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tv   The Five  FOX News  July 20, 2012 2:00am-3:00am EDT

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business owners, workers, the mitt romney of the world. >> kimberly: i don't think it helps obama at all. even if you take it in context, it makes it worse for him. that's the problem. it's antithetical to the views, belief and values we hold and cherish in this country and we fought hard to get our independence to le a life in this way. this isn't going to help him with the independents or the middle class. at all, what so ever. as you see, when obama goes off teleprompter and lets the mask slip we hear his true ideology, his true belief and core philosophy. that is what the decision should be at the polling, you know, the polls in november. >> andrea: speaking of polls now, there is fresh polling out by the "new york times"/cbs not good for president obama. take a look. it shows that respondents disapprove of his handling of the economy, dana, 55% now, which is up 7 percentage points. so should this argument against success be something he should be afraid of? >> dana: a couple of things. i think if you spent as much money as they have up to now
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in the campaign, you got the numbers yesterday and thought we've got to not make mistakes like the one they made. now, they are embracing what president obama said. in some ways you have to ask why is anybody surprised that he said it. but remember in the 2004 campaign, when john kerry was at the town hall and said i voted for war before i voted against it. it was like boom! that is the sound bite. encapsulates the whole argument against president obama that the republicans will try to run on. inthink it will be successful. but yesterday, bob's analysis about this, because in july at this point i suppose this is where everybody thought we would be, which is a dead heat. if you look at all the numbers. i am looking at bob and he's not looking at me. >> bob: sorry. >> dana: i said i was interested in your point of view about the poll and whether you agree we would be essentially a dead heat in july. >> bob: yeah, i'm a little surprised that obama increased his lead a little bit over obama, in our own -- i mean over romney in our own fox
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poll. look, the comment, the damaging sentence was you didn't build this business on your own. if they had one to take back, it would be that. but i don't agree with krauthammer at all, the totality of this statement included not just government but other things. however, let us keep in mind, because of the government, all internet, plastics, computer chips, gps, light weight materials, nuclear power plant, thomas edison credit for the lightbulb. >> andrea: who paid for that? who paid for that? >> bob:s the did. am i supposed to i help -- >> andrea: the taxpayers or -- [over talk ] >> bob: what you are saying is i paid for the guys and i helped them get the business. right? >> andrea: bids owners. >> bob: no. you just said that -- >> andrea: who do you think pays taxes? >> bob: you said the taxpayers paid for these things and the businesses used to get successful. i paid to do that. fine. >> andrea: the ones you're citing. i'm talking about examples, greg, like the small business owners that doesn't take the
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handout, the subsidy or the booster, the one that comes to work every day and takes a risk and goes to debt and works every weekend -- nuclear's not what obama cited. >> andrea: that is exactly what he said. no, he's not. >> greg: i forgot what the question was. here is the thing. that clip of obama talking, i think i have officially seen that more times than the infamous chocolate on the conveyer belt scene from "i love lucy." they're both very good but i see it over and over and i go to bed and i hear it at night. here is the thing. the bigger issue here, ve a crisis of confidence in our country -- we have a crisis of confidence in our country. we are seeing confidence numbers drop. the reason is because obama takes the wrong side. you have the americans that aren't working and you have the government that is not working. he is clinging to government like it's religion and guns. to him, he is like a freeloading boyfriend who says your life is nothing without me. it's like no! actually, it's time to dump
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you. we need, we actually do pretty good without you. it's like the u.s. right now has more confidence in ikea bookcase than the future of this economy. >> andrea: on the show today i want to say we would dump that guy, wouldn't we? >> bob: yeah, sure. i know you don't like polls but the reality is what you're saying is dead wrong. our own fox poll, which is tough on obama, right now obama leads romney 38-34%. outside the margin of error. that is an eight-point shift in obama's direction. >> greg: i was talking about the crisis in confidence, which is the -- >> bob: i don't think there is a crisis in confidence. >> greg: the numbers came out and said it's dropping. wait, my poll is wrong. and yours is right. >> bob: mine is a fox poll. what is yours? >> andrea: we actually have a fox news poll that is interesting that goes to greg's point. fox news poll, is government the problem or the solution? 64% say it's the problem. this is what i want to ask. why would obama, greg, hook it
