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tv   Hannity  FOX News  October 15, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm EDT

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covering the u.s. presidential race? i will read those letters on the air tomorrow. thanks again for watching us tonight. i'm bill o'reilly. please always remember the spin stops right here because we are definitely looking out for you. >> sean: tonight. >> i think he is going to be aggressive. >> sean: panic sets in at the white house on the eve of the second presidential debate. >> even if he changes his style, he can't change his record and he can't change his policies. >> dick morris has predictions ahead of this face-off. romney's rise in the polls hats some threatening to riot if the anointed one is defeated. ann coulter responds to the left's. >> wait a minute. >> sean: obama campaign's top advisor dismisses questions about the obama coverup. >> you are saying we shouldn't discuss this. >> former defense secretary donald rumsfeld is here and he is demanding answers. all of that plus the very
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latest polling data from each of the key battleground states. we are 22 days away from election day, three weeks from tomorrow. you will be voting. and hannity starts right here, right now. >> sean: we are on the eve of the second presidential debate of the 2012 presidential season. tonight, the republican nominee mitt romney continues to lead president barack obama in the latest national polls. now, according to the rasmussen daily presidential tracking survey, if the election were held today, governor romney would be victorious, 49% to 48%. interestingly enough, romney has led or tied the incumbent the past 9 out of 10 days breaking what had been a 16-day winning streak for the president. this result is mirror dollars in the newest american research group survey which also has romney defeating obama this one 48% to 47%. later tonight we have in-depth analysis and fresh polling data out of several of the must-win battleground states. joining me first for a preview of tomorrow night's big debate the author of here comes the
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back helicopters the u.n. global governments and the loss of your freedom former clinton advisor dick morris. how are you mr. morris. >> i'm doing great and you read these polls and they are very good for your health. >> sean: we'll get into all these different swing states, michigan, pennsylvania, minnesota? >> a lot the other states. nevada, iowa -- >> the traditional swing states. >> right. >> my case here, remember how i was on your show in 2010, and about three weeks before election day, said raise your sights, go after the seats you that didn't think you could win. you've already won the seats that you thought you could win. and the republican party did that, and instead of 40 they got
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over 60? now it's time for the republican party to not just focus on florida, ohio, virginia, nevada, but instead go to the next tier of statements. pennsylvania, wisconsin, michigan, minnesota, and maybe even new jersey. >> if i'm the romney campaign, i'm acting like i have a touchdown to go, in the fourth quarter, and they can't make mistakes. and we've seen momentum shifts that have -- there have been a number of them. the biggest being the debate, and there's another tomorrow night. now barack obama, like joe biden, has been sequestered for days on end here, they're cramming his head, i'm sure, full of, quote, zingers. what would you expect tomorrow night? >> well, we have to understand why romney won the first debate and 80s had this huge impact. the mainstream media is not explaining it properly. they're saying obama was stiff,
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unresponsive and uncommunicative, and so on. that wasn't it at all. that's all true, but it didn't cause the debate to change. what caused the debate to change the race was a fundamental strategic error obama made at the start of the campaign to base his entire candidacy on a character assassination of romney. because at some point after he pounded all that into the voters' heads, the real mitt speech, you'd see him in three debates. and you'd see that this guy is not a monster, a miscreant, that he's not only concerned about heart and brain and ideas, and that dispelled the image which obama had placed all of his hopes in. and if romney simply continues to be the same man that he was two weeks ago, not different, not any better, but just the same guy, and if romney's momentum will continue. i told you nine months ago, and
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i've said for the last nine months, i say it again tonight, this election will be a landslide for romney. >> sean: , look, i hope you're right. i don't start making predictions like this, because you would be out there pretty much all alone. nothing would make me happier, dick morris, to have you back a couple days after the election to say you're right. i hope you are. i've got to give credit to tom brokaw. will a president putting $6 trillion in new debt on the books has never been asked the questions. for all the talk on the left, we've got to get the specifics of romney's plan, what is obama's plan for the next four years? i hear tomorrow that the president is going to focus on changing positions. obama's flipped three times on gay marriage, on gitmo, a whole
