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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  July 27, 2012 3:00pm-4:00pm EDT

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ed henry. there is bad news here for the president. what else do we hear from the white house? >>reporter: this puts him in a precarious position for re-election because you have forecasters saying not only is this anuclearic but for the next year it will be slow growth which is a problem for a president up for re-election with high unemployment already. what they are trying to do from the white house podium, carney today said, look, things are headed in the right direction. there is more work to be done but tried to put it on congress to do more to turn it around. >> we will keep pressing for action. the president will continue to do everything he can to help the economy grow and create jobs. he will continue to hammer the point that we know what we can do right now to spur growth and job creation. congress needs to act. >>reporter: the pressure is going to stay on this white house because a week from today we will get another jobs report,
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the performance for the month of july. a lot of people at the white house are embracing to see whether or not that will be another bad report as we have seen last few months or whether there will be positive news next week that can sort of help the president say thing are moving forward. trace? >>trace: of course as governor romney is overseas getting beaten up on other topics. how is he responding to the g.d.p. numbers? >>reporter: he is being very careful overseas not to be critical of the president being away from america right new. but the economic team back here in the united states is not pulling any punches. they were saying not only is this a bad report on g.d.p. but they are saying there is a lot of uncertainty there about possible tax increases down the road and they are saying all of this suggests the economy is in trouble. take a listen. >> the report is disappointing, a picture of a decelerating economy where consumption,
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spending and investment spending have desell rating growth combined with consensus estimates from the forecasters for the next year, show the sign of an economy in a very slow-growth mode. >>reporter: that is why the news is putting the president on the defensive. as you noted, mitt romney had stumbles in europe. the question moving forward is whether he will be able to capitalize on the bad news. or whether or not the president will make his indication that he deserves another four years. >>trace: thank you, ed. the economy is not growing but look at the dow, the 401(k) is booming, up 198 points today. and the bottom number, we have gone over 13,000 for the first time in three months after top european leaders pledged to do whatever they could to protect the euro zone. many investors are concerned that europe's troubles could cause ripple effects right here
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in the united states. we will keep watching the dow. >> governor romney says he absolutely convinced london he is convinced that london is ready for the olympics. that's days after seeming to kind of question the city's handling of the game. he took a month pore -- more positive spin and he said when the at leasts take the stage "all of the things politicians say will be swept away." here are the governor's original comments to nbc, referencing some of the security issues we have been reporting about the past couple of days. >> it is hard to know how well it will turn out. there are a few things that were disconcerting, the stories about the private security firm not having enough people, the supposed strike of the immigration and customs officials. that, obviously, is not encouraging. >>trace: britain's politicians and the press did not take kindly to that. but governor romney is not there
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to win the british vote. last night the candidate had his first overseas fundraiser seeking support from americans living abroad. campaign carl cameron is live for us today in london. how did the fundraiser go, carl in >>carl: well he did well for $2 million for an hour's worth of work. romney had a packed house. he went to the fundraisers of ex-pats. there were $25,000 to $75,000 a ticket originally, but at last minute they let folks in for free to boston the crowd and boost their coffers. raising money overseas is turning out to be an advantage for romney as is the case in the united states where moderates and democrats have been slower to donate and rush to support for president obama. that's created an opportunity for mitt romney domestically. that is the case with money and actee ballots overseas as he has been exploiting with another
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fundraiser in israel the next couple of days. >>trace: how worried is the romney campaign of the drubbing he are getting from the british press? >>carl: well, it is, after all, the british press which is famous for the hyperbole and sarcasm and willingness to attack its own leaders, never mind the visitors. but it is never good when a politician is getting here no matter where it is come. the romney camp would prefer it did not happen but he did another interview and said what he repeated all along, that he reviewed the press accounts in the run up to the olympics with express concern here in london and across the continent that, in fact, there were some logistic problems with security and traffic control and staffing and by repeating that, he was only echoing the concerns. today he said having been here a couple of days, things are better. >> i read the same reports a lot people did of all the challenges being faced bit organizing
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company but after being here a couple of days it looks to me that london is ready and of course, it is hard, to put on games in a major metropolitan area. what they have done that i find so impressive, they took the venues and put them right in the city. >> to give you an example of how hard it is to organize the olympics he left the he fell to visit with the irish tea shop, the equivalent of their house speaker at the irish embassy. he did not take the motorcade but walked because of the traffic problems and a taxi demonstration. the nominee of the united states had to hoof it across town to go meet another dignitary. >>trace: thank you. we will have more analysis of the trip abroad with chris wallace coming up on "studio b" today. right now the united nations is debating a major treaty meant to crackdown on the multibillion dollar business of international weapons trading. but more than 50 u.s. lawmakers
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say, not so fast. according to a draft of the treaty it forces all countries to enforce regulations with the embargo and could not aid in acts of genocide, crimes against humanity or war crimes. any trade that would pose a "substantial risk to human rights," would violate the treaty. the deadline for a final draft is today. that bipartisan group of us senators sent a letter to president obama and secretary of state, hillary clinton, slamming the proposal for potentially limiting our right to bear arms. part of the letter reads and i quote, "our country's sovereignty and the constitutional protection of the individual freedoms must not be infringed." the chief correspondent jonathan hunt is like in our new york city. you and officials say the treaty is about the global arms trade.
