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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  August 17, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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organization at rivers of recovery dot org. i hope have you a great night. >> greta: welcome to wisconsin, home of the green bay packers, the cheeseheads, the milwaukee brewers and the expected nominee for the vice-president, representative paul ryan. we are here in janesville, wisconsin, a population of 60,000 people, in southern wisconsin. this is where congressman ryan was born, raised and wherely is raising his family. we came to find out a little bit more about congressman paul ryan. here's what we learned. >> next january, our economy will begin a comeback with the romney plan for a stronger middle class, leading to morions and more take-home pay for working americans. >> greta: he is the man everybody is talking about.
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>> romney and ryan -- >> paul ryan... >> mitt romney and paul ryan. >> greta: who is congressman pall? the wisconsin policy wonk who governor mitt romney just tapped as his republican runningmate. 42 years old, head of the house budget committee and the third youngest person to be picked as a vice-presidential candidate. but there is much more to him. who was he before he came to washington? janesville, wisconsin, january 29, 1970. paul davis ryan entered the world, the youngest of four children was born to betty and paul ryan. he grew up in the historic courthouse hill neighborhood. >> he's always been a very serious kid, very friendly. quite frankly, he really has never changed. like i say to a lot of people, what you see is what you get. >> greta: at age 16, tragedy struck. his most difficult day. paul ryan found his father not breathing. he tried to save him. but it was too late.
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>> paul's father died when he was in high school. that forced him to grow up earlier than any young man should. but paul did, with the help of his devoted mother, his brothers and sister and a supportive community. and as he did, he internalized the virtues and hard-working ethic of the midwest. >> greta: that same year, ryan fought off that pain, throwing himself into his school and work. ryan became joseph a. craig's class president and working at mcdonald's and an accolade he will never live down. two years later, he was named the biggest brown noser. but he made up for it with the title of prom king. next up, miami university in ohio, where his career in politics was already kicking into high gear. >> i was running for congress, first time, 1990. i was locked into a really difficult primary. i had a young student putting yard signs out, saying paul
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ryan. >> greta: it didn't stop there. ryan worked tirelessly as an aide, a speech writer and a legislative director. it was then he met his mentor, jack kemp. >> jack kemp was an enormous influence. >> greta: ryan felt at home in the world of politics, thinking about our nation's money was always at the top of the list. >> he was 22 years old. and if recommending to the house how it create a budget. >> greta: 1998, you could follow the paul ryan super bowl. he ran for congress and he won. just 28 years old, he was elected to the united states house of representatives and then ryan would make his next big move. during his first term, congressman ryan fell in love and married the cousin of democratic congressman don borren. jana little of oklahoma. after marrying, they had 3 children -- liza, charley and sam. he has one common belief he
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tried to instill. >> gen and i tell liza, charley and sam that america is a place where if you work hard and play by the rules, you can get ahead. >> greta: congressman shot up through the ranks. and when it came to the economy, everyone had his eyes on the congressman from wisconsin. his master plan, in 2010, ryan unveiled his road map to economic recovery, including a revamp of the tax code n. 2011, he took over as chairman of the house budget committee and proposed huge controversial changes in medicare. despite being in a seventh term, ryan has not norgotten his home town of janesville, refusing to settle down, using his office couch nplace of an apartment. traveling back weekly to see his family and the people of his district. >> paul ryan works in washington but his re-beliefs remain in janesville, wisconsin.
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>> greta: paul ryan, prom king, brown noser, husband, father, congressman, house budget committee chair. and now, republican vice-presidential candidate, a hometown hero, now in the national spotlight. >> i am excited for what lies ahead. i am thrilled to be a part of america's comeback team. and together, we will unit america and get this done! >> greta: now to the person who may know vice-presidential candidate paul ryan the best. it's his big brother. we spoke with tobin ryan in the high school gym in janesville, wisconsin. how fun is this for you? >> it's pretty crazy. absolutely. >> greta: how did you find out? >> greta: you know, maybe a few hours before everybody else, frankly. friday night, late, we got the call. just gotten off the phone, speaking with my mother and told me the news.
