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tv   The Five  FOX News  October 25, 2012 2:00am-3:00am EDT

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how mad a lot of you are. good night from washington, d.c.. see you tomorrow night, 10:00 p.m. eastern. of that. take care. >> kimberly: hello, everyone. i'm kimberly guilfoyle with bob beckel, eric bolling, dana perino, and greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 in new york city. and this is "the five." ♪ ♪ >> kimberly: they knew. fox news obtained e-mails that proved the white house was told two hours after the consulate attack in libya that a group affiliated with al-qaeda claimed responsibility for it. two hours. not two days. not two weeks. they knew on day one. but still, perpetuated a story that a video sparked protest when it was a planter ror attack. there is one of the e-mails from the state department to the white house. and others on september 11. it says the embassy in tripoli
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reports that sharia claimed responsibility on facebook and twitter and called for an attack on the embassy. here is what the white house said a week later. >> based on the information that our initial information, that includes all information, we saw no evidence to back up claims by others that this was a preplanned or premeditated attack. >> kimberly: today, here is how secretary of state hillary clinton described the situation. >> posting something on facebook is not in and of itself evidence. it just underscores how fluid the reporting was at the time and continued for some time. >> kimberly: excuses. she is making the statements when they full well knew they were watching it in real time. there are confirmtory e-mails that proved they knew it was a terror attack. and they did nothing to respond to it appropriately. >> eric: not only that, we
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have been on this every day since the attacks. we saw inconsistencies and we've even pointed out that we're going to start to see, we're going to start to uncover what was going on. that is what happened. the e-mails show us -- i have to read one thing. aside from the e-mail you read, kimberly, it says approximately 20 armed people fired shots. explosions were heard as well. ambassador stevens in benghazi, personnel in the compound safe haven. this went to the f.b.i. this went to director of national intelligence and this went to the state department. most disturbing of all of them, it went to the situation room. so all levels of government. all levels of the white house had at least some knowledge of what was going on there. >> greg: but who really reads their e-mails at work? >> kimberly: clearly you don't. >> greg: someone might have been at lunch. you get so many e-mails and could have gone in the spam file. ridiculous. >> kimberly: is that what they'll say next? >> greg: probably. obama prides themselves on leading from behind but they're lying from behind. the big story here is the
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administration put p.c. before safety. the language they kept strongest was about the video not the attack. they had a fear of being perceived as islamicophobia. the tolerance language excuses this evil. it's nuts. they still haven't, they still haven't said who pushed the video. >> bob: horrible. >> greg: it is. it's nuts. this is all about the political correctness. this happened in fort hood. it causes lives to be lost. >> dana: i agree with secretary clinton when she says one post on facebook does not amount to evidence. but if you follow that logic, one post on tube of a stupid video doesn't amount to evidence either. but that is what they used as the excuse. i got to say one of the things that you got to do in crisis communication is give yourself a little wiggle room. if you say as far as i know we
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provided all the information we have. instead of we provided all the information we have. that is just not true, not credible. i think there is more to come. it went on for several hours. this is in the first two hours. >> eric: secretary of state clinton said one post on facebook. but we also have a document from august of 2012, before the attack, compiled by the defense department's combating terrorism office which links this group al-qaeda with ansar al sharia. so we knew prior to clinton saying facebook post doesn't count but we knew already. >> kimberly: terrorist ties. so, bob, how do you explain that? this is a communication nightmare. dana talked about the crisis communication. when they have the evidence, they have the video, they have the e-mail. nevertheless, they trotted out everybody on sunday night. sunday morning talk shows and they had ambassador rice on five occasions, five shows telling something that wasn't true. how do they clean this up?
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>> bob: first of all, incredible exclusive to get something off facebook. and twitter. i want to congratulate you on that. the reality is that there is not a group, terrorist group in world that doesn't take credit for these kind of things. the idea that you should take that as evidence, that they did it, which is apparently what you're doing here. >> kimberly: i'm not taking it as evidence. i take the ultimate approximately e-mails and intel -- multiple e-mails and the intel and coming in the situation that it was a coordinated attack. >> bob: okay. okay. fine. >> eric: also, we have eyewitnesses saying that ansar al sharia logo flown on pickup truck at the scene in the attack. >> bob: i remember them taking credit for it. >> eric: so ansar al-sharia was there. your people linked them.
