, as a nefarious actors and suggesting he could be a felon as one of a member of the obama campaign, this strikes me as desperate. >>neil: we should disclose we have bank accounts and then all hell would break loose. thank you very were. maybe we should live and let let because no one cares about the wealth issue. three out of four americans say romney's welts does not make a difference how they will vote and my guest is not surprised. david, this is an interesting number, because it is not even close, if that is right.
4:29 pm
>>guest: no. the united states is the land of opportunity, most people are concerned less about romney's finances and more about their own finances. but, the obama campaign, as the romney campaign, they are looking to microtarget any issues that could lead to bigger issues down the line. >>neil: but they make you question that the wealth is by nefarious means or ill gotten gains but manage is not right so they make you doubt where the wealth came from, right? >>guest: a lot of people do not realize the history of the president and if you look bat since 1900 there have only been three presidents whose net worth is less than $1 million: wilson, truman, and coolidge. most presidents' worth is not only in the millions but the multimillions and you have had presidents like john kennedy and the bushes and roosevelts that had mega wealth coming into
4:30 pm
office. >>neil: and this morning with my staff john kennedy in 1960 they wondered how they could wager a campaign against nixon kennedy put a stop to the elitist campaign, and he said hello, i come from wealth so they orchestrated it about youth and vigor. that was then. what happens now? where is going? >>guest: well, the question is: is there connectist? obama campaign will try and say romney is disconnected but why think voters and what we see in the polling, really care about the balance sheet they care about their own balance sheet and whether unemployment is better, housing is better, their personal wealth if they have any investments how is the 401(k) doing. so, you have a lot bread and butter issues and it really, is less important to the average voter in terms of what the president has, president obama's wealth is in the billions --
4:31 pm
millions now, and the question is whether there is a disconnect and both campaigns address that. >>neil: do we want our president not to be rip in do we want as you mention most them have been, but in this day and age wouldn't we favor the rich guy getting it, say, than the poor guy? the rich guy seems to have been able to get rich. maybe some of that will rub off, a simplistic way to look at it but part of the thinking like you go to a health care and people say, neil you are offering to train me but david is next to you and i will go with david if you don't mind because it doesn't look like i will get the adequate training i need from you and that would be understandable and we have to, i think, have it ass backwards when we hate wealth and do not realize with the skill set is a skill set to get out out of the deep do do we are in.
4:32 pm
>>guest: that is the case the romney campaign has not made. he turned around the olympics and took bad situations fiscally into positive situations but, again, that is their problem. they have not done that. and, your question begs the obvious question: what is the case of the american dream? do we look up to people who have worked their way through it legally? and have gotten themselves and their family to where they can pass on to the next generation a better life? there is discussion about getting by and the question is that what america is? one paycheck to the next and get by or to leave something bigger. >>neil: does this resonate because populace campaigns rarely resonate. now, the president is polling people, obviously, have concluded otherwise, and are they seeing something i am
4:33 pm
missing in or what? >>guest: well, i think that the campaigns realize how close it is and any are into the microtar getting and looking at the people, the subset and if you look at the poll you cited at the top of the segment, independents were slightly higher in saying they are less likely to vote so in a state that is very close it is all about the microtargetting but it is interesting to observe how the chess pieces are moving going forward and leading into the conventions. >>neil: thank you. they say all is fair in love and war but what about in divorce? and tabloids. now the lawyers of tom cruise talking? does he have chance of winning? this is $100,000.
4:34 pm
we asked total strangers to watch it for us. thank you so much, i appreciate it, i'll be right back. they didn't take a dime. how much in fees does your bank take to watch your money ? if your bank takes more money than a stranger, you need an ally. ally bank. no nonsense. just people sense.
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>>neil: first marriage, then baby, and divorce and lawsuits. knox cruise is livid over his alleged house of marital horrors and is threatening to sue. does he have a case? and now, my guests are ready to try this. jennifer? >>guest: well, absolutely not. for this reason: a difficult for high profile people, public figures to bring defamation lawsuits they have to show the allegations, not the opinions but the alleges are false. and, they have to show that, for instance be the "national enquirer" had a reckless disregard for the truth. and this is a very difficult standard to meet. listen, we do not want to make it too easy to bring defamation lawsuits because it will interfere with free speech. >>guest: i disagree. part of the allegations he could make, the national inquirer is actually alleging he is a child
4:38 pm
abuser and they made the allegation he had suri lockup in a room if five months in the colorado room, windowless, small room --. >>neil: this would be easy to prove or disprove and if they are wrong --. >>guest: in matter how shady the sources if they have the sources, the "national enquirer" can say these people told us (a), (b), (c), maybe they are not the most reliable but we did not act with maliciousness. >> it is malice when you knew something was false and you publish. >>guest: they don't. >> they we do. his lawyer sent them a letter the kay before publication, he got advance copy. >>neil: they sought out a comment from tom cruise. >>guest: not a comment, somehow it got leaked and he knew what they would publish he saw the cover with the words "house of horror,"." >>guest: that is an public and will not be the basis of the lawsuit but tom cruise has in
4:39 pm
interest in bring willing the lawsuit. the discovery process, would be far more public, i would guarantee the "national enquirer" would take a lawsuit from tom cruise if they get the opportunity to depose. >>guest: a classic example to cut off your nose to spite your face. >> not true when someone allegation as high profile celebrity is engaging in potential child abuse, putting his daughter in a house of horror has is damageable to reputation. >>neil: only damageable if it is prove. >>guest: it is not -- he did this one act, and whether that makes him a child abuser is up for much interpretation. >>neil: i feel sympathy for celebrities and all who have in rights because, it is such ...
