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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  August 19, 2012 4:00pm-5:59pm EDT

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that a wrap. thanks to our panel. i'm jon scott. thanks for watching. ke . >> gregg: i'm gregg jarrett. welcome to a brand-new hour. >> heather: i'm heather childers. topping the news this hour, a fox news exclusive, our own jennifer griffin has just landed in afghanistan with the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff. one-on-one interview with the general when she joins us live coming up. >> gregg: this police captain and devout christian is suing his department after he says he was punished for refusing to go to a mosque for a mandatory cultural event. our legal panel weighs in. >> heather: remembering the 9/11
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fallen, traveling to ground zero to pay their respects. >> we begin with the race to the white house. democrats and republicans fine tuning their campaigns in the run-up to the party convention. red hot debate over medicare shows no sign of letting up with 79 days left until voters pick the next president. it's anybody's game. latest rasmussen poll gives president obama a very narrow edge over governor mitt romney leading by two points is 45-43. steve is live with more. the issue of medicare continues to be in the spotlight. what is new on that front? >> reporter: the facts and figures are flying and so are the attacks and counterattacks. paul ryan made a personal appeal
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saying medicare has helped his family and that everybody should enjoy the same promise. today his supporters disputed the president's claim that he has improved medicare and extended the life of the program. >> the congressional budget office says the assumptions about the medicare trust fund part "a" being solvent under the obamacare proposal is unrealistic. that a fact. what we do know, as we heard robert gibbs say, they are funding obamacare by taking $716 billion out of medicare now, current beneficiaries affected by it. >> and health care providers are phasing in as part of new law. >> gregg: we do hear a lot about the figure of $716 billion cut from medicare, cut in the rate of growth over ten years. what is the president's team really saying about that? >> the obama team says it's not
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a cut but a saving due to more efficiency. providers would be paid less but services to seniors would not be cut. robert gibbs was asked that question on fox news sunday today. >> under the obama plan, there is $716 billion cut. >> there is a $716 billion in savings primarily by row dues go the subsidy that they were paying through medicare through private insurance companies, that was costing medicare, not saving money as it was originally designed to do. >> reporter: no campaign events. they both went to church with their families. >> gregg: steve, thanks very much. is the gap between the democrats and republicans growing even wider? our panel will be weighing in and brand-new study showing increasing partisanship. >> heather: fox news alert.
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chairman of the joint chiefs of staff martin democracy is meeting with top commanders. -- dempsey, jennifer griffin discussing the issues most heavily his mind such as the killing of u.s. troops by afghan officers they were helping to train. jennifer is joining us live from bagram air force base. >> reporter: just as we landed here at bagram with the chairman of the joint chiefs. we got word there has been another attack killing another service member. this is the 40th u.s. or nato service member killed by afghans they were trying to train in the last -- essentially since january. again on friday. john allen ordered all u.s. and
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nato personnel to carry weapons at all times. they called karzai yesterday in how to stop the attacks. i asked if karzai could do more to stop the attacks? >> i do. as the leader of the nation, as the head of state, what i would expect to see is that would be echoed down to the lowest levels. >> reporter: before arriving in afghanistan, general dempsey says he is very concerned about the increased efforts by iran to establish militias in syria. he is concerned about reports that iraqi banks is helping banks to help the nuclear program. there was an angry reaction made by remarks by general dempsey that israel could not destroy
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iran's nuclear program on their own. >> i don't watch the israeli media or watch it. that was not a message to them. it was at the press conference, it was a question. i don't give policy proclamations. militarily based on what i knew, i don't know their plan, if they have a plan. i don't know all of their capabilities. we're close allies but we don't share everything with each other. based on what i knew i thought they would be capable delaying of a nuclear program but not preventing it. >> reporter: he says if he speaks with his israeli counterpart biweekly they share intelligence on iran. tomorrow general dempsey will be meeting with top commanders here in afghanistan to discuss the situation on the ground here. back to you. >> heather: thank you. jennifer griffin, live from bagram. >> millions of muslims
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celebrating the end of ramadan with feasts and festivities in iraq which is about 97% muslim. indonesia is seeing packed mosques as the largest muslim majority nation in the world. observers in china leaving food offerings there marking the end of the fasting month of ramadan. here is assad making his first public appearance since the bombing that killed four security officials. in the meantime, they are stepping up attacks pounding rebel fighters in the strategic city of aleppo. steve harrigan is streaming live where many syrians are fleeing violence. >> reporter: it was a rare public appearance by the syrian president. he appeared at a small mosque near the compound to mark the end of the holy month of ramadan.
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he has not been seen in more than a month and not since that bombing in damascus, a bombing that claimed the lives of four top security aides including his brother-in-law and minister of defense. one person not at mosque was his vice president. there is speculation and claims by the opposition that he has defected to jordan but government officials say that is not the case. in the meantime, the fighting goes on in aleppo where they are holding out to superior government firepower. some of the fighting is going around the airport to force a key section for supplying government forces. the government also retaking at least in theory many of the smaller towns in the north of syria near the border with turkey turning them into ghost towns, several being pounded by artillery and mortars. most have fled the town. those who remain face tough going with shortages of food,
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electricity and water. gregg, back to you. >> gregg: steve harrigan just across the border in turkey. >> heather: another controversial figure, founder of wikileaks making his first public appearance in two months. jean-bertrand aristide has been julian assange sought shelter because sweden wanted to extradite him. bradley manning that is awaiting trial accused of aiding the enemy by passing classified documents wikileaks. >> gregg: extreme weather mandatory evacuations in parts of idaho because of thick smoke rising from a wildfire. authorities ordering about 350 homeowners in that area to get out for their own safety. the town is about 100 miles
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northeast of boise and in the past, 130 square mile fire has been burning for two weeks. poor visibility could hamper the evacuation process and prevent fire planes from reaching the flames. >> heather: more severe weather lashing north texas, rain coming down fast and furious buckling one roof of one building. rushing water swamping streets and parking lots. take a listen. >> from the weighted of the rain poor drainage. we're trying to get the gas and electricity turned off and i think city has investigators and structural engineers to see if it is safe enough. >> heather: even one of the city's fire trucks had to be rescued from the high water. >> gregg: the oldest
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commissioned warship in the american navy at sea once again. the u.s.s. constitution sailing under its own power outside boston harbor the historic cruise commemorating old iron sides. they said canon balls seemed to bounce off the sides. the last time she went to the sea was 200th birthday. not to be confused with oliver cromwell. a notorious life. >> heather: an embarrassing recall setting back chinese auto making efforts to break into markets. >> and emergency landing at newark international airport. why it was similar to one just dated before. >> heather: and the annual 9/11 memorial ride rolling into new york city. we'll have a live report from the world trade center site. that is just ahead.