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variety of things. so i would say to the romney campaign, they've got to be ready. >> well, i think they will be. i think they are. i think they were surprised that he wasn't hit with that stuff in the last debate. it is very hard, when you have a candidate standing up there, saying this is what i'm for, this is what i'm against, this is what i've always done and so on, to say that he's lying, he's not telling the truth. i think obama will have a very hard time. >> sean: how would you answer the 47% -- here's barack obama, caught in 2008 on tape talking about people notice midwest, in pennsylvania, that are bitter, that cling to their guns, bibles and religion. >> yeah. >> sean: witthey're fixated on s 47% comment. >> romney should say sometimes things don't come out exactly as you intended. i was speaking ace political
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pundit saying certain votes were likely to going against me, some likely for go for me, but the fact is i will fight for the 100% of americans. >> sean: he's been saying that. i would say, i'm sure the presidents didn't really mean that the piments and pennsylvania are clinging to their guns, bibles and religion, just like he didn't mean that, i didn't mean this. whose answer do you like better? >> that would be pretty good. >> sean: last thing, i got ask you about hillary. hillary clinton is out there saying, making the statement that -- about banghazi from an interview about the attack, i take responsibility. the buck stops with her and should go no further. >> the buck stops here is of course truman's sign on his desk. >> i'm in charge at the state department. she may not realize she lost the election. there are two bucks. obviously hillary is responsible for the lapses of security, but
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equally obviously obama is responsible for the cover-up. i have another question for mrs. hillary rodham clinton. our u.n. delegate, jerry kramer -- kramer just announced two days ago that's u.n. is about to impose a tax on the internet and regulate it, and gift u.n. the power to assign e-names and ip addresses, and give every country the power to census orb the internet. i talk about this in the book "black helicopters." this is coming to pals. and hillary clinton's delegate at the united nations is participating in it, not objecting to it, standing there and letting it happen. to me that's the buck that should stop there. take this marvelous internet and put it in the hands of the chinese and russian -- >> sean: there's a lot of areas where they'll tax us. in other words, this will be a
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worldwide tax on top of taxes we already pay. it's in the book "here come the black helicopters." dick morris, good to see you. coming up, desperate times mean desperate measures. as romney's lead in the poll grows es, the left is becoming unhinged. now ann coulter on the threats of violence erupting on twitter if in fact mitt romney wins the election. if you ask david axelrod and stephanie culter why people are still talking about the banghazi attack, it's not because of the four dead americans, it's a terror attack, on the anniversary of 9/11. no, it's because mitt romney is making an issue out of it on the campaign stump. we'll check in with former defense secretary donald rumsfeld, and you'll meet a paul ryan girl tonight on "hannity." [ male announcer ] how do you help doctors
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but, it was very clear that he was speaking about both cases about black people rioting. black people don't riot but thanks for the hat tip, liberals. and if it's white liberals who are threatening to riot, i don't think we have much to worry about from the people who have been historical about big bird over the last two weeks. you know, what are they going to do knock over their sippy cups or throw a tantrum when mother is changing her blouse in the department store too long? i don't think we have much to worry about white liberals
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rioting and black people have not shown a disposition to riot despite liberals slandering them by saying they are about to. >> sean: remember obama said and paul ryan kept bringing this up in the last debate they don't have substantive issues or run on make this about little things about big bird, about this fictional war on women like we keep hearing. >> right. >> sean: eva longoria is a great actress. scarlet johannsen is a great actress. they don't know what they're talking about on politics. scare women women won't get cancer screenings. republicans don't want women to get cancer screenings. >> i don't think it will. >> sean: go ahead. >> i don't think it will work. women can walk into wal-mart and see, you know, on the wall they can buy contraception for $9. just the idea of actresses putting together a political ad like this, it's like listening to trust fund babies. the reason you have the ability to put this ad
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together is because of nothing you have done yourself. completely unearned, god gave you the gift of genetic beauty and nothing between your ears. so that's why we're supposed to listen to you because god gave you beauty or because, you know, daddy gave you a trust fund. of all the people to listen, to and to be scaring independents that republics are waging a war on women? >> sean: aren't they part of this 1% that doesn't pay their fair share? i would like to -- i'm serious, i would like to put on everybody's tax form a box and they can check it and they can say yes, i want to pay more and then they can write the check and they can pay more and they can feel good about themselves. >> you can pay more. >> sean: because joe biden is a cheapskate compared to romney when it comes to donations and charity and even president obama is he part of the 1% he is not exactly that generous either compared to mitt romney.
