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tv   Stossel  FOX News  July 21, 2012 3:00pm-4:00pm EDT

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in to you. we are being told by the police department that many hazards remain inside and they expect to remain here for hours. it will be number of hours before they can get a technician inside. you mentioned it the heat out more than a hundred degrees. you have to put a heavy suit that covers every inch of the body. that heavy suit does cost a technician to lose a lot of water. that is the worry that really have to kind of refuel with water instantaneously because it's so warm. they may have to wait until later in the day when it's much cooler. i can tell you last night it was 88 degrees or so at 10:30 at night. meantime, we have more information, they have been successful in disable the second triggering device through a controlled detonation. not certain but they are hopeful they have eliminated the remaining major threat.
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that doesn't mean they have eliminated all of them which were really the trip wires to get somebody inside the actual apartment. the problem was the front door was tripped to kill whoever opened it. they won't know for sure. many hazards remain. there are more triggering devices found which is a significant possibility they will have more controlled explosions inside. they will continue to update us. that is what we've heard, they have been very good about keeping people informed and reverse 911 setup if they were to come across anything. inside that apartment, federal authorities tell us the setup was intricate. it was extremely intricate. very advanced but once they got inside and put the water bomb off. the bombs themselves were very amateur. you have a very interesting scenario inside when you've got these trip wires everywhere.
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you've got bottles, balloons, all these things inside the apartment that was set up. when you see the devices themselves they weren't that advanced which is good news but still dangerous. that is what we have at this hour. we'll continue to update you throughout the day. there are technicians inside. they haven't sent someone in wearing that bomb suit which as you have seen before on the third floor. we don't know when that will happen. we'll let you know. >> rick: when we see the pictures of the investigators that are up on the hook and ladder that are working outside the window and holding those poles that have the cameras attached to the other end. those folks work for aurora pd or federal officials, who are they? >> reporter: i'll step away and give you a chance to look at the scene. we have the ambulance from the local ambulance service. fire department that is
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stationed all the way around the complex. firefighters would be responding to any fire or smoke which we have not seen. they are ready to go with breathing apparatus you would need to fight any situation like that. we changed our position so you can better see the hook and ladder truck. this is where the federal authorities are located. they have a pop-up tents you use in your backyard. they have all sorts of evidence bags. you have aurora pd around them. basically i've been told there are a number of federal agents besides atf and f.b.i., but aurora is giving us all the information. they have been pretty up front. they have coming upright away telling us what is going to happen. they warned us before the last explosion. you might want to take cover. if you feel uncomfortable take
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cover behind the news vehicle. ambulance folks take cover behind their ambulance. you've got that situation, a number of different agencies all around the complex. there is a major street about a block to the east of this apartment complex. so two blocks where from where i'm standing. there is traffic going up and down the street. when they prepare to debt nate something, they stop the traffic. no chance likely that something would reach the street but they want to be safe in case something was to happen and had to get an emergency vehicle out. the traffic continues to flow on that street which means they are not planning any detonations immediately but that can change in a matter of minutes. we have video and sound, griff jenkins work for greta had his own camera, different place and got great sound we'll get later on that shows how they went about the tactical way they went
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diffusing the trip wires inside. they lowered in a water woman. it would spray the area would trigger any trip wires but because it's water wouldn't be throwing fuel on the fire. right now they are three for three and want to continue those odds as being a thousand percent. you don't want anybody injured as they are doing these operations. >> rick: there is no need to rush things. take as much time as they need to get it done. we heard yesterday they could be there for hours. they could be there for days. adam, thanks so much. >> arthel: as they prepare for monday's arraignment of the suspect, there are so many questions concerning the case. one of the possible charges, insanity defense. what is needed to establish it