4:40 pm
understood. do we just accept all the crazy stuff we hear that may or may not be true but is that why so few sue? >>guest: high burden. >> hard to prove. you do not want did keep the allegations alive for two or three years. let it die a slow death. >>neil: what would you do? >>guest: if i represented tom cruise and i believe me i think he is a crazy person but i am outraged they would make allegations --. >>neil: how much do you thing he reyets hiding on the couch with oprah. he fired whoever told him to do that. the point is, they are making allegations he is abusing his daughter, essentially that is what it is tantamount to. >>neil: that is why he is upset and as a father, i would say, wait, that is going too far especially if this day in age. >>guest: that publication lasts forever, for his children to see, his grandchild to see, and that is where this lawsuit has legs.
4:41 pm
>>neil: when you say it has "legs," if you can prove that is wrong, a malicious lie, and his wife, former wife, did not verify that you've got an argument. >>guest: a winning argument. >>neil: because if she verify guys it is a lie it would be in her interest because she would look bad if she allowed it to happen. >>guest: but they would we pose the housekeepers and the wife. >>neil: you see what you are saying, you are saying the nuisance factor is why tom cruise --. >>guest: that is why he will. >>neil: what does that tell you? >>guest: he has a high powered attorney, screaming and yelling and jumping --. >>neil: but if someone said egregious stuff about you and you knew it was outright crazy. >>guest: you sue and you better be able to take it.
4:42 pm
your private life will be exposed. >>neil: everyone you did before, all that comes out. >>guest: all my bad parents, everything. >>guest: all he has to do is show the daughter was not locked up in a windowless room. >>neil: what are they doing now? would they be meeting with the newspaper folks, or not? >>guest: they have asked for a full retraction. but what is funny, in is interesting, his lawyer asked for retraction as bold and big as the headlines to the story. >>neil: that will not happen. >>guest: the danger not national inquirer is a very high priced attorney is going to sue them and if they prove that tom cruise is damaged at the box office --. >>neil: they must have weighed all this. they know what they are doing. they have a legal team.
4:43 pm
>>neil: don't knock them they have broken a lot big stories that turned out to be factual. >>guest: they may use sources that are not so reliable but they can win. they still want to sell magazines and they still cross the lines many times. >>neil: we will watch. ladies thank you. and now a court will get a ruling and are we about to see a texas two step on the vote are i.d. law? woman: when i left my job, i knew it'd be tough on our retirement savings, especially in this economy. but with three kids, being home more really helped. man: so we went to fidelity. we talked about where we were and what we could do. we changed our plan and did something about our economy. now we know where to go for help if things change again. call or come in today to take control of your personal economy. get free one-on-one help from america's retirement leader.