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it's just that -- >> -- right. but you can do more. you don't need a special law for it. there is a law right now that allows you to send inasmuch as you would like to the irs or to a charity and in both cases liberals have a star fish on their wallets and can't really reach into it. but as for, you know, the general idea of air headed actresses trying to persuade independent voters undecides that republicans are the ones who are going to be -- who are going to be soft on rape, you know, if so, this could be the one issue mitt romney and bill clinton can come together on. the party that defends john edwards, bill clinton, dominique strauss-khan, and meanwhile you have these absolutely honorable and decent men in the case of paul ryan and mitt romney. i just -- i don't think this is much of a winning argument. >> sean: stay right there, we have a controversy emerging about tomorrow night's debate moderator. and highlights battle with
9:19 pm
bill maher and ben aflac this weekend. breaking news tonight, hillary clinton says the buck stops with her and she is taking responsibility for the deadly terrorist attack in benghazi. now, if the buck stops with her, who is the president? now it sounds like she might be taking the fall. we will check in with former defense a second donald rumsfeld, bob beckel and much more. and then move over obama girl, paul ryan girl is out there. she will join us later this hour. ♪ let's get fiscal, ♪ fiscal ♪ i want to get fiscal
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>> a polling, independent polling, in pennsylvania, northern state, in 2008, 12% of the people there said they were, quote, not ready for a black president. i assume there's some racism involved with that. >> no. >> not ready for a black president. >> that's because they knew what the will black president -- who the black p. was they were talking about, and happened to be the black president who said he was going to bankrupt coal industry. >> did not have the stomach to see a black man get on air force one. >> oh, they're the racists. oh, my gosh, there's racists in this audience. >> you can't believe nicer racists left in america.
9:24 pm
>> more people say they wouldn't vote for a mormon, but, by the way, they know which mormon they're talking about, so it's a way of saying i wouldn't support romney. >> oh, my god. >> your audience is applauding, not wanting a black man getting on air force one, so apparently there are racists here. >> sean: give ann, chris going intcredits, goinginto the lion's weekend. by the way, you called him out on the private jet. it was pretty funny. >> people who fly private are all in favor of airport security. how about that bill maher applauding for the idea of a black man not being allowed on air force one. i mean, either they themselves don't want a black man on air force one or lots of their friends, ie, other liberals don't want a black moon air force one. being a conservative, like you, sean, i don't know actual
9:25 pm
racists, but there seem to be a fair number on the left, which isn't surprising given the reaction to the poor actress stacy dash who sends out the tweet about support romney, it's your future, and suddenly being called racist names on twitter or the way liberals -- i mean, where the small pockets of racists in america aren't completely on the left, as i describe in my book, they historically have always been. >> sean: jay-z and beyonce did a fundraiser for obama. he doesn't have time to meet with anybody else, but here's a guy in his lyrics who regular liaises thlyuses the n-word. she took issue with it in 2009.
9:26 pm
if mitt romney used the mitt romney, what would the reaction be, the media firestorm be like? >> that's true, but i prefer to think about black celebrities like shiner, the hip-hop artist who's came out for romney, and stacy darks the lovely actress who's come out for mitt romney. there are a surprising number of black hollywood people coming out for romney. >> sean: tomorrow night at hofstra youth, we'll be there after the debate, candy crowley will be the moderator of this debate. when paul ryan was selected, she said the following. >> we've already had this debate. all we have to do, obama re-elect is open up the files, because this debate has already happened. they just bring it back. it's what they talk b they talk. not every republican has sign on to this -- they will public
9:27 pm
clear, but there's some trepidation -- >> they're afraid. >> -- that this looks like a ticket death wish. oh, my gosh, do we really want to talk about these things? is this where we want to go when the economy is so bad? >> sean: picking paul ryan has a death wish. there's another marte martha raz in the making. she's supposed to ask the question, not interpret, not do follow-up. apparently got a little call from the debate commission and said, this is what your role is, and this is what we expect you to follow. >> right. >> sean: when she's out there, she can do whatever she wants. why do republicans keep allowing liberal moderators? >> i know. we'll see how things go. i hope she's like jim lehrer, because i hate when, you know, they give 30 seconds to answer a question, and say, that's it, we're moving on.
9:28 pm
but there are two things i will say in candy crowley's defense -- again, we'll see how the questions go tomorrow. one is she's one of the rare smart cnn on-air personalities. >> sean: i agree. but that comment sounded liberal to me. >> they're trying to fool us into thinking they're smart by putting foreigners on tv with glasses, but they're all airheads, other than candy crowley. more over i will always have a warm spot in my heart for her for allowing me to read from the starr report on tv. >> sean: little things maybe you happy, coulter. >> and they made a horrible miscalculation by misspeaking the truth after the first presidential debate. no matters what happens during the next tuesday, they'll come back and say, obama is back.
