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tv   Hannity  FOX News  October 1, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm EDT

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want to check that out. we want everybody to see the rumble. again, thanks for watching us. i'm bill o'reilly. please remember that the spin stops here. we're definitely looking out for you. >> sean: tonight -- >> the president called it an act of terror the day after it happened. >> -- the obama administration still can't get its story straight as the cover-up continues. >> this is turning into something not short of banghazi-gate. >> newt gingrich breaks down the mixed messages coming out of the white house. >> what did president obama do the same day of a terror attack on american citizens? he campaigned in las vegas. >> sean: and a blistering new political ad targets the anointed one's response to the banghazi terror attack. plus, the candidates collide in less than 48 hours. >> this whole race is going to
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be turned upside down come thursday morning. >> sean: the president tries to downplay expectations and predictions from team romney as we preview wednesday's debate in denver. >> i just created a huge screw-up. >> sean: all that, plus my exclusive interview with former california governor and hollywood legend arnold schwarzenegger. we are 36 days from election day and "hannity" starts right here right now. >> sean: this is a fox news alert. congressional hearings on the banghazi attack are about to be convened in the last hour fox news has obtained a letter that will be sent to hillary clinton tomorrow morning. this letter is from congressman jason chavitz. it reads in part, the full committee anticipates convening a hearing on october 10th, 2012, to consider the security situation in banghazi leading up to the september 11th attack. the attack that claimed the
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ambassador's life was the latest in a long line of attacks on western diplomats and officials in libya in the months leading up to this attack. it was clearly never as the administration has once insisted, the result of a popular uprising or protest. what you're looking at now is exclusively obtained photos from congressman chaffetz and the committee showing one of those attacks prior to the hit on our consulate that cost four americans their lives. these pictures are an attempted assassination on the british ambassador to libya in banghazi back in june. a two-car convoy in that case carrying the british ambassador was literally coming from a conference, attacked in broad daylight by a militant with an rpg. these are never-before-seen photos, and it happened one block away from our banghazi consulate. the committee cites in attack as an important escalation in the violence against western targets in banghazi. now based on this development, it's safe to say the smell of a
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cover-up has become too much for anybody to ignore now. joining me now with more is former presidential candidate, former speaker of the house, newt gingrich. i have a list here. 16 examples of violence leading up to this attack. we'd never heard about it. they never took any security measures. this goes even deeper. one more thing. i'm told that the number may be as high as 61, not just 16 that we're learning tonight. >> well, i think, first of all, congressman chaffetz and his team and staff deserve a lot of credit. as i read this letter, which fox has only gotten in the last hour, i was amazed at the number of incidents they were citing, including an ied going off blowing a hole in our fence at the consulate. i mean, there were a whole series of things going on. you have to ask, i think, three layers. one, why wasn't there security? two, what is the u.s. ambassador doing on 9/11 of all days going into banghazi with no
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protection? and three, how could the administration have lied to the american people for over two weeks? there's no other word for it. what they've been doing, what ambassador to the u.n. suc susan rice did, what the president did, was plain tell the american people a falsehood. >> sean: it was never plausible to me from the beginning. here's the anniversary of 9/11. two waves of terrorist attacks. the libyan president said it was a terrorist attack from day one. they spontaneously had mortars and rocket-propelled grenades in their back pocket as they're protesting a movie trailer. it never made sense. the president spent his entire speech at the u.n. saying he's sorry for the movie, how much he condemns the movie. >> president obama has almost a psychological need to be totally blind to the realities of islamic extremism.
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it is astonishing to me how consistently he rejects all information, which would teach him that there are people out there who actually want to kill us. i mean, it is so beyond any reasonable way to explain it, that it's almost though as he has a desperate need to believe in something totally false. >> sean: going back to these pictures here, what they ask in this letter that hillary clinton will receive tomorrow, hillary, we're giving you a preview of what you'll receive in the morning, was the state department headquarters in washington, were they aware of these 16 incidents, maybe more, maybe as many as 61? if so, what measures did they take to match the level of security? why on the -- i'll ask this one. why on the anniversary of 9/11 did they not have extra security? and detail any requests made. i would also add, where are the cables. where are the emails? this guy was saying in his own diary that he felt in danger of his life, but he had little to no security.
