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tv   The Five  FOX News  October 11, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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they said you can dvr them. that's the kind of people they are. tonight. anyway, watch this. split the screen. you will get a lot for your money. c'ya on fox business. ♪ >> greg: hello. i'm the tiny terror greg gutfeld. join me now the greek who can speak, andrea tantaros. outspoken token bob beckel. mighty righty eric bolling. she cartwheels to work on a moon beam, dana perino. live from college in danville, kentucky, where it got 10 degrees hotter it's kimberly guilfoyle. it's 5:00 in new york city. 3:00 a.m. in andrea's cave made of shoes. this is "the five." let's do this, america. ♪ ♪ >> greg: so tonight's debate is special. the first time america will really see paul ryan. it's the first time you will see joe biden live, since may.
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so where has he been? my guess is they told him he was working on a top secret plan to prevent global chaos, which meant sittin sitting in am watching "matlock" reruns. what is joe's strategy in general motors is alive and bin laden is dead. paul ryan says to this, if g.m. alive why is detroit dead? why is everything around it stiff? if that is victory, imagine what failure is like. if you celebrate the rebirth of detroit, you can do the same with meningitis. for bin laden is dead, so is christophersteins, smith, doherty and woods. if you take credit for one, you have to take responsibility for the others. unfortunately, they let a victory lap become victory lapse. downplaying terror, covering up incompetence. the result is bin laden spinning like a frat boy -- the result is obama spinning like frat boy in washing machine. each debate is bigger than the one before it. if the republicans don't kill it, the media will call it for obama. they constantly overlook flaws to get favor from the
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political soulmate. ryan is up against biden but he is also up against the press. maybe he should have invited them all to his wedding. we got kimberly out in kentucky. kimberly, you first, important question. who do you miss the most? >> kimberly: exactly. if i had to pick you, maybe i miss your abs or monologue. bolling, the tan, teeth and love for the democratic party. not. eating snacks with beckel. and by the way, i don't miss him screaming in my ear. andrea tantaros miss the legs and the greek witty comeback. dan, i miss her perky nose and she passes her pen when she is mad at bob. 1,000 dots on the paper. >> greg: what are your expectations or predictions? answer any question you like. >> andrea: absolutely. off track now. this is the deal.
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>> kimberly: i am ignoring you from here. thrill in theville, 2.0. you are not going to believe this. they had a vice presidential debate here before. that's right. >> cheney, remember him? and kerry. this is the second time. they're ecstatic about it. they had a party last night for the media. fabulous. too bad you weren't invited. this is opttism and hope and change for the better is the mood here today. this is going to be a debate between the two v.p. candidates, foreign and domestic policy, hour-and-a-half. it's also like to say the catholic rumble in the jungle. two catholics facing off with divergent view points when it comes to politics. i feel lucky to receive this assignment. >> greg: what do you think will happen tonight? >> andrea: kimberly will visit the budweiser beer truck sponsoring the debate and have
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a great time and get fun mugs. right? >> kimberly: you're so right. how did you know. over there stat at 6:00 p.m. eastern. >> andrea: i know you very well. actually, tonight, a lot of people are talking about joe biden's gaffe and how he is prone to make gaffes. i don't think he will make a big foot in mouth this evening. he does it when he's comfortable. i'm sure campaign aides lecture him on not doing that. i think the gaffe is he will go in with a high bar. because president obama was so pathetic. i think he is going to go in with a weak script. that is where paul ryan will be able to pounce on everything he tries to out the. the facts are on ryan's side. ryan will do what romney did. ryan is a naturally likable guy. he is young, so visual of young paul ryan next to washington fixer joe biden is a disadvantage that biden has. he will do what romney did and hammer him on the facts and in a respectful way. i think biden, the gaffe is
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going to be not being able to explain failures of the last four years. >> greg: bob, i will secure you this question. is there such a thing about becoming overly prepared? i ask you because we never worry about that with you. >> bob: it's vastly overrated. >> greg: do you they overly prepared joe biden? >> bob: kimberly is already at the beer truck. if she is that excited to be in danville, kentucky. >> dana: i love kentucky. >> bob: i bet you do. >> greg: danville has a great bakery there. it's called -- hold on a second. it's called the twisted siste sister. >> bob: biden will go in there with the idea of exposing ryan, ryan to get to romney. y'all keep saying it doesn't matter, it doesn't matter. they don't have a program that's viable. joe will take them to the
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woodshed. >> greg: really? what do you think? woodshed? >> eric: i don't think there is a woodshed for either side. look at it logically. joe biden right now, the momentum after the last debate, momentum switched to romney campaign. joe biden, he wants to be president some day. he is not going to out there and take a chance to ruin 2016 for himself. he'll be aggressive. there is no reason to numberable ball. no reason to show off. keep it straight by the numbers. >> bob: he is smarter. have you read today's polls? >> greg: dana, you have limited experience with politics. do you think slogans are
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meaningless? g.m. is alive and bin laden is dead at this point. >> dana: i hope they don't use that. they need new material. we're hearing the same thing from 2008. like watching soap opera if you didn't pay attention and you just watched the last presidential election and tune in to the debate and you would have thought you watch something from 2008. it was the same language. biden will be much more prepared. what you said in the monologue is important. every republican, in particular, paul ryan tonight, start in the credibility hole with the media. he has to work that much harder just to get to parity. >> greg: the wedding woman, the eyes are now pointed. is he going to have to deal with debating the moderator as well? she is obviously in that camp.