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i didn't know what to tell him, but i didn't sleep a wink that night. >> greta: how many years older are you than your brother? >> five years,. >> greta: we have a great picture of you when you were young. i take it you were close. >> very close. there are four of us. 10-year span. he and i are number 3 and number 4. we shared a bedroom growing up. and so, we have certainly been thru a lot together. and now we are raising our family together in janesville. we are about a three-wood away from each other. >> greta: i met your wife. she is not a native cheesehead. but she is from out of state. will you accept her into the cheesehead family. >> we have. >> greta: his wife is from oklahoma. >> we have two southern gals who have embraced janesville as their own. >> greta: we have a picture of you at the wedding, in your brother's wedding. >> yes, yes. in oklahoma city.
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it was a wonderful event. my brother and i stood up as best men. it was a wonderful, you know, meeting the entire little clan and half of oklahoma. >> greta: how is his dancing? i understand that there is a problem? [chuckles] >> to say it lightly. absolutely. that gene didn't fall upon my brother. >> greta: he can't dance. >> i don't think so. >> greta: i would kill for the video. >> that gene came from my dad and my mom would say she can't either. so... >> greta: she's very studious. i use the word wonkish. has he always been like that? >> he can be a really serious guy. but certainly, you know, the paul i know is a goofball. playing with his kids, practical joke, pranks on me... you know, he knows when to -- when to be light hearted. >> greta: when he came to
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washington, he did a number of thins. he worked with jack kemp. >> yes. you know, i would -- jack kemp was an enormous influence on him. there is no doubt about it. i recognize that in our first campaign. where jack ith come into janesville and helped stump for paul. he pulled me aside and said, look, your brother's going to make a difference in this world. and he was so sincere. i could tell that there was a unique bond of mentorship and it's been really warm seeing some of the kemp children coming out and making comments about a little bit of their father that they see in paul now. that's very touching for us. >> greta: you can tell how proud the community is, whether you are for him politically or not. we are in the high school gym. you played basketball. he didn't, right? >> that's right. >> greta: he played socker and did track & field. >> he did. >> greta: he was -- no, prom king? >> prom king.
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but it's -- you are not voted -- >> greta: how do you get to be prom king -- >> i hope they have changed this. if you are class president, you are the prom king. >> greta: all right. that's how you became the prom king. >> he did. >> greta: he gets back here every weekend with his family? >> absolutely. you know, i bet he spends the least amount of time in washington of any congressman. sleeps on his couch and is on the first flight back to see his kids and adorable wife. >> greta: would you have guessed that this is how paul ryan would end up? >> of course not. you know, never would have guessed. he grew up fast. you know, he matured, quicker than most, i think teenagers. and you could see it -- as he developed, he was in college and high school maybe very differently. you saw him accelerate in his development in many ways. >> greta: did it have anything to do with your father died when
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he was in high school? >> there is no doubt that that was a very important moment for him, for me, for all of us. but he was -- living at home. he was the only child at the time. i was off at college. our 80-year-old grandmother, who had advanced alzheimer's had just moved in and slept in the bedroom next to him. my father passed away. and paul grew up very, very quickly. he got a job. my mother started a new career and got on a bus and went up to u.w. to -- to get a new skill. so she could start her own business. paul goes to work at mcdonald's and he's also the class president this year. he got focused, very, very quickly. >> greta: we also caught up with tobin a wife, oakley. what does she think of her brother-in-law, congressman paul ryan running for president? and what is the ryan family
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really like? >> reporter: tell me. you are a closely knit family. >> we are. it is the ryan is a big family. i remember the first time i was introduced, we went out to dinner in janesville in the 90s and it took us a half hour to get to the table because he was introduce me to all the cousins. >> really? there is a lot of ryans. >> there are and they live in the old neighborhoods and they like older houses. they're a wonderful, warm, fun family. >> reporter: you know, i happen to know you are from memphis. i'm a memphis guy, full disclosure. i think tobin made a wise choice. what it was like, integrating into the family and learning their values and the way they do things. >> toby and i spent the most time in wisconsin together, helping paul in his first campaign. we had just had our baby girl and we spent 8 months, just living and breathing the campaign, trying to help paul
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and at the end of it, i said, we didn't have any intentions of settling here. i said, you know, do you want to live in wisconsin? i love it. i met all these people and i can't think of a nicer place to live. that's the ryan family, janesville and wisconsin. >> reporter: you are living in a gorgeous place, as we see. you have been kind enough to let us come here. tell us about your sister-in-law. what is she like? >> she's awesome. i know people say this. it's true, i couldn't have a better sister-in-law. i remember the first time the family matter, she came back for christmas. and she was getting all of these great wisconsin gag gifts, packer earrings, sweatshirts and she had a big smile on her face. my kids were little at the time, but my daughter just took to her. they were really close friends. jan is like paul.
