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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  October 5, 2012 9:00am-11:00am EDT

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>> steve: if you want to watch jackie in our after the show show, log on right now for the after the show show. that wraps up another week. where has the time gone? we'll be back here monday, same time, same channel, we hope to see you then. bill: we have got a packed program. good morning, everybody. want to start with this now. fox news alert. there are brand new unemployment numbers that could have a impact on race for the white house. labor department reporting unemployment dropses below 8% first time in four years. a lot of questions remain on those numbers. good morn ebb everybody, i'm bill hemmer. martha: good morning everybody, i'm martha maccallum. last time we saw rate this low, that would be january 2009, when president obama took office. the labor department says of these numbers, employers added only 114,000 jobs over the course of that month. so that raises a let of
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questions about this headline number. many jobs added are part-time jobs. bill: stuart varney, anchor of "varney & company" in the fox business network. you read what? >> there is widespread mistrust of this report and these numbers. there are clear contradictions. 873,000 people said they had found work but only 114 thou knew jobs were created that is contradiction. if you delve a little deeper, seems a lot of these people who found work, that would be, that is the 873,000, if you look deeply, it turns out 600,000 of those 873,000 people were part-time workers. so they came back into the labor force and they pushed unemployment rate down to 7.8% but there is a contradiction here, between the number of new jobs created and number of people saying they found work. it was part-time work, bill. that's what it was. bill: how do you drop a third in the overall number
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and only add about 100,000 jobs? >> well the actual rate, the unemployment rate is taken from what is called the household survey. that's, that's the part that found 873,000 people found work. the payroll survey, which is also part of the jobs report, that's the one that showed 114,000 new jobs. that's it. so there is a contradiction between one side of the survey and the other side, producing this anomaly, a sharp drop in the unemployment rate, but a very minuscule number of new jobs created. bill: i see. get to gdp growth, 1.3%. right? >> right. bill: that's where we're growing. underemployed put all the numbers together for people out of work or working for jobs perhaps they took for a lower salary, that is still staggering. 23 million? >> 14% is the number. 23 million is the number quoted by governor romney during the debate. it is a grim employment situation any which way you slice it.
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bill: but now you're still now below the big number. you're below 8%. so to the politics on this now? >> that is where some of the mistrust comes in. how convenient the rate drops below 8% first time in 43 months, five weeks before the election. there is some mistrust of these numbers along with the contradiction between 873,000 people found work, only 114,000 new jobs. mistrust of this report. bill: on that point it will be interesting to see how president obama plays this in fairfax, virginia later today. how mitt romney responds. he is in virginia, southwestern part of the state. also in florida. >> i suspect the president will play it big, we're going in the right direction. look at this 7.8%. how governor romney will respond i don't know. bill: stuart, 9:20 a.m.. this will pop up again. martha: let's get context of
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this. back in december 2007, when the recession began the unemployment rate was 5%. in october of 2009, that is the peak you see on this chart, that is 10% unemployment rate in the country. economists say a healthy u.s. economy would have a jobless rate of about 6%. that is shown by the yellow line you see across the chart there. today's report shows the unemployment rate dropped but stayed well above this mark of a healthy economy. so much of this comes to people, how they feel about how they're doing right now. bill: quick check on the health of the economy and how things are going. we'll check out that throughout the morning here. at four minutes past the hour now. governor romney building on momentum of his successful debate performance, taking dead aim at the president's jobs plan. here is governor romney with sean manty last night. >> what i find so offensive about his tax plan, by raising taxes on small business, as he does, he will kill jobs. and right now, what america needs, as much as anything
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else is more jobs, more jobs more take-home pay. is the whole focus of my campaign. i know what the president's been campaigning on and saying about me is very different than what i actually am, what i actually believe. that is where the difference came. what the president has been saying and reality are pretty far apart. martha: that in the mix this morning. a lot to add into the picture. senior nothing correspondent john roberts is live from st. petersburg, florida, today. that's where we find governor romney. he will hold a rally there later today. what about the aspect of truth of issue in this campaign, john? >> reporter: oh, this is turning out to be a real battle between taxes and the truth, martha. let's handle taxes first of all. governor romney on the stump is insisting his 20% across the board reduction in tax rates would benefit and middle class and small business would give them very needed tax break, at the same time closing loopholes for wealthiest
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americans would assure they pay the same amount of taxes. the rally in fishersville, virginia, big rally, attended by thousands of people, he insisted president obama's plan to raise taxes on people more than $250,000 would be a job killer. here is what he said. >> he talk as about stimulus. talks about hiring more government workers. talks about the government making investments and of course he talks about raising taxes. vice president blurted out the truth today. they plan on raising taxes on the american people and that well kill jobs. we will not let that happen. we want to create jobs, not kill jobs in this country. [cheers and applause] >> reporter: governor romney also driving home the notion he is for 100% of americans. really trying to walk back from the comments he made back in may about the 47%, martha. martha: john, so much of this as i said before, look at numbers, see headline numbers, so much comes down to the individual experience of what is going on in people's lives, when they
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walk into that voting booth, whether or not they people better off than they were four years ago. what is your sense on the ground in florida right now? >> reporter: well on the ground in florida, the economy is number one issue. that is where we get to the truth aspect of all this, the obama campaign trying to recover from the bad debate performance on wednesday night is basically calling governor romney a liar. david axelrod saying his performance at the debate was completely unthreatered from the truth. even though mitt romney insisted again and again and again he was not going to implement a $5 trillion tax cut, here is what president obama said on the road in wisconsin yesterday. >> so here's the truth. governor romney can not pay for his 5 dal trillion tax plan without blowing up the deficit or sticking it to the middle class. we can't afford to go down that road again. we can't afford another round of budget busting tax cuts for the wealthy. >> reporter: literally as those words were coming out of the president's mouth his
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deputy campaign manager, stephanie cutter was on another network admitted it wouldn't be a $5 -- $5 trillion tax cut because of closing of loopholes but admitted that it would not be revenue neutral. stephanie cut irstipulated it won't be a $5 trillion tax cut. let's see what the president's says on the road to. martha: john roberts in st. petersburg's, florida. in the wake of wednesday night's debate, team obama out with attacked as calling governor romney a liar. nasty new turn with 32 days to go. we'll debate how things are going fair and balanced. bill: republicans quick to pounce on what vice president joe biden said about tax hikes if given a second term. listen. >> you know the phrase they always use, obama and biden
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want to raise taxes by a trillion dollars. guess what? yes, we do and in one regard. we want to let that trillion dollar tax cut expire so the middle class doesn't have to bear the burden of all that money going to the super wealthy. bill: so congressman paul ryan, the republican vp blasting biden's remarks saying such a tax hike would kill off 700,000 jobs in only two years time. martha: urgent health warnings this morning as deadly meningitis infections are spreading. the outbreak made 35 people ill across six states that you see on your screen there. at least five people have died so far. the infections are traced to a tainted steroid injection commonly used to treat back pain. all of the shots were sold by one massachusetts pharmacy. the cdc says that thousands of people may be at risk. >> cdc is working with state
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and local health departments to contact patients who may have received injections at the facilities who received the recalled lots of this medication to inform them that they may have been exposed, to find out if they're having symptoms and to instruct them to seek health care should they be ill. >> i've been safely giving epidural steroid injections for 22 years and have never seen this or heard of anything like this. martha: so the pharmacy involved is in new england compounding center of framing ham, mass. health providers being told not to use any of their products until all this gets sorted out we'll have more on the very frightening story. dr. siegel will talk about that. bill: we talked about jobs. there is another jobs report comes out before america votes. friday before election day, right around november 2nd. jam-packed show you know that. new fallout from the deadly attack in libya. governor romney doubling down on his dritt system over how the administration
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handled security and handled the aftermath of that assault. we'll tell you what that is about. martha: in california dreaming of lower gas prices. instead pump prices are more like a nightmare right now and there are concerns it could get much worse. bill: republicans are energized by governor mitt romney's performance this week. democrats meanwhile looking to refocus after even they panned the showing by the president. have you heard? >> i don't think the president took him very seriously and he should have and for a large part the president just looked bored and wanted to get this darn thing over with. are you receiving a payout from a legal settlement or annuity over 10 or even 20 years? call imperial structured settlements.