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to the government if it's dysfunctional -- >> greg: it's the ideology. he has less faith in the american people than he does in the government. a left wing point of view. can i get back to what bob said about selective editing? selective editing actually helping president obama, because the more you hear from him, the more convoluted it gets. seriously, the drones should be in pakistan, they shouldn't in america. his speeches are nothing but drones. people are passing out! >> bob: the reality is that people thought big government was bad since the vietnam war. every president since then -- >> greg: i disagree, bob. keep going. >> bob: if you look at the polling data on big government is it good or bad it's bad for any president since lyndon johnson. >> andrea: why link your campaign to it? >> kimberly: why continue it? >> bob: he is not linking his campaign to it. >> andrea: by the way, we have an ad from mitt romney who decided to fight back himself with a surrogate. he let the american business
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owner fight back. >> my father did not build the company. >> did somebody else take out the loan on the father's house to finance the equipment? >> did somebody else make payroll every week to figure out where it's coming from? >> president obama, you're killing us out there. through hard work and a little bit of luck, we ben built this business. why is he demonizing us for it. >> we are the solution. not the problem. >> andrea: pretty good ad. >> kimberly: i think this is a fantastic ad. this is what people are crying out for romney to put out there. the american people and let them hear one another to have a unified voice to make a decision based on i think pretty clear concrete, philosophical and ideological principles. whose side are you on? the side of the american people, entrepreneurship, free market, capitalism or the side of handouts and weakness? >> bob: c'mon. that is so some policic and ridiculous -- simplistic and
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ridiculous. >> kimberly: it's that clear. look at the polling number. >> bob: that comment is just as simplistic as you can possibly be. obama is not demonizing business. mitt romney yesterday came up with three people, examples he talked about. bill gates, jobs and ford. and every one of them gave credit to the government. now he is changing to some guy in ohio. >> andrea: you know if you're romney's campaign manager and your opponent says something like that, i know you well enough to know you'd use it every day and hang it around his neck. >> bob: if i were romney and my slogan was rising tide raises all yachts, i'd be for that. >> greg: the problem with obama is the soaring rhetoric is no longer soaring. obama has become an obama tribute band. he can't play the hits right. nobody can dance to it. >> kimberly: a seigel dropping on pieces -- >> bob: why is he beating romney in the polls? >> dana: last night, all the -- i thought it was funny that the liberal leaning folks
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i follow on twitter cited the fox poll. tall conservative folks were citing the "new york times"/cbs poll. in the end, we're wright where we thought we'd be in july. >> bob: that is exactly right. but if you look again we get back to the targeted states, swing states, the nine states. and obama has a healthy lead in ohio, iowa, and virginia. >> dana: but not florida. >> bob: not florida. that's right. not florida. >> andrea: what would you do? >> dana: i'd be worried about a couple of things. one of them today, a couple weeks ago on "the five" we did research on it. when was the last time that president obama held a cabinet meeting? not since january. turns out it's the same with the jobs council, at the time was dismissed by some as a p.r. move. but it actually hurt them, when they are like he's too busy. he can't do it. they have things they put out on the table they didn't follow up on. so then, they just had a really bad week when it comes to -- >> bob: you're right about that. i remember when it was out. you're right about that. i remember the jobs thing came
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up and everybody around the table debunked it and said it was a p.r. move. now they're concerned they haven't met. >> dana: we've been proven right. >> kimberly: i don't know. >> greg: the only jobs created by the jobs council were the ten jobs on the jobs council. they should put several million people on the jobs council. the only person that got a job out of this was fred willard. >> bob: how many does romney create? >> greg: staples, maybe. >> bob: staples? staples took off after 1999. so he wasn't supposed to be at the company then. right? >> andrea: how about solyndra. how many jobs -- we don't want to talk about that. coming up, a huge exclusive for our own sean hannity last night. for first time, george zimmerman made his case to the public. could he have hurt himself legally? moments from now you hear from george directly. stay with us. ♪ ♪
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>> bob: well, you heard the big argument mitt romney hiding his tax returns. the fact is he released one. he said he may release two. on average, most presidential candidates release more than that. he is going against the grain. you would think it would just be democrats who think it's a good idea. guess what? gallup came out with a poll showing across the nation, 54 54-34 think romney should release tax returns. 34 represents the right wingers and that makes sense that they don't think he should. to use greg's phrase. right wingers. right wingers and you -- >> kimberly: we got it. >> bob: you get it every day. now, let's hear what nancy pelosi and rush limbaugh think about the situation. >> i think he should release the tax returns. that is the custom for people running for president. the longer it takes to release them, doesn't make me sad.
