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tv   FOX Report  FOX News  October 6, 2012 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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>> this is the fox report, tonight those injections that millions was americans get for back pain at the a deadly outbreak. the cvc said claimed another victim. presidential cand date mitt romney reaching out to florida, a state that could determine who wins the election just 31 daws -- days away. >> moving with momentum from a strong week that included the first presidential debate governor mitt romney hits thitate with a view of the country. and also, taking out a potential threat.
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this drone crosses in israeli air space and within minutes of trying to figure out where it came from. >> and the mullaries newest ship carry the spirit. and the nano ship and light. a mom, giving the command to get urpedway in the name of her navy seal song tonight, what a heavy duty piece of hardware can do on the open i am harris falker . right now governor mitt romney about to speak in the balts
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ground state. we'll dip in for a bit and watching for that. for now a little background on the sunshine state. in the past eight presidential election florida voted republican and six of them democrat in two. florida chose the winner in 7 of the last eight races. there are 29 electoral votes at stake. carl cameron is traveling and governor mitt romney about to take the stage and the phone this weekend. >> several thousand gathered where mitt romney will make the first event of the day . the crowd is growing with every passing minute. he did debate preparations today and a lot of phone banking done across the country with two million contacts with new republican voters. since the debate they raised 12 million and he's trying to
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press gop thinks is his advantage. particularly domestically in terms was tax policy. this is how mr. mitt romney after president obama and the vice president joe bide boid for his suggestion that yes, indeed democrats do want to raise taxes. >> the paths we take our nation down are quite he for instance will raise taxings. hi vice president blurted out the truth. it is trillion when you put them together. >> the mitt romney campaign motor cade is now in sight. you will hear the crowd start to roar as they welcome the republican nominee. he will spend - on >> carl cameron's shot froze up. it is live television. as governor romney takes the stage we'll go back to carl.
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>> a major development to actul about in an effort to tell you why our ambassador and others were not better protected. the house oversight committee issuing subpeonas for a hearing next week. we knew that but we are hearing now what is on the list. we'll see lieutenant colonelandy wood. and colonel wood was in charge of a 16-member special forces security team recall protecting the forces. and also tonight defense secretary leon paneta weighing in on the deadly attacks saying that the u.s. is investigating a new lead in the case. the focus two men from tunisia with fake passports and held up and they have a connection to the attack, all of this as obama administration is facing
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new questions from law makers and could have done more about the safety of the four americans killed in libya. among the dead u.s. ambassador chris stevens. >> harris, it has been 25 days since four americans were murdered in libya the latest word from leon paneta, the hunt is on for the people responsible . he said it is too early to tell if the two men arrested were al-qaida affiliated . >> we are doing everything possible to go after those involved in the attack in libya . >> five days after the deadly raid on the embassy in benghazi ambassador susan rice said the attack spontanous and not necessarily terrorism. but she relied on the information that the intelligence community provided to her. information that she said represented the best current
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ark sessment as of the date of the her television appearances . that is not acceptable for mccane and johnson who say that the obama is misleading congress or the american people or blaming the failure on the intelligence community. ambassador rice said the administration launched an effort to find out what happened. but they failed to secower the scene for three weeks. the team in benghazi was denied a dc 3 aircraft they asked for . but the white house said a plane would not have prevented the murder of four americans. >> thank you, peter, a radical preacher and four other suspects landing in america after being extradieted from england. they are in new york city to face terrorism charges.
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four of them pled not get. but the egyptian born preacher did not enter a plea. he is accused of plotting to set up a terrorist training camp in oregon and killing hostages in 1998 including two americans. british prime minister cameron said he is delighted he was out. it was a huge deal in eppingland and even the queen weighed in. >> the u.s. is approaching a fiscal cliff and if congress doesn't act before the end of the year, thousands of workers in one particular job sector could lose their jobs. who could feel the fall out and how, that is prompting a show down in washington to look out for. and in the cross hairs, israeli military tracking a drone that flies in its air space before destroying it. the big question is who
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>> the violence spilling from syria over in the border of turkey for the fourth straight day. three shells hit turkish territory and turkish retailed with artillary fire. this will now be the response. a syrian shell killed five civilians. they try to retake the rebel strongholds inside of their country because there is it civil war going on in syria. also in the middle east a drone and the unmanned plane in their sites and blasting it out of the air.
