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tv   FOX News Watch  FOX News  August 11, 2012 2:30pm-3:00pm EDT

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congressman paul ryan is architect of the text of the republican's budget plan. he wasted little time in leadersing out his vision for how a romney administration to
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fix america's financial problems. also, he took aim at president obama at the same time. >> i hear some people say this is just the new normal. higher judg unemployment declig wages and crushing debt is not a new normal! [ applause ] >> it is the result of misguided policies. and next january, our economy will begin a comeback with the romney plan for a stronger middle class that will lead to more jobs and more take-home pay for working americans! >> so let's talk about it with former south carolina governor and fox news contributor mark sanford. governor sanford, your first thoughts about paul ryan as the pick? >> i think it is a great pick. i think it -- from a strategic standpoint shifts the debate from personality which is what
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we seem to have been caught in here lately between obama and romney and just the debate in term its of policy signaling from the romney campaign they are really serious about dealing with this crushing debt that our country is facing. we are are look at sort of a preview of what would come our way when you look at greece and other places. from a strategic campaign standpoint and direction of the country standpoint it makes sense. >> chris stirewalt wrote on fox news .com that democrats giddy over the choice. they will be able to run the throwing grandma off the cliff spot again and again and perhaps win over a state like florida. what do you think? >> they will try. that was a default in eitr case that they were going to try. i think that -- you know, the american public is really thirsty for the truth with regard to how do we get out of this pickle that we put ourselves in with regard to spending and entitlement. how do we prevent going the way
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of a greece. and so i think that again as a debate point that debate was coming either way. do you have somebody who can i think forcefully argue their view point in contrast. i think you can and i think he has. that is why he has been appointed head of the budget committee there on the republican side. >> he seems ernest. he seems dedicated to slashing spending and finding some way to fiscal sanity but he is also very young. >> okay. yeah. i think what counts -- i think this is a guy who started -- this is a guy that started young. when we were in congress together my last two years he came in in '98. the first four years o that i s in congress he there was as a staffer. he is a bright articulate, i think well intentioned and well informed policy walk.
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a warrior walk for lack of a better term. the idea that he is young, i think matters if you don't have ideas. but if you are focused and can articulate ideas that you believe in as he can and as he has done i don't think age counts against you. >> we have already seem him sort of on the attack when republicans met with president obama in some of those healthcare meetings he took the fight to the president and said some of these numbers just do hot add up. >> and that is what the american public is dying for. somebody to say wait, the emperor has no clothes here. the obama administration has completely punted on issue of the budget. to the credit of clinton for achillea it looked like he was going to work on it until the lewinsky thing took off and then bush looked like he was going to work ton and then you had the wore on terror and 9/11. you have somebody who will take it to the president and say wait a minute, what you are
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talking about absolutely does not make mathematic sense i think is genuinely exciting. >> what if he were to take it to the president and say there is no way to balance this budget without raising taxes. would republicans, would conservatives, would the nation go for that? >> i don't think that that is what he said. i mean if you look at the two budgets that have been created through his committee, what they have said is let's certainly let's look at the whole picture. look at certainly closing down some loopholes that are are long ceased to make any kind of sense. but disproportionately our spending in washington is the problem. and that is where we need to focus first. if you have the 80/20 rule that is the big problem. >> the size of government has grown in comparison to the rest of the economy. government -- governor sanford, appreciate you coming in. thank you. >> my pleasure. take care.
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>> congressman paul ryan entering the white hot the national spot light and only going to get hotter between now and november and putting his plan to reduce our massive deficit front and center. up next a closer look at what exactly he is calling for. >> this is the worst economic recovery in 70 years. unemployment has been above 8% for more than three years. the longest run since the great depression. families are hurting. hey joe, can you talk? sure. your hair -- amazing. thanks to head and shoulders for men. four shampoos that give men game-winning alp protection, great looking hair... and confidence [ male announcer ] up to 100% flake free with head & shoulders for men. there are projects. ] up to 100% flake free and there are game-changers.