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bill: as you can imagine there is still so much fallout from this debate the other night. charles krauthamer, syndicated columnist. saying governor romney's performance was so strong that he canceled out the effect of million of dollars of attacked as against him. >> romney took the beginning of that debate attacked each of the points and demolished them. again all that came from negative advertising. i think what he did last night he dissolved $150 million of negative ads and turned them to dust. >> in. bill: if that is true, that is a lot of money not spent wisely. democrats coming up with all kind of reasons and excuse what is went wrong. the best one is from al gore. get to that in a moment. tucker carlson, daily caller. fox news contributor.
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what do you think of krauthamer's point there? >> he is right. point of early advertising against romney was make him unacceptable alternative to romney. if you think it is tough now, if you hired this guy it would be full disaster. romney made himself acceptable to swing voters. polls suggest he did. my personal favorite excuse for the president's performance comes from a whole bunch of his defenders claim the moderator, jim lehrer are of pbs was basically too right-wing and acting in concert with the romney campaign somehow, which is denial to a level that is truly amusing. bill: if that is the one observation you have i'm curious to know how you observe this. this is al gore talking about the altitude in colorado, specifically the city of denver. roll this. >> obama arrived in denver at 2:00 p.m. today, just a few hours before the debate
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started. romney did his debate prep in denver. when you go to 5,000 feet -- >> exactly. >> and you only have a few hours to adjust. >> that is interesting. >> i don't know, maybe --. bill: did you hear that voice in the background, that's interesting? now, it is true, and it is factual he left vegas around 2:00 in the afternoon. but just on the face, what do you think of that? >> well that may be its effect on vice president gore. i think the president is in peek physical condition. i think he could probably handle 5,000 feet. this is why the president had a problem in the macro explanation, is, people like al gore, suck up to the president. every president lives in a world without pierce, is trapped in this world where nobody can tell him the truth because he is the only president. but i think president more than any other i have seen is surrounded by suck ups,
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people who reinforce his sense he is above all of this. i think valerie jarrett sat next to mrs. obama during the debate tells the president every day, you're the greatest orator in the history of language. i think if you hear that long enough you don't think you have to prepare for the debate and have contempt for anyone who would even dare challenge you for your job. bill: larry sabato, the university of virginia, right, he said last night that it is clear he blew off all of hess practice sessions. >> right. bill: and he said there is evidence to prove that. but it doesn't just stop with folks like al gore. ed schultz was on "the today show.". savannah guthrie asked him specifically what was going on. here he what he said. so many lies coming across the stage and so many inaccuracies, it was hard for the president to comprehend it and decide which one he wanted to attack first. i really believe that because the president's personality is bookish, likes to explain things. will not put something in two or three or four like
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thing and say well, i'm done with it guthrie says, it sound like you're making excuses. he went on to say romney knows where president obama is weak and then he concedes this. i think that my play to romney's advantage in the long run. >> see that explanation doesn't make sense because we know that the president has high highest ever recorded in the history of testing and so, someone that brilliant, literally the smartest person who has ever drawn breath would have no problem fending off untruths. there has got to be another explanation and i'm telling you, the problem that this president has faced from the very beginning is having a group of people around him who reinforce his worst, most self-indulgent impulses. when everyone arounds you tells you're wonderful you can do nothing wrong, people touch the hem of your garment and you will be healed all you do is give a speech and world will be a
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peaceful place. if everyone tells you that, even if you're a sturdy person morally you in the end will start to believe in your detriment. bill: hard to comprehend which one he wanted to attack first. crick correction i think that plays to romney's disadvantage in the long run, from schultz. ultimately how did this change the game? you see all the stories written about re-energized republican party. is it? >> certainly i was on the phone very late last night with romney fund-raiser said the money just poured in. look a lot of republicans felt like romney didn't have a chance to be honest going into this debate. they felt like the race was over. and obama's numbers in the battleground states were so superior to romney's why give money? this debate indicated to them, yes, romney can win. it had immediate effect on fund-raising. the spigot just opened. i think it will have effect on the poll numbers. we'll see. another one of these debates though --.
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bill: sunday morning, sunday morning when we first get the wave of polling after debate number one. wish we had more time, tucker. thank you. >> thank you, bill. bill: speech in denver 2008, that was 5,000 feet also. >> hilarious. bill: later. martha, what's next? martha: new developments coming up in a criminal investigation into alleged voter fraud in a critical swing state. this is exclusive fox interview with the head of the company under suspicion speaking out. bill: also flights canceled. why one of the nation's biggest airlines was ground and has grounded nearly 50 airplanes.
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martha: fasten your seatbelt if you can find a seat to buckle. american airlines seats being taken out of the plane.
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they canceled dozens of flights. they're scrambling to fix rows of seats in the planes that could pop loose midair. that is not good feeling when you're 30,000 feet up. anna kooiman live in new york city with the story. >> reporter: good morning, martha. this loose seat issue is adding stress to thousands of passenger. american airlines canceled 44 flights today, and 50 flights yesterday. making dozens of repairs to bowing 757s. they are continuing a safety investigation involving the nation's third largest airline regarding seats coming loose. it happened three times in the last week to 757s belonging to american airlines. initially american said the problem stemmed from a faulty clamp that holds the row of seats to tracks on the floor of the aircraft. then yesterday american said the loose seats are a result of pins popping out of grooves because of a combination of wear and tear. poor design and even soda spilling into the tracks. american airlines is apologizing for the inconvenience and says the safety of their customers
9:25 am
and crew is their top priority. >> working with the faa we quickly came up with additional locking mechanism that will add another level of redundancy for the plungers to stay in place. the extra redundancy will ad level of security and comfort. >> reporter: american says the 44 planes involved will be back in the fleet by saturday, martha. martha: that is the latest for the parent of american airlines, right? >> reporter: flights delays sparked in september. american put the blame on a slowdown by pilots upset that american canceled their labor contract. amr corporation is operating in bankruptcy protection and trying to fight a takeover by us airways group incorporated. now as to the loose seats issue, none of the other airlines have reported similar problems, martha. martha: anna, thank you very much. quite a story. bill: you want to fly after hearing something like that, you know? said it takes 16 gs, six
9:26 am
teen times the force of gravity to take one of those airplane seats and remove from the fuselage bolted down. martha: airplane crashes barely seat is ever dislodged. bill: very interesting. we found out the fb i-team finally reached the scene in benghazi where four americans were murdered in libya back on september 11th. what can this time get done now, we wonder? martha: such a tragic story of the loss of this u.s. border agent this week. he was killed in a firefight with drug gangs. the stunning new development though into the investigation of his death as his family and friends remember their fallen hero. >> you can see all the nieces and nephews over here. he was a favorite uncle. he was that kind of a person.
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martha: all right. fox news alert, now. we have the brand new response from the romney campaign to the jobs report.