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all we see a future where the rights are expanded. where racial profiling is a thing of the past. where access to the ballot is expanded. >>neil: joe is messing with texas and we will find out
4:47 pm
whether a federal court in texas will, as well. a panel is set to rule on the vote are i.d. law and whether justice department can continue blocking it. critics of the law like the vice president claim that it is discriminatory against minority voters but folks disagree and you may remember him, the firm justice department whistleblower accusing the department of racial bias when they dropped charges against the new block panthers in the 2008 voter intimidation case. a legal editor. very good to have you. what is your sense of the legality of what texas is doing? >>guest: well, listen, they probably are going to have a tough time when the verdict is issued because the law is stacked against them. the voting rights act was amended in 2006 to require states like texas to show an absolutely clean soul and they have the burden of prove they have to show there is in
4:48 pm
discriminatory effect, in discriminatory intent so the law puts them on the defensive. i am not optimistic they will win. >>neil: what is the issue at play here? that they require you to have identification when you go to the polls to vote and the government is coming back and saying, the federal government, holder and others, saying that is discriminatory because it disadvantages or really targeted minority voters. i didn't understand that. >>guest: sure, the important thing to understand here, in 16 states, the states have to get the approval of the federal government before they can institute any election change even moving a polling place from a gym to a cafeteria, washington has to approve so texas went to the federal government and hold are rejected it and texas went to curt to attempt to get approval. what they have to do show there is in discrimination and they will do this through statistics saying, look, the law does not affect blacks or hispanics worse than whites and the justice
4:49 pm
department has experts saying exactly the opposite. >>neil: two out of three judges have to rule one way or the other, right? >>guest: that is correct, a three-judge panel and you will expect a judgment quickly. >>neil: all right, for states like texas that may have had prior discrimination issues they have to go to the front of the behind with a question mark because if you have had a history the federal government is watching you center closely. does that put texas at a disadvantage? >>guest: well, certainly, and particularly what puts them at a disadvantage are the people that this more holder justice department, and in 2005 the justice department approved a law like this in georgia. but the people working on that case were not as, well, we will say radicalized and those currently at the voting section where i used to work. >>neil: what is a state to do? if you want they try to get people who should not be voting
4:50 pm
from voting, you need some sort of a standard. some sort of an i.d. you cannot just walk in and vote obviously for no other reason to avoid repetitive voting. what is a state or county to do? >>guest: a lot of states, texas, mississippi, alabama, new hampshire, rhode island, as a matter of fact, a demonstrate, have approved vote i.d. because it is a way to ensure the people are voting who they say they are and that is when reason why you are seeing so. opposition of the laws from the left, from civil rights groups, for some republican they do not like that but it is a good thing. the problem is the case is not going well if justice and witnesses they have called on the stand have backfired. >>neil: your prediction is what? >>guest: i think justice will end because the law is against them. there is a witness called this week an 18-year-old from san antonio, texas, and she said she
4:51 pm
does not have photo i.d. because she did not have the time to get it and mind you, they influence her -- flew her from san antonio, to washington, to definite and she will spent four or five days for the trial but she could not go get voter i.d. in texas. >>neil: good point. forget the booing down focus on the guy showing up.
4:52 pm
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4:55 pm
if jobs is the priority we'll have to replace obamacare with something that holds down healthcare costs as opposing to causing more spending for the government and more spending for american families. >> neil: everyone is still talking about mitt romney getting booed, at the hearing before the hearing at the naacp and if he knew he would. no one is talk about him accepting the invitation to appear before the naacp when many predicted he would not. that's the real story. not what happened when he went. but what it would have said to those in the room had he not. romney could have ignored the anti-republican crowd. as i pointed out to the governor, i'm sure he needs little reminder, barack obama got 96% of the african-american vote. he polled strongly today. say could have looked for the love elsewhere. not there. he chose to go there. not to sell himself and his party but make those in the
4:56 pm
room question why they are sold to the opponent as a democratic party. how has the unabashed allegiance been rewarded. record high unemployment. democrats define love with dollars and yet to offer tangible results from the dollars. could have told them to question the love but he didn't. all he had to do is cite anemic recovery and massive deficit that might have answered the question for them. the problem he could have said and maybe did say is that liberals don't dole out money after bad but the end results are not good. more on food stamps. more on unemployment. more on the hook. so a government that coddles and builds danger that
4:57 pm
corrupts. he was right to say they don't have a perfect record on matter of race. but at least it doesn't demean those racing to buy them off in all matters of waste. he could have said those in that room deserve better. he could have suggested the loyalty to a party has failed to move the needle. maybe it's time for them to needle back. i don't know if romney said that. but i suspect his being there, his very being there, at least whispered that. that he cared enough to show up. not once, not once dangled a program, to lock them down. maybe he wanted to say you deserve better guys, maybe, just maybe ahead or two in the room nodded in agreement, thinking he is right. we do deserve better, guys. maybe some of them thought we don't need help. actually, what we need is hope. in the end, mitt romney got a standing ovation for showing
4:58 pm
up even though now and then he was booed. maybe more in the crowd than you know. figure this is the stuff they know. all right. did you hear that democrats are blasting republicans over a bill calling for no more solyndra. the bankrupt solar company that got half a million in government loans. we have a guy behind the bill. boy is he mad. tonight at 8:00. >> greg: hello. i'm the leppy leprechaun, greg gutfeld. kimberly guilfoyle. more bypasses than the 405, bob beckel. stolen bases to campaign races, eric bolling. he is drives to work in a big we'll. it's dana perino. it's 5:00 in new york city. 3:00 a.m. in eric's chest hair. the show is packed tighter that a chipmunk's cheek. let's do this america. ♪ ♪
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