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>> kimberly: she is on notice because people brought it up in the press to discuss there is a connection to president obama having attended her wedding. nevertheless, she is somebody who is a veteran with foreign affairs, correspondent experience with abc news. she never served as a debate moderator. we will see how she handles herself. she got to pick questions. ten different segments, different questions for each. two-minute responses. all eyes on her and see if she's influenced by the feedback from the first debat debate. >> greg: dana was disgusted by the nature of my question. >> dana: i have known martha very well. i thought we got treated fairly by her. the person who -- >> dana: you went to her wedding, didn't you? >> dana: she is not married to him anymore first of all. >> greg: are you saying obama ruined the wedding? >> dana: might as well say
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that. i think it's odd she wasn't chosen for the foreign policy debate. that would have seemed to have made more sense. a pre-emptive strike to scare her in to something. it always thought she was fair. the best thing what jim lehrer did is stay in the background and let them have a conversation. >> eric: a great analogy this morning. working the referees. you know anything about sports you work the referees, you're not expecting a change. if you bring out and highlight a fact that president obama attended martha's wedding. not that it changes the way she delivers the debate or moderate but the fact it should be out there. the problem is abc never told us about it. a daily caller found out about it. abc pushed back. it's ridiculous. it's something we all deserve. >> greg: the facts. >> eric: it's not going to change the way i think she will handle moderating the debate. good to know. >> andrea: i think she will be more fair because of it. the pressure is on. i think she will feel like she has to be even more fair.
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i think what is going to be so interesting to watch tonight is because of her extensive foreign policy experience. i am dieing to see what joe biden's answer is on libya. what answer is he girlfriend to give? we received a dozen now. what story is he going to sell 70 million people. that's how many tuned in to the last debate. >> bob: there won't be that many time. biden will be prepared. he has the answer on libya already. >> dana: what is it? >> bob: i don't know what it is. they've come up with it. >> greg: they didn't tell you today? >> bob: they didn't. if dana says the democrats need more material, the key is the republicans need some material. of which they have none. >> dana: you think it's why romney did so poorly in the debate? >> bob: it's why he did -- i said before, he did great but it's fallen off now. >> andrea: obama has so much material last wednesday night. >> dana: obama team had a great week this week. fabulous. >> bob: it won't do good to
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ask you people what romney stands for because he doesn't stand for anything except for romney being president. >> greg: obama stood for hope and change. what was that again? >> andrea: slogan. >> greg: yeah. bumper sticker. >> dana: see how i brought that full circle for you. >> greg: very good. last word to kimberly out there. do you think there will be a lloyd benson moment where biden actually comes out and says something about, you know, paul ryan -- >> bob: i knew abe lincoln? he was a friend of mine. >> kimberly: vegas money on that. gas mask. he is sure to be entertaining. he better come pro paired. ted olson up with of my favorite attorneys is the one who prepared ripe and they had nine different segments. it comes from ed henry. 90 minutes apiece preparing him across the country, different spots where they were. somebody is coming to play. people are really excited about it. the mood here in danville is very festive. >> greg: thank you, kimberly. we have to move on. where are you staying again? i forgot what hotel?