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it was entering in the med med sea. it is not clear where it came from and who launched it. but suspicion is falling on the militant islamic hesbollah group in leb leb. this is the first in years it penetrated israeli air space. >> mandatory defense cuts demanded to so-call would sequestration. that is a fancy way of saying 500 bill will be cut from the pentagon unless congress reaches a budget deal by the end of the year. thousands of defense contracting jobs will be on the chopping block. nought administration is trying to delay that from going out. the white house wants contractors to delay sending out lay off notices that. would be job cuts, basically? >> right, harris, 60 days before january 2nd will be
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days before the election and lay off notices could go out. the administration said this deal could be struck and the cuts may not happen and no need to send them out and if you as a defense contractor gets sue the federal government will cover your costs. >> incredibly dangerous precedent and outrageous concept and i will do everything in my power to make sure not one penny of taxpayer money is used toy are imburse a private contractor from fulfilling the the letters were sent to 15 contractors and advising them to follow the law ask warn them they may put their cutches in legal and familiar jeopardy. >> that is it a tough spot for defense contractors to be in. they are stuck between the white house and.
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>> there is great tension. they worry about firing key people. and the businesses may be affected. a small contractor said he feelsb ligated to tell them they may lose their jobs. >> we have some of the best people in the country working for us and they come in every day wanting to do good and design the systems that they need . but it is challenging for them. you know when they sit around the kitchen table at night and say honey, what is going to happen? it is tough because they don't upon. >> senior administration officials insist that the guidance is legal with all laws and regulation . >> american people say it is like dejuvaall over again. when will congress and the white house work out a deal to avoid the cuts? >> as you can see president and members of congress are
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out on the campaign trail with the election coming up and so the folks in the building behind me are not due to get back to work until the monday after the election and they'll have tax cut to deal with and other spending issues and so the bottom line they'll not get back to work on this until after the election and then the clock will tick to the first of the year. that makes people in the national security sector so anxious. they don't know what to do to plan for the new year. ingly they have the money or will contracts be cut? >> mike thank you. we'll keep tuned in. it is not likely to get settled soon. goch gov mitt romney we'll go down in florida, a rally in the battle ground state. let's watch and listen . (crowd noise) approximate [applause] >> thank you. [applause]
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>> you warm my heart, i have to tell you. what an honor for us to be here with you this evening. how it humbles us to see so many people come out and care about our country so deeply that you spend your evening with ann and me. i brought someone special with me. you can tell. this is a young lady who went to the same elementary school i . i didn't notice her then and when we got to high school and she was 16, we went to a party together, she was with someone else and i decided they wanted to take her home with me and
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take her rather. that was latter. and i said to the guy she came to the party with. i live closer to ann than you do. can i give her a ride home and she said sure . and we have gone steady every since. my sweet heart, ann romney. [applause] >> wow! what a crowd. this is so as mitt said humbling to see so many people come out and believe in america . we believe in america. [applause] i think back of all of us that have had ancestors that came to the shores of america with a promise of america . i had a grand father who
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started working at age 6 in the coal mines of wales. he came with nothing in his pocket but hope and dreams . we have to do everything we can to keep that promise of america alive for all americans! [applause] >> all right. we are watching a rally that is just getting underway with both romneys they are in florida it would we know at some point he will speak on the economy and as we own do when the cand dates are on the trail we'll dip in here on the fox report. we'll take a quick break and when we come back. we'll talk to carl cameron who is at the rally as well for now, the jit jit outbreak that we reported on fox report claimed another life . we nound out that today. and within growing concerns that many more people who got
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>> we are looking at apoka, florida where governor mitt romney is in a rally tonight. our carl cameron is we checked in moments ago and mrs. romney