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>>. >> heather: welcome back. time for a check. headlines, another midair emergency forcing united airlines flight to return to
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newark liberty international airport. it was bound for seattle and reported smoke in the cabin. just last night a flight bound for germany made an emergency landing. that plane's engine caught fire. >> several japanese activists landing on a rocky island in the east china sea. part of an island chain china and japan have been feuding over decades. it could worsen relationships. diane nyad is trying to be the first person to swim from cuba to florida without a shark cage. >> gregg: good luck to her. chinese automakers efforts to move into the american marketplace being dealt a two a blow. they recalled 23,000 of their vehicles that were sold in australia after authorities
4:17 pm
found cancer producing asbestos in some models. joining us is brenda but the they are. it was going to be a test marketed before they come to the u.s. in this day and age, it is baffling given the clear links that asbestos has to cancer it would be in any products? >> it's very interesting. one of the carmakers. we were using parts that were only meant for our own country not for export. which raises the question, it's okay in china but they have vastly different standards than we do and australia does and most of the world. >> gregg: we don't mind killing our own people but we try not to kill americans. there have been other health scares related to chinese products? >> the lead in toys, pet food. >> gregg: milk? >> the mublg. this is definitely not the first
4:18 pm
one. >> gregg: leading car maker, called great wall, plans to double assembly plants overseas to 24 by 2015 and raise manufacturing capacity to half a million vehicles. this emerging marketplace and india, they economies are booming and trying to exported products? >> yes, they are. and they are taking plants like japan did essentially and putting them in places may need them. come to the u.s. and bring jobs here. everybody thinks exporting jobs over there, it could be that. remember when toyota and korea came out with the first cars, everybody laughed. china should follow that model. >> gregg: japanese cars are known for being sort of maintenance free. they run like a top and they are fairly inexpensive to repair.
4:19 pm
>> that is what they have to do. it's quality really has to be part of this. >> gregg: let's talk the inverse. given the economies that are growing so tremendously in india and china isn't that good news for american companies that love to export products? >> absolutely. we are seeing that. there is more middle-class. china wants more middle-class. they want them to consume things they want stimulus not just come from industrial based companies. they want the middle-class to start buying. made in the u.s.a. is basically says quality to the chinese which is very interesting because it's often the inverse to us. >> gregg: china's currency is getting stronger and stronger against the u.s. dollar which means for chinese consumers of american goods it's cheaper to buy those goods? >> that has been a long problem
4:20 pm
between the u.s. and china. finally they are coming around a bit and that will make a difference. >> gregg: so china could be the next japan in terms of the great producer, manufacturing of goods? >> they got to get rid of the asbestos and quality problems, but we'll see. >> gregg: brenda, great to see you, thanks very much. you can catch her on "bulls and bears" every seriously morning 10:00 a.m. eastern time right here on the fox news channel. >> heather: annual 9/11 memorial ride completing their journey. in shanksville, pennsylvania they honored those who died on flight 93. riders headed to washington, d.c. to pay their respects to the pentagon memorial and on to the world trade center site. anna has more. >> reporter: very emotional day. it markets the final leg for the
4:21 pm
9/11 foundation. after arriving in new york yesterday the group has now traveled throughout six states and washington, d.c. this is the ride of the 11th year. hundreds of riders but this is the first year that he they have been able to visit the shanksville and world trade center. he gets emotional about riding throughout the trip. >> this is bucketless ride. you have to do it at least once in your life. once you do it, will want to do it again a just because of the raw emotion that people feel. to see the response that we get from small towns that we go through. people literally line the streets. >> reporter: another board member a tower two survivor honoring his son-in-law. a firefighter who lost his life, joe hunter. 9/11 still haunts him today.
4:22 pm
>> i experience highs and lows. i got to sleep this morning pretty well. there are times, i'm 66 years old and i guess when i stop crying you can put me in into the ground. it's an emotional impact. people carry that within their hearts everyday. >> reporter: four hours of they presented me with a flag on behalf of fox news channel. it's been flown over all three crash sites. the motorcycle ride has raised $180,000 in scholarships for children to first responders across the country. >> heather: it's just like it happened yesterday. thank you so much. >> gregg: we heard them just outside the windows here about an hour ago as they went up sixth avenue. good luck to them. the fight is on for a potentially deadly mosquito born disease and one state is spraying chemicals targeting the bugss a more cases of west nile
4:23 pm
virus crop up. and democrats and republicans gearing up for a convention. how divided are the parties. a closer look is coming up. [ kimi ] atti d i had always called oregon home.