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and how can the prosecution do it? joining us is a former prosecutor. first of all. i would say that there are many people out there who are hoping someone who has allegedly committed such a heinous crime cannot get away with a plea of insanity. >> he is entitled to plea insanity under the law in colorado. it will be up to the jury to decide whether she insane or not. the prosecution has to have the burden of proof in colorado but he ha has a right to plead it. >> arthel: he is already lawyered up. through all the reports, the planning on holmes has been very extensive. even though adam housley the agents were able to get inside, some of the actual bombs inside
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were not as sophisticated it doesn't take away the extensive planning that went on. mike tobin reported earlier in the day, two months he spent planning this thing. how is it that a prosecutor with all this information that we now have and much more to come, how can his defense say, i'm sorry, but my client just snapped? >> insanity is when you don't know the consequences or nature of your acts and that what did you was wrong. the prosecution has to show the planning. the calculated efforts he made to put this whole horrible slaughter in place plus his own background screams out this guy knew what he was doing. honor graduate in college and ph.d. student. his background, the planning the calculated acts he did i think the defense has a very big
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mountain to climb in this case. too much planning and effort. he planned it. he meant it. he meant to kill these people. he's got a big mountain to climb. >> arthel: part of that includes the fact the alleged reports that holmes set up a booby trap at the apartment whoever the first responder would be to open that door, that person would be killed. the intent to kill there, not to mention the loud noise he played at the apartment hopefully distracting authorities away from the scene of the actual movie theater. he has the right to plead insanity. it seems like it's going to be a tough climb. >> evil, horrible people can be sane. it appears that he meant to kill
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people. he meant to kill first responders. he is evil. he is a person that none of us want to even be with. that doesn't mean you are insane. there are -- a lot of people can't deal with this concept. there are evil people amongst us evil people who want to destroy and kill young children and men and women. it doesn't mean you are insane. if you knew what you are doing you are sane. >> arthel: i was having that conversation with a colleague. i said, i believe there are people out there who are evil enough to commit this type of heinous crime. you have a lot of experience with these sorts of cases. i know you'll be watching with it and i'm sure we'll have you back to submit more analysis. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> arthel: in the mists of tragedy, politics stop.
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republicans and democrats are putting aside politics and joining together with a message of unity and healing. peter doocy taking a closer look. >> reporter: the airwaves in colorado are missing attack ads before the two campaigns reached out to affiliate tv stations and asked them to pull their so-called contract spots for the time being. political truth isn't isolated to colorado. in his weekly address today, president obama reiterated a point he made tri-morning that now is the time for prayer and reflection and not for politics. >> our time limited and it is precious. what matters in the end is not the small and trivial things that consume our lives. it's how we treat one other and love one another. >> speaker boehner joined in. >> we join president obama to
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send our condolences to those that families that were killed and wounded and we thank the first responders whose swift efforts saved lives. >> in massachusetts there were no campaign signs and he didn't saying in nig about the weak economy but he decided to live remarks as an american and father. showing even in a tight presidential race, both sides are willing to put politics on the back burn are so the families directly impacted by the violence can put their lives back together. >> arthel: thank you very much. >> rick: coming up. the very latest on the colorado movie massacre. we'll tell you how police are working to take apart that booby-trapped apartment. >> arthel: other breaking news, rebels in syria targeted a key
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>>. >> arthel: welcome back. here is what we know about the 24-year-old man suspected of taking the lives of at least 12 people and injuring dozens more in the colorado movie massacre. james holmes withdrew from his program last month he attended the university of california riverside for his undergraduate agree in neuro science. chancellor of that school is now speaking out. >> we will be cooperated weigh law enforcement as they come to campus in the days and weeks and months ahead and we offer help to understand the incident. he was an honor student. he was at the top of the top. he really distinguished himself from an academic point of view during his four years with us graduating with highest honors. >> rick: more heartbreaking details about the victims of the tragedy, youngest victim only 6.