9:29 pm
>> sean: doesn't matter what happens. look, he didn't get worse, so he has to be somewhat better. i hate this format. who's undecided in america? you can't be undecided. but apparently they have some undecideds. thank you, coulter. >> thank you, sean. i'll be at penn state on thursday. >> sean: court will be at penn state on thursday. when we come back, breaking news tonight. secretary of state hillary clinton is taking full responsibility for the deadly attack in banghazi. she announces the buck stops with her. i didn't know she was president. we'll check in with former defense secretary donald rumsfeld. and the crude sizes are swelling, the poll numbers are moving. we'll look at mitt romney's momentum in these must-win crucial swing states. tonight you've heard obama girl. you meet paul ryan girl tonight straight ahead. what's next? he's going to apply testosterone to his underarm.
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>> sean: breaking news tonight. secretary of state hillary clinton says she takes full responsibility for the attack in banghazi, telling reporters that the buck actually stops with her, and, quote, should go no further. speaking in peru to our own wendall goaler, she says, i'm responsible for the state department, for the more than 60,000 people around the world. the decisions about security are made by security professionals, but we're going to review everything to be sure that we're doing what needs to be done in an increasingly risky environment. now this admission could be viewed as nothing more than her trying to take the fall for the administration, an administration that refuses to answer questions about what they knew and when they knew it and why didn't they tell the american people the truth? joining me with more is former secretary of defense, donald rumsfeld. interesting wording. the buck stops with her. i didn't know she was in charge.
9:35 pm
did you? interesting statement to me. >> it is. >> >> sean: almost feels there's a dig behind that. >> of course that's what harry truman said. it does symptom with the president, which she is not. on the other hand, the buck with respect to providing security is certainly within her area of responsibility, and it was a failure. on the other hand, the responsibility for the way the white house has tried to cover this up, to manage it in a way that suggested that at first it was a youtube, that it was not anything to do with 9/11, not anything to do with a planned attack with heavy weapons, i think the responsibility for that, as well as the responsibility for the secretary of state not providing appropriate security, does in fact fall to the president. >> sean: well, i would agree with that, but this does not make this go away by any stretch of the imagination. the requests for security denied on the anniversary of 9/11, banghazi a hotbed for terrorist training. we already know that. also this is the problem they
9:36 pm
have with their story. it's falling apart, because they said that this was spontaneous, a mob uprising, but we had somebody at the state department watching in real time. our intelligence knew in less than 24 hours that this was a terror attack, but five days later they sent out, you know, secretary -- or ambassador rice was out there, jay carney was out there, the president was out there, even hillary clinton, saying this was related to this video. that is not true. they knew it wasn't true. they had to know it wasn't true. >> and secretary rice, of course, reports to the secretary of state. she's a functionary of the department of state and is responsible for what she says. but this is just one thing. if you look at the obama administration's foreign policy, the secretary of state's foreign policy, i mean think what we've done in lats tin america. every time the union said back off on a free trade agreement,
9:37 pm
whether it hurt our allies in colombia or not, they backed up. in afghanistan, the secretary of state, the vice president, the ambassador, holbrook, the special advisor, all trashed president karzai publicly and seemed to have totally forgotten anything about private diplomacy. you look at iraq. she was responsible for getting us a status of forces agreement, the administration was. failed. didn't gets one. we have them all over the world. doesn't take a genius to do that. >> sean: is it conceivable -- you've worked in many white houses. is it even conceivable that the intelligence committee knew within 24 hours that this was a terror attack, that intelligence community and the state department knew that this was not spontaneous, not a mob action, not related to the movie? is it in any conceivable that the white house up to five days later, and then when the president repeated it on "the view," what, seven days later, and then went to the u.n., was
9:38 pm
blaming the movie, was it possible the white house did not know and did not know immediately? >> i think it's not believable that the national security council was not aware of what the state department was aware of wanted intelligence community was aware of. they're in constant hourly contact with death the department of state and intelligence community, on the other hand, i think it is probably credible that the president might not have known, at least for a period of day or so, because he went off to nevada for a campaign fundraiser. can you imagine? >> sean: five days later they knew. they had to know within five days. >> absolutely. i don't doubt that for a minute. >> sean: then if the white house lied, and purply lied to the american people, trying to cover this up, because they were trying to tell the american people, al-qaeda is finished, we've knocked them out, what does that mean in terms of potential political fallout for this president? seems to me this goes much