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>> you also have to ask, why is he there? i mean, banghazi historically had been the center of the anti-american radicalism. banghazi and libya produced more american fighters in iraq except for saudi arabia. so we knew this was a hotbed of terrorism. we in fact had a largely large cia station there, larger than the libyans knew about apparently, because they were shocked at how many people left town the next day. so you have to wonder how could we be this naive and how could we be this misinformed, or did the intelligence community know one thing and the state department know something completely different and was there a breakdown in communications. >> sean: he didn't take his intelligence briefings, he or before the attack. >> he meaning obama. >> sean: he meaning obama. they were out all night defending the decision. the night this happens, the president's flying off to vegas. the president couldn't meet with
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benjamin new netanyahu. he can't admit that islamic extremism exists. you know, what happened in fort hood was just a case of workplace violence. so the question is, how big an issue does this become in 36 days to people? are they going to try to get to the finish line? >> the elite media did all they could to avoid dealing with this. i think this is one more example of how big the choice is between changing directions with mitt romney and staying with barack obama. the fact is this administration has a terrible record on foreign policy. you now have hillary clinton trying to rush extra money to egypt when i would frankly suspend all aid to egypt. >> sean: $450 million more. >> it's inconceivable. a house committee chairman has
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put a hold on the money. that's the right thing to do. there's no reason to send the head of the muslim brotherhood another penny. the president in egypt is the head of a radical organization dedicated to pushing the united states out of the middle east. >> sean: the first presidential debate is on wednesday. the administration has been spending most of their weekend trying to lower expectations for the great orator obama, even the president saying, well, romney's good, i'm just okay. does that work if you're a sitting president? >> look, incumbent presidents who lose debates are in big trouble. this is a president who has the begins of a new recession, that with all the economic reports wednesday, thursday, friday are pointing to a in recession. the philadelphia federal reserve is pointing to a new recession. the manufacturing index dropped to the january 2009 -- all this is happening right now. this is a president whose foreign policy is collapsing
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around us. you can see it almost every day now on television. if romney is firm and direct and clear, i think that obama has a very real likelihood of coming out of this debate with people finally late on wednesday evening understanding how big the decision is and how big the choice is, and at that point we'll be in a totally new election. >> sean: you think it could have -- look, it had a big, profound impact. you were down double digits heading into south carolina. two debates you were up double digits. up double digits heading into florida. >> calista says if romney could be as direct with obama as he was with me, he'll do just fine. go back in history. when carter beat ford in the debates, it mattered in 1996. when reagan beats carter in 1980, it really mattered. when reagan stumbled in the first debate in 1984, people were shaken. when reagan came back and brilliantly won the second
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debate -- >> sean: i'm not going to let my youth and age be an issue in this campaign. >> -- change it changed almost everything overnight. these things can matter. they don't always matter, but they can matter. i would say that the opportunity wednesday night is greater for romney than for obama. and it will be interesting to watch obama confront somebody. if romney has the nerve -- after all, he's up against a sitting president. if he has the nerve to say, you know, gasoline prices the highest in history, unemployment the worst period since the great depression, new recession looming because of your policies. he has to get across being able to say your policies, mr. president. >> sean: remember john mccain did not look obama in the eye. i mean, if there's certain characteristics that you want to lay out for somebody heading into a debate, he's got to be presidential. probably can't call him a liar, but could point out broken promises, failed policies. >> "there you go again" works pretty well. >> sean: or some version
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thereof. i think people would like to see somebody -- i've never seen this president take a verbal punch. >> i also think people want to know that mitt romney can win the argument. i mean, i think part of the reason you see in the campaign in the doldrums a little bit for two weeks is that people want somebody who's going to stand and fight. margaret thatcher, prime minister thatcher, used to say, first you win the argument, then you win the vote. that's i think the challenge that romney faces. >> sean: mr. speaker, good to see you. >> good to be with you. >> sean: glad you're here. when we come back, a devastating new ad is coming up. we'll have that for you. it deals with the banghazi attacks. also the latest on the developments out of banghazi tonight and the letter that hillary clinton will in fact receive tomorrow. also coming up, we'll check in with ann coulter. david limbaugh will join us. later, arnold schwarzenegger talks about his personal life, his time as governor, and much more straight ahead. >> i created a huge screw-up. i had, you know, this child, and
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>> sean: he's failed to lead on enlevel, but the tragedy in banghazi and this administration's paltry cover-up is beneath the dignity of the oval office. if you're still uncertain who you will vote for in 36 days, watch this ad.