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many others in their 20s. family and friends coming forward to tell some of those stories. anna has more. >> reporter: we're learning the identities of more of the victims killed. six-year-old veronica is among them dead. the mother is in critical condition with a bullet in her throat and abdomen. 27-year-old petty officer john larimer was among the dead. a navy notification team contacted the family last night. alex planned to ring in his 27th birthday at the movie and celebrate his first anniversary on sunday. jessica gawe was shot in the leg and then in the head. >> jessica was a very
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spontaneous, funny, take a road trip. just great dancer. fun girl. one of the sweetest people you ever met. >> reporter: but for all the tragedy there are stories of survival. victims continued to recover in multiple hospitals around the area as families and friends continue to deal with this tragedy. hospital spokesperson at the medical center they are assisting seven patients, three are on the trauma floor and four are in the en tense i have care unit. one of the victims just told us what it was like inside the theater. >> all the patients we received at our hospital have survived to this point. the injuries that we are currently dealing with, at least at this time, do not appear to be life-threatening. >> reporter: also, i want to mention 27-year-old matt mcquinn died while helping his girlfriend from gunfire. her brother was trying to shield
3:19 pm
her, as well. nick escaped physically unharmed but samantha was shot in the leg. there is makeshift memorials popping up but one tomorrow night at aurora city hall 6:30 tomorrow night. there is a facebook page that is set up and we can bring you more information on that at the 4:00 hour. >> rick: thank you very much. want to switch gears, turn our attention away from colorado. we'll go back there, but first i want to talk to but some of the major stories that is breaking today. syria experiencing some of the most intense fighting yet in the 16-month-long conflict. the military detector is telling reuters that president assad's forces is moving chemical weapons to use against the rebels. world affairs contributor is live in jerusalem with the latest on this. what do you know?
3:20 pm
>> reporter: this is turning into a major concern. the u.s. and israel were saying they believe the regime was moving stockpiles of sarin gas and cyanide in certain parts of the country. regime denied this but quite clearly they are being moved into some sort of position. syrian regime, assad military can't be trusted in using this. it could use it against innocent civilians. israel defense minister said it is prepared to attack syria militarily if it appears those chemical weapons could fall in the hands of hezbollah. the united states say it's monitoring very closely what exactly the regime is doing with those chemical weapons. it comes just as the rebels have made a sweeping campaign through the capital of damascus in the past week with astonishing cou7 against the regime wiping out the top security officials of
3:21 pm
president assad on wednesday and following up with raids on border posts east and west side of countries. very reminiscent what happened in the libya and m qua qua got in the middle of it. so concerns how stable that regime really is. how much longer it can hang on for. there are reports that assad's wife and three children have fled to russia speculation that if highs regime falls he could actually seek exile there. begin the pace of fighting we have seen in the past 24 hours, 550 casualties in the past two days, economic power hours where there were loyalists for assad for so long, potentially all in a matter have weeks is what rebels believe could actually happen, that soon within not days. that would undermine any strength he is having and hour
3:22 pm
by hour, that power appears to be diminishing and rebels gaining much more ground. >> rick: thank you. >> arthel: and naturally the u.s. is closely monitoring the chemical weapons stockpile. the white house officials saying the chemicals are a big concern in light of escalating violence in the country. reports earlier this week suggest that president assad's regime may be near klaps. but my next official christian whiten says those are too optimistic. why do you say that? >> the rebels clearly have had a good days. they had a target suicide bombing that didn't have any collateral damage that just killed top officials in damascus. they mounted operations in the capital and now they have moved to the economic capital, but it's important to note that
3:23 pm