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here's what they're saying. this is a quote from governor romney. if not for all the people who have simply dropped out of the labor force the real unemployment rate would be closer to 11%. the results of president obama's failed policies are staggering according to this report from mitt romney this morning. 23 million americans struggling for work. nearly one in six living in poverty and 47 million people dependent on food stamps to feed themselves and their families. as soon as we get response we're waiting for, should be out in couple minutes from the white house to the jobs number this morning. we'll get you that. bill: meantime, another fox news alert confirming fbi team of investigators has visited the scene of the attack in benghazi, libya, if only for a few hours. this is three weeks after four americans, including the ambassador, chris stevens, two navy seals and a state department staffer were murdered on september 11th. we're told that safety concerns were the reason for the fbi's delay and need for proper military protection
9:31 am
of that team in the event of a possible, another attack. leland vittert is live in jerusalem with a long delay now. what is the fbi hoping to learn there, leland? >> reporter: that is the real problem, bill. typically in a criminal investigation or something like this you want boots on the ground as soon as possible to try to sift through the clues, what kind of weapons did these people use? possibly how can you trace those weapons back to who was funding or planning this wrags? what -- operation. what clues did the attackers themselves leave behind to provide evidence to go back and track this attack back? the problem with the fbi in three weeks since the attack on consulate on 9/11, a number of people have been through there, to news crews to on lookers inside benghazi. we know there were sensitive documents seen inside the compound, whether those were removed or evidence removed or simply evidence been contaminated in past three weeks could make it harder for the fbi few hours on
9:32 am
scene, already out of benghazi, trying to sift through and find that proverbial al needle the in haystack to get more hard, actual physical evidence rather than just the interviews they have been able to conduct, bill. bill: what about this arrest now made in the benghazi attack, where does that fit in? >> that is very interesting. according to turkish media there were two people arrested in the international airport in istanbul in connection with the attack using forged passports in their travel. this would point to number of developments here. number one, would be first real pointer these have being foreign nationals, foreign fighters involved in this attack that would mean there was more careful planning involved and probably some type of overline islamic jihad, jihadist network group involved in this attack something like al qaeda. the other question is, where are these guys going? was this group in libya trying to get these guys out of the country because things simply gotten too dicey inside of libya? or perhaps were these people
9:33 am
on their way to plan another attack or some type of militant activity? that is something that will play out over next couple days as we learn more coming out of the turkey in this case. bill? bill: leland vittert, thank you. middle east bureau in jerusalem. martha. martha: governor mitt romney on this subject last night with sean hannity. listen. >> i believe obviously what happened there was a tragic failure. there had been warnings of a possible attack. there were requests on the part of our commission there, of our diplomats there, rather, to have additional security forces. they were turned down. and then, following the tragedy, we saw, well, misleading information coming from the administration. in fact the president didn't acknowledge this was a terrorist at act for, what a week or two? this was a terrorist attack. lives were lost. this happened on 9/11. we expect candor and transparency from the president, from the administration and we didn't get it. martha: let's bring in liz
9:34 am
cheney, former deputy assistant secretary of state and chairwoman of the keep america and also a fox news contributor. liz, welcome. >> good to be with you. martha: revelations every day in this story. what do you think about the latest which shows an ongoing struggle whether or not to call this terrorism in the ensuing days of this attack? >> right. well, we know now from reporting that the administration actually formally designated this a terrorist attack in the hours after the attack in order to be able to have, to available to them some of the resources needed to get to the bottom of it. so we know that they designated it officially inside the pentagon, a terrorist attack. looks like before ambassador rice went on all the sunday shows to say it was all as a result of that video. we have a very troubling combination here of an administration both at the state department, secretary clinton and at the white house seems to have ignored very serious threat
9:35 am
warnings. ignored attacks. a dozen attacks now we know from the letter that has been sent by congress. and then after the fact, after having ignored those attacks and threats and denying resources our consulate requested, they tried to cover up. very, very serious cover-up. hard to remember, frankly a more serious cover-up. and, i certainly hope that we'll get some focus and attention on this, particularly given we have four dead americans. martha: we have spoken to a friend of, two former navy seals who were lost in that. one of the great ambiguity also about all this that continues to strike me the explanation of what their role was. because in the initial hours and days there was a suggestion that they were provided security what we're learning they were not. they were there on a very separate mission which most likely according to the reports that we're hearing involved trying to keep track of some of the weapons that were let loose africa
9:36 am
introduce if i was ousted out of power. why the ambiguity on the seals roll there? >> it is oven the case, our government, particularly our representatives overseas are engaged in very important missions. i don't know if that is the case here in terms of the suggestion about what they were doing but it is often the case those pigs are not made -- missions are not made public but frankly they shouldn't be made public. in addition to the former nave s.e.a.l.s and ambassador and additional american diplomat were on the scene also. when you combine the fact we have the threat reporting the fact that we had the fact that the president of the united states missed 60% of his presidential daily briefings. what was the threat briefing? does the president still receive a daily threat assessment. was this president also receiving that on is ipad or sitting for the brief. did he ask any questions?
9:37 am
did he ask what is the situation in libya? how cans with assure our people are safe? i like to know the same thing with respect to secretary clinton. at the end of the day as the senior official in the state department these were her people. they were her responsibility. she also receives daily briefs. supposed to receive daily briefs and i think the american people deserve to understand where the disconnect was and why after having been so sir responsible about that reporting the administration felt the need to cover this up going forward. martha: hillary clinton in terms of the front person speaking about all of this, and back to the seals for a moment, we all can't explain why all of our seals are in a different places around the world. is it disservice to suggest that they were there to protect ambassador stevens and he wasn't protected in some way? that is one of the questions we need more resolution on. let's take a look at sound
9:38 am
bite comes in from a independent security contractor with regard to all of this. he says the business of intelligence has become politicized says one of the contractors who performed the evidence review. this is just a sad fact, regardless which party is in charge. what is your reaction to that, liz? >> i think it is certainly the case here. you've seen the president of the united states attempt to say to the american people, al qaeda is, you know on the defense. the threat from al qaeda is waning. they're on a path to decline. you saw entire democratic establishment try to claim at their convention because president obama ordered strike bin laden that somehow the threat is diminished. it is very inconvenient for president obama politically to have a terrorist attack on 9/11 that resulted in the death of four americans. it puts the lie to the notion that we don't face any terrorist threat. you see this with the fbi team that took almost a month to get on the ground.
9:39 am
the fact that we're very much it seems dealing with this like a law enforcement matter. the fbi goes. they investigate. i think it is pretty clear that the crime scene is not going to be of much use. they view it as a crime scene. i view it as a scene of a terrorist attack won't be much use to them after all this time but the administration seems to be reverting pre-9/11 mentality and trying to construct facts in order to support that approach to terrorism and it is not approach that will keep us safe. martha: you think it is a dangerous posture. liz, thanks so much. >> thanks martha. bill: a lot to talk about this. kt mcfarland will stop by next hour. we will pick her brain. she has three big issues. 30 two days until america votes. exclusive interview with the man at a center of a voter registration fraud scandal in a critical battleground state. how he is now defending himself. we'll have that for. >> in the wake of wednesday night's big debate, democrats calling governor romney a liar.
9:40 am
a nasty new turn of the campaign. we'll debate some of this fair and balanced. you decide. we'll be back in "america's newsroom.". her recipe with sharon, who emailed it to emily, who sent it to cindy, who wondered why her soup wasn't quite the same. the recipe's not the recipe... ohhh. [ female announcer ] ...without swanson. the broth cooks trust most when making soup. mmmm! [ female announcer ] the secret is swanson.
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martha: you know what, bill? ann romney will get a taste what our jobs are like. next week we understand we hear governor romney's wife will sub for "good morning america" anchor robin roberts one day next week. they have had a rotation going there with different subs filling in for robin.