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never mind. >> kimberly: security is on notice already. you can't get past them. >> greg: stay tuned for more of k.g. she will join us later this hour for more on the debate. up next, obama campaign claims republican making terror attack a political issue. if you leave now you'll miss eric doing one-handed push-ups shirtless. really. ♪ ♪ i've worked hard to build my family.
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♪ ♪ >> dana: a month ago today, terrorists stormed the consulate in libya and killed four miles per hours. the state department tried to cover themselves a night before the hearing in congress and admitted there was no protest before the terror attack, which proved the video could not have had anything to do with it. with all of this on the line, abc diane sawyer only asked a
5:17 pm
softball question in her interview with the president. still, he was searching for plausible answer to all of this. >> as information came in, information was put out. the information may not have always been right the first time. look, diane, these are people i know. if there is something to be fixed, it will get fixed. >> dana: today, the obama campaign was hoping to sweep this under the political rug and blame romney. >> the entire reason that this has become the, you know, political topic it is, is because of mitt romney and paul ryan. >> dana: this isn't a political football to some people. smith killed by the terrorists on 9/11. here is his mom last night. >> i look at t and i see bloody hand prints on walls thinking my god is that my son's? i don't know if he was shot. i don't know, i don't know. they haven't told me anything. they are still studying it. the things they are telling me are just outright lies.
5:18 pm
i cried on obama's shoulder. and then he kind of looked off in the distance. i said you screwed up. you didn't do a good job. it lost my son. and they said we'll get back to you. >> dana: there has also been a request for mitt romney, who actually had met one of them, to not use the name in any other campaign materials, which i think is appropriate. eric, even though this incident on september 11, terrorist attack happened at an inconvenient time for campaign and the administration, that decision that night to one, use the video of an excuse, even though by september 12 in morning there was information that told them they didn't have it. information coming in at the same time that information was coming out, the white house wouldn't be in the current fix they are in. >> eric: extreme coverup, lies, stonewalling. stephanie cutter, that sound bite is one of the worst
5:19 pm
things i've ever -- she called romney a felon and accused them of killing some man's wife because she got cancer. this is the worst thing she has ever said. she is blaming mitt romney for politicizing the death of four americans when the reality is everything that we found since then has been nothing but a lie from the white house. i don't know how lying and stonewalling coming out of the white house in the state department is okay. i'm just trying to figure it out. >> dana: it would be a great question tonight, bob, for the moderator to ask vice president biden if he stands by the deputy campaign manager and her words that it was, this is all just political. >> bob: i think if i were writing that campaign that would be the first change i would make. you know, i don't think you comment on things like this. but you always ought to be careful about using words like "lies" and "coverups." maybe there was massive
5:20 pm
screwup, but lies and coverup require meticulous planning not endemic to this white house. >> eric: ambassador rice. ambassador rice. explain ambassador rice -- >> bob: i wish i could. can tell you what it wasn't. it's not a conspiracy. you don't bring out ambassador rice that hasn't been seen in four years -- >> dana: where is she, by the way? somebody ought to fall on their sword or admit they were wrong. right? >> andrea: it's amazing the people they roll out and they roll them back. you don't hear from them in days. stephanie cutter, this is what gives you insight in the administration. they would rather talk about birth control and big bird than four dead americans in benghazi. you know, you talk about the state department, bob. you know, they are the ones that came out recently and said we had information. the intel community said we had different information. remember, we got the resources approved because it was classified as a terror attack? president obama told diane
5:21 pm
sawyer information came in, information was put out. where was it coming in from? white house is the only one singing off a different song sheet. the second part, these are people i know. it's something needs to be fixed, it will get fixed. why didn't he say that? >> dana: what was the followup question to that? there were so many openings. there is breaking news. not just an interview okay, let's hit all these things. so then what happened? what went wrong? >> andrea: how can you fix spontaneous attack caused by a video? >> dana: exactly. greg, you had thoughts on this. >> greg: i want to formally apologize to stephanie cutter for discussing a terrorist act. it didn't realize discussing it would be political. i apologize making that an inconvenience for her. every political issue, logically can never be discussed by that logic. this is coming from the administration that to them flossing is a political act. evening they do is political.