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>> i don't think romney ought to release his tax returns. all it will do is amplify the tax issue, the wealth issue and give obama and the democrat hundreds of thousands of pages of stuff to lie about, to distort. >> bob: hard to lie about numbers, rush. this is what i would ask. mr. romney, please release your tax returns. it's time. tell the people what you really were doing with bain capital when you tolds you got out in '99, in fact you didn't get out until 2002. release name of big donors and bundlers like other candidates have. i don't know why you're hiding them unless they are in two or three big cities out west. the bundlers need to be named. >> greg: thank the government for helping him build that. >> kimberly: without them. >> bob: what do you think? do you think romney should not? >> andrea: i brought my own signs. i think obama should and romney should wait before
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obama does this before he does anything. obama should release the "fast and furious" documents and release the white house visitor records, we pay for the white house, not president obama. we should know who is coming in and out. number one, he should release his transcript, college scholarship, application and -- >> bob: college transcript for 25 and 30 years ago are more important than this guy's taxes now? are you kidding me? >> andrea: if he wrote a thesis on how to bankrupt the united states in six month, i think that's -- >> bob: college thesis is guy's tax return? >> andrea: there is more. >> kimberly: he could put a few more things on the list. >> dana: i think in a poll like that is when the question is asked do you think someone should release more? the answer is yeah, i want to see it. if they asked at the same time, do you think president obama should release his college transcripts, i bet the answer would have been sure. tax returns i agree are different. there is no law they says they
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have to. romney says he will do two years. public pressure can be brought to bear to help change minds. i know at the press people, i haven't talked to them but i know from my own experience that the press people are saying je to let the air out of the balloon. let it go. rush has a good point. nothing will be enough for the guys. if it ends up showing, say that the last two years tax return comes out and shows his accountants were good at taking advantage of the current tax code. i think that weathering that storm and being able to do serious leadership on major tax return effort, like on a flat tax piece, he would have credit to believe do that. >> bob: but the point is the pressure is going to build up. now the pressure is building up for the republicans, not just from the press. listen, i went through this with geraldinde ferraro. she decided not release the tax returns in '94. pressure built up and eventually she was forced to do it. >> kimberly: you speak from considerable, it's a better idea. is it good?
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especially if the guys are not releasing things? do you want to put it forward? yeah. we know. the big ah-ha moment, that he is super rich? we know that. what is more important speaks to his character, large amounts of charitable contributions. it had all of my information released. first lady of san francisco. >> andrea: nancy pelosi pushing for the release to back off the stage. we need to move on. she doesn't want to release her own. >> bob: she is the minority leder of house of representatives. that's different than the president of the united states. little different i say. >> andrea: oh! >> greg: a survey that asked 535 members of congress to release tax returns. 17 members complied. here is the thing. president obama only releases information when it helps him. his past is essentially an -- >> bob: all his tax returns were released. >> andrea: everything that andrea mentioned i'd talking about. the point is his past is in a hostage crisis. he doesn't need a biographer. he needs a hostage negotiator to free his past there.
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so much we don't know. that's why we have a learning curve. we had a learning curve that's flat lined. >> bob: do you feel you know enough about mitt romney out of curiosity? >> greg: that's funny. great question. what i do know about president obama -- >> bob: romney. >> greg: i'm getting to that. what we know about obama is that he is an academic elitist who believes that government is superior to the american people. what i know about romney is that he is kind of quiet. the only way i can describe him is that he is business-like. business-like. what do we need? business-like. that's how i -- >> bob: i think he is a guy that is a corporate raider, who didn't pay taxes. >> kimberly: i think it's not corporate raider. private equity. >> andrea: if he releases taxes we'll see he gave money cho charity that you and some like to mock. >> bob: i don't have a problem with going mormon church. >> andrea: i don't think he should do anything.