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but the united states gun owners do not trust them. >>jonathan: not at all and do not trust the obama administration. they believe this is the beginning of a slippery slope under which the obama administration, with the u.n., would chip away at the rights of individual gun owners in this country. so the national rifle association fully behind the letter sent by the bipartisan group of politicians. the nra said in their statement, "the nra, our four million americans and tens of millions of law-abiding americans would own firearms will never surrender our right to keep and bear arms to the united nations." that is why the united nations arms trade treaty has been met with the full opposition of the nra. they are doing everything they can, trace, to make sure that this does not pass. >>trace: just so we are clear the united states constitution trumps any international treaty,
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right? >>jonathan: absolutely. the supreme court has ruled that all the way back to a legal case over canadian birds, without believe, and the hunting of the birds near the u.s. border with can that in 1920. again and again they have said the international treaties cannot trump the rights of u.s. citizens enshrined in the constitution. those who support this treaty at the u.n. say american gun owners have absolutely nothing to worry about. >> this is not a question for american gun owners. this is a question that the nra should all be behind because it prevents weapons from harming american citizens overseas from weapons getting into terrorists' hands, weapons that are used against american troops in wars overseas. >>jonathan: those who oppose the treaty would argue that this would give the u.n. a say this
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controlling which groups or countries the united states can provide weapons to. that, in essence, would give the united nations an important say in u.s. foreign policy trade, another major concern. >>trace: thank you from new york. the parents of the man who killed the central florida teen, trayvon martin, have stayed out of the headlines, pretty much will now. the website where the parents try to clear their son's name and then seek donations to help the parents make ends meet. whoa, look at all those toys. insuring that stuff must be a pain. nah, he's probably got... [ dennis' voice ] allstate. they can bundle all your policies together. lot of paperwork. [ doug's voice ] actually... [ dennis' voice ] an allstate agent can he do the switching and paperwork for you. well, it probably costs a lot. [ dennis' voice ] allstate can save you up to 30% more when you bundle. well, his dog's stupid. [ dennis' voice ] poodles are one of the world's smartest breeds. ♪
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>>trace: the parents of george zimmerman who admitted to killing trayvon martin have launched a website. george zimmerman has his own site which appeals for donations to help pay for his legal fees and more. now his parents have launched a site which asks for donations to help with their "greatly
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increased living expenses." the site also seeks to give george zimmerman's life story and claims that people have targeted the zimmerman family with death threats. a statement on the site reads in part and i quote, "one in particular was alarming because it threatened to kill anyone with george's d.n.a. it was not mailed but left at our front door. these threats were in addition to the constant media calls and visits." phil keating has the news from south florida. george zimmerman's parents are still in hiding, right? phil: very much so like their son, george, would lives in a "safe house," free on bond somewhere in seminal county. his father testified on the stand at his bond hearing and in the ten-page long website story recounts going from hotel to hotel with his and his wife's
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retirement dreams disappear because of that. as for george being accused of racial profiling, "the media and numerous serve serving individuals have portrayed george as a ratessist, vigilante, and murderer, absolutely none of those names come anywhere close to representing the real george zimmerman. george has always been and continues to an truly caring, loving, and selfless individual. we are extremely proud of george zimmerman," and he adds there have been other severe hardships they have incurred throughout this but because of security reasons unnamed they cannot disclose what those are right now. >>trace: and trayvon martin's parents in what do they say? phil: the parents did not comment directly on this. of course, they lost on february 26, their teen able -- teenage son, a junior in high school. they have been divorced for years but have remained close to provide a model example to
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trayvon martin that divorced parents can be good parents. their attorney reacted to robert zimmerman's post like this: "they still have their son, george zimmerman. they still don't have their son, trayvon." they got the short end of the deal. the parents have never asked for money. they continue working, both of them, at their separate jobs. their public appeal has only been for justice, trace. >>trace: thank you, phil, from south florida. now to former prosecutor jeff gold and criminal defense attorney. i went through this whole website of zimmerman's parents which jeff lost the line, but he talk about defending him against racist charges that he one time pushed the police department to bring charges against someone who assaulted an
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african-american homeless man and he mentored african-american children. what is the push here? we know that racism is going to play a big part of this case. what are the parents trying to accomplish here? >>guest: well, they are trying to have a media war to fight the bad press. they are doing it in the wrong way. if you want do have a media war, do not make it about george zimmerman. you make it a cause for victims' right. with him not being the defendant, but him being the champion of victim rights. they could do that. they could make a website where it is about other victims. it's about -- and george is a champion. that could make sense. what they are doing right now does not make sense. >>trace: and this website, the parents are talking about what hell their life has been recently. really, they are saying that all but living in witness protection program they are cut off from the outside world. >>guest: absolutely.