9:43 am
that will happen less than a month before the election. we're also hearing report that is the show is in talks with first lady michelle obama to do the same thing. robin roberts, as you probably know is recovering from cancer treatment. they have had a whole host of big named people. bill: our best to robin too and her recovery. she is really terrific woman. ann romney will find out how to read a teleprompter, which can be sometimes tricky. martha: maybe we will decide not to read the teleprompter and say what she wants to say. bill: she may do that and deal with difficult co-anchors like people like me. martha: i cotell you a lot of things. bill: brand new attacks aimed squarely at governor mitt romney. appears to be new democratic narrative. they say he is liar. national democratic communications committee director saying quote, plenty of people pointed out what a liar mitt romney is and was last night. i mean if he was talking, if he was speaking last night, he was lying. and look, mitt romney had a good night, but even a blind
9:44 am
squirrel get as nut every now and then. juan williams, is a fox news political analyst. mary katharine ham editor-at-large of and a fox news contributor. good morning to both of you. >> hey, bill. bill: i don't know, mary katherine. you can stretch the truth. you can bend the facts but you're a liar? >> well, i think it might have been an upgrade for obama to look like a blind squirrel according to even some of his liberal critics the other night. he was a blind squirrel with altitude sickness according to gore. i think what this is, he didn't win on substance. didn't win on style. just one of three debates. i think he will certainly get better in the next two. there was a lot of pretty ugly, embarrassing excuse making right after the event including altitude sickness one from gore is my personal favorite. maybe they decided it will be more dignified to call him a liar. this is a strategy. happened after paul ryan's speech. if you can't call them dumb, call them a liar.
9:45 am
turning what are basically political disagreements call them a liar. bill: after ryan's speech in tampa? >> that was the immediate response from them. basic strategy and take basic political disagreements and paint them as fabrications. bill: juan, can you defend this? >> agree with mary katherine in terms of style. president didn't look engaged at all. didn't bring the fire, didn't bring the fight. in terms of substance, mary katherine, been around, $5 trillion, says he has a big tax cut is coming. he thinks that is what is necessary to rev up economy. on stage that night, you don't understand. i'm not calling for any kind of $5 trillion tax cut. never had that in mind. he says in terms of obamacare, yes, i had a plan like that, but my plan also now will cover people with preexisting conditions because i send it back to the state. the states are not in position to cover preexisting condition. bill: on the topic of the moment you're okay calling
9:46 am
him a liar. >> i think. bill: are you okay calling him a liar? >> i will say this. he distorted his record. he did it. bill: pause right there. hang on. this is stephanie cutter, talking about the $5 trillion tax cut. >> right. bill: on cnn wither run burnett. roll this. >> erin, his campaigned on lower tax rates by 20% for everybody, including those in the top 1%. that was one of the main selling points in the republican primary. >> right so you're saying lowering them by 20% get $5 trillion tab. >> it is $5 trillion. it will not be anywhere near $5 trillion. it. >> stipulated won't be anywhere near $5 trillion. won't be the sum of $5 trillion in the loophole we don't want to close. bill: we don't want erin burnett to do our work for us. mary katherine, did apparently there. stipulated it won't be near $5 trillion.
9:47 am
hang on juan. did cutter concede, mary katherine? >> i'm happy to let stephanie cutter do my job for me, she stipulates it will not be $5 trillion. why? in order to make it $5 trillion what they're doing removing half of romney's plan. they're just talking about the tax cuts. they're not talking about the fact he will close some loopholes and change some deductions in order to pay for that tax cut. he is saying it will be revenue neutral. you're welcome to ask how. barack obama didn't take that opportunity when he was on the stage with him but not fair to say just a $5 trillion tax cut when there is partly a plan to pay for it over here. bill: juan, go. >> what plan, are you kidding me? name one of the loopholes and deductions. >> mentioned several things he wants to other night. >> people will be upset starts taking away mortgage deduction. says somehow we'll do away with charitable giving as deduction. people would go ba nans. >> they will demagogue it. >> i'm sorry repeat that? >> part of the reason he is worried about naming certain things because with good
9:48 am
reason because the obama campaign will blatantly lie about them and demagogue them within an inch of their lives. >> mary katherine what we have is mystery meat. it would blow up tax hike on middle income americans. bill: stipulated won't be near 5 trillion. taking her on her word. [all talking at once] bill: you know during this debate romney went over three times. so that he was not taken out of context. >> bill be straight about this. he is not laying out one loophole or deduction and it would therefore, according to the tax policy center, an independent group, raise taxes on the middle class. >> independent group with a former obama employee. bill: he went over time and again if you take entire package together, nowhere near what the democrats allege. mary katherine, what juan is alleging you need specifics. >> yes. >> i think that is fair question. bill: fair question, fair criticism then.
9:49 am
>> what now? bill: is that a fair criticism then? >> i think that is a fair question to ask and obama had the opportunity to ask it and totally must haved and didn't bother to go there. tough to have a discussion about tax reform because i'm always afraid it will be demagogued within an inch of life talking about any deductions. that is how you don't get tax reform. mitt romney genuinely wants broader tax reform than barack obama. another thing, barack obama is always saying want to extend bush tax cuts for middle class for a year. what does he want to do after that? i want to hear what that question asked. debt he is racking up can not be paid for unless you're adding $4,000 a year for families. bill: i have to run here. are you going to call mitt romney a liar? >> i don't i like that kind of language. i think it is too personal. i think he distorted things. business about sending jobs overseas. what tax break for that. bill: save that for another discussion. there is so much to get to. it will be a hot october. thanks to both of you. >> you're welcome.
9:50 am
bill: have a good weekend, juan. thank you both. martha. martha: hot in here. all right, so major new health warnings we want to talk talk to you about this morning as well on rare deadly illness. treatments for a minor condition killed at least five people so far and thousands more may be at risk. bill: also terrible news for drivers in california. the huge change at the pump overnight. the near record price that people are paying out there. whoa. [ man ] ring ring... progresso this reduced sodium soup says it mahelp lower cholesterol,
9:51 am
how does it work? you just he to eat it as part of your heart healthy diet. step 1. eat the soup. all those veggies and beans, that's what may help lower your cholesterol and -- well that's easy [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup.
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9:53 am
martha: exclusive interview with the man at the center of a criminal investigation
9:54 am
into suspected voter registration fraud in florida. senior correspondent eric shawn live in our new york city bureau. good morning, eric. >> reporter: we will be exonerated so says embattled republican contractor at center of voter fraud allegations. nathan sproul in exclusive fox interview defend his firm and blames a handful of ex-workers that violated company policy and the law handing in fraudulent registration forms. it is strategic allied consulting. it is being investigated by florida authorities. sproul told us out of 5,000 workers registered 100,000 voters less than 10 did something wrong. >> what they will find our company had systemic effort of quality control at that looked for people trying to cheat the system. when we found them, we fired them immediately. we have a long paper trail to demonstrate a handful of people who we caught cheating the system were fired and turned over to
9:55 am
investigators for prosecution. >> reporter: even though he worked for republican party his firm registered democrats including supporters of president obama. a lot of facts have been lost in a media frenzy. >> rumor and innuendo run rampant. it is a sexy news story 30 days out from presidential election to scream the word fraud and it is unfortunate. >> reporter: because of all this sproul doesn't think his company will conduct paid voter registrations ever again. martha: what do critics say about this, eric? >> reporter: some claim what happened is worse that the acorn scandal, party affiliations of voters were allegedly changed to republican on some of the forms. >> this could seriously disenfranchise a lot of folks across the state of florida and in the four other states where this republican firm was operating at the behest of the republican national committee who paid them $3 million for this effort. >> reporter: turns out there are even more allegations of voter registration fraud in florida involving another
9:56 am
group. several forms from the latino activist group, national council of la raza are being vengted by the state. if you suspect voter fraud where you live, voter is your address. martha: thank you, eric. bill: back to one of our big stories this, morning, 7.8% is the unemployment number released 90 minutes ago. there are questions about the data released. with what one prominent business leader is saying. we'll bring you the comments here. martha: a senior advisor of the romney campaign with harsh new criticism of the president's debate performance. why john sununu said the president was quote, lazy and disengaged. [ male announcer ] how do you measure happiness?