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>> it is our view as an administration, the president's view, that it was a terrorist attack. >> but what did president obama do the same day of a terror attack on american citizens? he campaigned in las vegas. then at the annual u.n. meeting, where rogue nations are calling for a new world order, obama snubbed key allies and skipped meetings with world leaders so he could be on tv. >> we've actually brought some cloth napkins as well. i'm just supposed to be eye candy here. >> this doesn't seem like a defensible position. >> when american embassies were attacked by terrorists, plain president clinton responded with missiles, and president obama pt
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his campaign on hold. president obama needs to know it isn't just about protecting your job. it's about leadership. it's time for a president who gets it. >> i'm just supposed to be eye candy here for you guys. [laughter] >> sean: president eye candy. the author of "here come the black helicopters" out next week, former clinton advisor dick morris. so he can't meet with benjamin newnewt gingrichnetanyahu, becao on "the view," meet with beyonce. >> they've found numerous instances of terrorist attacks in banghazi, including two bombings of our consulate in banghazi in the weeks and months before the terrorist attacks that killed our ambassador. so this, a, shows that the president is just not on -- not
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there. he's just not paying attention to, thito this. nor is hillary. these attacks should have prompted security, increased efforts to protect the ambassador. the ambassador himself was threatened with assassination. as the committee draws that out on the one hand in your fast and furious coming out with evidence more and more of the use of those guns, this administration is unraveling. it becomes very clear that nobody was there. >> sean: it's unraveling, but he doesn't take national security briefings both before and after this attack. four people are dead. the bigger issue is always the cover-up. now we're covering that they had every example. i'm told that they're listing in this letter to hillary clinton that will be released, that we got ahold of tonight, 61 examples eventually will be brought out where terrorism is happening, they failed to identify it, and the president to this hour is still trying to convince the american people, hey, this is about a movie trailer. >> sure, sure.
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well, look, i believe that obama is failing at so many different levels. i think congress is doing a nice job of holding his feet to the fire. i think that this investigation, the fast and furious one, are really providing fodder and make people see the lack of leadership they're getting from the oval office. >> sean: people ask me all the time, because you're out there as the single most optimistic person in terms of this election, you say the polls are all wrong. that's not my feeling. my feeling is probably mitt romney is down a point or two. i think the debate wednesday night is crucial. how these events unfold is going to be important. >> i agree he's down a point or two. rasmussen has him down by three, which is unusual. two other factors come in to play. one is the higher level of enthusiasm among republicans, 16 points higher. secondly, the undecided vote tending to go against the
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incumbent. so i believe that romney can come back. i think he will. i think a lot depends on the debate wednesday night. the debate is stacked to play in romney's favor. the things romney is accusing obama of owe mismanaging the economy, fast and furious, this banghazi stuff -, that can't be rebutted. what obama is accusing romney of, being a tax cheat, swiss bank accounts, all that kind of stuff, can be rebutted. >> sean: what obama will say -- thus this will be mostly on the economy. obama will say, it's getting better. that was the recovery summer of 2010. >> but romney -- there were a whole lot of people right now who want to vote for romney. want to vote against obama. but they don't want to vote for romney because of all the negatives obama's piled on them which has not been answered. they're sitting on one side waiting for permission to jump over and vote for romney. in the debate, that he's not a
9:20 pm
monster, that he's a man of integrity and defending himself on this stuff, can absolutely encourage them to jump over and make it possible for them to do that. >> sean: what a joke all weekend, watching the obama people trying to lower expectations. >> yeah, right. >> sean: 2-1. >> let's par remember that most debates work in favor of the challenger. the challenger walks on and does a good job, like reagan did against carter, all the fears of him go away. carter against gerald ford in 1976. mondale against reagan in the first debate. >> sean: yeah. >> the challenger has an innate advantage in these debates, because he can show that he's not a monster, that he's informed, that he's okay, that he's reasonable and they can answer the charges. and i think that obama has left himself very vulnerable to a come back by romney in this debate. i expect to see it. >> sean: it's going to be interesting.