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we have to remember these were normal people before, living normal lives, nobody knew who they were. they had the luxury of being able to be normal people. that's gone. why? did they do inning? no. their son is accused of a crime and they are getting death threats. how is that different from what was done in this case, murdering -- this is about a murder. so we will threaten to murder the accused family? is that justice for trayvon. they are sick and tired of being portrayed as this horrific family that is just racist and bad. they want to speak out and clear up the misconceptions. what a normal urge. >>trace: good point, regina, because roseanne barr tweeted that the parent's home address, what is the point of the websitest trying to defend their son? to raise money?
3:19 pm
raise awareness? why do this? if you were their attorney would you advise them not to? >>guest: yes. i would not do it this way. there is a way to use the media but don't make it all about them and all about george and the accusations. take it away from george and make george a hero, a man who was trying to do the right thing the he was doing an organized neighborhood watch. he is the champion of victims the make it about the other victims in the world, not about this case. that will do a lot of good. >>trace: thank you jeff and regina. thank you both. >> fast food chicken restaurant, chick-fil-a at the center of a controversy over gay marriage. the company president does not support it and the mayors of several major cities have now said the restaurant is no longer welcome in their cities. but can they do that? is it legal? we will bring it all down, next, on "studio b" today.
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trace now the growing debate over a controversial comments of gay marriage by a fast food restaurant. big city mayors have criticized the president and c.e.o. of chick-fil-a after he said he opposeed same-sex marriage. listen to the comments last month on a radio show. i think we are inviting god's judgment on our nation when we shake our fist at him and say we no better than you what constitutes marriage. i ray for god's marriage on this nation for the prideful attitude to think we have the audacity to say what marriage is about. >>trace: a politician in
3:24 pm
chicago has responded saying he intends to block the chain from opening a second restaurant. and the democratic mayor, rahm emanuel, supports that move against click chick. >> chick-fil-a values are not chicago's values. they are not respectful of our residents, our neighbors, and our family members. and if you are going to be part of the chicago community you should reflect the chicago values. >>trace: the mayor of boston said he would work to keep chick-fil-a from doing business there but he later backtracked saying he doesn't have the right to do that. can officials ban a company because they disagree with their owners' views? we bring back jeff gold and criminal defense attorney, regina. this, clearly, is blatant discrimination. >>guest: listen, he is entitled to his opinion. every american is entitled to
3:25 pm
their opinion and they should be able to express it. because he expresses his opinion, government now decides, well, we will in the give you a permit. we do not like what you believe. that should in the come out of play. he was not demonstrating, and he does not refuse gay people access to his restaurant. that's his belief. you don't like it, don't go to chick-fil-a. but don't stop a business from being able to operate because you don't like their beliefs. that is wrong. >>trace: it is interesting, jeff, because rahm emanuel says that chick-fil-a's values are not chicago value and 42 percent of chicago residents support gay marriage and 42 percent of chicago residents are against gay marriage so there is clearly a stand off. why not, if you support gay marriage, why in the boycott those restaurants, as well? >>guest: well, that is right. this does not make a lot of business stand. you can stand up and make a
3:26 pm
political speech and people cannot go to chick-fil-a and not buy but it does not make business sense. i am worried about the discrimination. in the 1930's and early 40's henry for was antisemitic and had a paper dedicated to antisemetism, and in those days it was okay. people still bought the car. they did not react the way people react today. so people have both sides of the issue. i not say politically which is right or wrong but it does not make business sense in today's world. >>trace: the truth is they did it in california 20 years ago and someone was blocked from opening restaurants on college campuses. >>guest: the bottom line, this country focuses on capitalism. we need business and we need industry. whatever their personal beliefs are they should not be blocked from operating and earning income. and providing jobs for all the
3:27 pm
people that it does. absolutely not. it is his business f that is what he wants to say he can say what he wants but government cannot get him involved and say, no, we don't like what you believe. absolutely not. >>trace: thank you both. >> we are learning more about the suspect in last week's shooting massacre in aurora, colorado, movie theater, from when james holmes was still a student and new reaction from the white house about our nation's gun laws coming up. [ male announcer ] how do you trade? with scottrader streaming quotes, any way you want. fully customize it for your trading process -- from thought to trade, on every screen. and all in real time. which makes it just like having your own trading floor, right at your fingertips. [ rodger ] at scottrade, seven dollar trades are just the start. try our easy-to-use scottrader streaming quotes.