9:57 am
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and could save you thousands a year in out-of-pocket costs. call now to request your free decision guide. and learn more about the kinds of plans that will be here for you now -- and down the road. i have a lifetime of experience. so i know how important that is. martha: there is new fallout coming in over the latest jobs report. many conservatives now speaking out questioning the numbers in this report, showing that unemployment fell to 7.8% in september. brand-new hour starts now of "america's newsroom." good morning, again, everybody, i'm martha maccallum. bill: i'm bill hemmer. good morning it's friday. martha: yeah, so it is. bill: just saying. employers reportedly adding a hundred and 14,000 jobs last month. many of the jobs were part time. the white house commenting that there is further proof that the economy continues to heal.
10:00 am
others not so sure. jack welch tweeted this moments ago. unbelievable jobs numbers. these chicago guys will do anything, can't debate so change numbers end quote. martha: hilda so liz says that that notion is lewd today rust. joined by chris wallace anchor of fox news sunday . good morning, chris. >> good to be with you. martha: what do you make about the backlash for this 7.8 number? >> it's understandable, because it's good news for president obama at a time when he very much needed it. the fact is that he had a bad debate, that his campaign was raoeulgs a reeling, is an overstatement but hit a serious pothole. and the talking point, which is that the unemployment rate under this president has been over 8%
10:01 am
for 48 months, they can't say that any more. and obviously some romney supporters aren't happy about that. martha: whenever you look at the economic numbers i always wonder. obviously as you point out the president's detractors will try to mine mice the number and the president will build it up. it's down to everyone's individual economic reality. if it's true that the numbers are exaggerated because people have taken part time work or work that isn't putting them back to where they were, then they know they are not better off than they were four years ago. it is a very individual experience the economy. >> that's right. and, you know, if you've got your kid -- there was an amazing statistic that i heard the other day, more than 50% of college graduates can't find work, if you've got a kid, and i have one in my own house who has just graduated from college and yes he's got a part time job but he's living at home, he knows that, and i know that. so you're not going to persuade us that there is a booming economy going on there.
10:02 am
you're exactly right, martha, it does come down to teams individual experience. having said that, though, you know, a number in the 7's is better than a number in the 8's and you can be sure that obama and the democrats will play that up and it makes it a little bit harder for the republicans to say that things aren't at least getting better. maybe not good still but at least getting better. i heard the statement that mitt romney put out today he said this isn't what a recovery looks like. he talks about the millions of people who are unemployed or under employed. growth revised down in the second quarter to 1.3%. again this will be the headline tomorrow, and it's a good immediate line for the president. martha: the president obviously has a couple of weeks to get ready for the next round. he came out pretty strong yesterday, he seemed to be sort of energized in a way by being knocked down the other night. what do you expect from the obama campaign over the course of the next few days, and on the heels of this number in particular? >> well, it certainly gives him
10:03 am
something to talk b. i think that you'd have to say while clear light seems to me as at least one viewer that romney beat obama in the debate, on the day-to-day campaigning i think the obama campaign has been more effective. the president has been more effective than romney on the stump, i think his ads have been more effective which is why he has opened up a lead. we'll see how well that lead stands up when we see the first post debate polls but he's been more effective. romney has to get better at the day-to-day campaigning and of course you have the vice presidental debate next thursday and the following week the second presidential debate. romney and ryan have got to come back just as strong as they were in this first debate and they have to get better at the day-to-day campaigning, the blocking and tackling if you will of political running for office. martha: all right. chris, interesting stuff and we look forward to seeing you over this weekend . thank you so much. >> you bet. martha: chris wallace. this sunday high light the good and the bad of the presidential
10:04 am
debate with debate coach brett o'connell is what he has coming up this weekend and an exclusive one-on-one with republican senator kelly ayotte from new hampshire. she has been very vocal throughout this and a mitt romney supporter. bill: economists are making the argument that the number is skewed if you look at the health of the american workforce. in 200766% of all eligible workers were actively in the workforce, and today that percentage has dropped to 63%. and it's been below 64% for nine conse consecutive months. that is the longest stretch since 1981. if the percentage of eligible workers in the economy did not fall we'd be looking at an unemployment rate of 11.1%. and when breaking down the number of americans unemployed as of the month of september, 4.84 million people have been out of work for six months or more. 3.45million out of work for more
10:05 am
than a year or more. and the average number of weeks unemployed nearly 40 weeks on that market. martha: vice-presidental nominee paul ryan is a guy who likes numbers he sure will have a lot to say about the jobs number that came out this morning. last night in an exclusive interview on hannity he had nothing but praise nor governor romney's debate performances special bee when talking about obama's handling of the economy. >> last night the american people got to see the guy i know, a decisive, optimistic, confident leader. a person with a plan to create jobs, and grow the economy. that's what the country saw. they now know they have a very clear choice. growth, opportunity or stag nation and dependency. the president is basically saying four more years of the same and mitt gave him a better choice. martha: the next time around it will be his turn. he will go up against vice
10:06 am
president joe biden on thursday night in the on and only debate between those two men. we look forward to that. bill: homeland security secretary judge andrejanet in a poll tan kwroe meeting witin a poll tan kwroe meeting with the family of border control agent who was murdered, i sreurbgs e. he was known to love his wife, his faith and family especially his two young daughters. >> he had a bicycle with one of these little trailers on it and another trailer behind that and he was pulling the kids around with the little trailers on the bicycle. nick loved his kid and it's difficult when they ask for their dad and you can't really explain it that well. bill: u.s. investigators still collecting evidence in that case, as you can imagine.
10:07 am
mexican authorities say they have arrested two people in connection with ivie's death. martha: a new wildfire in washington state is causing major problems there last night. flames exploded yesterday torching about 150 acres so far and threatening dozen of homes and power lines and livelihoods. >> i've already cried, i'm just numb right now, so i don't even know what to say. i own an autoshop with thousands and thousands of dollars worth our equipment. it's our livelihood. >> i'm packing and looking frantically as to how close it is, what is going on. the anticipation of when we get here what is going to be here. >> with this being a new home i'm not going to leave it until i have to. >> low humidity, all of that fuels the fast moving fire out there. they expect the extreme fire danger to last through this weekend. bill: drivers across the country on average now paying the highest gas prices ever for this
10:08 am
time of year. in california it's awful. according to aaa in that state of california the average price for a gallon of regular unleaded $4.49. that is a 20-cent jump statewide from just yesterday. compare that to the nationwide average of $3.79, still that is high. kttv's bob decastro has the latest from california. >> a huge surprise to customers here in southern california, coming to a cosktco known for its huge inventory. lining up and finding out that the inventory of gas is out here. 12cosstco has run out of gas. it does not have it's own gas. it finds it on the open market. customers are waking up and finding out that the price has gone up 12-cents from kwrez
10:09 am
are. that is the highest single day spike and the highest price in four years according to aaa. experts predict its likely this will break the record of $4.62 set back in june of 2008. and it's possible we could see the average break the $5 per gallon. this all due to inventory problems, refineries already decreasing production as they wait to switch over to the winter grade fuel at end ever the month. this past monday the refinery in southern california was shut down because of a heat-related power outage. there is a refinery in northern california off line because of a fire last august. the price spike expected to be short-lived. experts say a couple of days, perhaps a couple of weeks at the most when refineries can begin to produce the winter blend fuel. operators are asking for waiver to start producing the winter blend now. until then we can expect some longer lines here at the pumps. we've seen lines going around for blocks and prices to continue to go up. how long will they go up? that remains to be seen.
10:10 am
bill: that is brutal. fox l.a. with that. some context now. tip he will a says the gas prices dar up 39-cents from a year ago when a gallon of unleaded cost about $3.39. compare that to 1.814 cents when president obama took office. that is a price increase of 105%. if you're in california you want to walk right now. get on the bike. martha: or surf like that guy. much cheaper. as we continue to pour over the jobs numbers conservatives are continuing to slam the president for his debate performance the other night. listen to this. >> the president last night showed us why the country is in trouble, and it's because we have a bumbler in the white house. martha: the always outspoken john senunu. karl rove will respond to that in moments. also karl rove has thoughts on that jobs number. bill: and they went add it over healthcare during the debate, but who made the better case? dr. marc siegl breaks that down,
10:11 am
don't miss that. and a man convicted for helping charles manson kill two people could soon be a free man. his new plea for parole and what prosecutors are saying. >> he's kind of flown under the radar because most people think that tex watson was like manson's main man but that is not true. bruce davis was the second in charge.