9:21 pm
all right, dick. your book is out next week. we'll have you back. >> the book is a summary of what obama is going to do in the lame duck session. compromising american sovereignty. >> sean: between now and january. >> now and january. creeing to u.n. the control of the internet. the internet. >> sean: coming up next, ann coulter and david limbaugh here. their take on the upcoming debate for wednesday. by the way, we will be in colorado. they're going to handicap the first of these presidential showdowns. all that, plus in a cable exclusive, former bodybuilder, actor, governor arnold schwarzenegger on what america needs to get back on track, straight ahead. >> there's a lot of americans right now that are upset and that feel like the country's going in the wrong direction, that our politicians are going in the wrong direction, and they wish that the politicians can get along. mr. margin? don't be modest, bob. you found a better way to pack a bowling ball. that was ups. and who called ups? you did, bob. i just asked a question. it takes a long time to pack a bowling ball.
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>> sean: the first presidential debate is two days away. judging by the president's language, seems he may be trying to downplay his upcoming performance. oh, really? >> you may have heard that in a few days my opponent in this election and i are going to have a debate. i'm looking -- i'm looking forward to it. i know folks in the media are speculating already on who's going to have the best zingers. >> you are! >> i don't know about that. who's going put the most points on the board. governor romney is a good debater. i'm just okay. >> sean: and you get a failing grade as president. who cares about zingers, when all the governor has to do is point out your awful record.
9:26 pm
joining me is author of "the new york times" bestseller "mugged" and columnist david limbaugh. >> thank you. >> sean: he's really good, but i'm terrible. mr. teleprompter -- >> by the way, why is he saying this if the polls show him far ahead? they know the polls are a crock. i know -- >> sean: stop right there. >> yeah. >> sean: i think the media is trying to deflate enthusiasm. >> yeah, yeah. >> sean: go ahead. >> the media is in war mode. they want president obama re-elected, because he's the most leftest president, and he's the nonracist, because that makes them feel good about themselves. the only nonracist toward america. the polls are never wrong toward us. never! they're trying to create the florida panhandle in the 2000
9:27 pm
election. remember when they called florida for gore, the polls were still open, and people didn't come out and vote. i don't understand the phenomenon, if i heard my guy was losing, that would make me rush out more to the polls. apparently people like to vote for a winner. this is all a crock. the exit polls in 2004, we were all depressed at noon that day because of the exit polls. >> sean: it was 3:00. >> i talked to you. >> sean: cheney called my radio show at that point. >> everyone was on-air. you could see it, even though you guys weren't releasing it, i think drudge was, all the faces on fox news, the conservatives were very, very long, very sad. turns out it was completely wrong. they always have an excuse for it. we sent out female graduate students. they only talked to democrats. i'm sorry we called the panhandle early. that was a mistake. how about the bradley effect? that's why they always overestimate vote for a black candidate. oops. because the people are lying to us. sometimes the mistake is always against republicans. >> i totally agree with her. but obama saying he's not --
9:28 pm
he's just okay. he's the guy who said i'm a better political strategist, i'm a better speechwriter than my speechwriter. he's a guy that never overestimates himself. >> why is he doing that? he knows the polls aren't accurate. >> david plouffe said the same thing. that's no accident. >> sean: here's the deal. the president -- i mean, romney, this is the opportunity for him. i don't think this president has ever taken a verbal punch. >> no. >> sean: if i'm right, he's arrogant, somebody hits him with a left hook verbally, continues to jab him on his failed policies, he's going to react, and it will be visible. i'd like to see romney do that. >> it's a target-rich environment, that obama record. >> it has to be romney, because the moderators won't be doing it. >> sean: it has to be romney. romney needs to know that going in. >> one thing i noticed during
9:29 pm
the primaries is that some people who were not romney supporters, david, would finally see him give a speech, and would email or say to me, well, you know, if he had been giving speeches like that all along. he was giving speeches like that all along. he is good. >> by the way, ask newt if he's a good debater. he's brilliant. >> sean: i'll be honest, if he doesn't hit newt as hard as he did in flat debates, i'll be debris. >> he has to refute obama's attacks. such as obama's comment, i didn't realize this economy was bad as it was. go back to 2009, he said it was the worst since 2007. every single thing obama says is refutable. >> sean: how many times has obama said we're in a recovery? getting better, better, better. >> you should be emailing this.