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>>. >> heather: time for the top of the news. leon panetta talking by phone to afghan president hamid karzai. the men discussing the war and recent deadly attack bias afghan security forces against u.s. troops. >> winonna judd's husband has been seriously injured in a motorcycle accident. he crossed the center line and struck a car. >> and presidential candidates attending sunday services on a campaign free day. first family at a historic church in d.c. and romney
4:28 pm
attended a mormon meeting in new hampshire. >> gregg: in texas they are launching a new round of spraying an all out aerosol against the worst outbreak of west nile virus. those planes are targeting did he seized carrying mosquitoes and ten people have died in dallas county. it's cropping up in number of states, elizabeth pran is live. >> reporter: the virus is being blamed for deaths in half a dozen states. there is more than 690 reported cases across the nation. according to cdc the state with the most cases is texas where 14 people across the state of died. there have been six deaths in louisiana and number of other states. just late last night a cancer survivor in illinois died after being infected with the virus. officials in texas are taking the site head on for the first time in decades. they are continuing aerial
4:29 pm
spraying efforts in dallas county hours from now after a two-day delay due to flooding. they would like to spray another 200,000 acres between now and the middle of next week all in an attempt to get a handle on this spread of a very deadly virus. humid weather and standing water have created a perfect breeding ground for these mosquitoes. a judge is encouraging folks to pray for the weather to cooperate so the spraying can continue. >> i am asking you as your county judge faith based community pray for no rain sunday from 8:30 until 2:00 monday from 8:30 until 2:00 and tuesday from 8:30 until 2:00. >> reporter: now the epa says the insecticide does not pose a threat to humans or animals. however, they are taking
4:30 pm
precautions to minimize exposure as far as west nile virus is concerned people should pay attention to symptoms. the most severe cases bring high fever, headaches, vision loss, milder cases include building aches and vomiting and swollen lymph glands but 80% of people don't have any symptoms at all. it takes 3-14 days to develop symptoms. if you are suspicious at all, contact your local physician as soon as possible. >> gregg: thanks very much. >> heather: brand-new study finding the gap between democrats and republicans growing wider. according to the washington posted and kaiser foundation the two parties have never been more divided ideologically. look at this poll, 47% of
4:31 pm
democrats are mostly satisfied with the political system compared to 19% of republicans. half though of democrats are dissatisfied. a big majority of republicans, 81%. matt slat and julie ridinski. thank you for joining us. i want to talk about that poll that we just put up. specifically the numbers, percentages of dissatisfied, across the board. democrats 50%, republicans 81%. independents 73% dissatisfied with the u.s. political system. can either party govern effect actively? >> no, i think it's tough. this has been coming for quite a while the aspect of
4:32 pm
gerrymandering created a very partisan district, either you are very conservative or very liberal and you are running not to run against the opposite party. you running in a primary. obviously the more conservative you are in a republican primary the better of your odds of winning. >> heather: matt, what do you think? >> i think we're missing the point. the american voters this country is center right country. if you look at the recent numbers, 40% of americans consider themselves as conservative. 21% of americans consider themselves liberal. if we look at the two parties, the republican party in the conservative base, 71% of republicans consider themselves conservative when you look at democrats, only 39% of their base, 39% of democrats consider part of the liberal base. if you look at the country, this country is a conservative country. >> heather: yet we go back and forth. democrats do win elections as do
4:33 pm
republicans. out here, you can't have this arbitrary comment that people are conservative or liberal. i think it matters who the candidate is and what presenting and whether people agree with that candidate. >> i agree. >> barack obama would never have been president. >> heather: let's take a look because you made reference to the number of people -- do you generally consider democrat, republican or independent. 34% say they are democrat. republicans 25%. people's ties are stronger than ever before. why do you think that is? >> i think that the economic times are such where the american people are truly scared. they are worried about their future. i think party affiliation they are more worried about their country and concerns about the philosophical underpin gos.
4:34 pm
it comes down to who do consider themselves independent. the big mistake, the independent or moderate by a factor there are more independents that are conservative than liberal. i think these are cranky conservatives to the point that was made. it's true. republicans when they appear to go astray from principles, they suffer at the ballot box. the problem for president obama he is up and front and center in this elections and across the board, american people like him, they think his policies are a failure. >> since april of 2010 the dynamics have not shifted. a poll showed three to four points ahead in april of 2010, the same as today. after all the negativity. second thing i think is scarier to some extent is the fact that people are essentially spending, billion dollars on this race.
4:35 pm
3-5% voters according to a poll i saw are undecided. that means we're fighting over a very small margin of the population that haven't made up their minds. that is discouraging after all the money spent, all the kvhz we've had. all the negative campaigning. bottom line there is a very small sliver that is going to decide this election. >> heather: these polls and the study showing that the two political parties are wide apart on some of these key issues. >> isn't that great. that is what a democracy is about. the american people for a couple hundred years, they can decide whether their politics are slightly to the left and want to vote for a center left party or a center right party. do you like higher taxes, do you like bigger government or do you want to try a new plan, the alternative. i think that is what is great about america. i don't think it shows that our democracy is weak position.
4:36 pm
i think it's in a strong one. >> heather: we have to wrap it up. thanks for joining us. >> gregg: over hour of every day more than 800 students drop out of high school. there is much debate about the problems with education in america. our own juan williams takes a close what is working. he sat down with one superintendent that growing class sizes actually helping the students perform better. >> we've had teachers who said i can't imagine going back, they call it old world when we were teaching and wishing and hoping and guessing. when you cut the teaching staff you saw a jump in size of classrooms. it went from 17 students to about 30 students per class. you are telling us this in fact has led to better results, higher levels of achievement for students, why? >> i refer to our teachers has a
4:37 pm
growing conducters. they move over here and work with wood winds and ask a trum petd to pump it up a little bit but they are providing more individual instruction. >> gregg:esting stuff. it appears to be working. don't miss fox news reporting, fixing our schools hosted by juan williams right here on fox news channel. >> heather: coming up a police captain suing his department after he says that he was punished for refusing to attend a cultural event at a mosque. does he have a case? our legal team will talk about that. >> gregg: plus a wacky boat race in the state of florida. they have been creating their vessels out of anything. some of them didn't float. a look at the wildest creations coming up next. ♪ ♪ ♪
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>>. >> heather: welcome back. take a look at this a lot of fun on the high seas in florida. it was the wacky regatta. 17 teams of amateur boat builders racing to the finish line in homemade vessels. some racing to the finish line, not that one. and one finished in a plastic wrap creation. pretty cool. >> gregg: a tulsa police officer suing his own department. fox news reporting that his lawsuit claims he was pinned for refusing to attend a -- punished for not attending a mosque. his christian faith would have made it impossible for him to attend the event in a official
4:43 pm
capacity. does he have a case? let's talk with joe describe jackson and david schwartz, both are attorneys and former prosecutors. david let me start with you. he says look if this was an emergency at the mosque, of course i would show up. that is part of my duty. this isn't really part of my official duty. do you think he is required to go, why? >> insubordination. he is required to go. he disobeyed and order and tied it behind the freedom of religion claim. nobody stopped him from practicing his own religion. you can't hide behind that. he is not a private citizen. she public citizen. he is a police officer and, of course, he has to treat all religions equally. >> gregg: this is the memo that his boss sent to him reacting to his refusal. he lays out an explanation, policing duties are not just reactive but community out reach you have to know the people that you serve and protect.