10:12 am
10:13 am
bill: a shock being new report out of israel. police say an american tourist
10:14 am
opened fire at a hotel i. it happened in the red sea resort city of bilat. he apparently stole a gun firing a number of times, a number of shots and killing a hotel employee. anti-terror units stormed the hotel. they killed the gunman after an intense shootout. martha: let's get back to politics now for a moment. getting word that president obama will address this new jobs report at an appearance he's making in virginia this morning. we are told that will happen at the top of that appearance. we'll keep an eye open for that. that as many republicans are questioning the timing and context behind this new jobs report -- not so much the timing, everybody knew it was going to come out, but the context is one of the big issues here, i'm joined by karl rove, former senior adviser and deputy chief of staff to president george w. bush. he's also a contribute r-r. fox news contributor. good to have you here this morning. the headline number is one that
10:15 am
has to make them very happy at the white house this morning. >> it has to make them happy, not very happy. 114 new jobs created, a thousand more than anticipated. that's also less than what is called the replacement rate. we need about 140, 150,000 new jobs a month just to stay even. that's how many new people enter the workforce each month, and so i think we're going to see a major response by the president. we won't see him doing black flips on the campaign trail, he will be very measured about this because you can't sort of puff this number up when the anxieties that people have about the economy are deep and dark. martha: i was talking to chris wall as about that. the economy is an individual experience. you think things are getting better and you know if you have a full time or part time job. you have a white board with you this morning. let's point out some things on that. >> let's remember this. president obama on three measures have numbers that are
10:16 am
worst than presidents that lost re-election, carter and bush 41. 7.8% unemployment today, that is higher than the unemployment rate under george h.w. bush of 7.6% an lost re-election. the second quarter gdp number, 1.3%, that is lower than the 4.3% that bush 41 had and he lost. the workforce participation right of 3.36 is lower than what jimmy carter had. president obama's numbers are below every president who has got even reelected and slightly above those of the presidents who got defeated. the question is, is he going to be the bottom of the guys who win or the top of the guys who lose? martha: good question and good white board. we need our glasses some of us to get a close look at that one, but we appreciate all the numbers there.
10:17 am
let's listen to john senunu who was talking about this quite a bit yesterday. i want to get your thoughts on what he had to say. >> contrast that with a president that seemed -- not seemed, that was uninformed, detached, and demonstrated that he has been lazy and disengaged and has no idea, not only of his own policies, but has no idea what mitt romney's real policies are. the president last night showed us why the country is in trouble, and it's because we have a pwhrupl pwhre bumbler in the white house. martha: pretty strong statement he was asked to apologize for on another network. he said no, no, i meant every wofrd it. >> i think the word that drew everybody's attention was lazy. as a matter of fact president obama himself in a december 2011 interview with barbara walter says quote you no there is a leap down, under all the work i do there is a laziness in me
10:18 am
probably from growing up in hawaii, sunny than on the beach end quote. i think the president was disencouraged. we've seen this periodically. out source the stimulus bill in congress. not engaged in the detail of the healthcare bill. the individual mandate is something he had excoriated hillary clinton for advocating in the 2008 election. we saw it in the immediate aftermath in libya, the attack on our ambassador in libya. he cancels a briefing with the intelligence committee goes to the state department and then comes back and rather than meeting with the intelligence leaders flies off first to nevada and colorado for two days of campaigning. i think the american people would have understood if he said you know what in the after phaft the murder of our ambassador and three other personnel i will stay off the campaign trail and meet with the leadership of the intelligence committee and see what we're going to do and how we are going to act. martha: the issue of yesterday, he seemed like he had had a good
10:19 am
sleep an was raring to go and a lot of folks have noticed that the teleprompter was back in action and he seemed a lot more comfortable out there. town hall format is the next one up. what about this prompter issue that's been talked so much about in the past 48 hours, karl in. >> i do think that the president is better when he's delivering off of a set speech off of a teleprompter and a crowd of supporters rather than in a quiet studio and going one-on-one with mitt romney. i do think we are likely to see in the town hall meeting a very aggressive president obama, and that is dangerous, because, you know, there is aendency to go overboard and certainly the rhetoric of the last day or two from team obama, calling mitt romney a liar, that is unpresidential. we expect a certain tone from the participants in the debate and the president, while needing to become aggressive has got to be very careful that he doesn't go overboard as his campaign is in the last few days. martha: is the town hall setting
10:20 am
going to be better? >> it might be somewhat belts. we had a town hall meeting format the other day with a moderator asking questions and the two men going at it for an extended period of time. i thought it was a very useful format for both of them. if president obama had brought his a game he might have done a heck of a lot better, he didn't. the town hall meeting will give them the same kind of a chance they had in the first debate and that is to give a series of in-depth responses to questions and have an exchange going back and forth about it. martha: karl, thank you, always good to see you. have a good weekend. bill: the way you win the town hall formats is relating to the people who are asking you the question. martha: not walking into someone's face like this -- [laughter] bill: vice president biden taking aim at governor romney's tax plan on the campaign trail. >> on top of the trillion dollars we already cut we are going to ask the wealthy to pay more.
10:21 am
my heart breaks. come on, man. bill: come on, man. come on and tell us if it's a good idea to raise taxes on anyone in this economy. martha: plus, the fbi investigators finally reaching the consulate in libya after more than three weeks. so why the delay to get to that scene, and why the secrecy on this that we've had over the past few weeks? we'll be right back.
10:22 am
10:23 am
10:24 am
martha: a california parole board again recommending parole for a charles manson follower who has been in prison for 40 years. 70 years old now, bruce davis was convicted with manson and another man in two murders. he's been in prison since 1972. this is his 27th plea for parole. deborah tate is the sister of
10:25 am
actress sharon tate who was killed by the manson family, though not by davis himself. she is campaigning against davis' request. >> the reason they appointed me is they are horrified and terrified, gary hinman was tortured over a three-day period. he was in the room with these people sitting as closely as i do. you can see the lack of emotion. martha: in 2010 then governor arnold schwarzenegger denied parole for davis. now governor jerry brown is set to make the final decision. bill: fbi investigators, now the team finally reaching the burned out consulate in benghazi, libya after three weeks of delay. the feds revealing little information so far. k. t. fact far land has been looking into this. former administrative assistant to president ronald reagan. they arrived at sun up, left at
10:26 am
sundown, about 13 hours on the ground. they collected evidence for about three hours' time. what more do you have on that? >> this is a month later. there are so many problems with this it's hard to know where to start. there was an intelligence failure, why did we not know that there were attacks planned on the ambassador. there had been a number, a string of attacks leading up to this attack. an intelligence failure. two, a security failure. why? in the light of all the security warnings did they not provide the security? who made that decision? and that really is the third point, who made the decision, whose policy was it to not provide adequate security for a united states ambassador in united states territory. for that i think the blame game has started. bill: let me stop you there, because you worked in washington, you know how this works. whose responsibility is it to make a decision to protect the u.s. ambassador overseas? >> i was in the white house during the nixon administration, the watergate break in and the
10:27 am
cover up. that's what you're starting to see now. why? because the administration has blamed first the movie, then they tried to blame the intelligence community and now they'll start blaming the state department. bill, the decision to not protect an american ambassador, to not protect an american embassy overseas that is not a decision that is made at the low level of some function nare reat the state department security service. that is made at the highs levels of the state department or in fact even the white house. bill: are you suggesting secretary khreupb on? >> i don't know who, that's why you need to have investigation which congress is going to start doing. in my experience what will heart happening is the bureaucrats that are going to be blamed for this. it was an intelligence failure. they'll say it was my fault we didn't telt administration in time. the security service that they provide for american embassies they'll be on the witness stand so to speak in congress and they'll be asked. i don't think their decisions especially if there was adequate intelligence prior to the event, and there were all the warning
10:28 am
signs, if there was that kind of an intelligence somebody would have had to override recommendations. now who do you get to override those? that is not some, again it's not some low-level career bureaucrat that is a political appointee either at state department or the white house. bill: why do you mention it in this case? >> because the similarities are really eerie. the watergate break in was in june of 1972. the mainstream media dismissed it. they said break in, nothing do it. nixon was handily reelect ned 1972. then the drip, drip, drip. who were the whistle-blowers? they were within the fbi, seeding it to "the washington post." there are a lot of similarities. i can tell you that an administration which is fumbling, this was a 3:00am wake up wall, right? none of them knew how to handle
10:29 am
it including the state department. i think there is more to it. bill: we are still waiting on answers as i know you are as well. kt thanks. come back when you get more. martha: it could be the most important jobs report for people to evaluate before this election, but now many conservatives are questioning the numbers. we are going to have more on this latest report and why critics are saying that they think politics is coming into play here. bill: also, obamacare a key issue in this election. we saw both visions at play on wednesday night. dr. marc siegl just ahead, who made the better case? are you receiving a payout from a legal settlement
10:30 am
or annuity over 10 or even 20 years? call imperial structured settlements. the experts at imperial can convert your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today. has oats that can help lower cholesterol? and it tastes good? sure does! wow. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? be happy. be healthy.