9:30 pm
>> you and i talk about this. in every recession before, recoveries are inversely proportional. the worst the recession, the greater recovery. here we are still not in a recovery. we're just barely netting jobs finally. >> right. >> we're about to have another recession. >> gas prices are up. >> sean: you are, ms. coulter, that he's going to win. you're dick morris light. >> as you know, i generally hate giving predictions. i'm going to give the prediction because i have to counteract the lying polls specifically designed to repress the republican vote. there's a poll recently, 55% of americans -- forget who they're voting for -- they think romney is going to lose. that's going to depresses the vote for romney. these polls -- one other thing. we know that they've middled with the polls for political purposes. when todd akin had 24 hours to decide whether to poll out, there was a phony poll produced by a major polling outfit,
9:31 pm
wasn't quinnipiac, showin on clr examination, they overexamined republicans by nine points. they're taking the same poll on romney/obama in missouri, they're oversampling democrats by nine points. that's using polls to score political points. >> sean: stay right there. we'll come back and have much more with arnol ann coulter. also coming up, arnold schwarzenegger talking about the affair that ruined his marriage. that's straight ahead. >> my wife was a fantastic friend, great advisor, great mother. my kids were fantastic. the thing that i cherished the most i destroyed by stupid things that i've done.
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>> we continue with ann coulter and david limbaugh. pat caddell, mainstream media is threatening our country's future. how did we get to be 36 days out of an election and a president who said shovel ready, shovels hitting the ground, and a net loss of jobs in the time he's been president. george bush is unpatriotic and irresponsible, $14 trillion in debt, eight years. he's got $6 trillion and said he cut the deficit in half in his first term. he's not been asked the simple basic questions by anybody. how did we get to -- >> except by univision. >> sean: one example. >> they haven't even hit him on
9:35 pm
the outright lie about libya. another anticipated obama argument, this crisis was caused by two wars and push tax cuts. that's so easily refuted. 2007, $161 billion deficit with two wars raging and bush tax cuts implemented in 2003. what romney really needs to do, though, is stress the urgency. none of this john mccain, obama will make a fine president. no. if obama is re-elected, this country is over as we know it. >> yeah. >> he needs to stay that in no uncertain terms. i say this, not because i'm a partisan, i'm scared to death of our lifetime earnings being in jeopardied, i'm scared to death of our liberty, of our prosperity. the american dream is gone. he doesn't believe in opportunity. he believes in expanding the welfare state and the dependence cycle. he believes in expanding obama phones and not putting people back to work and giving people human dignity. >> right. >> sean: i've never met a president that pannedders.