4:44 pm
he said these are part of your duties, by the way, nobody is making you go to a religious ceremony? >> i read the memo. it's very compelling. i applaud the police department. i apluard them for doing community out reach, require respective of the religion. let's start open with some statistics briefly. it's relevant. we have 313 million people in this country, 95% of which believe in god. of that 60% are affiliated with an association. why is it important? it's important because we have a separation between church and state. when you start compelling people to go to services, there was going -- >> whoa. >> it happens to be held at a religious venue. >> i disagree. you are compelling me to attend
4:45 pm
an event that i don't want to be and another service that i don't care that is 45 minutes length. >> you don't have to attend the ceremony or observance. in his deposition, we're going to put it up on the screen. here is what he said. this event is compelling me to go to a venue where a group of individuals is preparing to discuss their islamic faith. in my faith, i have a duty to pros le teiz my faith and i can't do that in uniform. i'm not sure that he is duty bound under christianity to proselytize. >> if you are going to serve the public as a police officer you have to serve ever single religion. you can't put one religion ahead of another religion. it's a ridiculous argument. he is not afforded the same protections as a private person.
4:46 pm
>> let's not separated apples from oranges, he is not providing services. not at all. not insubordination. what you are doing you are compelling him. we have a first million in this country. it's a free exercise clause. it says the government can't establish a religion. you can establish any one of your choosing and you have a right to exercise or not exercise. it's inappropriate and unlawful. his lawsuit will prevail. >> gregg: i wanted to go to this thomas moore law center in michigan claims the event has nothing to do with police business. they say it was a propaganda ploy. let me quote the all of this would establish the mosque's credibility in the community despite the terrorist ties. a weekly before the event it hosted a dinner and speech by a person and unindicted
4:47 pm
co-conspirer in the 1993 trade center bombing. if only muslims were more clever they could take over the u.s. and replace the government. look, we looked into this. i don't know if they are remotely correct. that is what they claim. wahhaj denies anything in the bombing. >> i don't know what world thomas moore center is in. i'm operating in the world world. any law enforcement agency, any city government understands that community out reach is key and is part and sar sell with policing the citizens of that municipality. community out reach in every single religion is very important to any police chief. >> in a real world environment i
4:48 pm
have the right or not the right to engage in activities that i deem appropriate and proper to engage in and not to. if you are compelling me, no, even as a police officer. we have to evaluate this in context. he is serving the public. he is not saying he is not going to help or protect. he is not going to care and provide other concerns for people of different religious faiths. he says i with a don't want to be subjected to that. for an employer to subject to some religion is improper. >> this is why he was a good lawyer. he has the losing end of this argument and he did really well. joey jackson, david schwartz, good to see you. >> heather: coming up, a battle over a federal program. thousands of young illegal immigrants lining up for work permits under president obama's brand-new policy. jan brewer taking on the white house. is she encroaching on federal power? we'll have a fair and balanced
4:49 pm
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: show down over illegal immigration. deferred action plan could lead up to 1.7 million undocumented immigrants apply for temporary legal status.
4:53 pm
but at least two republican governors, jan brewer and governor of nebraska saying they will deny public. are they in the right ignoring federal authorities in this debate. mary walter and alan colmes join with us their opinions. who is right here? >> the fact is denying the people the right to drive but welfare does not go to other families other than those that actually have legal citizens living in the household so you will be denying legal citizens welfare support. >> they are here illegally. >> that is not the issue. >> don't break the law. >> i was putting almost two
4:54 pm
million people into the job market. now more of them will be able to get jobs illegally. how does it help americans. why don't we take them out of job market? >> it's been verified by the supreme court. jan brewer to didn't overturn it. >> and make an executive order and say to hell with the congress and lawsuits they pass and make my own. >> if you want to an executive order. >> you don't want to do it. >> the state governor does not have the right to override a president with executive orders. they dost a right to do that. >> we can't afford more people in the system. more people going to college, what about the children of illegal citizens. that is not fair you are opening more people. >> before they were 16 they lived here, it's not their fault. it's their parents fault. >> but you want to punish.
4:55 pm
>> you want to make it more competitive to get a job and get into college and get grants and tuition. >> children came through no fault of their own with their parents who have been here. >> get in line. >> to get an education and hang is out on street corners. >> they can go back. >> heather: still, what about what the governors are doing? >> the governors can't override an executive order from the federal government. $14th million has been state and the supreme court has affirmed as the federal issue. it's not a state issue. >> but up holding the law they put into place. >> they don't have the right to make an immigration law. >> they are trying to protect their people. they are being overrun. >> it was overturned mostly of what jan brewer wanted to do because it state and restated
4:56 pm
that the states don't have the right to do federal law. it's a federal issue outlined by the 14th amendment. >> anyone can come here, if you dodge the system long enough you go to the front of the line and you become a citizen and get autothe perks and anybody that follows the law doesn't get it. >> federal law is precedent. >> they are not enforcing the law. >> we have more deportations since obama became president. >> heather: we have to wrap it up. it is a hot button topic. thank you so much. we will be right back.
4:57 pm
questions. when you're caring for a loved one with alzheimer's, not a day goes by that you don't have them. questions about treatment where to go for extra help, how to live better with the disease. so many questions, where do you start? the answers start here.
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5:00 pm
>> president obama and governor romney taking a break from the campaign trail to attend church with their families. there is no time out on the air with the rhetoric red hot. support others coming out swinging over medicare, and the issue dominating all the channels. welcome to a brand new hour "inside america's election headquarters." >>heather: we are a week away from the republican national convention. so well get right to it. and now, live from washington, dc, steve? >>steve: on the trail, both president obama and mitt romney are vowing to save medicare.