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there are two sets of rules for obama and romney. it would show one, how much he pays in taxes. how successful he is. how charitable the man is. >> bob: so why not release it. >> andrea: how smart he is to manage his money and took every deduction available. >> bob: it's not two set of rules. it's romney and every other presidential candidate. wait a minute. you're saying every other candidate, george w. bush and bill clinton, everybody else releases and obama but romney should get a pass? >> andrea: wool socks up to this point about -- >> bob: why doesn't romney do what everybody else does? you're covering up for romney. >> kimberly: you're covering up for obama. >> bob: have him put his tax returns out. coward and he won't do it. >> kimberly: whatever. erroneous. erroneous. >> bob: that was enjoyable. george zimmerman, the man accused of murdering trayvon martin. my good friend sean hannity
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spoke to him last night. you don't want to miss it. >> bashed my head to the concrete sidewalk. as soon as he broke my nose i started yelling for help
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do you regret that you had a gun that night? >> no, sir. >> do you feel you wouldn't here for this interview if you didn't have that gun? >> no, sir. >> you feel you would not be here? >> i feel it was all god's plan and for me to second guess it or judge i it -- >> is there anything you would do differently in retrospect now that time has passed a little bit? >> no, sir. >> kimberly: that was george zimmerman, the man accused of murdering florida teenager trayvon martin. speaking for the first time, exclusively with sean hannity last night. one of the big questions after last night's interview is whether it helped zimmerman's case or hurt it. let's hear a little bit more.
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>> he said you are going to die tonight [bleep] and took one hand off of my mouth and i felt it going down my chest toward my belt and my hollister. that's when i didn't have any more time. >> now there was an eyewitness that was out from the very beginning that in fact, did tell the police the night of the shooting that he saw trayvon on top of you and did see the beating. there is no witness to the actual shooting, itself. right? >> correct. >> besides myself. >> besides yourself. >> yes. >> kimberly: all right, bob. what do you think? do you think it helps zimmerman or hurt him? >> bob: i'm a little perplexed why he would do it. i understand he thought it put him in a good light. but first of all, when you say that i wish i didn't have a gun, and then he said but it was god's plan, the idea that god's plan was to give this guy a gun to kill a kid is not my view of what god would have
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done, number one. i think people will pick up on that. second, twice during this -- you tell me as a prosecutor. twice during this he contradicted current statements he made to the police. i assume it'sed a miswhat he said here to the court. >> kimberly: yes. >> bob: what he said to hannity ised a missable in court. i'm not sure he did help himself. >> kimberly: the special prosecutor filed the noon hour provision she intends to use the transcript and the interview in her case and n chief against mr. zimmerman. specifically, when you make an order like, that i've done it myself. i said i want unedited tape from the gma show, fox, everyone and played them in the trial to help get the second degree murder convictions. all of that comes in to evidence. it's not just the portions that aired. you get the whole air check and anything in its entirety a you put it in front of the judge and he will decide what if anything is relevant. what bob is saying is true, there is discussion about the inconsistent statement. that in particular will come in and come in to play if he
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takes the stand and it will take into play when the officers testify. >> andrea: would you put him on the stand because he has made conflicting statements after the interview? would you to follow up have him do an interview like this? >> kimberly: there are different strategies involved. a lot of times you see they like to keep them off the stand. like in casey anthony and scott peterson. don't have him take the stand. but he's now given interview so if he has to clean it up, they might. this is more about rehabilitating his image. i don't know, greg, if you think it helps. to kind of give him -- humanize him more paired to how he has been portrayed. >> greg: hard to opine on it because i didn't watch the interview. i was at bar. i had friends in town. hoover from animal house. had a great time. this has been horribly reported. from race baiting and manufacturing outrage. there was outrage, there no doubt.