9:36 pm
that speech that he gave at the united nations, he was pandering. who was that speech directed at? not muslims. radical islamists. we're so sorry. we're really so against that video, that movie trailer. he's pandering to radicals. somehow in the back of his mind i think he thinks he can convince them to be nice to us. >> right, right. he thinks everyone loves him. to get back to david's point, i mean, one thing that i think romney may have been shying away from, and i don't think he should, because it's the linchpin of what you're saying, and that is obamacare. once obamacare goes into effect, that's it. that's lights out for america. there's no coming back from that. we only have a few years to repeal it. i mean, it was obama's own treasury secretary, timothy geithner who said three years ago that social security, medicare, medicaid, interest on the debt to pay for those programs within 10 years will consume 92% of the federal budget. you add in obamacare, we're a pathetic western european country and there's no america
9:37 pm
out there to protect us. >> as you said, a million times, he's the worst spender in history. this idea that he's the most frugal president in 60 years, romney ought to mock and ridicule him for that absurdity. his obstruction on entitlements will kill us. i've said it over and over, but romney and his team need to say it more and directly at romney. why have you sat here cynically and acted like there's not a existential problem. why, mr. obama? >> sean: he's got to thread a needle, governor romney. if he hits too hard, oh, you were mean to the president. he was mean. on the other hand, i want to see the passion. i want to see the energy and emotion that you're showing, the concern, because -- >> i really doesn't have that sort of passion, but he has -- >> sean: i think he does. >> i agree with you, what he did, it wasn't so much passion as he responded to attacks when he was in that florida primary debate with newt gingrich.
9:38 pm
he did make strong responses. i think just allowing the american people to see mitt romney unfiltered, without the paraphrasal of the media is going to be him a world of good, i'd say on his poll numbers, but i think those are a lie. >> you'll agree he's passionate about mercka and entrepreneurship. he'll get animated when he talks about that. >> sean: that was the debate where he said i won't apologize for my success. >> he does need to hit back. >> sean: if you were giving him final advice, what do you tell him? >> florida debate. memorize how you behaved in that debate, because i think his tendency is to be too gracious, too much of a gentleman. that was his problem in 2008.
9:39 pm
the narrative is he's been too gracious, saying obama is a nice guy. that's what he's saying. >> i think romney is genuinely too nice a person. >> sean: that's my point. that's changed. he's realizing that when the president says, you want dirty air and water, you want to throw granny over the cliff, maybe he's getting angry. >> this perception, as manufactured as it is that romney might be behind, might actually help us ironically, because it might bring mitt out, his aggressiveness out. he has to be aggressive. he has to take the offensive. i think he ought to corner obama on his multitudeness lies. he's got so many. >> sean: he you don't buy into the narrative, he has to win? if i hear this from one more idiotic pundit, he's got to win. >> "there you go again," isn't
9:40 pm
that a great line? it's often used by the media to explain how they've been lying in the polls. >> the debate matters. romney has to equips himself. he will. he always equips himself well. you know what the spin after the debate will be already. we've got to counter that. just prepare right now, anticipate the propaganda. >> sean: no matter how bad the president does. cbs and abc, he won. it was a game changer. game changing gaffe. >> we ought to start talking about tomorrow how well romney did. >> sean: chris matthews about ready to get another thrill up his leg. listen, chicago is racist. >> apartments. >> sean: thank you, guys. coming up, we'll be joined by arnold schwarzenegger. he opens up about his affair, love child, politics, and if
9:41 pm
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9:44 pm
unbelievably real-life story." earlier i sat down with the governor for a cable exclusive. it's a story of your life. obviously attention is being brought to your relationship, your wife, the affair, the child, etc. from your perspective, why? i mean, you have a beautiful wife, beautiful family. everything going for you. where's the disconnect? >> i think as i sprained i exple book, i created a huge screw-up. i had this child, and it destroyed my family. it was a situation where i couldn't even blame anybody else but myself, because my wife was a fantastic wife. she was a great friend. she was a great advisor, everything. great mother. i mean, my kids were fantastic. the thing that i cherished the