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>> bob: i don't think there is a group anyplace that doesn'tbe say they're al-qaeda. but if you take this as bona fide evidence is absurd. this is -- [over talk ] >> greg: i had to go to a doctor for that. bob, bob, bob. >> bob: yes. >> bob: you say don't take it as evidence but the administration who is urging caution about that took a video as evidence. don't you see the hypocrisy? the administration paid $70,000 for a video to be played in the middle east to apologize for this other video. so if i go out and riot, right now, because that video offends me, the fact they made america look like a bunch of wimps, bunch of weanies and i go and riot now will they arrest the film-maker of that apology video that they flan
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the middle east? they should. >> bob: i am with you on the video. it's important to the scandal we're talking about here. by the way, scandal based on twitter and facebook is not what i would call -- matter of fact, all the cables were, they were not classified. >> eric: going back to twitter and facebook? i don't know where you're getting it. >> bob: that is where they got it from. >> eric: they are not. these are internal e-mails boots on the ground to the state department and the situation room they make decisions on whether to send assets to benghazi to save what could be -- >> kimberly: by the way, eric, they did, but it was nine hours -- bob. >> bob: statement off of facebook? >> eric: no. >> kimberly: it was nine hours that the two -- eric, this is important. it was nine hours that the two seals were sitting there by themselves with two guns, trying to hold off everybody. okay, they were murdered. there was plenty of time for them to send someone in. but they didn't want to have a
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situation like a blackhawk down where it was a failed, you know, rescue attempt. it would be terrible for the administration. so they decided they were expendable. u.s. lives are expendable under the administration. don't forget that. >> bob: that is a really -- >> kimberly: it's true. facts back it up. >> bob: that is a very, very strong statement. >> kimberly: look what happened. tell me how itite wrong. >> bob: the idea that drones taking pictures of what is going on, on the ground and something as chaotic as that to lay it down as evidence on this group, i assume the group did do it. i assume they a faye yaleed with al-qaeda which is brand name now. adopted by anyone who is a terrorist organization. the idea you make a scandal out of this is ridiculous. >> dana: there are other type of terrorists group. farq in columbia one of them that don't affiliate themselveses with al-qaeda for one example. there is also something forgotten here as we uncover the story, last friday when the cables from ambassador
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stevens over the last six months were released one thing he said is i'm increasingly worried about the al-qaeda influence in this area, especially because i think they're planning to target us. another question the american taxpayers deserve an answer to is why was the intel so wrong and why couldn't we prevent or disrupt this in the first someplace forget the election. we all deserve answers on that. >> bob: is there enough evidence to make that determination? or this administration doesn't care about american lives on the ground? >> kimberly: in this particular situation they decided they were expendable. expendable. >> bob: some somebody made a decision -- >> kimberly: they could have helped them. they had people there to do it. >> eric: again, from the
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same terrorism office. from the administration terrorism office that says al-qaeda in the islamic magrab, aqim and ansar al-sharia are gaining strength and likely joining forces and currentfully expansion stage. they were worried about this. >> greg: why are you explaining this to him? he doesn't care. he doesn't think this is a big deal. obama has given more explanation than electoral votes. the more information you seem to see coming forth, the less likely you are ever going to see this filmmaker again. >> bob: they put anymore a c.i.a. camp. >> greg: you probably know the location. >> kimberly: i want to finish with dana. i'm hearing from reliable pentagon source there will be fall-out for this and somebody will take a fall. it very well may be somebody from the -- >> dana: like a frog you president in water and turn it
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up to high and boils slowly. >> greg: why would you do that? >> dana: i hate frogs. >> kimberly: who will be the first to go? it will happen by next week. catch "on the record" with greta van susteren because condi rice has her reaction to the libya e-mail revelation. don't miss it. 10:00 p.m. eastern. greta van susteren. coming up, powerful publications decided the libya e-mails, they're not news. we'll tell you which journalists are doing their job and which aren't. that's when we come back. stay with us. ♪ ♪ the capital one cash rewards card gives you a 50% annual bonus. and everyone likes 50% more [ russian accent ] rubles. eh, eheh, eh, eh. [ brooklyn accent ] 50% more simoleons. [ western accent ] 50% more sawbucks.