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but a lot was manufacturered. so i maintain no opinion on purpose. i don't know what happened. i prefer to comment on the media and how they treat this. the fact is the story about the story is that it was a scoop, because barbara walters didn't get it. that's the scoop. express condolences. i heard she was devastated. >> kimberly: he is congratulated sean for getting the exclusive. a big deal. in a criminal case. capital case. you know, he charged with murder. to get a sit-down like that, with the attorney there. excellent attorney. well respected. he was sitting with him and there were certain things he'd say i won't let you talk about it. >> dana: surprised at the tactics but we'll probably see more going forward because people want to get on tv. i assume that george zimmerman and maybe even the lawyer thought it would help him.
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i don't know if i'd run that risk as the p.r. person advising them in the case if i were on that. we have to see what happens. >> andrea: there is a huge risk. but i think he likely did it because he was interested in influencing the court of public opinion. the media fried him. don't forget, nbc edited a tape deliberately to hurt him. now this isn't going to corrupt a jury but court of public opinion is powerful. also, i think that i read somewhere he has defense fund. he may be thinking about raising some money to do interviews. if you look at the report, if you dig further his defense fund donations there has been uptick since the hannity interview. he is not a rich guy. >> bob: if he doesn't take the stand, does it mean the interviews can't be used in court? >> kimberly: incorrect. they can come in and be used against him because they are statement against interest. if a police officer tells a story -- >> bob: this is a bigger problem.
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>> kimberly: that's why it's a big deal he got the interview and it went forward and he asked him specific statements about what he said happened that night, what other witnesses confronted him on that, and that's why the prosecutor ran to file this. good stuff. coming up, a new survey reveals how money may put your friendships and possibly even your marriage at risk. exclusive interview with bob beckel. details next. ♪ ♪ y
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colleagues with "the five." ♪ ♪ >> dana: if you couldn't tell, this segment is about money.
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money and friendship and how it could ruin a friendship. a survey done says one in five americans have lots of friends over -- lost friends over money dispute. interestingly, andrea talked about that earlier. tell me what it's like when you get asked to be part of the weddings, which is a total rocket. >> andrea: it's a total nightmare. i had one great experience. the other time they expect you to pony up. a lot of the other bridesmaids, they don't pay. it can get costly. study shows it's almost $2,000. that ends a lot of friendships, too. because you end up fighting over money. i say look, they bet ber a really good friend of yours to be in the wedding. it's costly. friendship go and loaning money you have to not expect to get paid back. a lot of people lose friendships over this. if you get paid back, a big surprise. bonus. >> dana: have you ever loaned money to a friend? >> greg: i have. somebody came to me and asked for a couple thousand dollars because they said they were having problems paying the
2:38 am
mortgage and all this other stuff. i gave the money to this person. two weeks later, he went to this festival in the desert. where you just do drugs and you take off your clothes and listen to music. i'm like john gibson, this is out of line. [ laughter ] >> dana: we had another topic for block and we want to get to that. that is there is a study done how many americans suffer from anxiety disorder. and have a serious problem. 40 million americans, one in five americans, have anxiety disorder a serious ailmentment we talk about pain pill addiction this week or other pill addictions. and the question is, are we really worrying ourselves to death or is it, you know, a lot of hype? are you a worryer in >> greg: i am. the fact is it's, as you say, a first world problem. one in five people aren't starving today but one in five people have anxiety. that means we won.
2:39 am
bloomberg should declare a war on anxiety and been a woody allen films. >> kimberly: you'll get hate mail. >> dana: are you a worry? >> greg: i worry so other people don't have to. neurotics are american hero. we show up early and bring water to the subway went worry about other people. we never miss life. >> dana: you bring water to the subway? >> kimberly: you don't ride the subway. >> greg: i have on occasion. >> kimberly: we that one time. that's how i know he doesn't. he goes oh, you want to go together, the first time together. >> dana: i'm a worry. sometimes i worry so much that if i'm not worried about something, i worry that i forgot to worry about something. but you're not a worryer, bob. >> bob: i'm not. i should have been dead so many years ago every day is grace to me. i don't worry about it. i tell you one thing, this anxiety thing goes back to the pill issue. you get anxious, they give you pills. get off the pills, get more anxious. get back on the pills, band and forth. a lot of this is self-induced
2:40 am
i'm not anxious. i don't worry about dying because i should have been dead five times. >> dana: you are a worryer like me. nobody would notice it. duck on the water. underneath paddling furiously but on top it looks cool. that is a compliment. >> kimberly: i like to get stuff done. right? i like to be efficient and effective and make it happen. if i worry about something i'm going to do something to make a positive action come out of it. >> dana: what is a good way for people with anxiety problems, maybe one that requires medical attention? what would be your advice for dealing with things? you are type "a" but not a worryer. >> andrea: i'm not a worryer which is weird. go to gym. do something physical to relieve anxiety. if you're religious, which i am, pray. >> dana: praying is good one. i like to write a list. to-do list. it cross off a list.