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10:32 am
bill: another fox news alert right now. this is important information you need to know. major warnings about a rare form of fungal meningitis. it is killing people people in
10:33 am
various parts of the country. at least five people death, more than 30 sickened across six states. health officials say the number could grow. dr. marc siegl is here a member of the fox news a team and a doctor at lancome medical center. what do we need to know. >> meningitis is an infection of a lining of the brain and a fun gas is involved. basically this is occurring and people also need to know this isn't contagious, you won't get this from touching your neighbor who has it or you're in an area where you see a case. the only way you can get this is literally if you had an injection with something that was called a steroid, if you had it for back pain or some other reason that's when you could actually have it in some other case. there is compounding pharmacies where they take a steroid made by a manufacturer, the fda
10:34 am
supervising it, but bill when it gets to the subpharmacies when they are making it for some reason, like a shot, like back pain, like a specific reason the fda does not supervise the sterilization and contaminants like fun gas get in. that is a big problem and they have to step up supervision. bill: the fda is urging people not to use any products from the new england compounding center in massachusetts. >> i think they are right. there are 7500 compounding pharm pharmacies in the united states. it looks like this is where it started. we've talked about this with lettuce and spinach where it starts in one area and it's exported to other states. doctors and pharmacies and hospitals have to be aware if you have a product that originated from that particular pharmacy line you better not use it. bill: does this mean the shots are tainted or the material they
10:35 am
are putting in the shots. >> it's the material they are putting in the shots. the it didn't start with the manufacturer it came from compounding, getting it ready for use. bill: which could mean human contact or something else. >> somebody probably introduced a contaminant here. they had a batch, they introduced a can tam tphapbt of a funk gas and it went out to the various hospitals and khreupb eubs. they are supposed to be looking for that. almost all the time if they are supervised properly that doesn't occur. they have to look close low at this compounding pharmacy and find out how it happened. it's definitely a contaminant. bill: how does meningitis kill a stpherpb. >> usually it doesn't especially if you catch it early. foree phaoupbl compromised people, the very young and old, people who are susceptible that have chronic illnesses they can succumb to it if it isn't founder lee. if they are getting a headache, weakness, this their vision is changing you have to be on the look out at that point. if you start the antifungal
10:36 am
medicines early you can save a life. bill: i know you did a lot of homework on the healthcare debate the other night. quick sample from governor romney why he would repeal obamacare. >> we had republicans and democrats come together and work together. what you did instead was to push through a plan without a single republican vote, as a matter of fact, when massachusetts did something quite extraordinary, elected a republican senator to stop obamacare you pushed it through anyway. bill: this went back and forth and the president had a lot of rebuttals to this. who won the debate in your view as a doctor? >> i thought that romney for the very first time was very convincing on healthcare. i've been a critic of the massachusetts plan because it extends insurance, because we have a doctor shortage up there, but, you know, he pointed out really clearly this it's very different on the federal level because you have the independent payment advisory board. you're going to have rationing. he's talking about premiums going up $2,500 per person to
10:37 am
families, how they can't afford that. from the point of view of a physician he's talking about how cuts are going to occur to physicians, because the money is being taken from medicare to pay for obamacare. he made a very convincing argument. bill: 716 billion i think was the number. >> absolutely. the president had what i call a slip when he said overpayment to physicians. i'll tell you something, bill, physicians watching that said how are you going to determine if we are eek overpaid? if the $716 billion is going to come out of physician a*pz pockets in part how will you justify that? we already feel we have a problem with that. if a rationing board is going to say what medicare services can work and what can't i have to tell you when i treat an elderly patient what lot of medical problems the last thing i need is a board from washington saying, this treatment works, this treatment doesn't work. governor romney made a very, very strong case for that for government oversight on the federal level not being the solution here and that it should be left to the states. it's the very first time he made that point strongly.
10:38 am
bill: you can expect it to come up again in debate number 2 i'm sure. thank u doctor. marc siegl with us today, thanks. martha: there is a growing moral debate that is heating up in massachusetts. in november voters there will decide whether to leal liza sissed suicide. douglas kennedy is live with more. >> for those given a few months to live choices are sometimes limited. now some in massachusetts want to give the dying the choice to die quickly. in 2010 a boston doctor diagnosed heather's father with brain cancer, giving him only six months to live. lee johnson didn't want to suffer and decided to end his life. >> you supported your father's decision. >> yes, i did. it was very important to him to die with grace. >> which to heather's father meant doctor-assisted suicide, the practice that the state of
10:39 am
massachusetts does not support or legally condone. she says her father was forced to travel back to his home in oregon where out tha it is legal. >> your ballot would make it legal for people like your father to die in massachusetts. >> it would make it legal for them to end their suffering. >> assisted suicide is a tough sell in a state where almost after the population is catholic. critics here claim the measure is immoral saying the state should not get involved in helping people die. >> what the society should be doing is looking at ways to reduce suicide. >> john kelly is from people with disabilities, opposed to assisted suicide. he says the terminally ill often want to end their lives but that does not mean they should be encouraged to. >> just not in the states interest to start making criteria for when it's okay to kill yourself. >> your opponents say suicide by its very nature is not something
10:40 am
the state should ever sanction. what do you stphaeu. >> this ballot measure is about individuals and choices that they have. >> reporter: she says everyone should have the choice of how they are going to play out their final days. that's it from here, martha, back to you. martha: interesting moral debate. douglas, thank you so much. douglas kennedy. bill: so, we are learning and seeing now president obama in virginia expected to address the new jobs number in a couple of moments at this campaign event. northern virginia, fairfax county a lot of votes in that part of the country. republicans question the timing and accuracy of the numbers. we've got an all-star panel to break that down. martha: from the football field to the courtroom a group of cheerleaders are fighting for their right to display inspirational messages from the bible. we're going to tell you what a judge just decided on that. we'll be right back. >> the crux of this case is
10:41 am
censorship by the school district of the students rights to free speech. >> this is very important, because i'm showing what i believe in to everybody in the community. [ male announcer ] eligible for medicare? that's a good thing, but it doesn't cover everything. only about 80% of your part b medical expenses. the rest is up to you. so consider an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. like all standardized medicare supplement plans,
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helps cover some of what medicare doesn't pay -- expenses that could really add up. these kinds of plans could save you up to thousands in out-of-pocket costs... you'll be able choose any doctor who accepts medicare patients. and you never need referrals. so don't wait. with all the good years ahead, look for the experience and commitment to go the distance with you. call now to request your free decision guide. this easy-to-understand guide will answer some of your questions, and help you find the aarp medicare supplement plan that's right for you. bill: a group of high school cheerleaders out of texas scoring big in court. the judge there allowed the squad to paint inspirational phrases from the bible on teen banners. the school district had banned them after receiving complaints from a group called freedom from religion. lawyers for the cheerleaders
10:44 am