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took the microphone. a mix up of things and i know that crowd has been waiting for sometime. i want you to set the scene and i want to ask you a couple of things. >> mr. romney is running down the agenda and describing the debate triumph and making the point that he didn't have an opportunity to quiz president obama on the absence of his comprehensive immigration proosal and something he promised to deliver. that is something he will ask about in the next debate. what he is doing since the debate is frame this as a choice from the voters a dependent society or bigger government and entitlement attitude and his own promise of greater prosperity and freedom and less government. that is very much what he thinks to lay out in the
7:24 pm
debate this week. paul ryan is debating this week and he has done debate prep. >> the president is celebrating his wedding anniversary that he told the nation that he was missing out on. and his campaign is announcing fund raising numbers and what about the romney numbers . >> obama campaign said in the month of september they raised 181 million dollars. a biggest of either campaign so far this yoor. not as big as he was able to raise in the month of october in 08. no word for the romney campaign. but when i talked to staffers last night and discussed the obama total of over 181 million dollars. they all smiled and grinned
7:25 pm
and said perhaps we can top that. they haven't said that is the case. for mr. romney 12 million just since the debate. that is a vast amount of on line fund raise there is concern in the republican party that the big donor are making their money for the house and senate because mr. mitt romney had a tough go and well, in the wake of the debate uptake in big dollar donations for the romney campaign suggest they aleviated. there is a major phone bank and calling all over the country that type of grass roots is very, very important as we are 31 days from the election . it is electric. people were wait traffic was
7:26 pm
thick around that venu. i want to explain to everybody. we are monitor what the government is saying. he is getting cheers about remarks of repealing obama care. carl is on the job . campaign carl, we don't call him that for nothing. moving on now . and sticking with the economy. gas prices reaching an all-time high in one state. that plays in to the economy especially where people are seeing upards to five dollars a gallonon and a serve of deadly attacks. they are known as green on blue attackings. oliver north is embedded with our troops and he joins us live next. and a u.s. navy seal who made the ultimate sacrifice for our nation is honored. we'll show you the u.s. navy is choosing to remember his
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>> i am harris faulkner and this is the folk report. it ask time for the news. two u.s. soldiers killed in new violence in afghanistan. they died in a firefighter with insurgents their deaths bringing the number of american troops killed in afghanistan to more than 2000
7:31 pm
since the war betension is increasing between our government and theirs. just yesterday secretary paneta with strong words with hamed karzai. karzai has critized the soldiers those comments drawing an angry response from secretary paneta who said karzai is this be thanking allied troops. >> those lives were lost fighting the right enemy and not the wrong enemy. it would be helpful if the president every once in a while expressed his thanks for the sacrifices that have been made by those who have fought and decide for - afghanistan. there is concern for the u.s. services on the so-called green on blue atax that's when people dressed in afghan uniforps turn their fire on
7:32 pm
nato forces. we'll go to lieutenant oliver north who is on the ground there. i understand you are a special nato operation base near cabul. >> we are indeed. i am so glad to hear you put it the way you did. not all so-called green on blue atax are perpetrated by the afghan security forces. in many cases they are conducted by people wearing unithat they don't deserve to have. we have been embodied with a half cosen or betterus traito and afghan units that are deal the threat. this is what we have heard the last several days. today we traveled to a remote outpost. i asked the leader about the
7:33 pm
affects of the incident. >> the after math of these events. have they come and said they are sorry about what happened? >> yes, sir, we are part of the village and our loss is kind of their loss and they felt it just as much as we did. we fight side by side. i picked them up when they were done and they picked us up when they were done. >> this little town in the province is one of the bloodiest places on the plan yet today protected by oafgan local police and special forces and marine operators . these are remarkable young americans, harris, we ought to be glad we have them. they are in many cases concerned about what will happen in 2014, after all, we have told the enemy when we are leaving, back to you. colonel north, i hear you
7:34 pm
echoing what secretary paneta about him wanting the president there to be more thankful to are allied troops. your thoughts on that? >> well, look most of the casulties inflicted are not on the nato and american troops . the afghan national security force casulties are five-one greater than that of nato. they aught to be glad we have folks like the young men on the screen. if it was not for them there would not be a afghan national security force and that is after all how the war will be won. >> reporting live from inside afghanistan. good to see you sir. >> and remember a fallen hero with a tribute forged in steel. u.s. navy seal michael murphy died in an ambush in 2005 surrounded and outnumbered by the . he exposed himself to enemy