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i think that's why they connected so well. she is who she is. she is authentic. she cares about people. she's fun. she can be relaxed whether she wants to be. and they're a great pair. they're a great brother dismaw sister-in-law. >> reporter: is she a great support system for him? >> what is great about them, that they understand their roles. i don't think you can underestimate how challenging it is to raise kid when is their dad is gone four day ace week. she is that rock for them. >> reporter: let's talk about the brothers. they are close, aren't they? >> they are. they are. i remember the first time i met them, toby and i were dating and i was like, wow, that's a trio. >> reporter: you are like, i have competition here. i won't be able to get in between them. >> and janet, their sister, they talk about the brothers. but she's the eldest and she is an amazing person, too. she has been a great role model for them, as well.
10:14 pm
it is different from them. but the four of them are just an amazing family. >> reporter: where were you -- when did you find out? [laughter] >> reporter: you must have found out. >> oh, my gosh. it was friday -- friday, i think. time flies. i had sent jana an email. we support each other. how's it going? what are the schedules for the kids? and my daughter had been at camp, i said marie can't wait to see you -- they are very close. i didn't hear back from her on friday. that's not like jana. and tobin had sent paul an email. and i am awake and my fort daughter was in a motel. and tobin said, i haven't heard from paul. we kind of -- you know were apart. all of a sudden, he said, i have to go, paul's calling. he called me back and he said, are you alone? i and i wasn't -- something may be up. >> your heart's thumping. oh, my gosh! i said, i will go in the
10:15 pm
bathroom. there i am in this motel bathroom, he's like, you will see paul on tv tomorrow. i couldn't say anything, i was in the room with them. it was amazing. >> reporter: you must be proud. were you in the homecoming in waukesha? >> i couldn't, we were traveling. we were at the airport. i will never forget that. we were walking through o'hare and there he was, speaking live. we just stopped and it kind of, you know one of those days you will always remember. we are so proud of him and proud of wisconsin and proud of romney and excited for romney. yeah. it's surreal. >> reporter: i know you want to play your part and be as supportive of this tight network and this family, but do you have hopes? have you thought about what you hope for this campaign? >> i do. it reflects janesville values, wisconsin values, what we just went through, which is hard on our state. but what we went through was a really open debate about the future of our state. and people got to weigh in,
10:16 pm
weigh in a lot. that's what i hope for this campaign. both mitt and paul are great leader who is want to have a great conversation. as a mom, as a person from wisconsin, someone who love this is country, i hope that's the conversation we have. the rest of the country is going to start learning who paul and toab and i know oakley is. bottom line, is he a good pick for the country? will he be a good vice-president if elected? >> i think it says a lot about romney that he picked paul. they are a great team. >> reporter: thank you for letting us come to your home, just a few blocks from paul ryan and first cousins and others. >> greta: much more from paul ryan's hometown. we will you to one of his favorite restaurants. what is his favorite food? get the answer, straight from the chef. the man who taught a young paul sunderland about government. meet the teacher who says he loves the v.p. candidate but won't vote for him.