2:41 am
>> bob: if you don't deal with it right away, it's like they grow. if you have anxiety, deal with it right away and it will probably go away. they have a tendency to build on themselves. i'm more nervous about being more nervous. >> andrea: everything we ask you about that you should be worried about you go what? what is that? to be bob beckel. >> kimberly: i recommend dancing and boiled water. pasta. bathtub. >> dana: a little worry that we have to tease and everybody is still talking. i worry about everything! including this. there is an athlete that does not have legs. and he is about to make history by running in the london olympics. but should he be allowed to compete? does he have unfair advantage? greg has information that might surprise you. ♪ ♪
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>> greg: welcome back to "yarn in fun." sometimes the world needs jerks. for example, former olympian michael johnson is technically a jerk. he pointed out a guy with no legs in the olympics is troubling to him. south african paraolympian oscar is able-bodied this 400-meters, even though he runs on two carbon fiber legs. now when johnson was asked if oscar's inclusion made sense he said, "because we don't know for sure whether he gets an advantage from the prosthetics, it is unfair to the able-bodied competitors." scientists do suggest the gams could boost speed by up to 20%. maybe because he is lighter or there is a spring in his step, who knows? how do we miss this? is thissy as i mag man and a -- amazing man and amazing legs sprint past us so fast we didn't see it's no different than steroids. or did the olympic flag suffer from prosen p.c. syndrome. stuck in their tracks, maybe
2:47 am
it's not fair but i'm not saying anything. that's why you kind of need jerks like michael jo johnson. he takes the heat for what others might be thinking. but the bigger story is a triumph of human innovation. the fact we're having this debate means we're to a point where lacking limbs can't hold you back from achieving greatness. the story isn't he disabled. he's practically super human. tribute to great things americans make. even if you know who thinks we don't do it on our own. bob, this guy is impressive. is johnson, even though he may sound like a jerk is he making a valid point? >> bob: it's a remarkable achievement this guy has had. but the fact that we know these blades do enhance speed, and by every indication they, do he has competed and done very well in this event. i think it's giving him in some ways an advantage.
2:48 am
that we're not quite sure of what it is yet. until they can show it's equivalent to human legs in terms of speed and the rest of it, johnson -- i hate to say it. i don't want to be a bad guy. but the fact is you do this and this stuff gets better and better. when does it end? >> greg: that is the point. in four years or eight years you know how technology is. this will surpass the human leg. then what do you do? >> andrea: it's part of a largeer debate we are having over if you don't have the god-given ability, should you enhance your body? whether it's steroids? what if it is a spelling bee or a brainian competition and you put a brain chip in? they make you faster or smarter. i think let the guy run. don't be exclusive. but create a separate category for people with prosthetics. >> greg: he is in the paralympics. but i mean, a third thing?
2:49 am
>> andrea: keep it in the -- >> greg: what it will be, paralympics 1 olympics and super olympics with people with incredible limbs who will break every record. >> dana: the bionic man. >> greg: exactly. >> bob: do you know in two more olympics from now even you with technology might be able to compete for something. i'm not sure what it would be. >> greg: the high jump. >> bob: no. i wouldn't push yourself that far. >> greg: kimberly, this guy is incredible. i want to ask you about the article. paraolympians are saying we'd gladly trade the advantage for real legs. you get that sentiment but is that logical response? >> kimberly: i think he should be able to run. i can't kind of get around the idea that people think he shouldn't be allowed to. the poor man doesn't have legs. he has done incredible things to get to the point where he is. he should be able to compete in the olympics.