argued that it violates their freedom to express their religion. the judge allows the banners for two weeks while he makes a final decision. martha: fox news alert. president obama is about to address the my jobs numbers. that will happen minutes from now during a campaign stop in the swing state of virginia where we expect to see him moments from now. this as new questions arise about that number. some people are questioning the accuracy of the 7.8% number that came in for the month of september. joined now by steve moore, a senior economic writer at the "wall street journal" and matt mccall the president of the penn financial group. good to have you with us this morning. let's take a look at some of the numbers. one of the numbers revealed in this economic report is this one, 114,000 new jobs were added in the month of september. some folks are questioning how you get from a to b with that 7.81% number. let me put one more number up here which may give some background information on this. employed part time for economic reasons, so people who took a
10:45 am
part time job because they can't get a full time job we assume, that number keeps rising, that went from 8 million to 8.6 million in the month of september. sort it automatic for us, steve. >> that is a big job. this is the weirdist report i've seen in 20 years or so i've studies these reports. we had such a wide divergence in terms. two reports that came out this morning, martha, you really did a nice job of explaining to people why we had the fall in unemployment even though the unemployment rate, even though there were only about 114,000 jobs created, which was the other report shows a big surge in the number of people who claimed part time jobs. now that is better than not working at all, no question about it. but you know when you look at this other unemployment number, which includes people who can't find a full-time job and people who dropped out of the workforce because they are so discouraged that number stuck around 14.7%, and i think a lot of people by
10:46 am
myself think that is the real unemployment rate in this country which is a big number. martha: i mean that explains it to some extent from just a purely economic numbers point of view. but matt this morning jack welsh put another idea out there he was sweeting he said this is chicago politics, we are less than a month away from a presidential campaign. he seems to be suggesting that there is something amiss in how that number was arrived at. what do you think about that? >> you know what i'm not a huge conspiracy near orist, i'm going to go with jack welsh on this one. timing continue have been better. he got beat up in a debate a couple days ago. he needed the numbers to look a little better and this was a block-buster number it really was. my problem with the number is as you mentioned in the open we created 114,000 jobs, but then it doesn't jive with the fact that the unemployment rate dived. when a president speaks in a few minutes i know he's going to taught the last two months that were revised higher.
10:47 am
the majority of those jobs, 75% of the jobs revised higher were government-created jobs. there is a lot of conspiracy that could be involved in here, and they just do not make sense. nothing jives for me at all. martha: when will we get that revision, steve in. >> don't forget the most important point, since these unemployment numbers now figure so much into the election, you know, this report isn't really the important one. remember, martha, the most important unemployment rate number comes out friday, november 2nd, four days before the election. so we have one more report. they will revise these numbers, we'll have a better indication of this crazy report that said 800,000 people found jobs, when in fact you look at other report it showed 115,000. so we're all mystified by this. and by the way another important point to rean tpa size we did see a big increase in government employment and that makes one wonder, what is with the big
10:48 am
surge of government hiring right now? martha: it's certainly a valid question i. should mention that jack welch is going to be on "your world" with neil cavuto this afternoon. he can back up his reason for putting the tweet out there and yes thinks there is more than the numbers in play here. matt, really it comes down to people and what their psychology is about how they feel in their life. we know that 60%, something like that believe that things are on the wrong trafpblgt i mean, you know, you can't fool people into thinking they have a job because the number looks pwefplts. >> it's a great point, whether it's 7.8 or 8.8, does the average person know the difference? no. it's just a number. but what they do feel is when they wake up in the morning if they are getting an unemployment check or wake up, taking a shower and going to work. that is a very big difference. it may be their neighbors or family. if you feel like things were much better than they were four years ago economically, yeah maybe the president is doing something for you. the majority of the people i speak with do not feel that way
10:49 am
it makes a good headline but i don't think it gives him the boost that he needs. martha: just to throw in there, if the president can point to this number and say, look i told you things are getting better and they are, see, look at this number, quickly, steven. >> you know the one really positive thing for barack obama, this is pretty good news for a president who has had a pretty bad week is he can take away a talking point from the republicans which is we've had this unemployment rate for 3 1/2 years above 8%. there is a reason we call it the headline unemployment number, because the headline number will be unemployment dips below 8%. i'm going to stick with my claim that the real unemployment rate, ladies and gentlemen, in this country is closure to 15% and it's especially problematic when you sigh wages are not rising very much at all. >> 23.2 million people unemployed or out of work, that is a lot of people right there. martha: i have to wrap it up. thank you. bill: jon scott standing by on a
10:50 am
friday. "happening now" in 11 minutes. jon: we'll have more on the jobs numbers including charles payne and our pafrpbl experts. fallout from the debate. peggy noonan is out arguing it was a huge win for mr. romney and will create a big change in the race. the media's reaction to the president's performance, plus that growing meningitis nightmare and the update than on the american airlines debacle. we have a lot to get to "happening now." bill: thanks, jon. a truly inspiring story of a high school football player, thanks to his faith and tireless work ethic, he's inspiring teammates with his story oohooo.! oh...there you go. wooohooo....hahaahahaha! i'm gonna stand up to her! no you're not. i know.
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bill: seven minutes now before the hour. i'll share an amazing story with
10:54 am
you today. meet salmon ark, 15 years young earning a spot on his high school football team despite a rare condition that prevents full development of his right arm. steve harrah gone has the story. >> defensive ends in football traditionally wrap-up opposing running backs with both arms. number 95 does things a little differently. >> a very difficult position to play. you quit no notoriety. the announcer is never going to say your name, you're never going to score any touchdowns. you do the dirty work of the team. >> making me tackle myself, i always say a blessing. >> what he learns to do he finishes a tackle with his legs more, which is what we want as a coach we want him to drive through, and he learned to compensate, so actually the fact that he doesn't have that hand has made him a better technical
10:55 am
tackler than some of our other kids that have both hands. >> definitely there are moments when i do ask myself these questions, and it scarce me for a second, but then i have to think about how the lord has blessed me with this athletic ability, and he's just blessed me in so many ways that i can't even begin to imagine what he has planned. >> i know for a fact some of the kids look at sam and they are thinking, if this kid who has this disability that he was born with, if he can go that hard, and he can work that hard, and he can give that much effort, then i should be able to do the same. >> most people like me won't dream of trying out for a high school sport, but i want to show them that if i can, you can. >> the coach says after the football season is over he plans to recruit sam for the wrestling team. bill. bill: well done, our best to him. steve harrigan on that story out of miami. nice stuff. remember that this weekend when
10:56 am
you're watching all the games. martha: what an inspiration what that young man is. all the blessings he has. thanks for that story steve harrigan. on this friday morning as we wait to hear from the president he will be speaking in virginia moments away. he'll talk about the new jobs numbers that came out today. we will wait to hear the reaction from governor romney as well. he's at a campaign event in avington, virginia. his latest push in the crucial swing state as they battle for virginia today, folks. we'll be right back.
10:57 am
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♪ . martha: perfect zoning, right? what is wrong waiting with that song? absolutely nothing. a couple big milestones happening today. the first beatles song, love me do. turns 50 years old. it was on this day that the beatles released very first single that song. paul mccartney said he was sketching out the song when he was 16 years old. four years before the beatles recorded. abbey road. kicked off beatlemania for generations of music fans. he may not be showing his age, but james bond hits the half century mark as well. on this day, 1962 the great, ""dr


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