5:01 pm
but they have different ways of doing it. the sparring continued on the sunday talk shows. vice presidential candidate paul ryan, all thunderstorm of a budget that reforms medicare, appeared alongside his 78-year-old mother yesterday had florida adding a personal note to a heated political debate. he said his family has been beneficiaries of medicare, his mother and grandmother, and everyone should enjoy the same promise. democrats came back with this message today. >> if he wants to protect medicare if his mother, he should thank, first of all, thank president obama for what he has done in the past few years to extend the life of the medicare trust fund. it helps seniors with their prescription drug costs. it helps seniors get free preventive care. what president obama did, he strengthened the medicare benefits to help medicare beneficiaries and to extend the life of the medicare trust fund by more than eight years. >> president obama campaigns in new hampshire yesterday
5:02 pm
defending the medicare policies and saying that the republicans would end medicare as we know it. but the republicans dispute the claim that he has extended the life of medicare. >> congressional budget office says the assumptions about the medicare trust fund part (a) being solvent through 2024 under obamacare is unrealistic. that is a fact. what we do know is that as we heard robert gibbs say, they are funding obamacare by taking $716 billion out of medicare, now. >> obama team says $716 billion represents savings because of increased efficiency in medicare. >>heather: thank you, steve. >>gregg: we are more than a week away from the first of the 2012 conventions. fox news is the place to be for complete coverage of both the republican and the democratic conventions. we invite you to watch.
5:03 pm
megan and bret will anchor when the convention takes place in tampa, florida, august 27 through the 30th. the following week, the democrats hole their convention september 4-6, in charlotte, north carolina. >>heather: now the crisis in syria. the city of aleppo seeing a brief lull in the fighting between the regime and the opposition. the last day of ramadan allowing some to take stock of their losses after three weeks of intense battles. the fight rages on elsewhere. the government artillery pounds small towns under rebel control near the turkey border. many of the towns are almost deserted after most of the residents found safety elsewhere. u.n. observers officially ended their mission in syria leaving only a small team behind. the move fuels popular opinion that the u.n. efforts to stop the blood showed in syria have failed. >> new concerns iraq could be
5:04 pm
helping iran skirt international economic sanctions minute to curb their secretive nuclear program. "new york times" reports that financial institutions in iraq are supplying iran with a stream of income and members of the iraqi government could be profiting from all of this. and now, peter has more from washington. >> last convoy of american troops left iraq eight months and a day ago. now there are reports that the iraqi government is helping iran work around harsh economic sanctions. the ambassador bolton says there is not much we can do about it. >> it is another reason why we should not have reduced the troop presence. we have lost any influence we have at this point over the government. >> few weeks ago, july 3, president obama approved an executive order imposing new sanctions again the iranian energy sector. the president said that treasury department was imposing
5:05 pm
sanctions on a bank based in baghdad because they "facilitated transactions worth millions of dollars on behalf of iranian banks subject to sanctions for their links to iran's illicit proliferation activists." president obama reportedly complains to iraqi prime minister maliki when iraq let iran use their airspace to fly supplies into syria and iranian started flying a different way but some in the iraqi government are profiting directly in trade with iran. "new york times" were tolded they are actively pursuing efforts to prevent iran from evading financial sanctions in iraq or elsewhere. iraq does $11 billion worth of business with iran each year according to the "new york times" today. >>gregg: thank you, peter, from washington, dc. >>heather: in houston, a burglar got more than he
5:06 pm
bargained for from a 73-year-old grandmother. she saw the crook trying to break-in to the house. she grabbed a fork from the kitchen and chased him. she think he got the message. >> do you think he is coming back? >> he will tell his friends not to come here because of a dangerous old lady. >>heather: the houston police officers are looking not foiled burglar. >> united made another emergency landing after departing newark international airport after reports of smoke in the cabin. it lasted and no one was injured. this is the second such incident in less than 24 hours. yesterday, another united flight was forced to turn around after an engine fire. the boeing 757 flew around for more than an hour to burn off fuel while the flames were put
5:07 pm
out. no one on board was injured. the f.a.a. is investigating both incidents. >> fox extreme weather focusing on the devastating wildfires burning in the west. we start in utah. the park city fire is now burning across more than 200 acres. mandatory evacuations are in effect for the surrounding areas. much of the same in parts of idaho, where mandatory evacuations are underway because of thick smoke from a wildfire burning there. authorities ordered 350 homeowners to leave immediately. >> the lightning strike on a sailboat has killed a nine-year-old boy and injuring seven others. authorities say a fast-moving storm on lake superior caught the boaters off guard. they were trying to get off the boat and on a beach when the lightning hit. crews had to use atv's and boats do reach the site which was two miles from the nearest road.
5:08 pm
officials say that the seven injured victims are expected to recover. >> the 9/11 memorial ride goes to the world trade center site. it began on thursday in pennsylvania where they honored those who died on united airlines flight 93. from there, riders headed to washington, dc, to pay their respects at the pentagon memorial and, then, on to ground zero. and we are like in new york city with more on that. anna? >> for the 11th year hundreds of riders from the 9/11 foundation have come to ground zero. this is the first time they have been able to visit the world trade center and flight 93 memorials. today is the final leg of the ride after arriving in new york yesterday. they have now traveled through six states and washington, dc. they started in pennsylvania, and traveled to the flight 93 crash site and then on to the pentagon and, finally, new york.
5:09 pm
they get emotional when talking about riding through small towns and as every day people line the streets with their signs and tears in their eyes. i experienced highs and lows. i got through this week pretty well. there are times i am up there and i start crying. i am 66 and when i stop crying maybe you can put me in the ground because it has an emotional impact. that is difficult to see on the surface. people carry that in their hearts every day. >>heather: the board member you heard from says that 9/11 still haunts him today. he is a do you we are two survivor honoring his son if law's very best friend, joe hunter, a firefighter, who lost his life trying to save others. for our coverage, i was presented with a flag on behalf of fox news, flown over all three crash sites. and survivors talked of the response of passing on the
5:10 pm
memory of 9/11 to a generation that syma supply too young to remember. >>heather: thank you, we appreciate that story. >>gregg: today is a big day in boston for a vessel that is rich in american history, old ironside, the oldest commissioned warship on a cruise around boston harbor. the uss constitution running under its own sail power for only the second time in more than a century. that trip is part of an event marking the war of 1812 when it was victorious against a british ship during a fierce battle. it is a fixture of boston harbor. very popular must-see attraction. both for locals and visitors. fantastic. my producer said do in the confuse it with raymond burr. >>heather: you may no longer need to have your wallet when
5:11 pm
shopping and never mine the credit cards, the biggest retailers teaching up to let you pay with your smartphone. >>gregg: and we will have to find a new place to buy and sell goods for mr. wizard. >>heather: you may think that the salad can keep your waistline trimmed but look out, that salad could cause you to pack on the pounds. well, i had all the classic symptoms... like the elephant on my chest... he thought he was having a heart attack. she said, "take an aspirin, we need to go to the hospital." i'm on a bayer aspirin regimen. [ male announcer ] be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. i'm very grateful to be alive. aspirin really made a difference.