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>> greta: this week, you have heard a lot about vice-presidential candidate, paul ryan from his politics to his personal history. but one of his favorite hometown restaurants. griff jenkins talk to the owner
10:21 pm
in wisconsin. >> reporter: here's the owner here at the italian house, one of congressman ryan's favorite foods. how long has paul been coming here? >> i would have to say, at least 20 to 25 years, since 1988, the year we opened up next door here. he has been coming over to eat with all of his high school friends. there is a high school right next door to us. we set up kids every day and paul ryan would be here, running to grab a quick lunch, it was about $2, now it's up to $5 a lunch. paul to this day coming over and gets the food that he grew up enjoying, something unique, something different. that representatives janesville, tremendously. >> reporter: you have all the famous folks that have eaten here, paul ryan is here. his brother toby here. tell me, when the ryans come in,
10:22 pm
this is a congressman, does he get bothered? is heaise celebrity? does he like to keep hotohis own? >> absolutely. paul ryan and his family are very, very much loved in janesville. it's a small community. so everybody knows everybody. and so when paul comes in to eat in here, for example, we would tell our staff, don't bother him. don't ask him any questions, let the man enjoy a peaceful dinner. with his family. fortunately, everybody's just adoring him. so when he is there eating with his family, they want to come up and say a quick hello to him. and he gets interrupted all the time. every time he tries to put a fork in his mouth, member's coming, "hey, paul, how are you?" and paul stops and says a few words to this person. >> reporter: saat this moment, are there things you hope he doll? are you supporting him in. >> i am hope that this next two,
10:23 pm
three months, paul will come up with a clear picture what have he intens on doing. i know paul feels a lot for small business because he comes from a small business family that grew over a period of time to where, for example, his family business is today. most small businesses are always struggling in their initial 5, 10 years of their business. so they need a lot of support. i am hoping that paul has a plan out there for small businesses, via tax breaks or way to infuse money to our bank, obviously, when a small businessman goes to a bank to borrow money, oftentimes that is not well received. there is always a big hesitation because oftentimes, small business people, you know, sometimes 80% of them will fail in the first 3 years. but that's the most critical time of a small businessman when he needs the support of the bank or the tax break to keep him
10:24 pm
alive to build the concept that could some day develop into something bigger and better. >> reporter: when you learned the news that he was going to be the mitt romney runningmate, what was your reaction? >> oh, my god, i was just elated. i was so happy and excited for him. regardless of whether he is a republican or a democrat or an independent, i know the person. the person who paul is is just amazing. i am sure when america gets to know more about paul and his principles and his passion for what he does and i am so glad that we have him in government, rather than working for a corporate company out there because he will make that company so successful. i would rather see him on board and he can think outside the box and bring manage to the table, something new and exciting to re-energize economics fiasco that we have been going through so many years, not just four years ago or eight years ago, but our economy is struggling and has been struggling and
10:25 pm
spiraling down, downhill. we need something to stop that and bring that back and move it forward again. >> reporter: you mentioned energy and excitement. it must be something he is eating here. what is his go-to food? can you show us? >> one of his favorites i know over the years that he has always ordered from us, throughout the years has been the tortellini. the round noodles with the meat sauce. this garlic bread with cheese is a sinful, delectable item. it is absolutely tasty. of course, when he has taken it home to his family, he will pick it up in a half-gallon container, to feed a family of four to five here. he's a healthy man. always likes to eat healthy. and of course, there are famous meatballs that he always likes to eye am sure he is eating that for the protein.