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♪ ♪ >> eric: welcome back, everybody. we have been talking about the e-mails that basically blow the whistle on the obama administration coverup of the events in benghazi. but we wondered, where is main stream media? so we investigated and look what we found. just following the breaking news of those damning e-mails, the broadcast networks went to their, went to air with their
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evening news. cbs touched the story lightly. nbc and abc ignored it completely. get this, i went back and checked the coverage. since 9/11, since attacks on benghazi, lieu how the liberal media covered the benghazi terror attacks. see right there? "the five" exposed this coverup every single day we air. in fact, every day. 31 days. abc only 10 days. one every three days. two or three days, it wasn't news. >> kimberly: absolutely. if they were to do that, that would make the anointed one, the one they chose to be the president look bad. ands he administration. and the secretary of state, so that is no good. it won't help with the outcome of the election. when you report the news and the facts and fox news was the first to break this with catherine herridge and bret baier, the reporting they did was pivotal and integral because it forced the hand of the mainstream media to cover this important news story. >> bob: this is
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award-winning stuff? >> eric: it will be pulitzer prize winning stuff for catherine herridge. gregg i hope i get one. >> kimberly: you won't. >> greg: just for being me. >> dana: for banned words? >> greg: twisted metaphors. for example, when -- this is how the media operates. when wower a teenager you'd pick up a girl on a date and park your car so the dent side wasn't facing her home. so when she came out, she saw a perfectly good nice of the car and didn't see all the dents on the other side. that is a media strategy with obama. they have been steering their hero so nobody sees the horrible, horrible dent in his administration, libya. >> bob: they still have to get in car with you. >> greg: true. >> kimberly: excellent. >> dana: i think if the obama administration and the intel community disrupted this attack and prevented it from happening, then this would have been on the front page of the "new york times" in a play-by-play story about how great they are to have saved the ambassador from an attack
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where his life was in danger. >> eric: what do you think? if you were at abc do you think two out of every three days -- >> bob: i basing stories on twitter or facebook e-mail -- >> kimberly: bob, bob, bob. >> eric: 9/11 attack, took every weekday, the evening news, abc only aired something about libya -- >> bob: the answer to your question is i think disnot portionmately it's probably more -- not portion natalities more right than 31 their days. >> eric: president obama hasn't had one single press conference since benghazi attack. he hasn't had one in seven months. look at some of the things he has done over the last 30, whatever, 40 days. "60 minutes," "the view," nbc news, the yo show. cleveland sports radio. so, dana, why not get out there in front of some of this? >> dana: obviously, he doesn't want to take questions from them. i don't know why the white
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house press corps isn't demanding more. when they do exert pressure, they respond. it was in july, hey, wait a minute, you haven't had a press con fence in seven months? how come you never talk to us? he does a drive-by in the briefing room. the decision to do "pimp with a limp" will stay with me forever. >> greg: what do you have against that gentleman? you know what you left off the list, obama did my morning podcast, the one i did in my basement. the cooking show. he has become part of the late night furniture. a walking, talking, throw pillow. i have to ask where is the hollywood celebrities, the hollywood artists when it comes to defending the art of the filmmaker? you could heart attack that hollywood is responsible for all terrorism. all terrorism. you could argue hollywood is responsible for all terrorism because radical islam detests
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the pop culture and detests our loose values. >> kimberly: the american way. >> greg: i disagree with it, but i'm saying you could argue that. if you don't defend that argument, or go after that argument you are a coward. just the way they are not defending this poor guy in jail. >> bob: you could argue that at 2:00 drunk in a bar. the substantive level it's -- >> greg: you're telling me the radical islam loves western culture? they hate our culture. >> kimberly: let me tell you something i am serious when i ask you this. how can the president justify not answering the question when day after day there are new developments in the story? he's running for re-election. answer the american people about this. no press conference. >> bob: he is running for re-election. why expose himself to something as complex as this and get himself -- >> kimberly: why should we re-elect him then? >> bob: maybe you won't.