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congressman paul ryan making a name for himself in the house with his budget plan to rein in the massive deficit. and that means h his choice as mitt romney's running mate could be high risk and high reward. the plan calling for spending cuts and changing in the tax code. his ideas earning respect from conservatives and serving as a lightning rod for democrats. we are seeing that in the tweet oh spear as i like to call it.
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my next guest knows paul ryan, paul gigot, editorial-page editor for the "wall street journal." good to see you. >> good to be here, hear rice. >> just on a personal note. you know congressman ryan. what is this day like for him? >> i have known him for 20 years. i knew him when was a congressional staffer and saw him rise through the ranks. he is john early used the word ernest. he is right. he is ernest and serious. he is not a natural campaigner in the sense that barack obama is. but he is getting better at it. i think this is probably a moment of great excitement for him and his family. >> i mentioned this before because of the early nature he has time before now and the republican convention to kind of hone that skill. we want to move along. the democratic attack machine already ramping up. attack ads have already come out and i have been following on twitter governor martin o'malley says paul ryan brings
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a strong commitment to end medicare as we know it. senator majority leader harry reid saying governor romney doubled down on his commitment to gut social security as we know it. >> the subtlety is overwhelming. >> no subtlety on twitter at least. >> ryan is the best person to be he able to respond to that. he has been familiar with these attacks for years. in fact, his plan does not end medicare as we know it. it retains an option for medicare the way we have it now. >> in terms of changing the narrative today whether it is medicare, entitlementsers the economy overall how permanent is change do you think we are witnessing because clearly if you heard congressman ryan we had him on the air talking specifically about the economy? >> makes for a big choice as people have been saying today and right now with the choice romney is committed. he is basically saying by
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picking romney i'm not going to make this a safe election. i'm he going make this a fundamental choice about the direction of america and we are going to debate the future of medicare and entitlements and tax reform. those are the issues front and center. >> i don't want to go -- something a previous guest said with jon scott. it is not a good idea to have the bottom of ticket outshine the top of ticket. is there a danger of that happening. >> people make the choice for are president based on the presidential choice but this choice says something about that person who made the pick. says he is going take some risks and not going to play it safe and if he as governing he does have a desire to make fundamental changes. that will reflect i think on romney and people will have to make -- maybe he is not the conventional politician of that we heard about. >> you have known him for two years. quickly just with a few seconds, if there would be a need for him to assume the role
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as president is he ready? >> i think so. i mean i think he has an executive mentality frankly. he gets along in congress. but he does -- is somebody who grew up watching people like ronald reagan. i think he understands what it would take. would he have a learning curve on foreign policy? without question he absolutely would but he has been paying attention. he is a quick study and i think he would and certainly with within a few months of being vice president he will learn fast on foreign policy. >> it is one of the issues that will come up and does often when you make a choice like this. >> and an important one. >> paul gigot, good to have you. thank you. >> congressman paul ryan a rising star in the republican party and in the d.c. beltway. what impact will he have on voters in the key swing states? a fair and balanced debate on that, coming up. ♪ hi, i'm phil mickelson. i've been fortunate to win on golf's biggest stages. but when joint pain and stiffness from psoriatic arthritis hit,
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governor romney and h his new running mate congressman paul ryan bask ising in the cheers of supporters in the is swing state of virginia today. only the first stop. the two men are kicking off a crucial bus tour, visiting four battleground states up for grabs. how will governor romney's choice play in the swing states? bring in our political panel. jehmu green, a fox news contributor. bacbrad blakeland. jehmu, a lot of democrats are rejoicing and they think that mitt romney picked a guy who is is going to help them win some of the swing states. what do you think? >> exactly, jon. who knew romney's choice would make democrats so happy. but you let's start with the
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positives. clearly representative ryan, he is smart. he is serious. he is going to energize conservatives. but he he also doesn't have a natural appeal for independents. he doesn't have a natural appeal for women voters. >> but they don't know h him. they don't know him a great deal at this point. >> and when they get to know him, especially women they are probably going to go running in the opposite direction. for sure he is delegate t goinp with wisconsin his home state. in every poll i have seen, he doesn't take romney over the top. this florida they might as well have thrown in the towel because his plan is the one that wants to end medicare as we know it and leave social security at the women of wall street and the stock market. these are not going to play well in florida which is a critical state. we have to look at romney made the decision here that basically he saw his campaign failing. he was moving in the wrong direction and he he had to take a risk. he had to stop being cautious