5:22 pm
like i said before, they got to cut her loose. i want to know, you have to think about this. how would this administration would have reacted in 2001 to 9/11? what movie would they have blamed then? "shrek"? "rush hour 2"? >> bob: can you tell me when she says ripe and romney split -- ryan and romney politicized this, they didn't have foreign policy thought until this happen. they went to london and said it was bad security. >> greg: it's our responsibility to go through the litany of foreign policy issue they've discussed, right? >> bob: there is no litany. >> dana: romney foreign policy speech didn't matter because he had given 11 previously. >> bob: that will tell you something right there. >> greg: what you said was wrong. >> bob: no. >> dana: it's been four weeks. has anything happened to track down people that are actually responsible for this? >> bob: they arrested 20 some people. >> eric: who has?
5:23 pm
hold on. libyans. there is the problem. libyans -- [ overtalk ] hold on. you going to tell me it's too dangerous for the f.b.i. in libya? >> bob: i'm saying they can't go arrest people. >> eric: they can't? >> andrea: why are they there? >> bob: the f.b.i.? united states -- [over talk ] walk around the street of libya -- >> eric: libyan government. arrest him. >> bob: i see. >> dana: maybe the -- >> eric: they can absolutely do it. >> bob: that's ridiculously wrong it's beyond belief. >> greg: i want to compliment the obama administration for finding someone who makes debbie wa waserman schultz look competent. >> andrea: we are almost a month out from the original terrorist attack finally, president obama says i'll fix it in a calm way. you say it's not lie or coverup. is it incompetence? if it's incompetence -- >> dana: if they throw the "lie" word about romney and proposal for tax reform.
5:24 pm
but you can't actually look at the videos that prove that they were lying. ambassador stevens' remains are next to them, arriving in dover, they're blaming a video they knew, or should have known by that time, either the intelligence system is incredibly incompetent or somebody -- >> bobsomebody is covering it u. >> bob: you believe that? >> dana: last night, bret baier had a timeline. if you watch, that you could not walk away with any other conclusion. >> eric: hannity last night, set up jay carney saying i didn't say that. then a sound bite of him saying exactly that. >> dana: coming up, the obama campaign strategy. is it to taint mitt romney as a liar? is that backfiring? next on "the five." ♪ ♪ bob...
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♪ ♪ >> andrea: welcome back to "the five." now we want to talk about the "l" word. i don't mean love. obama campaign is throwing it around a lot. the word is "liar." democrats have been trying to paint mitt romney as one. but have they gone too far? dana, i go to you, because i remember working on campaigns and i'm sure you had an experience where people would outlight lie about what the president did. opponents would say something and i'd say they're lying. you couldn't call them a liar. they were fast and loose with the facts but this is the bottom really. this is a desperate attempt, don't you think? >> dana: as an official spokesperson of all the time i
5:30 pm
worked on capitol hill to the presidency. i never called anybody a liar on the record. i'm not speaking for anybody. i'm speaking for myself now. it's cynical and it talks down to somebody else. it's not working. i think it's working against them at this point. the law of diminishing return. they are experiencing it. after six months of trying to do nothing but saying he is such a liar. i heard of people who run on something to promise something. then they run for re-election and say did you lie then when you say you were going to close gitmo? is that a lie? i never heard of someone being told they were liaring because of their proposal in front of 55 million people. that's actually, that isn't possible. like with susan rice, ambassador rice, i don't think she purposefully lied. someone gave her bad information or someone got -- something happened there.