2:50 am
with v we become that small-minded? >> greg: it's not small minded. >> kimberly: i don't know. >> greg: what if somebody was competing for your seat and they had like a robotic head? i don't know. >> bob: robotic legs. >> kimberly: andrea and i would get rid of that person. >> dana: running shoes so if you were another competitor you might ask well, can i sput springs in my running shoes that mimic that same advantage that he gets. >> greg: using the technology. >> dana: yes. ratchet it up. four years ago we had a big debate about the swimming suit. if you were wealthy enough to have a fancy swimming suit you'd have an edge. >> greg: or your shave your body hair. do it regularly and i don't swim. it doesn't help at all. >> bob: ugly. >> greg: it is. one more thing is up next. if you leave next you'll miss
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out on one more thing. it's pretty obvious. it had to point it out. ♪ ♪
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♪ >> andrea: welcome back to "the five." time for one more thing. in 2008, something smelled fishy. right? congress moved to put in an office of catfish inspection, with your money. the usda needed to spend $160 million to inspect these guys right here. that rarely get anybody dick. duplicative program and the government watchdog agency, gao, three times tried to get rid of the waste, the senate repealed this, and the old boys' club said no, we have to keep the expensive program. congresswoman bucked. vicky hartswerer, freshman elected in 2010 said huh-uh, i'll save you money. bucked a republican and democrat. frank lucas and colin peterson and said no more. she saved you the money. no more catfish. >> bob: that is disgusting. >> andrea: good for her.
2:56 am
>> kimberly: bob, you are very dramatic. >> andrea: go ahead, dana. dabs i started something -- >> dana: i started something a couple months ago, searching for one more thing. i went to dmv. it was not bad experience. pleasant and i got out of there in under two-and-a-half hours. it ask what to do for my one more thing. laura said luther massing gael. is talk radio host in chattanooga, tennessee. 90 years old. he covered pearl harbor, 9/11, still on the air today. does a morning show at sunny 92.3. he is about to be entered in the national radio hall of fame. congratulations! >> andrea: greg? >> greg: one more thing. banned phrase. there you go!
2:57 am
>> dana: you have to pronounce it! freddie it's salami and crackers. it'sca lammy and crackers. >> kimberly: road rage! i want to take the ship. the uss needs $3 million to stay afloat. if everybody donate dollars 2. they're not asking for a lot. we can save it. it's south carolina. and otherwise it's going to go to be sold for the highest bidder for scrap. >> bob: mine is about syria. something we have not covered much. but bashar assad is the president of syria now responsible for murdering 17,000 of his own people. in one of the most outrageous displays i've seen. it's time. israel and the united states together take out chemical weapons and threaten to use -- [ inaudible ] it's time for this dude to go. >> andrea: well put. thank you. that is it for us on "the
2:58 am
five." thank you for watching. we'll see you tomorrow. ♪ ♪ welcome to "red eye." i'm greg gutfeld. or otherwise known as red fox ninja go. >> what is coming up tonight? >> fred willard is arrested for lewd conduct in an adult movie theater. insert "dark knight rises" joke here. and the romney campaign ad hammers president obama for his you didn't build this remark. some say yes -- wait, that doesn't work herl. and finally, are short people awful? short answer, yes. greg? >> who pitched that article in the meeting today? >> it is funny. i think everybody person on the staff had it. >> i don't believe it was a study. it was an opinion piece. >> short people are horrible.
2:59 am
>> if that makes you feel better, andy. >> i feel great. >> all right then. i guess we are settled. >> go away. >> tall people are miserable. >> let's welcome our guest. she is so hot that bunson burners use her for a science experiment. well, he is so sharp that when light bull bulbs get an idea they 1r* pictures of him over their heads. it is chris baron, go proud co-founder. and in croatia he is considered a slim jim, bill schulz. and if hilarity was a shark attack i would beat him off underwater. sherrod small, pretending to be on the phone. nobody has done that before on "red eye." how innovative. and he is a pile of trash worse than a rash. good to see you, pinch. >> times movie critic, i was named after shoe dargus says "the dark knightis


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