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90 calorie brownie. >>trace: the former graduate student accused in the colorado movie theater shooting was being treated by a psychiatrist at the university where he studied. the revelation discloses friday in a defense motion. the motion sought to discover the source of leaves to media outlets of a package that james holmes sent to the psychiatrist contained a notebook with descriptions of the attack. the motion said the package contained communications between jam yam -- james holmes and the psychiatrist that should be shielded from public view. law enforcement officials told fox news exclusively that james holmes mailed a notebook to a university of colorado psychiatrist. they say it was full of details of how he was going to kill people, including stick figure drawings and illustrations of the coming bloodbath. and now our legal panel for
3:32 pm
this, big news coming in, former prosecutor jeff gold and criminal defense attorney. jeff, explain this to us because the defense is saying that the diagrams and the stick figures, this is all privileged and should not be released. >>guest: that is what the defense wants to say. first of all there is a legal point. if a person is telling the psychiatrist they are going to commit an offense, that is not privileged. i don't believe any of this. this is part of his plan. he set this up. he went to the psychiatrist to set up a defense and he told a psychiatrist this to set up a defense, i don't believe the notebook we talking about was sent earlier. something is rotten in denmark. >>trace: give us the defense part. why would you argue this is privileged and when you are diagramming an attack, this should not be released? >>guest: well, communications between a party and their
3:33 pm
psychiatrist are privileged. you need to encourage the person to be honest in order to be treated. there is a host of people who are treated for psychiatric conditions which may involve psychotic delusions or notions. psychiatrists can not call the cops every single time something like this is mentioned. do they really believe this will occur? you cannot just start calling the cops. they have to protect it. >>trace: i will tell you, i was down in aurora, colorado, all last week, and i will tell you something, if he told psychiatrists he was going to commit it, it is in the privileged. you can bet on it. >>guest: he didn't tell anybody he mailed a notebook. it has stick figures. he has to respect this. the psychiatrist will never work again. >> the psychiatrist is required to call a client out if the client is going to commit a murder. >>guest: if he fells it is
3:34 pm
imminent and not part of treatment. a lot of people say a lost things especially when they are in treatment. >> tell that to the victims' families. >> this has to be protect nod matter what. >>trace: thank you, both. >> president obama says he wants common sense measures to protect gun rights while also making sure that weapons don't end up in the wrong hands. that from his press secretary jake carney in the wake of last week's shooting rampage in colorado. the massacre has renewed the national gun control debate. is a highly partisan through but right now both presidential candidates seem to agree no new gun laws. mike emanuel is like for us in washington. it sounds like the president doesn't want to average state the gun lobby. what about governor romney? >>reporter: he said in an interview in london he does not believe america needs new gun laws.
3:35 pm
romney said what happened in aurora, colorado, was against the law but the fact it is against the law did not stop it from happening. on wednesday, president obama characterized his position in this way. >> i, like most americans, believe the second amendment guarantees an individual the right to bear arms. but i also believe a lot of gun owners would believe that an ak-47's belong in the hands of soldiers and not criminals. and they belong on the battlefield of war. not on the streets of our cities >>reporter: there lab talk on capitol hill about gun laws but mostly just talk. harry reid says with the schedule lawmakers have there is no way, no way, no way to have a debate on gun control. trace? >>trace: what do groups on either side say following the tragedy in aurora? >>reporter: the nra declined a request for an interview saying it is a time for families to
3:36 pm
grieve and do not want to politicize the topic. brady campaign against gun violence is disappointed with leadership in washington, dc. >> during the temperature of the next president, there will be 48,000 people that will be murdered by guns in our country if we don't do something. i don't see how anybody could run for that highest office and lead our nation without coming up with a concrete land to do something about it. >>reporter: he says america is ready to have this conversation and it seems like everyone is ready to have it but for congress and the president. trace? >>trace: thank you. that was mike from washington, dc. chris wallace has just interviewed supreme court justice anthony scalia about this gun issue. we will talk to chris coming up this a few minutes. it should be fascinating. the white house today state the syrian president bashar al-assad's days are numbered and the seen regime is planning a massacre on a rebel stronghold.