assad's forces are basically suppressed the attacks. assad probably will go at some point but there is nothing is a to indicate that is imminent. instead a lot of the talking points out coming out of the administration and other officials saying assad looked more like wishful thinking or propaganda. there are distinct differences between this and libya. there is entire rebel army outside of tripoli. >> arthel: hang on for a second. you are saying we're talking about suicide bombing attack killing three of the top leaders there in assad's regime. you are blowing it off but the people you have a defense minister who is married to his sister. this he is money as one of the
3:24 pm
most feared figures in his regime as former defense minister. those are key people there. now, as dominic report. it appears that his wife and three young children are now in russia and according to reports the likelihood of assad himself still being there in damascus. that likelihood is slim. i'm a little bit surprised you are saying you don't think that his ouster or his departure where he may defect or find exile in russia, i'm surprised to hear you say that you don't feel his days are truly numbered >> i hope they are. i hope his departure is imminent i don't want to diminish, the act that was required to get a bomb past all the defenses right to an important meeting of his top lieutenants. thing are stabilized after it
3:25 pm
happened. since then he has pushed back. they have mounted all these counterattacks in large parts of damascus so it seemed like we past the point of imminent panic. but this is a man who has killed 17,000 people. she clearly past the rubicon of doing just about anything to stay in power. i don't think he is imminently set to depart. >> arthel: i'm running tight on time. i'd like you to be concise. you have russia and china voting u.n. resolution to pressure assad. what is it that china and russia are hoping to gain here? we're talking about possible and strategic or geographic strategy what the s it? >> russia, an ally and has a submarine base, access points in
3:26 pm
syria and ultimately the chinese government, they don't care about killing civilians. talk to putin and what he thinks about killing civilians. >> arthel: it's not a simple situation there concerning russia and china's involvement but i appreciate the answer. christian, thank you very much. we are going to be staying on top of this story. i want to let you know tomorrow, on sunday, benjamin netanyahu will be there. chris wallace will talk to him about the fierce fighting to take down assad's regime in syria. israel's charge that iran is behind a terror bombing that killed five israeli tourists. >> rick: when we come back we'll return to the story out of colorado. it has been a day of breaking details. we're learning more about the
3:27 pm
suspected gunman, police are saying he had four guns, thousands of rounds of ammo, a magazine clip that allowed them to spray the crowd with 50 bullets pev minute. we'll take a closer look at all that when we come back. [ male announcer ] for making cupcakes and deposits at the same time. for paying your friend back for lunch...from your tablet. for 26 paydays triggered with a single tap.
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>>. >> arthel: details are coming out how aurora police are taking apart the booby-trapped apartment of james holmes. wire traps were set up to kill. the wire traps had been disarmed and bomb squad technician should be able to get in the coming hours but many hazards still remain inside. police expect to find more explosive devices as investigators work to piece together exactly what happened inside that colorado theater friday at midnight.
3:32 pm
most importantly why. mike tobin is live outside the theater with the latest. >> reporter: investigation is about to take a dramatic new stage. once you can get the detectives inside of that apartment and get them in there safely. let's speak what investigators have to go on so far. what they have go on is a lot of physical planning we know about thus far, mostly in terms of purchases, a lot of them made over the internet and made over the past two months. according to police, some 3,000-322 rounds were purchased. they would correspond with the bullets and a drum that could fire them in rapid fire succession. that was purchased online. another 3,000 rounds of ..40 caliber ammunition that would correspond with the two block side arms.
3:33 pm
one was found in the attack and one was found inside the shooter's vehicle. ..12 gauge shotgun shots that would correspond where police say were used in the attack as well. all four weapons were purchased locally and legally over a period of weeks and months out here. background checks were done. all the background checks determined that he had a speeding ticket in his past. there was also the purchase of body armor, a lot of body armor. to make things short he was outfitted from his head all the way down to his knees with protection. he had a helmet and throat protector and bulletproof vest and leggings and a groin protector. some of it was purchased online with expedited two day shipping. that is all going go into the investigation. take a dramatic turn.