5:31 pm
>> andrea: an interesting answer, look at your buddy debbie wasserman schultz. could this be lying? listen to the bizarreo answer she gave last night. >> they put out information they had at the time. based on the intelligence they were given. it doesn't mean it was false. >> andrea: he said it's completely wrong. she said that doesn't mean it was false. is she a liar? >> eric: i have -- look, there is a difference between campaign lying, and the white house lying. difference between the democratic party lying and the white house lying. they are careful, the obama administration, carney and president obama of not accusing mitt romney of lying specifically. letting the dirty work be done by campaign and the superpac and democratic infrastructure. >> andrea: it's a little too negative, don't you think? >> greg: it's hilarious coming from them. they lied so much when they
5:32 pm
tell the truth they have to issue a retraction. it's like when biden says middle class, that was the truth. to them, a truth is just a lie that no one else heard yet. >> bob: let me get specific here. without calling any names. romney said about planned parenthood he intended to cut it from the budget and it was a way for people to get free birth control pills. he ran against kennedy and said planned parenthood is vitally important. it's very little to do with birth control. it has more to do with women's health. which one of those do you believe? >> eric: the last one he said i plan to cut the planned parenthood budget. he sid if he's president he will cut planned parenthood. what don't you understand? >> bob: he ran for the senate and said -- >> eric: obama said -- >> bob: don't bring it back to obama. or gay marriage. >> andrea: he said he would balance budget and premiums would go up and keep your
5:33 pm
doctor. >> bob: i don't believe that romney -- >> andrea: is president obama a liar? >> bob: i don't think -- you come back to obama. i don't believe romney is a liar. he has one goal and one only elected president. he wants to get there. >> greg: doesn't obama? >> bob: not really. >> greg: that's why i love you. >> andrea: bob beckel is here to save the day and says you don't need to worry if romney will not win. he'll explain the theory. you don't want to miss this. ♪ ♪ this is america. we don't let frequent heartburn come between us and what we love.
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we'll finish up here. i'm bret baier at center college in danville, kentucky, the big story here today is of course the countdown to first and only debate between the vice presidential candidates. tonight on "special report," we will look at the matchup of
5:38 pm
vice president joe biden and congressman paul ryan. biden has been in washington politics seemingly forever and ryan the self-described numbers whiz who is a full generation younger than his opponent. both campaign set up the night and talk to us about the topic of the day. men at the top of the ticket are not taking the day off. obama spoke to supporters in miami. romney met with reverend billy graham. the state department is defending the top witness in wednesday's congressional hearing on the libya terror attack. under secretary of state pat rib kennedy said u.n. ambassador susan rice going with the best information available. "special report" from kentucky starts at 6:00 eastern. big night. now back to new york and my colleagues with "the five." ♪ ♪ >> bob: i'm supposed to talk to libbials in this block.
5:39 pm
since there aren't in, i'm not worried one bit about that or what president obama will do about winning november, because he is. even though the president acknowledged a bad night in the first debate, he's confident, too. >> that debate, what happened? >> well, governor romney had a good night. it had a bad night. >> how bad? >> well, it's not the first time i've had a bad night. i think what is important is the fundamentals of what this race is about haven't changed. >> bob: that is exactly right. here are some interesting facts if you put the polls in together now. romney got somewhat of a bump from the first debate but the problem was in ohio, virginia, and florida, 92% of the people already made up their minds. after the debate, none changed. undecided in the states, romney did win the undecided votes. the fact remains in florida and virginia, obama is still up bay point. ohio up by six points. more importantly, ohio, they already voted 25% of their voters. it's overwhelmingly democratic
5:40 pm
now. >> dana: i heard just the opposite. >> bob: let me read it right from here. it says voters started in ohio overwhelmingly democratic and voted for the president by a wide margin. >> andrea: that is in your own handwriting. >> bob: it's not really. crayyon. it's not. that's how they get to you. say things like that. it's not in my handwriting. i don't write well. >> andrea: the absentee ballots are in favor of mitt romney. they're at the same level that george w. bush had in ohio and florida in 2004. >> bob: you are reading some place in the wizard of oz. these are votes of gallup and rasmussen and others. i don't trust rasmussen poll. the point you have to make out there is here is the facts. >> eric: can i ask you -- >> bob: can i finish my -- >> eric: you said gallup, rasmussen and others. is that the real clear politics average? >> bob: it's our research right here. i don't know. it says right here. >> all of that matters.
5:41 pm
>> bob: i understand that. but this race really has not changed much in the base and internals. ohio will go for obama. it has in fact despite andrea misunderstanding that, voted for the president. here is the most important reason obama will win. that is mitt romney. i make one last prediction and turn it over to the panel. obama will come out with a joke when he starts the second debate. laugh at himself, laugh at romney. he will turn this whole thing in to a nonevent in the second debate. debate. >> andrea: the whole country was laughing at him. >> bob: you think so? 92% of the people in florida is still with him. that's ridiculous. >> andrea: he leads with independents by double digits. leads with enthusiasm and intensity by double digits. >> bob: you go tell us what will happen. >> andrea: only thing i agree with you on is the fact he has a slight lead in ohio. i wouldn't boast he has a one-point lead in florida. >> bob: this is not my numbers.