9:45 pm
most, you know, destroyed by some stupid things that i've done. so now it's -- you know, for me it's important to kind of rebuild again, get the trust back with the kids, with my wife, hopefully get back together again, bring the family back together again. >> when you were running for governor, there were all these rumors that you had been flirtatious on the set. you've pretty much confirmed that there have been other instances. aren't you worried that some of this might come out? >> no. >> sean: why? >> well, first of all, the stories that were out there weren't based on any truth at all. you know, the groping charges, all that. that was all nonsense. i think it was politically motivated. they came out three days before the election. the people looked through that very quickly. but, you know, i'm -- i'm ashamed that past, the mistakes that i've made, because it was -- you know, it was one of the things were you make a mistake in bodybuilding, choosing the wrong movie or
9:46 pm
something, were you hurt your own career. in this particular occasion, i've hurt a lot of people. i hurt my wife tremendously, who doesn't deserve that, an and my kids and relatives, all this. i'm embarrassed, ashamed about it, but you can't go back. the book -- people said, why would you put this in the book? i said because i'm not write a book that just shows the success of arnold, the great immigrant story, but it is a great immigrant story, the book, but it also is a book about my failures, the bad decisions that i've made, the problems that i've caused because of it, all that, and it also has the successes in there. it's a book about the extraordinary immigrant story, but also with its faults. >> sean: is there a happy ending potentially in this? in other words, do you get back together? does this become a hollywood movie inasmuch as, you know,
9:47 pm
this turns around? without getting too much into your personal life, where does this end? >> well, you know, i'm the forever optimist. so i do see that maria and i get together eventually. you know, it takes a lot of time to heal those wounds and to trust each other again. but, you know, i will make every effort. maria has been extraordinary throughout this whole process. extraordinary also with bringing the children together and making sure that we celebrate together when there's a graduation or when there's a birthday or valentine's day or easter, or christmas, stuff like that. she's been great. the kids have been really great. i'm thankful about that. >> sean: one interview you said she's not read the book yet. >> now she has the book, yes. i just got the copy last week, and she got the copyright away.
9:48 pm
>> sean: did you give her a heads-up ahead of time? >> we talked about it, but we didn't talk about day. i didn't get her to get into a situation where she knows about the book, has to answer questions to the press. this way she hasn't read it, and now she has the book. >> sean: i remember going out, interviewing you a number of times while you were running for governor. i remember going out when you were putting referendums that would have transformed california. california is on the verge of bankruptcy, not unlike greece, spain, europe in general. it seems when people are given the choice of, well, government programs or cutting, they hang on to what they know, or what they have. but ultimately it's leading to a very dangerous path, i think, financially. >> well, i think that california has had a history of always spending more money it takes in.
9:49 pm
i think ronald reagan went through that big challenge, as you remember, when he became governor, he had to raise taxes, how to figure out how to make the severe cuts that he did. 10 years later, another republican governor had to raise taxes, went through the same problem. 10 years after that, pete wilson became governor, another republican, he had to raise taxes. 10 years later, i had to raise taxes. i hated it. arnold, how can you do that? you promised the people you wouldn't raise taxes. all of a sudden you are there with a $40 billion deficit because the economy took a dive and we had less revenues coming in. >> sean: even the car tax. >> exactly. it's a real clem and real dileml challenge. i was adamant about solving the financial problem of california
9:50 pm
to pay down the debt, number one. number two, to make the deficit go away and live within our means. i was not able to do it. >> sean: we have much more with governor schwarzenneger. is he supporting a candidate this election? that is coming up next.