3:37 pm
today, syrian troops reportedly launched another attack on the outskirts of aleppo for a week but activists say the syrian government is preparing for a major assault on the city. they expect it to come any minute now. we cannot independently confirm that. the white house, today, said it does not know when the syrian president will fall but that he must. and that he will. >> there are daily reminders of the fact that hisup on power is -- his grip on power is loosening. his control on the country is diminishing. we have seen daily defections of high-level government officials. >>trace: the outgoing head of the united nations observer mission in syria says it is a
3:38 pm
matter time until the regime collapses. and dominic is like in the middle east newsroom. activists say the syrian regime is about to unleash "hell," on the rebels. >>reporter: that is right. fighter jets, migs and other aircraft and 100 heavy tanks with a few hundred fighters with nothing but ak-47's to respond with. they are facing thousands of raging troops, however, coming in on the ground and that is why we fear it will be nothing but a massacre. trace? >>trace: thank you, dominic. what can you tell us of reports of a secret military base for the rebels across the rebels in turkey? >>guest: this story broke on reuters. the turks and the saudis have set up this secret base about 60 miles into turkish territory. they have been supplying the rebels with weapons and military
3:39 pm
communications and aid. but this is just as close to the united states air force base with no indication that the united states is involved but in doubt the syrian regime is worried about technology interference and that is a reason why it is waving the sword of chemical weapons threats this week, trace. back to you. >>trace: dominic, thank you from the middle east. >> we should note that chris wall has from fox news sunday joins us next because he finished an interview with the justice supreme court justice scalia and talked about the gun control debate in the aurora, colorado, hoots massacre and the ruling on the health care overhaul. that is next.
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>>trace: a rare interview with possibly the most colorful of the supreme court justices, justice scalia joins chris wallace this weekend on "fox news sunday."
3:43 pm
chris has just finished the interview and joined us like. i am envious because when i hear the guys interviewed it is justry -- just very rivet stuff. we talked about the gun control debate in the wake of the shooting in aurora. did the justice weigh in on that for you? >>chris: he did. i asked about it. it is in the news. scalia is an important person to talk to about this because back in 2008 he wrote the opinion, the deciding opinion in the case of district of columbia versus heller, that the right to bear arms means that and threw out the washington, dc, ban, on handguns and the question i asked, okay, people have a constitutional right to have a handgun. do they have a constitutional right to have a semi-automatic weapon or a magazine that
3:44 pm
carries 100 rounds of ammunition. here is the answer. >> yes. there are some limitations that can be imposed. what they are will depend on what the society understood were seasonable limitations. there are certain locations limitations where --. >>chris: what about technical limitations. we are talking about a weapon that can fire 100 shots in a minute. >> we will see. >>chris: obviously he has to be careful about this, trace. because of the fact that this is almost certainly not in the case of james holmes, but the question of various localities and their ability to regulate handguns, not to ban them, but to regulate weapons. to regulate whether you can have a semi-automatic or you can have one of the big magazines, that will come up before the courts so he was not willing to predict it but it is noteworthy he said
3:45 pm
there can be limitations on the right to bear arms. >>trace: and it is a great point, chris, because as technology advances this will come up again and again. i enjoy that everyone is wondering about obamacare. did you talk about the health care debate and the decision by the chief justice, john roberts, to call this a "tax." >>chris: absolutely we talk about that. i don't want to give you egg because i want people to watch fox fuzz sunday. it is extremely fascinating. he is the longest serving supreme court justice on the court now. how his mind works. and we talk about a last subjects. he has written a book which is why he came on the show about his legal theory the idea you look to the text and how it was understood at the time it was written to decide what the text means. and he talks about methods of
3:46 pm
judging and one of them is, if you can avoid a fight with the constitution, rather, avoid a fight with the legislature to say something is unconstitutional, you should try to do it the don't try to throw a law out. try to find a way to keep it in. and i said isn't that what john roberts did when he decided to uphold obamacare and to say the mandate is a tax. and he said absolutely not and this is his quote," you can't say a penalty is a pig." in other words, he is saying you are just making it up when you say that an individual mandate is a tax and, therefore, you can't rewrite the still to make it constitutional when it is constitutional. >>trace: i know you are saving the best for fox news sunday. thank you, chris wallace. >>chris: thank you. i promise you will enjoy this. >>trace: i know i will.