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>> dana: why expose yourself to american people who elected you? >> eric: people are demanding it. coming up, my man clint eastwood back speaking the truth about what is at stake in the election. >> someone doesn't get the job done, we have to hold them accountal. obama's second term would be rebound of the first and our country just couldn't survive that. we have that and a whole lot more ahead on "the five." ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> greg: so according to a bbc survey, if our election were held in other countries the president would win in a landslide. the brits question more than 21,000 folks in 21 countries and 50% preferred obama and only 9% favored romney. the french were obama's strongest supporters. followed by australians and, of course, his fellow kenyans. so why do places like france, want four more years? france is doing these days, i guess misery loves company. so let's face it. asking the world about who should run america is like asking children how much candy should cost? the world somehow thinks weakened america is way better for them. quite the contrary. in america, that is respected and fear and unincumbered by child obesity and weepy activism keeps america safer. if i want a trusted opinion i wouldn't use a bbbc poll.
2:27 am
nobel prize winner who deserved it and former polish president who endorsed romney for president in july. whose opinion matters more? polish joke is on them. >> eric: kenyans favor obama over -- >> dana: it went down. >> greg: it went down. >> dana: favorable in kenya has gone down. tragedy. >> greg: but it could be because romney was born in kenya. >> kimberly: ah-ha. >> greg: we didn't figure that. we didn't figure that. you're nodding. these results come as no surprise to you that the world loves our global citizen leader? >> kimberly: absolutely, because he bows to them, right? he is running for international president of the world. which i think is a job perhaps he is better suited for than commander-in-chief of these united states. >> greg: he should be president of world. or the universe or whatever is greater than the universe. i don't know what it is.
2:28 am
it didn't go to school. are europeans much smarter than us? >> bob: no. but obama was there at the big bang and that's why he is should be in charge of the world. i think you have to say when 21,000 people are poll, good sample size. what it says simply is that people in europe and africa and south america prefer to have obama. now that -- what does that mean? it doesn't matter. if is our election. we're going to make that decision. >> kimberly: he could be head of the u.n. >> bob: but his foreign policy collapsed and i can say exactly the opposite. it's gotten stronger and stronger. i think people respect that in the polls. >> kimberly: be head of the u.n. they don't do anything either. >> greg: i have the poll. >> eric: it's not in this. i looked for it. you know what i noted? you know what they forgot in the poll, isrl? >> dana: that is not a country according to him. >> greg: last week we did a
2:29 am
survey about kids. how kids favor, i think from nickelodeon how they favor obama now. europeans. does it seem to suggest that basically they're the same people? children and europeans? >> dana: i don't care, because none of them can vote. >> greg: true. >> dana: i don't care. >> kimberly: this is the child -- [ inaudible ] >> greg: you think they should vote? >> kimberly: only my child. >> eric: obama thinks europeans should vote. >> bob: a lot of children vote. >> kimberly: they do in school. they do mock elections in school. >> bob: children in broader sense of the world. i'm not so sure why, we don't know if israel was excluded from this. i come back to the point that the poll from the head of the defense agencies in israel said they had never had a stronger relationship with the united states than they have now. i would take his word for it over anything else. >> dana: yeah, i'm not buying that. >> bob: you're not buying that?