7:35 pm
fire by stepping in a clearing to call for reenforcements. for his sacrifice lieutenant murphy posthumously received the medal of honor. the commander of the destroyer said that ship is ready for today. uss michael murphy is in commission and i am in command . [applause] the ceremony honoring his heroism taking place in ground zero. and law makers and military dig natarries were there to pay tribute. this is particularly touching for the family. >> or certainly, harris, 29 year old michael murphy's mother said her son would have been so pleased to be able to see the ceremon yecommissioninglet uss michael murphy . he had a heroic sore -- story
7:36 pm
to tell. navy seals michael murphy was leading a four-man team tracking down a key. he was shot in the back but he left a protected position to radio for back up. >> mortally wounded, lieutenant michael murphy found the time to say thank you in his final transmission to those directing assistance. >> he was loyal to his friends. and those boys out there was his brothers . murphy and two other navy seals were kill would that day along with 16 of the rescuers which included night stalker and seals when their helicopter was hot down. >> going out in the open to help his men and taking fire while he made that call and not turning back and knowing he had to make the call, that inspires us. >> and the crew of 300, will be here in new york city until
7:37 pm
tuesday. >> what more can you tell us about the newest member of our fleet, anna. >> the home port will be in pearl harbor, hawaii and the uss michael murphy is a 510've -- naval warship and designed to work in all environments reach speeds of above 30 knots. it is a cost of the 1.1 million dollars . >> and thank you very much. >> and turning back overseas. the verdict is in and a three judge panel concludes in the vatican that the butler did it. the butler was found get of stealing the pope's private documentings. he was handed an 18 prison sentence and almost certainly to be pardoned by the pope.
7:38 pm
he insists he was trying to expose what he considered corruption in the church. >> an 18 wheeler going down the highway flips over and the tanker began to leak. it is our top story as we go around the world in 80 seconds. china, that tanker, spilling the oil it was carrying and the emergency crews arrive liquid catches fire and the whole thing explodes much three firefighters were killed and a couple of fire trucks wrecked by the flames. no word on what caused the tanker to over turn. >> india two people killed in an explosion in a scrape yard . five workers were injured and taken to the hospital. no word but told such are common where safety regulations are lax. >> france, police carrying out anti-terrorism raids across the country a month after a
7:39 pm
grenade attack on a jewish grocery store. dna evidence leading officers to the suspect. they say he opened fire when they arrived hitting three police officers before the suspect was shot dead . the crime spree netted 11 other suspects. >> south korea, thousands of people in the capitol city showing the gangnum style. a flash mob performing the dance. and south korea rapper made it famous after the youtube video went miral. it is now number two on u.s. bill board charts that. is a wrap in 80 second says . >> two person and large recalls to tell you about respects of fires losing control. and man's best friend fall necessary a storm drain. he can't get out by himself and they tried to keep the
7:40 pm
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give to save lives and reach for the cure. call now or log on to new information on a deadly meningitis outblake that is causing concern and panic in some parts of the nation . death tolls have rise know to 7. the latest cases confirmed in minnesota and ohio on this map. the whole thing linked to a steroid used to treat back pain. the food and drug administration recalled the drug but health officials are concerned about the people injected temperature can take a month for symptoms to show up. a interstate manhunt. here is the surveliance video. and you can see the two wanted
7:44 pm
men they came from a half way house in michigan. they were spotted in an indiana store with their girlfriends. the store clerk got suspicious when the group drove off in a pick up. it was packed with rifles and ammunition. two important car recalls to tell you about. honda is recalling crosses because of an electrical switch in the driver's side door that can melt and cause fire. the national highway safety said owners should park all model years from 2002 to 2006. don't put it in the garage. but park them outside. a fire can start when the ignition is off. four fires have been reported but no injuries. chrysler is it recalling dodge dacota trucks because of a problem with a rear axle nut. there are 15s of rear axle
7:45 pm
failures and one result indeed a driver losing a control. only minor injuries were reported. >> engulf a condominium compleeks firefighters people from the balcony. that is our top story as we go in america . >> pennsylvania the fire spread quickly and sestrige condo units and people are now stay nothing a local red cross shelter. new jersey, a tour bus overturns and slides down the embankment. and at least 19 people are regard.