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5:13 pm
the progress continues... but that doesn't mean our job is done. we're still committed to seeing this through.
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5:15 pm
>>heather: the founder of wikileaks emerges from hiding to call on president obama to end the "witch hunt," on his website. he has been sheltered in ecuador's embassy in london. british authorities want to extradite him to sweden over sex crimes. >> the arizona sheriff conducting a shake down at the county jail saying that racially motivated fighting is just one reason for the search which is necessary to keep inmates and officers safe. >> severe weather in north texas. heavy rain sparking major flooding in areas that usually
5:16 pm
do not see rising water. the downpours swamped vehicles and left a fire engine in need of rescue. >>gregg: looking for a magic solution to your problems in do not bother visiting e-bay because starting next week, e-bay is banning the sale of "intangible items," from the website including curses, spells, a hex, prayers, healing sessions and a lot more. e-bay says they decided on the changes after several buyers and sellers complained such transactions were "difficult to resolve." i was looking for a good hex. that costs $150. they are not cheap. health but you can negotiate on e-bay. retailers and restaurants are teaming up to gain ground in the fast-emerging pay by smartphone industry. they hope to take control from
5:17 pm
the technology firms with their own walletless program. walletless. now, host of "bulls and bears," joins us. so, brenda, what is the deal? you can use your smartphone? i have seen this as starbucks and some retailers do this. >>guest: they are doing it through a third party. there are tech firms that are saying, you know, they have their own app. what this does, what is happening now, big retailers that normally do not do this type of thing are banding together. they have formed a company. it still need as c.e.o. they will create their own app. they will create their own system so they do not have to go through a third party and pay a third party. >>heather: it is beneficiary to the retailers? >>guest: for a lot of reasons. they more control over the
5:18 pm
experience. they get a lot of data they would usually have for pay for such as who is shoppingings when they are buying, and what they are buying. they can tailor the app and their inventory do what is going on. beneficial, too, to the consumer, because do you not have to carry a credit card. >>heather: you carry your smartphone. >>guest: that is what we think, maybe in 20 years, this is going 62 percent up a year, still fairly small, but they expect by 2016 to have hundreds of billions spent by these applications. yes, you just have your smartphone and you pay. they are saying you kevin maybe avoid lines altogether with this. just punch it on, you know how much it costs, and it goes through a security so you, you
5:19 pm
can get through the door going out and that is it. >>heather: those are the benefits. we have to talk about the security concerns. >>guest: so, you are wandering around in, say, a walmart. everyone has their smartphone. there is wi-fi everywhere. does that not is a phone application. it is a hacker's paradise. that is a big concern. that is something the company will have to deal with. people now consider their phones are not as dangerous as their computers. they are more likely to buy things off their phone. >>heather: it says that with the consumer making the mobile payment, the money moves through more hands than it would if you used cash. >>guest: it goes first through the phone app, then the phone's operating system and then visa or pay pal and then to your bank. there are so many hands that are
5:20 pm
on your money. >>heather: what about bank apps on your phone, is that a good or bad idea? >>guest: it depends on what you do with them. i have one where i just see my account balances. that is where i keep it. but you can, obviously, you can actually put check deposits in. i am not at that point of comfort. the banks are working on security programs, too. this has to be secure because they will be at risk if they are hacked into for a lot of this money. >>heather: what are the basic things you can do and have a lock on the phone if you have apps like that? >>guest: if you have teenagers, have a lock on your phone. >>heather: thank you, brenda. an emergeing industry, and that is pretty interesting.
5:21 pm
you can catch brenda on "bulls & bears," every saturday morning right here. >>gregg: fixing our schools. we are looking at education in america, focusing on new solutions. it has been a decade since the no child left behind act was passed but members, still, are finding shocks things: each day 857 kids drop out of high school each school day. one school is now rising to the challenge. that story is ahead. >> why are these young people so excited about schools and learning? >> this is one of the most fascinating blend of learning schools in the country using online learning in innovative ways and a cool structure. it does not look anything like school.
5:22 pm
>> main concept is to empower students to take charge of their education. they are working independently but, also, working with the teachers and staff. >>gregg: fixing our schools, hosted by juan williams, airs tonight in its entirety at 9:00 eastern time and, again, at midnight. check it out. >>heather: coming up, a bizarre lawsuit against the dallas cowboys. a woman says that the team is responsible for a burn...on her...back p -- backside. ♪ i want your hot stuff [ male announcer ] more power. more style. more technology. less doors.
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>>heather: welcome back. it is the bottom the hour and time for the top of the news. defense secretary and afghan president holding talks over increased insider attacks on
5:27 pm
u.s. troops. their telephone conversation came hours before a man in an afghan police uniform shot and killed a nato soldier. this is the 10th such incident in less than two weeks. two passenger plane made an emergency landing on highway 16 in kentucky. police say the plane ran out of fuel. no one was injured. >> the texas woman is suing the dallas cowboys over burns she says she sustained after sitting on a bench outside the stadium in 100-degree weather. the lawsuit claims that there were no warnings about sitting on the benches in hot weather. so, i guess... >> we have tried this trickle down snake oil before. it didn't work then. it won't work now. it is not a plan to create jobs. it is not a plan to reduce our deficit. it is not a plan to strengthen our economy. it is not a plan to strengthen
5:28 pm
the middle class. it won't work. we are moving forward. they want to take us backward. that is the choice in this election. that's why i'm running for a second term. >>gregg: president obama in new hampshire yesterday delivering the same speech twice. economy of words, i suppose, slamming governor mitt romney's tax plan. the president made the comments on the same day that republican vice presidential candidate paul ryan rallied voters in the state of florida laying out a republican plan for medicare, saving it, and calling out the president's own record on the program. take a listen to this. >> medicare should not be used as a piggy bank for obamacare. it should be for seniors. end of story. here is what mitt romney and i
5:29 pm
will do. we will end the raid of medicare. we will restore the promise of this program. we will make sure this board of bureaucrats will not wes -- mess with my mom's health care or your mom's health care. >>gregg: bringing in our campaign insiders, john leboutillier a former republican congressman for new york, pat caddell, fox news contributor, form pollster for president jimmy carter, and doug schoen is a fox news contributor and former pollster for bill clinton . the reference in ryan, we will stop medicare being looted as a piggy bank for obamacare, a clear reference to the president's diverting of $716 billion from medicare to obamacare, when democrats remain so gleeful at the pick of ryan, they thought they would win on medicare d they overlook the
5:30 pm
argument? >> the jury is still out. this past week, the first week of this ticket, the republicans were unified. every person on every show, they had the same message of the $716 billion raided. it was linked to the unpopular obamacare. for wednesday, the they of us would agree, i think, the romney ticket communications strategy was pretty good for a week. >>gregg: when you ask, pat, the president's plan for saving medicare, his own treasury secretary geithner said," we don't have a definitive solution to the program." >>pat: when fox came out with the show, showing he was talking and saying we should not demonize people, we should work together on this. or when he said, yes, i will veto anything that rolls back the $716 billion.