9:39 pm
deeper than an election with an orchestrated cover-up? >> it does. and i must say, i was white house chief of staff to president gerald ford, and i was in every meeting in the white house and on national security matters, sat in on the national security council, i don't remember president ford ever once even allowing somebody to raise a political issue with respect to a national security matter. i think the fact that the president went off to las vegas, or wherever he was in nevada, suggests that that was his priority. he obviously was dismissive of the fact that four americans had been killed and we've seen what obviously was a terrorist attack. >> and think of his priorities -- i mean, the prime minister of israel. the middle east onions fire right now, the prime minister of israel wells a meeting well white house, and their answer is new york city and, by the way, if we meet with you we have to meet with 10 other people, but
9:40 pm
he has time for the "the view," jon stewart, david letterman, pimp with a limp gets an interview. everybody gets an interview. i'm thinking, you know, so where's the president? he has a job. i know he wants the job for four more year, but doesn't he have to do the job he currently has first? >> indeed, one would think if you're running for election, to try to get another four years, you would try to behave in a way that didn't suggest that the administration was somewhat over their heads in this whole thing. >> sean: their priorities are screwed up, and the president doesn't seem engaged, not even in his re-election, if you look at his last debate. mr. second quarter, always a pleasure, sure. thank you for being with us. >> sean, good to be with you. >> >> sean: coming up, mitt romney is surge nothing the state of ohio. we have the polls to show it's very much in his favor. and paul ryan gets a music video
9:41 pm
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>> ohioans, you know you have a big say so. you know you're the battleground state of burling states. will you understand your responsibility, right? you understand your opportunity, rights? will. >> yes! >> that means you have within your control your ability to go find those people who voted for barack obama in 2008, who just aren't as impressed these days, who heard the hope and the change and love the promises, all these great speeches, but see that this is nothing but a failed agenda of broken promises, of hollow rhetoric. >> sean: he's right, with just 22 days until voters head to the polls the romney/ryan ticket is
9:46 pm
gaining traction in the state of ohio. look at the rising number of people attending gop rallies in the buckeye states, tens of thousands of people have come toot rear the romney/ryan vision within the past week. joining me, cohost of "the five," bob beckel, and pat caddell. romney was trailing with women, and now it's 48-49. overall 50-46. romney is up with men. why is losing women, the
9:47 pm
president? >> romney improved himself a lot for one thing. because they care about the issues. look, romney has been awful at relating to people. that debate was probably the most significant. let me tell you something, obama still has a 50% approva approva. he's not been defeated. >> sean: actually it's lower than that. it's 47%. >> if he gets under 47%, that's it. he's in the high zone. look, tomorrow's debate will decide this. all these states that are happening -- i heard dick morris earlier. look, everything is in play, the thing is moving nationally. >> sean: a sitting president it becomes tough. three weeks out of an election, states are close like pennsylvania, wisconsin, even minnesota, and michigan. i don't they're going to win those states, but i do think the fact that it's close there is very telling, bob. >> let me tell you an interesting fact about politics. near the end of elections, they tend to get closer. i'm not trying to be a wiseguy leer, but i'm telling you this was always going to pa to be a e rails.
9:48 pm
>> sean: sure. >> the interesting thing we, talked about this over and over again, is it possible to lose the electsal collegelectoral an- >> sean: i don't want to go there. amazing what duke when you're in control of the numbers, bob. >> yeah, is tha that's right. >> sean: a couple polls show that romney is ahead in florida, and the latest one, this one public policy polling, romney a up a point. in virginia, america research group has romney up there. colorado, romney is up there. and in the swing states, if you look at "usa today "usa today"/s
9:49 pm
romney. i believe the momentum has shifted. for a sitting president, anybody on the fence is likely to break for the challenger. >> all this could shift tomorrow. look, this thing is -- i think romney has the momentum. the structure of this election, except that people do in some states feel things are better, but right now this thing is still up in the air. it could break. this could break -- >> sean: what could obama do tomorrow, besides not have a disastrous performance like -- >> it's more romney. if this is even close, they've written the headlines, obama wins. the republicans are run running against the obama campaign and the media. >> it's tough to beat an incumbent president, and you're doing it with mitt romney, who most people do not like that much. he's not a lovable character.