5:42 pm
>> greg: i love how he said he had a bad night. pompeii had a bad night. not whistling in the dark. you're playing a tuba on the titanic. you're denying how devastating the debate was. the republicans have to pretend the debate never happened and they have to do it over and over again. obama has a massive edge in the media. who has their future to think about. if they're mean to obama no more cocktail parties. >> bob: if it was overwhelming event it would have changed these numbers a lot. i didn't. >> andrea: getter rick and dan nasana in here. >> bob: guess who will win? >> eric: i hate polls. momentum. politics will reign and romney had it. >> bob: he had it. obama is losing some over libya. >> dana: that is what they talked about last night. strategy, we have to start -- you can't talk yourself down. you to talk yourself up. figure out a way for everybody to get real positive here. in the morning, biden brought
5:43 pm
him back. >> bob: coming up, we'll go back live to danville, kentucky, sorry, folks in danville. i got loaded there one night. it didn't see the whole town. probably lovely. kimberly guilfoyle might tear through the bucket of fried chicken. she did beat me in the wing eating contest. >> greg: keep talking. >> bob: i don't know what else to say. well, if it isn't mr. margin.
5:44 pm
mr. margin? don't be modest, bob. you found a better way to pack a bowling ball. that was ups. and who called ups? you did, bob. i just asked a question. it takes a long time to pack a bowling ball. the last guy pitched more ball packers. but you... you consulted ups. you fod a better way. that's logistics. that's margin. find out what else ups knows. i'll do that. you're on a roll. that's funny. i wasn't being funny, bob. i know.
5:45 pm
5:46 pm
5:47 pm
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> eric: welcome back to "the five." we're going to go right back out to kimberly. kimberly, you are in horse country and bourbon country. what do you got there? >> kimberly: fantastic. i cannot even tell you how much fun i'm having. they're yelling for romney. you know me, momma loves her some fried chicken. i come to motherland of all chicken. let me tell you something, it is delicious! i know bob is really jealous because he loves to eat chicken and wings with me. we have also got all the
5:48 pm
different bourbons. we have so many presents here. i love a party with good swag. these the little bags? super cute. kentucky and inside they have a bunch of stuff, too. i'm going to try to secretly steal more for you guys. you can count on me. >> bob: bring back fried chicken. >> kimberly: yeah, you would love it. we can go head to head again. rematch. >> bob: they're all around the fox stage yelling go romney? >> kimberly: they are. i'm not kidding. >> eric: i see bourbon next to you. j.d., right? >> kimberly: yeah. believe it or not, in these cute little bags, the little man purses, you can get all these different bottles of bourbon, which kentucky is known for their fine sipping bourbon here. we have a bunch of these. they were able to collect quite a few. not sure how she got them all. some people may be missing some in their bag. it's fantastic. who doesn't even like a little, you know, bourbon with chicken? >> eric: don't drink that.
5:49 pm
don't drink that. >> kimberly: c'mon! iced tea. >> eric: what do you expect out of the debate? lay low, play it safe or shoot for the fence a little bit? >> kimberly: i don't think anybody will be laying low. it will be all out tonight. they need to show something, some substance, some action. somebody looks like they want to be here and get back in the white house. biden is going to have to do that. ryan is taking it seriously. this is someone who is well educated, astute, someone coming on point with facts and specifics. biden is not going to be able to laugh his way out of this one, that's for sure. don't undercount his charm and his ability to connect with the audience. he is going in to this strong, because he is a seasoned politician. he has two debates under his belt. it will be one to watch. i'm excited about it. >> andrea: a lot of the media reports say he did a good job against sarah palin.
5:50 pm
palin got a glove on him numerous times; particularly, with gay marriage. i don't know if biden is that killed of a debater this -- skilled of a debater this evening. interesting to see what happens. >> eric: what do you think, bob? >> bob: ryan will have tendency to overdiscuss the facts. get in weeds too far. biden will come back out and play it the joe way. i do think he will bomb the guy in a big way. >> andrea: how can you -- >> bob: i don't think it matters. >> andrea: he doesn't have anything to tout. if he talks about obama care, paul ripe is going to say you cut medicare $716 million. >> bob: that is my one more thing. leaving it aside, i don't think most debates matter. particularly, this one. one for everybody to talk about. in the councilmember, believe me, they are not going to get up in the morning to worry about what happens in this debate, any more than they worry about a coverup in libya. >> greg: kimberly? >> kimberly: yes. >> greg: i was in your fridge, you told me you'd leigh me some foodism watered your plants.