5:31 pm
they are on the offense. they don't no have a plan. the republicans this week did something which john said which is very important: they, for the first time, started to move this issue which they better do, from medicare to obamacare. since the supreme court decision handed them this, and we have talked about it, republicans have abandoned it and now they are back to obamacare. >>gregg: david axelrod said my 85-year-old dad will be kicked off medicare if romney is elected. that is not true. under this plan, anyone over 55 is not affected. >>pat: right, but what the obama campaign believes is they have a fight over medicare, ultimately they can fight to a draw, whether they tell the truth or not. lying works, in other words. >>pat: especially when you have 60 percent negative ratings on jobs and the economy, and the romney campaign, or the obama campaign is talking about the
5:32 pm
economy. >> that is the big challenge right now. as i said two weeks ago, when ryan was picked $they move this issue to big ground, to the super issue of jobs in the economy. that is what matters. and regarding the debt bringing the country into bankruptcy, that is it, along with obamacare. that is triple header. >>gregg: and the chairman of the commission came up with the individual mandate. >>john: the individual mandate came from the american enterprise institute. >>gregg: and now, the rasmussen poll, in florida. question: which scares seniors more as to the future of medicare? and president obama's health care law, 54 percent circumstances paul ryan, 34 percent for his medicare proposal. >>pat: key to the election for the republicans is to link medicare to a referendum on
5:33 pm
obamacare. the point we have made and i think you should speak to, they have to go beyond medicare and obamacare, to the economy. but if they can develop a narrative on this, on this range of issues, that poll suggests they have an opportunity. >> yes, we saw that poll not only showing seniors but it was almost a 10-point margin saying obamacare for all voters. we saw the same thing in wisconsin. obamacare has always been more serious issue linking to the issue of bankrupting the economy and what it is doing to the economy. that is where they have to get to. they have to get to that large ground. that is going to be the test at the convention. if romney comes out without doing that --. >>john: i agree. the question is, can they make, in a simple one sentence argument, you have to fix the debt problem to fix the national economy. we do not get jobs back until we
5:34 pm
fix the federal budget. however, coming, soon, from team obama, is the second whammy on senior citizens which is the fact that congressman ryan used to be for partial privatization of social security. that's coming. that is aimed at scaring these folks. >>gregg: now moving forward to the strategies if we can look at this recent poll in key swing states showing romney is leading in florida, ohio, and virginia. it is a narrow lead and in the margin of error. neck and neck in colorado. is the mention up shifting? >>doug: slightly. the polls, and some of the national polls, they are showing a couple of points of movement. we will not know until this week when it settles down, if this is real momentum in the direction of congressman ryan and governor romney or whether there is a temporary change.
5:35 pm
>>pat: look at each of the states. in each of the states we are dealing with lots, a fair number of voters who are undecided. that is where this is still going. 8 percent to 10 percent, and a little bit more, maybe a little bit less. right now, it is all over the map, this movement of voters. something is in motion. two weeks ago, romney was losing the election. the choice of ryan made him more energetic and the campaign more energetic. we will see how it plays out. if they leave this issue of medicare, if this becomes an election only on medicare, i like obama's chances better. >>doug: pat is right about that. that is the case. >>gregg: and now the real clear politics electoral map. after all, folks that is what it comes down to. you have to have 270 electoral
5:36 pm
votes. analyze this map for us. >>doug: if my recollection is correct, it is about 231 to 191 for president obama. >>john: that is right. >>pat: wisconsin is in play. my own opinion, but my colleagues may disagree, i think it is temporary. they need wisconsin. even if they pick up florida, ohio, north carolina, and virginia, that is not enough for governor romney to win unless he wins wisconsin, new hampshire, or nevada. >>gregg: got to take a quick break, gentleman. we will be back with you in just a minute with lots more to talk about. >>heather: dramatic and shocking video captured by a police car dashboard camera with an officer assaulting a woman during a traffic stop. it is a violent ending for the victim. what happens to the cop? that is up next. this happy couple used capital one venture miles for their "destination wedding." double miles you can "actually" use.