9:50 pm
>> sean: and obama is? >> if you had a serious candidate against obama in the condition he's in right now, they ought to be up by 10 points. >> there's no doubt t should be way ahead. >> because it's romney, it's a close race. >> sean: obama's likabilities has gone down, because the person in 2008 is gone. >> the economie.>> bob and i wey what happened with hostages, the president -- so far the press has covered for him, but starting tomorrow it's a tough problem for him. they've got a narrative that doesn't work. >> i think that's right. there's a variable in here that we haven't been able to factor in yet, which libya.
9:51 pm
on the economy, it gets better every day for obama. every day. >> sean: guys, appreciate it. coming up, paul ryan girl on why she's getting fiscal. that and much more straight ahead. >> ♪ ...seems like you guys got a little gassed out there. enough already. c'mon guys. next question. hello! what's your favorite color? what's my favorite color? yes. purple. what's your favorite animal? sea turtle. what's your bedtime? do you believe in space aliens? ...i love puppies. hash browns or home fries? home fries. do you like my dress? why can't you guys ask good questions like this? [ morgan ] for a chance to interview an nfl player... join visa nfl fan offers and make your season epic. [ moa hybrid? most aree to interjust no fun to drive. now, here's one that will make you feel alive. meet the five-passenger ford c-max hybrid. c-max says ha.
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>> sean: we all remember the
9:55 pm
infamous obama girl video that became a viral sensation during the 2008 election. with just three weeks to go until voters head to the polls, we introduce you to the paul ryan girl, who has taken to youtube to show her support for the romney/ryan ticket. take a look. >> ♪ ♪ i want to get fiscal ♪ let me hear reality a. ♪ of that reality let's get fiscal ♪ fiscal ♪ time to make obama walk >> sean: joining me now paul ryan girl herself, mayoral difficulmeredithwalker.
9:56 pm
welcome to the program. you're getting close to the poster there. >> i was encouraged to go with "saturday night live" with the whole thing. we were trying to mock the son-in-lawous nature of the obama girl -- scandalous nature of the obama girl, bu but i mean nothing toward paul ryan or his wife. >> sean: i've interviewed obama girl. she's changed her position. she's not so wrapped up in obama mania. obviously there's a spoof on that. >> right. i think she's adorable and hilarious. it's a poof on that and a spoof on a lot of the political videos put out there lately, just trying to have good, clean fun. >> sean: what's the reaction been? >> it's been really interesting to see.
9:57 pm
everything from, you know, she's not as hot as obama girl to more -- just a lot of silly, superficial stuff, then i've met a bunch of wonderful conservatives, such as 'nole shepherd and victoria combs who -- >> sean: it is pretty funny. the picture of paul ryan on the screen now, and this is to olivia newton-john song from some years ago. here you go, "let's get fiscal." not a lot of young people care about fiscal, you're showing charts, social security. do you care about this? >> yes, i really do. ever since i was a kid, my parents let me choose what to believe, keeping me informed. ever since i was 12, i told everybody i wanted to be ann coulter when i drew up. >> sean: have you met ann. >> get. >> no, i haven't. i would like to one day.
9:58 pm
>> sean: i promise we'll make sure that happens. >> thank you very much. >> sean: it's interesting, because for a long time, it was very hip and fashionable to support barack obama. i know a lot of people have been calling my radio show, they write and tweet, i supported him in 2008, but what a disappointment that all that rhetoric, now he's rung the nastiest, most vicious campaign ever. do you see a difference in him from four years ago? >> i thought he was nasty four years ago as well, but i think there's more mudslinging lately. i appreciate what ryan had to say, when he was talking about college students moving back into their parents' homes, seeing their faded obama posters. that's true of my generation, which is sad, but that's the democratic movement to get the emotional hype and then people fall for it. >> sean: you have this down. maybe political commentary will be in your future.
9:59 pm
it's interesting, because we've got stop robbing from her kids and grandkids, $6 trillion in debt, no je new jobs. it's your generation that will feel the impact of these trillions that we're spending that we don't have. it's a lot of money, $6 trillion in new debt. >> it is. the fact that unemployment is still, you know, way above what shiitit should be, and people lg below their means, even though they're not technically unemployed. i was reading a new gallup poll that was talking about -- >> sean: did you sing in the video? >> no. that was someone else's voice. when i sing that high, i sound like a.5-year-old girl. >>ma