5:51 pm
>> kimberly: okay. that is a little strange. you probably were at my apartment. i'll have to talk to my doorman, security about that. >> greg: i paid them off. go to a ball called mermaids. it has a glowing blue bar on walnut and 4th. it serves s'mores. >> kimberly: i'm getting a lot of tips like that. i like s'mores a lot, too. i don't know if you know this, i did undercoffer research to term who would win tonight. little kissing contest. each of the debater tos. i have to say that the big winner, right here. that is my prediction. going out on a limb. >> eric: what is that? five seconds -- [ laughter ] >> greg: don't worry about the image. >> kimberly: closed mouth. don't worry. >> dana: if you were the moderator what is the first question you come out with >> the economy? >> kimberly: the economy is important. but i might go with my first choice, field of expertise is,
5:52 pm
and martha raddat., foreign policy and national security issues. 15 years of experience in that area. i would like to start the evening off strong and talk about the conflict overseas. what has happened with the conflict, the embassy, benghazi and see how they handle that out of the gate. >> bob: i agree with that. >> andrea: i think joe biden plagiarized in law school and he got caught, which is funny because they call romney a liar. i wonder if he will hopefully plagiarize the same play book that obama had last week. that would be interesting to see. >> kimberly: we'll see about that. i tell you something, i'm convinced that we might see a repeat of what we saw at the convention, which was biden out shining obama. i expect his performance will be better than obama but again then it ain't hard to do. >> eric: leave it there. good job. see you next week. have a great weekend. >> kimberly: kisses from kentucky! >> eric: all right. one more thing coming up next. ♪
5:53 pm
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>> greg: one more thing. >> andrea: all right. grab the kleenex. eighth grader at a middle school in st. charles, illinois, ran a touchdown, jack mcgraw is his name. watch. this he goes in for the record-breaking touchdow touchd. why is this important? zack has cerebral palsy, he goes to every game and they never let him play until the other day when he played and scored a game-winning touchdown. people were cheering and crying and so was jack and here is his coach. >> we actually ran what is called a 27 sweep on the outside. and about nine yards touchdown. the crowd went nuts. i went nuts. you know, i came around and i look at jack he had a tear and biggest smile ever. >> andrea: as do i. >> bob: great. >> greg: i had a weird night. book party in d.c. at something called the breitbart
5:58 pm
embassy, run by the family. there is one picture. the only book party ever have to have a good humor man and accordionist. yeah, that is real. i had a petting zoo. i did come to the party alone. but i didn't leigh alone. that is an actual alpaca that was at the book party. only, only at a joy of hate book party. preorder at amazon. do it! >> bob: this is a selfish -- >> greg: i know. >> dana: i am going to talk about mrs. laura bush, wrote an op-ed in the "washington post" today. she uses her voice powerfully. she was the first first lady to address, do presidential radio address and used it to talk about the war on women that is actually happening from the taliban in afghanistan and pakistan. she talks about a young woman named milalawa who is 14 years old. she had been speaking up for women and children and all
5:59 pm
sorts of different type of human rights. masked gunman bordered her bus and asked for her by name and shot her in the head and neck. she is fighting for her life. it was wonderful for laura bush to do that. it's in the "washington post" today. >> andrea: mitt romney is the real enemy toward women. >> greg: bob? >> bob: yeah, just to finish up on the discussion i was having before. this is a center right country be sure. we're in the eighth year cycle of presidential politics interrupted twice by carter after watergat unique and george h.w. bush because we had a third party candidate. it's back to eight-year cycle. they like what clinton did. people are satisfied with bush i guess. eight-year cycle not going to be interrupted by romney. he is not big enough or important enough to do that. >> eric: quickly. tonight we had a blast last debate. tweeting, live tweeting tonight. i'm going to be live tweeting. third one down. my twitter on top. fox pick up live tweet and a l


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