10:26 pm
>> greta: coming up from prom king to hometown hero. how did paul ryan get from janesville, wisconsin, to the number-2 spot on the republican ticket? we talked to one man about ryan's rise up close. meet his high school government teacher, next. also, the house budget committee chair is the vice-presidential candidate. that puts the economy front and center on the campaign trail. will the budget plan help or hurt the g.o.p. campaign? byron york is here to talk about it. these fellas used capital one venture miles
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>> greta: that was paul ryan in 1995. fresh out of janesville, wisconsin, ryan started his political career as a congressional staffer. but before he went to washington, ryan went to joseph a. craig high school in janesville. what did his teachers think of him in the 1980s? we caught up with his a.p. government teacher. nice to see you. >> nice to have you here. >> greta: pretty exciting news for janesville? >> yes, it is. >> greta: you know congressman paul ryan. when did you first meet him? how do you know him? >> i met him in the midspades 80s as a student at craig high
10:31 pm
school. the '88 group was the first year of four years of craig high school. so he was one of the first ones to go through on the four-year plan. >> greta: how was he? good student? >> great student. great student. >> greta: ever any trouble? >> no, no. i have never had to send a ryan -- any of them to the office. my 34 years of teaching, i sent one kid. but we don't need to talk about that. >> greta: anything stand out about him? >> you could tell that he was motivated back then he had ambition and knew he was going to get involved in service from, freshman year on. student council comment and clubs and activities, it was a long list from latin club, history club, let's get a dance together, let's be on that committee, homecoming king, you name the was involved. >> greta: you saw a reference, one year he was also voted as the brown noser? >> oh, yeah --
10:32 pm
>> greta: earned it? >> well, let's put it this way, he's a nice kid. come up to you, i don't want to say he's schmoozing me. i took him as sincere. >> greta: over the years, you stayed in touch with him? >> yeah. >> greta: i know that have you something he read -- put in the congressional record. >> yeah. when congressman ryan ran in '98 and as a freshman, he had to speak on the house floor, during a national education week. activity and he was nice enough to single me out on the house floor. granted, it is not on economics or how he votes, but we had a great time in our government class, back in the 80 sdz and through my retirement. it was one of those things where kids appreciated listening to other kids that had different opinions and everyone had a chance to voice their opinion. i think that's one of the nicest things that i have going with
10:33 pm
congressman ryan. we don't see the same way, politics, but yeting we a good friends, we can agree to disagree. which i think has been lost in the last few years in our government. >> greta: did you vote for him. >> no. i have not voted for him in the house elections. and to be honest, i voted for a few independents. at the time, i didn't think the democratic candidate was a better choice than congressman ryan. >> greta: does he know you haven't voted for him. e >> in i think he knows that. >> greta: why do you think that? >> well, he does now. he knows my politics. he is nice enough, he would come back and meet with my kids in class. how much more can you ask for, as a government teacher to have your congressman come to your class and talk to 30 kids at a time and do that four or five times in a day in and same with senator feingold who would come back. what a great time to be a government teachener janesville, to have two elected officials come back and talk to kids and
10:34 pm
say, you know, you can do it too. i think they are both down-to-earth people with different agendas. but they are both genuine people that i have a great deal of respect for. >> greta: as you go into this november election -- i take it if you didn't vote for him before in congress, are you considering voting for him on the vice-presidential ticket or the romney/ryan ticket? >> i hate to say this, but i won't be voting for him. i will be voting for president obama and joe biden again. >> greta: why? >> the biggest thing is education, for me. when representative ryan would talk about issues in class, i would bring up something about education. and his candid response -- logical one would be, that that is a local matter. i would come back with -- and i didn't want to antagonize him, but i would say, it's a local matter but when you say you are going to pay for the special education mandates, at 60%, you
10:35 pm
only give 15 treally puts a crimp on the local people with the budget. >> greta: you like him? >> i love him. great guy. he has been fantastic to my family and to all the students vitaken to d.c. for trips over the years. you know, bring us into his office. i think one of the highlights for me, other than my letter from him was, on my 51st birthday, i met with four former craig students with three kids i brought on a trip with my nephew who was a chef, we met in a tex/mex place and we sat there for 3 hours with tom thorp who lived across the street in the class of '87, swim team captain for me. and andrew pompus, class of '84, one of the first kids i took to d.c. and he is one of the first ooh 101st airborne and a classmate of pauls in '88. we had a great time. those kids-- the ones that i
10:36 pm
brought from janesville out there, were treated to 3 hours of just great conversation and one of the funniest things for me is that congressman ryan talked with amanda terrell about hunting for 30 minutes -- deer hunting and amanda talking to her congressman over a rack of ribs at this beautiful place. >> greta: coming up, he has been the vice-presidential candidate for a short time. but representative ryan has been in congress for 14 years. how will his experience impact the campaign? byron york is here to talk about that, next. and hadt had the makings of a big screen thriller. how did governor mitt romney keep the v.p. decision quiet? how did paul ryan pull off the tough secret mission? we'll take you behind the scenes, coming up. what is at? oh, we call it the bundler. let's say you ne home and auto insurance. you give us your information once, online...