7:46 pm
canadian passengers were headed to a church event in new york city. the driver said another people cut him off. that is yet to be confirmed. >> a dog owner reunited with man's best friend. the pooch slipped out of his hand. colins for the people to come to the pup's rescue. >> i called 91 and are i was not sure they would comut and help. i don't know anybody else to call and i couldn't move that thing myself . >> yogi spent 90 minutes in the train but is okay. alabama. meet stewart snider. a motor yact yact with a
7:47 pm
colorful past and hopes to rurp to the former >> she is 83 feet in length and first vessel to come over from europe. she was built a a chicago mob bos. he was a owner and charlton heston. >> he bought it in an on line action. >> employees in a mcdonalds restaurant in florida took a bite out of crime thanks to them this man facing charges of impersonating a police officer. the real police officer said he drove yup demanded a free meal. he produced a badge and gun . but refused to show his id . restaurant workers got suspicious and called the authorities. he will be served three meals courtesy of the jail until he
7:48 pm
comes up with the $10,000 bail that is needed. >> a car goes way off-course the race way. video coming yup speaking of driving is reality for a lot of people. gas station in los angeles, a live look. take a 509 for regular unlead and the cost of filling up in california is obscene.
7:49 pm
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7:51 pm
>> a race car driver on a wild ride very unplanned. this is france. the held caught it all on top. it is a rally in france held every year. the car careens through a vine
7:52 pm
yard and then another and another. and only coming to a stop by hith a utility poll. the pole hits the ground but not the car. no spectators are hurt but sets off two puffs of smoke. they look like they are having a good time. they are leaves from the vine yard fallog them and they are trying to stay calm. this is what they saw. wow. the car was badly damaged in the end and the driver told the local newspaper he didn't know what went wrong. >> and the price of gasoline that is hitting an all-time high. triple a reporting that the average cost for gallon of unleaded is. up since yesterday. the price is modev. some places it is it above five dollars for regular unleaded. it is fueled by reduced supply
7:53 pm
and volatile market out there making california the most expensive state with fuel. triple a said the national average cost of gasoline is 3.81 and up two cents from a couple of days ago. we'll go live to california where ktvt live for us in los angeles. another one last night. what are people doing? >> we saw few are people on the road today as a result of the gas prices. i tell you, it is rising in some instances from hour to hour. we couldn't find a gas station. we found one at 4.61. and tell you paying in the pump. this one in the heart of los angeles all grade levels over 5 a gallon. no one thought we would see this any time soon and it spiked up over the last couple
7:54 pm
of days or so. gas has gone up 50 cents a gal lon. and just yesterday, while we were covering the story. we noticed gas prices in some stations jumped three times in one day. folks came out in the morn came back at night and saw a difference of 27 senteds a gallon it is crazy for californians. we love our cars but we are seeing fewer cars on the road may see fewer if these prices go on close to six bucks a gallon. >> any idea when the prices are coming back down? chevron and exon had plant difficulties. can you talk about when it might change? >> yes, the good news of what they are telling us. they took care of the refinery problem we are told the prices will go up and should come doup toward the - down toward
7:55 pm
the middle or end of the week. these prices are a killer. >> i don't know if you can get around la without a car. you have to get a fast schwinn, al good to see you. stay close. we'll be right back. . does your phone give you all day battery life ? droid does. and does it launch apps by voice while learning your voice ? launch cab4me. droid does. keep left at the fork. does it do turn-by-turn navigation ? droid does. with verizon, america's largest 4g lte network, and motorola, droid does. get $100 off select motorola 4g lte smartphones like the droid razr. out for drinks, eats. i have very well fitting dentures. i like to eat a lot of fruits. love them all. the seal i get with the super poligrip free keeps the seeds from getting up underneath. even well-fitting dentures let in food particles.
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a baseball scene win or take all game between the atlanta braves and st. louis cardinals had a lot of people angry. in the eighth inning there is a pop fly in the out field. the umpire ruled simmons was out in the in field fly rule. things got ugly. fans in atlanta turning the place in a trash heap x. throwing bottles and garbage on the field. cardinals defeated the braves
7:59 pm
three-- 5-3. >> governor mitt romney campaigning in florida. speaking to supporters. telling the president obama has not gotten america back on track and he will the job done. mr. mitt romney said he will replace obama care with real health care reform. >> a terrorist known for having a hook for a hand is back in the u.s. facing charges of terrorism. they are under tight security to face trial in new york city . we'll keep you apprised of that one. that is the folks report. i am harris faulkner the police season is heating up. 31 days until election day. keep it on fox news channel and things are g


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