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5:41 pm
>>heather: welcome back. time for a check of the headlines. a small plane crashes on long island, in new york state, killing one of the three people on board. the two others were hospitalized. in word on their condition. >> graphic video from a camera leads to the firing and arrest of a police officer in florida. the officer assault add woman who was pulled over as a suspect in a hit-and-run accident and disobeyed orders to stay in the car. >> in ohio a bartender was punched and shot after two men became enraged over that $75 bar tab. she was hit in the leg and is in stable condition. >> new concern of whether the rhetoric on the campaign trail is taking a serious turn for the worse. vice president joe biden stirred up a lot of controversy after making some rather off the wall
5:42 pm
comments about americans being "put back in chains," but as recently as today, president obama's team is insisting there is in need to apologize. >> and now we bring back our campaign insiders. gentleman, what do you say? pat? >>pat: so far, it is not, but it has the potential. let me tell you why: president obama is, was elected mainly because he would change the tone. he would change. hope and change. his campaign is below the gutter level and he is sitting there saying i don't know anything. his campaign is doing this and he is not accepting this. he is on the knife's edge, and if this gets to the question of the press, wait, are you in charge or not, of your campaign, then he has a problem because of that. the other point, maybe doug or
5:43 pm
john can speak to it, the campaigns do this because they are desperate. they have to bring romney down. >>gregg: and now a couple of soundbites, the president is being ripped by some who are not really talking to the white house press corps or doing any hardball interviews. here is what he said about the "in changes," comment. and a sound clip from mitt romney. >> the country is not as divided or obsessed with gaffes or some stray remark as washington is. most folks know that is just sort of wwf wrestling part of politics and it does not mean anything. it federals up a lost air time. >> mr. president, take your campaign of division and anger and hate back to chicago. let us get about rebuilding and
5:44 pm
reunited america. >>gregg: congressman leboutillier what do you think? leboutillier when i say the president of the united states say it is a stray remark and his campaign has taken governor romney and, really, said, he murdered that woman who did not get insurance coverage; his spokesman for his campaign said the governor could be a felon, a tax cheat ocean i -- a tax cheat; i am happy to see governor romney get his back up. the majesty of the presidency is being sold by obama to try to get re-elect the. it is disappointing and it will create more cynicism among the voters. >>gregg: brit hume has covered a lot of presidential elections and he thought this was the most ugly? dow jones industrial average pat -- >>doug: pat and i have both been in the white house, and, john, too, and there is a serb
5:45 pm
tone of civility you assume. when i worked for president clinton or for jimmy carter, there was a sense you talked about the issues facing the country. you pointed out distinctions. you did not run this kind of campaign. what president obama was saying^, as long as we can distract you, away from the problems we have, and keep the focus where we want it, i'm just fine with that. >> that of interest of him saying to the woman, the country does not care, he is masterminding this. he is setting the game change. there was a story of i am the best pollster, the best strategist, well, the question, is he running the campaign? the danger, here, as you just raised and doug points to, people expect the presidency at a certain level. no campaign in american history is a presidential incumbent gone after the open important by name or the campaign at this level where there seems to be no
5:46 pm
bottom to the sewer of attacks and that is particularly -- he got elected saying he would not do this. >>john: and governor romney ought to take on the mainstream media and put it to them and say, where are you letting the 39 get away with this? he only talks to entertainment tonight which is a joke of a show in the political world. why are you guys asking the president these questions? are you ordering these commercials? are you saying that the governor is a murderer and a felon? put it out this. >>doug: did you call joe bide and say that was unacceptable? >> he said the use of language was adieus -- was a distraction. >>gregg: doug wilder ripped into joe biden. do they need to deep six biden?
5:47 pm
>>pat: it is a real challenge if biden is making a gaffe a week including where he got state he was in wrong. >>gregg: a gaffe a day. >> romney has not done what he needs to do to pivot issues, stop attacking me personally, stop this, and go on to the economy, jobs and economic growth. he is not there. >>gregg: quickly, your prediction? >> we are all predicting the same thing which is the race is static. we will get through two weeks of convention, we will get to usually september, and we will really know where the race is for the last eight weeks. >> the republican convention is critical. even more so than obama's convention. because romney has to lead that podium. i predict he has to lead that podium having laid out an economic plan. if he doesn't, he can put the campaign away. i predict after the two
5:48 pm
conventions we will be right back where we are now. back to square one. >>gregg: could be to the last two or three days. >> it could be. >>gregg: more from our campaign insiders on monday at 10:30 a.m., and they will be back here, of course, as they are each fund, and can you follow them on twitter. and guess who is outside? >>heather: i am joined by some of our young fans out here. thanks for joining us, guys. how are you doing? do you like to eat salad? burgers? fries in coming up we will tell you why a salad may actually be more fattening than a burger and fries. stay tuned for that. whoa, look at all those toys.
5:49 pm
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>>gregg: we are outside. it is a beautiful afternoon. >>heather: fall is creeping in. >>gregg: don't you feel like a
5:53 pm
salad in that is the go to healthy choice but restaurants and homemade we salads are low in key nutrients and high in calories. >>heather: what is really in the salad you had for lunch or dinner? we have the senior health and fitness expert. salads can make you fat? >> it is surprising because everyone thinks they are ideal weight loss food. they can do a lost damage also people could not like to eat vegetables so they pile on the bacon and fried chicken, nuts, cheese. so well tell you how to make a great tasting salad that is going to be good for weightless. and hope you like it. >>gregg: you need the right greens. >> look for something high in fiber and high in vitamins and minerals. fiber keeps you full. the vitamins and minerals give you energy so you can work out. the darker the green, the more vitamins and minerals.
5:54 pm
spinach is better than iceberg let us. it does not have the fiber. we will make the base of our salad with spinach. well add some kal chevrolet has more vitamins and minerals than any other vegetable. i like kale. >>guest: it is great. it has a little crunch and you do not have to buy it in a big amount you can get it at the salad bar. this should be the foundation of your salad. not bacon. and cheeses. we have red onions, and little tomatoes. people stay away from buying vegetables because i bought these, they are all $2 or less a pound. bacon is $5 a pound. vegetables is what you look for.
5:55 pm
you get this at a restaurant salad with a nice color and flavor. people do not think to put on fruit. we have mangoes here. >> and protein? >>guest: you can blow a salad by putting on the fried shrimp or breaded chicken or the hamburger meat. that is no good. we have grilled chicken. grilled steak. grilled steak. crab. keep it to three ounces a person. that is a deck of cards in size. beans are wonderful. this is what makes your salad a meal. they are full of fiber and the beans are also full of protein. >>gregg: now, the cheese? >>guest: the more flavorful,
5:56 pm
the more you will love it and you can use less. feta is lower in calorie than cheddar. you can taste it. so it is not empty calories. >>gregg: you say to go with low fat, not nonfat. why? >>guest: your body absorbs the nutrients in salad greens more when you use low-fat dressing with a little olive oil. it can be high in sugar and sodium, the other salad dressings. >>gregg: always great to see you. thanks so much. that does it for us. >>heather: fox news sunday with chris wallace is up next. questions?
5:57 pm
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