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headquarters, i'm craig boz wel. rising gasoline prices may prompt the white house to release oil from the strategic petroleum reserveful they are waiting to see if prices drop after labor day. today, the white house says it has no plans to tap the reserve, but the option is on the table. gasoline prices average around $3.71 a gallon, up almost 30 cents from a month ago. planees take to the skies over dallas, texas, spraying insecticides, for mosquitoes with west nile virus. the cdc says pesticides can stop 90 to 100% of bite reactions, but some have petitioned to stop the prayo spraying. it has infected at least 200 in dallas so far this year. back to "on the record." for your headline, go to
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>> greta: from the house floor to the campaign trail, vice-presidential candidate paul ryan is serving his seventh term in congress. he is the architect of the house-passed budget plan. so what exactly does congressman ryan's plan say? tell help or hurt the g.o.p. campaign? byron york is here. >> good to be here. >> greta: okay. first just to the issue, not of the budget, but his experience on the hill. how does that help or hurt the campaign? >> well, it gives him enormous knowledge of the -- one of the most important issues of the campaign, federal spending, getting federal spending under control and entitlements. and you know, when you are a young congressman, you come to capital hill, the way to get ahead is to pick an area and really specialize in it and thrrn better than anybody else does. paul ryan has done that with the budget. he is the undisputed leader, not just of the republicans, but all of the house of knowledge of the federal budget. >> greta: one thing i thought in
10:43 pm
choosing senator biden to be the vice-president is that what president obama was doing was finding someone who knew how it work the hill and get things done. we are now in -- we are in a lockdown on the hill. but to the extent that people know the ins and the outs, i would anticipate that that experience valid some value? >> this is not the same thing n. 2008, barack obama was young and relatively inexperienced. and he picked an older, more experienced runningmate, i think to give him some of that experience that he didn't have himself. a different situation with mitt romney. also... paul ryan hasn't been on the hill forever -- >> greta: 14 years? >> yeah, that's a long time ithat's forever for a lot of people. >> he has not worked in a bipartisan way as much. the interesting thing about ryan's rise, a lot of his energy has been devoted and convincing his fellow republicans to gog along with his spending and his budget plans. they were not on board to begin
10:44 pm
with. and ryan rather brilliantly worked outside forces. he worked with conservative think tanks, like american enterprise institute, heritage foundation and with conservative media, like the standard and the wall street journal to build momentum for his ideas and that ended up putting pressure on some of his colleagues, his republican colleagues who didn't want to go along. he has worked it brilliantly from the outside, not as much from the inside. >> greta: now the budget, the great discussion this past week and medicare, as well. i assume that the romney campaign thought long and hard before he was chosen about what impact that would have on the campaign. >> well, they d. they know what's in the budget. and they knew it was going to be controversial so they decided they could make this work for them. the budget is more of a long-term vision for actually avoiding this fiscal disaster that awaits us, if the cost of medicare, especially, continues to rise the way it's projected
10:45 pm
to rise in the coming decades. it's way to bring that under control. the two most controversial elements of it that we know about are that 1, restructuring medicare into what they call a premium support system, democrats call a voucher system and the other thing is turning medicaid into a bloc grant, in which the federal government gives the money to the states and they administer medicaid and cut it to the levels that it is today. both of those things, you are going to hear a lot from the obama campaign. >> greta: i suppose the democrats wouldn't worry about the bloc grant aspect if they were confident that the states were going to keep up the same quality as the federal government, or the same number of services, if the suspicion of the states? >> right. the short-hand version from the democrats is that paul ryan wants to balance the budget on the backs of the poor, that he is taking money out of the pockets of poor people to give
10:46 pm