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9:53 pm
>> sean: we continue now with arnold schwarzenegger. he's written a new memoir. it's called "total recall: my unbelievably true life story." you talk about in your book, you go through a childhood where you grew up, where you had to walk to get water. >> milk. >> sean: milk. you didn't have a bathroom. you didn't have running water. you didn't have any of the bare necessities. >> right. >> sean: but you survived as a family. you talked about a tough childhood with your father. he would come home once a week intoxicated, be tough on the
9:54 pm
whole family. but here we are in a country, do you think at this time in this country, 49 million americans needing foods stamps, 1 in 6 in poverty. >> it's important we get our world economy back, and the united states gets our economy back again. as i said earlier, just alone, if you build the infrastructure, it's directly related to our gdp. if we spend 2% of our gdp on infrastructure, it's directly related. it's short-sighted for us not to spend money on infrastructure. sadly the last money meant to be recovery, only $150 billion went
9:55 pm
to infrastructure, the rest was sprinkled all around. it's very tough. both of the parties have to get together. >> sean: how do they get together? >> they have to solve the problems, because it's their responsibility. we sent them to washington to solve problems, not to -- >> sean: let me ask you this. one party -- weir 40 cents of every dollar. every time you talk about, for example, fixing medicare, which is going bankrupt, we get an ad, granny's being thrown off the cliff. right? every time republicans say we've got to manage money with the epa, the president will say the republicans want dirty air and water. they don't care about kids with autism and down's syndrome. that's the narrative going on in this election. >> it's arguing and finger-pointing, which we're close to an election,chie understand close to an election. as soon as the election's over, they have to th the responsibilo
9:56 pm
get back together and solve the problems rather than saying, oh, we can't touch that, because in two years from now there's another election coming up. that's been the worst thing. i just think they're not living up to their responsibility. and the people of america should really be outraged about that, that nothing is getting done, and it's getting more and more polarized. >> sean: it's still in your blood, i can see it. you don't get politics out of your system. >> no, no. look, it's blocks, but for me i never really liked politics, but being a public servant. i think it's the greatest thing. my father-in-law talked about being a public servant is the ultimate kind of service, the ultimate job that you can have. he was absolutely correct, because to me there was nothing more satisfying than to be in sacramento, to solve problems, work with everyone together, bring everyone together, and to just chip away, keep solving problems, and serve the people, because as an immigrant, as an
9:57 pm
immigrant, it is especially very satisfying that you can give something back to this country. you know, to be able to say thank you, to a place that's received you with open arms, and where i saw firsthand that the harder i worked, the more i accomplished, the more i achieved, there was no obstacle there. there was no -- not like in europe, when i grew up, where there were obstacles after obstacles for you to get successful. here there was no obstacle. everyone wished you good luck and everyone said, yeah, you can do it. of course with my outrageous dreams that i had, i even found people in america that said, no, that's impossible, arnold when i said i want to be a leading man in the movies, i want to become governor, stuff like that. they say, no, no, this is impossible. but in this country, you can do it. this is the land of opportunity. >> sean: do you think enough -- do you think enough people in america have that mind-set or
9:58 pm
understanding? i think we've lost some of that. >> i think people are proud. i think americans are very patriotic. i think they love their country. but i think there's a lot of americans right now that are upset and that feel like the country's going in the wrong direction, that our politicians are going in the wrong direction. and they wish that the politicians can get along. i remember that when i became governor, the parties in california were fighting so much that when i ran into this one -- the father of a firefighter that just passed away, i went to the funeral, and i said to him, if you need anything, just let me know. he said, please, governor, when you get to sacramento, go and get along, bring the parties together. if you want to do anything for my son that passed away during a firefight, do that, bring the parties together. i will always remember that, that that's the way the california people felt. it was not so important that the republican wins his way or democrat gets all his way.
9:59 pm
bring them together and solve the problems. >> sean: you're kind of staying out of this presidential race. >> that's right, yeah. >> sean: why? >> always wait for the debates. there's always some people -- for instance, mccain. da great relationship with mccain. he came out to fight for me in 2003, in 2005, in 2006, and he was campaigning up and down. so of course when he ran for president, i was the first one to jump and to say i'm going to endorse him. it was a no-brainer. the same was with george bush. when he ran, he did great work for us. we had a great relationship, the things he did for california. how quickly he was out there with our fires, how quickly he responded, all the needs that we had. and of course i endorsed him right away, even though we didn't agree on everything, but he was my man. so some other times you just figure, like, i got to wait a little bit, i want to hear the debates, i'm going to look forward to the debates, then i make up my mind. that's whe