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and now he is going to have to start talking about policy because at the end of the day romney looks in the mirror and he hopes to see someone like paul ryan because paul ryan actually has substance on policy ideas. let's get to this discussion. >> brad is chomping at the bit to get in. before i let you do so, brad, let me read a message from your former boss, former president bush who says this is a strong pick. governor romney is serious about confronting the long-term challenges facing america and paul ryan will help him solve the difficult issues that must be addressed for future generations. once again, that from former president george w. bush. brad, now to you. >> you heard the democrat's 3d strategy. distract away from their abysmal record on the economy and distort romney and now ryan's record and divide the american people against each other. it is about the economy and today the gauntlet thrown down. about a new direction for
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america. do we grow the country through jobs and through the marketplace? or do we retard government and the people by growing government and increasing our debt? it is very simple. the government should only do for the people what the people cannot do for themselves. that is the republican mantra that we are going to bring to the american people. spend within our means just like people have to do in their home budgets. we will have a budget, something the president couldn't deliver when had the white house and house and senate the first two years of his presidency with high majorities. a district difference between the direction the republicans want to take the country and the disasterrous direction the president has taken this country. >> let's get back to the swing states. we noted they are going on a tour of virginia, north carolina, florida and ohio. obviously rolling out this selection of paul ryan, jehmu, governor mitt romney thinks he
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is going to help him in all of those states. you don't think so? >> i don't. i think actually that bus tour that is going around to those states is also being followed by a dnc bus tour which is really focused on how these two candidates would throw the middle class under a bus. >> we are running out of time. let me give brad a chance to answer the question. the four states what does ryan's selection do? >> enenergiess our base. a base turnout ehe election and he will appeal to independents because independents want fiscal responsibility first and foremost. they want a country that lives within their means and see and want a better future but don't see that under the obama administration and i think that is where there is going to be change, wholesale change in the fall. >> he is or was to this point a fairly little known congressman. now, the vice presidential selection and things going to change rapidly the next few months. brad and jehmu, thank you both. >> thank you.
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>> that is going to do it for us. fun to be along with you for two hours. rick and heather are up next. keep it here. captioned by closed captioning services, inc. ♪ ♪ clap, pat, clap your hand ♪ pat it on your partner's hand ♪ ♪ right hand ♪ clap, pat, clap your hand ♪ cross it wi your left arm ♪ pat your partner's left palm ♪ clap, pat, clap your hand, pat your partner's right palm ♪ [ male announcer ] it's back. the volkswagen beetle. that's the power of german engineering. you have a plan? first we're gonna check our bags for free, thanks to our explorer card. then, the united club. my mother was so wrong about you. next, we get priority boarding on our flight i booked with miles. all because of the card. and me. okay, what's the plan? plan? mm-hmm. we're on vacation. this is no pl. really?
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we take another step forward to help restore the promise of america as we move forward to this campaign and on to lead this nation to better days, it's
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an honor to announce the next president of the united states paul ryan. >> we are now meeting the new ticket a choice that is likely shake up the presidential race. i'm heather childers. >> rick: i'm rick folbaum. thanks for joining for a brand-new hour. governor mitt romney and congressman paul ryan appearing ashland, virginia as official running mates after the announcement. new g.o.p. team headed to virginia for a third and final rally for the day. carl cameron is on his way and journeying us live on the phone. carl, is there a bit of change in the atmosphere. you've been out for governor romney for months now. what is it like today? >> there are days he is up and down and there are days like today he is really up.
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you could see it. he was more enthusiastic and more interacting with the crowd and interacting with his new running mate mr. paul ryan. not the thing that has happened with him in the early stages of the primary battle. paul ryan has an effect. clearly the crowd welcomed him to the ticket. they are enthusiastic about the prospects of the house budget chairman bringing his brand of conservative to the romney agenda, marrying that in campaign that will out of the president and create a mandate. they believe by putting paul ryan on this ticket it will send a strong signal that this is a politician determined to make a differenceno


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