2:30 am
>> dana: no. i'm not buying it at all. >> bob: he's lying? >> dana: i would say president carter had better relations -- anybody could say that. >> greg: this makes liberals feel good because liberal ideology is always there to impress europeans. liberals want americans to be like europe. >> bob: i can't stand europeans. >> greg: you're an exception. >> kimberly: we don't want socialism here. >> eric: mexico, indonesia prefers president obama, surprisingly. but literally, they have to go to israel. >> greg: if dogs could vote -- >> dana: i'm sure the bbbc british when they reported it you have can hear them with the glasses on the end of their nose sneering and sniding in the microphone. >> greg: you are married to a brit! >> dana: who is now an american and for good reason! >> bob: you sound like rush limbaugh if he had a poll here. >> kimberly: sorry, peter. >> dana: peter would agree with me. >> kimberly: i like peter's
2:31 am
viewpoints. >> greg: coming up, clint eastwood takes on the president again. the new ad hits him hard on the economy. the president is stumping in five states today. not sure what "stumping" means and we'll take a look at the unemployment numbers. i want to thank victor for returning my mesh hat. ♪ ♪ [ cheeping ] [ male announcer ] you hear that? that's the sound of car insurance compani these days. here a cheap, there a cheap, everywhere a cheap... you get it. so, what if instead of just a cheap choice, you could make a smart choice? like, esurance for example. they were born online and built to save people money from the beginning. it's what they've always done. not just something they cheap about. that's insurance for the modern world. esurance. now backed by allstate. click or call.
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♪ ♪ >> the last few years, america's been knocked out. 23 million people can't find full-time work. $4 billion every single day. from china. someone doesn't get the job done, you have to hold them accountable. obama's second term would be rerun of the first and our country couldn't survive that. we need someone to turn it around fast. that man is mitt romney.
2:37 am
there is not much time left. the future of our country is at stake. >> dana: new american crossroads ad starring clint eastwood making his case against obama's record. he was at the convention and the conventional wisdom was that was so stupid and so weird. turns out, it might have been brilliant. >> greg: yeah. i like to compare this to the celebrities who endorse obama because we always give them grief. it's an age/career thing. if you are young, you've got to be liberal to preserve your career. that's why eva longoria and leo dicaprio and matt damon, they're conformists, followers. unoriginal. only when you're older and iconic you don't give a damn. you can come out, that's why you got clint eastwood, and tom sellack, gary sinise, where you say screw you, you can't hurt me. so young guys think they're cool are blind followers.
2:38 am
pathetic. >> dana: you want to talk about this before we get to unemployment numbers? >> bob: you list off people for romney. i think this is -- this is hard to make a case against liberal actors and actresses supporting obama and then turn and say this is substantive. i don't think in the end either one of them matters in terms of votes. >> greg: but it's more dangerous for someone to come out for republican than liberal. >> bob: i agree. >> dana: another thing is swing states where unemployment raut is higher than when you took office. five stops today for the president. going to iowa, that number got better from 6.1% to 6 n't if%. that's davenport, iowa. denver colorado is up to 8.3%. los angeles, 12.3. the one that matters, las vegas at 12.8%. must-win state. florida, unemployment rate has gone up as well. if you are heading to those
2:39 am
states how do you make a case that another four years is better? >> eric: i don't know how you can make the case. in fact, all of the numbers with the exception of the iowa numbers were worse, much worse than the national average. things haven't gotten better. not doing better than the rest of the country. president obama has to somehow sell -- you know, he is on a thing romneysia. not how do i make it better or -- >> kimberly: it's not especially a real word in scrabble. >> eric: binders, big bird and bayonettes instead of benghazi but he plays a word game instead of really, what is point? that pamphlet he put out? with nothing in it? >> dana: if you are in a swing state like that, kimberly, and you're watching the trajectory of your unemployment rate going from in nevada january 2009, president obama takes office. 9.9% unemployment. today, august of 2012, last numbers we have, 12.8%. how much harder does the case get to make in the last 13 days of the election?