in the form of tax cuts to really rich people. >> greta: right. if nothing is done to restructure medicare or to handle the budget, it does seem that we are headed miles per hour. we can't keep spenning more than we have -- there has to be something. >> even president obama's budget experts say the current situation is unsustainable. they believe it should be sustained for a while because of the economic downturn. but you cannot project the deficits with the projected increases with pending for medicare and have a budget that works in 15 or 20 or 30 years, there is no way about it. >> but it is interesting. it is not portrayed now, here's a guy who is trying to come up with an idea. instead, it seems like, like the republican ticket is on the ropes, rather than what's your idea? turning to the democrats and saying, fine, you don't like my idea. what's yours? >> erskine bowles, the democrat part of the bowles-simpson commission said, he's trying, he
10:47 pm
has ideas and a serious plan. at the beginning, president obama said that, i don't agree with his plan, but it's a very serious plan. the thing that has distinguished paul ryan from democrats and from his fellow republicans on capitol hill. you are afraid of talking about medicare and social security. you think it's a third rail, it will kill nupolitics. i am not afraid of this. i have a plan. the situation is so dire that we have to come up with a real plan and i will put my name on it. that distinguished paul ryan from everybody else in congress. >> greta: straight ahead, the secret journ tote big announcement. how did he get from janesville, wisconsin, to the uss wisconsin without anyone finding out? we will show you next. nutritio. great grains. great grains cereal starts whole and stays whole. see the seam? more pcessed flakes look nothing like natural grains. i'm eating what i kn is better nutrition. mmmm. great grains.
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>> greta: it was the romney campaign's most guarded secret. who would mitt romney choose for his runningmate? until the final hour, it was a cloak-and-dagger mystery. how did he pull it off? griff jenkins traces the secret path that started in janesville, wisconsin. >> reporter: after a grueling and secretive process, the wait was over, paul ryan was tapped to become the next vice-presidential candidate for
10:52 pm
the g.o.p., the list was narrowed to six men, including rob portman, marco rubio, tim pawlenty, bob mcdonnell and chris christie. on august 1, mitt romney met one last time with his advisers to make his final pick. later that day, romney called ryan and asked him to meet four days later. that journey took ryan through chicago's o'hare airport, but two hours from here in sunglasses and a baseball cap, so no one would recognize him. he landed in connecticut and he was driven to the secret meeting. >> we talked about the campaign and how we have worked together, in the white house, the relationship, how we would interact and be involved in important decisions. >> fast forward, august 10, the day before the announcement, after attending a funeral for the shooting victims in milwaukee, ryan's family was driven to the airport, but ryan was driven here to his home. he entered through the front door, giving appearances of
10:53 pm
normalcy and came out of the back of the property, this gate is the rear. he went, deep in the woods, where his childhood home is 300 yards away and he met up again with the chief of staff and the plan had worked. >> i went out that door. i walked over the street corner back there. went out into the driveway. >> reporter: after comingute of these woods and being picked up by his secret staff, ryan was flown to north carolina to begin preparations for the busy morning in norfolk. never in a million years, did paul ryan imagine playing in the woods here between his new house and his childhood home, where he grew up with his mother, working in a mcdwelled's grill, that he would play in the woob woods, take a trip to lead to becoming the next vice-presidential candidate for the republican party. >> greta: coming up, representative ryan hits the ground running. we will take you on the campaign
10:54 pm
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>> greta: vice-presidential candidate paul ryan hitting the campaign trail at top speed. after a few stops with governor mitt romney, representative ryan flying solo. his first week on the trail. >> it's an honor to announce my runningmate and the next vice-president of the united states, paul ryan. >> i am deeply honored and excited to join you as your runningmate. following four years of failed leadership, the hopes of our country, which have inspired the world are growing dim.
10:59 pm
they need someone to revive them. governor romney is the man for this moment. [cheers and applause] wisconsin. i see my family over here. and in this stadium. i have a lot of family. we need to stop spending money we don't have. or we can change this thing and get the country back on the right track. we want to have the kind of election where we earn your support. where we win an election because you said go fix the mess in washington so when we win this election, we go fix this mess in washington. >>. >> greta: for being with us tonight. ma