3:34 pm
take a right turn in this. we got a statement out of christian bale who is the star of the batman movie. words can't express the horror that i feel. i can't under the pain and grief of the victims and loved ones but my heart goes out to them. that statement coming through the hollywood reporter. with that, i'll send it back to you. >> arthel: you gave us a laundry list of details what we're learning about suspect james hol 78.. ones they are able to get inside his apartment. that booby-trapped apartment, hopefully what is in there will speak volumes. mike, thank you. >> rick: who knows what was going inside their head at the time of the bloody rampage. but our next guest studied the criminal mind, mary ellen o'toole. you have sort of dissected the
3:35 pm
minds of some of the most notorious criminals over the last 30 years on or so. i ask you the question has been asking me -- why would someone do this? >> there is not one single motive for these kinds of cases. the motives can change over time. the motive that this offender had months ago was probably different than the motives at the time of the shooting. they can include such things as feeling helpless, feeling isolated, wanting to take revenge on people even though it's inappropriate. wanting to put fear in people. really wanting to kill people because of his life and wanting notoriety and feeling supreme. you can have multiple motives and that culminate in the behavior you saw at the theater. this is someone who went from a
3:36 pm
le clues to now a star on the national stage. he probably got more notoriety than he ever dreamed he would get. >> rick: what jumps out most when you hear some of the details that are beginning to emerge about this young man? >> the details are very sequential, they are very logical and very analytical and very well planned out. when you see this ability to plan it in a way that is like that, that suggests someone who cognitive ability and functioning quite well. you see that in the shooting and how he identifies the weapons that he wants, weapons that have the capability of maximum leetsd at. he has the devices in his apartment that have the appearance they are all tied together. the theme for both of these different scenes is this a mission orientated shooter. somebody who is very focused.
3:37 pm
someone that wants maximum carnage and at the same time this one is someone that wants a lot of attention. >> rick: people were asking why he didn't have warning signs. people didn't know he was plotting what he was plotting. are there cases where there are no warning signs? >> we go back on the case there are warning signs. the issue is when people look at one another. they don't look at someone, i think you are going to be the next mass shooter. some of the warning signs are fairly opaque. they are vague. when investigators begin to go back and dissect he was fascinated by other cases of mass homicide. he may have been practicing with these weapons. he may have been posting on the internet and using an alias or anonymous identity.
3:38 pm
he may have been communicating with other people. kind of telling them what he intended to do. i think we will see warning signs. when they are identified people will look at that and, oh, my gosh, i saw that but i didn't realize it was a warning sign. i didn't realize that could have been indicative when all the warning signs are put together of someone who was really contemplating an act of this extreme violence. >> rick: what about the fact he didn't resist arrest and he told the police that he had booby-trapped his apartment -- what do you make of that? >> i think this offender actions in the end are quite interested go but with this amount of planning on his behavior, we don't know what is in his head. his behavior to me suggests he would have had to consider the possibility that he may have died in this crime scene. he could not have anticipated
3:39 pm
that there may not have been someone there at the theater with a weapon or one of the police, first responders were there would have shot him. i think he considered that. i think at the end that him telling the police about these explosives at his apartment could have been a way of him kind of taking credit for this very complicated crime scene. what i can tell so far, he told them about what to be aware of, but not how to detonate or pull apart all those devices and explosives. those are two different things. >> rick: thank you so much for your time. >> arthel: this latest mass shooting has many wondering what this says about american culture. earlier today mike huckabee and here is what he had to say.
3:40 pm
>> at some point you cannot fix people who are determined to do something that is monstrously evil. you can create law laws but you cannot know when someone is going to snap. >> arthel: police are trying to fully investigate the suspect's apartment to find a motive. >> rick: when we come back, one of the blasts in holmes' part. one that adam housley has been mentioning. we'll go live to adam right after this. [ ryan ] maybe just a short run today.
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>>. >> rick: we've been getting a lot of breaking details over the last hour or so about the booby-trapped apartment of the shooting suspect. police have been able to disarm the trip wires but they are still a lot of hazards inside that apartment. they have been able to set off three controlled detonations. they have disarmed one of the devices. there are more. adam housley is live outside the apartment in aurora with the latest. >> reporter: because they have been successful setting off a few smaller devices, they are giving them a chance to get a better view inside the apartment itself to get an idea how they are going about doing anything, to get an idea where they will put the bomb technician in and where he'll start. we can tell you there are three types of specific explosives found inside the apartment. jars filled with accelerated ants.