2:40 am
>> kimberly: immezably more difficult -- immeasurably more difficult. right now the way it's trending is going toward, you know, governor mitt romney. which is a problem for him. he needs to secure that state. but by the way, it was remarkable that he had much of a lead as he did. given the crippling unemployment numbers and what has been done to people of nevada thanks to harry reid and the president. >> eric: the unemployment rate among african-americans is around 13%. if you go younger african-americans, it jumps up to near 50%. yet, president obama is still going to get 90% of the african-american vote. hispanics, 11% unemployment. >> dana: the question is about turn-out. are you enthusiastic about turn-out. if you were on the campaign plane today or air force one advising president obama how would you tell him to shape -- what kind of messaging do you think would help him? >> bob: two states the message is not going for this one state, but ohio and iowa he can say that the
2:41 am
unemployment has fallen under his term. in ohio, appreciably fallen. the other states like las vegas, romney did take off after that second debate but he never broke through, except for north carolina. he's not broken through to get majority of any of the states. >> dana: what about florida? >> bob: not a majority yet. i think he will win florida. >> dana: you do? >> bob: yes, i do. >> dana: where do you think president obama has the most trouble out of states he's in now? nevada? >> bob: nevada is probably the one. the key state here of all the smaller states is colorado. that where unemployment has gone up. but there is a resistance to romney that, you know, they made a big bal ballyhoo with colorado and 10,000 people. dade don't take my "e" block lightning round topic. >> bob: sorry. >> kimberly: poacher. >> greg: president obama is going to five different states but just one state. state of despair. that will be $45.
2:42 am
>> dana: for you or his campaign? >> greg: me. i got to eat. >> dana: five more political storious think you want -- we think you want to know up nex next. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> bob: presley again. he's everywhere. it's unbelievable. five political stories and five minutessism i'll start. it listen to eric and romney say about the apology tour, apology tour there. has never been a word, use of the word "apology. "leafing it aside one of the attack points is obama never went to israel during his first term. well, that would seem to be damning but you know who else didn't go to israel in his first term? george w. bush. i didn't hear gasoline romney complaining about bush not being there. >> kimberly: dana? >> dana: you know why? can we stay on this? because he inherited infa fa da and he couldn't go there because -- inthe fa da and couldn't go there with the
2:47 am
security and he went there in 2008. >> kimberly: we have a singing perina. >> bob: you just say george w. bush and you will get -- >> kimberly: i love it. i saw the blood pressure. she's like -- >> dana: he inherited inthe infa da. you have to know your history there. sharron has a health issue and in a comma and then president bush pulls it together. i have it written down and i can tell you about it later. >> dana: okay. greg? >> greg: as you heard, donald trump, big news, offering $5 million to obama's charity of choice if he releases all of his college transcripts. so it's time for greg's new phrase, which is -- philanthropic extortion. when a rich man offers millions to charity in exchange for you doing something to destroy your career. i think this is strategically brilliant, but it scares the
2:48 am
heck out of me, because that means some rich guy could do that to me. what if george soros comes here and offers kimberly $5 million to release the art videos i made in the 1980s? i'm over! "common, greg, it's for charity." no, this is my life. charity makes it sound plausible. it's genius what he's doing. i don't know if it will work. >> kimberly: take back the ban. good one. good phrase. >> bob: find out i graduated from college because i was in bed with the french teacher and she gave me a passing grade. only way i got through. dana? >> dana: there was one othe other -- [ laughter ] there was one other issue in the bush administration in middle east peace he said to arafat take a hike, i'm not dealing with the terrorist. that was another issue why he didn't go in his first term. you brought it up earlier, from colorado, red rock,
2:49 am
everybody loves red rocks. look at kid rock last night at a romney-ryan event. he was there. this is the site of my first concert which was the beach boys. do we have this? can we run it? ♪ ♪ >> dana: okay. last night. this is what happened. red rocks, return to thousands of people. the traffic going in was terrible. tell you the difference between 2008 and 2012. republicans think they can win. i do believe the republicans will win in colorado. >> kimberly: did you see his body language, paul ryan? >> bob: many presidential things i have been responsible for packing that venue. 10,000 people. not that hard to pack that big crowd. >> dana: on a wednesday night? >> eric: they came out in numbers. the ones coming back from the obama campaign stops are 3,500. 4,000. >> greg: you're right. >> bob: it's not hoard get
2:50 am
10,000 people. >> eric: i'll go. >> bob: you are up. >> eric: so in a rare occasion, happened twice, 1800 and 1824, the electoral college could actually be a tie. romney and obama could each get 269. and so what happens in an actual electoral college tie? the house of representatives picks the president. now there is enough republicans in the house, state-by-state, that they would probably pick romney. so you would have president romney. the quirky part, the senate picks vice president and they would likely pick joe biden, v.p. that would put a romney-biden. >> kimberly: biden is indestructible. >> bob: the idea that the democrats would turn down ryan as the vice president would be a shock to me. i really do. the house puts romney in, they'd give him the vice president.