3:47 pm
>> the material girl not to go from the supreme court justice to madonna but here we go, she is in stranger to controversy as we all know but now the biggest fans want their money back. after throwing bottles on stage at one of her shows what sparked a backlash in paris is coming up.
3:48 pm
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3:50 pm
>>trace: some of madonna's fans demanding a refund after she stopped the show after 45 minutes opened only to the official fan club. tickets began at $100 and some fans slept on the street the night before for a good spot. when she left the spot some hurled bottles, chanted slurs and asked for their money back.
3:51 pm
the press agent said the prices were "reasonable," and rarely plays over 45 minutes for small shows. this is not her only recent public relations mess. a right wing french politician is already threatening to sue madonna after she showed a picture of him with a swastika super imposed on his face. hundreds walked out of the concert in hyde park, some calling it the "worst gig ever." she whipped out a fake gun on stage in scotland, hours after the colorado movie massacre, although she has been using fake guns throughout her tour. with us now is the pr consultant fraser seitel from emerald partners and co-author "rethinking reputation." we said the tickets started at $100 but we forgot to mention they went up to $400, so you
3:52 pm
have some people spending $400, sleeping on the street, her best fans, because only fans were given access. not just dissing people but dissing your big of the fans. >>guest: it was a slip but this was a last minute booking in response to the swastika flap you mentioned. you have to remember madonna's currency has always been controversy. whether she is packing heat on stage or dropping pants on take or kissing britney spears, she is a 53-year-old dynamo and this is her third decade on stage, p.r. wise, she always has been controversial and she always has been brilliant. >>trace: so you saying there is a method to her madness that the 45 minute show was a plan that she knew they could stand up and yell and ask for their
3:53 pm
money back. >>guest: you know what she said? she said, look, i am intolerant about intolerance and this political party she went after in france said we should get rid of all immigrants. so she has a message. she has a method. she makes lots of money. that is why they call her "the material girl." >>trace: would you advise her to keep doing this stuff? she is in her mid-50's. would you keep having her stir up the water? wherever she goes she stirs things up? don't you get tired of it? >> springsteen has been around. the rolling stones. paul mccartney. bono. madonna is madonna and i hope that you and i when we reach the old age of 53 will be as popular asthma don't. >>trace: fraser, good to see you. thank you. a guy is sent to jail for refusing to leave jail. how does that work?
3:54 pm
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>>trace: breaking news, we have been telling you of the debate between chick-fil-a and some cities in the country based on what the owner said and he opposed gay marriage. just crossing the wires we learned that the head of p.r. for chick-fil-a has just suddenly died. they are not saying exactly what he died of. but he has been with the company for the better part of 29 years. the company said he has been a dear family member for all of those years. chick-fil-a was told by some people in chicago and boston they were not welcome in those cities anymore because of the owner's stance and now the head of the p.r. department has passed appear suddenly. i am trace gallagher here for shephard shephard smith. your 401(k) did great today and
3:58 pm
"your world," starts right now with neil cavuto. >>neil: stocks up a lot because we don't think as much? welcome, everybody, i am neil cavuto. the dow soaring above 13,000 for the first time since may on more talk of a rescue in europe and signs we are thinking less over here. at least less thought. second quarter growth at 1.5 percent which is above estimates but it shows an economy that is clearly cooling down. and consumers are clamping down on spending and bostonning their savings and buyer fewer cars and computers. market watcher says rather than cheering we should be worrying. what do you make of this? >>guest: well, i don't see how anyone can paint this as a good public. maybe if you can see the
3:59 pm
disposal income was up and the save incorporate was up but we need the economy to start ramping up. that's what the obama administration has promised. instead we are going sideways. he has been so enamored with europe we will be lucky to equal the european countries as far as unemployment. we are behind spain, norway, the netherlands. it goes on and on. fortunately, we still below 10 percent unemployment. but unless this picks up i see that number going higher. >>neil: we we will celebrate a good day on the markets and we hope a trend is our friend. i do wonder about the things in the g.d.p. report, because we can remember in a typical rebound, you see much


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