3:46 pm
chemicals that would explode when mixed together and more than 30 improvised grenades. that doesn't count some of the other stuff that was left around the room that could be shrapnel if they had gone off. if they opened the door they would have been killed because the trip wire was connected to the front door. we have the largest three explosions we heard. basically you can see some stuff come out of window. griff jenkins was a different vantage point and better view. here is what he shot. >> it's actually a water bomb, they lowered it in. what that would do trip off the other wires by spraying water at the same time. i'm going to step away from this location and give you a live look of this part of it. we are block away south of apartment complex.
3:47 pm
they still have a hook and ladder in. others have walked in. its third floor apartment. we're not sure they have gone up the stairs or anything like that. at this hour right now they are trying to determine i'm told what is the next course of action. they have a space to get in the apartment. that is good news and no one has been injured so far. >> great news and we wish them continued luck and safety and success. adam, thanks. >> arthel: i want to remind you last chance to sent in your twitter responses. we have been asking how do you explain tragedies like this to your kids. here is response. jay wrote you tell your children that there are evil people in this world. there always have been and there always will be. we'll share more responses coming up next. [ kate ] most women may not be properly absorbing
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>>. >> rick: fox news alert as we keep our eye on situation what is going on in colorado. this is familiar sight over the last day and a half or so ever since the suspect in the colorado movie shooting told authorities after his arrest that he had booby-trapped his
3:52 pm
apartment in aurora and police and federal officials are on the scene now. over the last hour or so we have been able to report the good news is that authorities have said that they are able to now safely enter that apartment. they were able to disable and disarm the trip wires that the suspect, james holmes, had set up around the perimeter of the apartment in the interior of the apartment. all those trip wires have been disarmed but still, there are number of hazards inside. so we're waiting for word and adam housley has been doing the reporting job on this, waiting word for a bomb technician put on that heavy suit and go inside and see what is inside the apartment of the colorado shooting suspect. when national tragedies like this occur, it can be difficult to share the news with your children. today we've been asking you to take the twitter to let us know. we got a tweet from brad, there
3:53 pm
is evil in the world, start stop protecting and start preparing. tell them to carry on with their life because it doesn't happen often. >> arthel: thanks so much for sharing. we do have one more, bill wrote that you do an injustice to children if you don't simply tell them the truth, sugar keogtd is lying to your chin. thanks for sharing your thoughts via twitter. we appreciate that. it's something we will be talking about the days and weeks to come. we can only imagine the layers and layers of processing for the people there in the community of aurora have to go through somehow point to early now, but get back to a sense of normalcy. >> rick: this will be the picture to watch as it
3:54 pm
approaches 2:00 p.m. hour locally. law enforcement officials on the ground there in aurora trying to get inside the apartment of the 24-year-old suspect in the shooting. he had dangerous things inside the apartment. we will continue to cover that for live. >> arthel: for now, that is all for us. stick right here, gregg jarrett and heather childers are standing by with the latest out of colorado as our team on the ground gets up to give you reports with eyewitness accounts. stick with us on fox news channel. vorite cereal? oh, you're good! hey, did you know that honey nut cheerios is... oh you too! ooh, hey america's favorite cereais... honey nut cheerios ok then off to iceland!
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>>. >> gregg: we're minutes away from a live update on ongoing investigation into a movie theater massacre in aurora, colorado. also this moment, police say they are ready to enter inside the apartment of the 24-year-old shooting suspect after spending hours today disarming a series of trip wires and explosive devices that were, quote, set to kill. >> heather: police warning that several other explosives remain active and they may need to set up another controlled explosion in order to disarm the remaining traps. >> gregg: i'm gregg jarrett. >> heather: i'm heather childers. that detonation is to be very similar heard earlier today. take a listen ♪ explosion snst
3:59 pm
>> heather: what is going on right now? >> reporter: we are told there is an assessment team inside the apartment itself. we heard three explosions today. two lighted ones, if you heard fireworks from a distance it sounded like a low boom. when we play it again. i'll explain what that explosion did inside the apartment did. (explosion) >> reporter: right prior to the explosion, we heard fire in the hole repeated three times. we were warned it would be a louder explosion we heard earlier in the day. i am going to step away. that was a


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