2:51 am
>> kimberly: bipartisanship. all right. fantastic. i was talking about fashion and politics. the power and choice of anna wintour. a campaign fundraiser for president obama. she has been powerful in terms of the people she has been able to put together, the designers like mark jacobs. she has been able to make products. and things like that for president obama. and then when you see as a shying away from ann romney, now, but wait until she is first lady. then the designers will come flowing out. because for example, one i love, oscar de la renta didn't say when ann had on one of his gowns. c'mon! >> bob: i like him, too. great. >> kimberly: i like him a lot. >> dana: she really was a u.k. ambassador. >> bob: i cut you off. go ahead, please. >> eric: my point was philanthropic extortion, donald trump -- brilliant what he did as well. one way he could have gotten the transcripts released.
2:52 am
instead of offering to pony up $5 million for charity, put in obama campaign fund. fund. >> bob: there you go. one more thing. ♪ ♪
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>> kimberly: fun and informative. we're not going to stop. keep going. mr. gutfeld. >> greg: thank you, doris. to the best pumping carving ever for halloween -- the best pumpkin carving ever for halloween. >> dana: do not try this at home. >> kimberly: you know everyone is going to now. >> bob: you got to get that up there, buddy. >> dana: pretty good. >> dana: one more for good measure. >> greg: no, there were no kittens inside. you disgust me! >> kimberly: she is going to get "ped" a "p"" at you. >> dana: yesterday i said there is a thing to make you go ew. the cell phone and smart phone is great for sharing lots of things and pictures and also great for sharing germs. you would not believe what
2:57 am
that article in the "wall street journal" said. you know the grease you see on the phone? he said where there is grease, there are bugs. it's hard to clean the phone and find something to clean the phone that would not harm the screen. so just keep that in mind, when we head to cold and flu season. your phone is disgusting. >> greg: you haven't said what is on the phone? >> dana: bonofeces. >> kimberly: okay. >> dana: 2700 and 4200 units of bacteria on a form. drinking water has less than one unit. >> kimberly: trying to rub his phone on me. you try to rub your phone on me all the time. >> dana: think about that before you borrow somebody's phone. >> kimberly: yes. >> dana: eric and bob. >> kimberly: eric? >> eric: take a listen to joe biden on the campaign trail today. listen. >> ladies and gentlemen, this
2:58 am
is a guy who is running all the ads in iowa saying he is going to get tough on china. >> eric: listen one more time and hear what he said. in iowa listen. one more. >> ladies and gentlemen, this is a guy who is running all the ads here in iowa saying that he is going to get tough on china. >> eric: oopssy. the vice president was in marian, ohio. >> dana: did you see him looking at each other? we're in iowa? this is ohio. >> bob: give him a break. i have if you know, i dump on insurance companies from day one. and on a regular basis. i want to make an exception. i was involved in a multicar crash some three years ago, and the person who caused the crash fled and went to latin america. and the company that insured him went to court and said we have no responsible. we have can't defend somebody who is not here. so the progressive insurance company who was involved in this thing also stood up and took care of everybody. i think that was wonderful thing to do. congratulate progressive.
2:59 am
>> dana: approve this message -- >> kimberly: i'm bob beckel and i approve this message. discount, baby. >> bob: i dutch on them so many -- i dump on them so many times. >> greg: you're dating flo aren't you? >> bob: it was nice for them to do. once in a while they do the right thing. >> kimberly: bob, whoa. >> greg: if it affects you. >> bob: of course. >> kimberly: that was a moving infomercial for progress pro gressive insurance. mine is the most amazing one more thing ever, because finally all my dreams are coming true. there is a latina princess. she is super gorgeous. uproar over this because she to some people does not look latin enough. she is a mix, half scandinavian, half spanish country. but i am here to tell you there are latinas that are fair and have blue eyes. okay? so deal with it and embrace. don't be a hater. i'm half irish and half puerto rican. we got to g


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